The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 31, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1944
Page 2
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a ; Tuesday, October 31, 1944. 9)HE DAILY C L 1 N T 0 N I A ft (fj' f'age Two lil:: .. ' (1 in ilher lu: 11' ll , ,-rt III' n il' 1'" tellillK I j eliaru' 'I that Hie '-euvi'd ,i thnreiiiili'iv leilne "i j l Hi' i rutl'. Ca)i ga Soldier Tells of CI Tour , ThrtMizli Paris in Letter Home or. g. r. mmmi Cra2OPKACT0R X-Ka.j 235Vs Blaikmitn iil-ill::.", ll If, M, III red end : ii. tin- liii'id.-r "H,',i- .;. !- I"'' '- 'I Mm I Kl firstly ke istws Of Interest .lames Vardas lOntirUtin Weekend Guests; Local Soldiers on Furl-mph In- iiiniilo llll F.ciR'li Ciipiid l.o hold llieir ei- ; Isp Joan Dusker of ('romi'ton Mill ipi-m llii- w.c!i"lltl i'!i Mrs. ICvelyil Wri! Ilf-llllil mill. TlM'Inin l.nnev and ciiib'i. " spent l iw. v. i ciii-nil with In r Mini lii'r. Mr: i'..y l ' i ! ,!.- n i.l Cliiil'in. Mr. alid Air. f..i li'ieri. ,,.' .,, n: M, lira ii il.n ii I. I.,,i.'i i position at llii' .New Yom s Woiiul K.ilr. In rront of the liullilinE was! a iiKiiiiiuoth fountain willed was lur-; Clint.. I I .1 .:;;."::.!::..::;! Positive Relief for i li-l;i.n' .i'r: 1-ililuu illfc is a kiti-i r.-ieiwd by Ills. KoKcr L. W'liii ni Cnyiiira from her brnthor-iti-lnw. Corporal I.) mi While who in Hi- liini' I In- letter was written ;-g -n itlened somewhere In France. , I ; i.-i. .'!- wiih h-'vcral of his i. i , ..,.i, i of the city Ml C'HV . . ll Vl . i. Hie 1,1'IH i... i, lid lied off. I could iniiiKiiie how II muni look wln-n In opei-iiMon. We turned a corner anil ihere. way up at the end of a .-.ide avenue .1 .p. Ill Stomach Sufferers fillll'l: (ill Vr. I.'hn .M.. ,i i, ii' t!-rti,.'l .-I,, i, ,i i,l. Hid. H t.l ir I... IIIIllV, Jlfc'.l.l in I'liyliiK mi' I l!a Inil. sin rl K u l , . I i i '.vi;h Mr ( -Inn. Wlil:r-. Mill - Million I- :-i'. u it". V'- l!r.umi! iiii'l , r:i ,i! I'lil.Hiit. Mis ii'.i'y : -.t - J i -. II,, I'll mi'-'ii it.'- ii'.-k- i,,' VT'ti 1....I .. used over; lined with a row or beantin.l m-i , in Ii. Mrs. 'on both Hides, s audiim on n mm. .11 i.'-- Dana j hill, was the Arc lie T, ;.,:npl-. If f --! , ;and majestic, Juki as I iii.kiii si ii m: in ii -I. i Hi r , l White be. it was unite a sit'llt to See U'i I lliirni l,v l.uli I l.ll .1 . 1 III.. ny ; l.'.'.i -1. .i-i : .1 1 1.. :.n.l :.!i-- i' llll.. U,illl--i I . i i y fortun-. walked up and under Hie Arc ami j m, h j,. i.i ihII the most Jiere saw Hie tomb of Ihe unknown i .,,;i- win ir I 1 l,-l llO'ill IIM-.HA STiiXfll 1 Mll.liTS i ii,,i,- iiii.n.ilii,. t" yiti ri 'I'll tfli-l ft, mi. In man' ;,,..r- 11 V'- in ti-SMiry In 'in-. a 11 it I I Mi'S I'.i ' eril.ll'in In , , II ll( l. s TO M C II I I.I.M II i N I . I ll i s ll 'HllI'S i Hil;V.Ui ir ;,.! I . 1 III relieve : I 1,1 i.i: I IV .U'I in:. I acid, tassy. , in- i 'i, . i-, ni t -.O'is anil i;it d,!.vi I I'li'iilliiili or olir money ; l a.