The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 26, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1944
Page 5
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Tag? Vs - THE DAILY CLINTONIAfl Thunday, Od;;'t?r ZC, 1941. SOUTH BEND, Intl. Notre Dame drilled today in defennlve tactics designed to stop Illinois' speedy backs Ed Bray, Buddy Younft and Paul Patterson. The Irish will Journey to Champaign Saturday lor the game. Football Notes NOTRE DAM!. Intl. The Notre Dame football squad expected to complete drills on its home Held to- Grinding Anglo-US Drive Continues To Gain in Italy I Continued from page II dny preparatory to meeting Illinois c Saturday, and go to Champaign to-i JMltllCie 3113168 morrow. The Irish team expects to! arrive in Champaign Friday at 8:30 j 'J'ijle JJ1 INortllS . p. m. ' The game Saturday, the eighth in i It I !j1U -. ',- rnVfS the nll-tlmo series between , - 3C01 schools, is considered one of the, 1NI)1ANA,OLis. lnd. Undefeat-sternest lesls of the season lor the p(, Munci(1 t(.Mtrai hll(1 another Irish. However, lliev have won ull ' .. . ........ nlon and the clearing of northern TranBylvania. Twenty salvoes from 224 guiiB in Moscow saluted the glad tidings. Capturing the strategic Barents sea port of-Klrkenes. Russian Karelian front forces also fought their way into more than 30 towns In northern Norway and continued to press the attack that may bring complete disaster to Hitler s Arctic army. Crossing the Norwegian frontier, with permission of Norway's government in exile In London, the lied forces, after rnplclly moving across the northern tip of Finland, apparently surprised the Nazi defenders. Stronghold Captured The (lermans apparently had Intended to make Klrkenes their stronghold in northern Norway, but It fell under what the Russians described as "impetuous blows," a-cross Nazi fortifications. West of Kirkenes, the Soviets took an enemy airdrome at Hoebykt-moen and captured eight German planes along with stores and equipment. The airfield was being hasti- erH. -S. -Woolsey on Oct. 24 carried out a .'.'successful" bombardment of enemy highway transports near the Franco-Italian frontier. Hatter Nazi Convoy Other Allied naval craft overlook a south-bound German convoy near Spezla In Genoa Gulf on the. night ot Oct. 22-2:1, and noted explosions resulting after torpedoes hud been fired. Unfavorable flying weather again prevailed In the .Mediterranean area, but fighters and fighter-bombers continued close support of ground forces and blasted enemy target ureas. Centenary Soldier Ik Wounded in France Robert Mielhe. sou of Mr. and Mrs. William Miethe of Centenary, was wounded In action In France recently, according to word received by the parents. He is now In a hospital somewhere in France where ho Is suffering from a broken right leg. . Throw Tour Scrap Into the Flubtl 1 Dr. G. R. McGUIRE X-Kay 2351 Blackmail previous games wi,h the mini ex-; H ,dav ,le ri,sult : expect.,, from the on,.,- iioril, com-cept for a scoreless lie in 19:17. Thel,,, ,. . ,.,.., vt',.,.,i,,v over the . munitles. Bologna. Progress was described as "slow and methodical" against all-out German resistance, Germany's Field Marshal Albert Kesselring apparently plans to shorten his defensive line preparatory for an all-winter campaign. South of the Rlmlnl-Bologna highway, Nazi troops have been observed