The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 31, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1944
Page 5
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Pago Five T II E DATLT CLINTONIAN Tuesday, October 31, 1944. Clark's Doughboys strurk Nasi defenders a surprise blow north of the l'rato-Iiolosna road. A hundred enemy troops were made prisoners in . .r hnni flnn-v of TirP. Brazilian Troops Seize Town In Drive on Bologna PliicVs tangle with their s. wil'i fireo conference !,r- di a: tmy t-.n tlie I ,ii si 1 Inn ll-e- 11. v. ,''i I!..!, '.Vies- ami Ohio State In Lead for Eh ft ffvA j Tlie Allied announcement named the British Cruiser H. M. f. Aurora N Indiana Allison Unit To Begin Manufacture Of Jet Propulsions INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Quantity production of jet propulsion units for the United States Army Air Forces is scheduled to beidn after the first of the year at the Allison Division of (leneral Motors Corporniii.n K. H Xewill. Kelieral mauaver of tlie division, said today thin i'..' in w u-'-sitrnment will be In nddlii'in t" .r.-s-enl producrifip nun l"!iw .'' s. I. l-ules on AMson li-i'ii'l I'yo'. d '-1T1i aircraft enrin-'ti. iCicUnBi tiuni pg 1) me Lrown r0otion with a bomrarniueni enemy shore batteries on the I- i'land of Milos. . (;r.k ("oast 'nee ii: In r Allied na-al vessels Hie t h.t. il states Destroyers : , i n nil.) (jl. aies and the French i. i' L",ile IJertin were iden-,t in i i.r s'.olliniT of Nasi guns iTlCt III.' ir ml Kerns 11" In. .1 li .v mil.' In Id, t,;i'! .illln'li'ill en 'h. inlMMi: liiJi '.iy i i.-i.,ii-- or i in i'i.i; ti..ti. i jiiiiiiinl b.irri' ikh'i; rnni'H'nt t et ions near the ee i' ii ui- I... r : r lleturn fire . n 'iiiiiiered. but the trio of scored direct hits upon their ts, according to the commun- Tliicl.cjf's i.cnd Lerf As Puriluc f-'i;is (;t ; Im'iin:i, li!ins 1-i Ijiniiii'!; fur I!';;;Ji V.v.vk CIlM'AdO, ill - V. ilh ' lviole rl; jTi i- ;.v,av ; ' i- i Jay's munrn.c .fls .a If... n I'll Po.-ilUill (',,;, n .-. .. ,. ! itin i'o .i'i..-.' -Who'll - M. .,.i st-i. V The Hili'la-.w-s. ;l : . i-ail !' : ! Victor V n M :r, it :.i i ;t . ae.l ' : Vietn The new miH ha ! n ii !, i ! j for productinn hv liif .ii' T.-ciiri.-ai i '.r .. coin umii'l iii.vv i' sc' ,-imI ! nlK'i I !l' 'l. IlllililKlU ( r.- ique. ',i".l'.l ;ic ', I'll. -till I' lie '"''U! Al'I'Tl'-'ilU pecii ii u ' mi- Hps :iml u m rt. Get In the Scrap! i .irtillery i,l a. ! in v, ill cuiiRhlH nl piiw.-riiii' I'. i. j..t in'" i" IL '! pirin in vn liitli BOeeds. the en.'nil ii;:ri:im'i' '.i-l,'ii'i-od. "As a major manufacturers of air- WHY BE FAT 'JU IS . !n:zili:i on icff Flrunli it'-iM'tii-' lro:n the li'ini line, how-i-vi-r. I. .1:1 of :i .iaini'1.':' j.errormanr-e l.v tin- Lia-uian snld!ers. operating 'Il'll I ft J can'. f .111... I u. JltiW ; )" I i M IM t'i nl on t''e left flnnk of Lt. Gen. Mark CI r': Fifth Army. j iira'.l, ii.t'i.e (iprn'an machine j iii! ill'', ihc Brailipri fo'-ce surged j to Hi. heights of a 2,800-foot moun- I lain and Hen o'erran the town of j Get slimmer