The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 26, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1944
Page 2
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Tl.ur- Fage Two Four Lightest Elements Listed 1 Hvriroxeni ou'". lithium arf Military Nursing Military nursing, aa it is known today, had its rise as a result of the Crimean war. yiHiH ii i'n ; thnl llii' I'n'tMi'lit'ii rnoiiy" lull I" tin i'iirri'1'ii il 'y ci'ii r ,r u i ." rr iin- i ni'i .1 !.,(.. .11-'. I If "rull! t ; l.'i.illl ' II. 'puh'. 'beryllium thofout lightest el t.t.,;j :i i.-n. I.u Nineteen 'Enemy Ships Sunk In : 3-Day Battle (Cuniluuca Hup oate 1) 63 From where I sit ... Joe Marsh, iuicldal counter-attacks. Strategic liitl Taken A strategic hill west, of Palo, from which the enemy poill' d fire, mid iho to,.n of 'l'auaau. four ln.ies south of i alo, wei.. captured. General MacArthur officially announced today that the road center at Kuraucn had been captured by the -:ih Corps which now alsci con trols a cluster of airfields around San l'abio. - . By FDI!5 Dewey Charges in Talk (Conttuuea liom paf;u 1) .Hi, I u ;il Ih.- I'l i tilili'lll !: 'I ., r.-r '. )' ili'i-ul i i iMii-it it. ii-wiiii:'' I'nriMi r.ti'Mi Mi'li vin sponsomd by lli'iuil'llpiin H'n. Arth- II' II. Vllllilrlllll'I'K. ( Ill's I' A Slmki iliiHii Tli" Ki I' nu'ilitu'i' iiiid tiii'ii mid weim-ii on I't'lii'f ulul llir Soldiers' Wives and Returning Husbands fleet is sufficient to protect the inner supply lines between tho Jap mainland and the stolen enemy island empire to tlio south. The powertul enemy naval furrrs were first sighted Monday by carrier reconnaissance planes of Halsoy's Third Fleet. Tluve lineiny Forces One force moved eastward through the Sibuyan Sea, a second through Ihe tin 1 n Sea to the sonihwesl. and a third enemy force was located southeast of Formosa approaching the Philippines from Japanese home waters. Hundred s of Mitscher's dive and torpedo bombers repeatedly attacked the two forces moving through the Sibuyan and Sulu Seas. On the following day, Tuesday, and Tuesday night "a concentration of aircraft, surface shrps and submarines of the Pacific fleet" followed up Ihe attack. bud, but Ms it true?' " The llepublican nominee, employing stronger words than in ary of his previous speeches, recited allseed niisstiitnrjipm ; mid broken prum-ises by President Roosevelt. He said the New Deal cast aside the platform it adopted in Chicago V. I'A vt'i-i' "i'liiiti n down lur con-I ti'llmivms In ih Ni'W lU'ul" mid "Uli'lnlly iidmiltl today in a com-i:::it lor t'.ic "nunlld piirpoBP i.r buy-. niuniiiiic lirouili'imt hy Tokyo Radio !,, vo'. 'M." P'-i'l ''' '. i'.. ii. Mi 'd lo llii'. Hint mi" N i ioncs.- battleship liad PA i- ivvuli'- jii t l.ri.'iv i.ili n:l'' I'n-viouily the Jan lilKh "'u '.iu.lh Imh'a;i i'il' .il'li'f tlii' : command conceded the loss of two Mit.'i iial been tafely d". Icniluer ii nd one desiroyei'. ) ;o',"j Di. y nHl 'd tiuw tb ' I nn-! I.linp l'i i:uiile . d - lal.s .: the I, iideiKlilp lo l!,e A .lumber or Hie eiieiny battle-world v.iien our own Rovei nmeiil lnii nlnim and ei uiseiB were so severely "lost the in. .nil iDliliililire el' tie damaged tin I when Ihey finally in.iii.n. .