The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 6, 1944 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, November 6, 1944
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THE DAILY CLINTOMAN The Home Newspaper Ol Vermillion And Parke Counties - -w THE WEATHER rv.nMrnhip cloudiness and a lit Mailed la Conformity With P. O. D. Order Na 19687 tle warmer today, tonight and Tues day. CLIXTON, INDIANA, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1941. Volume 32 Number 213. LSI ui 1 1 Mian. """ ' Price Three Cents. nlllir(EfIilEili Sn0 JIM SUPPLY BASE GETTING CLOSER 5nt Voters' Hold Dogged American rorces Hold Firm Against Counterattacks; Yanks Drive to Regain Schmidt Key to Presidential Balloting in Nation Germans Hurl ENGLAND RE -)'''" A Cherbourg V. , jyji Ili?Knrj "v s F R A N C E t sttrtm mitt -r rv H ' 1 Landslide Victory Can Come for Either Parly Through "Silent Vote Results; Signs Point to COP Control in House, Coalition Rule Senate; Indiana is COP WASHINGTON, D. C. The first modern wartime residential campaign comes to a close today with the outcome in the hands of million of "silent voters" who can give either President Roosevelt or Gov. Thomas E. Dewey a landslide victory in the Electoral College. .... Everv sin points to a close popular election but the who refuse to participate ur TO NOW A1UEO SUmiK for the tattle to Germany hare raw pWibZl iMa-tarbor. . the Worn dtomel ooaat th the of 1 srt port of A-I-wpu BetfTLl ' tih. twniie'ikte ScbeMe river estawjr. (IMeroatton!) Nafion-Wide Election-Eve Appeals Planned by Dewey and Roosevelt iiriffi PARK. ML T. Prudent Krft. a few boors before mm (,y mUWm Amerm U, tte a .i r--lrtiwne euee-BWflUB Soviet FbeTo - v Fly Over Berlin, Stalin Pledged Hoist Hammer and Siclde Owr Kazis, Ked Leader Vows; Soviet Airmen loin Battering of Budapest amie of " m, I ih iiammtr acd fickle over me uer- man capital of B--HSn wa , day by l'reuiier MarMi J-y" i Stalin. f ..MMfc In I Sue Kuwremae rwj- s viet on the 2"th anmreraarr 01 ik S I mat M 'ar not only most be but f'Jtmre vara made imooBsibie. I and aded: j "We wil beat the 'Jertcan Fasete! In teir on lair and note the Ko-l i viet fla vr Berlin." Thirty Onuaii divusion naiet I bm eut off from Eaat I'rusaia In ! i tbe Baltic state and are being 6an-j usered o"amlib,erena," SUlto said. If - " . '" :( bon.Daro. en w. - "51 - tiatter from the doomed city of iis. r Hart. - ii l;r.Lf ;J.i, J , kn,llul. ZZ tZouTl idMd tI'le Hnngary from the war. Snuwb Into tliy Jerman and Hungarian broad- casta declared tbe Kuanans uau . . . . r .a... smashed into Knoape'si mwaiu iu north amd south. Tbe German radio said Soviet tank forces had reached the soytbern nietronoJitan area, enlr ...iix iniu Hie hart of tbe town. A BocbareBt tranamiESion re - lunrieui il.i-jt oilier Ked troona, dash ing arooni tbe eaRieru Slot oi me ..wi-jl erasfeed Sulo the cily ,A.fli l i). mmoi'ed 1 miles beyond 14 ojoi tsa rma Driver is Killed As Car Skids Off Road Near Clinton Clarence Collin. . route two.) West Terre Haute, was killed in - rtaotly at 11:S . - I5avurday when 1ie ear he was driving aoavn Clinton-New coabea pavement lit- miles north and eaat ol ew oosnen, it was reported today. Collin was reported to be mak- lag a right-hand turn when tbe ear skidded into tbe gravel and overturn - ed approximately three times. Threw women passengers in the car were treated for minor injuries at NVw Gosben while tbe fourtb pan- M'er