The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 2, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1944
Page 3
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t Pnc TTire the nmxx : mint on t s :-n fPKtjrstlay, i November 1941 3 0ttRTHfW4 j i it ill Vi'Mul uf ( lliiiiin wmt iruutod u dHoii'i- from Hairy Vvalal In imlllluii i ln ull Court . u grounds of oiutl end hiliuinaii irmi- niriil. Mm. Vimul was awunlnd tli o'uHiody of llieli two rhlldren. Hlier-ou UKi'd 1 uikI Kiiiiii aMl vii' M'' Vesiul u onh ii'il in wiy lau.iiu por week niiilllli'lliiMl'i'. Tin' WHiplM M ninriliMl Oct. 'M, ?( - Ml June .3. n . ' '""',,,rTw """"if B : nun v. Ileimliv of t'livumi was , TTTI II III ' -t( TTTTT1 III cniBleil ii illvoire fun" Mlhlreil M. Hensley on kiiiuiiiIh or eiin'1 mid In-liiniiiiM trenlinenl III llie Vl'l'llllllloll POLAND'S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY ; III for Circull Cmirl. .Mrs, HeiiHley u Phone 731 1A Rnnh Main Styeot CLINTON. INDIANA Wlinled Hie eusliiily of t In-1 f elilliliell, i a,,,. n,.,.,l i:i Itiir II. 1'iilsy aiieil I I. mm. uirell II. Ml. Mi ll-l- y WUH FRIDAY and SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd and 4th ordered to pay !' i"r uionll tin- at-. T HI 11 1 It tiiiiuuce until Hie rui'Mier iiiiiit m I ho rim I'l . The eolllile WHS lllllllled July 5, 1H2II iiml aepiirnteil Apr. it, 1M4. Circuit t'lel furl II. ItlKK" issued the I'ollowlllK Nllll'l'luite llrcll ft Ises: Donuld Powers, 21 and Yvonne LlKseit. ' 1 S .both uf.l'iiyuKiK Curl I James . 41 unil i'aullne llurnett, SI Ihoth of Terre llaiile. frfftiT MiiTrnTtltrmnmiriiriniririnr"Tu- 'miillni - 'J " nfm iiiiiinniuiwiiiiTeliiiilm nil j.. ,i " .... m. -n,. r i '. " . ... Minnie Klorenee lluuli lias filed a crosH eoniplalnl uaalimt (leorw niih In Vennllllon I'lieiill Cmirt Santa Says: askiiiK that she lie Kliinteil tllP ill-voire on srounds of cruel and Inhuman 'treatment, and Unit "He lie - tt.nvHe.l llie CUHtlldy Of tlll'lf tWO TO WORLD ATLAS 40 Pases, IJx JeWncn' In Fly Color S9t.11: TO TOYLAND" children- Miry aned 8 und Kay Ked tniether with reasonable support. XCL ... The couple was married Dec. 24, 1(135 and separated May 26, 1H40. follow the progress of the war on all battle fronts. Largo. complete maps. , , Sale! Reg. 4.9S BABY POLL She's as cute as can be! -Sheer organdie dress with . ribbon bow, , Composition head, arms, and legs. Mov- 9 QQ ing eyes, 18 in. uiu J p Real Estate Transfw ' V N. Asbury. Cuardlnn to Qeci A. Harmon et ux Pt. 27-1(1-9; 136.00. Revert Copper Warm Lining f jj Wat 8.95 VjL j IjiV 1VW4.08 " SPECIAL SALE PRICES! James D. Carter et ux to Mary Emma Ooff Lot 16 Pt. Lot 17. Original l'liit of .Perrysvllle. 1. ' Anue! Sykes to Leroy D. Ditto et ux in. 29-17-1"; $1- victoria Clioleva to Harold O. Hpr. 1.08 50-('alibei' Machine. 1.58 IE) Dennis Lot 239 Mnttnnws Park 3rd Gun' : - Iteg. 1.00 21 -Pc. Plasttic Tea Bet - : Keg. OHc J. K. Doctor's Kit : Keg. 1.00 Perealo, Doll . Add. ro Clinton. 