constructing now winter trenches facing the Fifth Army sector. The winter trenches, prepared for entire platoons and squads, indicated Kesselring is looking ahead to a long-range defense of Bologna. Advance on Vast Flank The Americans, under Lt. Gen. Mark Clark, advanced on the eastern flank with Indian troops reaching c e.flBlani n a Rrillah units of the , Army pus))ed 1600 yardg nortn. east of Mount Battaglia. Yank soldiers were engaged in violent fighting in the vicinity of Ve- Uriano, a smashing battle that con- Clinton, County Join Nation In Tribute to Navy I Command from page 1) tact Nick Karanovich or Cuy llriggs. parade co-chairmen. In order lo lake part in the parade. From the north pari of Ilic county, the Newport High School hand, the Newport Lions' Club and several other county seal organizations will be represented: several groups will come from Cayuga ami inure are n'i.o.. imt x !irr vj I i lie pnrade at Ninth Street will tall In at Third and Vine slreets as the parade moves east on Vine, it was announced. l.i ' .March The parade will thin move down Main street to Elm, west on Elm lo Third Street; from Third to Black-man and from Blackmail Street to the Clinton High School gymnasium for the program. Lieut. Springer will be the main snpnker (lurinc the meetiilK which ' f An mtercting pro- grain has been arranged by t Boyd, program chairman, with sev- eriil hlKh 8cho0' 'u,l,'nts 10 l,ar"- ciltate. IntrtMlnro Navy MoIIhts T. L. McDonald, chairman of I hi :Vi million Comity Navy Hay Com- Imittee will act as masier oi rrreino nies and besides introducing Lieut. Springer, will pay tribute lo the : county's Navy mothers who will sit! i,. a reserved auction of the gym-! nastum. i The rour.ty has nearly 500 men ,u the Navy, :t is estimatea. ana me ,.. ha born arranged as a mblHc In r 1 1 1 r. nu: Hi" : uii of lie l)e Nn e ni1 fie local men as well as i v. Navy Pty, mark- j is u.. f tiie setting i by Hie rvjniineninl j ; series began in 1898. No changes are anticipated in the ! Notre Dame starting lineup, barring! lest minute injuries. Coach Ed Ale-! Keever said. For left halfback Chick : Mansion the mini game will be his; last as a member of the Notre Damo team. Maggioli is a member of the marine unit which is being dis.on-tinued at the South. Bend school Nov. 1. BLOOMINGTON, lnd. Indiana, mi in tin rimninir ir ihi mi mir1" Nine football championship, will at- i" Ley to Inlnnil. One cruiser nnd five destroyers were all that remained or the original force of fourteen battleships, cruisers and destroyers mid these are belog attacked by American carrier planes. West from Knmar Of the northern rorce of 26 enemy warships, which were given battle east of Samar Island Wednesday, fourteen surviving Jap slilps ul-moet all damaged passed westward through the San Hernardlno Straits between Samar nnl Luzon Islands during the night. Heavy units of Admiral William F. HalBey's Third Fleet carrier forces are attacking these crippled Jap warships. Ktnltaid said. Itllseul at SIllgalHiie Admiral Kinkaid revealed that the combined force of forty Japanese warships which moved against l.eyte in one of l he cleverest naval maneuvers in hislory, were based at Singapore ami it is unlikely, he said, that the enemy has anything more than small scattered units left operable in home waters. Reds Seize Port In Norway; Slash Deep into