escaped us. ore Saarj' Crataam. Ten HatJte. was . .. ir -m rriKt: treawo ii a 4,r MMase and May I . ., j , . II 1 J ; J i i j ! ' '! J '! ; 1 : 3 ! great mass of "silent voters" in poll eam tflme either noaia mujijiWrttee 10m mxtme. t MM W MMr A dual week etoeefcup ' Kioio-M-iMS joall by imdenmUoaal chaws (the fittwrt to oijieteeo .states with 13 etertoraJ Jsd Weey ittoe faiwite to ttmewty states wilt 24 AeMll wrtes. The sett ) the rwin-i.r .either wav. Id amy wot. artw f JHew'j Ywk. fVij'as Mawsn-i r &ws'i w ey- - sswew teettej' Oewy ef myl'ii WiWt ttoe "SwJamee of iwwr". ("owlUixNi AOt twrnnto a-tobs jotot M teatii of KJMSraia Moe ! SIX Wi1Mlti Off Itftle eiBWin.. MasOhr tut Ketuute . aMtii TSbJ 99 ' resardtVfwo of pwa to,T- , Sfa SETSSSrt -Zt'ZLJTnZ Jibtd (C5.I- Z OT Bto. Te Ti.i.,71 MiSicM, y o IX0' mwUic Two orttBl wt eMt luuauuiiv.. . . , Vermillion Omnly AnlidpaU Heavy Balloting l uesday WermiiUiom 3oity looked forward to a bv vottae da' tomorrow wMto eoe tl l eavie- itloim to reoemt yem a" tio,ur esAenfiw H (wHio tiows, im-sii, mam IS.? meglstereKl ra on the eouiity 1sj' bo. tbe CoB-tr'e prftait will fee. oipeo-ed Ijioai a. na. tottiorrow gooeoiji? (until . . tomorrow nigh. Aiwroxtaately Vermiriioni Cuity uvea are Sm ervie. It bas been e8t.iiiiii.ted, wib ropMy two ttirde of tbt amber eligible to t-wte. Of HSj1 BUKitwr only bt 2 peroeot taw a willed fey wMiers ote ballot wit itue um mvy sote oajiow www "" " fr 497 bf ttowttlf-Vterk Can i. Bigg. . . - 1 '! '! j . I 3-Way Attack J At Hodges' Men Yanks Battle Nazi Forces Deep Inside Forest; Tanks Kan at CS Lines; British -t Near Waleheren Capture WITH THE V. S. FIRST ARM TV" Germany. The Gennana hurled t ; 4.j -:.-cr.v' A counter-attack: against the American First Army la tbe Iluerteen Forest today in a a-m perale effort to force the dogged Yanks bae'k. Tank Sufifwrt Cerman Attack Attacking in force from the aonth-wejst. from Huertjren west toward Vosnaneck and rolling north front tbe town of Schmidt, the German rubbed American lines with infantry eolumins supported by tiger bum. Tbe crowded Black Forest 01 ni ertcen crashed and rocked with th sound of the furious battle. . But Lieut. Gen. Courtney H. Hoag- -i-n vere holding flrna in the face of the first concerted at tack since tbe fall of Aachen. ftrPREMB HEADQCABTERS. Allied Ksped;tie.nary Force, France. Tbe American First Army in Germany battled forward today tn thw i .. i'.. uvlnr tn MnrA small 1 1 '.I . vu i 7 ' "l -" - - - 1 eains against heavy opnositlon front t artillery, tanks and Infantry, yanks Mne Battle Forward Tbe (roops commanded by Lieut tit, rvmriner H. Hodgea forced (h(4r .. hvily mined ter- in whj,.h Ih ,Mnr rakei with rtJ aod sma arn3s fire to bin- it tbe Vank progress soul nwesi ot .... . .. m wblcb Ilea aoutbeaat ot fouiintid on na 41 M'Arthur Forces ! Battle Way Into ! Last Levte Posts GE.X. MACARTHUR'S HEAD yl'AHTERH, Philippines. Gen. Mae-Arthur battle-hardened Doughboy were fighting their way into the last. - ' " Jan s'romcbold on Leyte Island to- juay tise wieaguereu urmoc !1 7lJv :i. " dj'1 uir'i i " plnaio)ioan on the northern flanK of tlie coastal corridor on Ihe north-1 ivst portion of the island and ardT Kboviiir their way southwards la aj fi'nioMs i-ampaign to completely an-juiJiiiate -he Japs before they can ea-leaiie from Ormoe Bay tt Cebu o jo'ier nearby islands in the central Philippines. -I As they naored down the maioj leading to Ormoe. knocking; - - , . Z