without exercise You may lose pound and hmvt m more Blender, graceful figure. No exercising. No ' axauvea. No drug. With thin AYDS plan you don t cut out any meals, sUrche. po-tatoet. meat or butter, you simply cut them down. It easier when vou enjoy dehciout (vu-min fortified) A YDS before meal. Absolutely hannleaa. plane power, Allison welcomes the opportunity to cooperate v. itli tin I Army Air Forces Air Technical Service Command and General Electric ' Company in the manufacture of this new type of airplane propulsion" Newill added. The General Electric Company was I the first United States manufacturer elected to produce in the United listattia thp let nronnlsion unit design !! Il -' 1" i, ,1 i .;, I'i i'.M'S l--P ;.i;V: !i" I'I I'll! .i'lc'c i ;. I'. i. i r: .. r- face ,:n-c i nr'V'e will be ,.f ' .if n,.!' 'i. who made i.. i. i . ,..,r;:-r in the . -t : i e l.-dgers .1 : IT' UP. i OX. Ind. Art Leh- i .-n fought today - nn the Indiana tllt'lll.-.-l' :'. 1 tl 'J Li. M.i . lll.iiiii- wt Mi. Diain (ill 1 In :r (.:.:. 'ie.. . nitliiHit'h it isti": a'.'y e;'v Ill.'lt faces 111. '111. 111.' !". liifir" i li:i n v 'i . , -n ( i n .:-. i itii.' y Hlli ' I.!'-- of i heat Salt!''. lay lliy ta-:-!e h: Oliin v. it Ii (lip riiul'i'M iii-M It at stake. Then v. a:.: to little mo'-e than : a same with Plttfhiu ;ni In dtftlcail tt eowliirtea br tndicl Sw.Un, nTore U.7n 10 pcmni lort lito 15 lb. r- fceducint i'Un. Calomini. --"xMiv t a tit u i i- ui the town and mountain was rwerded as one of the most dK:-hin-' s:nle maneuvers yet exe-.'ut-d by the South American troops. VtrU.'e Surprise lilow in one of tl"- "total aniens. " mnn-tidi.ea in tlie f-omnuinique, General Try iiln! bai o( AYDS 30O7apiilTonlr 12.25 MoMybackiiyoudan tgetreulu.PlioB (Jil-i-lS 1-HAU.V1ACV 211 South Main St. r 4. . ed by group Captain Whittle, of the R. A. F. New construction and enuirimerii ii expected to cost $!2,500.or o and is covered by a commitment of the defense plant of the defense plant corporation, Newill revealed. Se en-teen specially designed test cells will .be constructed at the Indianapolis plant and additions will be built to THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD: two departments. A itl ABLE. pass ReceivfR I O Soviets Hurdle Last Barrier To Plains of Budapest tContlnuea n. 1 re-elect Fountain Straughn REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR COMMISSIONER THIRD DISTRICT OF VERMILLION COUNTY I Will Sincerely Appreciate Your Support football team made vacant by the absence of Joe Kempf who was injured in the Northwestern game. The game coming up Saturday with Ohio state will be a crucial one tor the Hoo-siers as a loss will practically eliminate them from a chance for the conference title. Wildcats to Face Capital Eleven Here On Friday Clinton Crew Drills For Game With Washington School; Kate in Valley hajnmered toward BudapeBt on a 40-mile front, Russian forces in Czechoslovakia captured seven towns and 10.160 enemy officers and men, making a total of 21.390 Germans and Uiinp.ari!iTifl itti nr-iKoned within the Clinton's