The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 31, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, October 31, 1944
Page 4
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Tuee flay,' ticf oEerSlr, rf a iY7t c r. i n v n w i s n ae Fonr o THIRD HAVEN d THE DAEY CLIMONIAN mi ." . HALLOWE'EN., you until we turn mio morra street. Are you all comfortable?" tempers." "' . Anne drew a quick breath as the! saw the bags were hers, but she said nothing as she pushed the, chair up the ramp onto the porch. Yes. And waiting to near aooui your hospital worK. fclrtllrtru M TIM Weekly OHatonlaa 1MW The Oliaton FUlndealer absorbed In 10OS ' Published Dally Except Saturday mod BnW feorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher tared at the Poetofflce at Clinton, Indiana f M Second Claw Matter mam" bdUna Republican Editorial AwoeUtlea Anne laup-nea. -1 ou re oniy leas ing me." Mrs. .leynolds tapped one oi me bags with her cane and laughed. r Not Laura s. we musi o iiavmg "Anne, girl, I tnina youre gei-Ung secretive. You won't even tell me who you were out walking with last niglit." company. Let s hustle ano see. They re my nags.- Anne man Phon S3 aged to say it lightly. Phone 32 "Why shouldn't 1 ten your u Your hags? wnai are uicy w was the dog Sulty is his name, I ing out here?" CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT MRS. REYNOLDS waa feeling her best and very much Inclined to pooh-pooh her indisposition of the niffht 'lefore. Ar Anne pushed her along, coming back from the boatyard where they'd wntched the humming activity of early ummer. she was gay. And I don't intend saying It was the soft shell crnbs that were to blame. I like oft shell crabs. I always have liked them, and I don't intend giving them up. We always lived on crabs and oysters and good fish, and that's why we live longer than other people." She chortled, "it may also be why other people get ahead faster, but that's beside the point. I hope we have crab cakes for lunch." "Don't you think that Just today" "No, I don't. I know what you're going to say. I'm all right and I won't eat DaD." "I don't know. "Laura!" The old woman used REPUBLICAN tDITViUM, AcenriATinm her cane to pull open the screen door ar.d wheeled herself into the house. "Laura! Where are you?" think, and " The old lady grunted. "If you won't tell me, you won't When I was young, more or less, we used to say, Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies.' It was a good saying. And . . . Why, there's Laura's car. She must be home. Maybe she decided she'd have a Laura came out of the llvtne; room. She was very sure of herself. "Yes, Mother." "What are Anne's bags doing on good lunch with us after running the front porch?" . awav this morning without DreaK w ' : -j. w v- . On smooth places the old lady fast That's one trick I never knew her to do before. She likes her morning coffee, however else she pretends to be above food. Maybe it was a kind of penance because she locked you out last night I heard you ringing, so I rang my bell for her. The funniest part of it was the ringing sounded like Rus """""" could v ork her own cnair along, but the road to the boayard was all holes and bumps, the remains of a shell road. She clung to the arms of her chair as Anne pushed sell's way of doing it. 1 was winn carefully. "I'm certainly making you work. ing about Russell when I went to sleep, that's wny, I guess." "I'm sorry I woke you up, Mrs But you knew what we were up against. I get a laugh every time I read i.bout our wonderful roads. Reynolds. It was wrong of me to go out." Shell roads were always bad enough, but now they don't even nretend to keep them up. I dare f DOOMED GERMANY. Germany is doomed. The overwhelming forces that will annihilate her are gathering on her borders and have already in two sectors invaded the supposedly impregnable fortress of the Reich. Fortress Europe that was to have been an insurmountable barrier to preserve the sacred soil of Germany inviolate against the encroachment of her enemies has fallen under the steady onslaught of Allied power. Germany is doomed, but the mad fanaticism of Hitler and his bloody lieutenants prevents acceptance of the fact by the populace and action to prevent the utter nobody's supposed to come to this prt of town. Want to stop and The nark girl snruggea -icornrui-ly. "Oh, that Anne's leaving. I packed her things and put the bags " out there so she'd be sure to catch ' the train." ' They were all in the hall now. Anne by the front door, her face suddenly pale under its coat of tan. The old lady turned to her angrily. "What's this about your running away, after you promised today to stay all summer?" , Laur.