The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 27, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1944
Page 2
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Classified Advertising Will Brinj Results! Try it! I Lanadiaiis Land . r LINTON t; rte l and bouiba one battleship, ! and On Approaches Z&'ZS in v iHAIKVlKU' I'AIUhH Fleet in Full Flight for Port Continued Iiora page I) i r - -: STORE COHON KNIT TRAJNINC PANTS sJ" 5 Lightweight. long-wearing cotton knit pants with double crotch! Elastic back waistband. Sizes I :o 4. Hard-to-find, but not at the Root Store! lill; MUST MUTHOOIhT Oil 1MH ji'lirronl Jordan. Minister j.Mm Reeder. t tiiircti MuA Kuixiinlewli ni .Mi. J. u . Kreakr. MiuinUT of SIum,- tin.. Ira (liun-ii, OneauiM j m a. , MoininK Worship. genuoa subject: "la ttw Bout AUv?" i:45 a. m. Church Kcbool you aie cordially invited lo Hit ,.,, ', . ,,. ,jou u )ieS( maimed classes, ;.y y B1 Methodist Youth Fellowship. Jack Reed' r, president, 7 Atif p. ni. Kveninj; Kei'vice. seuuon sabjecl ' The ijil'-nnnus ol Jems. 11. What 1'ewi r and What saei-iss?" 7 :eu j. nj. - . iliiii'la) -'coul meet - and srym sestiofl. 7 : o p. m. Tuesuay. Orehes - )ra practise. 7:o p. m. Wednesday. Family ,,51,1 proaram. Sandwich and salad gfieils two aircraft carriers, live cruiser and on destroyer. One highly probable result of the crushing defeat inflicted upon the once j ruii d and boastful Japanese uavy is that the enemy now has no aircraft carriers fit for sictiou at th1 present time. From the welter of reports bo far received, two things are clear: 7. . . .... ., -....I Ut That the enemy naval force' Interceuted moving: southward be- 'ween Fortnosa and f.uzon. capital J Island of the Philippines, was the: Jap iiaiy'B main carrier lone 2nd, : :t-i tluit jn-eliminary nii-ww of tins t s bat t ! - inod i'-' a no evidrnie tl:r' i:ny i.H'my eai-rn-r in tlie fnive ecajn-d I Iji inK t--uiil: or damai-d. j j I'm J'licial tlioi'.h inioimatie tir-Iclfrs empiiasized the belief that virtually every vessel in the three Jap, naval forces, possibly including some of the enemy's largest, newest land fastest battleships, was damaged 1 heavily If not sunk, i In addition to the crippled condi tion of its sea power, the enemy increasing with each additional report on their loss- ?. With remnants of t lie battered and badly beaten enemy navy In full retreat a compilation of Jap losses taken from official conimunlyiies showed that tweMy-cw.-ven first Jine enemy warships, including: tweuty-on battleships, cruisers rnl ''. a-and six destroyers were sunk or d.i'i.-aged in Philijipinrs waters and snu:::-east of Formosa. Admiral Chcyter V. Nitjuil. rjti-mauder-in-cliiej of I'acjtic o(. ;in area- forces, so Jar has announced Hie ainking of six major enemy vessels, the probable destruction of inree, and the damaging of nine more In several fierce sea and air attacks. Gen. Douglas MacArliiur, in command of American liberation forces ia the Philippines, disclosed Thurs- Cii' iivii s S'iijied RayofJ Knit Briefs iVitioM' on!;. , w fcize 0 to 16 59? t h'' i -i (i'.