The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 27, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, October 27, 1944
Page 5
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Pa"? F!"" THE DAILY CLINTONIXN "Galloping Ghost" of 20 years ago, made famous on the Illinois grid the fields of rival schools. Elliot Keeps Secret For the first time in two years, Cch Ray Eliot has been working squad in complete secrecy this week. Further, Illinois' most recent ..rnents, Iowa and Pittsburgh. News of Note In Fairview Community Club Meets In Town Hall; Guests Noted in Local Homes Helts Prairie Helt's Prairie Home Economics Club met last Thursday, all day, at the home of Mrs. Hershel Andrews. Mrs. E. E. Randolph was the as-isting hostess. Fireman 1c Robert . FrlBt, who has spent the last eight days with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Harlow Frist, returned Wednesday to the North Indiana In Grid Prep Limelight Friday INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. The state prep football card for today and tomorrow leans topheavily to the north since many of the teams in other parts of Indiana did their weekly stint prior to the annual state learners' conventions in progress today in Indianapolis, Evansville, Gary, Kort Wayne and South Ilend. Some of the stale elevens have completed their brief season and others are resting up lor next week's encounters. The Notre Dunie football stadium tomorrow becomes the battleground lor a 42-year-old high school rivalry between South Hind ("iitntl Hears and the .Mlshuwiilia .Ma.onis. Of Hie practically were pushovers and gave i:iict the chance to disclose as little 1 oi-'ble about his T-formatlon tacit. ( ArwrTTE. Ind. Seventeen v-i; inlneps will leave tonight to join r, nineteen civilian players on (i. il. rmtikrr sutatf for touior-I..W - p. Mm- Willi Michigan at Ann AiK-r. si-.- of the V-12 contingent .vill ;... ih.. I.i-t nf their collegiate fool lull Welvi r in iraf;. rr i' duration with the .miter. Those to be further training next. d toi ifli-: llai:i-l (.' iiaili iin'i ai. !. l- rs ml and acting Elliott, Stanley:.,.,.) ;:il games played during tin- series, Misliawaka has won io. mural 11 rOU. ended in lies. Du! ii ki and Tnl Hold, halfbacks: j ,noiher rivalry between Froobel jln-r renter and James; of oary and Washington of Must Waileiy. q'.arirrhaek. Chicago, begun in 11IUH. will add in- iterest to the northern Indiana sched- lloosi. !. Meet lima ',.1,, todav. Wasliingtiin has won tin- i Mr;'f Iowa , Amphibious Training Base at Char- 1(!stoni g rj. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hamersley and family of East Chicako were re-rent weekend guests of his parents, Mr find Mrs. Ray Hammersley. .Mr.:, rimer Pv inford and infant .on t-turii'tl Iiotiii-' Sunda;.- from Vermillion County Hospital. The hai.y has be (1 ol I I naimd Poyne Wilds, aid. as previously re- 1711 ': Mis. i:u,. sprtit tin v.-. Mr. anil M' ,..i Ih.i, ri of Lafayette .rk"iii! 'A-it.ii her parents. '-. ilarlov.- Frist. Mri. Austin Mayes and Mr souk spent .Monday eentng witn Mr. and Mrs. Forest Mack. Mrs. L. H. Reed, together with Mrs. Oloyd Earles of Clinton, has How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trnnhle heln loosen and ex Del germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe anri heal raw. tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION far Coughs. Chest Colds, Bronchitis 1.1. (11 i.M 1 N.J-rnv. Tnrt Coach ill.. 1 MiMi'l'n Indicated today-at At.- A'l-?rm freshman half-: .( k 1 may etirrv the pnntin? assign- . ;u ia ti.e TTooqler Fame against w.t toinorrov.'