Prussia (Continued tiom page 1) iiiiparently slowed down the Russian drive into tne neicn in me vicum.j ot uomap auu i.unioinnen. ;unibinnen, 15 mikv, from Inster- nurg, was tureaieneu Senuum.v youthful General Ivan Chernyakov-! :Bky - stiiiriiwn!ieu.issiai. aim, lameu pi'-t.aei i-.fiu throwing nacn a series ui .msi " Hitler's defense forces, are ot- ly repaired for use f Soviet Planes. It was the first Allied thrust in Norway Bince the ill-fated British effort, April 8, 1940. IM'osecnte 'ampalg-n u,.i. ..,ti,i lo.r that the Norwegian campaign will be fur-jtlnued on through the day. ther prosecuted, the Nazi forces, con- I Mediterranean headquarters also sequcntly, clung to only two slim revealed that the American destroy-hopes of escape either evacuating tempt to strengthen in conference i position here Saturday against Iowa in the 17th renewal of the schools' gridiron rivalry. f Saturday's game, the only Big Ninev contest on Indiana's home 1 schedule, is being dedicated to the four former Hoosier guilders who have lost their lives in V,'orid War .11. Sgt. Harold Hursh, remembered) ' as "Hurlin' Hal" of the lfi"!i ami! 1940 seasons; Ensign Harold "lied" j dimmer, teammate of Hiu-ti's nm outstanding Big Ten halrbaek: u Nelson Beasley, end on the I I-::.; ; teams, and Lt. (jg) Siiin. y v.. Me-! t (lurk, reserve end in II; 11. ;'i" ihe' four who will be honored iu the ', game on Saturday. All piay .1 ikhIi r present Coach Alvin McMill'n - ' ' Kokomo High School football outfit.1 But lor Vincennes, previously undefeated, although twice-tied, the midweek schedule was unfortunate.. The Southern Indiana Conference defenders went down before a strong j contender. New Albany, ID to 12. The Purple Panthers of Blooming-ton, now topping the SIAC, strengthen their hold by eliminating second place Linton, 19 to 0. Columbus and Rushville played to 7-7 tie but the Kushville Lions . .. ... n J. lllfC ,J2 ' irs tral Conference for the school's first title. The tilts were some of the prep midweek games which loaded the with Interest for football fans. Be cause the Indiana. State Teachers convention opens today, a number of games were played midweek instead of this week end. Sco.'es include: Anderson 12, Rlclfmond 0. Princeton C. Bickncll 0. tiers' niey. r of Tcire Jla.ite C i-tl 0 (M. I. Bra- TlaK Joins AVwd Ci .(, ilerogiiition (ivcn J'onoMi! S?tlr (Conlln ieil man pafe'e 1) It was a subject of some con;-, ment in Washington that the Stale emphasis on join' re'-oziiitio!, (' tic 'American republics u.r- in M-renc to the demand imm La in Aiu'lie.i that a consultative nieeiing or foreign ministers should be heid Conservation Club Plants Fish in Local Ponds, Pits Several thousand fish, including blue gill and large mouth bass, were recehed and deposited in ponds and strip pits in this vicinity, Monday. Oct. 23. by the Clinton Conserva- tion Club, it was reported today. The club also released 290 quail and 50 pheasants, recently. Labor and means of transportation lor the distribution of the fish were furnished by Mike's Auto Body Shop. I i ' ter attacks and seizing IS enemy strongpoints, including the vital highway junction at Gross Traken-t nen. Tit ha'- been observed 1 stubborn Resistance 7 n by sea from fishing towns along Varanger fjord or by a 200-mile march across a 2,000-foot plateau to Tromsoe or Alten fjord In blustery winter. Snow