The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 31, 1944 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, October 31, 1944
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THE DAILY: CLWTOMAN The Home Newspaper Of Vermillion And Parke Countiet " riJVTOX. INDIANA, TUESDAY, OCTOBErIm, 1944. THE WEATHER Partly cloudy and warmer today and tonight. Wednesday fair. Mailed In Conformity With P. O. D. Order No. 19687 Price Three Cents Volume 32 Number 211. u YANKS OVERRUN SAMAR Dempsey Sends Nazis Reeling On 30-Mile Fjr,C ntwerP to Fall: See StaiS? vValcheren Headlong Yank Drive Battles Rains, Enemy Doughboys Fight Way Up Le yte Valley in Face Of Roaring Typhoon ; U. S. Casualties Low: STArthur uiriDTHI E'S HO.. Phil- Dewey, F.D.R. Plan Wind Ups Of Campaign Dewey Readies 9 Talks For Week, To Speak In Coal Region; FDR Maps Drive in New England Allied Norwav Invasion Reported In Stockholm; Swedish Aid Hinted I STOlKHUkM, sweat-n. i j well-informed quarters in Stockholm I reported today that Allied forces bad Foe Retreats To North, West From Holland Swif tly-Moving Enemy Units Fall Back on Dutch Island, North Flank Of Seigfried Line in Rout A great general German retreat got under way south of the river Mass in Holland today. ntirfront disDatches were enthn- Soviets Hurdle Last Barrier To Plains of Budapest Pounding Russian Armies Drive Past Tisa River; 45 Miles from Capital SKW TORK. X. V. Tbc Brit-isli radio, beard by XBt rerwrteil today Diet Hfd army sprneads are wrthin s mm oi tnjii. and were the scene of a daring urit-MOSCOW, Russia. - Rwn cBio taadtas in the early mounting autumn offensive today ' , AMERICAN FO.CB that invaded Samar 1 JS. TiT oiaXlTrC joined fo-.U.r- ii RiVT v v r.ov Thomas E. Dewey, buoyed by last-minute re- j poru that be will carry New Tort I by more than 1 . vote, leaves j Albany today on an Intensive tourj of four crucial states having a total Af 1A7 lrtnnl votes. The Republican presidential nominee is convinced that the balloting in those foar states. New Tork. Massachusetts, Maryland and Pennsylvania, will determine whether be or President Eoosevclt Is to be the vie-tor on Nov. 7-Titme Hpeerfce In Hoar IV During the next four days. Gov. Dewey will deliver nine speeches, two in up-state New Tork; four in Massachusetts: one in Maryland, and two in Pennsylvania. Striving for an up-state New Tork plurality In excess of 650.fl. the GOP nominee mill speak in Rochester at P- m- today and in Buffalo at p. m. Both are heavily industrial citiea. which gave substantial majorities to President Roosevelt in l4e. Any cut Mr. Dewey can make in the normal Democratic vote there will help swell the margin with which be will com to the New Tork City line on election night. Broadcast fluffale ! The Buffalo speech will be broadcast nationally between and S:JO p. m. (EWT.I Immediately after the Buffalo talk. Gov. Dewey will board his train for the New England invasion. On Wednesoay. wavem.s for a major night speech, be will swlr ml - ITT RT lIU. PUJ IUV." i Worcester which, like Buffalo and Rochester, ane Industrial dliea. Gov. Dewey had been urged to spend Thursday in Connecticut. Instead, be decided to go directly from Boston to Baltimore where he will deliver a noon speech in the Lyric 4 Continued on page SI Less Secrecy Is Demanded at Allied Aviation Meeting Arr in . The Internation .1 rivll Aviation Conference wmcn , ",tul. opens tomorrow in Chicago w.ll face at its very beginning a demand for -A aeSElons "wide ' nhiram will face toti tomorrow in Chicago win fnr landed in Norway in the region oi the lofot"n Islands. The renorted landing was not con firmed i. Allied Quarters. Arxir (V-eaai Arc The area reported invaded is situated in northern Norway near the Arctic Ocean. Rumors have been current for sev eral days that Alli4 forces might be preparing landing operations a-gainst Xorwsy to follow up repeated areial assaults. Target of Ah- Atas The Lofoten Islands have been rrronuent tsTEPts of Allied air raids (Continued on page l ! Tnnmii1 hv VolOgne UOOTneO Oy Relentless Allied Aerial Bombardments LONDON. England. Tbe bomb h.,.rot tndiiKtrial and coramunica tions center of Cologne. 30-odd mile? behind the western front, was hammered in force by the RAF again last night in tbe sivth successive bombardment in three days, the Air Ministry announced today. Cologne, the worst-bonibed Rhine-land city, was blasted anew when the bomber command sent out forces of heavyweight bombers in very great strength over the Reich. Berlin also was bombed but Co- 0gne. which was given n u..CTi rial Bj the war by the RAF which was given its heaviest on gaturday. was the main objective. Hi.rinp- Saturday niglit and twjJ ,.