The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 2, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, November 2, 1944
Page 7
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Thursday, November 1, 1941. THE DATLT CLINTONIAN M'VPtt Pennsylvania squad for the first spokesmen said, but a Nazi claim to having exploded the South Reveland-Wak'heren causeway at a cost of many Canadian casualties was denied. Allied bombers knocked out an time in the school's 68-year history of the sport when the Ked and Blue meets the University of Michigan Saturday at Franklin Kicld. Coach (Jeorpe Munger has named freshman tackle GeoiKe Savitsky to lead the team. growers who have marketed their ed, the meal 1h properly toasted and beans and are unable to buy meal coolud and approaches tankage in for their livestock through regular j euS(, f dislibilfty and nutrition, trade channels will be furnished I certificates entitling them to supplies! " of meal from Gowrmuent set-aside Spurred Puppeteers stocks. The certificates are hisued I Back in the JCth century puppet by the local Triple-A oilier. shows were known to Londoners at Mr. Mack pointed oul that the 1" S. 1 "motions" and were so referred to Yank Pincers Move on Last Leyte Outpost t'i;uiluUHi1 From ft II W inter Prospects For Cattle Feeding are Good lCxdept for the critical feed situation existing Jn certain areas of Indiana, cattle feeding prospects for the coming year are more favorable than during the past two years. Purdue Ciiivcrsity agricultural economists poinled out. in reviewing the outlook for Ilie neM irhi- mouths, they also aid that A i ter pionpeetive price margins are needed to ofiset hirh costs of estimated 50 per cent of tin enemy firepower on W'aleheran bet w eeu Oct. 8 and 3u. accomplishing much of their work by blastinr dvltf and causing devastating floods, there sources revealed. A total of N.tMMt to !,oini Im.iiiI.h soybean crop this year is about live by bhakespcare, end Bco Jonson. Puppet shows had their greatest development in England under Cromwell, when the Puritans closed the theaters. Many actors then became puppeteers. VILLANOV, Pa. Coach Junian Olivar. of VilUmova, t trapsed dj-fyiise taction today as JHk Wildcats prepared tor their jaunt to Venl Point for their Saturday meeting with powerful Anuy. The Cats went ihrouKh a few oli'jiiH' uium-uwrij. however, just in raise. Sharp Gridiron Battle in Store Here Friday Untarnished Records Go On Block at Washington Of Indianapolis Meets CHS Crew in Stadium Clinton football fans are looking forward to a hard-fought battle tomorrow nleht when the Washington of Indiana Continentals come to Clinton to face the local Wildcat crew. One Tie Each Both teams will put untarnished records on the block, each having only tie on an otherwise undefeated fir.hl.ffH which landed en Lrit Jan1 Kridiiy fnmi New guinea are In the per eetit below last year's and that supplies of fats and oils vitally needed for civilian, military, lend-lease and foreign relief purposes may be around 7uo million pounds less than in l'JiZ-ii The edible hit situation, lie said, will be particularly tight. thick of t he fir hi . punching away rain in the feed lot. Lower feeder cattle o:ts this fall, compared with a year earlier, coupled with high!-prices for grain fed cattle, are re-snoiifcihle for this. at enemy iiiKiaJlat imiik and supply m4 a nun u nil ion duinjm on Omiioo Hay fin Die west side ol the inland. According to Government livestock nutrition authorities, the oil when' was unloaded on tltewe targeln, principally (he big guns guardtnj; ih-coaslliiie. Kflemy ballerbn along the west shores st ill aio ra using t rouble, however. In the en I in1 opera -lions, 6i planes and SI pilots wei lost. SWhh UM- C'oaM Awn Several miles of the west co.;;t of Walcberan also have been seized by the. Allied forces which carried oul .!. Remaining pockets of Jap re Demand for the better grade? of ANNAPOLIS. Aid. Navy Coach "Swede" Hagberg, it apixar d today, will