The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 30, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, October 30, 1944
Page 5
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TIIE DAILY CLINTONIAN Monday, Oclober 30, 191 1. Wash Oven urach ib inside of the oven and is spending 14 day furlough with his wife, Eleanor Jean Engle and National Exchange President ranks with soap and water, rinse, his parents. ' HV-i,e.i Brown of Indianapolis and dry thoroughly. If inside is Army team which mow has rolled up 277 points tu the opposition's 21 to sturl hii unbeaten, untied record? Or. two weeks after Army, the inspired Knaineers of lieorgia Tech? It is a . wpu,.d with Mr. and rusted, clean with steel wool ana Soviets Spring At Budapest, ,;ih aluminum Daint. Allow" Mrs. Fred Brown. Fresh Flanking Move on Reich Line in Drive (Continued from paga I) oven door to remain slightly open until cool. j question which will give Irish Coach , Probe Into Indianapolis WAC Slaying in Doldrums l.NfJIANAi'OUH, Ind. The lu-,,ua,i,M,Hnii nf Ihe slaving of WAC Nazis Declare IlliniMark Beginning Of End for Irish Notre Dame Meets Match In Illinois Scramble, Barely Edge Out Win; Purdue Drops Decision j Ed McKeever plenty or neaaaenea. 1 Army lefeat lluke ' Army met Its first test of the campaign in Duke, and downed the , 5.,.. f .. Corporal Maouia h. Hidings in In (Continued tiom page 1) Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIEOPBACTOB X-Eajr 2S5 Blackmail The Germans retreated into a small I riii lie uli, r nocket surrounded by Tlii" hieh cominund also revealed lilue IJevlls, 27 to 7. Like Notre Dame, tiiu Cadets were trailing at the half, 7 lo l, but, unlike the Irish. Army haltered through lo three last-half touchdowns on sheer power Dale Hall. Max Minor and Glenn l)a-viu uklrtfri nt- rul through tile Duke dianapolis was in the aoiarunis today. Sheriff Otto l'etit admitted that he has been unable to obtain a confession from Mrs. Wynona Kidd Mini lied iroous III Hungary, press waterways around Knocke and Heyst, ing their offensive west of Satu- Mare, overran nine towns and the railway sialion at Mariapocs. fW VOHK, V V.-Nolr, Dame s loU(:llUown8 , l0 miuieS of football team most probably will he NEW VOHK, 1. Y -Notre Dame's Tin i wo lied forces Dressing to Soothe your irritated eyes wliere they are expected to inane flnul stand. Airmen HiipKi't Advance Allied air forces supported the new advances closely, strafing and bombing behind the German lines. A communique Issued by General iiuiviii Kiupiihnwer'fi headuuarters ward this area from north and Bouth linked up. and sought to trap Nazi Luallen, of Kuoxville, Tenn., who, according to her former husband, William Luallen, a convict, killed Corporal Ridings with a broken whiskey bottle In a Claypool Hotel room August 28, 1943. "Mrs. Luallen is pretty evasive," I Sheriff Petit said arter long questioning. "I haven't given un. by any with Murine armies in East Hungary. beaten before the end o the 11M4 - (B ,.., ,, ril0I1 grid aeason The hai.dwr ling is on ' c0rUlllI,lt,d owor , ,. roll-the wall In letters a fool High today, n ul 0Vl. ,,ellll. and was written there last Saturday nnsvlvanias were held to a when the Irish barely squeezed , .,.,.V!',rrf advance overland, and Russian war news was concerned WM"""! nuilnlv wilh Ihe lull of strategic Csop. German and Hungarian troops hud been ordered lo hold the town through with a 13 to 7 victory over AimaiB ,)a,ks, led by Hig Hob Illlnnia nltfip Irmllnir 7 In II nt Hui . JenkiiiB, went wild. Navy, for the "at any cost," according lo the coiu- half. 