The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 31, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, October 31, 1944
Page 6
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THE DAILY CL1NT0NIAW N Page Six 1 ; . Japanese fighting forces, Adm. Hal-sey predicted the Japanese will quit Behind the gprin HOLLYWOOD Tuesday, October 31, 194. Dagblndet in commenting on the situation, said: "When there is arBon In a neighbor's house, protests are insufficient. "The Swedish government will decide when ambulances and whero trained firemen will be niado ready to march out." Other newspapers Btressed the possibility that Swedish volunteers may be sent to Norway us they were to Finland. S, Interesting Social News Everyday Headlong Yank Drive Battles Rains, Enemy (Continued from page 1) BUSINESS SERVICES "when the going geis iuu .uus... "I've always been one of the few people," he told Philip G. Reed. International News Service war correspondent, who has been aboard his flagship, "who believe Japan will quit when the going gets too rough." ' "I think the Industrialists will not stomach the complete destruction ot their factories and plants. They will lead the Japanese people to over throw the militarists, always, oi emirse. with the idea that this is Just their first war." He also Bounaed n stern nuiu iu warning lo the American people. "I hope lo God," ho declared fervently, "our people won't fall for It and let them off easy if they do try that stunt." Allied Invasion Of Norway Is Reporlcd Today . j (Continued from pago 1) j "new'yOKK, N. Y. Germany's high command expects a landing near Narvik, according to a Helsinki broadcast heard today by CBS. STOCKHOLM. Sweden. A reported increase in German terrorism in Norway and Berlin's flat rejection of several Swedish appeals was said today lo have made the question or how-Swe'dcn can help Norwegians In pressing problem. The Stockholm newspaper Svenska Wanted To Buy HIGHEST CASH PRICES PAID WILSON, JUSTICE AND GSELLA AUTO SALES (Formerly Coleman Auto Co.) sT- ?jrtfont Jm By HARRISON CARROLL Kiss Features Sjndirsts Writer HOLLYWOOD The captain who flew Betty Hutton from Honolulu to Saipan and Guam is back In this country and paid a surprise visit io tseiLya mother. He says the GIs are acting like bobby-soxers, practically swooning over the little Hutton, who is feeling fine, working like a dog and eating a special diet provided by the Army to keep her weight and energy up. Harrison .Carroll Under a column headed "Broadway at Vine," same issue of the C. B. L Roundup, which razzed Hollywood stars appearing in Burma, carried an item about "Marriage Is a Private Affair" premier-Ing in the area before it did at home. "John Hodiak," said the columnist, "will be remembered for his part In 'Lifeboat,' while Lana will be remembered for at least two other things." Now it can be printed that Jinx Falkenburg was in Miami when her father died In Mexico City. She called her mother to say she was canceling the trip but her mother insisted she carry on. Reminded Jinx that it was the proudest moment in her father's life when the Victory committee selected her for the India trip. Ramsay Ames and her friend, Sylvia Lee, walked right in on burglars who promptly relieved Ramsay of the dinner ring that Jackie Coogan gave her. . . . The Humphrey Bogarts meet in a week to decide on the next step. . . . la fir nnltio will nlav the snlidest looking ghost in Hollywood history in "inais me opinu . . . xuv Coast Guard show, "Tars ana whinh had Victor Mature Spars,' in the cast, already has n laved i Ron wrfnrmmirp . LindA Dar nell painting Uie backdrops for a GI show to be given at Santa Monica. . . . Mercedes Marlowe, introducing a girl friend to an extra man in the party, explained: "It's RESCUED AFTER 45 s. V i V - J paigns now approximate 24,(100. "Our own casualties are 706 killed. 270 missing, and 2,245 wounded a total of 3,221," the communique said. In General Order No. 1, Issued In t,A nniH MnrArtliur assert ed that due to the tactical skill with which the American troops were maneuvered the low American cas ualty rate was "unsurpassed In tne history of war . "We Hlinll Not Relax" "We have our hold now," he de clared, "and I shall not relax tne grip until Balaan and Corregldor once more rise into life. In the northern sector or the t0iari infnntrvnien of the 2 4 til Di vision have captured Jaro, last im portant road Junction netween oc-nnnioil rnrlrfnra Bav and the west coast, and were pursuing fleeing en- rear guard troopR while armng north to effect a Junction with dis mounted cavalrymen of the First Di vision who are operating along tne ma.n retreat lines