The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 3, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1944
Page 5
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page rive THE DAILY CJLINTONIAN Friday, November 3, 1911. ,...,J Budapest in - Raps Leaders tltP Stiff rtt f'HIJ li :t v-- vet t-!iri.Hint v itmlc- Football Notes NEWS OF MEN JN THESERVICE (Continued (Tom page 1) Charcoal Wood The forest service stales that woods preferred for .charcoal are beech, birch, maple, and the oaks. Other species iiickory, poplar, cherry ash, basswood, ironwood, sourwood, locust, elm, liackberry and pirie are also used. Panic as Red leati d aiiM-s. Clinton itdr:ite s. Waliinpton of IndianaiMiltii 'untiii' iital.:. Clinton llih Sehoil St;iliuin. Ciur.n Time: 1 : IU I- m. O'uciiiis: lid Iti' d' iieh. S Si'.t. Grade. Tec. 4 Kelsheinier is the son UALTIMOKE, Mil. Nearly 7(1.-utio cituens who will be packed into llalliinore stadium tomorrow after- of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelsheiniei' Columns Near (Continued horn page 1 of .Mecca and Jiusband of Mrs. ! lo- ce Kelsheinier of Texas. He is "Tougli One" In Store For Cats Tonight Indianapolis Team To Meet Cats in Local Stadium ut 7:30 p. jii. Good Game is Promised j. ! noon were keenly on cage iouu -waiting the thrills expected to dc- V.'-lli;-n H' nl.-y. Si t. Oliwr Sprin. r. Lot in one of the year b great foot entitled to wear the American Defense Ribbon and Good Conduct Me Si art in'-' li ut ill ball battles, the clash between un- WASHING TON I I.INTuN iJan all 1 beaten .Voire mk auu piuuumnF dal. r s A Cpl. Steve Allen has returned to j i'nvliii . . Secondino i -- I (; iitnan Special Meeting Cjiuton Conservation Club Will Hold a Special Meeting Monday, Nov. Ctn 7:JJU I". M. 1 1 E"8' ,:lul All Members Urged To He 1'l-esellt J ment has prepared to evacuate the capita! in the face of the roaring Russian offensive across the plains between the Tisa and Danube rivers. ion.,, 1'ttve (All foreign legations have been ordered to leave Budapest immediately, according to an Ankara radio broadcast heard in London.) . I: v . J;T . . Hi: (' ... lg l.T . i.i-: . jh KH li Ulll . KB Graham ";oiiis to bf a (u tm Mull Navy. liuderl The latter team lias been estab-R'-unnor' lishod as a slight favorite by virtue Auamson'of its rout of I'enn last Saturday Uurgman! while Notre Dame was "lucking" Us Rogue ! way to victory over the spirited 111-Deem inois eleven to keep the season's Esacey ' slate clean. . Hodges j Navy Kouts JVim Hints I The Navy eleven enjoyed a Held l.i-.v tiv ', to il against previously Wildcat Coach li. L. MfC'oul'u answer Camp Van Dorn, Miss, after spending a 13 day furlough with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. William Allen. U.S.A. Pfc. Thomas Jones, sou of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones. Sr. of North Tenth street is now stationed in New Guinea. He was formerly stationed at New Caledonia. U.S.A. S 1c John Edward Jones is spending a seven day leave with his Cney M. JieiiieiiO I), Reinerio Enrietto Curry 1 V. If to all questions oucniin. tuni.