'if' , , first tiino this season, really looked The strong Notre Dame forward k lllL, outrlt wmch wll8 selected in like the outfit which was selected in iiiuniuue supplement, describing how K. . h..M.n ited soldiers smashed through a pre-season dope as the strongest in wall met lis match. Hip IriNh wen r (jrigioaica uy " r T i widely ramified net of formica r murine pniig ws. uutrushed, bill yurds to 1:12. and lunHc nnlv nlflil fii-wl itnwiiu In Illi tions" and eventually fought in the W eye t the Hast. Huskies Tromire California l J- riun drnDA ta SU.O yC PQ "I and also revealed thut Allied Beaborue forces In Heveland Island had effected a junction with other Allied troops In the Hoedekenskerke area. The seaborne bridgehead, according lo Hie communique, was enlarged westward. Mi-use Advance 4'onthiues The British and Canadians and American troops operating; with the latter, continued advancing along tlie whole front south of lite Meuae river. Capture of the vital communications town of Breda was confirmed by the morning communique which .. r.. ..,!.... ,1..., AlHwl fnra In nois' fourteen. The Notre Dame team town s streets. l:aii.Mui "l.iiiuiibilcoV' An astounding upset was scored means, even though we have not gut anything definite yet." The officer said that additional lie detector tests will be given to both Mrs. Luallen and her former husband, now serving a 10-to-25 year sentence for burglary. They faced each other last week and the woman suspected shouted that Luallen was a liar. Mrs. Luallen now is held on a burglary charge, which she also denied. Her attorney, James M. Dawson, Murine starn i . - ircrcsh. Murine contains seven ingrc- I i ... : j tUmicunrli nt war was outsmarted through the first jn lhu W(,sl wh,, Washington's lllllf llV film limtl flmille iRlldllvl - ... ,:r l.. q.t l ll The Nazi garrison was, imuiuui- clients . .. is uumi ...y.j- - -- -r- dients . & I X. iudusingiiO nrsi-aiu t i 1 ia tt unilfSru. iodusi ed," the Moscow announcement sa.u. huskics irounccu i aiiiuimu, ,u. Young, the negro siiiiuler. and were . , h,,.mi1v iih-huIi- Washington thoroughly thrush was gCQUC.SUlMUlug. gen ..,i,Hi.f thiit :ir, hcavv guns, a uuiuuer kept In Hue uy two other backs of ammunition dumps and supplies ed by L'SC last Monday, but played ii,u itouru nil iheir feel ill the Sat linn rirnnnurnnil nml Pmil I'll 1 1 ersiiii M Hi Ailliuul iilvenlion in Toledo, Ohio, nil October 10, IMJ Nalioliul Kulialige rlllh elected as President Dr. Mlewarl W . iti'l-lund. of Harrogate, Tenliessee. Ir. Mct'lellulld Is a lliember of the KmiKville, Tennessee, i:change 4lllb aud lias been President of ,inroln Jlemorial l iiiveislty, near (Ulllberlillld iap, Tennessee, for Hie past twelve years. Dr. Mct'lellulid is a grailuate of Ik-unison I lllversit), H- degree, l12, und I.. H. I). In HM'7- ' became an ordained minister of Hie Prrnbylerian t'liuicli 111 11!S and held several luiiiorlant slorates, mining which was that of tlw I'hsl Presbyterian t'hurch, Monroe, Michigan, from -;,a wliere he became a nieinber of i: ehauge ill l4a. Kor his oulstaiid- urday lilt on superior line play and were captured. ' Capture of the city climaxed a 60-mile drive across the mountainous said today he would attempt to ob- iiTin in pastern Czechoslovakia anu revejllt-U IUIUICI lliui ui.