The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 30, 1998 · Page 99
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 99

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1998
Page 99
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JT W THE PALM BEACH POST MONDAY, MARCH 30, 1998 5B Ads may also violate state constitution . v.,,i l! Riviera Beach donations Hill Top Missionary Baptist Church, Riviera Bch $1,100 R.J. Hendley Christian Education Center, Riviera Bch $300 New Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, Riviera Bch $115 Saints Holy Temple Church of God in Christ, Riviera Bch $110 Apostolic Church of Jesus, WPB $ 100 Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, Mangonia Park $100 Faith Unlimited, WPB $100 New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, WPB $100 New Macedonia Baptist Church, Riviera Bch $100 Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Riviera Bch $100 Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, WPB $100 United Christian Missionary Baptist Church, Riviera Bch $100 Gray's Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, WPB $90 Union Missionary Baptist Church, WPB $70 Simpson Memorial United Methodist Church, Riviera Bch $65 Bible Way Church of God in Christ, Riviera Bch $60 Hurst Chapel AME Church, Riviera Bch $60 Faith Holy Temple Evangelist Church, Riviera Bch $50 First Church of God in Christ, WPB $50 Greater Mount Sinai Baptist Church, WPB $50 Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, WPB $50 Spring Hill Baptist Church, Gainesville $30 Pleasant Heights Missionary Baptist Church, Riviera Bch $25 Source: Riviera Beach city finance records JENNIFER PODISStaff Photographer Palm Beach Gardens firefighter Jules Bolton drives to Miami three times a week to train Sasha, a white Labrador retriever, to become the city's new search and rescue dog. Playful puppy trains for grown-up role in search and rescue efforts RIVIERA BEACH From IB city's been around, I'm sure. I probably give just as much out of my own pocket." But City Manager William J. Hunter, who approves all donations, said Friday that he would create stricter standards regarding when the city can donate to churches. The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of speech, the press, assembly and worship and prohibits government from endorsing or "establishing" religion. Colonists had fled persecution in England and wanted to ensure no one religious institution gained government favor, said Jim Green, a West Palm Beach attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union. While O'Neil believed Riviera Beach's ads may violate the U.S. Constitution, Green and constitutional lawyer Bruce Rogow of Fort Lauderdale said the ads posed more of a problem with Florida's Constitution, which is even more strict. Green and Rogow said the ads may violate the state's prohibition against spending public money "in aid of any church, sect, or religious denomination or in aid of any sectarian institution." In reality, the wall between government and religion has doors. Courts have struck down school-voucher programs for parochial schools, but have allowed governments to support church programs when they fulfill a social function that cannot be performed in non-religious settings. The R.J. Hendley Christian School in Riviera Beach has a contract with the county school board to teach at-risk high school students. But the contract specifies that the money cannot be used for religious instruction. "We try to avoid the concern about the establishment clause," said school board attorney Cyn tion." Almost all of Riviera Beach's donations came with no caveats. Typically, a church sent a letter to the mayor or city manager asking them to buy an ad, a common fund-raising tool. The ads cost between $15 and $250, depending on the size and the church. All the contributions went to black churches, which form the backbone of the city's social life. Their shelters, soup kitchens and programs provide services the city won't or can't provide. The churches the city has at least 52, according to county properly records also have political roles. Ministers often back candidates or even run for office. One city council member, William Burrs, is a reverend. "Yeah, church and state are separate on paper," said Hill Top's Davis, 59. His church received the most money, five donations totaling $1,100. "But the church plays a role in the com munity more than any other in-; stitution. We help the homeless,; we help with food, we help with.' drug addicts. It shouldn't be an; issue because the church does so much for this city." i Said the Rev. Isaiah Clark of; Union Missionary Baptist Church in West Palm Beach,;' The Bible gives them the au-i thority to spend it the way they; think is best for human means." i O'Neil said he doesn't doubt the churches' contributions to the! city. i "But that doesn't justify put-f ting an ad in a publication," he; said. "The city