-n. i-.i.ei, bov id H.i:'i:v Till-j l.lils ronui.iiK a di-i chart that , j,,,,!,; mil I ), looil t ' I-1 eaiise.s ex- 1,,-mi.ii. i.'iiiiina. and stomach ! il,..:re;a-. . i-.-fiasiv aly iiy U.:i. lu i im .:raD . .1 i:i ...ll'l ,.n.i .n-, ion. Mrr ii : in i! i 1 Mi.! '1 .' : .,lld;.t i1. .'I. Air K '".An i-li I .1 I'u Ju.!.! !.: til (i :.liir. . i-.-miiiii: ;t It 'ii. '-purell'ii Vr. ii:;-! ttolrt Hint luirii-Jumts ('ulin' Sunday morning dyke. Mr. and Mr- I on Roheit ii! T. t , ... .,.,! , ! 1 i.. ,. I have ever ! soldier of World War One. i i ,. , ,ii.i,,. down! Mnviug i lie Arc do Triiimile. w, j ,. ,, ,' ij.-.i -irlil 1 1. : I ' l' .-.-''! l'i" IM' is n.ii.i.i II-im-i. ai.,1 j . , ,. ,.- , ,. . . I,,.. I. in. ,11- Kill. I i'. ii.u. 1.1 s I wai- . -Jl ' ialil I I ,. . ,. - !. ... -., i i ..: ,o liiuM at , iiiK-resKHl ill Hie N'edle as I 'iPdl , . 1 1 in i- ii niu SitO ! iludii d about ll In history class. It! i .;. lu me 1 1 1 st landlni! I was covered with Egyptian hicroKly- ... i . : e , o .Id look over the city." pislcs. NEWS OF MEN IN THESERViCE (Continued tr:m pace It f i v - -i ; a fU-ytj6.i i ; we came down, we started i Our next stop was an old cnurcn.i , ,, ,r whii li lasted the rest ' the Madellene. This was beautiful j word re. ' ii ,,. ,, ,, , ,.,.iinued.. When we both Inside and out. The outside Humii rfiirii d by lis si.'.er Louise Pic. Iiiiii-i"l"iil bar i- ll. ni.. .! i ii ii.. i :d. ,1 aland :.inre J i. n r, . I '.i I I. fowdVz Pharmacy lieell i.l F.I ,. ,.,..,! ;,. ... r u ck at nlKht our ' was quite similar to the Lincoln . . ., .,i i;,.i u'i. had peen Paris Memorial In Washington, 1). C. It ill - r.s.A. Morrir V. Adam-. SI . VnAmnA . . ifjr le.-.'!..-' nr !.. I 'i ; -nil il Main ;.:.l "i , was here that the Germans worshiped : w lien they occupied Paris. I'll I,, .,,., ,, .e - ,, , ri.l.MU.s, l.UlAiA .if l-ui.- I" Ada ma ami f-nl of Mr. and i.Mn't li t our acliina feet Inter-!it'. villi our fun." I.iavtiv Kiffi'l tower, we crossed tlie seiiii- IJ.iv.-r and pai-ned a modern l-.avtlV Kill"l tOWer, We CroRSea Hie seine River and pa-icd a modern eHMllUa I , , .. 1, I ,...., d , we n,-ii..-ii iu M-e Hie - U-i WZ &'"v t'lW I , ' ,, vij ',r..,.' .... h dral of Noire Dame, so In order to tk&fP&ltttf I ,11 rfi'rv',V with liiF I'-okin? Iiuildini! called the "Troc- find out if we were Kolng in the IBalrVKVftl r: f' .: .' adero." This was the building that right direction, I used what little OTE FOR H GAMBILL Mr. and Mrs. James Varda, utiil '' relalives. i : c-itfii-.lo'a s; enl Saturday . . n ii'' in M '.Moon. ill. .Mr. and M s. James Nardi and . , v ... Mrs. KUl-y Allan.- of I.;. n-rd i. ,:et. giadualed Irmii Tin i '"i" r',1 SChOOl at Cie:;t l,a: e III. hi.H been sent I" Han Pedro. Calif. iHs d!- res is !lS."i-7-l-iH lllioi-evell Un'i-. lerlniiiiil Isiand, S. C. T. C. '-'a" -dm. Cnlil. toWACIMiinlrr: Press IncslIi:atioti Summit Grove Moipopu)er"yMr 'round" dttwrt IK Aa pint Atwort W oiMf dlic1ovt. YOU eny Hovof im 2 minute. 