-iit's bout wilh the Washinctun of Indianapolis Continentals v. iio art invading Clinton Hiph Scnool's stadium promptly at 7:30 p. iu. "They're 1ig and tougli." t lie coach said, t"and they have au undefeated record."' After pointing uiit tlie Clinton. unwhipped I'enn and in that same showed the class and power it bad threatened to put on display all season, with the result that down here in the Navy stronghold Notre Dame's brilliant record was given scant heed. . ...l.l. Vjiv'k record of State Prep Grid Races Close As Season at Height I You're Looking or Whiskey... We Have In Stock . . . too, has an untarnished record, an'l that Clinton, too. has a team -IiuI'm big and tough. Coach .McCool felt a INDIANAPOLIS, lnd. 's d . , flv; games-and a little better. the time for all good football fans;1 . Duke ,i1P A big crowd of local fans is ex- to start fighting about which team j howled over i'itt, Tulane, pected to head out Ninth Street way factually merits the crown of Mate, Wisconsin and Illinois tonight for the game sine the Wild-; high school eleven champ. . , allowed only three touch-cats are playing on their own Mai,,p-1 The high-scoring .Muncie Central," wife and family of South tum street. He will report back to Boston, Mass. I U.S.A. I Sgt. Howard C. Enyart, husband of Margaret Ann Enyart, who has been in the Aleutian Islands for the past 30 months and the last two weeks in Miami. Fla. left Tuesday for Springfield, 111. U.S.A. Cpl. Sam Veltri, nephew of Albert Nardi of Higgrtis street, has won the right to wear Wings and Boots of the United States Army Paratroops. He has completed four weeks of jump training at Ft. Benning, Ga. U S.A ru I.avnn F.llis. son of Mrs. Le- Keseler's Seagrams Five Crown Seagrams Seven Crown Old Taylor Old Granddad King's Black Label Black Gold Hiram Walker's PeLuxe Three Feathers Southern Comfort ing grounds for Hie first time in ! Bearcats, unable to meet South Iiend "owi three weeks The first week away;0f Washington because of previous r iPAvKTTE. Tnd. The reshuf -o win over Garfield I Pnniher commitments, can always neuea DEMOCRATIC Senator David I. Walsh of Massachusetts has accused Churchill and Stalin of being "Uie two most outstanding isolationists in the world today" fled Purdue Boilermakers were sent through their final paces today in preparation for tomorrow's homecoming against Wisconsin with Kd Cody, hard-hitting fullback, remaining on the sidelines. nria niinancheff. Purdue's lead- while the second week on the roadjciajm they should have state honors saw the Cats wrap up a 48-0 vie-' instead of the strong South Iiend tory over Princeton. Tjie third we.-k- team. end was a vacation for the local grid-, An(j jf ,j10 struggle in the west-ders because of Teacher's Institute. I er division of N1HSC ends in a Working their way up in'o second :rin fin i,f tween the Golden Tor- in a press statement issued in Boston. "They are always doing everything possible to protect, and in some cases expand, their imperialistic powers," the senator asserted. (International) place in the valley, the Cats will ; ..ado of Gary Emerson and Ham- not be defending their conference '"""j "for ,,,, t0 meet ,e ing ound-gainer, was evpectea o " tne iea n as standing tonight but the following I ,. ,,., ,,. ,i, ,th,.r,i tKe l"K " " . . following I , , V . ,.(llr take the fullback post ' ROUill lienu nefii m in- ....... ;J j-,j mnw nnt hp nhif. Also Complete Lines Of Other Whisky HUM GIN BRANDY VINE CORDIALS two games will count in that re- j conferi.llce playoff - any fan can tell "i m . k Iroin SPect, and Sullivan. j' tu h'as , tails has little to 10 so luto action until a we.k from Tonight's game will offer some of j j wjth UP.r,iig the stamina of tomorrow. BOWLING RESULTS t in a-cola u:a;i h PI BLIC SERVICE CO. Colom bo. 168. 