-u b.v. ....... u that vicinity are sinashing along I tulu her release on bond possibly severed the Nazis' escape the backfield work ol dick uueie and Keith DeCourcey. Purdue Drops Decision Purdue, weakened by the loss of seven players in V-12 shifts, dropped a 40 to 14 decision to Michigan. The Wolverines were led by Hob WU'se, toward Hungary. Soutli of Csop, in northeastern Hungary, the Soviets chalked up nortnwarq in iu mea ui ve Zand, representing a gain of some five miles. In their thrust northward toward the Meuse river, the Allied troops severed the arterial roadway linking Breda and Roosendaal, ten miles rnino for us much as eight nines. Against the Illinl, who scrapped for every inch of ground, there was none of the powerful, easy grace which usually characterizes the Notre Dame attack, Voung lUctfK 74 l aid Achilla (Chick) Maggioli, murine trainee playing his lust game, saved the Irish from defeat In the fourih quarter when he scooped in a lateral from Bob Kelley and raced 71 yards to a touchdown. In the first quarter. Kelly grabbed a fumble on the Illinois 16 and scrambled Into the end zone. ISul the spotlight was stolen by Young, who sent u crowd of 60,114 Into a frenzy of screaming bv racing 74 yards lo a lallv Hie playing his lust gume before transfer i ii,luliiiiiins School. Wiese BCor- Several enemy counter-attacks were repulsed in the area, particularly ed three touchdowns ut the head of southwest of the captured town. near the village ol isyiiuoor. t ihnn 600 German and Hungarian a fast, smurt siiuud. riiitn state look its fifth game In JZT l""e 'by Ah'na rursue Keattog Kla KwifMv troops were captured. c:,.,,,H I'.irpi.u mil-sued tile Silence on Prussia a row when it toppled Minnesota, 34 to 14. The Buckeyes piled up a 20 t a ii leml before the Gophers even had a chance to Invade enemy terri retreating Nazi elenienls while figllt-! er-bombers plagued the enemy's i withdrawal from overhead. The I planes strafed Oei niun road trans- poriiition nortli of Breda nad Itoosen-! dual, and medium bombers blasted ! -l,-,l lirMuu umiMR I III' All-IISC at College in l!a. lr- M lelland was Acting (liaplain on the I'. -. Arkansas and the '. H. W. Penn-svlvilllia fiom 1117-20. He became M. t'oloiiel. Michigan Held Artillery Cluiplaiii's Corps in I Mill He holds the Lilt. I. IH-grc-e Horn Lincoln Memorial l iiiversity. RE-ELECT Fountain Straughn REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR COMMISSIONER THIRD DISTRICT OF VERMILLION COUNTY I Will Sincerely Appreciate Your Support i tory The communique said that only reconnaissance activity and fighting of "local importance" took place elsewhere on the eastern front. Official silence prevailed regarding the East Prussiun invasion. Reports in Moscow Indicated, however, that the Hed army is bringing up reserves and equipment to launch new offensive drives into Ut'icll very first time he got his hands on ' the ball, young was kicked in the head at the end of Ihe half, anil was retired to tile sidelines. ! To Meet Navy If the Irish cannot cope Willi 1111-imiu. what are Ihev to exocet when Football Moerdijk where It is believed the enemy will try to make a get-away toward Rotterdam. The communique announced little action elsewhere on the western front except that gains were Bcored in the l.uneville sector of France, marked by the capture of Kraiperl uls, east of Hatubervlllers. they meet that powerful Navy squad U 1. 11 tlu etewle? fir lit,. I (Two-thirds of the original Ger (iurfield (Terre Haute) 7, (ieorge man forces fighting in East Prussia t n ltco uHnnri mil. aCCOl'dillg 10 a town I III 1 II. La I'orte 30, Adums (South Bend) Navy Keeps Up Damaging Blows At Japanese (Continued from pag 1) i BBC broadcast heard in New York baby s mi nc by NBC. ) 1-1... wMvu nf the Russian Overshadows l-'ront 0. Washington I South Bend) 41 u-l,itiiiir 911. Action in Holland overshadowed inin i.'iiki Prussia apparently other developments. Front line re yr. Relieve misery direct; vvAiiC -without "doting." Hiley (South Bend) 40, Micliigull I -i 1 .....n In- tinvprp Nazi City 0. ports from Lt. (Jen. Miles ueinpsey s I, nullum) rtprs ill Holland Indicated counter-attacks. A bewildering pro- WICKS i.ii..,. nf defense works was encoun that the German position