The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 3, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1944
Page 2
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Friday, November 3, 1911. 1 ': Two '. THE DAILY CMNTOXIAN lloor 5 nd for I he use vf coal, wood. sr.V., MOW AM) TI'K. levy's Choice RATION AlK'iAK oil, kerosene, gasoline and ?as, are j rationed. Certificates mutt be ob Km, - . j Yorrenll.-l , ;.v I:'.-.- -" kalian Wuric ir-'r..'.; Torpedo Boa's Zttuia tiianed from I oca! Board. fa Oil Base Products Cwmtlest comes out of an oil we ITT Oil is the o1 vious answer, but th cumber and variety of tnarketabai products are practically endless. One c-jmpany vrtiich operates four refineries gets approximately 45( different products out of crude oil. Among them are 26 types of gasoline. 30 different solvents, fivf grades of diesei oil, IS grades ol fuel oil. 35 typos of oxidized as-phaits, IS industrial oils. 40 types ol highway asphalt, 89 greases. 23 home and automotive specialties ana 135 different lubricating oils. - .1 ) ( ( 'on! in " ' i i I'. Xary Bzs Fot Trwble Even the na has itt foot trouble. The United States Naval Reserve corps has decided that among the specialists eligible lor appoint orient are chiropodists, or podiatrists. Action of the navy m J.-pointing chiropodists fo!io'S the report of the CounciJ of (lie American Medical Association that "chiropody is a department of the healing service and it has its basis in scientific and demonstrated knotvledg and satisfies a pap f.eneral me-fcint i as failed to fill." Blue &l.aiiHs AS flliroutli ZS and j A-5 -tlii'ouL KT in 13atli 4 pood fury 3 joints iudt'iiniiPly. M'As. Immx1 audi lairy Iixjdu t AJ3 rt'd s-liiiups AS ilirou'Ji '.s and' A -5 lihrGUfrti K-5 iu ilKoU 4 vaJad 4 'finitely lor raiiotu-d ineais, fliww i and dairy producis. tiiaije onbj lw iuiuts ejwto. I tuar StamiiS S-G, S3. S2 ad ?Z in hovk 1 4 gttod lor 5 iiounds until further na- lice. Application" for addilwual ean-3 iiiog; FUf:ar uvust l? w&l Ijoard ll aocomj-rdiiied liy one suv Hiiiup ?.7 fur eacii appliiaul. Staaip 40 in twok 4 good for 5 jjuuudP wf caiiiiing sug- ar. I flioe J JCo. I. "airplane" stamp aDd No. j ft x I 1 vrh t' ::: 0'" MJ V. ! u;t;:ud .i'.hI lV : : vl m-ui !u 1 - .'.'"I" 1 -M U I P u-H Jm 1 t:. -n. 'i n: I: in ! V .. 1 J ' 'U ' (i lfL:i.u u! .I';1':!. J -1 ;.m sii"!-. KauiaF.-d mid if.r rafiwii l. u-t 1 v n 'J ,?1 '- ' 1 - ' - "! ;.- w hu ll u .': s jn I.. Oil lahu;'4.tiui l w4 WtliU'.Mi liii-'l.! IS... Jtlj'l-'i oi'enuin.' ,tiii'.ni: K:-;hIk i ! Par. ui f I tr J ' l, I ?.r ;sl i j -i . and xit.itij lu . -.jr.-.' lCMh Of ll'.c: WL-Ie SU!!!-. About au 'tour and a hall' lal-1bird dt'struyer wa iai;arr.: . jfik. the CL'iMiL'Lmiyi.t' jaid. . fa. MONUMENTS 0 A ( otiiplcfe line 0 Fr Servi- Drop I t A Card LW. Walsh Monument Co. 2114 U'abasb Are. Terre Haute, Indiana Farm Mortgages The peak farm mortgage debt was about 11 billion dollars and is now around 6 billion. it... 'MV , 1" I fl ft 1 4 E Rl limit Ui - "airplane' flaiup in Book 3 aood for 1 pair eacli uuOS further r.rtioe. Always present Book 3 r. lien making ourchase as -amps si e invalid if removed from the Look . (.asoiine Stamp A-13 pood for four palloiap through Oec. 23, B-4 and C-4 j:ood for pallons uutiJ furtilier notice. T ((Fourth Qir. jl pood for 5 gallon tluouph Dec. 31. E, El and H2 pood for lailon. Ii. Kl and 112 pood for 5 gallons. A. B. C, D and T coupons are rot valid until they have been endorsed in ink. nrii. tamj'd or j)riiit-'d with the automobile rpis- ana bh j b eu ;.,t t i.'ij ;;nri Jau J isa' mms m of lit laiili wH(J iu 4"o-ni ;a I'ii ( new oi3iiy liii, "Kimsas 'ii Kiliy." ur'Ull i.KriMU imi of clou 11. 