could be better-served by spending it on the soup! kitchen or the shelter. How many homeless or hungry will read the' ad and be inspired to come to the church?" Hunter said he will push for a": policy requiring churches to jus-i tify the public benefit of their so-: licitations. Donations will be ear-' marked for that program, he said miles north of Indiantown. Bolton, 33, hopes Sasha will prompt a similar response team to be formed here. "The end goal is a multi-agency team in our county" Bolton said, adding that Palm Beach Gardens would make Sasha available to other fire departments. Bergel said Bolton approached him over a year ago with the idea of starting a canine program. "It's a huge commitment and she felt she had the time to do it," he said. On Thursday, the city council agreed to create the fire department canine program and pay $6,700 for Sasha's care and other fees. The police department canine units cost the city $4,670 this year. "I take a lot of joking because Firefighter Jules Bolton knows that time invested in the dog will pay off later. By Kristin Vaughan Palm Beach Post Staff Writer PALM BEACH GARDENS She may be shredding newspapers and chewing on toys now, but 4 -month-old Sasha will soon become a tool for finding missing children and sifting through rubble in Palm Beach County. ; The 35-pound white Labrador retriever is being trained as a search and rescue dog for the fire department. " "Three times a week, Palm Beach Gardens firefighter Jules Bojton drives to Miami to train Sasha with the Metro-Dade Fire and Rescue task force. ...."Every week it gets better. She responds to verbal and hand signals and I've already got some control over her," said Bolton, who has been with the department four years. "She's still such a puppy. She's very playful, inquisitive and into everything." Eventually, Sasha's olfactory senses will become acute enough to find a missing child or a body submerged in water or buried in rubble, said Bolton, a trained paramedic. "It could take hours to search a collapsed building, while a dog could locate someone much quicker and help you focus your search better," said Palm Beach Gardens Acting Fire Chief Peter Bergel. The Metro-Dade Task Force, which gets federal money, used its search and rescue dogs to look for survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing and an earthquake in Mexico City. The unit came to Palm Beach County last November to assist with the search for Kazue Perron of West Palm Beach, whose body was found in an overgrown drainage ditch 2 thia Prettyman. "We cannot use state dollars on religious educa- they see her as nothing but a puppy, Bolton said, "but the end result is definitely worth it. AC UPUNCTURE-S '20.00 OFF 1 St TREATMENT WITH AD IN USA 1. SALES & SERVICE If you have any questions, i H ... ti .i - AMERICAN M.D. ON STAFF FREE CONSULTATION MOST INSURANCE ACCEPTED LIC. BY CHINA & FLA. WE USE DISPOSABLE NEEDLES ONLY. Boca airport to revoke land's lease piease tan us nrn: Pfwil PALH BEACH CLOCK CO. roS.rHfnlHwy.,lrntMi 73 1-5885 WASHINGTON ACUPUNCTURE SI canceling the Boca Aviation con 7t tract. Neither authority attorney "More acupuncture experience than any clinic in the U.S." Dr. Lee opened the nation's first Acupuncture Center in 1972. Since then proven results of millions of acupuncture trreatments earned us a world-wide recognition as the leading clinic for treatment of medical conditions. I i 2 U F I i 1- S c p g c p Jl Si n d a n 1 ! 1 Kick Murdoch nor Boca Aviation President Mark Wantshouse FT. LAUDERDALE could be reached for comment. SUNRISE 7800 W Oakland Park Blvd. 742-2640 BOCA RATON 875 Meadows Rd. Suite M21 368-6502 W. PALM BEACH 1501 Presidential Way 17 686-7603 Jj 4834 N Fed Hot Or Yao Wu Lee Director IriaMLI&W'Msf gar space on the land. But Stuart Jet Center, a competitor for the lease, complained. That prompted the FAA to rule against the airport authority and freeze grants for expansion. Airport officials and the FAA negotiated the tentative agreement March 20. The agreement would end some of the Boca Raton authority's problems by freeing money for such projects as a proposed $1 million control tower. Still, any deal negotiated with the FAA must be approved by the authority, said Nelson Rhodes, the airport's executive director. Thursday, the authority held a closed-door executive session. COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS DEVELOPMENT PARCELS RESIDENTIAL The airport will seek other proposals for the 20-acre site By Lisa Ocker Palm Beach Post Staff Writer :: BOCA RATON The Boca Raton Airport Authority would revoke a lease with Boca Aviation for 20 undeveloped acres to satisfy federal regulators who say it Creates an illegal monopoly, officials said. f": The authority also would seek other proposals for aircraft maintenance and hangar facilities on 15 of the acres, Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergin said Friday. The authority would have to consider all