-Hid v.;i, n have an nd .broke elf reiioii tlicy limped from ,,ii,i, l . ', hle'l "hieliK i" ell I'll il ! I I lie Ki'ene i. low HI d. trailing oil Nov. 1 Valid Deadline ' For E,K,5:;0-31 T;iss Kffec;ive Xo. 1. L. and t con-' pons from .'o. 0;iu 11 . and ,",;:i-H, those coupons which net,, hered in a series ana w ait d lavr the designation "mileage r..i.':ii(,u. " will no longer be alid lor iian-i. r TmY .................... I every fighting man. For home is a lot of little things! A garden or a work bench -well-thumbed books ... a mellow glass of beer with friends. Bnt whatever they arc, it's the memory of these small familiar things that he takes with him into battle. And it's these little tilings that link his thoughts to home and to the faniiiiar life that he looks forward to return, ing to. You may have seen in the papers whore a writer cautioned Army wives that their returning husbands would be "strangers" to them-because they've been through experiences that their wives could never share. Well,, a hlxh-ranklng officer wrote an answer to that; ha called it nonsense. "What do our men want most? To finish the war and come home . . . What arc they fighting for?...for every, thing the word home means." 0f course, the word "home" means something different to of gasoline by a cons.iinej', .Mi,-.-. cy Uoolin, cliim' el, 'i t of il,,' Vi-r- I million County Ka'ii-iiinu l!.,,ir,l. nounced today. Consumers huii,ii itn ;.iij..:eu - r i-;:!..i' II. , I ". Kinknhl Fleet At lacks On the same day. Tuesday, t'iuniiil'ii ;: .i s i in i 5 jL jS tlmt our i 1 and llui"lo)e nndoiibleilly dainuRed lo the point where they will be unlit for action for a loni; time if they aren't cneKlit by purstiiiiK warships or Admiral William V. Halsey'B mlKlity Third Fleet or Vice Admiral J iff B. . X' lIVf t'I .1 T.I? d1 3 sr. t -"i !''...' rhl'iun Vin t. Ulll'dl l'(i:l.nvi.(' lO-c'n.R In MlnnenpoMn unci MM-i. nliep. obvloiiRly (rove n "lift" to ::e Dewey cnmpnlrrn. Membi m of the Governor's stuff wero ImpresHed by J T W f Ull.l J W K22St ? Jin it A. M Itscher B KWirt carrier ior- pons representing an nieil,e,i ia-j tion may change then: for v. lid con- ( pons at their local board, .--n. stao d ; The procedure for disposing of ia-valid coupons by dealers and distributors is the same as pnioi'slyi handled for other Invalidated coupons, she said. i ie huee ChicaKO turnout, with nn'pcii and Irrevocably sent to the bot- Minated 500. non pernn llnlnc the ti-eets upon bin arrival and many in turned away from the- Mnditim Copyright, 1944, Brewing Industry Foundation No. 100 of a Series 5 I JH.TliYJ.l IJI'.i Jf I VM night. . Dl - ' " J Third Fleet carrier task group assisted units of Admiral Thomas C. Kinliaid's Seventh Fleet in striking a force of enemy battleships, cruisers and destroyers which slipped through San Bernardino Strait, north of Leyte, to attack a force of Seventh Fleet baby flatops off Leyte (iulf. The epochal victories scored by tho United States Pacific fleet gives oar naval forces unquestionable control of all waters in the Pacific (hose between Japan aad China, tinly Land liased lioinliers The enemy is now ieit only with Icnd-bar.ed air forces and sorry remnants of the once vaunted Imperial fleet which finally was lured into ijattle by General MacArthur's liberation invasion