20 tawovt tfw n aetl porkop. ftoof oik yor ffroccr tor French I knew and asked a bystander, "Ou est la Cathedral dc Notre Dame?" Kxpectlng an answer in a fast French lingo, you could have knocked me over with a feather when he turned and in perfect Eng-litli directed us on. Later we met a In irliter Deloris of Terrc liailti .... ir Friday evenlne visiliiii; with Current News ;d Mis. Jal'.e Nurdi and dailFh Mr few w ho could speak English and J DrMomxnc candidate for SHERIFF VJ3 ntwora 3'rT see r-';i-. : 1.1. m 1 1 The'-fdn... . ,i ri.ii.. v.:.! HesUett Family Guests !i I?Uisdale: Local Woman Moves to Clinton bed some nice visits. Notre Dame was very nice, much nicer than the Westminister Abbey in !.o"d'in. I think. There was a man ihbm thit iiud tn he an Fnclish vi' "i Mr. an I .Mis Kr; ri. .im : ..:. J iliiif and Ted itrffallola v.k- MAN HAD BRICK IN HIS STOMACH FOR 10 YEARS If- f in Hockvllle. recently. of VERMILLION iAA CTIOX Mr. and Mrs. Feliclo Tuberosa and COUNTY NOV. 7, 1944 une man pecemiy sin, ,. ,.,. , Trro Ha,. snn, sua Miss Marearet Heskett, grade ttM!llMat, gulrtP for tourist before the teacher at Homer, 111. and brother. T;ar and h gave s verv interesting SSgl. Lloyd K. Heskett. Ogden, (our ,nrou;h ,he cathedral. When I tah together with their parents. we ,(,ft Ulere wag Ume , gtar, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heskett were back tQ our truck A those plices over night guests of Mr. and Mrs. w(? ha(, m wm JuUe a way, apart (Ciiailn-ied rum page 1) ; S'.'rill i'.'it SU'd tlil'l l.eaMei; -.::: no nioliv. ior the murdi r ali-r-making the verbal conl -'m. ;.' i vias bro-ight to Indianapo! - fr.i.i -lie Indian" :-iii.'e Pn.-ion h-: ' .-r ing a 1" " --.r - "" , oi i.uri-'iaiy. Mrs. I.i. alien. !.- arrested In Knoxville, was brought: to Indianapolis Oct. 27 by local law officer on a charge of as-lntln? in ! 're burglaries The beriff said the lie det.,r i 10 vers he felt like he h.rt I.Hek Jf)hn Tube. in bit Monuuh. This fcvlins was due ' to the lump of pndiBested food he al- r-fa.a.. BI)Pn, Tllur6iav af mays had Inside of him. He as " ,;"7Zl t Rock- "e"K"" ano r"ur,- "'""-and It took us a long time going weak, worn out, headachy, mnrile. , " dal. Saturday. 8Sgt. Heskett Ieftjfrom one to another. with gas and terribly ronirted. ; v"'" nf f linton "nrM' - for 0t'd,'n- t',a.h Khre he Even-where we went in Paris. ReutlT he started taking Kltll- Mr, "". "Z " iB Klondvk" l5'a'ion'"'- a,"'r "-ini5 the past j T cr0W(J, of le ,.,th HELP and says the filing like a ;"-nt Monday elening in hlondyke dayg wj, (.iR vareM, K, .; . DiJ they brick In his stomach disappeared the vn fnenda. Heskett is an airplane mechanic aJl , g,.,, ,,.,, x Ty wanl.,i erond day. Itnwrl are n-eular now. ! Mrs. n-'.ptlsta Uuffattola and ton (here. i10 eh:inKl. tn,.m for Hgarette,. We g and hea.l,c are gone and lieM'ic. Julius and Mrs. Maddolyn Nora Mr(! rolW( Hapifon and daui h- i ),ad heard about this before we went fe.-! like a new man. 'at -I eranddaueMera Petty ami IK,ns;,r i;.,y A,(.je spent Haturday in to .a,is, so we took a few er.ra ERB-HFLP cemiains 12 tiift ; Ann w-i tee.