Wildcats, now running in Clintons V liacaLH, now loi'i'iiih HELPS YOU RELAX KEEPS YOU IN TRIM LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY SOUTH BEND, Ind. Coach Ed McKeever of the Notre Dame Irish said today he had lost Mike Dav-lin, 16-year-old freshman nd who was outstanding last Saturday in the game against Illinois. An X-ray examination in Chicago disclosed he had suffered a chipped bone in his knee and that he probably would be out lor tlie remainder of the season. ' . - second place in the Wabash Valley last nine days by the advancing Red race face a non-valley but major foe army units. next Friday night in their first home 1 This force the fourth Ukrainian game in three weeks when they meet ' army under Marshal Ivan Petroff the powerful Washington of Indiana- also was pressing in the direction of polis gridiron contingent. ; Budapest from the north. A flood of After a weekend lav-off due to the 'troops and -equipment already is II Public Auction V i CHAMPAIGN, 111. Claude "nud- Teachers Institute holiday, the Wild- , speeding acrosB Ruthenia which pre- At MILL VALLEY FARMFg viously was liberated by Petroff s dy" Young, Illinois University R budding All-American halfback, who was , -tunned in the Noire Dame game Sat , ,...! ... u.Uf I iiill Hell at PiiHie Awtlon in day hv a kick in the head, iras !fue i in iFf-iiiB ... .... 7 .ile mth of Hoc kville, 4 mile north l!o-1i.le. I mi wmth ..I M- a and five miles north of tlinton on tlie Mrra- 1lle roU (he i'olhmlna p1',TM'rt' Thursday, November 2, 1944 cats are busy getting ready lor r n-day's game when they will bump into the state - aiming Washington-ians. The capital squad last week defeated Shortridge of lndiannpolis to make their season's record the same as that of the Cats, namely no defeats and one tie. Game Holds Interctrt Interest is cente-ed in Friday's contest which may well prove to he l: cm the stiuad today apparently ir,. the worse for his injury. He suf-,cd a slight concussion and was , ,'.iie to play the last hall of the i me Johnny Orr. who was kicked in ..- )!. n:o wai bad: in the line- forces. Two-Fronped Ilrive j Front line dispatches indicated Mnlinovsky and Petroff are rlorani; a -two-pronged drive against El'da- pest, but the nature of thei- ad- vances was no described in detail . by the communique. The communique said 72 German j larks rtnd 37 enemy aircraft v-pre j destroyed tind that onlv "reronnais- sai it activity .-nd fif.-11'li'g of local j imoin'.iiiiee" niek place i Iscw here nn uii .a.iiei:, I 'in i I'' , r. war no iuum One jure bred ItultK' turn wli iittiT; I pmv Iml 1 ........ -T!...n.!h Htm lo JiM-rtm u. W. . J. ' y. ..ii,.. 4 ears old. 4 callow eow with crucinl test i'or the 'Klcatp wit" Q JJ U U U H hi M kjfc.'-" . a .r! ;')i IT" j.'iints fliit'ing the m m M-'-frim''-ntllija I iillii' '' ilSSShSl' '"'''' I . i ."i '.,'.' ,...ii I e -I,!..: Holsleln. 5 ea.iHi.W, 4 gallon row; I IrrM'J 4 Jfal'K t ,.i.i -'s tall.m m. due in May or June; 1 JerwTi' yearn old, a men, ion rit' Hie Ka.