The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 3, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, November 3, 1944
Page 7
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Page Seven THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Friday, November 3, 194?. Two Cayuga Soldiers Are Wounded in Action Glenlyn Tillilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tlllitson of Cayuga has which will follow their present course of study. The food canned by the class included, tomatoes, green beans, corn, peaches, pears, mangoes, stuffed mangoes, green tomato pickles, cu been slightly wounded in action in B'rance according to a letter received by his parents from the War Depart' ment. The telegram also stated that letter would follow later. Another Cayuga boy. Thomas Ar thur McCoy, brother of William Mc cumber pickles, apple chutney, apple jelly and a number of oilier fruits and vegetables. Not only did the girls learn how to can the different vegetables, but experience In the different methods of canning was also gained. The home economics' class was assisted at various times by other girls in the sophomore class who are not members. Miss Simpson Coy, was also wounded in action in France and is now In a hospital in THE MUST HAITIST OUIU'H OF LIXTON Comer of Walnut mid l'lflii Itay Crawl, Minister (ieoi-gu ( henluill, Minister (if MunIc Mm. Ted Morgan, I'itiuiKt Mjh. John Swirkard, superintendent of llililc School 9:40 a. m. - A Ulble School where you nre welcome. 10:45 a. m. Morning Worship. Paris. Newport Home Ec Class Cans 100 Jars of Food Members of Ihe sophomore home Sermon subject, "What Is Jesus TUB PI KMT MKTHOMHT CHURCH Clifford C. Jordan, Aliiiiler .Mrs. J. VV. lU-eder, Minister of Music Mrs. Ira t'huicll, Organist 9:30 a. m. Morning Worship. Sermon subject: "The Crack in the Bell." 10:45 a. in. Church School. Vou are cordially invllcd to all these well manned classes of Btudy and good fellowship. 7:00 p. in. Monday. Scout meeting and gym session. 7:00 p. m. - Wednesday. Midweek prayer service wilh sludles In the great l'rophccy of Isaiah. 7:00 p. m. Thursday. Choir rehearsal and consideration of Christmas music. The Annual Conference meeting of the Wonien'B Society of Christian Service is held next week at Lafayette; a load of delegates from this Church is planning to go. Classified Ads Sell Most Anything economics' class of Newport High School recently completed their food Worth to Mo." 6:00 p. m. Haptlst Youth Fellowship, for all ages. 7:00 p. in. Evening Worship. preparation unit of work after canning approximately 100 Jars of food. Miss Hetty Simpson, home econo Sermon subject. "Hindrances To mics teacher, announced Monday. Child's Colds The girls, who rounded out their food preservation experiences by doing home canning and putting into I'rayer. At the close of the evening worship there will be a Baptismal service. 7:00 p. m. Wednesday, prayer meeting. 8:00 p. m. Wednesday, orchestra practice. WICKS V VapoRub Relieve Misery -Rub on Time -Tested practice Ihe knowledge they Had gained in school, will use the canned food in a meal planning unit The November meeting of the w. S. C. S. Thursday at the Church at 2:00 o'clock. 7:00 p. m. Sunday evening ser i ' iii M'rtn'i Mwr t i 1 1 -nr irir - r i uni n i mr ininm t - i VOTE FOR vice will observe the dedication of THE PANORAMA ABOVE shows the beginning of the greatest land Invasion to be effected in the history of the war. Men and vehicles under personal command of Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur pour ashore from landing craft onto the beaches of Leyle island, the selected doorway to the Jap-held Islands. the new service flag. All mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and wives of men and women in the service are invited to this service of honor. JOHN W. SLATTERY No welcome mat was out as Is evidenced by the charging approacn 01 uie "guests." Huge rorces aa- (Interactional Soundphoto) vanced quickly, securing the island's capital city of Tacl.'bin. How To Relieve 'Bronchitis Creomulsion relieves promptly because It goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the Way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Couzhs. Chest- Colds, Bronchitis 11(11, IM SS MISSION' DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE s S1SH North HiRhth Street Kev. Jasper Cul (ersoll, llishop 7:30 p. m. Sunday night ser FOR By AXEL STORM vice. 7:30 p. ni. Midweek prayer CALVARY BAPTIST CHI lM'll 2:17 Blackmail Street Br. Frank S. Kertier, Minister 9:30 a. m. Bible School. John Carnell, Supt. 10:46 a. m. Morning Worship. Sermon theme, "The Challenge of Worthiness." 6 p. in. Young People's service. 7 p. m. Evening service. Sermon subject, "Lift Up Thine Eyes, and Behold." 