19IS, 179 B 13; Jones, 1 4. atha Ellis of Shepardsville, who is now stationed at Ft. Benning, Ga. has won the right to wear wings and Boots of the United States Army Paratroops. He has completed four weeks of jump training during which time he made five Jumps, the last a tactical jump at night involving a combat problem on landing. ' U.S. A T3rd Ciasner C. Ramsey of the 804th Medical Air Evac. Trans, Sqrtrn. who for the past twenty months has been stationed in New Guinea and who is home on a convalescing furlough has returned to his homo, at McAllen, Tex. after spending several days hero with Miss football teams. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. Cheer- incidentally. Washington of f"""' I y ,at an jnjury suffered Hend is not expecting that West La- . Wiliiini9, Minnesola's star fayette game to n,ar its schedule. , fl).ick oved l0 bo only minor. The Purple Panthers o Bloon- 't,e (; ,;ers ran llirough a final sig- ington had both hands on the south- 11P...,i. inHav as they awaited LIBEI'S LIQUOR STORE Dr. G R. F.'cG UIRE CHIKOPKACTOK X-Kay 235't Blaekmac ru Indiana High School Conference ! , nf Northwestern Wild- the invasion of Northwestern crown, with only today's final game 'House of Quality" Wildcats tomorrow. A crowd of nearly 5D, 000 was expected for the game. Phone T91 I!,, 128 4H; liaysiuger, 1411. 20T,, 174 Mooney, 15.0. I'J-'I. 1117 - 515: Straw, 219, 1 74. 175 5UX; handicap, 130, 130, 130 390. Totals, 9S5, 1050. 953 2. JI LKS TAVEliN Tapani, 211. 202. 231 1)44; liolh, 157, 15S. 163 478; Gambiani, J 81. 157, 147 4S5; lacoli. 153, 137, 1 79 4(19; Ilenetti. 202. 195, 210 i07; handicap, 1 27, 127. 127 381. TolalB, 1031. 97'i, 1057 3061. 448 North Hi St. CHEAT LAKHS, III. Cecil Sou-ders. who moved from Ohio Slate to Great Lakes in time to grab a touchdown pass against Wisconsin last Saturday, was named today as start-in gright end against Marquette at .Milwaukee Sundy. The Sailors' final drills stressed defense against the lllllloppers' aerial game, bolstered by the return of two recent casual- Eleanor Ruffatola. U.S.A. Pvt. John Hlazovirh, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Blazovich of Universal, Pvt. Maurice Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Davis of South Fourth si reel, Ptv. Russell Eugene Lawson, son of Elza LawBon of route I wo, and I'vt. George Elliott. Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. George Elliott sr of i he II. S. Powder Co. have ar MATTIODA GROCEHy Murdock, l(i5, 187, 12 504; I.yday, 117, 111), 124 391; Foster. 131. 1B1, 151 446 ; Costello, 180. 170. 151 501: Brazukas, 172, ISO, 188 540; Handicap, 122, 122. 122 306. Totals, 917, 930, 9012748. VEKMILLION ROOM Hays, 19 2. 1 70. 182 544: Guerri, 134, 157, 2 544; Guerri, 134, 3 .! , lies, ends Carl KaminsKi aim riaim Kosikowski. E II TEE T A I M M E H T I OK EAGLES, THEIR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS IN YOL K NEW CLUB ROOMS .SAT. NIGHT, NOV. 4 rived at Camp Wolters. Tex. to begin I I V t?U ill l- HI I' " BLOOM INGTON, lnd. Hoosier football players r,,..ul,iM- Koiid-nir from I. V. fans , ,jajic lrailllnK as infantrymen. They 451; Anbury, 144. 