i . .,a ih . .r JTV . Tanls of the twenty fourth Infantry division were aided by American long-range artillery winch played an. taportaat part to the drive Tor eom- plete conouest of the island, The American guns first dropped. ii Jtips from tbeir pillboxes and; 3isnijitjp hetT eomm unicat.ons. Jsrp w fto had H'tua cp in cave nwx tht, fi:iiKl;rtE nf th tftwn sudden' Jy fountj tf4nip1ve bv3ns blasted out -rjjv regrouped temporarily and ... a 1151 jjt;pfl ?o re-tae iae wti, oniy ka sr.. yf hartf I.. th vlft , 04.iu van tee assault troops On- Plcampoao was srrjred by ;tMa,A i r rround (oroea tne ax- tJllerr- 3p-,eid b sf slits on tht Jap reinforecments r. ' i'ii ere ferried a-ir)w;B the ramoles Rea for a pMsible Fiew-do n battle with the Taaka. ALBANY. . T. or. ihw E. Dewey, cmrtos W. tbe eney down to t . maaiie im rn--"riiiiiTBw. WM.n.v - ... ... .u. mw.. - . In addition to a -uiauie oraaa- " "-!. radio network between 11 and 11:- ,S o. . fBWT. tbe COP candidate for tbe White ta ta agreed to Srtjnare (tjarden. ISe-Bn diaMI Kfxwcb - Tbe reHBroadean will we ontH over the Mutual Network tonight betwwn :S and 14 o'clock Heoiublicam leader bellere tbe liewey atieeieh In Kew York Satiir-lOnallBU'ua "B aue St cm Eighth Army Captures ,i Airfield; Balkan Air , ' torce Hammers enemy ROVE.. Italy. Troops of tbe Allied Eighth Araiy in Italy bave ousted tbe Germans from all of tiie Forti airfield with tbe eawption of tew budtdiues on the eastern cor ner of tbe airdrome, headquarters of - - - i , ""J'T ' . l Tbe maiior iJ",Z.Z WLbaw 7 " - - ; Naxi taata attacked from .'ie west but were forced to withdraw and ia.ieu tbe fermans keiit tiw airfield under eontinuous fire wi'.b muitipie imoriar battesiieft. P Indiana Forecasts Sweeping Vielory For C.O.P. Ticket Expert: BepubHcaa Office Seekers Win Majority Of Tmis; High Bt'gitratio IKDIAKAPOM& In. Willi Be- jwMfcaua eaaufidaibea W5 fatrorites to juje iIjdiiaMilJto toeMto. Imdfaai yolU Thie ,a3i,T nampafea oratory of t)(e! ffflrar jbobiUw im rtalljr ait am mI1 today wit ttae (Jeo be- fwe ,,81. wju jaefde wfcbr 1 eaeetoral ote. afeall so ..... . .Winr ,,. p. raee, rr tbe , .;. t. - w j,uIH Vi-lT I The worato wrJ a vSetory at h wtMtar ri. tbqr fored ., lMair 4 " u oa eJcSo day. Tierefcy aMj,,SaSiuatSttoa4sof war worker to at tbeir MIow mtob ...,ai 11 ikki Ti leraiM3- e .i inu.HiH b. m. Tbe BepobJi- earns ewT witU a rta(ai that tbts "an wiill toeneaae tbe J. O. P- farm ft'rfite, Mmt Ovmnvaar 5E5 t"d To wiia tlie ejection, tbe Dnuo-"eratii ut ijmw tbe 2S. lead of t?e I., to lt siad tbe i.f(e.n,M awrase n,ij:urajiiies of tbe G. jp ,eoigrtaisoiiiall ooDiteeea to j) Tbe be doraWfmJ vote of eJniliajis , Moeertato treed of tbe war w,v,i mi aiattneoiee ra . ar;i1a3iy. N l' all Vott fat hOW tbat ftoe Bepubljcaa e.atidi(liit are t.ue taneritea. e tiuudrea outsiaie wrrwlwodrti of the radiaoaimUa I i- aow i.,- iiji iiiirpfl ., -bk t backing ttie entire I ftewiblieaa ticket, rwnhd tlie oom- poeiie judgaaeot itliat tbe C. O. P. aHU aoore a aweejiing sictory. Tberl liave been ratber aocarate Sti tbe rtjga, reacted by Mieae cor-J renuoudetit follow: " .. Kmrf ocratic opiMifflent. ewator Samuel U. Jmekaom, 5,t'l t ywtes. ru1lnued on Page 41 Indiana Polls to Be Open Until 8 P.M. Rain Is Forecast IM!N'APC!IJK. Ind A rainy, ehiily electiom day is probable 111 Indiana, according to the IndianaiwH weather bureau. This type of weather is expected to tbe reeord I 7ieo Thousand