. Tn yesterday's prac-c !io sfre-erl blocking for the kh-k unii'iur hnrk md covering Coa-'i Slin Mad'gan and. lo team Mere to arrive in ' ,1.111 in th. morning. XEW YORK. N. Y. Otto Apel ...til start at rulll.-aek tomorrow tor Cohiiii.ija ,-i-aiit Cc''au-r, Rod Ilatd- r. Aprl xivrrx t'ie back-ti id liy Coach Lo't Lit-tlr to fill the ids re varafed by Wayne Morgan. Ponra CHy. 01:1a.. Xavy ivainre wl-.o is home on leave. Little r.-tid he wasn't sure Pete Martellaro will he able to play and that If Pete not In shtipe he will move Boh Heller to Pete's tackle snot and "se either Don Wilmott or George Watts end. ' H AVE:-.". Conn. Don Mc-j , rcgrlar Yale loft end was the team today nursing aj NEW CvllO'.IR lost 10 sprained left ankle Coach Hovie ; Odell said Jimmy Smith a first- I TAXPAYERS ATTENTION year student from Indiana, Pa.. Hobart at Hammond Catholic Cen-wonld take over MeCiilloncli's r""l-1 tral. tion for ths game In th- howl s.ii-j central of South Bend and South nrdav atr.tirs' no'hetter. ;.! ratholic. returned home after spending four days with Mrs. Carl Johnson in South Bend. Mr. and Mrs. Harlow Frist and son Robert, and daughters Betty Lou and Mrs. Russell Banes were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harrington in Fairview. Miss Lucille McDowell of Clinton entertained Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude McDowell, Guests were E. L. Mack of Summit Grove, and Mr. and Mrs. Forest Mack and son Leigh. Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR S-Ray 235Vt Blackman GEORGE K. LLOYD'S Shorthorn Dispersal In connection with a general sale of farm property six miles southeast of Kockville, or five miles southwest of Itellinore, or 1.1 miles north of Brazil, Ind. MONDAY, OCT. 30 12:1(0 P. M. 23 Heart of Shorthorns consisting of ten cows with ralves at foot; four open heifers, and our herd sire, Ccdurlirook Pilot, a son of Cedarbrook Vigilance. Oelur-brook Pilot was the top selling Shorthorn bull at the 142 Indiana State Spring Shorthorn Sale, selling for T80. Cuttle ure T. B. and Bangs Tested. GEORGE K. LLOYD Route 8, KOCKVILLE, IND. TREASURER DOLLS, WAGONS, DRUMS, CHAIES, TEDDY BEARS, PULL TOYS, PANDAS, BABY ROCKING TOYS, NOVELTIES FOR "GROWN-UPS" Also Featuring Tan S4.98 TuE YC'M iS VSSvtH THAT I MUST WITKfcbb Tufi CERe - I THE FALL INSTALLMENT OF 1943 TAX IS NOW DIE AND PAYABLE AT THE TREASURER'S- OFFICE IN NEWPORT. ALSO ONE INSTALLMENT OF MORITOKH M TAXES FOR THOSE WHO TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE MORITOK-IUM ON DELINQUENT TAXES. IF NOT PAID BY THE FIRST MONDAY IN NOVEMBER SUCH TAXES WILL ItECOME DELINQUENT AND 8 PER CENT PENALTY WILL BE ADDED TO THE FALL INSTALLMENT. THE TREASURER'S OFFICE WILL APPRECIATE EARLY PAYMENT OF TAXES TO AVOID THE LAST MINUTE RUSH. MAIL WILL BE ANSWERED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. PERSONS PAYING TAXES BY MAIL WILL PLEASE INCLUDE RETURN POSTAGE. ALSO STATE IN WHAT TOWNSHIP OR CORPORATION THEIR PROPERTY IS LOCATED. " . DURING THE LAST TWO WEEKS TELEPHONE CALLS CANNOT HE ANSWERED AS THE WINDOWS WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF FIRST. Mary Brittain Karl G. Dicken NEW YOTK .,o:-Voul .n tli "i en:' rn t Irn Duke Sat ;.rda Army ;ll ; i- do (ire too . for trano ill: T'ie Cadets will be Knollwood Conntrv qtiar cif-'i at i Club. W Plains tonight. PITT?Pl-rUC7I. Pa. -- The Chat-hitn ri'-ld i::oc'rb--'!trrs football squad was expoend to fly to Pitts-bttrKh in B-2's today from Savannah. Ca.. for tl.'t game with Pitt to-nioriow at tli- stadium. Yes'erda - 1 ii e Panthers went ;h:oiifh ii. - :r iinal hard drill FDR Plans 2 Indiana Stops