of the enemy. in ln Isolated Jans Meanwhile, units of the Seventh and Ofith Divisions fighting In the southern sector out of Dulag. were mopping up Isolated segmenls of the hated 16th enemy division who arc trapped in concrete pillboxes and cates in the Caiman Hill area, between Dulag and the entrance to Leytc Valley. Fighting Yanks had stormed this vital hill just five hours after the first landings on A-Day. but found the Japs deeply dug Into their positions. Atliirk Hill In Full Forte Leaving behind a small force lo rontan the entrenched Jan troops, the main section or the 96th struck off itn Hie vallev on schedule. Those left behind suhierted the hill's gar rison lo a searing barrage ot lame- throwers, artillery, grenades and tommy-guns, and they now are dig ging out and killing the hapless enemy at their leisure. ti.o .tan narrlson on the Island Is now without any means of transport or communication as the advancing Yank invasion tide enguitea an prin cipal roads. Halsey's Sea, Air Foree Sends New Blows at Foe (Continued lion page 1) aged, and also destroyed three cargo ships. Interceptors are Iowned Forty-five Jap Interceptor pianes were shot down over southern Lu zon, the communique announceo. while 12 Nip fighters and dive bombers were downed trying to attack one of Halsey's carrier groups. In addition, two more enemy planes which appeared over the carriers the next day also were sent flaming Into the sea. Vol nniv did the enemy sutler hevv losses In the air, but on the ground as well, especially in raids over Manila. Attafbinf the airfields in the vi cinity of the Philippines largest city. the American waroiras nesiroyea : twelve on the ground and started ; numerous large fires. I The carrier search and patrol , nhnM (marine through the skies OV-! er the Cebu region the same ones ; which destroyed the tnree cargo ves sels bazged 19 more Jap planes a-hirh tried to intercept. Adm. Nimiiz' communique indicat- , ed there was absolutely no let up on ,H mr of ihe l uited Stales forces' to win and hold complete control of , i ha m-oetorn ParltlC and tO nOW Keep ; the invasion route to China free and unmenaced by the enemy. Prior to Adm. Nlmitz' latest com-nnin0 nn ihe smashing new strikes he had disclosed that at least , S8 warships of the Japanese navy had been sunk or damaged, adding . that the total possibly would rise as ; additional reports were received at headquarters. , Long known for his contempt of; Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices vu iituvtinn' la for each fun i - fMdlng Una (one column line, Wta ene of the). Next two days Insertion: the nam le charge (you get uiree u.j. louble the eoet of the firet day). Next three deyi Insertion: the mm it charge (you get whole seek fire days) at three time the eoet of one Ineertlon). Each group ot three dayi thereafter. 8c a line. Blackface (like thto) 10c pee- line. All classified ads Including mem-orlami and notice of all kinds must be paid In advance except those by regular customers whose accounts are paid monthly or those from organisations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter case the person asking the publication of the notice wtU be held responsible for Its payment. FOR SALE HOME FREEZER STORE DEMON-strator. Deep freeze locker, below zero temperature. 12 cu. ft. capacity. Will hold approximately 700 lbs. of meat. Only one, will sell on payments. C. H. Vandenbark. 120 E. Ohio St. Rockville, Ind. Phone 3S0-W. REFRIGERATOR ALL PORCE-lain 1941 Seegar reach-in electric refrigerator with 14 H. P. Frigld-aire Compressor. Used Short Time. No priority needed. Will sell on .,......, c H. Vandenbark. Phone S80-W, Rockville, Ind. 14 TWO, LADIES. BLACK ALL WOOL cloth coats, fur collars, size 16 and 18; one boys all wool navy blue coat, size 12: one Serrious mantel eight dav clock, new. 318 N. 9th Street. ' 02x GOOD SEVEN ROOM HOUSE IN country. Electricity. Good well, soft water In kitchen. Two acres. Immediate possession. O. F. Hous- - ton. 12 FRESH JERSEY COW. ONE FRESH with calf by side, one heifer, five shoats. Floydc Jones, three miles north of Clinton of 63. t3x LADIES URAL CLOTH COAT. Black. Size 18. Call between 9 a. m. and 2 p. m. Apt. 4, 22214 Elm street. 121 DRY CLEANING CANT REMOVE it. One spraying of Arab odorless mothproof protects up to 5 yrs. against moth damage. Lee Hain. FOUR ROOM HOUSE THREE lots. Garage, outbuildings. Choice corner location, reasonable. Hab-Icht, Lyford. tS r. B E E N AND CREAM COAL range. 1328 South Seventh Street. t3x HEATING STOVE. EATON MYERS. V, mile north, xk mile east of rcntar Phiirch. t3x ALL WOOL MACKINAW COAT size 12-14; leather jacket size 36- 1327 North Ninth Street, tzs FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO BRA- .. n. .