U.S. Planes Batter German Oil Refinery Centers lX"DO?, Knsjlamd. A girautic arrai-.da of more tl-an 1.110 Aimti-ezn PDrlnwi and liberators -twrited l.y over T4 TlK.indorl.oJts and lut?:!;s t''y bombed Cerman oil icfteerks in tfc Hatn5-Mr-bnrs area. MMritl tarrete in t!e Kuhr valley and other objectives in -teru GerraauF Uo "re - SborSlv aft'.T tiie Anieriean altarfc. IBie Briii'. Mr jl"n:UT reieaw. that "wrv iKnwMf firiwrs ol HAf 'i.. Halifaxea. eaeorted bv .'large l'l't of Spitfires and Mus- aoiber deraatatms at- tacts on Cebrwikireht n ttota afternoon. lap Navy Reels Under Meady US Aerial Poundings B-29 Krike Repair Bocks At Sinjcsipon as Hfaies Elast Armadas in Bonins ..uivr.-nTM. D. c The nce- - - . b3d), criM, & A i ...... m.. ...i I'Snlamiflla tne reeen, - ' , today Mffered further te America's har4-bHtte ainow itadinK B-2 S3mr-for.r no a, the B-J'a rrled out a rerord- breaking M mi.e ronnd trio nih' from India to dWIr a omashins at- mm:ir uu on the imiwlant Ja,ne ral baae at Singaiwre. oia - ter W. S'nti t announced tnat tiv -y mio . . ... anil Sen trsmr- jajiaMf w-v-..... prt in tiie Boiin Islands, Kenor. Fligiit trer Tofcyo Along the widespread aerial rasas. an uneonfirmni Tokio radio report aid Ainericaii i-ilsmes from bases in tbe Maraana ii" . Japanese bonieland to carry out r"-mwmmMHKfm fltebtc ver tb Toka- do area for about an hour Funday JTolJ-o also reported heavy AiBenci"i iia4i Wngapo"' locki A "substantial force" of tbe bur- ... ... .. nl..,Sw l,1tilS'' K-Z y S, 3IJi-TriJiijJr...!':ijj, davligbt roiBsiou ever flown by rail' tary pianea. amasiied j?ingai! doer rarda and lepair facilHica and bit : tContinued en I-aie tl ( Last Rites Held if fll-mf Mill i'iiima' . 17 Fl.a. FlTier Funeral aerrfre for Ue Fis'ie-, at Z p. m. -n-y J Bapfst Cburcn. nev. u, fjciated and burial was in Walnut Crove cemetery. Mr. Fisher did at bis home at p. ia. Satur-,.y following an illne-5 of several montlia. He was a member of the Fir-t fJsptlst 'mr ol nn n- Howard Ld I .O O F-, of KorJ viHe. , . t Mr. Fasbtr. a coal ciioer in tiai - ...... vicinity for a buwiVt ol edrse . . len: one daaber. Sir. Vera WattrJ , j j-j' - -..,, fj .... , tiuw, iojij., ai". I ,' SOUS Clinton: owe iejjsj - - '" V". ieieeoB. rank ratt- ur - ttwrwi - ralif.; three rraisocnuoren ami ,v ..-rnflrbildrec. ' " - Thu Jurafir reimiTod at tbe Fri: Ftanera! Home tiuti! tJHie of ftinercj , er vices. Ser iw Held Tuesday For Hillsdale Resident Funeral seirifvs for Sirs, Man- WiUfjine. Hillndale. Mot-miua at 2 p. tu. Twaday- Bar - ial ai ill Tuoinai. cemetery at Vi Mrs. Wilifonp died at tlie Robert W. lni! Hospital -at Indianapoli; Saturday. Oct. 2. foHoaina; au HI m Mr. and Mrs C. M. Tliomas. Cayuea. the husband. Mihon W illfong: two daarlii-r.. Mrs. Ralyh Manwaun?. Gary. Ind. and Mrs. Howard Hoi- ilinaswortii. Newport: one brother, Howard Ti.-inas. Mogvzcn anil four j:randeliildren. !Z:dr". i . - ) - ! r'" 1 ! i j I fl I -i '"'!. - 1 , were ' , j t j ) "" . . '. "I ttoa. ill make bit n lomrn. w c&mmiism talk to tbe naiUoa totucbt. tuii mail mh aalor addnewst.. Iae tbta et'eoSns dmrto aa hour it4on-w44e brdea.t oJ-ored Iby tBe IeocTa1Je onal ettae. Tk Prider talk be part .xF m fcnns.itirs!t from 1 tO 11 O. tEWT) iprograiii devoteid to "getttoeMit-tlieJU'ote" aod a last-iui-nmrte preeitlioi of tbe Demweratie party' ffoisrtto teraa argniflaaeratft. Earlier to the day, Mr. Hooeel wiM motor over tbe pktiurnwjiue Hid-on i'aSSey eoiaiDtii'ade