already has begun in northern Norway. Farther south, troops of General Kodion Malinovskyb second Ukraine . d (he enemy ln an as sault upon two main railway Junc tions in northern Transylvania, cap- 1 Hiring the towns of Satu Mare and j Carei. ' Germans fled Into the hills before ! Malinovsky's troops which. In addl-jtion, seized more than 100 other i towns and villages. Summarizing the smashing victory drive in that area, iti,e xi,,ww communioue concluded, thus, our troops have completed liberation of Transylvania from the enemy." Cook Scrap Cook (hrowout potatoes to feed them to pigs but it is important that the potatoes be cooked enough or enough volunteer plants will come up to spread spore and spoil crop. lK,s'fering Stubborn resistance despite j I ',(, enormous ion..... CHAMPAIGN, 111. Bill Heto. Illinois fullback, who has been out of the game because of injuries whs back in the line-up today. His re- Moscow communique supplement, it'". . , ...j .u. the TAXPAYERS ATTENTION THE FU.L INSTALLMENT OK 14:1 TAX W NOW DUE. UNI) PAYABLE AT THE TltEASl KKH'S OFFICE IN -NKW-l-O tT Al SO K INSTALLMENT OK MOUITOIill M T AXES THOSE MHO TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE IOHITOH-JuM DELINQUENT TAXES. IK NOT PAID 11V THE KIIIHT M(?NDAY IN NOVEMIiEK SUCH TAXES WILL BECOME DK-MX QVBOT 1 AND PKK CENT PENALTY WILL BE AI.DE.) TO THE FALL INSTALLMENT. THE TREASURER'S OFFICE WILL Mr PAYMENT OK TAXES TO AVOID THE LAST MiSl lK HIMt. MAIL WILL HE ANSWERED AS SOON ""; . ! HONS PAYING TAXES BY MAIL WILL PLEASE INf LI DE RETURN POSTAGE. ALSO STATE IN WHAT TOWNSHIP OR CORPORATION THEIR PROPERTY IS MM.'ATEI). DURING THE LAST TWO WEEKS TELEPHONE CALLS CANNOT HE ANSWERED AS THE WINDOWS WILL HE TAKEN CARE OK FIRST. Mary Brittain Karl G. Dicken ' turn strengthened the team's hopes Department s .action was In inter-of slowing up Notre Dame's running American action rather than Anrb-attack next Saturday on the mini American. Observers agreed that in Cni.L're:; in 1 7 fur the past 22 The Navy Day observance arranged by a commit!' of, ,;linlon aI1(i Vermillion County resi- llinis. repieBCIl.n.f ..; iation in the county under tne on- elion of Mr. McDonald. Remnants of Beaten Jap Fleet Pursued By US Carrier Planes (Continued from page 1) the fourteen Japanese warsmpt. which came through the Suriago Japanese warships Straits Wednesday and turned north into the Leyte Gulf to launch the ,,.i,,-n t.rnnir of the pincers, have i ! i ! : roDorted 2.riil() Germans were "annl .-.... K.. .,,., M1llor nnri in n""i- lantry ln repeiung uu me enemj counter-attacks. (Berlin reports, heard in London, ( ."aimed Russian forces are being j driven back slowly after Gorman troops closed th breach in their! Easi Prusjian lino.) While the forces of Chernyakovsky threatened the gateways of lnster-burg. Soviet air forces reported that Hast Prussia is preparing for the worst, evacuating civilians from the cal)ila, cit). of Koenigsberg. s hle ,,.,- invasion News of the stubborn battles within the Keich were somewhat overshadowed, however, with Stalin's an- MONUMENTS II 0 A Complete Line 0 III For Service Drop Us A Card 1 1 1 home grounds. LAFAYETTE, lnd. Seven V-12 memliers of Purdue's football squad, including four veterans, will be lost to the team after Saturday's game at Michigan due to navy transfer orders. The vets are Frank Bauman, 'outstanding