In Vote Tour (Contliiuea liom page 1) At Wilmington, where he struck out at his Republican opposition with a charge that the (i.O.IVs campaign strategy Is trying to "prove that a horse chestnut is a chestnut horse." the President was greeted by a wildly cheering throng of hundreds that jammed the train platform, and spilled out into the streets. First Itrar-IMullorill Nptwll The Wilmington speech was Mr. Roosevelt's lirst platform appearance since Pearl Harbor. The importance of the President's niulor address lnu.glit on the ad ministrations war policy was em-nlniticallv underlined when he In creased his time on the air from a half hour to forty-five minutes. The speeeli was first scheduled from 9 lo 9:110 p. in. , Third -Nation-wide Hjxwli The chief executive tonight will make the third major nation-wide speeeli or his reelection campaign in historic Philadelphia, with an eye on the :ir. electoral votes that make Pennsylvania a key state- In determining the outcome of the Nov. 7 national election. As in the New York metropolitan area last Saturday. Mr. Roosevelt will spend a good part of the day In mililic appearances and a Tour ot in spection of shipyards in the Phlla-, dolnhia environs that also will take m briefly into both New Jersey and Delaware. Into tlhio Valley The President's Philadelphia visit is the start of a campaign swing that takes him through the Ohio Valley states into Illinois, where he , will deliver another major campaign speech at Soldier Field in Chicago tomorrow evening. In two days, the President will make five public appearances in mates vital to the election outcome and where there have been marked i!tns of Republican resurgence. 1 S Indiana Electoral Votes At stake in the states in which he will speak and make public appear ance during the two-aay tour are: 5 I-;.'' tora 1 votes, more than a third of the total of 2GC needed for re-election. I Pennsylvania. New Jersey and i Delaware liaye a total of 54 elector-; al votes, Indiana 13 and Illinois 28. ten Ruthenian Center Falls to Soviets In Czech Advance f'"onttnued from pae l proaches to Insterburg, immediate objective of the Russian, drive. pen Ontral Czech IUat The Russians, in Czechoslovakia, opened the roads to the central por-! tion of that country by overrunning fortifications and the town of Muk-acevo on the southern spurs of the Carpathian Mountains. Mobile Soviet forces, x'.ic Moscow communique asserted. "by-oa-3ed" Nazi defenses, isolr'.iner ,vr; enemy and depriving theni ff ' i.itual liaison. A larre -num:'-r "erman was eapl n: et1.. Sioa-h into T an i ops smashed into -. sceral sides, and .-ofiiinuid throughout i:. i'.-i. tlie city of it ii;io Lands of the Red break, sixty other towns i:t a. Rursran for-'.-s. ot.erating from northern Tranpyivania, masl.ed in-- tl.e hoid 'rs of H'intrary after tak-.n' n,n:r i!o'm fivao r.rrman rrisoo-.! -. In limit:. r . ,!u.-ir-- th ir fiisl '!ay o; oi.' rat ,' itc. the So-. i'-L :rrop: :.iv.;r.,ii In vi!la.-'.H and tov,-us. including L'tca. lonkac, Majkis and the railway Btations 1 at Gracsaly, lank, Csengcr and Portcsalma. A Na- zl counter-attack in the area was hurl'd bak. faptore Six Towns 1 tooos on the Karelian front cap- la- inhabited places In the l' 'Kau:o an a, iinasliing through iTiarsii.ts and otlter roadless territory, the Russians rumbled through Nazi defenses at I'itkaejervi, a strong point covering the only highway in the area. Prisoners and booty were j taken, and many Germans were left doad on the field of battle, the So- vlet communique supplement reveal- id. it r pointing out that the en- liau ueeii uiunru i.j iiuiu iii-- tcA-n at any cost. Pitkajarvi lies 7 miles southwest of the nickel port or I'ei.