The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 2, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1944
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Thursday, November ?., 1944. rnE DA ILY CLINTON I AN boon 1 c'.eaied b ern Finland had Page Two Gorman lorccB. oping canipalgn to knock HunBiiry out of the conflict. "Indiana Fighting" liny Newlln, Chela Mcliill, William At the Czechoslovak inn border ine (illy Lei-. Flnvle A. Moore, Lee llll-niii'ii Lewis, 1 liedn Ann Moore, Fern Marks First Army's Russians overran another 40 com fJiiiw,iial.;'!)iKliH,t Add h Coiirj'ilmlions To War Fund Drive 1 Li,-.,,., nrrtiuiiiv. your. bomber . , ,',,,,.,1 dninano Horn Hostile air-! ,;,, ami f"ll t" Hie earth. Thtf crew I , .ll.irt of acc oimmnyiim planes ,:,., ,ro, this mission .were ,,, , furnish any further de- Sharp New Offensive lllggs, tienevii A. Hrown, Arctno L.. Moore, A. I.. ReiiiHhlirB. I'll ill Kdgnr Mills, lionilhy L I'tllinan. Oscar Wllllauisoll. VIlKll Keen. K.vlvunus A. munities which were liheratea irom the Nasi yoke. Prior to issuance of the regular communique which dealt mainly with the fighting in Hungary, rrcmlur Joseph Stalin annaunced that, the whole of Petsamo province In r.oilh- Haw. Farmer Moore. VI t r. !' (Contlnn M from page 1) and Thelina llobei Ihiiii. lulls, therefore " ml,, nil the .Information presently "''Mujor'''"" llrn.t.M,n . Conllnued. The $5 iloiiallons Includeit: rnui Maxlleld, Ksslo Manflelil, J, A. Ilrown, Ruth NokkIi', Anna Hieiiers- ,1. Dudley, Trustee John While, Oscar Kersey and John'C. I'iekell. run-llnoed to Kill i' Jit resiilenls of tliis city and township this week. Ag tiie di ne draws to a close, sev-oral large ij'onatinns have been turned into the. solicitors liirliiding over $400 fTom "Newport residents who are dou mid Floyd Plnce and Cliloo h. Roan; 1. M. Murlie, Jesse lin (Continued trom page 1) Idwn ijf Vos.'iennek. For tiie most part today's enguge-metit win foiiRhl in wood ho thick Unit one Americiiii officer labeled it "Indian flKhtliifr." The Juinii off was preceded by a homy American artillery barrage. The tlerniaiis. attempting to reply, lent some fire from their own troops. One batch of 25 Nazis surrendered because of this pounding Tr.itn Ihnir nwn IM1I1S. TWO of these T From where I sit ... ly Joe Marsh .iMise be nsstirea. mai a eum.uu-I,,.- ,,e:trelt bv land,. """ air is liK made to discover tho, wlicre-thiiuin of our nilssliiB liersom'iel. As mil- in s udvance or." oneiiiy oc- ,. . ii, ,i v mierlnl troops are Newport MoHht Hears Inforinaiion Of Missin;Son NEWPORT. 1ml.- l-wxll-HHy Set. Robi'l'l K. I'lnee, null of Mth Grace Plueo of Newport, limy li" 11 prisoner or war r tin- :" """ srnmont wan een I" " VViir 1 !: t-i - ment letter reeelwil l.v Mm. PI; this week. SBt. Place WHS reported til UK over Oerniany on Sept. II ly Hie War Department several week nc" The received hy Mm. Place at that lime Hinted thai " letter with further Infoi'iiiiiiioti would follow. The letter received liy Mm. I'lnre Wednesdaywhlrli win siuneil 1y Major E. A. Brndunim of Hie remount AffalrB Division of the Army Air Corp stated: "Further Information dated Sept. IB has just been received which Indicates that Sgt. Plnce was n crew ker; :i. Louise N, liroady. Anei ab-hury, ( harles Hush. Alonr-o W. Craft. William Myi'is, Joseph Mesrhen and I illln Vlip Moose; and ti. Miss I). (In Rheiihy