(M atn Kundav night Cologne .a8 pUDjn,eled by Mosquitos laden witn block-buster homos. lt as estimated that more tnau l.("0 British bombers were oui ei rLut-mu iTv riurinz last night. They dropped probably 4.480 American tons of bombs. ' Halsey 's Sea, Air Force Strikes New Blows at Japs inManiia Raids prim. HARBOR. Hawaii threatened to engulf the Hungarian , capital of Budapest while the Soviet high command reported new gains in Huurarv and Czechoslovakia. I Seizing tbe vital railway center at Vasarosmeny after blaring fighting, i Rod army units outflanked German defenses and pressed tbe enemy back to the rirer Tiss- Sis other towns and villages, northwest of Satu Mare, were overrun by the advancing Russians, according to the Moscow communique. Heavy Artillery Isnrl Reports from the front lines described a heavy artillery duel less ttan 6 miles west of Budapest. The Russians Marshal Rodion T. Malin-ovsky's second Ukrainian army apparently had established bridgeheads across tbe Tisa river, last natural defensive harrier between the Russians and the Hungarian capital. Pushed Into River shed Into tuvej- hile not confirming the hurdle of tbe Tiaa. Russia's communique .......lumont described how German and Hungarian forces, near asaros- nnearian forces, near Vasaros- meny were routed and pushed west-j ward into tbe river. Reports from Berlin, beard m lonrion. indicated that Russian troops had established bridgeheads cT-naa the Tisa "at many points." The Red army employed, "unprece dented masses of men ana maieriei. according to tbe Nazi radio. While Marshal Malinovsky s troops 'Continued on page SI County's Firms Respond to War Bond Sale Quotas new onota acceptances have been received by Mrs. Delia S. Swine- hart, county chairman of the Sixth War Loan Drive, she announced to- day. A Nov. 15 deadline has been set on firm acceptances of the war loan quotas with E. C. Boyd named chairman ol the committee to contact those who have not yet returned their quotas by that time, she said Tbe new acceptances were received from: Rosenblatts. Mikes Auto Body Shop. Lee Hain Furniture. Stevenson Lumber Co.. C. M. St. Paul (t Pacific R. R. Employees. St. Bernice; Anton's Senice Station. St. Bernice: Robinson Manufacturing Co.. Per-rysville: S. O. Harlan. '. S. Machine Tool Co., Riverside Inn. i i j Elgb -FordquIrtcrsan:rnd an envoy tignin mr iui x Franco, according send an envoy Franco, according . , I . . . . .1 . v- " - iDDines American Dougnooss were driving headlong up the vital Leyte Valley today in the teeth of a roaring typhoon ana soaainK '"" and bad reached a point within t miles of the west coast of the island. General Douglas MacArtbnr announced in his latest headquarters communique. The wind at times reacnea a -i Tit n,u- an hour and the heavy torrential rain somewhat slow ed down the rapid aavance oi ixiht-itMini Vsnks. but In their i"""""' - - - - surge ap the valley. oey to secure control or an nign tra in that area and tighten tbeir grip on enemy communication lines. Ime IS Losers i War In disclosing the newest gains 01 , i... .fnA1.w.nti liberation trooDs. Gen eral MacArthur revealed that enemy losses in the Leyte Bd samar cam- Brazilian Troops Seize Town In Drive on Bologna Calomini Falls to 5th Army Forces; Bridgehead Set Tp: Ships Shell Coast ROME. Italy. Brasilia, and Indian troops took the spotlight today on the northern Italian front as tbe American Fifth Army captured the town oT Cakwrini. 1n the drive against Bologna, and tbe Britisl) Eighth Army hopped across the Ron-co River, south of ForK. In a communique that also reveal ed how American. . British and French naval vessels hammered German Installations on Milos Island and the Franco-Italian frontier. Al lied Mediterranean headquarters said Fifth Army Tanks captured IVO pri-oners north of the Bologna-Pra- to road. Establish Ronco Bridgehead T Irlnf nrivnntnjTe of improved weather conditions, the Indian units of the Eighth Army established their (Continued on fage t Parcels May Now Be Mailed to Civilians In 3 Italian Cities WASHINGTON. D. C. Postmaster Genera Frank C. Walker reported today that in line with the Presi dent k urogram rnr restorlne normal rAlalinna with ItSltV narcels Will be accepted henceforth for shipment to civilians in Home, lapies, raiermo and Vatican City state. However. Walker pointed out, the service is limited and the following rules must e ouservea. The value of each package Is limited to 