The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 30, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, October 30, 1944
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Monday, October 30, 1944. Villi DAILT CLIPJTQN1 AN H J. M ft ge Two J Election Outcome hi-iHil Governor Schricker e -I; ia this raiiii;'iun know thai tl h-.iriii' li" is not supporting the President is ridiculous." ISew Contributions Swell Total For Clinton War Fund MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line 0 For Service Drop Ds A Card L W.Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wabash Are, Terre Haute, Indian Uncertain As Drive in Finals McNutt addressed a meeting or 2.000 state leaders in Indianapolis Yesterday afternoon. Included were (Con tiii uet ii on page 1) (Cootlnuea tiov. 1) Governor Scliricker and Senator Jackson. respite iu Allied operations to strengthen defenses all along the Fifth Army front and new mine fields and numerous entanglements were Installed before Bologna. Brazilian .troops in the coastal area consolidated their positions on Mount Faeta and captured high ground Immediately to the east. British units of the Fifth Army pushed along route 67 in the wake of the retreating Nazis. Tho Americans, employing armored infantry and supported by tank fire, reached Castcl-lacclo, Bosco and Kcera. Mill Near Ravenna Eighth Army units advanced in flooded country along the Adriatic to reach the approaches of Ravenna, whore the Germans offered renewed resistance. t lie Soviet government sent its formal acceptance to the conference, II made some reference to the fact that neutrals were invited, and thus indicated clearly its knowledge of that fact. Yet the Soviet withdrawal reported by Moscow radio is now based upon the Inclusion of neutral Spain. Portugal, and Switzerland. .Silence from Ainbasuwlor Soviet Ambassador Andrei A. (Jro-tuyko told reporters today he had nothing lo add to the Tass News A-gency report that Russia would not attend tlie conference. Although it had been previously reported that the embassy would make a statement to clarify Moscow's position, the ambassador said flatly that no such statement would be forthcoming. Iiularia Keturns Stolen Land, Aids Allies Under Fact WASHINGTON. 1). C. Publlca ton Candy and Tobacco, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Doughty, McCracken's Market and Sawyors. $5, -Victory Diner. Marie Weir, John Goldner, Marshall Paint Shop, Ernest Uoetta, Charles Kirkmau, Dr. Li. O. Wheeler, American Beauty Shop. Baby Shop, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Kutch, and Antoiiiul Liquor Store. $3. Ben Rosen Shoe Shop and Dorothy Armstrong. 2.00, Harold Bay-singer. $2, Tom Griffiths. C. R. Hess-ler. I). J. McKlnncy. Mr. and Mrs. Krnest Malonc and A. Tombaugh. 10 contributions totalling, $8.(7. WANTED RAILROAD WORKERS Of All Type SKKi KKI'KKSKNTATIVB RAILROAD ItKTIHEMENr BOARD Kill Ion Hoard Office Clinton, Indiana Every Tuesday U:UO to A. M. tion of Bulgarian armistice terms show today that the former Axis Demo;; Scramble For Stale Vote In Closing Drive INDIANAPOLIS. Intl. -- Paul V. McNutl, War Manpower Commissioner, today begun u series of confor-eucos immediately following weekend publk'ullun of reports (hat Indiana Democratic leaders arc "soft-pedaling" President Roosevelt's campaign. McNutl, a former goicrncr. said lie had relumed as a "private In the party ranks" and would talk Willi organization leaders. The published rtporta slated llnil Governor Henry F. Scliricker and Senator Samuel D. Jackson wi re concentrating on their own rospcrtiie races for senator and governor to the detriment of the presidential effort. These reports were strengthened when Lester Hunt, national publicity director of the Teamsters' Union, threatened that the unionists may vote against the state candidates unless the Roosevelt effort In this state Is augmented. Hunt suid: "If the President Is neglected, we ' might as well all go down togeth-er." Hunt cited the "Schrlcker-Jackson Good Government Club" and the use of billboard advertisements minus the name of President Roosevelt. In reply Ray Smith, secretary to Governor Schrickei. said: "The thousands of persons who satellite had agreed to return territory annexed from Greece and Yugoslavia, make restoration for destruction of Allied property by her troops and aid the Allies in the fight a-gaiust Germany. The armistice conditions were signed In Moscow Saturday by representatives of Bulgaria and tin three major Allied powers. United States. Britain and Russia. Bulgaria undertakes to release all Allied prisoners of war and internees, and to free from prison and British Roll Up New