The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 10, 1968 · Page 204
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 204

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1968
Page 204
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Page 204 article text (OCR)

shop by mail Shoppers Mart THf IMPORTANT OlFFfdtNCES BETWEEN ORDINARY SPARK PLUGS AND JlT-flRt fUEL IGNITERS fOvt car I powai coMtt iiafn lnr fatOU O' aaio'in Pr antf an in fOvt tylinOttt Jne biggei rua ip'onom. tht lHi roc bo. i PIoom add Stott and City toltt Tag, Pttl-"d Em cist Taa, if ajrty. wnltai tht dvartittr othtrwiit iptcifiti. COD. trdtn acctpttd tnly whtn ttattd Mtr-thajnditt tfftrtd it lubjtet to tnonoy-boih fworanltt. Allow 4 wrooht for dtlivory. CggMkV? IV "d anougn lo fliplOdt HI h MM Jlr tMougn ,our aihauit in I. XTXJl H.U.Odll b.Com, t,odtd r, VM deZvar up fo 30 mora horsepower, wmrjr .h .-0o, in, gsp lent irr yjUAlJW m gait , 3 more miles per gallon liioer. you ioi motr moil lul irtd liniiii F7Tf cutr. win hut la lapiaca i out plugs. JFT FtRE FUEL IGNITER WIDt SWATH Of HAVC 0' using only regular gas I THEY NEVER WEAR OUT r It I pg idudoi TOO U Of VIB CLtAN. ADMIT M MHACI tHMI MAINt get up to 5 mort mil ptr gaJon of gs Jot Irom ont I amg lit moit luti geimg ia pown Thit ii no gap that can and ca'tton dtpoiai actually a pcdurTianca Thar do not lo ba adjuitad oi lapiactt-arar' add up to 30 mors rtorsepowor to your tngn savt SI 00 weft year for jrou, year after year wtti'e you use the cheapest grades ot gasofrne.' Pat No. 289955 1VVK SAVK YUl' up lo 4H" iiml mi)ic r'n I'Xcry $Hlli Oil speni in Kuiniluro! 2 Y()l' CHOOSE from mine thun :t(lKI. samples rfpri-si'nl-mK moic lhan 18S N;itioniilly Kiuiun name brrinds' 3WK SHIP DIRECT from your choici' of fat-lory or showroom stock. WRITE US Turn Macaroni Into Christmas Beauty Spark plugs arc ohwkte! Now there's a far better way ii run your car. With conventional spark pluas. only i fraction of ihc fuel ihjl enters your cylinders it turned tnto pua The rest escapes through your tailpipe its iinhurned vapor. Tliat is bemuse their spark is so narrow only 15-thnusanillhs of an inch wide that H cannot possibly iitnite all the fuel muiiure in the cslmdtr. As pluys ttet older, their sparks net narrower and lest ellietenl nil Ihey hate to be replaced. New Jel luel Igniters do a far betier Job of lurnmv iiusolinr into power. Insiead of a narrow . ihey send out a wide swaih of flame lhat '"wjlks" jtross a semi-conductor tip, fanning out in all directions and enplodintt far mure fuel in the cslindcr. Proot That You Qtl Up To 3D Horupowtr Mort let I irr 1 uel It-niters look like spark plups mere-l hei.iuse the lute to be strewed into the spjrk pirn- siKket But what Ihey do is far different It you on joy craotinfl beauty with your own two handi, don't mitt making tfttit eltvar "3 Kingt" ploqutt of mocaroni. Got Frtt patttrni with o tub-senption lo Pock O-Fun, Ploqutt art typical ot many Christmas gilts and dtcorations you'll lind in tht holiday ittuts of Pack-O-Fun, tht only craft magaiint tor ptople who lovt lo turn oddt and tndt into ' prKtlttt" btauty. For Itst than u penny a doy, ont year of Pack O Fun FREE FULL-SIZf PATTERNS ol 3-KINCS With aoch tubunption 1 0 montha (l-Tr.) 1. 1 $4 Ht taly 3 TON SAVI SI. SWITCH TO REGULAR The net! time your pat rauue (ten near Ihc 'l.mptv" mark, lell the attendant to (ill it up with RI liL lAR' Chances are you'll no kintter need picniium which cutis tuur to Hijht cents, more lhan rcitular mas. And this second saving is only the beitinnlns. Jet-l-ire l-uel limners provide easier cold-weather Marts . . . and thai means less drain on your battery, and no drain on your patience ai you iry to tct started. NO REPLACING 00 ADJUSTING f VCR The more you drive, the be iter your l-uel Igniters perform. They don't become eroded, wear nut or require adiusting. And carbon build-up the natural enemy of old fashioned plugs actually makes fuel ianiters perform betier. Carbon becomes an additional currier fur the igniter'! big let flame. So ihere you have a third saving. One set of furl igniters will bsi the life ot your car! Invvntad To Save Alt Forei Uvs-Now Thty Can Savt You Monty Jet-I ire l uel Igniters were first developed lo save airmen's lives During World War II. there were nmes when more men were killed by spark plug mulfunciion lhan by enemy action. A failureproof replacement was needed, and I uel Igniters did Ihe tub