The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 2, 1944 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, November 2, 1944
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THE DAILY CLWTONIAN The Home Newspaper Of Vermillion And Parke Counliei THE WEATHEB Partly cloudy and continued warm tonight Mailed In Conformity With P. 0. D. Order No. 19687 Price Three Cents. CLINTON, INDIANA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1944. Volume 32 Number 213. eject ira Ok ihlu aw n. a . m " m rag Yanks in Deepest Petratiori ELECTION DAY IN PACIFIC Of Reich; 1 akeHt i owns British Drive Netog Antwerp Yank Pincers Move on Last Leyte Outpost Veteran American Troops Back Japs in Carigara, Last Escape Way; Fifth Air Force Enters Fray GEN. MAC ARTHUR'S HEADQUARTERS, Philippines. Slash- ini, Ihalr nrnv fnrward in the face Indiana GOP Backs Proposal For Poll Hours Longer Poll Time Before Legislature in Special Session Saturday; GOP Backs Schricker Plan INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. Republican loaders of Indiana early today agreed to support the proposal of Democratic Governor Henry F. Schricker. to keep the polls open from six until nine o'clock on election . night. To Meet Saturday Morning f ....,..,,. DjitiFinlrer V0bIaHV Hlim- ft pl5 -H ; ,- Stalin's Armies Thirty Miles From Budapest; New Thrusts Are Hinted Mficrmv RnuRia. Soviet col of Jap counter attacks, American un- urans Bweeping in force across the urans sweeping in lorce across me ' lis of the 24th Infantry and the; . . . . ... , !.,, , amoahn fnlwarH "Indiana Fighting" Marks First Army's Sharp New Offensive piuot n R ARMY HEADQUAR f irst cavalry uivision piungea neau-i piams oi niuinai? diUv . long towards the north coast of Ley- ' today to within approximately 30 te iEland today, pushing the eneniy miles of Budapest, capital of the Into the Carigara sector, the only satellite nation. . open escape route to Ormoc Bay. Armored flying columns of the moned a special session of the Gen- jr Dui AMcmhtv tn meet Saturday TERS. The American First Army. ...t.... n.lh hA trlani tf ovtPnrilniT I Commandos In South Half Of i Flushing Port - Walcheren Invasion Boars To Showdown in Pitched Battle for Key Harbor; Pincers Close on Nazis SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, Allied Expeditionary Force. Shattering the lull which has prevailed on the V. S. First Army front since the capture of Aachen, American Doughboys opened a surprise attack today which carried them through the Hutrgen Forest and into two enemy fortified cities. Fight tn Vossenack Frontline dispatches said the troops of Lieut. Gen. Coutrney H. Hodges" command jumped off from n, ,.,,inH hillsides of the Hurtgen mUllllUKl Willi HID " " the vntlnir hours so that war plant E ' 1 inactive since us capture oi aucneu, tur.A nt tntluv with a sudden The all-important :town of Carlga- Red army, carrying out a nign speed ra was the American objective, and advance of 10 miles from fallen the Yankees wero attempting a Btra- Kecskemet, former defense bastion toRtc pincers movei which would blocking the route to Budapest, drove close all avenues of escape to the ahead to occupy the rail town of La-west for . the franlfc Japs. josmisze. ut. W., T.n i i,inira ArJVMH ft4i-Mile 1-Yoilt IWU.U ...... sharp drive which gained more than workers and farmers may be faclli- jC. .; t. f I II 1 two miles and netted at icasi j prisoners. At this writing, the battle still Is in progress. taiea in meir uawuuuh. The G. O. P. chiefs had conferred with Governor Harry F. Kelly, Republican of Michigan, who addressed a rally In Indianapolis last night. Governor Kelly and Governor Thomas K. Dewey