-'s voice was colu and precise. "It is a matter of my deciding, not Anne's, t packed so she " wouldn't need to go upstairs or even come In at all. Her ilothes are' on the porch. I have her check here ' and there is no reason for her tc ' stay." "Are yon crazy ?" ; "No, Mother, I'm quite sane at last I warned you about this girl, but you wouldn't listen. Now we ; have to try to repair the damage she's done." . , "You are crazy, Laura," the old woman gaped. "Anne, pay no at-tention to her. .m hungry. Pus! me into the dining room." "Anne WILL pay attention U me." Laura's eyes flamed darkly "I will .iot let her come a foot far- , ther into this house. I could stand . stupidity and incompetence, but not sneaking uid lying and and indecency." (To Be Continued) rest?" "This Isn't hard. In the hospital we reailv worked. SomeU.nes Anne stopped short. The old lady "Wrong? Nonsense. It's your home. You go in and out just as much as you want to. A glorious night like last night I'd have gone dancing around the streets if I had any legs to do it with. Now that I can't do things, I can think of a lot of things I missed. I suppose that's always the way. But I am surprised at Laura coming home." Anne said nothing, but Instinctively she prepared for trouble. She had seen Laura's face as she came In last night She had been glad and at the same time apprehensive this morning when she found Laura chuckled. "Don't stop. Go ngni on and tell me about the hospital. How iong were you in training? And don't fib to me. I knew the first day you were with me that you knew a whole lot more than anyone could learr simply by taking care of an Invalid mother." had eone'off breakfastless. ISow! There was a little silence. Anne "What Is she up to?" snapped the old ladv. whose eyes were keen go' the chair up on a sidewalk at last, and even a rough brick walk seemed smooth after the shell She pointed a bony forefinger. "There are some bags on the porch road. "There we are. Now the rest is Don't tell me she's decided to take a little trip and get o -cr her bad eaRy, but you'd better let me push f At the Movie$ j Taking a Backward Glance day" he doesn't dance at all, his role being as dramatic as Epiaer's Web Catches Bird There is s spider in India that spins a web sufficiently- strong "to catch and hold birds. Its bodv is two inches long and its legs cover a span of seven inches. Compost Decay Decuyof compost will be haitened if a tumblerful of balanced plant food is scattered over each layer of compost a foot thick and 10 teet square. The pile should be kept moist by occasional wetting down TWKNTV YKAItS .MiO TOD A V ('. H. Team At and three children of Mansfield. Ind., are guests at the home of H. C. Cooper, on South Main street. Mrs. Martin is a niece of Mrs. Cooper. Itobinsnn Tmlay Many automobiles carrying football fans went to IiobinBon. 111., today to witness the bi(t game Mrs. Frank R. Miller, of Vine PAI.At'K Tuesday and Wednesday Hitting the top in chills, shivers, thrills and gripping suspense. Warner Bros. "The Walking Dead," starring Boris Karloff. is opening at the Palace Theatre tonight. Karlofr is brought back from the dead by Edmund fiwenn and Marguerite Churchill who are also featured in the picture. "Beyond the Last Frontier" featuring Smiley Burnette opens at the Palace us the second feature. Sturdy Plants When potting flowers or preparing window boxes, scatter some old nails through the bottom layer of soil, then fill with rich soil and plant the flowers. The nails will rust through watering of the soil and result in more sturdy plants. street, entertained at earns, Friday afternoon. City Built on Bones Leningrad, in Europe, is said to be built on bones because so many laborers lost their lives in the dif-ficult task of building the city on'' piles. Mrs. Charles Stewart has re Lacs-d'Amour Lacs-d'Amour cords of running knots were worn on the left sleeve at one time by young widows and pinBters of marriageable age to signify an agreeable attitude toward marriage. between Hobinson and Liinton school. For the last week the team has been worked hard by Coach Kelly in preparation lor the game today. turned from a visit with relatives