7:15 p. m. - Wednesday, mid llistrlbiited iij Kins Fenturei. Inc.: service Thursday. NEW YORK Take that pained flood preaching, good singing. The public is invited. look off your face we've got good news for you for the first time this season. Not only Is "I AUDITOR OF VERMILLION COUNTY Your Support Will Be Appreciated Remember llama" one of the week prayer service. Monthly bus!-. RIGHT THIS WAY... In The ELECTION e ness meeting fpllowing prayer service. 7:30 p. m. Monday, cottage prayer meeting at the home of Mrs. Hess on South Main Street. Children's Hour Eriday afternoon from 3:30 to 4:30. All children are invited. ' . TO REAL DRY CLEANING SATISFACTION NOV. 7 used to fine advantage. It Is handsomely set and costumed with taste. You'll have a good time If you can get ;o see it. It's the one play we can recommend without reservation. "Snafu," on the other hand, is a fast and funny comedy which ocasionally flirts with farce. It's the story of an undor-age hero whose mother gets him out of the Army. The high school sophomore comes back from the Pacific and finds life a bit trying. You'd think there was very little funny in such a situation, but Louis Solomon and Harold Buch-man have written a really amusing and frequently touching play about it, and Mr. Abbott has tied all the strings neatly together. If the play tends occasionally to get out of hand and run away with thr actors, it never becomes dull. Billy Redfield, himself waiting to be called into the Army when he turns eighteen, doet a swell Job as the boy veteran. Russell Hardie and Elspeth fcrlc manage the parents' roles with skill and sympathy, and pretty Patricia Kirkland turns in a good evening's work as a Journalism stu For real dry-cleaning satisfaction have jour cleaning done tho Model-Way, where quality is controlled where sat Mart loll is the theme. PUBUCSAIE o MODEL CLEANERS i'HONE 13 82a SOUTH MAIN warmest, pleasantest evenings In the theatre, but George Abbott has come through with "Snafu," and if it isn't the perfect comedy, it's at least as much fun as you can reasonably expect to have In many a three-hour session before the footlights. John Van Druten has labored a bit harder than he might have with the former. There are many spots in the Kathryn Forbes yarn that could have been left out of the stage story of the Scandinavian family In San Francisco, but In the main they served to show what a fine woman mama was, what a fine man Uncle Chris was, too, and what a fine family mama managed to raise in the face of what an American family would consider Insuperable difficulties. Van Druten uses the device made famous in "Our Town," of having the girl character act as narrator. It's a fairly unobtrusive way of telling the story and Miss Joan Tetzel did fairly well with it, but the play's laurels go to Miss Mady Christians, who turns in a superb performance as mama, and to Oscar Homolka, who does a magnificent Job as the uncle. The cast is good, and the simple story is well told, despite the fact that some of the scenes are reminiscent of a maudlin Saroyan, and that on occasion the three aunts tend to become caricatures. "I Remember Mama" is in two long acts, and three revolving stages are As I am moving to a smaller farm, I will sell at Public Auction at what is known as the Sam Hamersley farm, Vz miles south of the intersection of high dent. The audience loved "Snafu," ways 36 and 63, 7 miles north of Clinton, on WEDNESDAY, 0 S and you'll have a lot of fun, too. EOT Better Check Up . . . LUBRICATION o o o o "Violet," a comedy by Whitfield Cook, falls to come through. It offers little Pat Hitchcock as precocious modern youngster who manages to get her father married off for the third time. It's that kind of a play. In addi tion to some good acting it was marked with some of the ham-miest we've seen in a long time, and we venture to say that the Belasco Theatre will have a new tenant in the next week or so. IS CHEAPER THAN NEW PARTS Our luhrfrutJon man Is an expert at hi job, and that it why, when you have your ear luhi-irnted at the Ford darnge, you'll find that tho joh in not Just "well done" hut that the work is excellent with an expert touch Pot luck din- Day. Everyone Invited, ner at noon. BEGINNING AT 11 A. M. the following described personal property: 2 - HORSES - 2 One bay mare, 7 years old, weight 1400 pounds. One bay mare, smooth mouth, weight 1450 pound s blind. 