Creek Gains; Italy Drive Slows (Continued from page 1) Cars Collide at Clinton Stop Light Sunday Night Two cars driven by Charges Halter and Mrs. Clyde Miller, Rosedale route one, collided at the stop light on the corner of Main and Elm Street Sunday night, local police reported today. Doth cars which were slightly damaged, were taken to Mike s Auto Body shop for repairs. Furthr information of the accident could not be obtained. Dry Soybeans Dry soybeans can be used as base for delicious soups and as an important part of casseroles or stews. The seasoned pulp of cooked soybeans makes an attractive filling for stuffed tomatoes or green peppers. Ground cooked soybeans combined with other ingredients make appetizing and nutritious sandwich fillings. Dry cooked soybeans can also be chilled and used in vegetable or gelatin salads they are especially good with tomatoes. Roasted dry soybeans are often used and can be substituted for nuts in this form. ra lily in tlie electoral college, while winning key stutes by very small margins. Kor instance, he could carry .New York and Pennsylvania, each by less than 00.000 votes, and yet their tolal electoral votes. 47 plus 35, would virtually insure his reelection on top of his solid south and western support. On the other hand, it Is possible for Dewey to win by a big margin In the electoral college while carrying New York and Pennsylvania by small margins. Dewey, however, could win key Btales by big margins If he took all the so-called "silent ole." "Silent Vole" Powerful Tlie so-called "silent vote" has puzzled most politicos and observers as well. Usually, the silent vote is a protest vote and goes against the man in power. This is tlie reason cited by Republicans in claiming it for Dewey. GOP leaders say the silent voter is afraid to speak out against the administration and is reserving Ills "protest" for the privacy of the ballot booth. Democrats meanwhile, claim the silent vote is silent because this group of voters are deeply., moved by the war and its accompanying sacrifices. They claim the silent voters are serious and emotional people, who will wind up Nov. 7 voting for the "commander-in-chief" because they will he afraid to trust the international future of their country to Dewey. Democrats Are Alarmed Tlie Democrats frankly are alarmed. This is evidenced by their spe concentration camps all Bulgarians Relief At Last, u For Your Cough Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the scat of tlie trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with tlie understanding you must like the way it q ilckly allays the cough or you arc to have your money back. CREOMULSION For Couehs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Nova Scotia Apple a Cash Crop gets along the Italian battle front, Btruck at shipping in the Adriatic and hit enemy concentrations and troop columus in Albania. Italy Action Bogged Down Tho Fifth and Eighth Army rronts in Italy continued bogged down by heavy weather. The enemy used the Annl srowine is tlie mosl pros- Adds Fertility Manure, well rotted and rather fint, adds fertility and improves the structure of tlie soil. It can be plowed or spaded under or used for a top dressing on the garden. form of farming in Nova who supported the Allied cause or who have suffered for "racial or religious" reasons. In addition to other polnls. war criminals will be turned over to the Allies, as well as all loot, and war material belonging to Germany and her satellites and held on Bulgarian territory. All Bulgarian merchant vessels and all German vessels held by Bulgaria must be placed at the disposal of the Soviet high command, which will act for the Allies. Scotia. EItl&ee C C3eimGE?aIl Eflesdiioim Classified Ads Sell Most Anything STATE OK INDIANA. VERMILLION- COUNTY, SS: To the Voters of Vermillion County, Indiana, Greetings: cial drives in New York, Pennsylvan You are hereby notified that on Tuesday. November 7, 1944, there ia. Massacliustetts, Illinois and Michigan. It is evidenced too, by their private concessions that Dewey will carrv .Missouri and West Virginia. FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL . Hubert E. Wickens .. , , ;: FOR SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION " Robert B. Hougham ' - - ' 1 FOR REPORTER OF SUPREME AND APPELLATE COURTS Clara Ward FOR JUDGE OF SUPREME COURT FIRST DISTRICT , John W. Baumunk 4 FOR JUDGE OF SUPREME COURT THIRD DISTRICT H. Nathan Swaim two border states that only go Republican in GOP landslides. On top of tills, the Democrats admit they are battling tooth and nail to save Oklahoma. Kentucky and Maryland, the other three border states, from going to Dewey. One predominant fact about Nov". 