south of tered. according to reports in Mob cow. the Meuse has oegun to -'uiHinufg-min " Ai. estimated 40.1100 Nazi troops, still left In southwestern Hol The decisive Jap losses: Sunk; Two battleships, four carriers, six heavy cruisers, three light cruisers, three small cruisers or large destroyers, and six destroyers. Damaged: Six battleships, lour heavy cruisers, one light cruiser and len destroyers. land, face the possibility ot UPSET STOMACHS YIELD INCHES OF GAS AND BLOAT Yank Leyte Drive Frees 1,500,000 Filipinos From Foe (Continued from page 1) Public Auction At MILL VALLEY FARM Due to my being lulled to Hie service. I will sell ill I'llblic Auction 7 miles south of Hoekville, 4 miles north of Itosedale, I mile south of Mecca and five miles north of Clinton on the Meiea-Cowllle road, the following )ioperly Thursday, November 2, 1 944 1 STAHTI.N'U AT 1 O'CLOCK I'. M. Hx;s One pun- bred lluroe sow uith llller; I lin- lled Dliroe sow, open; 1 Imruc-Tiuiiwoi-lh son lo fallow Nov. 0. CATTLK One yelioiv Jilsey 4-jears olil, 4 gallon row with calf by siili-: 1 llolslein, r yenrs old, I gallon cow; I Jersey 4 years old a H gallon con, due in May or June; I Jersey (I years old, a it gallon cow ; I Whilcfacc bull calf. IMI'LF.MKlXTS One f-'-UO l-'arliutll tl-uiior on steel uith olvei-lift, ill excellent condition; cultivator for same; I liitcrimtioiiul 14-inch two bottom plow; I rotary hoe Willi cullipackers for same; I wagon in good shape; one ii-loot Oliver mower; I brand new Avery disc, used only to disc garden; 1 good walking plow; It light hog houses; I sell-feeder; I double shovel I pre-war uiiinilu liny lime, used one year; I spring tooth harioM ; 2 milk cans and other articles Klkharl 32. Goshen 0. Memorial (Kvansville) 27, Bosse (Evansvllle) 8. Clark (Haniniond) 21, Hammond IS. Horace -Mann (C-ary) 13. Hani inond Tech 0. Washington I Hast Chicugo) 27. Froebel fliary) 0. Central Catholic (Fort Wayne) 13. Central (Fort Wayne) 13 (tie). m Manure Handling Alternative labor-saving methods in handling of manure are: (1) hauling daily to avoid the doub'it hm-dling of piling it in the yard aftd reloading and (2) allowing the manure to accumulate under jn animals in concrete-floor feeding .iAa during the winter and hauling all of it at the same time. Little loss of fnunit k long as the Two Whips lOscatH- Kuinage Only one or at the most two Jap warships escaped undamaged. It was estimated there were noi more than 60 ships in the three enemy naval 7T. 7nr7".. i.i i. .Hii-.-iiinir 'forces which ainieu a imfw- Dailey Chapel News and Notes Weekend Guests Call At Huxford Home; Capital Resident Visits Here Mr. and Mrs. Huxford hud as weekend guests, Miss Muxinc Huxford of Indianapolis and Mrs. Mil-brey Huxford and children of Cut- oenerai raat-iu u.u. " . , , Hirust at General Douglas Macir that all hope of rescue or aid for i 'nm at y invasion front on "I was so full of gas I Has afraid I'd buret. Sour, bitter gubslaucc rose up In uiy Ihrout from y upsot stomach after meals. I got KKU-HELP, aud it worked iuelieg of gas and bloat from me. Waistline is way down now. Meals arc a pleasure. I praise Erb-Hclp to Hie sky." This in an ai l mil testiiiioniitl from a man living right here in Clinton. KKB-HKLP Ik "'e new formula fikiitjiinhii? iiiediciiial juiies from 12 thur's I'hllipplne iUiw iiHil faded as a n Leyte Island. The victory was not without cusi A I lie r ican lives and ships. Al though the losses were light in com f.reat Herlis; these herbs clcansi -I-.. k from stomach, act) animals keep the manure trampled suit of the smashing debacle suffered by the enemy fleet which attempted to attack Mac-Arthur's Leyte beachheads. Intercept Jap Fleet In revealing further details of the sea-air battles in which V.