mill Roy Foreinun. anslened to this tusk and all aKen- employed al the Waliasn liner inu- Cracker-barrel versus Dog House All nf Hie iiinlilhiillons must no liance Win ks. Kacll employee (lonaieii the irasm of one day s work In the war fulic'i drive in I heir own rom- : u,..ilini. during this week, John men were killed while waiting to be i ,U' i-i-r I in n Mia li of taken to a prisoner cage. The American infantry fired from luunily. Ho fa: i- additional donations Include: $l", Mr. and llra. H. H. Nlx- I bo drive nniinuiircd today. Most of the political conventions in our town are held around behind Wees and moved up steep rleH or the Koverlillieni in rciunnv are constantly Hondlnr i details' which aid us Jit brliiKins ud-liiioinil to you." i. ; , rTI Outstanding War Record Isi Shown by Newport Family Very few towns can boast a family record like Newport can of the Forl-ner uroup as far as going "all out fox Victory" is concerned. 1.,.1-mor residents of this city. Hie on: Si-o.i It. Ji. lNixou. tio. Ml'. hillsides lo get advantageous posi de Hons acainnl enemy resistance Austins H- Cortlan J. Mack; Jl".-r.n i. u. T.amberth; $10, (1. W. scribed as "fairly heavy." noon ir. J. MacCiirmack. Canuel .:in.-nn .Unvev A. Fabler: $3, Rus rrackcr-bnrrel is for them who i help protect it-and all the other freedoms in Amerlea-by voting. Folks that Just talk freedom don't count here." From where I sit, It doesn't make any difference how you vote-the important thing is that you Do vote. Call it a sacred right if you want to, but to me, it is the bedrock of the whole idea -of democracy. Let n Marker. Forrefit W. Burke, Jhiec's Birthplace (lapiurcd hy Allied Northward Drive . j - . (Contlbtiefl nom page II , Si dim's Armies 30 Miles From member of a B-21 Liberator iionin r which oarticinated in a bombard Ralph Walter P. Afton. John M. ij.,-i,.i. Ralnh l4. Portlier, C. R dentin-1 mother, three girls and four lioyii. man! minninn In Hannover, n....n.irg William S. Kroady, Miles t,v nn Soni 11. Full details are not the cracker-barrel-in Sam Aber-nethy's store. We were settling how Ihe country should be run the other night when Homer Watson starts to pnt in a word. " Wait a minute, Homer," Sam said sharply, "did you vote in the last election?" "Well," Homer fumbled, "I was awful busy just at the time." "That don't matter," Sam in- sluts. "Free speech around this Capital Hungary v rraft. Hoy A. Ingram, wiiiuuu available, hut the report Indicates that during the mission at about 11:55 a. m. in the vicinity of Ko- lluvsinger' and Alva M. Blacketer; $7.00, Clifford J. Cooncef 7,' Elber- r Mm.i I b. took to arms when war was m;..,,,,. The mother. Mrs. Ruth Former and daughters, Pauline, llnllie Myrtle and. Audrey Jean, are all welders and burners In Hie Kaiser shipyards at Richmond. Calif., while two of the hovs, joe and Clarney. are serving (Continued from page 1) Employees who gave between six ces destroyed 12!l (iernian tanks and 20 Nazi airplanes. The advancing Russian forces methodically gained conlr.ol or important rail arteries leading directly into Budapest in their Bwiltly dcvel- and seven, dollars were, winner a Williamso n, Claude Douglass, G. L Van Cann'l, Lester Keen, Lois M mrinlf Sfi'i Samuel Jones, Earl W coastal 'Highway It) to wilhln live miles of Ravenna. Score Northward IMviw Both Polish and Indian Klght Army troops scored northward advances between the Rabbi and Honco rivers to join forces with Allied units already established In a bridgehead a-cross'the Ronco near Mcldola. Fighting on the Fifth Army front was centered on the central sector MONUMENTS 0 A Complete 'Line For Service Drop I'd A Card LW.WalshM-aumentCo. 