end and acting captain; Chalmers Elliott, left halfback; Stanley Dubicki, place-kicking specialist, and Walter Porembe, center. Minn. Vic Kul- MINNEAPOLIS bitski, who returned recently to the Minnesota, football squad, will start at fullback Saturday in place of Tom Gates against Ohio State. Thirty-'teven players were named by Coach 'George Hauser to make the trip to Columbus. , t. W. Walsh momimeni u. I deputy treasurer 8114 Wabash Ave. I I I been sighted today moMiig "; llounCenieiits of the Norway inva- SJ HMii-- , , ward in the Camote3 Sea, west ol 1 'rfTWI E" I Rsft&iroy7 Thimble i Mm Wm hr ' (t IT 1 IT5 P 1 IrTheatre (PD rsHE's 6aM'ygf r I Starring JIP FSiST SW' TO THE MEMBERSHIP OF 1 poFEYE pP? j2A LOCAL UrilOU 0845, UNITED f,,.. jjj ik Ij I 1 IE VGHKEBS OF AMERICA - U uTxrw- nTO FT v :ALKNowrpT7soE powerful. i mm. f.l .THE DANGEROUS ; " ' , OUHet S DOCTOR KRUSOfl ABOUT HIM WE THAT A FEW SHELLS OF IT, DROPPED A Us THE GOOpA HE CROSSED THE LAKE V . JKh M?fJw?-- If .SCBETHE, C NERhIaRO WH.MiJ GOT FROM AN ONACITY WOULD PARALYZE EVERY ) (I OOKTOB?( INTO THE U.S.LAST NIGHT! This is to advise the membership of , Ufli rather mlocraViati'- ' menace of - ,r -T intercepted INH.tWTAHT WITHIM AN HOUR!!! i am positive he is inrAT T"VIOV f?84i .mnlovpp of thP , V ARENT YOU IHAWKIt' ; I DOCTOR f SHORT-WAVE FROM DOKTR KRU6G ALONE HAS THE SECRET ( HERE IN MOOSE BAY I LOCAL LISIOX 684o, eniplojees , f ARErTTYOiuvKh ty i raw njp near Hudson bay. lockeoin his evil brain!--if he 1 U VlwOHTNOWi J PYRAMID COAL CORPOKATIOX, VIC- ! fill " V, krugg has been J C EVER reaches the fatherland!-) i TORY. MINE, that after the Officers of ij; V wXonT k ' 731 r fK .h the local union and mine oonimit tee have ' s-3 y'v j SECRETas' tVxf, w L6c C- met with the International Cotnmi-sion ' JF&b ' VYJ r Ss'' - t'A ' and the District Executive Board for an y Secret iTi-rlM H I Ji ' T VS -TV Hi -ft Mm (t4 - M ; romflY MORNIMS : iS ----- Bllfe2.J Bl Wi &rfilMkJi i ' fj - . ELAls!c uOf;ELY.IA5.M0.lj jUET ME EE THE FlRrjJ OH, I I HMM ! MHM PEOPLE TELL YOU OT'P. 5'l JI iO-li rrijr f" - I PIM-UP GIRL. ASO'JMD HERS. TO COMe5RATOLATEj'(THANK VJHAT GOOD SPORTS THEV ARE, ytLslUfiLlal I f liH' TV- IlLLk. MISS ONES.THIS BfJfv5u ELL.VM AGOqOJ5PCRTJ7 OUFP' ' J?" CUT THE CARDS AND TEST " 1 rA Xlt'1" says vou'RE nc-ai;:.i imwT krrrT iFS f t$p the wce! i r fe, , PIM-UP GIRL IN TVSS vlcARCy)SA.' RrJyA '' M "1 W C 'IJll ' I I A "Ta vi:ul nx-:rr. k l" A 1 1 ' rv. V ll '' K' JlS jffirZTl IV,.,,i.J.-..t. Local fniun O'tJla f.V P'?X: " JvV1 R$-t& A fl SCCv T . WMl .t-rut-K K,.v,,i,,. wmm Wm MKrtVm fJbfe Rwordirig Sfcit-tury. Local Union (its to J R1ISS Weaver ! & ' f A 3 fef fft WA U l 1 llFT5 Mii(LAS HOiLVU-KY, L , ! - . . - - . - - - - -- Mine Co;.imitU-eman. L.-al Union 6b45 If i folxxed w hcms: j ! C;s XY.--A ' saiDwe wtcc doing evesyth 5 I I - Z.. uiOOV bud no Ji , well not ,1'.:--'. If""! T R T P Ei-D U-U ri-y Mt -uLl TVA TO LOCATE MISS BLINKS! TMAT HE 7 AND HARRY mi U NU g 5 'H rtlTC TUAtI fl 1 Si I pIF-UI- '( ATTENTION" TO YOU' 35 ' ; TUAT'y . . jJ l 1 KF1 fil U. If stl " 1 J'rii 7 -fs OWED IT BWS PUBLIC-- V NONE WHATEVER?? sS8i AfS. SSy gfSaf . p 4 Mine Conmlittcora.,.Lo,.a; Union (i;sl5 HAIR - t Q J2 f "3 XJU ):i!c.:,1,:U,L,iu..:,Bu U HARRY h j . tfty , XNf (UrS ' 'I iiTT'T" x ' - ' - "?-'" ' ' - - - - - i

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