-ii'l. in Hyndiea-ie :f-. T,,m. .,,... I packs of eicarf.tM for sonveniers. Herb; they cleanse howl-, clear ; ;iii,a Mr. and Mm. BP Kul.attola . Jjr an(, M-s,it Hei.klt ard j i c-..iiel ,diiii-his letter, fpl. White tvas from tmm1. act on -Iitegi-h a r d Mr. end Mis. Joe Bonorao and (,n s!, i,v:itl K. H.-s!-ett !,(! .,,,,. ,jf hif i,,,,.),,., wi.o is aleo hi liver nad kidneys. Mi-crahie ftmfte ran.i:y. i Wednesday v.iih llieir am.t. Mrs.!.tl, Aim- and s aeresi seas. -He Is Qaickiy ReHeves Distress of J. NJJONES Dcniccmfzc, Candidatel for Prosecuting Attorney VERMILLION;COUNTY "Your Support Will Be Appreciated" toon feel different all over. So l'm y. who liv s r Sfecca. liiiif !io:i,e j-ist as he left. i:v-ry Mack in Tern. Haute j mi"iit ijsi before I close my eyes in ' i. ii I.; j (!!';('! po on suffing! t,et Kitlt-IIKLI . '. w hite- ieaii) riiarmaey ifrug ; PasjV" cd Ads Sell Most Axiythin Store. 1 tfitlH -.itii mr r,,t ' ( ;ti 'l.i liimn 1.! m-'ay with her mother, Vn.'HlM.v i Kdy 2 s.rayer that the Lord "meek and fan.ily. j v.atcii over us and k"'P . He has V. ... :-' n IF. rrisnn. who lives y,,, or , u, tt,,& I .j (I',:..-, -.K't-I ndav af-! .00,, n.:. . v .11 be. it v.on'i : v. , : Ii . i" Hon. C!l tt Hai-ri-;,. lor.t, -' e v. ill l e g,.ii.g '.-i fy-f1 A little Va-tro-nol tip each nortnl eflecUvelf tnd promptly relieves distrew of heai rr'A. - . . , atlso ia'.w prv-.-'-.x matjy cj1cJ irom d"vc1.-oping if use in V i:rw:ljOT)s 5:1 loiter. """" " ? VOTE FOR a-- S..1 r.n ""y I in n:'i a: d san'i i-rJ re riJI i-tat..- :,- l-r-iiii )! nVMt and : iw vm: -.-ka-..k.-i. ' -! 1'i.d r i'i'i i-'l 'if Oi'ler. j . Mi V: ii.iet Her'-e'i' of i .'..,. M. ,i ... ,.f i- i, E2 11 ..tut Pv, i triK, .1 "ii Mrs ! I'ias is Rfeomtnendi ii A"0: I t-.i, ,.,,r. r i'l ! i:e y wii. W5 " "--) ''-' j i .i-.l .'i .-' ', T. f.- Ham is i re. Feed e:a ; i d ' i vice of J. W. Schv-r H-be' i f linton sp-t!- man at Purd e Vr.i '.Sioll I Of to Hiaim 1 r.e If!' '- HI"" '' Republican Candidate For SHERIFF -,'-i farmers v. bo ar. a; -n. 1 V;.,. ! ! 11 a )-.) pi . -e, .(. Ki.,... .- la.i,. I'Ihh j-.ff- , i-,., :. .... r m :,,n i . i i i , M d ' ' . :,i J - I Csi ibS V-5 I veil.. fey po'ji'ds of BUpp emn r ! 5 mM4ze47 :.d- CCWrS TO THE HEARING AID Lfcufc oil mt-al, 10 pound cotton t tt- d luai, 1 pounds alfalfa inal ; . i V f nd t tm'iiil jil-aieutB ol 70 JOB. fceytcau oil HK-ai, 15 pououi ljat Uiiotlliii;;. or file rtund OJat aud , bone Bt' raps. 4 J u h both ways ... A man is known by the company he keeps A Company is known by the men it keeps. This Company's work and its name as well are in the hands of men who. for the mosr part, have been with us for years, rendering and supervising service to you, the customer. We believe their efforts have been pleasing, for the most part, 10 you and to us . . . Their experience has improved their efficiency. And their loyalty to the customer grows with the years as may be seen in the grade of service they provide. But the customer know little of their Ioyalti to their work and to each other. This loyalty impels them to study and practice such vita! factors