use Uruce Smith, fast-step sistance on Cad inon Hill. o ei link Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIKOPRACTOB X-Ra5 235', Blackmail ing Leyte Gulf, wen wiped out by beef, both from civilians and from 1 fpd in whole beans contributes little the government, is expected to re- j or nothing nu-'ritionally to the ani-J main taood during the year ahead, wal's diet, and ia not as efficient ! The high level of cattle numbers in a feed as meal. Furthermore, he add-; ping halhack to help fill the gap caused by the injury of Hal Ham-berg, triple-threater, when the Middies meet the Irish of Notre Dame at Baltimore Saturday. the YaiilieeK, while elsewhere, American patrol.1 engaged In bunting down I he Japs found only minor resistance by fa natieal Japs, italtle off J uii .liriiieji 4 . Ja pa nese a i rcra It con t i mied relation to normnl feed supplies already jGas started some liquidation which may he speeded up in the coming mouths. However, this Himulfanenus invasion assault k a-gainsl Flushing and in lite area oi Westkapeile to the- uorlhwest in the drive to rid the last German nuisance batteries blocking Allied use of the season. Clinton dueled Westville to a 0-0 tie while Washingtou weit Z !'-'S' ?' Wl,h ! ST their attempts to disrupt American I a 6-6 deadlock with Manual of Indi- " . . V . 7 Saturday's Indiana game, Ohio State should not have a bad effect on fed cattle prices. It is recommended that cattle feeders, be prepared to take advant anapolis early in the season today stood an excellent chance of establishing a new record for home port of Antwerp. A see-saw battle raged along the Walcheren-Beveland causeway between Canadian assault units and The Continentals, coached by Hen-I ry B. Bogne. have a fairly strong line and a good fast-breaking back-field. The Washington squad lias run operations on leyie, but met wit h t-mall success. Wp shot down seven enemy planes within the past twenty four hours, against the loss of one American plane. 5. Elements of the U. S. Pacific Meet operating in and around waters of Leyte Island sank a troop laden age of any possible break in feed grain prices. Feed supplies should game attendance. More than 1S2.000 already have seen the unbeaten, untied Scarlet in action in four stadium appearances this year. Capt. Gordon Appleby, center, and the Germans. The Canadians drove back again to the western end of the causeway after makings a previous withdrawal in the face of stern Nazi opposition. On the mainland to the southwest be assured before undertaking a cattle fording venture in Indiana this year, the economists warned Jlooaier faruuers. Feed will be approximately 1 1) per cent scarcer per animal than last year, for the Mate as a up 186 points this season against their opponent's 12, finishing their last two games In 87-0 and 33-0 scores. Clinton's last three games have gained them second berth in the Valley race and chalked up record tackle Bill Willis both All-Ameri-can prospects still appeared r ,v.: - ETTIIlVni. .i. doubtful starters as their injuries steady progress was made in the whol-. and much more critical than barge off the west coast. It was deemed likely the Americans would have a more than tough fight to capture Carigara, since the Japs were striving desperately to keep open an escape route to Ormoc Bay, from which they can flee to j Scheldt pocket, with the Canadians this in many parts of the s'ate. responded slowly to treatment. Both missed the Minnesota game last victories over Terre Haute's three teams. In the Princeton melee two i week. clearing this area taking 2.500 German prisoners. Scheldt Commander Prisoner the island of Cebu. i'bui Last Ditch rig hi (A Beuter front dispatch report County Fanners Urged To Market Entire Soybean Crop With every possible pound of ftfis and oils needed to fill large military and civilian requirements during the Not only were they trying to keep this route open, but they apparently were planning to make a last ditch fight to