25. Weight is limited to four pounds. Siie is restricted to 36 inches, length and girth combined. No written or printed matter may be included in the packages. Perishahle foods may not be mailed. Suggested ItemB for shipping are clothing and shoes, sewing kits, powdered or evaporated milk and soap. Pfc Lawrence R. Mattioda. son of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Mattioda of route three. Clinton, has been en- rolled at Scott Field. Army Air For- ces Training Command radio school .. i ,ivlli. life he attend- ed Clinton High School and was a general farmer. Mrs. Loretta Akers of Terre Haute, formerly of Clinton, received from the war department Friday evening. the purple heart awarded to her son. Private Raymond Akers. Private Akers was injured Sept. 21 in France where he was serving with a tank division and is now in a hospital In England. U.S.A. Boo inennaw.- iuusic ton High School with the class of "44 is now siaiionea ai vri ,.k tti wttb the r. S. Naw. He practiced all through the summer term at Champaign, 1U. witi Coach. KEVVS OF The Clintonian or frienda this column. j I less seuicvj graduate oi mi- r..- --- - open" to the press and radio, it 88 ( choo Bt Vegas. Nevada, where learned today. ! be won lliB wings. Air experts from some SO or vpar Pet Hadden has nation, are ejected to attend- An , conla1 InisBionB Allied and neutral nations will be flown niore inFlalanon6. He Peprented -cent Argen ma. which over enemy was not mvited. and Russia, n icu ( an,ievement in sustain-suddenly recalled If flight., and the Cus- The Russians, cominc by plane V r Mdd! for an addition-had reached Winnipeg -e the So- o con,hat flyjnE. r viet radio announced its "elegat on ai num. ,h(a Oood bad been withdrawn because coun- i a. Asiatic-Pacific trie, like Pwitserland. '"'"i'll ribbon with a bronx star Spain, which for Jl"iZatm participation in the conducted, pro-fascist policy ! c.nm,. Campaign, and the to the Soviet Union, have also been ew o citation device siastic in describing success of Lieut. Gen. Sir Miles Christopher Dempsey s latest offensive which sent tbe Germans packing along a 30-mile front and all but cleared the port of Antwerp as a much-needed supply bass for some J.0u.00 Allied troop, standing at the border, of Nail Germany awaiting the order to strike. One correspondent .aid: t W in Battle for Antwerp ii. h the battle for soutb- ! . ..... u,. ii.,,! been won. but tbe bat- i tie for the important supply port of j Antwerp lias also been won. 1 "Th. r,,im in the north are black j (;.rman vehicles Joining ia ta procession ot retreat. Another wired: "They are going back In drove. They are even using perambulator, among the conglomeration of transmit to get themselves and tbeir c-quipment away." Ketr -at Nortfc and West The retreat apparently was la two Oonmuoa on pace- a. 1 Spanish Border Clashes 3Iounting; Seek Franco Ouster LONDON. England. While exiled Spanish Republican leader, planned to request Generalissimo Franco to resign peacefully. Spain hurled new troops into the Franco-Spanish border clash today, according to Teports reaching London. In a meeting at Paris on Sunday. k. -.,., . ii, ,,n chieftains decided to to Generalissimo to a diBpatch from France published in the London Dai ly Mail. The envoy will ask the Spanish . . , ui, pointing -" -- . ... TTJEZ:ZTZ fvM ,dere, BCCording , the . .... Kwk to establish an .mernment to main- uiv ord,r ,!! a republican regime can be reestablished. The military leaders would be elected. Among the exiled Spaniard, at- tending the parley in Paris was Ml- Iguel Mairo. former miniumi m 'lire-Franco republican government. ! He came to Paris from the Riviera !to attend the meeting, according to the Daily Mail. Franco's . force., guarding the Franco-Spanish border, were forced meanwhile with more troop. from garrisons In Spanish Morocco. The London Daily Express. In . report from Tangier, .aid that fresh troops, supplied with German equis-menu were leaving Tangier for the French frontier. I The reinforcements took German artiilerv pieces with them, among - '- . .. .k . (K other things, the dispatch to the jir' Bs asserted, reporting further that Franco-, force, that left Tangier three weeks ago had been In action. bT.. cam true f pfc. .t, rrPn Wrirht and Pvt. Harold I Lambert, both of Clinton, who recently met each other in the French , capital. According to a letter written ny Pvt. Lambert to Ills parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Lambert of Blaekman Street, he was sitting at one of the world- renowned Parisian outdoor cafes when he saw a GI who looked atranaely tumiliar. The;.