had summoned similar special legislative Besslon, in the face of pressure. Overrun VIllaRe According to General Douglas Mac- The soviet torces piunseu .icu-Arthur's morning communique, for- long across a 30-mile batlle front ward elements of the 24th Division 'stretching from the Danube to the had advanced to within six miles of Szeged-Budapest railway. Carigara after a two mile push dur- The entry into Lajosmlsze waB on-ing which an eneniy counter-attack nounced at the same time the Soviet ihiph rnmnmiid confirmed the cap- Republicans In Control I The Republicans control both hou The Doughboys, commanded oj Lieut. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges, Jumped off from steep-hilled, heavily-wooded Hurlgen Forest. One prong of the attack quickly over-ran the village of Gertmeter and reached the edge of the forest. Another spearhead struck eastward and fought Its way into the (Continued on Page 2) Other developments were: ture of Kecskemet. i. First Cavalry Division units. On the western flank the Russians headed by Major General Verne J. ' hammered forward to within 35 MnriVo rennrteH numerous sham miles of Budapest by driving up a- Forest after a shattering artillery . tha anamV clashrs In their drive on Carigara. long the Danube east bank to take Prexiflf-ntlal elwtlon boriMnen a reality at headquarters of the 117(11 Infantry regiment In the South Pacific where voting t-ns aiv roiiKplruoiiHly mnrked. In one tent the voting officer explains requirement to a soldier while a tent to the right is the official voting booth. Signal Corps photo. Darrage nau uiicu,:w ... j z. American ruin Air rorce uunavusce. Tha fan-iilt... llllh PnmitlRnd eOin- (Contlnuprt on page 71 lines. They captured tne uasuuu town of Gormeter and fought their ses of the Indiana General Assembly. After a lengthy conference, at Which a number of participants argued that the polls should remain closed at 6 p. m., as the law now provides, a statement was issued saying that the G. O. P. majority legislators will meet an hour before the special session begins to determine policy. But the party leaders said privately that they would back munique said that Red army force, operating between the Danube and tha Tievn river hud nccUDied more way down the streets or vossenaca. a uciinr'a rfinnateh reported Vos- lenack had been occupied, but thl Duce's Birthplace Captured by Allied Northward Drive Campaign Fever Heightens as FDR Dewey Wind Up Presidential Races than 100 Bmaller localities In the advance which resulted In ihe fall of Kecskemet and Lajomildze. 1,60 Prisoners Ta'ien More than 1.600 Geiuian and Hun- New Auto Parts Store Opened In Business Section Be Opened This Weekend nAi.TiiunnE. Md. Gov. Thomas lama, W-tm - ...J 5th Army Sector Flares the governor s susHenuuii. i At -the end of the meeting, Lieut- - WASHINGTON, D. C. President enant Governor Charles M. DawBon Roosevelt makes the sixth major and Speaker Hobart M. Crelghton of speech of his fourth term bid tonight the house of repren.atives who. ta ' ' x&t not immediately connrmeo. Deepest Penetration Fighting from behind trees and 'rom precarious firing posts on the TpoTrfts deeper inside the , Reich than any others held by British or U 8- troops. 'a Btaff f of fleer describing the as-,ault reported tonight that "the at, ack Is proceeding smoothly and our (Continued on page 7) ' ed In operations on Hungarian sort. ifnnna WflTG were Some 2.000 enemy troops j L0ND0Ni England. Allied slain in the battle for Kecskemet. th Army forces ln ,tllly now are E. Dewey today called upon Democrats generally to vote orJthijxe" "nweTnK -caPtu"? by a coalition of subversive forces . Mass Desertion The Republican Presidential nominee chose normally -Democratic " j ,iva hpfnre the elec- S rri.. -Poctlvely. Issued 15 Talk -.viinm.