-i-Siripp Kaon Knit Vests Ie:.rov oflv, aire size 0 to 12 :Je TOT)i.E?' 1AM O:: BILL CAPS 3!c to 69c ISVA NT'S BOOTEE SETS, Pink or Blue .2.49 hUlO :EVE IjIAFEPS, 27" x 27", Doz. 1.29 and 1.69 VELVELETTE At FANXETTE DIAPERS, Doz. 1J9 j (HAl'ZE DIAPERS, 20" x. Mi", Doz 2.25 ! BAB'S PAL, BOTTLE HOLDERS 1.49 upp'r and hot drink. Bperiai music. hq p. m. i5uuday night er-iineiestiiiK features, a happy time, vieea. J JD p. m, Thursday. Cuoir re - ju-arsai. . . rntHT BAITlriT fMVWM il HIIWH OFI UMOU ,, ()!I1. ,4 ma, mus Walnut Uriwif lieuall. Minister at Mu.i' ti,- T-'l Motnan. planint day thai battleships and carriers of j naVy is confronted with a gigantic V. Adm. Tboinaa Kinkaid'a Seventh j repair problem since Japanese naval Fleet bad sunk or damaged eight repair facilities are hopelessly Inad-jrapaoeae warships which were in ad- equate to handle simultaneously all dittos to those mentioned by Admir-' ,Jn numerous damaged ships, thus aJ Nimiti. long delaying restoration of the bat- Becretary of the ;avj James For-iu.rH,i portion of the imp' rial fleel rectal, commenting on tin- n-at tea UnH afloat. J,'ui vi Uud. 1i ureh Mtlaoul ! Sweat Shirts i Ken's Co1cu Knit Snow wlijte, crew neck, short sieev- grj, tf ! ed shirts tot woik J.-jr JS r or spcris! Lauiiii- V i-f " crs easily! Sizs S. M, i . Sturdy Hardwood ironing froK Bord Pad end Cover i.'.io'jtli Egg Beaters 1 I lo Antwerp (Continued from page I) Ulriiisli broadcasts heard by CliH in New York placed Hi.- Canadians midway aii.nt; Hie south Hhore uf Herelaud. t'anadian troops advane- '"K ,rou) "'C east eo-rea . . frn ,.k (1, ,he Walclieren-Beveland eauscuay. piac- in g them within 1(1 miles of tl.- new) landing- points, i Aeol-e. ;-eial Adtajiee I'oiiK-id' nt v illi the amiiiulnous t).rat, i Jrii : . li and Caliad.a.i troops in hvsh'iii IJollKtid piiiftiatvii J'p ii;tu iW::n de?ej)si S'-ulintf a in-i:- era! advance aloiijs entire front from S iierioaenboych to the sea. S HertoBeiibosih has been cleared of the enemy except for a few snip-1 en in the southwest section. New Allied advances are being made a-long the S HertogenboKCh-Tilbury road, while patrols reached hhoors- i traat and Mulenstraat. The Beveland attack witnessed a Canadian gain of four miles in llie space of ii hours. (British assault forces simuitane - ously carried out an amphibious landing on foulh Beveland J: land in the Hcu'.-ii, rivi'i -. he -t uinl..ii'UT of estuary to the tintuan liok:, i:i vist?ni Holland, a Homer correspondent vlio accompanied the as-auil lioo;-s rejioited. Oei'inaus Off ;naiid rriie invasion fleet, crammed wiil-t roups, light artillery, mortars aim Bren carriers, caught the trtrniaus completely by surprise. The British troops drove one milf inland in the first four hours of the assault. Bitter fighting was said U be continuing. A German report of a aimil?-landing on adjacent Walcheren Ir land was not confirmed l Canadians f.'iii .".ttwi Va'xis I aits 'M' tiji' Caiii-d-au Anr.v op:-i et'iiK- w-st t&.j r,i-i-:h J Ar:iy aci-va ni'( d- Ei . j'.i vur-J a.oiif tlie Boveland p, n!:,s.ili .! . only seven and otic-half mik-s fi-ou. the neck of the peninsula. Eastward. fo:"' stri'iiz no1-'!' or Antwerr. -ini-rt. J-oii'nJ vn i i.r r. . 'h. front "-r',l"'i 'bi't 1" f! "';.!!! : opened a" Co'-r-prrmiwd cat.iif .tack against. He east flaul: o ! Britisli-hr! i c .nidor tjimat!. Irnti. rafaict'tly on '" l ..... l '-.ver rr-. I t-i en He! i in Am! I I j 1 ; j 1 ) j : ' rnncicus garments need PROTECTION TOO NEW liKitiHT KFVEliSllii.K HEAVY PLAID RUCS Hive tour woolen garuieut anI winter Hear lite protection that reo ftous tioKhing dleervee be 81 KE that (lie dry- leaning process tiiey go through Is Ilie-tpste4t Have Your Clothes CJeaneJ "T he Uodd V.'aj 99 MODEL CLEANER H. Main til. Fhoue IS 49 Cotton Plaid Shirts ! Me!i' Kturdy Warm Bright colors in ' big block plaids! Warm, long tlcevcd tt1e witji, roomy pocket. Sizes M. L. 1 55 Boards 2.19 Sets . i $1 59c 2.49 5.S5 Size? 3 Size? bright block daicis! Ideal for made to take lots of w-ar . , , j 15e and 25e , 25c r-39c 25c, 39e, 69c A sweet-running motor is music to the ear. It means tre motor is operating efficiently that it wiU last for a Ion p. long time. It's simple to Keep your motor running sweet. At the first sign of ring taiiure, have year motor speci-lisi install a set of Hastings Steel-Vent piston rings. They stop oil-pumping and check costly cylinder wear. 