Holh Ihe Navy and Air f-orce have approved them fur jet engine use. Now at last they have been modified for automobile use They won't save your hlc. hut ttiey ian save you big monet up to JUKI a year with ordinary driving. Some day, all cars may come equipped with l uel Igniters like these Hut why w;ui when you can install a set yourvell now Just mail the coupon with the make and model of your car. and we'll rush you a set with full instructions Just $12.10 per set of I ppd., (.M per sel of ppd. Hrr tmw to pro I Kurt tour ear till It's full warmed un. KODACOLOR 8 fnpOMirc roll 1? exDOMirf roll rlfvclopeil i, -nl,irge(J ifeveloufd & enlarged $2.39 2.89 Plus FREE ROLL ol Kodicolor Film! 2. Stop on a perfectly let el stretch of road. 3. Put the ear In Irst list arar wlih manual transmission l, and set how last Ihc car roll al id line speed. 4. Rem plugs and Install Jet-tutl lanllen (a 10 minute tbl. 5. Now see how fast your car rolls al WMni speed. Ywi run expert ll lo eo 4 TO 6 Mll.frS PtR HMK UNIFR Miihool luuchlnt Ihe its pedal dramatic pnnl that Jrt-tlre Fuel lltitliers Ihtrcdse entitle RPMs h I0D to 150 with no Inrrcase In aas consumption. (Al hlih speeds. RPMs Increase by .100 lo 350.) So. first tlnnj.'. von can reduce the jus flow" by iidiustmp ihe iillini! screw, iind slart satins money belorc you'te eseit driven a mil; tAt Ihe same tune, you can make your air-lo fas mm urc leaner, f uel Igniters require only a 15. t r.ihu instead of the conventional 9 1, li's a simple adiusiment that vou or your mechanic un mjkt in one minule It piovidev even Kreaier rcoiHimv ) (10 itsutt) bringi you ovtr a thousand idtat for turning all kinds of scrap moltriolt into fun and profit In no timt at all you'll be transforming things hkt tgg cortont, burnt mokhti, old flash bulbs, platlH bortltt and such inlo wanttd and useful toyt, giftt. decora tioni and boioor ittmi. Suburib Today Monty lock Guaronttt, of Court BLACK I WHITE t? expoiurf roll drvrloprd & enlarged Plus FREE ROLL of Verichromt Film! MOVIES developed Plus FREE color Movie Film! Supers $o39 cartridge w 8mm roll $o09 (50 ft ) J Siji dnting and sou'll notice even more im- Save J 1 00 a Year With Jef-fue Ignitm! II fou oVivt Ib.QOQ nulet. you Cr ea-.i'y savr ISO by switching to rtgular yai 140 on tout fierier mileage J'O by not replacing pfugi PftM4-Flft, Net. 4IM, Park Ikkjc, M. MM! Poymtnt enclosed lor Pack O -Fun subscription- S3 Itr 1-Tr. (tH. $4) U far J-Tn. (Sm 14) Sond Frtt 3 -Kings potttrng undtr toparott tavof. prnvement--up lo Wl more horsepower of acceleration power, ilimbinn power, and passing power. All Hi is while burning less gas' 99 SEND FOR A SET OF JET-FlRE FUEL IGNITERS TODAY I SATISFACTION GUARANTEED . i!fillfil!li JAY NO MIS CORP., AM, 91 Hantt At.,Frttport,N. V. 11SZO Enclosed it 09 60 for G iimbm (ppd.) Q J 12 60 for 1 nnitcrs (ppd ) Please tend me a sit of JET FtRC Fuel limttri. 4-WAY GUARANTEE SUPERCOLOR Box 2969K Jacksonville Florida 32203 Add luc per ru" postage. Send lor FREE film mailing envelopes or mail with remittance to 7 QUA AM Tltt io tncaata mi pan gallon ol gal on itguiai GUARANTIED lo Int'titt ho poaar. Iicaata angina RPHi Ter Print Nime Address Cty City 4 GUARANTEED la impieto aaaa State, bp Star-spangled key to a home o your own mm II FREE WIG yJ 1 1 CASE t STANDBV S & hecul tna Styled. Nevei needs Selling Slips ovei any length Hair, lust Shake and Wear. Adjustable. Finest 100 Human Hair. All Colors- Black thtu Platinum Enclose Why bt tmbarrosttd by brthtn tupportt, ttploct Itrn Vtnttian blind tlat tuppartt in just a ftw ttcondt,- WITHOUT wwmcj and whilt tht blinds ort ml ill mounltd in plait. Just lift a falltn tlat, mttrl a ntw support in placo of tht loin tnt, push fasltnttt through tht tapt into prtdnlltd holtt in tht tdgtt of tht plastic and Iht tb it donot SlAT-fIX hit. tuffKitnl far 30 support rt-pairt, with inttiuclwnt, only $1 49 Itst than S tarh rtpaif Don't woil, - mako your blinds IOOK ntw again Monty-bacH guaronttt Sand htck or m t It SlI FIX CO., Dept. F 73 Spruce St., Hicksvillt, N.Y. 11101 Hair Sample lo' tort Match MOW TO 01011 Snd 'ull moutil md Cam(ijn. Buy Piri Pailift C I Irtdl: lint I) 00 dfpaul IciiH 'II nHT vtff' 0Ml PIT Poilmm bll inci pin piilill I" Stale Color. Order Now! Sdtislaclion Guaianteed United States Savings Bonds SUST WIGS. INC Dppl 307-KWR 1 1 W7ith Avtnut. New Vort, N Y 10017 All Florida Magaxine

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