qualified applications except any from Boca Aviation, now the airport's only aircraft maintenance operator, she said. Boca Aviation had planned a $2.5 million expansion with a new jet maintenance facility and han iMtsm'smsBi - - (! n B-nrh . . X ' Jrt Orchestra, Rhodes wouldn't comment on 1 ;y - Xr Property 1: 10:00 AM 1.46 Acre Tract West Palm Beach Property 2: 1 1:00 AM Commercial Shopping Center Office Building Lake Worth Property 3: 12:00 Noon Commercial Office Building Doctor's Office Building Lake Worth Property 4: 1:00 PM what happene . in that meeting, ill But he said the status of negotia tions was an ongoing issue and we want to work in partnership Single Family Home Lake Worth witn tne r aa. Enjoy a season ol'givjf m m',' rt -': v cf L'.e world's finest musicians . . . subscribe to L';c 199S-99 MUSIC "AtEihfor "At Two" scries It was unclear whether the authority would risk a lawsuit for Property 5: 3:00 PM 4 Acre Site West Palm Beach Property 6: 3:00 PM 1 Acre Site West Palm Beach Property 7: 4:00 PM Developed Building Lot West Palm Beach All Auctions Conducted On Site Term: 10 aR Pre Land: Drive by 8t your Pilot, passenger in fair condition cunvwiiwice: improved prop: bhown by appt Licensed Real Estate mm when emergency workers arrived, and both were in fair con brokers & AurrinnMri mr n 'ii mm i ; i ami. f A N V AB640 AUR99 dition Sunday at St. Mary's Med 1 IV 'i F le in f ' w; W f Bi to in 5 j vo be wi no de sic ia, W stc m j ha ' I Sti lat fro be; of, Ab we in! ' . bui ! ical Center. Bruce Hatfield would not comment for this story. LF1 A In ( 'nftnrmntifim Wuk- On Sunday, investigators re Uffl JIM FIRTH REALTY i V Lai West Palm Beach, FL moved the planes engine and propeller. Though it appears to be in great shape, the engine wil, be tested to make sure it was op CRASH From IB the control tower before the engine died. Hatfield said he first wanted to land on Forest Hill Boulevard just west of Interstate 95, but there was too much traffic. A long, grassy field lay behind a medical office building just west of where the plane came down. As it descended, the plane's right wing clipped a concrete power pole, and it caromed into a tree before spinning and landing nose first in the parking lot. The Hatfields were conscious erating correctly, Monville said. "At tight" 7u lno" ten concerM (six conq-rf) NOV 17 ISRAf L CHAMBH R ORCHFS TKA NOV 73 TL'E Philippe tntrtmoiit, Conductor & Solrust WED DEC 15 TORADZE PIANO STUDIO I TUE Duo Piano Concerto JAN 11 CARRICK OHLSSO.M MON Piano ANDRE MICHEL SCHUB JAN 12 & CHO-LIANG UN TI E Piano and Violin JAN 26 TORONTO SYMPHONY TUE Jukka-Pckka Sarastc, Conductor Stewart Goodyear, Piano FEB 8 KALICHSTFINLAREDO ROBINSON TRIO -MON and EMERSON STRING QUARTET ORPHEUS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA FEB 9 Pepe Romero, Guitar TUE FEB 11 RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA BERLIN THU Rafael Friibeck de Burgos, Conductor Vladimir Spivakov, Violin FEB 23 MOSCOW PHILHARMONIC FEB 24 TUE Mark Ermler, Conductor WED Isaac Stern, Violin FEB 28 BRANDENBURG ENSEMBLE Z SUN Jaime Laredo, Conductor Emanuel Ax Yoko Nozaki, Duo Piano - YEFIM BRONFMAN MAR 3 Piano WH) MAR 16 ORCHFSTRA OF THE ROYAL TUE OPERA HOUSE, COVENT GARDEN Sir Edward Downes, Conductor LOS ANGELES MAR 18 PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA THU Ew-Pekka Salonen. Conductor MAR 29 MURRAY FIRAHI A MON Piano The tail of the 30-year-old plane nearly snapped off in the crash. That and the rest of the WIN $511 In cosh or lottery ticketj. Col 5 1 1 ond enter cede 1015. Each col wil cost 50. Or, you may enter (he drawing by writing your name, addreu ond phore number on a postcard and mculing J to Cal 5 1 1 , 275 1 S. Duue Hwv., WPB, FL 33405. Enlriei musl be pcslmorUd by iSe 25h of eaoS mor plane were loaded onto. a flatbed truck and taken away by investi f":3 gators. Hatfield co-owned the plane with at least two other people. Horoscope DOPPLER Call 511 and enter line 7100 to hear your dairy horoscope! There are two different readings available each day for every horoscope! j. i fall for latest weather conditions, forecasts : for 2.000 cities, rsevere weather rAamings. and on the -Internet: DOPPLEH ;12000 radar refreshed "every three minutes, color satellite maps ;and beating and aviaton forecasts. c c fl s M l( 1 e o a a t 1 MUSIC "At Eight" Series TOTAL PRICE All Ten Concerts Sections OI , OC, CXL. (X. OC MH) Sections OR. CR. CK $330 Sections I XI-. IX. LR LXR $2h5 Sections NX.I.. ML, MR. SR .... $11 Sections BL. BR $11 MUSIC "At Two" Series TOTAL PRICE All Six Concerts Sections OL, OC, CXL CL, GC $2h0 Sections OR. GR, t,XR $210 Secbons IXL Dt. LR. IXH $15 Sections L, ML, MR. MXR ...$130 Sections BL, BR $ 9il rThese are free services 5S1 355-WPEC, Lino 1212 From Jupiter to Boynton Beach 561 337-0511, Una 1212 In Martin & St. Lucie Counties U NEWS 12. The Palm I - 3each Post an- Palm Beach Interactive

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