'VICE ; ' i tough e. f Uak6 - fii.-.el :'0 x " I SJ 3.S5 l"ine n elitv. hejivv ratr ruzsin that b'e or v.'crti spot . . . v.-asi.abie too! Strainer P?n Cake Turner 10 Qt. Galvanized Buckets Tmvels ft l' 1 I' r, i . . . . ft" v '7 r - .rr Jii . H. Owtwtn, Mkulifler j Fairrtrw , M5 a. m. Kunday School, An-: drew Simpson, Kupt. l.tit if. Hi. Worahip. Sermon; , Christian Privilege, j Nut: If you bave no church home. ' it may be your fault. We are a friendly people. Mini . , Kml(i:lv a,hool. E j E. Randolph. Bunt. ) ll:u a. m. Worship. Sermon 1 i Streamlined Religion. i jet something out of le. !?- ii j : eonimuiriiy builder, 'e ivelvo.'ii'- a:; ; ro-OIX'I'atiou. i yvmer I j 1U:10 a. t;j. .Sunday hcii'yui i ) Ernest Myers, tiupt. j 1 . HOIJNKfM MISKJN jjau S. Kitihtb t. iter. JaMier tratterson. Itisiioci ; 7:30 p. m. Thursday, Midweek prayer service. Special leaders for these services. Rev. Arthur Whitlock will have charge of Sunday night service. Music, good singing. Hiit:iAitihvii.i; sew TMKTAJHKST CHI'rU'H Itev. Joseji K. Hunei4cIJiLOue, ' I'astor 10:(K) a. in. Sunday School. j 11:00 a. m. Morning Worship, j 7: SO p. m. Evening Service, i J:St) p. m. Wednesday Prayer i Meeting. The annual Homecoming will br Sunday, Nov. 12. Everyone veiconi'' 8S8 l-S Blackmaa ( Pi tiilaa Hall) 10 a m. Sunday School. 1 1 . n. Churct Teitituoui.l laec-ling evor Jot "d 3-rd W riiiej'jay of each month. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES "Everlasting- Punishment is the subject of the Lesson -fciermon in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, October 29. The Golden Text is: "Wherefore doth a living man complain, a man for the punisnment of his sinsT Let us aearcn and try our ways, and tarn again to the Lord" (Lamentations 4"). Among the citations which the Lesson-Sermon is the following- from the U.ole: "Then irtrew near unto him all the puon-cai.s arid siurcrs for tOt hear nun. And tl.c ri.i.rut'cs and scribes murmur. c sayinrr, vh;s iii-n l-eco.iti v.? . sinnci.-.:, and eatct'i wiih them. Ana he sa.d, A certain had two sons: Ac:! the yoi-nger of them taio to l:is ja-tiic-r, l-'athcr, give me the jior'.i'-n ef jjaods. that ialL-.'n to me. And he divi.! .-d unto ti.cni bib living. And not many days after tnc younger son gathered all together, and took his journey into a far country, and tuare wasted his substance vim riotous Jiving" (Luke 1D:1, 2, U-13). . The Lesson-Sermon also includes Ihe following passages from the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "Passions and appetites must end in pain. They arc 'of few days, and full of trouble.' Their supposed joys are cheats. Their narrow limits belittle their gratifications, and hedge about their achievements with thorns. Mortal mind accepts the c-Toni.ou, liia'.erir.1. conception of life and joy, but the true iii.-a is p:::r.