at Foley, Alabuma. Improving Meat Chopped or grated onion, flnclv chopped parsley, diced celery or celery leaves, herbs and spices add much to the flavor of meat ex tenders. physical destruction 01 me iauui m hundreds of years put forth by common people in the building up of home and country. Certainly not all German people have been impregnated with the Nazi poison. But Hitler has attached to himself enough of the fanatic youth and sufficient of his barbaric followers to stifle the cries of the little people for peace. Even if the ordinary people of Germany had been deluded by Hitler's indoctrination of the idea that all Germans are supermen, they must now realize such a doctrine was but the mad dream of a lunatic. Germany is doomed, but Hitler intends that his own destruction shall be accompanied by the destruction of Germany. His megalomania which made him the greatest force for evil in the world since Satan himself visited the Garden of Eden, which made him the destroyer of nations and the slaughterer of millions, impels him to a grandiose and spectacular end, equal . in destruction and horror to the life he has " lived: ' Germany is doomed. She might now' have a civilized peace, but she prefers to follow the madman who has led her to the brink of doom, and even as the precipice looms will not draw back. So be it. The cities of Germany will be destroyed even as Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by the wrath of God. So the wrath of man will destroy Germany because there is no repentance in her. Germany is doomed. It is a sad and bitter thing that she must be destroyed, but the sins of her rulers shared in by her people have merited it, and the future of the human race demands it. So let it be. v Buy Their Own Policemen in two-thirdi of su American cities are required to buy their own uniforms, revolvers and ' other kind of personal equipment ' even their own bulletoJ In some ' cities. - 1,1 . . Bowing Seeds in Wind Avoid sowing seeds or setting out plants in a heavy wind. Seeds blow, soil dries out too fast and plants lose much of their moisture, through leaf transpiration. Never attempt to seed a lawn in the wind; the work cannot be done evenly. Fish ttlory In Shreveport, La., C. E. Whitney returned from nearby Cross lake with a ftsh story: on one cast he caught five catfish. Someone had lost a string of five, and one of the live went for Whitney's worm. In past years Robinson Hub always defeated Clinton but local fans felt sure the local eleven would be victorious as they started on the road to Hobinson this morning. T. L. JloPoiiald If One Of Speakers . In Parke Itally T. h. McDonald. Clinton city clerk, was one of the principal Destructive During the five years after World War I, European typhus is estimated to hove taken 2.000,000 lives in eastern Europe. It is non-existent in the United States except in a milder form. WABASH Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Somerset Maugham's "ChriBt-mas Holiday," Deanna Durbin's current Universal picture which opens at the Wabash Sunday is a distinct departure from anything the lovely star has done in the past. It is a highly dramatic film, and although Deanna sinEs a couple of numbers the picture rep-presents a decided change from anything she has ever done. Her co-star in flene Kelly, and although he began his film career as a dancer, ill "Christinas Holi- Oyster Culture ' . The state of Louisiana leads all states in oyster culture and produc- -tion. . , Nourish Food Honey in milk and on bread contains a great amount of nourishment and is good at any time. speakers last night at an anti- Teeth Point Backward Teeth of snakes point backward to aid in the swallowing of large mouth-fuls of food, particularly live animals, for the reception of which the mouth and jaws must be enormously distended. Great Salmon Port Ketchikan, a one-time Indian vil. lagc in Alaska, has grown into the world s greatest salmon port. Walking in China In China there is only one motoi vehicle for every 23,000 persons. Warp, Woof A warp consists of threads running lengthwise in a fabric; a woof are the cross-threads. , essts ERi bk&tessc TILLIE the TOILER klan meeting and rally for Jesse "Shorty" Burks, candidate for Congress, from the fifth district , on the Constitutional Liberty party held at Grange Corners. Other speakers of the evening were Harold Henderson, who spoke here a few nights ago. and Mr. Burks, who was