-inio. 'I it- Russian communique stated that "front patrol activity and fighting of local Importance" occurred on other sectors of the eastern front. ed QUt (hal g3 fn ,anks j .;, vm I during the day. Get In tlio flcrap! PCS THAT HlSV. The -43 -KJ n. Sooety j i j I I j Community Club met at the town hall Friday evening for the regular meeting. After business session nun - co was played and priies were awarded to Mrs. May Donna high. Mrs. Jennie Rush bunco and travel and Mrs. Ann Ellis low. Oeorge White of Waukegan, 111. is spending several days with his mother, Mrs. Mary White and sister, Mrs. Nellie Barnes. Mrs. Tony Godren of Universal and Marine Mike Godren of San Diego. I Calif, visited recently with Miss Lo-retta Louden and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Louden. Mrs. Delia Swearey of Michigan spent the past week with relatives. Mrs. Calvin Eller and daughter. Susan, returned to California after spending several weekB with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith, Jr., and children Curtis and Wilma of Glenalres spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith, Sr. and family. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hope of Indianapolis spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wi- ber and family. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Prickett and son Wayne spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Prickett in Cheneyville, 111. ; Mr. ahd Mrs. Everett Shores spent Sunday in Terre Haute with their children, Mr. and Mrs. Mllford . Shores and daughters. Mr. and Mrs. John Guth and son, j Walter of Danville, 111., spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas and family. Mrs. Everett Woodard and daugh- ter Sharon of Clinton spent Tuesday with friends. Mrs. Janet Shannon of Clinton visited recently with Mrs. James Peterson. Mrs. Bettle Warren of Wichita, Kans. and Paul Warren of Memphis, Tenn. were Thursday guests of her sister and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Hasting. Mr. and Mrs. James Hasting were the week end guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Hasting. Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Kennedy spent Wednesday with relatives in Fonts-net. Mrs. Lorraine Peck and daughter oj,irlev of Chicago were the week end euests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Peck. Mrs. Ray Martin of Boswell spent Saturday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Kennedy. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Cleghorn of Indianapolis were recent guests of !Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fetherland. Mr. and Mrs.. Harold Kite. of Clinton spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Ora Weaver. Warren Turbevllle of Camp Dorn, Miss, spent a few days furlough with his family. Mrs. Ernest Harrington spent Wednesday in Terre Haute. Mrs. Lulu Pavey spent Tuesday in Terre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harrington had as their Sunday dinner guests. Mr. and Mrs. Harlow Frist of Holt Prairie, Robert J. Frist of the U. S. Navy and Mrs. Russell Bunes of Lafayette. Mrs. Anna Lunger spent Tuesday in Terre Haute. Willing Workers Class will meet at the home nf Mrs. Cora Runyan. Thursday, November 2nd for an all day meeting. j Mrs Margaret Brown. Mrs. Madee ( Price and son Roland spent Sunday ! with their son and brother. Eschol Brown and family of Bloomingdale , Pfc. Herbert E. Peterson return-1 ed to Mayo General Hospital In Galesburg. 