2114 Walianh Ave. Terra Haute, Indiana in the United Slates Navy ana me twins. Louis and Larry are in the Merchant Marines. r All seven of the ihildrell attended Newport schools and . were well known in this vicinity. ir..ovnr liirin Klton MarriB, Ena B. Copyright, 1944, brewing Industry Foundation t A'o. 104 of a Series Ill UCItlUOr. "I Ililliea IlrtlllOUII, L I vhcre American troops cieareu me Germans from Casetta, directly south of the city of Bologna. 1 PIP Toko )uiitei--nl tacks nbsoibed strong counter-attacks by the Nazis In the vicinity of Castelleccio. Brazilian troops on me wesien. part of the trans-peninsular front a- g-ain were forced to witnuraw io ie exposed positions following a m' v German counter-attacs in me iim- ity of Catagnana. Simultaneous with the Aineo oc cupation of Predappio anu num Limminato the hign couri. dereil the seizure of all of the de f yijPlyjir J I iS I Hi! , posed Dace's properly. Including the rf-x: i ,7r which had neen given mistress. Claretta I'etacct. Dictator's Money Transferred JMattiMT ' " TZT, .rhnvn forlwds. Enjoy the I I Other than the I'etacci vinu Miissolini s Villa Torlonla apartnienl. n ,ua fniiiil since the Mlls- 111 III. KlfC "Ha snlini family long ago was reported Hurry For Your Share of These Big Savings! A Storeful of Values For The Budget; will be right in me cmimt oi mic .""' i - - to have transferred nugo sums " money outside the country, allegedly to Brazil, In the air during (he night n force of light hoihbers attacked rail-L-,v vnrds at. batisana. in northern EKTKA , SPECIAli Wise Shopper I ' rrria wew NO. 2 CAN OYfEST-COflH 4 ll ' li " . la c.s, fl.riii end of a i,4(lll-sortie day in which 13c tic PrANUT BUTTER 2Uc NO. 2 H MI SOI, III PACK la CANS, $1.32 CAN COFFEE KELLOGG S APRICOTS. Sunrn lirnnrl. No. 2BA TOMATOES rEACIIKS, riiiinliy ( lull, o. Slit rd or Halves! Oin riil'MS ri,lIS Stan- I.nind, No. -JtM In Ki-iii Iiims ,lur ,Cim Whole Vnpeeled i. Can Keg. or Drip Grind 26il 23c Kellogg 's ,' , I-itl IT CAKE, Kroner's t Mi. n Hollilay PnrhuRp. - 0 PackV Allied airmen battered targets in Austria, Yugoslavia, Albania and Adriatic shipping. Vienna Area Blasted Industrial and communications targets in the area of Vienna were blasted by heavyweights and the escorting fighters attacked rail traffic and an airfield on the return journey. Objectives ill the Brod-Zagreb area and off the Dalmatian coast were battered by fighters and Lb. Jar s RICEKRISPIESsMi0..n.l.11c NO. 2 CANS TOMATO JUICE COIM'ltV CI,I li I1UA.M) I'J CANS, SI. I ;ta 33c 34c WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE 5 Oz. Cottle 1 4C French's NO. 2J CAN FRUIT COCKTAIL BROWN RICE 12 Oz. Box 9C Comet Natural Cooked in Milk Gravy SPIXACH, Country Club, No. 2 .No (.lit or Sand Can TOMATO .11 ICE, Country Chili, III O. .Nov Pack! Can I3c 21c 12 Oz. Can 1 6C .W'I'l.i; 111 I II I!. ll-l Hone llr.