also here. Over two hundred farmers of Sugar Creek township. Parke county crowded the Orange Corners school house to overflowing. Personals .Mr. and Mtb. Smith Hollings-worth and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas HURT IF I GET J I ISOME PICTURE n nt J I I 1 Mlbb dUNS 5 -YOU'RE AV FIME r v III HF BIG r-LAT P- -r --'"-'- T v t.kJ.m ,F I 'A WWvVvJ HlT.THE BUGLES ID RUM VOUR PICTURE VMITH I AM ARTICLE ABOUT MY A6EMCY ' Sims and daughter. Martha, spent Fridav with Mrs. Joe Wright at her home in Lyford and enjoyed a fine chicken dinner. Mrs. Clarice Nichols and Mrs. Otto Schneider of the Powder .Mill neighborhood, spent yesterday with Mrs. Rosetta Axton of Mulberry street. A. K. Gilbert, of Danville, III., former Clinton merchant, waB In Clinton yeRterday. Miss Jule Carlson, who is employed in a beauty shop at Bloom-ington, Ind., spent the week-end visiting lier mother. Mis. Kva Carlson. "DANDUNlT"" n r-, Ul OON'T OHT IT 1 (gDg&A) I feK -M'eY ) ' WHAT D9ES MRS BEAUN CO DE MESSA&y OFTEN USED LAUNDRY J CODE COULD IS THAT TH' MAN J HANGIN'OUT THE SAME V JZLSZ &g THAT WAY! (T'S AS BE BASED ON O TH HOUSE DUDS THREE DAYS IN A . k GOOD AS A STRING OF COLORS, OR SLEEPS IN Hl9 ROW HAVE TO DO WITH - -r 4 VwAL FLAGS ON A PIECES OF Xj SHIRT! THERE S I V THE NAZI SCIENTIST c TT '"v i 'S. BATTLESHIP' jrT, -LOTHING.ORy NO PAJAMAS ! j WERE HUNTIN ? " " tS'lvAW VX . J'L , . BOTH! THIRTY YKAItS A; TODAY Plan l-'irsl .Aid Ijocal K4-tim captain of one of Scott Amour, teams which the mine safety i the prize first p.-iriiripiiW'd in content at Terr Haute recently, en one of the ac and who has be tive movers in Hie first aid work in this loculitv. lias received the SEND THEM HOME. The recent criminal assault and murder of a teen age girl employed as a war worker in Washington and the repeated stories of promiscuity among the thousands of irresponsible girls drawn to the capital by high government pay indicates the necessity for some action to be taken to protect the lives and virtue of the immature thousands. Steps taken to send girls under twenty back to their homes has met with the opposition of the War Department and the Civil Service Commission. Such opposition should be overruled. A careful combing of the rolls of employees in various government agencies would undoubtedly determine that the teen age girls could be spared without detriment to the war effort. It is a matter public comment and one that could easily be verified that the government has an excess of employees that might better be employed elsewhere in more productive work. Girls of the years suggested should be under the safeguards of home and church. They are too young and inexperienced to be herded in a great war time capital and exposed to the dangers inherent in the situation. More park guards or more welfare societies will not solve the difficulties. Send the girls home where they will be protected from dangers more perilous even than their brothers encounter in the armed forces. Washington Maury Maverick, head of the Smaller War Plants Corporation after a visit to Great Britain: "We may have been a little precipitate in our re-conversion talk over here. The English aren't talking or thinking about reconversion to the degree we are here. They arc concentrating on the job at hand, which is winning the war." ., documents ami instructions fori Clinton district. The object of thel organization will he to cooperate with the national organization Of mill saffiv and firs! aid work in an effort to kpp tlic mine fatali ties and suffpriim anions miners ; ; " " j POPEYE V " -I r,. VAS. AT LITTLE i I mIi 0INJZ1 X fAlilSLANP HAPA MARKER j ARF V LouLPNT WE UJARM " down to th minimum. iiilty Snakr For lrtirresivf -V C WELL, THIS IS Ty, (HZ --AKtl J mPWE. UNCLE PftW fi I JU TUr wind-up nxtinc of the j proKreRnivi'K tor this campaign in rjinton was held at the Owls' hall, Fridav niyht. A crowd pronounced a cood-sizd one by the progressives present, listened to what is regarded an an excellent address by OtiR flulley. randidut for eon-tiresn. The Danville man makes a ; good, averape campaign speech and one free Troni invertive. He argued tor the procressnc cause alonK the lines now well known 1 to all followers of matters politi- t cal and expressed a hopeful view jnf the outlook at the rominc elec- ' tion. IVrmaK I ,m.Y.-. - ' : -- - ' : .Mr. aud Mra. Jlobert Martiu 1 I

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