(i from the immortal suit" (p. Li.u). KvansviUe. Morrin McCariy. ol ia layette, is now A'-iintr roinmispjon-I er but was said that he is not a can- didate for the post, which is expect- ed to be filled before Jan. 1. Boy, 2, Rescued From Sewer After Four Hours BEDFORD. Ind. Duane Frederick, two-year-old sen f .TB''i. Frederick, now with t .e s aa-y in the Parif.c ar-a. v-a. i-scum a ci'y sever last night aftei ix-i.t.. abandonil four hours earl.ei by two y year-oid bo n Arnold rcc.or - i'ld i.,i -. .- i..- Hack ney accui--J .icii ..,:i-e r -a ;'.::' :if the'i 11! a s- Wei a,: i: c !.k. Home. 1-aiCl- li-c- -lal-ll'il the b -bv fill in. ileiiry S. Murtay. lornei- c-irir man of the :.-..-. I. ib.aiii ia connect! d the .-.oat a., wiib '... d--. appearance, obtiioc .i .m 't.: aija e. sions. Expecting to fit ii a'': '-..-i from sewer gas Johi: !:;.!, . i.:. the sewer and foii.-j i 1...1 sei ei. about lit' yards f .a : :.- '. tered the bewtr n . r-na u. about him. The chiiti app-f.'-i . i : - d H: rna.i!.-!- . jr woiia-. d ; is. . c' h in oi:.y a l'".v n .nules ai-'l' th'' el.rrj . J; 1 oUt tl' 1.' .' a VI1' no pori li of the.r iionie. Parke County Reorganizes Historical Society Miss Phyllis Dais. daagh'er ' .Mr. and Mrs. Sam Davis, Union township. Parke County, has beeu selected to represent Indiana in the N'aAioiial 4-H Home Economics Ach-. ieV'-iiienl contest, ii Was announced lec.-nliy. Tie- contest, sponsored by the Moaliioinery Ward & Co.. is con- ; u-.!'"e! --!- a lo-itry s'a'e end n.;'- SniK-eiiil-Ni'l.-iH ' ;-:4i a. in. Orchestra nut sic ) a1 :1k- ojjeuiu of Bi!:ie school. ) j u : 4 r, a, m. Mo-li:iig Worship.. icrtuon subjou. "The Day of Atone- ISaptist Youth Hally at. Mt. Olivet Bautist Church, an all day meeting. : p. m. Baptist Youth Fellowship meeting. Junior. Junlor-Hi and Senior. T:0 p. in. Evening Worship. Sermon subject, "What Kind of a Church Do You Want?" 7:00 p. m. Wednesday, prayer meeting. K:00 p. m. V cities' ay ,busi- r'-ss iU. eting. t'il'.Sr CHItlSTiA.V CHt'JU H orii'-i' 7t!i and iila-kmiui J.. 1''. Ueloie,U, I'astor I'lM'-V- K. Crawford. Sujit. of WWe K: I'.'iol W! :h if e wUl ;.ee a; Bible school sr.,- jce ivt 10:4 5. Sv.fdi'.y. ti e las' :;'!: ':a' th" Tha v orsliip iVMli wi.l Ni Vi'.'Ilbe I- otocrved l.omiiii.' and Vfll. .dj.IHiel tin- j :r.ks- i i-r il as How ;iuyn Ju . I, :!.. QUO . t to begin now 1 1 ed I ig a tier day. l."t el i naesl ' back lioia br': l-'IRST rHI'.'SHV I Jil'.IA.N III IK H 'Diird aviid Jiullii-n-y ht. Jiev. Cluule iaiitn-ig. Milliliter i Mrs. V Hutchinson, du-wctur of j M usic ' The Anthem "T n e Shephera Psalm," soloist, Mrs. William Gray. Sermon subject, "How to Find Happiness in Clinton." ; HII.U'KKST I'HfcKByTKIUAK CHIIM'H liev. i liai-les J.uiImtjj. Minister Mivs riiir.mce Aucr. director of ! Music J Ti.e An'iiein 'I.oie Divme." j Seiinon subject, "The Greatest Sermon in ti.e World." 1 1 wo St. Louis Doctors Awarded Nobel Prize ST. LOUIS St. Louis' civic pride swelled almost to the bursting point today at the news that two of its residents had been awarded the Is 4 4 Nobel Prize for their scientific researches. The honorees are Dr. Edward A. Doisy. 01, Professor of Biochemistry at St. Louis University, and Dr. Joseph Erlanger, 70, of the Wasn- ington University Medical College's .School of Biochemistry. Dr. Krlauger's award was tor me K -C' -.-i la ci:ami-.g Ol ine im;..!!b.- (,'elfi'ltti d in l.el'ves. by u.-v o: a : :i:.i.ii:M--i' and tiie oa;ia a--ray oscillograph, 'u this orit i.- v. ' c.ii'i eraliu? with Dr. B. li.eii s. i, ;-.-::. i- of ti.e Rockefeller 'ii i : t u t .. !, ',al formerly worked oetid-' Ur. l.'rlanger in tin- Washing-uiii University laboratories. Dispatches from Stockholm an- nouueing tlie awards said Dr. Doisy t l"r5.i vuinuumiuiin To l Ciiosen from roabs 1 i :-Hi A .'