149. lbS , , aasiKiiod lo a ballallon . ' ' 1 70 Kirkiuan. 176. 144, 161 is ...... 1 Hi I A X 1 11 1 stressing heavy weapons. inis mornlim as they lor a one, Vn,' , ini. T ,olosek.1! Democratic -Meeting- EJn'oimeo Elaflfl JfaeEsQoimvalllle llAA- .. worl'.out at Columbus In preparation j to, , ,. . ... ,,,t Slanley Charles Beaty, son oi no for tomorrow's game against Ohio i.u. ''-;- " " ': ; State. A Cream and Crimson victory, 170 -5ol. Totals, 959, 92(, 1010- m,.r Heatv. 840 Walnut Btreet, is re. 28 9 6. ceiving boot training at Great Lakes Naval Training Station. His aaaress is Stanley Charles Beaty, i.o. iaoi U S. N. T. S., Great Lakes, 111. I.S.A. Lmwiiiwii i.hwiwmmhi'i. ri'mum win yM! mvmugfmuwam I - - i i iir.ri n Younians. son of GHKGORY CAKE Lamniey. lGli, llio. 113 4 lit ; McDonald. ICS. 13 1, 1 77 - 479; Maloney, 104. 157, 201 -S25; Hayes, 113, 158, 1U5 Hill: Wilson, 155. 'in, 20s SSS; handicap, 1 1 7. 1 17, 1 17 351. Totals. 913. 9IS. 101 1 2875. Mr. and Mrs. Hurley younians. 709 would tie Indiana with the Bucks Tor the western conference leadership. j against Wiley of Terre Haute threatening them. Central of Evansville. second in SIAC standings, was set for a conference game tonight a-galnst Bosse of Evansville. The Panther game is not a conference till. Oilier games of the nearly ended football season, scheduled for this week end, include: l'rhlay iniiianniiolls Tech at Richmond. South Third street, returned to Enjoy Life! camp Tuesday morning after spending a week's furlough with his par- DIANA SWEET SlltiP - Weir, 105, ISO, 1117 51 S: F; . She:.. 137. ut i:iii 411: Manshii.. 152. ,.,,t l.l Voiimans has been transfer Allison. 1 17. 147 437; 3!i:i; Ave, 2 ! 1 ; 10, 102, li: 113, 1 -I . red from San Antonio, Texas to Tampa. Fla. U.S.A. NEWS OF NEWPORT MEN IN SERVICE dicap, 14 3. i Indianapolis Washington at Clin NOV. 4 91 ii, 944, b SAT., Brisk exercises and a spirit of friendly goodfellowship will clear up a lot of petty annoyances. You'll find that a session at the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley is JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED. HOHXEY 1 Lane, 176, I1' 1.-.5, lis, IT Itiehurd M. Nixon, son of Mr. and T .It V SHOP , 529 ; Paloncy, 4 13; Waugh, 143, Coouer. 198, 14S, Mrs. li. H. Nixon of Newport, has 7:30 P. M. ton. Indianapolis Manual at Seymour. Fort Wayne North at Elkhart. Kort "Wayne Central Catholic a-galnst Fort Wayne South. Hammond Tech at East Chicago Roosevelt. Lafayette Jeff at Brazil. East Chicago Washington at been transferred from It. fierce, , Karanovich, 1 H 8 , 179, 149, 151 136 179- Fla.. to Camp Bradford, Va. Young Nixon who Is In the I!, n. fMivy, is now stationed on a LST boat at the 37S. naval base at Norfolk. WILLIAM cubby LARK " Jiandicap. 121!, 126, 126 ' .ils, 9811, S87. 9472820. A-COI.A McCnwn. 135, 136, 424; Bredeweg, 154, 170, 211 5; Topolosek, 124121; Feno-109, ISO, 159 50S; Gllidottl, 12S, ISO 480; Vielll, 132, -279; handicap, 172. 174. 1 7 1 Totals, 926. 