vlsilimg liit roetelbtxir and making bttet. omlfce-Koi re-Jetn Jalk tn tbe village and town of tbS legendary and bi - tori MwlMin bigtolaod tarai oun - try. Tbe PresSfent will rMf Miltie to bi tbrougb tbe tContinued on Page i( " C;rmDdMn of Clinton Woman JUWiiik iu s.iw jtn- Pre Herbert U Falls. Jr 1. r Mr. autd Hw. Herbert t,. Falta. r . ... .,i - KwSb.HK tad., former CJftitob d grandson of Mr. KHz- abetb KMebeaoa. W ElM wt. jjaa beeii iwnarbid niSug in aetiou jB fr'rance sitnw Oct.. IK. ardiig to word twwiwd by tbe vareota. rrj- day, JSr. from the rattd States War Deiiajlmierjt. Pvt. Falls gradaatd from Kusliville Ifigb '.'bol witb tbe class of lt31 and entered tbe t"nitd Ktats Army Infantry on ept. 7. IJilS. He received training at Camp Fannin. Teica and went overseas i Marcb of fbls yeiar. Following two montbs of service on tiie Ansio beaebbead tie participated in the imasion of utbern Franoe 011 Aug. IS. The iasi let.ter received from bini by tbe parents was received Oct. 21. H'onas. Kaid V Posttiosw Four b undue a oj TOews!lttW W( jj,, service toltots have bee at tber wto Weket will pre-fey mail r at tbe eterts ",,, MJIM to ,-ole. was said. d more La V ates. efblicaa Botoiee btweea bow ami the deadline 1,KJJ:V, .,, , MKr Keaj. botb of rote two. West Terre i spent tbe past years in Clmto-w j i tin i- Tf..r hT the Widow, h - tbe last aoall before Uie pons l.imnnwiw H.t O. til Of t'lie Sit abseottie n'oters bal-tot mailed from tbe elerit' office ;St'ft ba've beo returaed itber by tuail or is the clerk's office, eieri-ail figures showed today. A great increase to Vermillion Cootrty i tbis -lctioa Is ex-pcted partly because of the widen scope of tbe eleetioiu this year a oomparefl with the local ad I'tw-greasioasl election of W2 ad " part due to the increase of tbe pop-Ulalion )B tbe outy. VeimilliMl' SJODUlatjdOa ill ltt1 was set a 21.77 and wbile 00 of . . . Republicans Given Good Chance To Seize Control of Congress in Election iue tiie vow., oespiw ficial figures eould be obtainedjon. registration. .i,u ..M-oit ikmjii ation H was esti- 1 1 v tbe present population H was esti idue tiie vote., despit Tlie Oernaan air force made a re- appearance over tlie Italian Iron' during tbe night to attack Filtta Army positions aotith of LivergiiAro, below Bologna, and rear supi'ly in-staliafions in tbe Fireczuola area. The raiders caused only minor damage and no casualties. Fighting south of Bologna again was centered around Mount Ueltuon-te. Headuuarters aaid that wilb tbe (CovtiniKd on page 4 1 Tine uartv divmiom wtituds: Ieuio j lai two years jeiir?d t e tiie i basts lor Hifjr oi wmumf j oDiro! of tfw bouee despite outore 'of te preeideciiai raw. j Siew fr'avdjrwd in Mtwutte Tbe Democrat were favored to re- itaic controj of tbe senate, uule&e a We?' landBJide U recorded. I Tae senate diviioo ia; Democrala- 'Sfc; Kepubican S7; fropresive, one. To win a majority in the senate the Republicans naiiBt take 12 Deiu- ocratur seat without losing one of tbeir own eandldat for r--!-rt ion . lUaus nine eonteete are In tbe ' (Continued oo Page 1) Meanw hile, units of tiie American i Keren tli iBlan'ry oierat!ng south of Ormoe were rapidly advancing norra-l wards, according to General MacAr-trI) ttiur. ptiachira out a gaia -f 1 from Baybay toward Onnoc. feills jaHd by the Pciail sewsion of piubiiciiii rh-eo tiivir best iiaaee ia r-UWr ooe; l'ror.