- in tienarting from the custom of his Planes and otner was. flehting near the nortneasi cunre. ...,nt were seized in the advance. 'B' B . .nrll airfield, a . ,im,nt- earlier addresses In Washington, r,i.unHalt,hln nd Chica- Adding another new business to Clinton's Main Street, Roscoe Poland will open his new Home and Auto Supply company at 214 South Main "In the region of the airdrome of dispat,n from Mediterranean Izsak our troops captured ,48 enemy headquarteI.B reported today. heaaquanere . , New lo, rN'i-"K-- - go. the President is expected to hold Maryiajiu. nv lion, for his dramatic call for a mass t planes," the communique .u Street this weekend. I The drive to the field was raaa m- ... . - ,.n;a nrrmflcn ! down tonight s taut 10 a "in order to expedite likely ac-( Continued on page 7) War-Time Control Of Siisrar Market desertion of president On all fighting fronts Soviet for- an hour. Democrats who wani w v'- Pre lew Tonight With a three-day grand opening i mp Pninnrt announced that (Continued on rage zi ,ter the Eigntn Army u.... the Ronco river In force to engage the Germans In battle near the highway town of Fori! Itself. two-party system. Greeted by a crowd which filled His previous speecnes nave from a half to three-quarters of an Mr. Roosevelt will speak tonight a preview of the store will be held Lt.F.W.Sollars, Baltimore's Lyric Theatre. yov- I Continued Three Major Allies , Offer Plans For World Air Control CHICAGO, HI. The United States. British and Canadian govern-mentB laid their cards on the table oday and offered divergent propos-a, for control of world air travel in the interests of peace. .u .I... were presented to Urjed :"? xt r. r A high- . 9 n. m. EWT. from the Clinton Airman, Int official of the Department House to a nationwide audience ov- NEW YORK, N. Y. uriusi. troops advancing from Salonika. Greece, now are only 50 miles from regions of Bulgaria occupied by the - t.. .ho i.nnilnn radio said to- Thursday night from i io v " with regular business hours to begin Friday 8 a. m. Store hours will he from 8 a. m. to 5:30 daily and from 8 a. m. to 9 00 p. m. on Saturday, he aid. ' r ir, ...m he distributed at the Dewey warned mat n u n iu. party were to lose this election, "the Democrats would Irrevocably lose their party". , The GOP nominee, who came here after o Boston speech in which he .. j iun rnmmunists. seiz- Reported Missing Lt Franklin W. Sollars, 22, son ItUBBiaiiB, ... " .oy "Mfdavth wa TlmVcontrolson program on the air will "ice of sugar should be u8ed by the Democratic national day in a broadcast nearo uy of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sollars. S.M Sycamore street, has been reported i ne imcc !.. - cnarm-'u . ing control of the New Deal, aim ing cuinitJi " . .. . ,u nnnr.H upsRlon Ol ine mwiu-.."- preview opening of the store, he said, with world atlasses, ration book holders and pencils to be given be retained "lor an 1Uu.... '- . ., in No hint of the presiaeni .i.preby to "control me ko.i . missing tn action uvn . Oct. 14, according to a telegram re- afteV the conclusion of the war j ROME, Italy. - Ponsn iroup. . u - Co,erence. spearheading an advance In the Ad- al agree more than olf. k.. .,on iven bv the White House. h nnitod States". Told his Bui- Europe. riatic battle area oi nu v-r--, jiffor in eiact metnoo. "ope-..,, .rrrPd not to be away. . t ... I .....u.'t IIU.IltM evening from the United Statea War the town of Predappio. birth v ace or agree uy u.. UM vn,t anil Or UrOVlUUI t.w..