-r. Pi'.: Ur ,he tliii'd cinsec:'ti . Two Nazi ''uii ''"'l -at I a f rii'lsefi seiitli oi tl.i'id.'li. ii -IS ic enMiiiii in lii' n-CSfW " " T...M.:-" O.!..' !...'X-.'S Hm .;'re-! e Hei-; ique Mippl.-Hi-u. "Hi.'!1 fSnSsSFS '- ii'"" ;"!. ttt! B' - I" i'l.ilell'. I'VI'IK'" 10 ! '-"'' JTi Jr vi i , i. ,.a uii.. ! i:i i,":i le.H'i.i-v m-.,.!! ta'l.m e,.a: 1 hltel'ace bull calf. VAVI.f " W:TS One V-llIt Karmall ti1or on uteri wli power lill in . v ellent condition; cultivator for ftainr; I lirtwnational 14- i, !.t....t rfow: I rotary 4mm M4t uM,ifk.i tor wwie; 1 v -V.-U i" sliajie; one IMw( t simmmv; 1 'iand rw Awry d s, usetl o-ilv to di' )taro.-n; 1 cikk! walkiiiR flu ; 2 Uclit h ! i .elf-feeder; 1 double liov4 I pre-war mmiila bay nJ , u'lit: 1 ..pring txioth barrow; 2 milk rails and other articleti iiiete t-uiti. to mmtion. HAT v: tili.VIX ."2 Hales of iood Oovrr Hay, 1S Bushelii 11,.,1-e ..1 Ii - nf 1 lts. TI'I'.M" f. No in(iiTt.v 1 lie moved until paid lor. l, I Q 'Winiifllir 1 I..f.V-:TTK. In,!. A '.if an II' (:.i',ans (li-a n, the H'iiy n-sa.'l 0Jjg JM CL Bl P " " kl .!... il'-ie "'iii.'l: !' 1 " ' ,,V r ';e .e ' ' ,e l are in sec- I w hen . alien .inili! tip.- by Ur, '"Pi"f?g''' -i, 'r3 :, tw f '" :-:: r " s ' :- '.' .olnscn t.-am hnr j Lon'f. OjK'Bft 21-Daj' ETI rLZ ff vrV"- ' ... ."' ''M J,;;;'.'. 7 ur VMl-y ' !''" !w,Ve'',r cil',,'i':,.'..i .'i'l:V J". Lei sy IF , ': r" ' " "'" ei'i' ''I ' Al. n(i i.,;,-,i s ;..(! Jle, il.-, l.-l'lvl., ,( u ,-, i-ji I, A. TODD O'LAVERTY, SELLER Not i.csMinsilile for ai'( idi nls KAV M'AW.-rk ( II.. til SI.V1HI.I'.. ,1uniinJ"-i 4 'l, , Auctioneer " vi'Vil1 4-" ' e',;L! "'. I''.';. "' ' '' 7 ' ' O" "'' V." . I. i.'til Kl'iet.Ule. I I'e ii. t".i!"' " . '"" '"' '1 ' " .:,ll i III. e,: Mil illtl. I'esiieei IlMllT.r. I in a yer.e.- Ol . xl: .OtilS i.-'t New Detl'..'il wnere l.e ,w W'K' ... " TS-' "', ..'.-... "::,:.', ' .: v : : y . I.. Tieci Mr Vv! ","",, m"'Zr , I '" ' !'' '.:.' i ' i ,i ' it j " ilt' ami titan l.ii' ' il'i i' a ii.alrli I'"ririay 1' ! lit 'II TAXPAYERS IVtllip' Wiley Casey arena in Michigan City. I Other contests have been arrang-l ed in Baltimore. Chicago, St. Louis. Washington and Buffalo, ending a-1 bout Nov. 17. Louis was said to be i in luir condition aB the result of a OJ p.'d'n, To - - I to. C- ? - -t ' I TV- 2 is CO Jtc Tootu v r-e M?oc - - ear Marshall ATTENTION Brazil Gerstmeyer T.intnn 14 months tour in the U. S. and overseas during which he boxed 221 exhibitions. v.-rriillion Count ' ants an "All-, " hrsrbail team fi.r this year us : s lecttid on the basis of reports .at in by the various high BChool ... t., Ihn pnimM-V Garfield 1 Bloomiugton 2 Paris 1 Thron Tur Scrap Into tna Flcntt The lineup of this all star team oi,iong Martinsville 1 Palestine 1 Dugger Lawrenceville " Ilicknell ' ten ,.es. .. . jjui t, ....... I field; Dana. Lawrence I'nder-aod. outdeld. and Joe lieed, first ise; Hillsdale. Joe Mueers. nnt- ield: Harold ilnohlett. second base: : ,,,., 1,1 Cnaell IlitclllT: lllld Hill MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line 9 For Service Drop lis A Card LW. Walsh Monument Co. 211 4 Wabash Ave. Torre Haute. Indiana Oil Both sH HrllULF, HIS WKKK TliurMlay l, vs. P:;ris. Kuidiuin. 