. J'( lrh lli.l. Indiana li ... coacc f i-.vp.-et that tin- , , ( ,. ,;im.r of tin- Indiilllt : ol Aii.lcliC A:-.oCialloll .ran from their ranks. . iii'Ual fall l-amiuet of the a Sciiool Coaches Asso- :;iaiii in Indianapolis, a ! w..- passed llllalliinously ' :.u' liiSAA Hoard of . ia.o.s.' a man licensed in i a auon and ha ill coach. ' i i j ! : '.iieia! il An .llail'l Yt i.ini'i cjiil ciintLiin rs of ;,.n. Hw id ll!;.t'tl. l vitii'liaw ail v.,i! il. K: US v- il- Hup in w t-i'ii II nd ' Fcnbosch to Tilb' Wbile tos Of Hertov.'nboich '1 AP'ed tlvA Wtif'i 'ere niing o tlie anuUiwr-st ngauiii ' 1- btire. ano'ber of tbe tbree koy man positions in westcn Holland, smashed into the eastern and south ern outskirts of Tilhur.e Wewtera l''rn Rinn Activitv on t'-e wcpi-. i- fu tv fv-ii: Aaclien lo bc Vo:-;,i'.- ?.i"i;;:ialii ; e-gion of Fi'-ncc increa; . .i al l-r a Of seven1.! '!.!:-. Araet'ieail Kit'.-t A:n. forces a i-'u Of Aa-l-.r.. .-'(, i.-d 111 1 II' r:il'il.-. H- gaini'i siu'iborn (.'-raiaa r- si-ilain Patrol adiviiy ri-pr'ii :"ii'ii of MonschfB. bflow A'li. the Keicil. Mow-He alle Aitillery There was sporadic German artillery fire in the Moselle vaiiev nn he American Third Army front in Prance. Northeast of Luneville the Germans were cleared from the Forest f Moncourt and from high ground orth of the forest. Several Nazi counter-attacks in the i.'.cnvtlle sector were repulsed. 'inins were scored by the Amen- an Seventh Army nor Rgainst strong German n !.ls I'f rite County Oil! Wiiis Vptiojial 4-H KTojrnition . IM-,.: !.' l' li 'li rd ,h.-.'-a I'icsiil.p' of 'hi-,. A ly 'i La m.-i ti ''a'-i.e (' "my H:s- . .,:,;( s,.ci.-. i.i.aii vas iiiainili'-'1 s.nirdav, Oct. 21, m ! Kockvlllv :blic Library auditorium, it was "orted recently, "he organization will have charge h. ..Umhiin of the dam for I t ! Distributed By STAATS AUTO SUPPLY V1 ,..v,1p Btimulant 25 BETONGA " . . . . ofS J I'LE..;- -'-- M . , TT k Tt; l l " i ON to i. " 99c .t A irnll ;il, liver ' (;T.l - i . , ; rke countv history of World War I was honored for vitamin research, nnd other things which arise. I apparently a reference to his lsola-ot'ier officers elected iucludei j lion of Vitamin K. :. Hugh Banta. Hockvllle. vice j ijrVnt: Mrs. I'rank B. Kaudolph. j , ,, . . !,..! j i:,',.,) the OUICK ' - 1 '" ,,. " 4-WAY RELIEF FOR Va!ves and Valve Seats PJSIGii F!HS nnd KuG Bolts Fitted BRAKE MMtm EEGROUfffl; MME. Uim INSTALLED TIRES AND TUBES VULCANIZED -'lie. secretary: Mrs. Knot ! r . : . i i., ;,r -1 ' :l"1':" ' r ,jri1''- b ..' J u:.!ii ti el.J .. a '';i;ii:i Vus'sri-ioni IVars P"itf !;e;n Jiisit'fiia TiA- coiaiirr election lif'ectinp j ' i ' i i.e tii. i' v o- :d. i! v.-as disenv-j :-ca ted :'. v ... -i iliort James '-! ' 2:'. j s-filiiil .Ma.lll s-lee.. refoneit i i n(i in i: j .n ei' i iia a -( a r i.i:ii j.. 'I iiiu-biooia t near tiie Hazel Hint f iseliool House. ; The ni''S)'rooni. 1 ij-incti'ii in nut-I ' meter fo-::d t'js niorilill: near tin i.ciiool hous Ind na as the late replace I lie Place Your Order Nov for ;'-e ill r to est.-!'. a' : Is. , j. ,,- MEM" ef'. n-s f mrt S "l S ZT XT Ernie Pyle's A..',,;i(.rl R,.r.' tvd ttU 1" 'n t-f Sl'-ries 'flTiir if ;,".-t were Arc -nil. O'lHit- I'-":- M.irk Viantiic-ld, Classified Aiii Sell utol Aa Umj ail-!. ...u-. Aiid.- i. and in- -ell f ti 1- ut Icrt-a b. iiii I iii :' it 1 11 J .. - . .. . I!.!.'. ' :!!! ( Hi r.'. Ji .i.

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