- For many yeare every national election Inthls country has been pri- I Department parimeiii. Benito Mussolini near ro ' - ' f ' or,d B 8kies by all peaceable .. .. Ben to Mussolini mm "'"' , ,; nrtrt a skies by a 1 peaceame " . t0 0f the worlds BKies iv minim. 1 t, ciiar a graduate of Clinton . (l(l0 varnB The talk will be the beginning of Mr ItooBevelfs campaign windup that, over the weekend, will take him on a final tour of the lower . i ntrt .ipnartments are quoted by name until "'t policy on the question has been formally announced. ... . inr urcing reten- i Continued on rag nouie .iu r.rt .chnol and high school with .. ramminate. t h e nations. ..... .i.. many Firestone quainy - The class of 1940. was employed at rB"elrucht(,sf,aacn.. of the former Fas- j Outsta nding in tne r n,n9nlmltv of an attempt I A .nntlnHPII I. IVK 1)1 .lie U' y- . . ...iii n.ntorists with tire New England Btatea, ciiiiiba-u -j seventh major reelection bid at Boston's Fenway Park from 9 to 9.30 :rZS STBSi W headouarters announc-, of other nations meiiiB w... . and recapping service available as Convict Bound To Grand Jury In WAC Murder tn. 'i t. 191. l ' ..., i... ,lth the WHO tninK iin rmy Air um. - . Canadian troops iu,iiu' -, - nnri -oM BOOn monopoiue air Sollars received bombardier tram Amy ln tne Adrla,ic sector start and could soon ucUon ad - well as batteries, spam f.ui, - other automobile accessories. ....a , l. ... utMjirm -n I Aamnn in vuc , ,!.,,) ,hir av forward along iru.r. r- - ,,, travel dki;." . war - I vantage obtained In the present .ti n nipv ...... p m. EWT Saturday num. ' En route to Boston Saturday, the chief executive will make brief talks at Bridgeport and Hartford, Conn., and Springfield. MasB. ing in Beiem' , States and received his wings, March ...m.v.DniiQ inrf. William (Continued on Page 21 Luallen, 26-year-oid convict, was ex-j Free tire and auiomuouc vatlon advice will be available at the Poland store whleb has been designated an official OPA Inspection tion of controls was to avoid what be described as "the n"'dr subsequent calamitous deflation of the sugar industries In the offshore areas following the last More specifically he "red to the dance of millions" In Cuba. where high V'lV prosperity were followed by a sharp orop to as low as a half cent a pound for raw sugar. Retention of controls is now being urged not only In the interest of Cuban and other offshore producers. bu?also in the interest of the do- 18 1944 in Midland, lexas. His last furlough before going overseas on Aug. 14. was on Aug. 1 From Boston, tne n.. clal train will carry him to his Hud la Universal District Adds Contributions pected to be oounu ov-i ... ...... ion County grand Jury today after confessing for the second time yes Far from advocating auj -lies, the United States, the only great supplier of transpor plane, at present, would make available to other nations, "on non-discriminatory terms," civil air transport, when thev are released from military He had been stationed in r.ue.-since he left the United States terday that he murdered ai ral Maoma L. Ridings. The last letter Mr. aim . a frm their son was re- To War Fund Drive son valley home near nyut ...... N V where he will rest over Hun-dav and then, on Monday, make a motor tour of the villages and countryside near his home. .. , u.....b.