- stared t each othr for a while, then each finally decided he knew the other. Both Pvt. Lambert and Pfc. Wright, who is the son oi j ---- - . I Mrs. Lena Wright of Fairview. are in the ordnance branch of the l b. Ar- 1 v and were stationea m r.u...u ' for nearly a year prior to going into France. Both were graduated front 1 Clinton High School in 193. nounced today that uneraior i ,. hrrheri the vital Mittelland Canal at Mindn. Germany, midway between Osnauruck ana Marojor. A studv of reconnaissance pnow- glowed wall destroyed by a direct 'n ig three miles of the , leaving at least M tugs maw. stn-nded. the w4m"""e The Xljy in the east-wem n'ftLT" , ?n7 eastern ' i,h ,h, hr Valley and the Rliineland. Dana Truck Crash Injures 4, One In Local Hospital It-jrhnrfl .ten 11 Jordan. 14. daugh ter of Mr. and Mm. Wallace Jordan at iut-nice was taken to the Ver million County Hospital Saturday. Oct. fullowing an automohlle accident one mile north or St. Bernice at 3 p. m.. It was announced today. Mini Joraan was rawnni i austatned two broken ribs and cutB and bruises about the face. She was injured when a trucl: driven by Ruby- Alice Ayres with .1 ,...Dtu,.p..-t- l.-ft lite road , c...hi .i hnttered bv the over Un fi.rv of the United States fleet, what remained of the Japanese imnerial fleet was in hiding ana nca- ... .. ;. wminiiG tjtdav. Newest advice from Aom. t uwi W. Nimiti at Pacific fleet neaoijur- ters revealed that the staggering losses of the Nip fleet in the second battle of the Philippines mountea wi itn -amUinc mink OT damaged as the result of new blow, struck on Octo ber 28 by carrier planes irom ao-miral William F. Halsey's powerful Third Fleet. Strike in Manila Harbor A Japanese heavy cruiser, previously damaged, probably was sunk in Manila harbor, the Nimiti com- .,,, revealed, and another cruis er was damaged, while off Cavite a third cruiser was struck oy two i,- . . " I" ntlO-nounB Domus auo - " ed. Down fXI Mane At the same time. 90 Jap planes were shot out of the skies in a furious air battle over Luion. when the enemv attempted to Intercept the attacking Tank planes, and in assaults on Manila airfields and central Philippines bases. Near Cebu. Admiral Nimiti disclosed, our planes scored a hit on a Jap oil tanker, having It uaui oaui- I Continued on page .1 Omvict Omfesnes To WAC Murder; Prcr. Investigation INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. William i ....un "..war-ld state prison con vict, murdered WAC Mnoma L. Rid ings during a drunken argument, according to tun alleged confession today. The prisoner said that he had had a "wild party" with the Camp Atter-burv WAC the night of Aug. 2. 1!(43. In Room 72S Claypool Hotel, and slashed her to death with a broken whiskey bottle, Fheriff Otto Petit asserted. INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. A court order wsb to he southt today preliminary to giving William f Larry I Luallen a mental examination after the convict verbally confessed to the whiskey bottle murder of WAC Cor-wal Maoma L. Ridings Aug. 28. 1!14S in an Indianapolis hotel. Sheriff Otto W. Petit, of Marion County, said that Luallen. who had accused his former wife of the crime, made a verbal confession to the murder late last nicht. Further nuestionine was delayed until this mornine because Luallen became ;, slck- .qneriff Petit report- A court order will be sought to- ...... fnr unwiintmpnt of tKD TtSVClli- fitrists to give Luallen a mental ex amination, the county law official said. Both the convict and his former wife. Mrs. Wynona Kidd Luallen. of Knoxville. Tnn.. have been subjected to numerous lie detector tests and questionings since the ex-husband signed a statement sccusinc the 2-year-old divorcee of slayma Cpl. Ridings with a broken whiskey bottle in the Claypool Hotel following a "wild party." j Continued as raft tl Son of Clintonites Is Aerial Gunner U .. j Aena QuntieT With Famed 'Red Raiders' FIFTH AIR FORCE. Southwest j.ifK- Staff-Sergeant Orville W. Harden, whose parents live at 5X0 South Fourth Street. Clinton. Ind.. is with the Red Raid ers, a crack heavy bombardment unit of the Fifth Air Force. Sergeant Hadden enlisted in the Army Air Force at Fort McArthur. Calif . where be received his basic training. He was then transferred to Hamilton Field. Calif., and served for a time as chief warehouse-man In -. - .ron at that POFt. HlS technical training in the Air Forces . Kinriv in air-craft nnciuaes , h armorers school "' t tlie armrer-. school FiP,d Colo.. ,nd ais0 . " . t.i,.:i,l.j:iinnerv ht ii.rti-- . . , . comber of the Red Raiders. The outfit won the Citation for out standing performance in tne rapu.u Campaign. Sergeant Haddon attended the ht. w wrrh Kchnol. where he was active in sirts. After graduation he was employed by the sneei m.