- f r. TJ Vaponsnn Phone 136-W. t 7-17-44 f BRICK, any kind ytm wail. tUntoa A ale Wrecking Parts Co. Ernie's, fwiaa S. Otnum. MM TWO. 26 BOY'S BICYCLES. BAL-loon tires, new job. George Bain. St. Bernice. '1 WARM MORNING HEATER. AVEN-tino Massa, Universal. t2i GOOD USED LUMBER. Fhone 8. Clinton. ERNIE'S. MAJESTIC RANGE, 231 NO. 4TH Street. 12 FOR RENT THREE ROOM FURNISHED house, full basement. Inside toilet, coal, lights, water furnished. 939 Blackman Street. tlx Wanted to Buy or Rent HOUSE CLOSE IN, MODERN PRE-ferred. Write Box A-442. Clintonian. U''1 WANTED TO RENT FIVE ROOM MODERN HOUSE. Phone 343-J. 5x MALE HELP WANTED BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly. Bill Blackburn. Cllntonlaa. PAID NOTICES xotm'e: Jerusalem Lodge No. 9 F. J5 A. M. called meiine. Tuesday. Oct 31. J.'S" P- - Work la F. C degree. John Griffiths, W. M., Charles Brown. See. " , Hnn'l Hammer Sale. g aad 4. ItnofW SK-st 15 Fararos. FACTORY-COKTHOIXED UECAPPINti Scenes eml-hlind date, honev. he's al ready had eight cocktails." Funny switch. Mrs. Sadie Abcl-Bon, who was Virginia Weidlcr's third-grade teacher at the M-G-M school, has Just gone to work as Virginia'9 secretary. Never rains but It pours. June Duprez swell performance In "None but the Lonely Heart" will make her a hot film bet again and Music Publisher Ralph 8. Peer Is planning a terrific plug for the song, "I Woke Up and Started Dreaming," which June wrote. And speaking of songs written by stars, Harry James will plug two numbers, "Allure" and "I'm Not Worried," which his missus, Bptty Grable, wrote several years ago: Irving Berlin Music company published them but they didn't click. HOLLYWOOD HI-JINKS: Peggy Fears' wealthy admirer, Lou Norton, Is following her from Las Vegas to Hollywood. . . . Jerry Adler will be best man at the wedding of Ray McDonald and Elizabeth Fraser. . . . Helen Forrest and her accompanist back from Georgia where they played lots of camps, performing most of the time under the light of baby jeeps. I believe they are called peeps. . . . Understand Jerome Kern will include some lyrics by Judy Garland in a new printing of "The Last Time I Saw Paris." . . . Director John Brahm, who loves to give parties, is throwing one for his protegee, Faye Marlow, on her birthday. . . . Joan Caulfield's sister, Mary, an airline reservation clerk in New York, was put off so many planes it took her three days to get to Hollywood. . . . Al Bar-bee with Martha Goldthwaite, Jane Ball with Jack Diamond and Gloria De Haven with Hugh Daniels at Ethel Waters' Clover club opening. . , . Hats oft to Mario Silva of Columbia's music department for going out of his way to help a young disabled war veteran, Michael King. . . . Henry Gourfain, who gave Sonny Dunham his first band job in the east, also la giving Sonny his first feature picture role In "Murder In Spades." . . . Mary Beth Hughes, long a blond, will be a redhead in "The Great Fiamarion." DAYS IN JUNGLE at- V i I ,,.,r m hM somewhat premature. I-, las this harbor cannot be put lo use until Waleh'-ren Island Is overcome lanri ihe llimin euns at Flushing land Middlebunj: spiked and silenced. (Kali of Wah-kerra Near It Is apparent, however, that be-I reft of any means of reinlorcement ih Vaii garrison at Walctieren can not hold out for Ions. Several days jmay sulfire la subdue it. and It will Itben be but a tnalt-r of hours before vast convoys from the Ilrninh Isles and wesiern France, covered by an nmhrelia of aerial streneth. come wr(,amine do, ,h send! eurr ' fuel, bullets and lood for the Allies wlie fa- the Rhine. Llut. Gen.; Sir Miles Christopher Dempsey's Bitoh Seeond Army forces reached ihe Mass in a rapid thrust north from captured Capelle. and convergiag columns now are closing in o tbe German escape bridre at Gtruidenbure. Second Arniv patrols are less than l.i''0 yards ront the latter town and the escafe road leading to the bndce is profiaWy under lire. Tliird Army (Vsr Town Lieut. Gn George S. Patton's Third Army in France cleared the Germans front Maiieres les V'U. six mil-s above ytz. In other regions iroro u-. r.rmanv. to iungeville. France, ac tivity was eoaifined to patrolling. Military Nursiat Military cursing, as it is known todiy. bad its n as a rerjlt of U.C Crjr.eaa ai. .1 -7? 1 ! 7.00 Grade A Quality Camelhack No nation Certificate Needed FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor m TnhM Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guar anteed. 8th ana Bogart MODiigaa oi.Mnn Jn Oiacoletto. Clinton. 