- Viirht Housewares, hardware, lawn ino garden supplies and wheel goods are included in the store's stock in addition to a large recreation equipment He had repudiated his iirst confession as well as his original lars itm.iu , celved Monday. Oct. 30 and was dat accusations that his former wife. New contributions from the Lni- work. pre8(,nted t0 versal district were reported todaj PB by the respective del- ,n Clinton Township's . War f ""Iran: Adolf A. Berto. A- drive as the campaign was hearing a gallon ( , Rtllte of ,, ed Oct. 8. In tfie leuer . that he had obtained a 48-hour leave . ...... h.ri vinlipd London. Mrs. WvnonaKidd Luallen. nau com At D:50 Monday anernoun. . mitted the murder. a ... j r. Kniiars have another section with toys, games ..u Paints and clothing will also be featured. ""Mr-Poland has been in business in Clinton since January. 1942 operating a filling station on North Main i ..n i..h nniii-n vesterday to a close. A . ,.nl,eA s,a.,; VLcount Swlnton tion eve. the President will mase n.B final campaign talk on the air a brief speech, broadcast nationally. mestlc beet and cane "" . Producers must be gravely con-i eernVd." said like official, "except Tor that fringe of the industry wh ich would like to unload long-held hold- c o . itu- and,B"R,ar properties at an Inflationary leiel. L.uai.e.. ' . - spot where he said he had disposed The contrlbut on., re son Lt. Ben K. Sollars. now Blazoned in Italy Ub he United States Army Engineer Headquarters. r .lot m. r II non-8lHllien ... Mrs. fcveren Aviation, and C. D. Howe. Canadian Minister of Reconsi ruction. and bits of a broken whiskey bottle elude: Street In that time. from the postofflce at rougim.- N Y., during an hour's "gel-nut-t he-vote" program sponsored bv the .I- .i,,m.l committee. ,i..nvaul nl.lrlrt' used to Blay here. Mierin uuu . . $10 J C. Banquenettl and D. S '..1,1,. r,s. Frank Clnotto; Petit said that he win oire.i search today of the area, which Ib In climaxing his campaign In Mw Fain iew Private Wounded In Action in France . . ..tin. 91 .t.n of Mr.. Hearing Planned on Levee System of .,.h'..r If Hess: 8. Huber England, the President will ' ..u r..r tkw KiiKland'B 40 elec H. Martin; $7.62. Arthur U Jones. on the south bank or v. line m-. The sclf-accuned Blayer was slated on a murder charge by Sheriff Petit I I'vt. t aivin r.i.-. . -- J Ida Kller. Falrvlew, has been wound , en nnhort T.. Keea : (.. toral votes. Massachusetts' 16 votes :r,VS.. - -e . deficit period r sugar, before supplies from the Philippine, and other far eastern areas come into the market again Three remedies were suggested I Retention of war-time price . fnr an Indel- ." V niiB- 17.28. flay Bum- Flood Control in Wabash vaiicy . ll .. TnU-tnrhlllr If Polytechnic ed In action and ib now is the major prize. Political ir.-. . .- i Mr Koosevell Massa and was to be taken belore raui .. Wetter. Beech Grove magistrate, to gardner; 17. James Qu.rello. Jr.. jn a in France, accord ng ind. - War De- of Rose Institute ol ' Ter- tvftl WiPftl.IS. nosiniai - . ... -, rnrpivpd from the holipltal . ... r-nnopticut with its eight " . ..i.n. fr ronstructing re Haute, ineninei - River Association and a former Ten Frank S. Revesi. cainerme .. bee. Clifton R. Keown and Alva L. Putted State. War Department re- nhnrie isiana ,,D ayslem of levees to conirui VOleo di.u ... . I.-., five electoral votes, day for a preliminary Hearing. In a detailed account of his activities on Aug. 2. 1943. the night of the murder. Luallen said that he was called to the hotel by Miss Rid- lour. ma. c - - . . 16.66. Mike Radosevtch: $6. John K1er nu;Uand of Mrs. Vivian the entire Wabash river mm outlined for public diacuaaion Nov. Vermont three ana iew nau.i....- four. mnA that he slashed ner iiirua. 