111. after spending a 15 day furlough with his parents. Mr. . and Mrs. James Peterson and sisters, Mav and Madge. Mrs. Marian Petak and son Larry Joe spent the week end with her mother, Mrs. Iva Wooten and fami-lv of Sr. Berhlce. - - . Mrs. Ida Eller spent Monday Terre Haute. in Upper Coal Branch Mr. and Mrs. Manford Holycross and family spent Sunday with Mr. 'and Mrs. Jobe Holycross at Covlng-i ton. I Miss Dollye Beauchamp spent Sun-!day with Mrs. Mazie Hines. j Mr. and Mrs. Bert Eickelman were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Baldwin of Georgetown, III. Miss Dollye Beachamp of Danville, 111., is spending several days with Mrs. Manford Holycross. Mrs. Homer Fox entertained the Lowes Chapel ladies Aid at her home Thursday. Orville Hines and family and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Eickelman spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Brent Lohy. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Marshall spent last week in Nebraska. Sergeant and Mrs. Marvin Cole spent Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Eickelman. j ; 1 Meet Headlines Midwest Games Notre Dame Favored In Clash with Illinois; Buddy Young Lifts Hopes Hoosiers Meet Iowa CHAMPAIGN'. Ill No-re Panic's great football team mlcd a iavorif--today for its clash -.villi Illinois tomorrow at Memorial !hd:'.tt:i in tin top game of tho nii:li';-; !r,: m. lllini themselves vcre nut 1 i ; by the oddi arainst I !i- si. li i- i With thi-ir speedy li.M i- ti.-M i: ed by Buddy Venn::. 1 It- 1 with legs. the lili.ii fcaiv !,iu. hop-., of scorinc tn iho lri.-!i .ui.l 1 ; i,.ii,.-; even pulling out an uiiyrt i"tor yiiartot of llnpeiiils This quartet is ntni!.-- u,i 01 Yoiml'. who has done the IO11 in ft..-, m -.'.mil. at left half; Paul Tint, is. it r.r.iil n.l lion half, Jerry Cies at fti'lln Greenwood at quarter They will go into the Not., affray with an of S apiece for each try. Yr.uim ! has done much better Tli.- a1. -12.7 yards for each tit.-ie !:.. the ball, or a total of : 4:t tries. Young Hcores 10 Touelulov tip Buddy has scored in ton, :; his longest dasit beins on. yards against Great btkm. Illinois fans woithl rot l.i- least surprised if ti e -cr. u negro broke loose for nae or ; of such runs as "It.-d" i'r:.n.- I hi MONUMENTS 0 A Complin-; ff For Srri' e lirop Is A I. urJ L W.Walsh Monument Co. 2)14 Ale. Terre Haute, In li.-ui.t sore muscles? BROKEfi SLEEP? due to RHEUMATIC PAIKS? Many dittoanired, aftonixed suffmn of rheumatic pain have found ift. oothin relief from muscular pain in arms, leg, back, hands, ahoulifor. You ahould try Williams KUX Compoand. loo. Simply take aa - directed. Srt yourself how quickly it mcta, ,ften witym day. Economical 11.60 lice at WHITE'S PHARMACY To Uny Used C&zs HIGHEST CASIf PRICES PAID WILSON, JUSTICE AND OSELLA AUTO SALES (Foriiiet-ly toleinaii Auto t Ti rn p a p n A A WHY YOU V J AA. V P 0i Illini-IiT I 11 11 .1 l. ivy " 'l W"y I fllll -t 1 v ' X 1 Ei? f 'fc m tS T I Every Saturday I I No Cabaret Tax Until EflOyS 1 ... .. . . T.. V if ING and !iis i I m th" V, is at ! . "n i ed in : 1 leav-'bo. last 11 games with Kroebel claiming nine wins prior to 1!KI2. Two games were tied. Washington soutn ijenu. ine i-ei- ern division of NIHSC title winner for the fourth successive time this gmn will entertain Whiting in an- otllPr Krlday night game. Hammond Clark, trailing the (olden Tornado of Kmerson closely In western HIHSC standing, will seek a conference victory against Hammond while the Tornado is idle. Other games lor today and tomorrow include: l-Yidny Horace Man of Oary at Hammond Tech. Adams of South Bend at Laporte. Ktley of South Bend at Michigan C'ty. r.oshen at Elkhart. Valparaiso at Lowell. Bicknell at Princeton. Noblesvllle at Sheridan. Fort Wayne Central at Fort Wayne Central Catholic. Evansville Bosse vs. Evansville Memorial. SATL'IIDAY Hammond High at Hammond clark. outh Side I'ort Wayne and Nortii Hide Fort Wayne. PQ BOWLING RESULTS COCA-COLA l.KAGl'K MATTIODA GROCERY Mur-dock, 185,169, 163 547; Lyday, 193, 138, 123 4T.4; Leinstra, 184, 170, 168 522; Costello. 