5500. Charles A. Boyd et ux to Jolm L. Pancake CrWtlle 84 84 OeBliart et ux Lots 91 and 92 In Style! Comfort! Warmth! The right combination, to give you a grand value. Fine duality, water-repellent cotton, fully lined with wool. Want tabs allow for adjustment. Olirs drab. Reg. 4.95 . 24)8 Alt-comier . . . beats Quickly Original I'lat of Euttene, Lot b Crondyke's Add. to Cilyuga. $150. and evenly. Chrome plated. . 11-uv diameter. Elizabeth English et al to Anna Donzero, trustee to re-convey Lot 6 Fairview Park Add. $1. Reg. 1.29 Anna Donzero. trustee to Paul It. English et ux Lot 9 Fairview Park a mmMm TOCK TOYS Add. $1. Eliza A. Coolt to Martin W. Rei ner .et ux Lot 231 Higglns 3rd Add. j For Fresh Garden Flavorl to Clitttoh $1. Aafko Wiggly Caterpillar 5 ... he wiggles all '' overl r.i i.h: . .... I. Tl.itllul.i HOUSE PAIJT.. 2.66 gal. Reg. 5.95 Ride-Em Plock o White. Satterlee. and,. Ly-d'ay's 1st Add. to t'llnton. $1. Joe.Bargnlni et ux to Anton Ko-drich et ux' Pt. '31-14-9; $425. - Paul Johnson et ux to . Charley ..... 1. long neck goes back and forth! MiinKiA Slain 17 Beg. 1.69 gal. Has special preserving oil which . prevents rotting. Brown. Oreea Shingle Stain l.7 Sal. LOCOMOTIVE 4.66 Big and strong for Sard use! Little fellows 2 to 4 will enjoy this. Bright red. white trim. 31-inch. Wall-Tttne...2.22 Beg. 2.79 gal. Dries in one hour to a beautiful, washable finish. Rapid Drylea Enamel Me Ve pt. Japkson rt. io-m-v; ii. Xeal Gravel Company to Collett. Harrison' Lot 2 Block 1 Summit Jumbo the Elephant ... his head bobs and his ears lop! Orove ,$fino. Vegetable Bag Made of oiled silk with securely bound edges. Slide fastener opening. John C. Straw et ux to David F. (dalvauizcd They're Galvanized! PAIL s en 1 Let Us Help You Keep Your Car in Service Cans iHiwi II MP Alexander ' et ux Lot 85 Amis & Martin's Add. to Clinton. $900. Charles Cheesman Jr. et ux to Luther Clieesman et ux Pt. 30-18-9; $1 ' Dollie E. Ilirt et ux to Fern E. Wright Pt. 32-15-9; $10. Earl S. Bright, to Fern E. Wright Pt,-2-15-9: $10. ', Etta. O. Cliurch et 'a! to Fern E. Wright Pt. 32-15-9; $10. Standard Investment Co. to August F. West et ux Lots 47-52 and 53 Standard Sui.'$P Anna Ingram et al to John D. To'dd, trustee to re-convey Lot 1 Block 2'Collett's Add. to Eugene $1. John D. Todd, trustee to re-convey to Frank M, Gillis et ux Lot 1 Block Factory-Controlled 39 1.59- RECAPPING You'll find many uses for this fine paU. 10-quart size. Won't leak or rust! Corrugated, galvaniied steel ... resists rust. Painted lid. 10-gallon size. A fine value! SKILLETS Reg. 59c Xt7c Heavy gauge steel body . . . detachable handle. lO'i-in. ,oo,4 (With Grade A Quality Camelback) I FROMTmsl.y I , 1 1 J 11 TO THISy Prompt Service Ten-Foot Tarpaulin 2 Collett's Add. to Eugene, ft. Joseph Kadionik el ux to Orten-zio Carosi Lot 10 Block 2 Pen-treath's 1st Add. to Clinton. $650. JaniLeB Marlin Terstenjak to Joseph Kadlvnik Lot 10 Block 2 Penlreath's 1st Add. to Clinton.: Lot 6 Block 10 c. W. Shepardson's 2nd' Add. to Clinton $1. '' Willie Adlox et ux to Preston Davis S.l13 Lot 33 Fairview Park $400.' Leo RJva et ux to John Ktash at ill' Lot 41 Centenary $40(1. Warren