The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 3, 1944 · Page 10
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 10

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1944
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

Friday, November 3, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTONI AN Page Ten Assistant Clerk (R) Ruby Car-lulchael AssiBtaut Clerk D) Bertha Ma-loney Sheriff (R) John Caruthers Sheriff D) CharleB Berry 4-B PRECINCT Inspector R) Albert Henderson Judge (R) Wilford Doolin Judge D) Sadie Nowliug Clerk (R) Carrie Crcal Clerk )- Bess King Sheriff K) Thomas Brazil Sheriff D) Louis IXUier Witness luy hand and the seal of the Vermillion Circuit Court at niy office in Newport, Indiana, this 1st day of November, 5944. CARL R. BICCS, Clerk Vermillion Circuit Court 11344 I PUBLIC NOTICE STATE OK INDIANA, COUNTY OK VEKMILLION, S.S: To the Voters of Vermillion County, Indiana, Greetings: i You are hereby notified that the following persons have been apuoint- Judge (D) J. Edgar Pratlicr Clerk (U) Russell E. Dunham Clerk D) Fred Latourette Sheriff (R) Garcia Hay Sheriff (D) Albert Chatnian NORTH PERRYSVILLE PRECINCT '"'UI4 Inspector (R) Charles M. Salts-gaver Judge (R) Glen E. Morgan Judge (D) Orville E. Walt Clerk (R) Clara L. Robinson Clerk (I)) Helen R. RiggB Sheriff (R) Lee Davis Sheriff (D) Verlin Hosklns SOUTH PERRYSVILLE PRECINCT Inspector (R) Edwing Brown LEYTE SWAMP SLOWS U. S. INFANTRY DRIVE l?l boards in said Vermillion County, V Indiana, to serve as such precinct f.t vietnuu uuam uiv-iiiw.-i o av 111- tfjfp vember 7, 3 944, as follows, to-wit: RE-ELECT GESSIE PRECINCT Inspector (R) Frank Woltcr Judge (R) Ainos Foreman HOWARD E. WATSON Republican Candidate Fur CORONER OF VERMILLION COUNTY f In The Election November 7, 1944 VOTE FOB (Butch) RAY HAASE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOB Commissioner 2nd District OF VERMILLION COUNTY 'Jour fciupporl M ill Afipiwututa NOV. 7, J 944 ELECTION wsi Lz t 1 0. $. INFANTRYMEN push through the mud and muck of a Leyte awamp In their drive to wipe the Japa off thia Philippine island. Note one aoldier being pulled from the muck. (International Soundpboto) Kills Brother? Sheriff (R) Bert Cox Sheriff (D) William Dalton RHODES PRECINCT RE-ELECT Edbert IP. Zell YOUH Prosecuting AnoniiY REPUBLICAN TICKET RE-ELECT Fountain Straughn REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR COMMISSIONER THIRD DISTRICT OF VERMILLION COUNTY I Will Sincerely Appreciate Your Support Inspector (R) Bertha Richard son Judge (R) Ruby Kelly Judge (D) William Koown Clerk (R) Mary W. Lowden Clerk (D) John Newkirk Sheriff (R) John Hart Sheriff (D) Edwin Mathis CLINTON CITY 1-A PRECINCT i f - 3 i ffM- T&tmum m i ItWvGmuamMm ' Inspector (R) Anna Donzero Judge (R) Mary Spendal Judge (D) Frank Morris Clerk (R) Margaret Bonacorsi Clerk (D) Virginia Sims Assistant Clerk (K) Fannie Rine VOTE FOR . RE-ELECT hart Assistant Clerk (D) Mary Glor dano BRA J. Loren Griffin Republican Candidate For SHERIFF OF Vermillion County "May I Have Your Support" Judge (R) Edward C. Brummet Judge (D) Louis Roberts Clerk (R) John P. Royse Clerk (D) John Van Doren Sheriff (R) George A. Smith Sheriff (D) Bert Dunavan EUGENE PRECINCT Inspector (R) Thomas B. Jensen Judge (R) Otis E. Breezeley Judge (D)- Virgil Hartman Clerk (R) David J. Hyatt Clerk (D) William StarkB Sheriff (R) Charley Brooka Sheriff (D) Russell Baldwin EAST CAYUGA PRECINCT Inspector (R) Harold McClosson Judge (R) Mary Porter Judge (D) June Adams Clerk (R) Alma Robbing Clerk (D) Mildred Dunkerly Sheriff (R) Fred Lowry, Jr. Sheriff D William Hooton WEST CAYUGA PRECINCT Inspector (R) Charles Hosford Judge (R) Leota Roach Judge (D) -Ruth Leclaire Clerk (R) Eulala Donald Clerk (D) Louise Hawkins. Assistant Clerk (R) Violet Roark Assistant Clerk (D) Isaac Hill Sheriff (R) Perry Woodrum Sheriff (D) Jim Brown EAST NEWPORT PRECINCT Inspector (R) Keith Youmans Judge (R) Jessie Cramer Judge (D) Audry E. Fultz Clerk (R) John Barclay Clerk (D) Carrie Stewart Sheriff (R) Fred Sanders Sheriff (D) Cernie Johnson WEST NEWPORT PRECINCT Inspector (R) William White Judge (R) Philip Holllngsworth Judge (D) Wright Burke Clerk (R) Anna Richardson Clerk (D) Bertha Newlin Sheriff (R) William Ingram Sheriff (D) Joe Peeler QUAKER PRECINCT Inspector (R) Russell Kyger Judge (R) Mark Davidson Judge (D) Levi Gephart Clerk (R) Gertrude Sykes Clerk (D) Mary Lucile Fulton Sheriff (R) Everett Gerard Sheriff (Drt Oscar Maxfield HILLSDALE PRECINCT Inspector (R) Floyd Herrick Judge (R) Martin Dugger Judge (D) Bessie Short Clerk (R) Harley Kennedy Clerk (D) John Jones Sheriff (R) Otto Davis Sheriff (D) Clarence Watson AFTER HOURS of questioning by New York police in connection with the death of hia four-year-old brother, William, who waa apparently accidentally atrangled while playing "Commandos," eight-year-old Robert Drach la shown being washed by his mother at his Bronx home. The younger Drach boy's body was found gagged and tied In a burlap bag in the basement of the home. Robert admitted tying hia brother's legs. (International) Republican Candidate For AUDITOR OF VERMILLION COUNTY I Have Done My Beat to Serve You Well J. N. JONES Democratic Candidate FOR 0 Ah Clerk of the Vermillion Circuit Court, I have tried to render courteous and efficient service to nil pertKintf, irreteetive oVjmrty, creed or color and I sincerely solicit your support! Sheriff (R) John Fenoglio Sheriff (D) Nick Divjak 1-B PRECINCT Inspector (R) Tony Fenoglio Judge (R) Mildred Valeriue Judge (DJ Joe Vorek Clerk (R) Helen Gurchie Clerk (D) Madoline Vernon Assistant Clerk (R) Hazel Mc- Clain Assistant Clerk (D) Catherine Wainor Sheriff (R) Joe Llbol Sheriff (D) Valentine Stella 1- C PRECINCT Inspector (R) Frank Rohnor Judge (K) Harley Huffman Judge (D) William Scott Clerk (R) Sadie Lumstrum Clerk (D) Isaholle Stewart Sheriff (Rl Lockard Patterson Sheriff (D) Frank Dunlap 2- A PRECINCT Inspector (K) Florence Dugger Judge (It) Jlmmie Gcnisio Judge (D) Grace Squires Clerk (K) Annabelle James Clerk (D) Anna Crosby Assistant Clerk (R) Barney Gla-notti Assistant Clerk (D) Mildred llutson Sheriff (R) David Muir Sheriff (D) William F. Sampson 2- B PRECINCT Inspector (R) Roy Butts Judge (R) -Garnett Hayek Judge (D) -Wanda McGuire Clerk (It I Marie Porter Clerk (Dl Edith Haase Assistant Clerk (R) Mabel Crawford Assistant Clerk (D) Larry Aus-ta Lindsey Sheriff (R) Bert James Sheriff (D) Harry Brazil 3- A PRECINCT Inspector (R) Cecil Anstead Judge (R) Steve Clough Judge (Dl Claude Jennings Clerk (R) Henry Pullen Clerk (D) Irene Scaggiari Sheriff (R) Ira Taylor Sheriff (D) George Berrlsford 3-A PRECINCT Inspector (R) Thomas Griffiths Judge (R) Clora Evans Judge (R) Wilma Conners Clerk (HI Lucile Gilfoy Clerk ( D) Louise Ave Assisttant Clerk (R) Ann Os- Sheriff (D) Fon Ramsey SANDYTOWN PRECINCT Inspector (R) Ray Walter Judge (R) Irvin Holt Judge (D) Ben Foncannon Clerk (R) Elva Walters Clerk (D) Ishmacl Burgis Sheriff (R) Ron Wright Sheriff (D) Elmer Shannon FAIRVIEW PRECINCT Inspector (It) Dorothy Koontz Judge (R) Charles Lowden Judge (D) Mary Donna Clerk (R) Angeline Walker Clerk (D) Elva Sims Assistant Clerk (R) Bess Mun son. Assistant Clerk (D) Madge Pet erson Sheriff (R) Charley Wiseman Sheriff (DJ Harvey Gumnl CROMPTON HILL PRECINCT Prosecuting Attorney VERMILLION j COUNTY "Your Support Will Be Appreciated" 9 Carl R. Biggs Candidate for Rc-EIcction For Clerk Inspector (R) George Farriugtou VOTE FOR Of The Judge (R) Nancy Aldnch Judge (D) Annabelle Skelly Clerk (R) Edda Carroll Clerk (D) Opal Ugo Sheriff (It) George De Camp Sheriff (D) Hobert Dugger CENTENARY PRECINCT Inspector (R) Frank Muzzarelli Judge (R) Lula Reed Judge (D) Mary Skelly Clerk (R) Elsie Houston Clerk (D) Marie Osbourne Sheriff (It) Freeman Shell OF THE VERMILLION CIRCUIT COURT On The Republican Ticket JOHN GAMBILL DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR SHERIFF of VERMILLION COUNTY Sheriff (D) Donienico Bertolino EAST DANA PRECINCT Inspector (R) -Albion Terry Judge (R) Forest Aikman Judge (D) Thomas Fitzgerald Clerk (R) Helen Stines Clerk (D) Ruth Connard Sheriff (R) Sheriff (D) Blayne Slager WEST DANA PRECINCT Inspector (R) James P. Elder Judge (R) Clarence Thompson Judge (D) Frank Southard Clerk (R) Mary E. Scott Clerk (D) Melva Hiion Sheriff (R) Oscar Holliday Sheriff (D) David Trover SUMMIT GROVE PRECINCT Inspector (R) Carl Myers Judge (R) Otto James Judge (D) Joe Spurgeon Clerk (R) Raymond Blakesley Clerk (D) P. T. Tagney Sheriff (R) Eaton Myers Sheriff (D) Ray R. Nickle ST. BERNICE NO. 1 PRECINCT Inspector (Rl James Price Judge (R) Cloral Wright Judge (D) James Huison Clerk (R) Esther Noble Clerk (D) Bessie Dorfmeyer Sheriff (R) Koy Wilson mon . . , ELECTION NOV. 7, 1944 Assistant Clerk (D) jonn Jr. Sheriff (R) Fred Ewing TAXPAYERS ATTENTION EAST UNION PRECINCT Inspector (R) Kay P. Dyer Judge (R) Raymond G. Downing Judge (D) Alva T. M. Hall Clerk (R Lenabelle Lamb Clerk (Dl Mabel Stokes Sheriff (R) Jessie Thomas Sheriff (D) Green W. House UNIVERSAL PRECINCT Inspector (R) Edward Hardle Judge (R) Mary Johnson Judge (Dl John Haines Clerk (R Mary Hardie Clerk (D) Harry Lewis Sheriff Di Coleman Curry 4 -A PRECINCT nspector (Rl Bert Johnson NOTICE TO VOTERS OF VERMILLION COUNTY Judge (Rl Bob Madison Judge (Dl Charles Potter Clerk (Rl Bertha Turner Clerk (D) Anna Olml VOTE FOR 0 The State Law Requires That Employers Allow To Employes 4 HOURS IN WHICH TO VOTE Between The Hours Of 6 A. M. and 6 P. M. Exercise Your Constitutional Right By Voting Then THE KALI. INSTALLMENT OF l(M TAX IS NOW DI E AM PAYABLE AT THE THF.ASt ItF.ICS OFFICE IX NEWPORT. AIAO OXE INSTALLMENT OF MOItlTOUK M TAXES FOR THOSE WHO TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE MOKITOK-II M OX lELIXOl EXT TAXES. IF NOT PAH) HV THE FIRST MONDAY IX .NOVEMBER Sl.TH TAXES WILL HECOME 1E-I.IXOI EXT AXI) I'Elt ( EXT PENALTY WILL BE ADDED TO THE FALL INSTALLMEXT. THE THEASritKlfS OFFICE WILL APPRECIATE EARLY I'AVMEXT OF TAX ES TO AVOID THE LAST MIXTTE KISH. MAIL WILL HE ANSWERED AS WKI.V AS POSSIBLE. PKK-SOXS lVI.; T A X ES BY MAIL WILL PLEASE I.NCM UK HETI ItX POSTAGE. ALSO STATE IX WHAT TOWNSHIP OK CORPORATION JHKIIt PROPERTY IS LOCATED. Ill RING THE LAST TWO WEEKS TELEPHONE CALLS TAXXOT BE ANSWERED AS THE MINIRWS WILL BE TAKEN CAKE OF FIRST. Mary Brittain Karl G. Dicken Sheriff (D) Charles Jones ST. BERNICE NO. 2 PRECINCT Inspector (R) June Wolfe Judge (R) Raymond Nolan Judge (D) John Nelson Clerk (R) Lillian Myers Clerk (D) Juanita Baker Sheriff (R) Charles Hamilton Sheriff (D) Rellie Follz ST. BERNICE NO. 3 PRECINCT Inspector (R) James Myers Judge (R) Eleanor Pinson Judge D Bertha Coonce Clerk (R) Madge Reed Clerk (Dl Ruth Doan Sheriff (R) Thomas Saye Sheriff (D) Hose Hugg JACKSONVILLE PRECINCT Inspector (Rl Barney Fantone Judge (Rl Perry Kunkle Judge (D) Anna Penksa Clerk (R p Zlla Binole Clerk 1 1)1 Helen Clover SUeriXI (R Fred Hull 4 LELAND L. MOORE Democratic Candidate For JOINT SENATOR m FOR VERMILLION, FOUNTAIN AND WARREN COUNTIES Your Support Will Be Appreciated (Tlii. Advertisement Paid For lv Friend ttt Inland MtMM-e) VOTE FOR Andy M. Johnson Democratic Candidate State Representative TKEASIKER IIEPI TY TKEASl KEK

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