161. 1 40. j 148 449; Brasukas, 170. 174. 198 542; handicap. 12.1. 123. 123 369. Totals, 1016. 914. 9532883. PUBLIC SERVICK CO. Colom- j 184. 156. 177 oli; Jones,! 159, 137, 190 486; uaysinger. j 163. 139, 134 4.i-; Jiounej. an. 120, 203 490: Straw, 188. 192. 178 658; handicap, ISO. 130, 130 390. Totals. 981, 874, 1012 2867. DIANA SWEET SHOP Weir 153, 179, 184 516: Fr. Shea, 195 147, 161 603; Manship, 169, 165 187 f 501; Allison. 172. 139. i :sie. E ; Ih-rto, 190. 1 82, ,-i 170. leg, 1S7 2u2, 206 57S; ,!:,,, i6S. 131. 175 474; han - u.iap. mo. n l'Jli, 948. 11 .1 fnn 148. 14 148 44. lOialE 9 36 Towel Bt viof The more U,;.i pr square inch of drying surface, ti e moie aosorbent the towel. For maximum absorb- ency tr.e lowei snooia o solt. evenly spun cotton with a mmi- mUIIl Ol LKlSl m J" toweis are more absorbent; pastels, lexl , dr?p to-e least. I V j '481: Ave. 205. 18'). 1 70 555; 481; Ave, 205. 18'). 170 handicap. 14S. 141. 14844 1. To- handicap. 14S, 14S. 14844 1. DEPUTY TREASURER rjWe are offering on lay-away, hundreds of nice Christinas gifts. ' Pay a little down, make regular pay- tnentH anil have : your Christmas shop ping none early. 9 x 12 RUGS, New Line Blue, Red, V 4 coca cola . Mec.n. ic 12;. r'-.'i""-' . i 'm,.r'-i-'.r. , i !'! Viet 1 1. Hi.'.. I i:l. 1'' " R: n.111.1. l.-.ti. II;".. Ill "7:i: f -i. -"" T"1-1-- i &3 feiV 1 Lane. K.". IT". !: -' ; i'c ' r, - ..; day , Vi- .MxSi i I 1 '112. lS. l-'t -- hi'-: as... 175 ; , i.-ip ta LONG RUNNERS In Felt - New Bright Colors 27 x 5i, 89c 8 Ft. Long 27 In. Wide $1.69 METAL DUST PANS Only 25c PADLOCKS, 25c STRAINERS 25c Black RUBBER COVERED WIRE 3 Ft. 5c Green TWISTED WIRE 2 Ft. for 5c Nigfct ?( &Jjf T--'J$ .. BEER-WINE-WKISKEY-flXED DRiNKS Jgs: After 9 p. m. j ;J . 17f L'1T I j !.:i.di.W. I '"'. U'i 40r.. To ,J? ! V- ,.MU,,",.- H,-;. V y-j J -. ..:,t ov-rn, 11. Asanr' 1 . 1S3. 16:: - -:,. ir. - 4u5 CONGOLEUM MATS, 18x36, Only 15c See These New Rugs Now! EXTENSION CORDS 69c IRON CORDS 79c and 98c ing only the dress rehearsal schedul for today in preparation for wlmt v le will be victory No. 3 of 6 ason. Discovered Vulcanization In 1839 Charles Goodyear discovered the process krown as vulcanization by which raw rubber is converted iilo t lorhr-ts with useful properties. P. bc-r whir !: Lf s-jioiro If, kJ V O C A. f. SHOULD -1 V - o Am KLLI ALL2 1 ' ,, '..j ,.'V . 7 .,' I'. A' .-..i.:,,;',. !"..v. ;:' .' I ; - CLOTH BLINDS - if-'j I-,','. H tl'l" '.'.ft '.IT TAN CLOTH On Rollers 43c Sreen or Tan HEAVY CLOTH On Rollers 79c I 1'ir Malonev. 169 DECALS! PRETTY NEW DESIGNS! Just The Thing To Add Sparkle To Your Kitchen, Bath and Bedrooms. 10c and 20c Card TOMBAUGIF Li- 25c TO $1.00 STORE Y f CM I NE JER ELUDE MS RICE -' MS MAfE IN PWT ?!! WE MAU OMe-TIMfe M ' LiE J Tt CU MD UT,l MESUOBJU WILL ffrr.. Cc.D.i CAfUAfi; Rlt 1 FIND THE IMrWTAi 'HAMLET' WWICM , HE MADE 16 iNSPlBiNfi SUCCESS 1 E rtONy-TMiS Ta-.&JTE o AFPANCEO! PlSGuSEO, JERY BIT OF IT U Shake wni, ..Eiil'li r 1 HH0 JiLTED ME HAIR BREADTH HARRY Irrn ouistandmix r. o bav social tnsT- 'Ho this -i o.. tii-m at.ur. it is i, mtttcr 1h:.. niilli nW Mitfi .. 0 n i -irt

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