7:: THE INST AIJ.MKNT TAX IS NOW UII AMI 1AYUMjE AT THE TliriAM ItWt S Fl ' i XK-OKT. AI.HO K iNSTALLMEVT Ol MOIilTOKM M TAAKS WtK THOSK WHO TIM AIIVAVTI.K ol THK MOItl'lo!:. t'M OX IlKI.INyl KM TAXES. Jl' NOT I'AIII IIV THK HIM MONDAY IN NOXUMItKK M CH TMIS IIJ. IIIICOMK !:-1.INOI KNT ANII I'lllt CKNT 1'EKAl.TY W II.I. Ill: IHl:lTO THU ALL INlsTALLMK.NT. THE TltESI UKK'S (HTII K W ILL M'l'lil H 'I ATK liAUI.Y PAYMENT !' TAXES TO AVOIM THE LAST MINI IK !4 SH. MAIL W ILL l!E ANSWEIIEU AS MM A' AS J'OSSIItLE. I'Elt-HONS I'AYINti TVES Y MAIL WILL l'LEsE 4 Nil lK IIETI'IIN 1'STAGK. ALS WTATE IN W H AT Tl W NSHI11 OI! 'OKItMt.ATION THEN! Mtol'EIITY 4S 1,K ATWL lU'IEINt; THE l.ST TWI WEEKS TliMil'HOVE AIJ AVNOT ;E AN-SW EltEI AS THE WIMMIUS WILLI TAKEN ai:e ok i-'ius'i". Mary Brittain Karl G. Dicken ..-..w... m r- Jtl I'TK Friday Robinson. Stadium. Garfield Hove, canl'.er: Perrysville. Iticlmrd Martin, tiutfield: and Ht. liernice. la. !: ( ril'fin. third ban. : D'nn .Nt -in. 'i.irt-siop: Hill Hewin. militj : lill iMullins. pitcher: and liryc la.iley. catcher. j Ilryee Hudley of St. llv.-liiee. catcher for his team. s voted the outstanding play. - ;.: t h county by. 'he opposing i.i- . Tlie vote vus , unanimous. Vottn.' ilmlley w ill re-1 he a silver haseliiill Liven by Karl Uicken of Dana. j The county hai--eb;:ll chanipioushii. was w-on this y- ar ! y the St. ller-1 nice team, coaeln ti by Noble .Mayes. I T'heir recon! ran eight games won. i- Irrtt. DON'T SUFFER Eheuratic Pz'ui Longer without tryinr Williami BITX Compound, be fair -with younMin MtMiumitk nii-ular ain "tmr you down", rub you of pi ucg. make you s-ok and ftl old bffurr yuur time. Uiw It UK m fatr Wt. The rvlwf you 9k may be ao prompt that you will thank HL'X from the bottom of your heart. Act now to -and aaothiag relief of aehine; imacltt by obtaininr b ttie of liquid Williams RUX Compound today. Take only 7::lu p. ni. Wiley at Bloomiugton. Sullivan at Vincennes. l.inion at Ilicknell. Casey at Charleston. T C. N.-wioli at Chaflerftun. Lawreiu-eville at Fail i'i. -Id. Murslit.ll a: Bridgeport. Washington I Indianapolis I Clinton. Jefierson iLaiayette) at Brazil. iEPl'TV TIlEASl'ItKIt Mb directed. Jteeomnterirted end mala try WHITE'S PHARMACY ., 1-- rr -l.JJI T 7 B lactJCI I UIC -PVPECT t Ir- as-i j ir S ! TTd Lotion :; r . p.,.. -;'-'.- i ! 4".- P-rce Your Order Ko- for a. I H Mnxl rtCTllC OTV VC? -M if? -AWl t ' " J.ST tW6 GLIMPSE OF HIM - 7T W'RE HONORED. U IM AT T(4E CEPEMOMV Hurui w ir--.wo-i-' HAQPV MOLUNSSWOffTH WHOM WE G3E Q -C RETIRE TO BITTER ,7 " ".-1 j3rr-rM COURSE - )U'LL MEET HIM TWEM.GEWTS! 4I lK - SE.II-iCiYC'J KtOW.rS3UlSET3. H.-S UCAUSD BACK -OilRD woaywooD.ia watcu the fiiaKESF2'AW SOCiETV IMTE-CMATIOHAL CALL WVCKV ITS W,;iTE-WAISED iVi If WIL OHLV MAr TUt. UUPT DBEPEP EUT UECk!-SWE KWCW5 TM6T 4 BREADTH EARRY Ml Mi- 3 -.e'" ' R-fi .". '' , '--' . 4 ri'e I': !e s Tacer'y Awa "tad Bo jk of Scores Including the Invasion mm q'

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