keep on operating on Leyte by attempting to bring in reinforce Indiana GOP Backs Proposal For Poll Hours coming; year. Forest Mack, chairman of the Vermillion county Tiipir-A is Waiter B. Gillespie Republican Candidate For Joint Senator ed the German general commanding the Scheldt pocket also was taken prisoner.) At the eastern end of the Netherlands salient the Allies scored an important victory by knocking out 49 German tanks in operations which smashed a German attempt to stem the northward drive on the Maas (Meuse) river and reeled the urging; all soybean grower); to market ments from Cebu. their entire 1944 crop for crushing weeks ago several bench-warmers got into action for Jlie first time. Anticipating a tougher bout than usual tomorrow night, the Cats have been drilling steadily for the meet with the Indianapolis crew. This w ill be the local squad's first home game in three weeks and in view of their shining record, a large crowd of borne town fane is expected to be on hand. Kick-off at 7:30 The kick-off is set for 7:30. half an hour earlier than usual, it was announced since the Indianapolis crew will probably have to return , that evening, setting up earlier. I and to depend upon meal rather than whole beans for livestock feed. Mr. Mack declared that a proced (Continued from page 1) enemy forces backwards. ure has been developed under which soybean producers who market their lion by the (jeneral Assembly to Troops of the British Second in the area of Liesei and coop This has been a hazardous move. I however, and American planes have had great luck in smashing dozens of Jap barges, laden with troops, which attempted to make their way across the Camoteg Sea to Ormoc Bay. Simultaneously American fighters and dive bombers aided in the bat-, tie to blockade the port at Ormoc. carrying out numerous low level at- I tacks on Jap installations and rip-1 ping small craft in the harbor. ward extending the voting hours in FOB VEKMILIJOX, FOUNTAIN AND WARREN COUNTIES erating American units continued to advance down two roads in the direction of the German frontier. I the general election next Tuesday, a representative group of Republican crop are assured sufficient meal to meet their feeding requirements. This proceedure is now in operation in all north central slates and in Kansas, New York, New Jersey and Clinton Coach B L. McCool has) members of the General Assembly. some promising second stringers who 'meeting tonight, authorized the pre- Phone us your news. Sewnatt i J54. i Pennsylvania. will probably see action in liumgard .., i i sidmg officers of both houses to appoint a committee to draft a suitable voting hour extension bill and to take such steps as are necessary ner and McLeish in addition to his regular lineup made up of drey, left end; Graham, left tackle; Counsel!, left guard; Glover, center; Se- to present this bill to the Republican condino, right guard; Povlin, right members of the General Assembly in I'Janie Throwers Break Kesistajiee Flame throwers of the American Seventh Infantry Division were responsible for cleaning up remaining resistance on Cat m on Hill, overlooking Leyte's east coast. Minor patrol activities were reported in other sectors of the island, with infantry units pursuing the Japs tackle; oster, right end; M. Reiner- caucus at nine o'clock Saturday io, quarterback; D. Reiuerio, left 1 morning. Gii- half; Enrietto, right half and man, fullback. in Food "This action was taken because it was very generally agreed that the governor's call for a special ses WateA Ow Ms f&? sion leaves so little time for action toward the north and west of the K.. n, 1 ki.. j iHlonH ' tion day Is so close upon us that If While this ground action was eon-altered conditions make necessary tinuing. army and navy airmen con-any chance in the voting laws, )m- "nued Uieir wiuespr. au attaiK.