-illil lH oz. Ml j I'illt Klee! Jar I V 11 AP. Mll.k, Country I'liih, n Tail I Point n Can! M Cans fcWB GREEN BEANS Denev Calls On Demos, COP To Vole for Parly (Continued from page 1) NO. 2 CAN 11c REGAL MATCHES STKINIJI.ESS CANS, $!.: 3 No. 104 oz. cans 25c Tomato Soup CAMPBELL'S la cans, sii.oo in Carton , HUNT CLUB DOG FOOD 5 Lb. Pkg. 5C APRICOT NECTAR miirily a con lest betwpnn Demorrals and RepuhlicHiis. Much or the Htreiifilh of our system of Eovorn- jnfMit has been owinc to the exist- IVORY SOAP ii(e of two major parties, evenly managed and equally equipped CAMAY TOILET SOAP IT FLOATS through leadership and traditions CLOCK BREAD VITAMIN HXRK'HKIt PEANUT CUHER to provide the people with good gov Med. 80. ernment. Aithmieh Hipv divided at elec U Bars 18 Oz. Can 7c Bar tion time on the political issues of the. moment, they had in common CroHsronds of Amerirft one e ssential thing: both Democrats M III. An. 1 and Republicans had an abiding Jar tUB PORK ROAST loin 4 Pts. 31c lb. IVORY SNOW Siiiilif-s Litllih-d Large IJO Pkg. .60 BEANS NAVY Grade A Beef ilssiw Ik fulfil in our system of republic government. The country was safe in the hands of either party. System in Dimmer "Today, that two-party system Btands in danger. The Democratic party, weakened by 12 years of one- 29c 5 points fjiiyusi nuasi isj man rule, is beinp taken away from CHOICE illCHMiAN PRESERVES A it nt .Inne'pi it-iiH' ISe . n mneriits. It is heinc cantured UEAL STEAK Crade"A" Ib.fll CAMAY SOAP 3 Bars 200 3 Bag 59C by a coalition of subversive forces, including New Dealers, members of Political Action Committee and Communists." in Hi, nnul lprtinns when the KINCANS Ready-To'Eat PICNIC ams34 ib. Democrats won the Republicans IVORY SOAP 29c POTATOES 10"-35c a Buy Now I'or Winler Storing! t. And when Republicans won SWIFT'S COOKED SALAMI Sb. HALF OR WHOLE Demorrats lost. But it will not be so PERSONAL in this election. If the Republican Bars II. SIZE ISC SIZE party were to lose this election, the HEAII LETTLCI (III Size lleails I5c npninrrnts would irrevocably lose Ct-itilCK (olilrll APPLES I . S. No. I 3 ,""' 250 thii nnrtv This in not a contest be l'i-.-stl Hollil Crisi Heuilx tween one hand those who believe in our system of government Republicans and Democrats alike, and i Snwt anil Mild Iwilac 33C , "DOES" Everything DUZ & Selflleil Vellotti. Shou fder Roastv ic j a k 28c on Ihn ntliiir i ll two whil hflVP IfiH- KltAl T CAIillAtJK ." LI). I .III Pound : Hag V I Ruy Now! A Value! c;iupi:kiu it m Lbs. 95 - Florida's 0 tjSZ Heavy with mveet ripe jtliee Illi Eloii.ln Large Pkg. 23c Ll. naped the Democratic party in order to change our system of government. Join With ;! J OltANIiKS f Tliin Skins 33c TIip nnlv wav for the roal nifMti- hcrship of the Democratic party in S Breast 18 If 6 3 Wisconsin Longhorn Lb. 12 Points a Pound win in this election, tne only way tor OXYDOL the Democrats to recapture their nartv. is to ioin with the Renuhlieans Large Pkg. in defeating the New Deal, the Po CHI CK KOAST Lli. Faiiry lirade "A" 5 lts. CUUIM) KEEF , Ll. Fresh (.rollnil 21$ 25c litical Action Committee and the WHITING FISH Lb. H & G or Jack Salmon! No roinls! HI IS I t;l Lb. Pure Communists. 'Th 'IcpHnrt nf A Rpnnlitirsin . 15!! For Loavt-s or Paltie-. administration next Tuesday will be victory for both Democrats and LAVA SOAP For Dirty Hands 2 Bars "f f - Republicans, who believe in our system of government. It will once more restore teamwork and mutual respect between the President and MBSSSQ the people's representatives in Con-

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