Watson et ux to Charles Colettl et ux Lot 64 Fairview Park Ollie Smock to Keith Prickett et 5.95 e Pnttels Moehlnen e Protects Produce RETREADING i of All Makes of Trartor Tires with fire$totte Patented Ground Grip Tread Design tor POSITIVE CLEANING . . . ...and MAXIMUM TRACTION JS-Meee rlre-KSae, Luncheon Set Reg.3.69 2.1i Bervice for four. OpBlM glassware with delicate blue int . . . hobnail pattern. ux.Lot 11 Fairview Park $1. Made of heavy, high grade canvas duck treated with best oualit; nercial waterproofing wax. Natural green color. 10x7' T eV" POLONIUM Fil-O-Matie Coven SPARK SPECIAL FARM VALUES ! FEXCE rOXTOLIJ:it Hearing Planned On LeVee 'System In Wabash Valley (Continued from pace 1) submit with respect to any' Improvements for flood control and related PLUGS a. mm m 59c up f j IMiti i J SALES Reg. 5.75 Anto Chains 4.98 6.00-16. Will give y o a many season of fine service and complete non-skid Each, lo If-' iiZSb With Tolr or ,. . STANDARD. fog95 9.67 ffectrie . . . Operotei en 6 VoltBattwy Streamlined plastic cabinet. Built-in lightning arrester and signal light. Filtered against telephone and radio f.n..nt.. . n nt art vonr matters. , Qral statements will be htard but for the accuracy of record all important facts and arguments should be submitted in writing as a record of the hearing will be forwarded for consideration by the War Department, U was said. BATTERY Olves Ions economical service. Well-built and dependable. motor quicker and provide smoother operation, ex money back. 'W--r- .j protection. General Eleclrlt Make J I tfgS Sale 5p FOG l Y LIGHT 1 I Has new type R I shielded file- II ment which cute n m m I ff down glare. . P. V ' V - WMpnwf.VyeeMererW.' I St Caaalia I I LAMP I 1 I 6.66 I 1 Lights instantly . . . no If I priming necessary! One- I I I quart fuel capacity. I I F. I- Imperial Seat Covers 4.44 ' CflUD 5.45 Tin Dairy PaU Wheel Heavy .ruali'il. hriclit (ill Barrow plate. SmMtlll solilerert nrnilKK TtH:i 59c 1195 DAISY EGG CIIUBN BASKET 2.50 09C " 3 Ply . . . Full Sl TIRE RELINERS E.E0-I7, 6.00-14 2.25 Complete protection right to the bead, reather-edged to give a smooth, perfect fit. 6.50-16 .2.25 7.00-16 2.49 QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms ef DiitresiArldng from STOMACH ULCERS dueto EXCESS ACID Free Book TellsofHomeTreatment that Mutt Help er it Will Coat You Nothing Overtwomllllon bottles of the WUXABD TBKATMENThavobeeoeoldforreliefof eymptonis of di$lres arising" fraBrcemeh wad DM.enal UUr due ta Ciee. Acie Saw OlfMtt.n, SMir or UpMt atemwh. .(aim, Heartburn, SleepletsneM, etc.. One to Excite Acle. Sold on IS days' trial! Ask for "WHtard'e Meeeue" whioh Cully tbia tl-eatmeot Ire. at ... Oll.LIK PHASM ACT - ' rowiu'i rHmrr WHJTE li fHAJUfAC't' Reg. 5.45 Tn in Trnrapet Horn Deep-tone blast horn. Soman gold metalustre fln-. Ml. Built-in relay. Our nnest! "Water-repellent fiber . . . simulated leather panels. Bfch, plaid. . . Ceaek er Seden. 12.fS ap Listen to the Voice ol Firestone every Monday evening over N. B. C

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