-i, dept. of -the Milwaukee, St. Paul and Minneapolis Railroad. Tire Outlook I Brighter for B, C Card Driver WASHINGTON. D. C. The tire Bituation for "H" and "C" ration book holders was brighter today but the outlook for "A" motorists was still gloomy. The OPA announced thst one million K5 thousand new auto tires will be available for "B" and "C" motorists in November, an increase of Ja'i.ixtO over the October quota. The Vnvem her allotment. OI'A said. it ovnecteri to satisfy normal month ly replacements, but will be insut - -- lllCient IO Iteimii ... eligibility requirements for "A" card holders. In addition. OI'A said, the quota will enable local ration boards to work off "a few" of an estimated bark lot of fc5". approved, bat unfilled, applications from "B" and "f" holders for new tires. A mon- tiroaaening 01 ithlv quota ot o million tires will he required to fill these requests. Deputy OPA Administrator Mai .VeCullough warned that the tire situation still remains critical and most motorists must resort to recapping to keep their cars in operation. LOCAL MEN IN SERVICE welcome any news of relatives in the armed services for PHONE 32 and overturned in a ditch, throwing. Clinton OV MfW In all five f the girls out on th.- vjgjii Cafe in Paris rnund- ,, The old French saying "If you it The three other passer.. leg- ' Rld,walk cafe m Paris long e-gy Noble. Barbara Hopkins and Bet- ,,, in the Invited". , . . The American delegates, headed bv Adolf A. Berle..ssisunt Secretary of State, favor tlie open session and the Americans were busy today as the first of the foreign delegations arrived, trying to win support for opening the sessions to accredited newspaper men and radio representatives. , , , ... We msv be outvoted, but well make our try." a spokesman for th. American delegation aaid. The move for less secrecy crew in force after the wide criticism accorded the Bretton Woods and Dumbarton Oaks Conferences held behind closed doors. The Civil Aviation Conference will have at its final ohjeetive the establishment of operating rules for In ternatlonal passenger and express air lines mlmediately after the war The delicate phase of this i.Rue I-a determination of which nations will operate these lines. While Russia's refusal to send a delegation narrows the area of discussion. American delegates were BOpeiul liiai we'' i,- ( paralleling main decisions reached at i r... m- -1 1 1 me CUII 1 1 nn uia Russia The American delegation will seek approval of . plan for unlimited competition for post-war air routes. This will be opposed by the Britisl delegation which -will ask creat ion of an International air authority em- powered to allocate routes to variouf f wa. Clinton Man Arrested Charles Halter. Clinton, was fined fl and routs in city court. Monday. Oct. 3fl, following arrest bv city police on th charges of provoke, it was reported today. J J ; 1 Ray Elliot s football team of the University of Illinois. He is the son of Mr. and Mm. George Chenhall of South Fourth street His addrs is Robert Wayne Chenhall. Co. 190. Great Lake. N. T. C. Great Lakes. 111. willlatn H. Eaton returned to Camp Barkeley. Tex. after spending a seven day furlough with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Eaton of South Fifth street. U.S.A. Forrest "Frosty" Berrisford. who was wounded in action on Sept. 19 has written to his wife. Mrs. Rosa- j lie nvuiBiuiw. 4.-1 - i that he has been transferred to a hospital base in the South Pacific for an operation on hiB knee " Pfc. Harold Hungerford has amv ed safely hi France according . (Continued on Tage 2) to erly Scott, all of St. Bernice. - not seriously injured. . Loral Scoutmaster Wins Highest Scout Honor Henry "Chick-- Wellman. scoutmaster in Clinton for the past 2" years, was awarded the Silver Heaver award, the highest honor in scouting, at the dinner meeting of scoutmasters, eubuiasters and wives, at the Woodrow Wilson Junior High School in Terre Haute Monday evening, it was reported tday. The Filver Beaver Award is made bv the National council oi no Scouts on recomendation of the local council, for outstanding senice to bv the National Council of Boy boyhood The award was presented bv Earl C Bovd. siiTierintcndcnt of Clinton Citv Schools

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