as safety, for example. Our supervisors, recognizing their responsibility, get together in frequent discussions of safety methods . . . The foremen, too, are constantly going over safety ideas with their men . . - They study and experiment with new methods and equipment -to the end that they can maintain service to you with the least risk to themselves, to the customer, and to the costly equipment with which they work. Thus, the safety program is built on the men's own knowledge and practice. Pooled experience protects them on the job. The Company is proud of their spirit . . . The safe w ay is the efficient the efficient u -'hi.i is ;nt- wft. nitif.'.ei ...It wi '" ''' '! HA VK MOKV; h.Y AilUVtMI Buruintc of oytwian rnraw following th confMntc of that plaut deft-troj-K vgluatjl? organic mattr and plant fooue ut!al to futur ar-tjiu' 'iop prouuctioii. Tl'.i cn-at- a iM-'-fi fr addiiioiia! f'rtiMzT 10 rplac- ufii lost, J-'urdu' Vuier-Mity fitteuMioD aroiiouiisib. ay. The loss tI citroKfn alout.. ou a 2ft buMiM j-r acrt eroi-. amounin to mor- ttiau 11.25 an Tf at ir-ut '.V'S'-t;;.!''.---' f-niltx-r p ric-f . inc lise bean Kiraw 5 Color Cord will not fray, is perspiration proof, water-poof, kini-poof, and washable. Just wipe titan wirb damp cloth. The result of more than two years of laboratory research Zenith' Neutral-Color Earphone and Cord are now standard equipmentat no extra cost. WJ"fH IT rnodyrn sr.!m diJ f jr cixLiSis, W Zenith now kies fur t!it hraxing aid! Tin. visible j-ans Lknii IxautifiJIy wiiii any tiimj'lcxKm art Karctly nuticeaLle. Come in tiw I'KOur of new beaut)', nevv convenience and durability, too, in thi exclusive Zenith ' first." The new Neutral- i uutially windrowed lor burned, tit' ) of pnofcphate on all but th-ii,dro-d areas amounts to about f 1 .' xr acr.. or a total low at prcwot da uricek of more thau 12 00 per arre lor pJaM food alon, aero uouiuu figure. In additional, ther-is the low from destroyed ortaiiif maut-r 1 uluaob- to the 40 il u uiuk-h aud a au aid iu improving the atT lioldiui? capacity of the s&il In aeual farm iracti-e, the ralu-of oyte&n s'rav ie t ill higher a-neafrur-d by incr-ated prodmtiou. In ?.! rdii- erfriRi!! on the foSIj and rr'j;,: t:-ir a? I.ufav!. thv value .1- h av-ia;:-d f ?r- vywt r i r- aB ii: t-rra. 1 . :; .i- tl top yiLiti. At rnent crop rif t the value of auch r-idue THE NEW 7gZ2 RADI0NIC HEARING AID READY TO VIASL Complete with New Neutrat-Coior Magnetic Earphone end Cord Crysral Mxrohone RadionicTube Satieriej. One rr.oae'r. no ' cecos" One cuo!i' Ti'r-'t bes! One p-ice: $0. Ai't tpud A mcr 'u an f u!u a! Ai iaticn C sum ti on tty m al 'iltraft 1 would tt to 10 per cent hirher ilian tiiic. luforiuaion on the use and haiidl-inc of quipm'-iii t ibw udr wr-twau r'Hijii'jf attail fnjtn 1 ft am mm -sMut- t ' ; ' (JIT. jormtd hi i cent Msr- u 11 nr. r.ft fotiz. Ijt Itrrrtr Ii am X- Hum Lsiuereriut" departmc 0' RDKD'LTr agricultural a- -"TiJ'J. WHITE'S PHARMACY CWtd Kit Sell Host Aarttki

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