21 at a hearing in l- iiou heen scheduled ...... . ..hi.iicv hottle after having nessee Valley authority enB.. The Terre Haute hearing, the War Department said, is unusual "in that the Investigations have been made and a report thereon has been prepared and Is nearly ready for submission to the chief of engineers at Washington." . .u. however, that the hear- J lie e ' to "consider the desires of all Inter Rnd ration i ii b . i "lie period after the conclusion of he w" Euro'e' Tl''8 '"" i I done by exempting sugar from hose commodities from which control, are "TAmendment of the sugar act which was designed to deal onlj tlon ,iai allocations by a- Soltis. W. A. Booth. Joe uav.uo . v.. wh0 had ,)epn vi8mng Mrs. i E J. Dooley. Robert P. Htokes. Vir- gnd re,urned to California re-girl L. McDowell. Ivan Austin Cur- t wa WOUnded on Oct. 21. ry. John Kalrns. Domenl. k Turch e pn Mr Bller nave a two-George Mi Dooley. Ambers E. Judy. od aaughter. Susan. Foseph Krlss and Sophie Warick; 15.- yt mvT entBred the U. S. Army 76. George Pilipovich; 5. Chloral 0ctober of 1943 and received H. Judv; $3. C.eerge F. Rush. W ar- . at Camp Roberts. Calif, and had intimate relations with both the WAC and the mysterious "woman in black," whom he knew only as "Dor ested parties" and to em co-operation ln measure, authorised Clinton Tax Rate At 10-Year Low, but not compieieo. othy" . ., , u oum that the "woman in black War Department annouiit.. ar Department announcement, j . " oecmcd desirable because . .... m.-r rnntrol Commission Ing was oeemiu u ... ru. Auditor Reports left the hotel room before he and ren C. Sweitzer and Angeio i.iau--.-Kl Mpad0f Ma. He went ocre a bloic " u p rive vears have elapsea aiure will he appointed by Gov. Henry F. fne years na ' d Pe Clinton s tax rate is at Its lowest la. . . i August of this year. Corporal Ridings began tneir ars,u . -hi.h cA tn the slaving. Schricker to co-operate with federa j ou. n-. . agencies In Indiana r"' Z both Indiana and Illinois. level in ten years, a report Iron, County Auditor Ira J. Church today Uirill - Homer Mitchell. i"; ..-u, ... Pn c-.ii. Mrs. Franklin Cheek. j-4irwnk The original accusation o Luiin rw m-tfp was the "WOm- greement of the United Nations, to nt competitive buying by vari-oas countrle.. with resultant infla 50: and other contribution, totaling " " TT.,hln president of the "khhv I designed to keep f.oodways clear, is " . ... ..j ,. .rMrtri at tne meeuus. an in black" was discarded by police I pointed out. The auditor's report showed a I comparison of the rates for the past ' . . ti, 1914 rate of $4.28 is Gov. Schricker lnoicaieu .. . Imilnt tion of prices. 2 50' international Teamsters. Chauffeur.. NEWPORT. Ind. In a "iZ commission, which will be appointed, ' -" are lnvlted yesterdav after a lormer wu j who saw the WAC's companion on before the public hearing .. to nave . Department to be pres- Dy ine r ai is- k .. -.wAar- n.Vht did nOl reVUKIM as its nucleus memoers o. ... ' represented at the meet- lent or to oe -- tempt to reach Vermillion towns! ... ,. . BoadcaBliIie company hookup National War Fund Drlve quota at , lonal Ba p ay nlgnt. Elmer U-,.,or.i War Fund Drive quota . , a ,M. n,h, Elmer Mrs. Luallen and said that she was . inn not the missing woman, i.- "- " was brought to Indianapolis Uf Rl7 Extinguished '. $2.71 below the highest rate reached Ka. f " me!r-inu,shed a roof I in , M. when the tax levy was set ,a at the Victory Cafe South j at ar,: Main Street, at 5 a. m. today, it waf j r 1934. $4.94; 1937. reported. . , I i'-v 1ft:i9- ,fi 9!1: The fire which started from an , - - ; ,4, $5 80. 1942. nnVnown origin caused .Ugh. da- . 3- 4 '1944 age to the buUding, Iiremeu said. from a naval training camp in Man from a naval training camp lit aiarj- o.. ": ;,!,,,, , mll- to pnt -utt, . ; .Continued on Pag. 1 ,.a.d,u. l,td whOT 1 . 1. I. undorm, '7! ' ""I" K. E. Hutchta,; Continued on ,.age 3) I Alfred Bayne Jr. jiion uo.m

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