-aBive, tr; Ana-tiie (udiaaa Geaeiml AavesBbjy io-1 fourteee yar to catf coetrol of i ericas Lalwr, oe; raaci-. fire, eluding loae to ikp tg-ie jhH otpn eoB3srtss. 1 Tiie fa that BepublleaBS bafe for 3 4 feours, toda' wre la, follow- i While eoctjnwl of eonjiTess suaHr'j eained in iBpeeial elections in tfe- s'.l .mi ,tiil Herman WUIW-' iflliiMl Cos. route two West Terre Haute, U.l J'"-" a. - -.a- M-.lrfl Wr i i survived by a brotber. CiU3or., kv- rshen and .everal rieees and - ' nepbews. -ri, .ulav -nai liiiceia jxj me r ji runeral Home where service will te be3d at 2 p- m. T ueda?-. liev, C- C. Jordaa will ofiiciate ar-d burial will be In Kbepberds Cejiie?ry at Kbep-btrdnijle. Frank Ne kirk Kits Are Held Sunday Afternoon Funeral sen ires for Frank Ne- beld at tbe Frist Funeral i3iue a 3 Sated and burial aE in Si,earJs Mr. N'eakirk died at the bom- of bis sister. Mrs. Ma tuer. r airriT illoesa of si dOBtlis.' Iff was a well ki30wn farmer and bad siit Lis entire life in Clinton and licinity ' He is urrtrd fc-rKne sister. rs. rn'er- one b-ryiier Jolin. route two. CUaton; aereral niewf and n -pliews. 1 j . ! ' I I : mated at At atake In tomorrow's balloting la the eoumty field are 1? offices: representative in congress from tb sjxtb district witb Noble Johnson taKMHnbant, as Republican noiuijiee and Olis G. Jamisoo. Deniocmt: prosecuting attorney : Edhert P. Zeli itepublicaa and J. N. Joes. Demo erat: joint senator for Veraiillion Foantaia and Warren Countie-tstate assembly) Walter B Gillespie Republican and Inland l. Woore. Memocrat: Vertnillioti County reni-e- aenalive. Wesle?r Malosie. Republi Repaolv- can. Andy M. iobnsoo. IetnocTat clerk of Veraiillion Circuit Court Carl R. Biggs. Republican. Pas FoHr. fiemoci-at: eounly aiditot fra J. Churcb. Republieaa. I. flattery. feuiocrai; eoumy tieii urer. Meivio Hickman. Kejmbiicai: (Continued on Page i) of reur'wrWiiative-i. tljir-ii fiai.ora t follow the result of tfe- elwrtMm for iireeifleBt. Jl auiarefl iwst;itji tfial a loe eoiiei belweeaa fr-eidni aoosevJt asf Gov. Thoma E- l" - - T mitit reeult io tfjrwied wn- mental control. Iemoeratic Jead'Ts claimed lie wilj pifit bp seat ktotb in the boose and -senate with catadidates ridict? tbe lUilwiud rf Kooeeh sweep. but Republicans eodded tby wU3 win tie aouse een it i&r. boose - veil is ejected. mr Hoshw i rtr! n-piiwiitn mr"fp in e&aervr. -virtually wipd oit tn I'T--ident s first two eampvas, ha ieec rising! j ! and were last reporteo itnm i c i'''.R "r villsge Itseif. With the villaee of F?aan;;loan in I. ,nl, the K- 1).- m.llMf ' " " ..1 .L;"l.;, . v -'"' " ' " " 'J i id w were at iie ;ii).t ui doi oi? Arthur's asii:11 troops bu th ' deid- Uihis Anierica.. war planes. The jat attempted an ampbib!o- landing to r;itr PinaaoptiM. Mat-Arthur reported, but were re- pulsed both bv the Hooeliboys of the. Jh and avslanches of 155 BilltMt- Jer eiiells from the Yankee artillery. ini? Ibe signature of Governor Heory Tae bill which ebanjses eloin of Indiana polls from 6 p. oa. to 8 p. m. Lacked one bour of fltie elosine time requested fby itbe Oovemor in bis mKa.Ke .o itiie asseniblv Saturday. Tri Kanw bill also stwcified that tav- 'eras must remain n'lvsed dnrinjr tibe time tbe poll are open, and douoiea tbe pay of elect ion board offieiais. Auotber bill created a fie-meaiber ports of Uieed eictio fraud. Tbe hird oUi was af appropnai meas- ne proA-jdifut fl.Hii for expanses of tbe one-day extraordinary etsioa.

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