7 stands out. 11 is certainly a curious election in which the outcome appears to be in doubt when the Re VOTE FOR JOHN GAMBILL DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR SHERIFF of VERMILLION COUNTY ELECTION NOV. 7, 1944 FOR JUDGE OF SUPREME COURT FIFTH DISTRICT Michael L. Fansler FOR JUDGE OF APPELLATE COURT FIRST DISTRICT Warren W. Martin ft: i publicans seem certain to carry two border states and have fighting chances for victory in tlie other Ihree Such portents usually precede a Republican landslide. On the other hand, the Democrats have real chances to carry New York and Pennsylvania. Such victories are accompanied by Democratic land slides. . fuj Anglo-Chinese Drive Clears 2,000 Miles In New Burma Offensive (Continued rioin page 1) .Moving more slowly against n ore J. N. JONES Democratic Candidate for Prosecuting Attorney VERMILLION COUNTY "Your Support Will Be Appreciated" opposition, the nil-British 36th Division, after pushing southwest along the Mogaung-.Mandalay ril FOR JUDGE OF APPELLATE COURT SECOND DISTRICT ' Frank B. Russell . , FOR REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS . SIXTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Oils G. Jamison FOR PROSECUTING ATTORNEY 47TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT , J. N. Jones JOINT SENATOR FOR VERMILLION, WARREN AND FOUNTAIN COUNTIES ,-,11 Lelaud L. Moore FOR REPRESENTATIVE VERMILLION COUNTY Andy M. Johnson , FOR CLERK VERMILLION CIRCUIT COURT Paul Foltz jfti. FOR COUNTY AUDITOR J. W. Slattery , .ijjjj , FOR COUNTIt TREASURER - . jjK Ray Pickel . ... FOR COUNTY SHERIFF . - ..Sis , Johu Gamhill FOR COUNTY CORONER : J. . I. D. White ' FOR COUNTY SURVEYOR j E. P. Hathaway 1 FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER SECOND DISTRICT Ray Haase t FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER THIRD DISTRICT James B. Hueslou , I'ltOHIHITlOX CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS For President Claude A. Watson 4 For Vice-President Andrew Johusou FOR UNITED STATES SENATOR (LONG TERM) Geo. W. Holstou FOR UNITED STATES SENATOR (SHORT TERM) Carl W. Thompson FOR GOVERNOR Waldo E. Yeatcr ly' , way from Hopin' through Naiama and .Mohnyin. drove farther along the line and on the roads and trails flanking it to Mawhun. Leading elements now are rough ly half-way between Mawhun e.nd Mawlu, which represents an advance of yii miles from Hopin south toward tlie town of Katha on the Ir-rawaddy :;o miles away. As on the Myitkyina-Bhamo road hK.VKI.KI It FARMS SALE .NOVEMBER 2. 11)44 At tlie farm, : miles south of PetTysvillc. Indiana, on Route 0:t; i tlie Japanese in this area have boon reluctant to put up a real fight and mile southeast of Danville. Illinois. YVolloril Hotel. Danville, Illinois, it ill only slight patrol actions and light artillery fire preceded the withdraw al farther south. will be held in the various voting precincts in Vermillion County, Indiana, a General Election, to be held on said date between the hours of 6 A. M and 6 P. M. in which candidates for the following offices are to be elected: ItEI'lUlJCAN CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS For President Thomas E. Dewey For Vice-President John W. Bricker FOR UNITED STATES SENATOR (LONG TERM) Homer E. Capehart FOR UNITED STATES SENATOR I SHORT TERM I William E. Jenner FOR GOVERNOR Ralph F. Gates FOR LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR Richard T. James FOR SECRETARY OF STATE Ruo J. Alexander FOR AUDITOR OF STATE" Alvan V. Durch FOR TREASURER OF STATE Frank T. Millis FOR ATTORNEY-GENERAL ! James A. Emmert FOR SUPERINTENDENT OF PUULIC INSTRUCTION , Clement T. Malan FOR REPORTER OF SUPREME AND APPELLATE .COURTS Fern Norris Foil JUDGE OF SUPREME COURT FIRST DISTRICT Frank E. Gilklson FOR JUDGE OF SUPREME COURT THIRD DISTRICT Howard S. Young. Sr. FOR JUDGE OF SUPREME COURT FIFTH DISTRICT Oliver Starr FOR JUDGE OF APPELLATE COURT FIRST DISTRICT Frank Hamilton FOR JUDGE OF APPELLATE COURT SECOND DISTRICT Dan C. Flanagan FOR REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS SIXTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Noble J. Johnson , FOR PROSECUTING ATTORNEY 47T1I JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Edbcrt P. Zcll JOINT SENATOR FOR VERMILLION. WA It II EN AND FOUNTAIN COUNTIES Walter P.. Gillespie FOR REPRESENTATIVE VERMILLION COUNTY Wesley Malonc FOR CLERK VERMILLION CIRCUIT COURT , . Carl It. lliggs FOR COUNTY AUDITOR ' Ira J. Church FOR COUNTY TREASURER Melvin Hickman FOR COUNTY SHERIFF Loreu Griffin t FOR COUNTY CORONER Howard E. Wat sou FOR COUNTY SURVEYOR llalhert I.. Killinger FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER SECOND DISTRICT Glenn It. Urowii FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER THIRD DISTRICT I 'ou in a i ti Strauglin demih k.ttu ' candidates for presidential electors For President Franklin D. Roosevelt For Vice-President Harry S. Truniau FOR UNITED STATES SENATOR (LONG TERM) Henry F. Schrlcker FOR UNITED STATES SENATOR (SHORT TERM 1 Cornelius O Brieu FOR GOVERNOR Samuel D. Jackson FOR LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR Floyd J. Hemnier FOR SECRETARY OF STATE Charles F. Fleming . FOR AUDITOR OF STATE Ernest Weatherliolt - FOR TREASURER OF STATE Lester E. Holloway lu headquarters. 