32tf DEAD A N I MA h 8 REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 on Crawford 63109 Tjrre Haute or Dana 148K. We pay all phone charges. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. t!37 DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED FREE of charge by Dwlfrgina ana mjn, li..nuu1 Honlera. Call 118 as SOOfl a they die and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Vans, rnone ow. tExf GUARANTEED 24-HR. REFRIGER- otlon Service, commercial mm Domestic. F. L. Bonebrake. Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 165-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-45 MODERNIZE YOUR DIAMOND with a beautiful new plantlnimi mounting from Faraco's Jewelry Shop. ETHYL. WE GOT IT! 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Write Mrs. Cana-day, 348 Sycamore. tlx Dewey, F.D.R. Plan Wind Ups Of Campaign (Continued from page 1) Thoiira RfxiiihliRin leaders have told him he has a good chance of carrying the eight electoral votes oi normally-Democratic Maryland. Speaks in Coal Region From Maryland, the Republican nominee will go to Pennsylvania for his third speaking v:slt ot me campaign. He will speak at Wilkes Bam- about 7:30 P- ro.. and proceed to Srranton, 20 miles away for a later ni.hi MMfh Rrti h u'ilkes Rarre and Scranton lie in the heart of the coal mining region. Pennsylvania Crucial State flpMirtii from Pennsylvania have convinced Gov. Dewey that I lie state's 35 electoral votes can go either way. Republican leaders told him his speeches this week should give him , Ha mirpin of virtorr there. If he carries both New York and Pennsyl vania, it is believed, ne will oe elected. WASHINGTON. D. C. President Roosevelt will make his sixth major fourth term campaign speech in a Nationwide broadcast from tbe While House Thursday night, the White House announced today. Winds I p at Button The chief executive is expected then to remain in Washington until he departs late this week for a tour Af Invpr 'ew England, winding un in Boston Saturday night with an- other campaign speech. He speaks at an outdoor rally at Fenway Park from S to S:4i p. m. tT. The age-oid theory, he.d by nearly , all scientists, is that magnetism has force and power, but no movement ..nik .iiv-tr current in svhicb i electrons flow along a copper arire. j LOAN CO Phone J INDIANA COLUMBIA Tuesday and Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE Admission !)c and 20c With Edward G. Robinson Lynn Bad PLUS THE GHOST THAT WALKS ALONE With Arthur Lake Janis Carter THURSDAY Admission 9c and 20c THE UNINVITED With Ruth Hussey Donald Crisp Ray Milland "Puns and Politics" Edgar Kennedy Comedy TEXACO ("LINTON, 1M. 9c FINAL TUE. 40c Color Cartoon "Anvil Chorus Girl" LATEST NEWS SHELLY W. SOME ISET MA0OMJ S Kotct davip wag m vmmkus HDALAGR TOMTE las srstns -rt- Vii i- S' ft) Bring The Family To A Heal Good Show I s r,K imui 1.7 l ..lima nsS. ff serr M1 I?. I If II POLAND'S SERVICE STATION i?ii7ii"TftXK 12G N. MAIN THEPCTURES Ituy Store Romls -DIJUBIN FEUX 1AOCSON tinum imoff wah mm 6unrs 'A. amr. IT O. M. COLLINS, New Orleans, La, unable to walk after being rescued from Naga village, where he was found after bailing out of his disabled P-M over northern Burma, is carried aut by Maj. M. K. O Heeran. Houston. Tex, left, and Lt- Glenn J. Bateman. East Cleveland. O. Lieutenant Collins was lost in the Junghvfor 45 days. This is a Unid States Signal .Corns photograph. (IateraMtioaMl) : SI ttv fll'TSTANDING n - QCit M FFATIRES DC UJW - rj?i II II " VWM IHi..r" f i muH im rvr O JOHN PAUL REVERE Foe Retreats To North, West From Holland (Continued from paee 1) directions wwlward lo the Wand of Walcher-n whre the Oermans will tare a Dunkerque o! their own mk:ra and northward aero ihe Mass for a new attempt to siana guard at the cr-l)-m-na-ed northern end of the Siegfried Line. Tbe Germans th-n.-Hes admitted a withdrawal from South Beveland Island across the concrete causeway that leads to Walcheren but said less about the situation at the Maas. Dispatches from field head quart-1 ers of the twenty-first Army groups indicated the Nalis were retrealing so swiftly that contact with t'rem was lott- But there also were sipns that fast-moving British and Canadian mobile units were advancing to within mortar ranee of various escape routes on tbe road to tne Maas. Take S Naxi MrnmgpMnt In their effort? to head off the German retreat. British troops captured Capelle. Osterhout and Oud Gastcl. all Narf stror.g points that became cn'eaable wirh the fall o? Brda. Tie d'??tch rerrinff the latrl-of Aate? h bn won I j MONEY FOR TAXES Personal Loans to S300 1 V IVf) SECURITY 2i4 Blackajan St- CLINTON.

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