-Adni. Thomas C. Kinkaid s Seventh Kleet Kscort Carrier tiroup took positions oft Samur to Intercept the heavier lap force moving ill from the nurth. MaiArthur's communique disclosed that one. enemy heavy cruiser and , ,i,.utrvir w.ih sunk, and three too numerous to mention. HA V AM) GltAIN Wl Hales of t.uoil Clover Hay, " liilsliel.s more or less of Sii-d Outs. re Ol- less tji !htii wum. on sluggish liver and kidneys. Mis- and packed, but loss of nitrogen eral.le K-opl soon feel different all will occur unless its hauled and over. So don't go on suffering - et spread ... cool damp wea i her and Erb-Hclp. White' (ItexalU I'l.or- the material is plowed under or I disked as soon as possible. TKItMS CASH. No properly lo In- moved liulil paid for. parison to the staggenii' ion oi enemy Bliips and men s' nl in the bottom. Admiral liaise- l 'i ie erview with INS currcKie' ;d'-:.l lJhilip iteed aboard his I .ig up summed up a universal senl uc ' . "The one 1 : -te lii the whole show," Hah- - ' i. tllal ""' Al"" erlcan boy lo be hurt or killed In cutlii ''it these monkey-meii." (-,' le" Casualties: M'Aiiliur 'tc al Douglas Mai-Arthur de- lin. Mr. and Mia. Kred llrown and Mrs. Dorothy Drown spent Friday In Terre Halite. Mrs. Heat rice Doitey and son of Fairiuounl, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Art Ilaker of Chicago, and Marie Mealka of Lafayette spent the weekend wilh Mr. and Mrs. Homer Lear. Miss Judy l'rall of Clinton spent -.,,...-,i.,i, xieiit urn! similav with Mr. A. TODD 0'LAVERTY, SELLER Not ri'.sj(MisiMt- lot- ui 'ilcii(. T Ill hf, .MS A it itt .imiiw'i ' i mii j battleships or cruuK-ra and a destroyer were severely damaged. Three adilitional enemy heavy u,,rf Mil destroyers were DEMOCRATIC consul- t 3iu ...r..-- .-- el- ' iodav We susiaiiii-a consul SUSlallieu -,. eisuallies" ill the loss of two anu Mrs. Alien itmh aim ort' carriers, two destroyers and J ulia and Helen. ...... ile-tlniver escort.! .MhiiiiiimIIs visited her imieiits, Mr. -MEETING- and Mrs. Chester Dickey over mo i weekend. TAXPAYERS probably sunk by the combined a" allacks of Seventh and Third 11 Carrier planes as Ihe crippled ""' ! force was altciniiling lo flee Hold HI2 Miles of Coast Willi il miles Of Ley' eastern coast line now ill our P' sion. and u'iih Aiiieiiean gror ' I roups rang Mrs. Lliiabelh liaun und ida . viuiieil Mr. and Mrs. lieher Haun and family at Jonestown re-. cently. , universal, nm. Mrs. Joe Helt of Washington, u. ATTENTION The loss of these ships. In addition to Ihe Light Carrier I'rinceton. previously was announced by the Navy Department in Washington. Mosl of the officers and men, including the 1'riiii elon's captain, were rescued. Pearl Harbor "liots" Present Admiral Nimitz' communique proudly mentioned that five Culled States battleships The West Virginia. Maryland, Tennessee. Calilor-nia and Pennsylvania - - damaged in the sneak Jap allack on I'earl Harbor played an important role In tin C. is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Melvill Miles. I Mr -and Mrs. Cecil Bradfieid spent Saturday and Sunday with H. Pit- SCIOLBO BUILDING linger near Liberty ville. 9 I ing almost u lli'iiil' ! I along the entire fighting fr i hose remaining Jap troops on Hie .-.'luid apparently are retreating towr.r !s Oruioc Bay which nelit: on the C'amotcs Sea to the west. Or lime remains us the only stronghold of miy consequence on the : Lit. 1. Sin' Trooi-l,aileil Hinges e'er tin- pas-t several days. American i'T bonis have been sinking Jap barges ill l'in:oc Hay. most of them i being heavily loaded with enemy Hoop -. This was seen as an enemy lallciii'l lo evacuale his doomed solid ie rs from Leyte through Ormoc. j Mid possibly land llieui on t'ebu or Monday, Oct. 30 j Mrs. Laura Thomas or vtnauiug-lon. D. C. and .Mrs. Lee Thomas of Lylord were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Huxford, Monday. 