4au al Hit Waitjli Tliealre. Every Saturday Night IN A CONTEST for the sweetheart of the Naval Reserve Officers Training corps at the University of North Carolina. Chapel Hill. Miss Joanne Van Celt was selected over 100 entries and 16 semi-Snalists. Miss Van Cott, whose photograph was submitted by Ca-iet Lt. Bruce Van Wagner, Ashcville, N.Cliails from Bronx-f-UIe, N. V. (International) Is It Appears to Us . . . IL'JVl-J ?'!- i-t-.i! ! I'l H'tl- l:i!.m: l Hi' n!;:;tin. I:' tult li-l'.ii- n uvi in- i:;itiij to 1TI Mini?.. Vl mil i "a( 'i:l Kill I'- ! li l 1 .,!., i-.iii'.i. !'t- iiiil I H.'l. If Villi ji'-l ' - ii- k' i i --i'lt li ri-p ' : la'aii , . IKi'SVil li ! m iv,i;:1i . r I U- I : . i.. EEER-ViNE-WHISKEY-MIXED DRINKS No Cabaret Tax Until After 9 p. tn. jtivtioa nuinoer and state. Motorists oui and oir" (ak, but iherv is a jJussjiMliiy a JVH'ciJ i.u;id' i.iy sflit- jM.Miiiii'' in Kw Jersey. In Ins .h-.m-Wlcvs 3as( ijt at VUi-Ustiarr-1 and S-ranion. (iov. ttewey !;.i;-i.i'd w.u( aMiTS a Ui "One Thousand a, 1u4j" asM'H.inp llial "w want wt s-vr-'t ciUj'T for ?jfial in- flurco in lili KivTnijj u at Iiouic r an mr iwn polity aorad." should write 1S44 numbers on book and coupons. . .11 u'. Periodic passenger car tire are no longer required. Coin- ill through Aug. 31, 1945 and have the following alues: 1 unit lit gallons; ' 5 units gallons; 25 units, 'J-t gal-. Ions. All rjjanc making coupons and ; resere coupons are now go.d. Fuel oil rations for 141-45 heating season now bring issued. Period 1 good ! imnicdhuely. i HUms ! Ail nevr beating, cooking and combination h -a: ins and cooking ' riercial vehicle inspection due every H months or every miles, li cai Jholders eligible for Crade I tires providing they can show absolute :.e-d to carry on essential activities. AJ? A holders may obtain certiiic:ts for Crade 3 tires, but only after tbey VcppH.!. J li.i iJ t h.' m ' i-t '.UU-'Oi ihf in;is W ' u ". ' d iu Joi' ifii soil, line i - i"' Lad ar 4i" .hi .i,"s i 'i aii of .. !it ami. II. s;;1 ii v. --ihcre a d t s J 3 - ;-i ; n iiv aslwd ui? l"v i ii- i' flijusevji ;i ti vetH. r-1 . ti... JX JJ i ' J i tnniid )::,; : - 1 (CaCe Ninth at Vine Street Potatoes Rich Potatoes eaten daiJy can provide as much as 25 per cent of an average person's vitamin C needs, together with J3 vitamins, iron and other minerals and a good quality of protein, in addition (o the hiei food, ft arch. er njinerals and a good quality of jaave found "ires which may be pur- . , : . h x -.V- " rf r f F'S J ! stoves, desjirned for dumestic use FikI it'll . lor in.-iaH;-uon on or a novo tae Period 4 and oimoiss va!iJ .-.jj a .... , r . .iwi 'lllll Km America Free .Soothe your irritated eyes with Murine .v-. i. I !4 . 1 U : , I -.. . r. ,.. f.r. an -v .... i...... .i .,:.,, r.,.,mv will I i. ..... ; . .t.f 1 -...',.. 11. 'in in i'Jill I .yCir :iiited hv at? eve fjLv If M--:iic ow'i-:cft r;l A li e eyt'F tl'-i arci3ifdt bi;rjjF.i; oi i,a-.n- ;'. ! (iinr t);'.- only Jur j .i .'1 Sij!.:iv ;:irO'Ji jie.'rt) j Murine :?'ir;s m v.o? iq m.'0,i.' rtlresk. b: :.r tcr.:a :.s sfit;r dunis ...t'su'eUia lh j-j-r'-di A . zi I W Wlif -I? .ST H A II lg ES IT v ptc'-Jt ...wjciu-uy. c ;t ii you r fa! A A o) c1 fq) nn '51 shop Slavics ON Valves snd Valve Seats Vw I j PISTON FINS snd KlUS'OePis Kite brake ononis mmum BRAKE LIHIQ INSTALLED TIRES AND TUBES VULCAN8ZED ISLISCT STAATS AUTO SUPPLY Tilt' I'liirc To f'.il.V :)!) S. ( liilloi), Jiill. i ii i in i in ii in 1 1 1 1 ii iiiiii mamtimimmTrTrt9-'-tCi rr I IE)IEWIS (KATIES AMD THE GOIPLETE STATE MB LOCAL TICKET 1.' SU- SKi.i..iti Walter E. Gillespie I iHililicaii (;jitli;!' I or f . : ' ' - - - Jsisit Senslor ' I'oi: vK?;v!f.;.i!), ro; r.i Indiana Republican State Central Ccfflftittce 718 Cfaypcol Hotel

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