-, oi . i mediate preparation of the necessary the entire area, attacking Jap air bills is imperative. elas on olller lianas 01 uie rionp- Irish Count On Kelly to Lead Attack on Navy Notre Dame to Receive Clarification of Kelly Orders Today; Big 9 Teams Drill for Games hold items at these; local markets at prices that are rignt. You'll like the friendly, courteous service, loo, and you'll save money and points by trading at the sign of the Knifed Home Grocers. m .. , ,. There's a wealth of health in usinR CLINTON ri'KE MILK. I'honc us and leave, your standing order. "AUhough a representative group P'nes, siranng irouu comeuuau....... of house and senate majority lead- hitting supply dumps and blasting ers were present during the discus- coastal shipping, sions this evening, it was made very Banging down into Borneo and clear that the action tonight In no Dutch New Guinea, medium and wise binds any member of the Gen- light bombers and fighters, meeting eral Assembly to vote for or against little or no opposition, dropped tons !... hiu ..-hih mnv ho nren.nreri for of bombs on military targets, caus R1 S LK F, m" i" j 2 9c ing fires and explosions and severe damage. COFFEE Rex lb. 27c Pancake Flour j 25 SOUTH BEND, Incl. Assurance submission lo t lie Republican caucus, was expected today thai Bob Kelly, rnanimous Agreement Notre Dame's star riht halfback, i "Those present tonight were in will spearhead the Irish attack a- unanimous agreement that no Indi-gainst the Navy at Baltimore Katur- ana voter should be deprived of his day. I right to cast his ballot by lack of For a few hours yesterday, it ap-1 opportunity to get to the polls." peared that Kelly, one of the na-j The statement apparently was in-tion's outstanding ball carriers, i dorsed by Ralph F. Gates. G. O. F-would be lost to the Irish for the gubernatorial nominee, who said: lemainder of the 'football season. I "I do not feel that this is a pollti-liO-l'oin Score leal matter. All the citizens of Indi- Kelly, leading scorer for Notre i ana, of course, should have the right Paine with 60 points in five games, to vote. I have complete confidence had been ordered to report inline- the members of the legislative will Commandos In South Half Of Flushing Port (Continued toom page 1) Farmers Pride No. 2 1-2 can fJUMlfrSpSill eans 19c 558 N. Eighth St. Dauntless No. 2 can do what is proper."' troops now are fichtnu: in the op-ii 12c B i." Labor leaders had eierted much 0?yond Hurten for pressure on the governor to summon ,.'- riSOnei TnKru ork an the extraordinary session and they were grateful when he called it. AFI Praises Art ion At least ttX, German pneoner" were taken, 25 of whom H'jrrender when Nazi jfuns. attempting U- (VAN SVETKOFF 1201 North 7th Street The TeauiKtern Cnion international ply to the uverwhelniing Aiir Apples 10 headquarter, which had threatened ,arragei dropped their sh- -llU to boycott Governor Schrirker. the their own frontline positi' Ger- al of these men were 1 E-Z BAKE FLOUR 5 lbs. 35c Carrots 1 0' Democratic senatorial nominee, and Senator Samuel 1). Jackson. Die party's candidate for governor, because of purported hamlK-off on President KoofM'velt's campaign, issued a statement, under the signature of Thom M.eJH!a diately at Lido Beach Naval Training Station on Long Island. Later in the day, he was instructed in another order to remain at Noire Uanie pending clarification of his stutns. Kelly, a V-12 trainee, disclosed meanwhile that he had been notified unofficially of his appointment to the C. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. This development led to the possibility that iKelly might be returned to civilian status pending an order to report to the Academy. !, inaie-kl Ititilriis Another development brightening Notre Dame's chances for victory over the Navy was an announcemt nt j that Frank Sstymanskl, second string center on the 194:J team, a muul cadet a! St. Mary's 1're-Flighl School I In California, ha recehed a medical discharge and in re-entering Noire JJame immediately. Coach Kd flleKeever said Szyiuuii- man fire. Many pillboxes ' reuses made of earth and lo.i;j . - e overrun by the Doughboy. Meantime. British Commandos. bunch VICTOR PALONCY Pike & Lincoln Streets who stormed ashore on Walchereu 1 12 oz. ICE-KIST Sandwich Spread 15c 23c as K. Flyiin. aeting president, directed to all Indiana locals, saying: 'Th'aee see that the attention of all ni'-nibers of your local is called to the courageous and progressive action of Governor Schricker in convening the legislature in special session tu gie working men a chain to vote by keeping the polls o; n later . . ." pritUei AM'iiibf)'s Kecnnt Juhn 11. Lauer, Uepuhlil'.i Ktale chairiiiKii. also issued a : 'ei. .-nt. Island ye-iteiday. drove the Nazis out e.f tl. southern half of the key har-bo- !'!:niiig. while cooperating t (jied -i"W gains in the nearby '..apelle s -cior 1 'i rhipillg Pinee-K Aillll As the iai:ision ui the Dutch is-1 ;nd in t'.T Silieldt estuary roared into h .'!va(''ihii fight for Flushing and coiMiiiundiiig coastal batter-i'-s, .tliwi 1 1 oops plunged lorward nor: )ie.i-t and southeast ot WVgika-p! Vie i;. ait enveloping pincer.-; as- :SiApple Butter w SECONDINO BROS. Universal, Ind. Bki would be included in the Irish Btjuad that leaves for Baltimore tliifc afternoon if he arrives on lime. LiIFlAKESDl,Z,e 25 hot Granulated Soap saying in part : "The Indiana (Jeneral Ol). v linn kiitk!. I'Knieii HI which Governor tich richer hat ca l ' : ... .; i.. i. Kift-nhw r' li-ad : UHlf 111 U tee. box 25c IVORY i urrnnnv IJLOOMiNOTO.V ind. - - Couth Ho McMtllin of Indiana expressed a healthy respect today for Ohio State formation after his third team used them with better efject against both the first and second teams than any other style of play. The Hoosiers play the Bucks Saturday at BEAL'S MARKET 328 N. Ninth St. 20c 21 trs announced. 1 .-ioutli of tlie Maas. on ; he mainland. Polish truo;. i ..-!? Withdrawn from their .Mark river bridgehead, tlicy added. I!lp I It Maas liriilse Tlie Germans blew UK t lie Gertrui-denberg hiidse acrof-s the Maas. i SOAP 2 Ige, 3 4 bars 28c together has an unexerelled record, for good judgment . inoperative at-j litude and good legisr.'ion. We of! the stale committee are c.'irely will-I ing to rest final disposition of the subject of extended voting hours in the hands of the capable men and t women who comprise the Republican majorities in both houses of the assembly. They can be depei ried upon to do a completely compel, nt joW. j Leo M. Kinman. of Fhelbyvil!?, ! S . ARE yOL) LOOlM6 AT foH, HELLO, TILLIE! 1 HELLO, hy HANOT& SEE IF THERE '5 Al LAFAYETTE. Ind. Boris Ui-maneheff. Purdue hack field star and the only remaining all-season regular from last yearn team, was named today by Coach Cecil Isbell ELAINE AlELLy I'LL HAVE DAfiSER IN VJ IF SHE THIMKS IWS" IMAQIWIN6 fZZT THAT SHE WAS p,- IMAfilMlMQ-f- TA f' THAT r yfy h ljii no eiVEVOU A PAT president of the Indiana It publican HERE COMES ELAI ME J'LL BET SHE'S PEEVED ABOUT My Editorial Aesoclaiion. expressed sim- ' 7 I SWT THAT ON THE BACK to raptain the Boilermakers for the B(n(hn(,nts ,H. Kald SETTING SO MUCH PUBLAOTy ' AHBVi RIM6, remainder of the season r5V ' ni V SHE'-S GT ! U, VfOr COURSE MOl, V (elaimei :-l; v rSfeT JJl flcirr. "Every worker shouli I'.ive tiim t to vote if it does take a'l e.-.leiion nf voting I'our. the bill should bypassed promptly at the special TILLIE the TOILER By Rius Westover CHAMI'AIGX. Ill "Htlridy" Young, the University of Illinois fleet halfback, finally had to go to the hospital, but teammates said today it was not because of the kick In the head he received In Saturday's game with Notre Dame. It was because of a bad cold and the recurrence of sinus trouble. Economic Losses The direct economic losses resulting from 1943 traffic accidents are estimated at $1,200,000,000. This includes wage losses, medical ex 4 s c ) zdzJ penses, overhead costs ol insurance j HO motor vehicie propeity damage, j PHILADELPHIA, Pa A fresh-, (ytu 111 Cap'.tuii Hie L'ui.tieil

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