1 .Miss Kleanor McCord of Kosedale spent Wednesday night with Joann Hi aner. I'vt. Wayne Huxford who was sia-liolied in .Michigan has been trans-leired to Larado, Texas for further victory. Xe ( illlieis in Hull If The new Carriers Lexington. Wasp anil Hornet, repluriiig the iliree old carriers of I lie same name? in previous bailies, also participated. training THK FALL INSTAI.LMK.NT OP' IMlti TAX IS NOW HI K AM) I'AVAIILF. AT THK TICKASI ItFlt'S OFFM F. IX NKW-I'OltT. ALSO O.M-; I.VSTALLMK.VT OF MOHITOItll l TAXKS KOIt THOSK WHO TOOK Al A.VTAtiK OF THF. MOltlTOIt-II M ON DFI.I.NtJI F.VI' TAXKS. IF .Vol' PAID IIV THK FlltSI' MOM.AV IX XOIK.UHKI! SI 4 H TAXKS WILL HKCOMK l)K-LIXIJI F.NT AM) N I'KH FX T I'KXALTV WILL UK AIIIIKD TO Til F FALL I.VSTALI.WK.VT. THF THIvASI ItFlt'S OFFICIO WILL AI'I'ltFl IAIF KAItl.V PAVMKXT OF TAXKS TO AOII THF LAST .MIX I I F It! Mil. MAIL WILL UK A.XSWFItFD AS SH)X AS I'O.ssllll.F. I'FII. SONS I'.WINfi TAXKS ItV MAIL WILL I'LFAsF IXCLIIIF HFTl ltX POSTACF. ALSO STATK IX W HAT i'OUXSHIPOK COItPOHA I'lOX THK1K PltOI'KH'l V IS LO A1KI). Ill HIM. THF LAST TWO WFFKS TKI.FPIIOXF CALLS CA.XXOT HK A.XSWFHKII AS THF WI.MlOWS WILL I IK TAK-V FX CAHK OF FIlisT. I Mary Brittain Karl G. Dicken DKPl TV THFASl ItKIt TliKASI KKH m .v iimiiev 1'. S. X. and wife of Used in War DogT have been used in many niiluaiy ent;a!!eiiients, and in World w ,- I hnili tt, flertmina and the KOiie- other Islann lo me wen. 7:30 p.m. i OLIS G. JAMISON j The spectacular success of Lie:;r. Cm. W alter Kr, user's lni:.:.tiyi,ii n in occupying Leyte Valley, means Flench had units lor the purpose of me.ssaee-beanntf. locating of wound ed and scouting work. Until the that MacArthur's princi; al objeclivi that .MiiPArlliUrw ,nn. hi oujpvii'.v In the firs, ..I .u. ol -he liberation, Present war bo.,""!" and naval units merely nf lhi I'liiliniitliH.-l lia bet-11 HC military mnrto mnvnlu i.f Hnys llianV Of Daylona Heach, Fla. arrived Friday morning for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Homer Lear and Mrs. Cladys Harney of near Kockvllle. Max has a 14 day furlough and Is being transferred. .Mrs. Homer Lear and Fvelyn Stutler of Kockvllle shopped in Terre Halite Tuesday. Seaman 1C Truman Adams and I'vt. Hill Adams called on Mr. und Mrs. Karl Huxford, Sunday evening I'vt. Hill Kd Kngle of California ccmipliHlittd within eiiil d;iya of liiiidtilKri. OTn MlSTilvT WdliQiuaicrui vwuyi w- whom won immortality and worldwide publicity. The procession of "JiggS" mascots in the marine corps made the undersluni-jawed How Fungus LIvci A Impoiii li hu tun mpfln' L tngnsn Duuaog almost a ii aueinai ther as a parasite or as a sapro- iur the Leathernecks. VILLIAM 'Cubby' LARK j pnyut I Aii LOQO AM' LADlESi'. LOOK WHATS COMING IHt .STUDIO WALK!1.1. WHAT LI Wfc TBLL THEM r 11 on LAWSi LOBDS AN' LADlESi! Irr'rA & BLONDE- BLUE EVES YyEP-WEMT A LOOK WHAT'S COMING UP IHE ('."' Lia.UU f - -X)VE NEVER SEEN j TW4DUGM HERE IstuDko walk I1.', what'll WE V. rtrf i HEP EQUAL FOR 'BOUT TEN OAVS tell them ?U y 2 fciiia L beaotv iVmoI walkw' J r i TfTrTlf-nr M TRAC?f S'AT Alt CSTS.r4E MUST L : 1 KEP TwS OUT OF Tk TWAT ouR PAPERS' mili-ION DO LAR :I,1--HSTAR HAS WALKED j NyOJTON LJS' Bureau of Mines j WILL BE SPEAKERS j , VIDc 1 uMJAT w rQULD I BE 1 TU'NKIHu OF THESE UW HOURS 1 OH WHA1 A HtaftvJAt-HC : f 5UBE .VOlI DOPE ! WHAT fclS COULD I BE ) TU.NKINfa OT THESE LAST FORTY-EIGHT J VHOURS 1 OH WHAT A HfcADACHE i HARRY -tS: I. PUBLIC IS INVITED-j

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