5,1 head or m:i.k ted ;i ehnseys .-..- 32 Milking os II lirc.1 Heifers 1 1 Open lleilcrs :i Hulls Sires that aie rerc-.enlcd by daughters in this sale are: f.liEEN MK.tllOH AI.EKT (Green Mcailou Coronal ion Prince Green Meadow ( out. Ml 1 2lilll-ll."..'i (i ) I "INK VIA Volt KIM. kt.M-l.Kl II (Coronation Host- king (.Kill Meadow Minuet. IfMMM-Xti 1 A) KENFLKI It s IHKAI. AITOH kl.VG (Wihlnooil ltels)'s Ai tor l,adj Crescent 1. 1, nl of El Jane KMi2l-S.'.l (' ) American Navy Holes Western Pacific Area 4 1 (Continued from pag t) to 2UU miles apart. There has never been anything quite like it in the history of naval warfare. For the number, power and variety of units in action; for the distances involved and for the complexity of tactics it stands alone. For sheer decisiveness, according 10 Halsey. it ranks with the Battle of Jutland. When the bos score is complete il FOR LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR John T. Chappell FOR SECRETARY OF STATE F. W. Lough FOR AUDITOR OF STATE Fred W. Knott FOR TREASURER OF STATE Omer F. Smith IvKM l i t U S llll A yt All (llimnalke llielalor Grcsslanil Ouad-rine, 1:0122-34 (i ) All the above sires haie proved themselves for type mill priHluet ion. Mailt of Hie cows and lieiters in this sale are I. red l PINE MANOR COItONAIIlIN KKM 1.11 It. son of Coronation king itf I'iue Manor and out of Coronal ion Aliila with IHMo-.vS (, and I I!l2ll-Tli: C; a daughter of Green Meadow Coronation Prince and Green .Meadow Alicia uilll 1(1251-034 G. she by Green Meadow Coronation king. Ilernllse of ill health and adierse Inhor conditions, Mr. Horiiemaii lia let idol (o reduce his herd and lariiis to a smaller unit. This is not a "cull, ing sale": The animals l.t-i na sohl have been selected from the entire Keu-fleur herd Tor tie-ir tipe and productive ability. The herd is Hangs I-tee mid T. 11. Accredited. The sale is managed by: n iiii i.i i:i:s1.a i:i:i:i:iii:i:v issni ia I lo. Im . K2I l.atatetle I. it,- llnildiiig - - l.alatelie. lnol..nn may be found the Japanese have suf fered the greatest naval defeat of all lime. Russia Withdraws From Aviation Conference; NOTICE TO VOTERS of :;i:mm.! .ion coi ntv Berle Named Chairmam (Continued from page 1) l l).li REPORTER OF SUPREME AND APPELLATE COURTS Florence Penrod FOR REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS SIXTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Pliny Cox SOCIALIST CANDIDATES L4 FOR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS ' VI For President Norman Thomas For Vice-President Darlington Hoopes FOR UNITED STATES SENATOR (LONG TERM) Mario B. Tonisich FOR GOVERNOR William Rabe, Sr. ' ' FOR LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR W. H. Richards FOR SECRETARY OF STATE Walter O. Nchring FOR AUDITOR OF STATE Myrtle Cole yOR TREASURER OF STATE Roy L. Farr FOR SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION Milton W. Schoive Witness my baud and the Seal of the Vermillion Circuit Court. CAItl, It. W.S, ( l. rk Vermillion Circuit Court. 0 Tltc Stalt Law Requires That Kutploers Allow To Employes 4 HOURS IN WHICH TO VOTE lt wren The Hours Of G A. M. and fi P. M. Exercise Vour Constilutional IJif-ht IJy Voting Then aunt in an ollieial aide meiuoire. which buses Hie action on Soviet rr-.itsal lo sit down with representatives of Spain. Portugal and Switz-rland. Stelliniiis' statement came shortly alter President Roosevelt designated Adolf A. Berle, Assistant Secretary pf Slate, as temporary chairman of Hie international meeting. Berle was i White House caller today, presum-ibly. stettinus said, lo advise President Roosevelt of the Russian action. As final arrangements were sped with Berle's appointment, Slate Department officials said they were surprised and mystified by the sud-len withdrawal of the Soviet delega-sion from the conference. officials pointed out that when VOTE FOR Andy M. Johnson Deuioeralif Candidate State Representative

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