12-HEAD OF CATTLE-12 One Guernsey cow giving 2V4 gallons of milk daily; one Jersey cow, will be fresh Nov. 29; one black cow giving 2 gallons milk daily; 4 coming yearling heifers; 3 heifer calves, weigh about 350 pounds each; one bull 18 months old, one veal calf. 9 -HEAD OF HOGS-9 FIIIHT CHRISTIAN ('or. 7th iul JllM-kiiiall Ij. F. loIoi.str, 1'astor 9:80 a. m. Bible Study. A clasB for every age. 10:46 a. m. The Lord's Supper with worship program and sermon. Sermon subject, "Living Under Difficulties." . FAIRVIKW PARISH ,1, '. (iiMlnin, Minister Fftirvie.iv 0:30 a. m. Sunday School. An drew Simpson, Supt. that can't ho heat. When we liihrleatc your rar, it is done with an eye to future grease jobs for you satisfaction is guaranteed! WILSON, JUSTICE & 0SELLA AUTO SALES 7:30 p. m. Worship. Sermon: A Golden Opportunity.. 'enter 10:00 a. ni. Sunday School. EnieBt Myers. Supt. 10:00 a. m. Ws.shlp. Between Two Seas. Halein 10:00 a. m. Sunday School .10. E. Randolph, Supt. Note: Our announcements are for those who care. We are a friendly people. Eight white shoats, weight about 133 pounds and one Chester Wbiie male SHKI'AKIKVII.IK NKW TKSTAAIENT fHI'lU'll llev. Joseph K., 10:00 a. ni. Sunday School. 11:00 a. ni. Morning Worship. 7:30 p. in. Evening Service. 7:30 p. m. Wednesday prayer meeting. November 12th is Homecoming (Formerly Coleman Auto Co.) 833 SOUTH THIItl) ST. I'HONE 427 hog. Farming Implements 0 O One Farmall Tractor on rubber in good condition, one Z-bottom 1 1-in. Mc-Cormick Decring tractor plow, one 7-foot tractor disc, one McCorn.ick Deenng tractor cultivator with set of discs for same; one Ailis Chalmers combine on rubber; 1 extra screen frame and two screens for above combine; 1 power takeoff for Farmall tractor; 1 eight-foot tandem disc; 1 Decring 8-foot binder; 1 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY SUM 1-2 Blarkman St, (Pythian Hall) 1:30 a. m, Sunday School. 11 a. m. Church. Testimonl.l meetings , every 1st lad 3rd Wi dnesday of each month. VOTERS OF VERMILLION COUNTY! Help Elect a Vermillion County Man rotary hoe; 1 clover buncher; 1 good z-scciion narrow; s, wa...s u.-, ...... scoop endgates; 1 low iron wheel wagon with flat top rack; 1 new hay rack; 1 two wheel cart; 2 disc cultivators; 1 shovel cultivator; 1 manure spreader; 1 12-hoe wheat drill with fertilizer attachment; 1 almost new feed grinder and IE LAND L. MOORE belt. MISCELLANEOUS ARTICLES Three scoop shovels, 4 hay hooks, 2 saws, 1 sledge hammer, one 15-gallon oil . gas cans, funnels, oil cans, i grease guns, Rreaso ior ru., a " o I drum , 3 log chains, forks, l spring seat, iw ius , ... - devices, h.iwior n nw. I neav v larnauun a j i .. u.... . Deenng leather tug harness and many other articles too numerous to mention. ' FEED 50 Bales Oats Straw, 75 Bales Wheat Straw, 25 Bales ( lover Hay, 100 Bales Tiniothy Hay, 100 Bushels Oats ana iuu Busneis curn, mui ui i. i . ; . J,: i y . a: ' - , - , HOUSEHOLD GOODS Candidate For JOINT SENATOR From Vermillion, Fountain and Warren Counties A resident of Ferrysville and a Vermillion county taxpayer. 0 A veteran of World War I serving overseas. 0 A man with legislative experience and a voting record favorable to organized labor. 0 A successful business man understanding the problems of business. A man with an understanding of the farmers' problems gained from years of contact in the grain business. CHRISTIAN SCIENCB SERVICES Adam and Fallen Man" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, November 5. The Golden Text is: "Sin shall not have dominion over you: tor ye are not under the law, but under grace" (Romans 6:14). Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is the following from the Bible: "And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother! And he said, I know not: Am I my brother's keeper? And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto m$ from the ground. And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother's blood from thy hand; When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength; a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth" (Genesis 4:9-12). The Lesion-Sermon also includes the following passages from the Christian Science textbook'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "Truth, through her eternal laws, unveils error. Truth causes sin to betray itself, and sets upon e-ror the mark of the beast. Even the disposition to excuse guilt or to conceal it is juinished. The avoidance of justice and the denial of truth tend to perpetuate sin, invoke crime, jeopardize self-control, and mock divine merry" (p. M2). One dining table; 6 dining chairs; 1 small drop-leaf table; two beds with ( GnrinrH nl mattresses: 1 wood stove; 1 small coal stove; one 3-burner oil stove . and 1 sideboard. CASH MAYES TERMS AUSTIN 9 CLERK: Raymond Blakesley Plenty of parking space. AUCTIONEER: Paul Kay Not responsible in case of accident, TKOTECT YOUR INTERESTS AT THE POLLS TUESDAY! This Advert Ucment 1'aid fur 1 Friends of I-lund Moore Ladies of Salem Church Will Serve Lunch

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