919, 1043 2S88. " U.S.A. Sergeant Robert J. Rose, husband of Mrs. Manha Mac Rose of New Gary Wallace at Hammond High. Hobart at Valparaiso. Peru at Huntington. Mooseheart, III. at Kokomo. Lcl'orto at Mishawaka. . iio. 172, 16 port, has been given his Aru aaa LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY ress and Is expected to he sent a-cross seas in the near future. U.S.A. J'llONIi 118 CLLNTON 131 t. MAIN ST. Kenman first class Rex Leland i.',... km, of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Earles of Hillsdale, is aboard ship! somewhere 111 the Atlantic. Young Earles for a while was stationed In Linton at Bicknell. I Michigan City at Souf'. -uiid Adams. Soulhport at Ne"' ' '.baity. Princeton at E'.ai. .He Uoitz. Sullivan at Vlncei.u s. Robinson, III. at Terre Haute Garfield. Marion at Wabash. Sal unlay Finiili Ilenil Riley vs. South Bend ' c, nlial. Of The Bureau of Mines WILL BE PRESENT COMMUNITY FLAG RAISING 2:30 P. M. fcxoiifS. football! M ATCH m;t NO. I LINTON Dimie. 18 7, 173. 221 5S3; Bredeweg. 178, 168, 180 526; Gibson, 1111, 163, 144 468; Pienio, 17S. 154, 1 99 531; Fritz. 1S8. ISO, 205 073. Totals. 892, S37. 952 26S1. CLINTON DIANA Tapaio, 223. 214, 182 619; Karanovich. 193. 1S5. 169 547; Straw, 185, 173. 1S9 547: Ave. 216, 199. 201 619; Ilenetti, 14S, 181. 214 543. Totals, 965, 952, 9582875. southern England at. a land base. U.S.A. M. M. second class Doll G. Stokes I ' brother of Mrs. Valnelle Adams of Newnort. was recenlly I ransferred from Caiiin Endirott. R. I., to San ! Francisco, Calif. U.S.A r A. M. second rlass W. E. Tros 1 per was transferred recenlly from W ashlli;;lon lo II, in. ill, l lim r, Ma U.S.A. v . Marines' Hymn Tl e lilting tune of the "Marines' Uymn" originally was written by a German became a naturalized Frenchman. It was adapted by an American marine in Mexico, and next was played in Tokyo where Leathernecks accompanied Commodore 1'erry on his memorable visit in 1&53. V i ', Cornoral Clair V'aiiSalll. husband nf Mrs. Frieda Van Saul of NcwporlJ MATCH SIT NO. a LINTON Dimle, 20 1, 152. 1 58 61 I; llredi weg. 1 97, 157. 1 60 - 514; Gllsnn. 1SS. ISO. 191 559; Prcni". 1.-.0, 199, 1 75 - 55 1; Fritz. ISi. '':'. 180 500. Totals, 950, 82'.. Sl,l- -2611. CLINTON DIANAS Taparo. 186. .1st, 1 73 - 543: Karanovich. 23:1. 153. 16S - 554: Straw, 159. 141. 161 - 461; Ave. "ill, 1 82. 177 560; Be- is spending a ten day furlough Willi his wile and small son. fill. Van Saul, is stationed at Camp Wheeler, PUBLIC IS INVITED Ga. Big Product on Victory gardens i.rotiucej nearly I.n.t FA A pig's death at farrowing time 213. 1S6. 23 1 -633. Totals. for fresh consumption last year, it ; 51. may rcpicseiu tne juss oj jtu pounas 992. Sill. 913 C. H. S. WILDCATS WASHINGTON (Indianapolis) "Always A Battle" At CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL STADIUM j lias been estimated that about four . billion iars of food were canned by oi ieea, ucpaiuncni ox agriculture observations snow. Throw t ur Scrap Into th rightl ; families. Vrltl BF TO LOOK SLUM AS I i'FINE.MiSS JOMES IS ll'M MISS I i'M ASKIN6 YOUTcD SEND HISS i THE UNPOPULAR GIRL NHU TO LOOK RADIANT 1 L.URELV, SO SHE'LL CCC UK1 l 'I DOESN'T USE IT AS THE (5IRL WHO YOU'LL DO, BUT I MEED ANOTHER! OK AY USES QL ArTO kC REAM 11 HISS MODELa)ILL yt)U ''PHOMEMR.d NOT S. ,S"0WES HER ' -;S LINDELU FOR OMETJfq pFiy y I I MR. STARK FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3 7:30 p.m. TILLIE the TOILER By Rus$ Westovei fiEAEKAL ADMISSION 50c Plus Tax Sen ice Men In I nifi.i iii A, bullied Tree On I'a.Miient of Fed. ral T:tv SCHEDULED GAMES ; o I1UAZIL . ; Nov. in ll.v.v.,.WAv..

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