of the Philippines. Jl Cffaa 1m fmaam J,.F H.l.,1 . I torn. Hi'i Sin lUwe lo China The ureal naval victory could only bp, liiterpn ted to mean a swifter liberation of all the Philippines from the oppreislve and brutal Jap oecu-l.iil Ion mill a fafter pace to the China rnai I. H certainly menus that Japan is new left drastically weakened beyond the point wiiere the Nipponese M ky? sr. i "V.I - t t i Play Minor Part Contrary to pen ular belief, p.ilntc-scoring peppers nnd hair-ruisinu spices play a relatively minor pan in the cooking of oth T Aniei iian countries. Da e .,v '. k;- : rTMd W 1 I Some Indiana Service Ballots May Be Voided State Ruling Reveals ... f-'i fa, j . . fCoutintiPd trom page 1) -ii. . t M;-' '45r''rw.'",".'w? Ballots Ballots for final decision. v.inen. in the opinion of the board, have been opened, are subject to challenge and VALUES! I VALUES' " I ;l lould he voided. GET PLENTY OF THESE RATION-fREE Stock your shelves with your favorite canned fruits and vegetables NOW while stocks are complete! Buy and save! (iil'ton said some clerks have received notification from service vot-n.'.f.iiillailv in li.e Soillh Pacl- fiplj QESEII l';. .. lha! w-1.' Ta..'t- cenditi'M.s ciHi-'-ed j orii.'iai i.aiiot tt'iirti illM'; to. nine ... al.'d le tf.m.' :i. pi toi iu iir s I in ;i.t :-.s 18 Cans, SI ( ails, 3..t mm . 'NO. 2 - i CAN lie Cat. , cipi b ine -. otcr. l.-oeal election, board'. ' lit'on said, are urged to fill PIErSfPPJ rr, ,n 1 J. Ki...mi .i.. -' I ; lll'II REGAL 29 0Z'Can i ?C Hit;!. I'.L- .. r a j . lliullrc lure ! : -'' erfi.'l. Hi. ecu- ' ft ftDIJ K- ,:,'",,,::s,.s : resolve every doubl in favor ot tne validity of such a ballot. m soup CAMIMIEIJ-'S 11! Cans, $1.00 i:i Cans, Dil'.Oi) IOV2 Oz. Cans 'can 13 St'S SPEKfACS COl.VTKV CI, II! It; Cans, ftl.oli UI Cans, LI I tb. Decauicv iivi..a .r.K.r .i niu in hk .. fHKi i i C mH mm ir9l m MM I ' ! 2S Oz. Jar XlC MI-CHOH'E VI Jars, $2.r2 PLl lilienc! Are Secured l Navy fCoiitiiiued from page 1) I i U S 01d Rliab,e IS 1 Jc u i i ! inn iiw wn irTTnmi i . APKK-'OTS, Snco, No. 214 91-Whole l'ii)ek-d Can a. I V XOUTIIKISX liEA-N'S j; I.b. fifi Choice - l'i.::it I ieel ktiUlf; 1'ii.i.siti i;v ... A ly the .ctsys wi 190 1 Aunt-JitJu-ti Rin-e I'ltESKKVER I.h. -o Ilation Foints Jar t ountrv I tub ib-u Out. V " 1 " l'i!S-:-nn) ing I i , ne vvd'oln-e'.-stral.'W'C the inland ! ftet I'loii AtOVP t.i; s' H r strait v Ii i.-li buds to I .1 IT t 1 K Lb. CI cn II , m M.l W Pack 9 I iWW I oonlrv 'luli i ci.oi 1; ki;ik,o 100,0 1 me -- Viwialile 1 i.e. iJ ct n Sb.,1 t.'iue o. U i-ii: - 1 a. 1 keil! wet. rp nf the l'Mlinpitios. j Knemy Forci-s "Disintegrating" I M;,,-' i de.-lared that enemy i',,i', in ill.- new invasion bridge- I .,,,! ,ti "nre disinl eitrating". I v.'ii! v. lele. en t;.e u-estern side of j '.an .inanico. Mai. C.on. Fraklin C. j CKlCiiFIIS lib. ".ar.Koua I vpe" Vbg. 1'CIM l'll!:S UhliiI Soti.l !.-.. la ir. MILK n Tall ( i'rv lub i. Cans AOp sec I'icliire of Twills Xow u -1:0 (ivut 1 r i,b. 32c Clue Label, Golden lass CI'KM, KwiftV 12 On.. 330 t aimed Llim lieoti' Meat Can 12 Cans Vi.:S Cro..;sioads of America I'FA.M T lilTIKi! A Lb. o lo;iits Jar SAL.AI) DltESSI.NU Qt. Kitchen Oneen Jar Xew improved (Quality ici; ci:i:am yuan Kroner's K rotter's Sit;.tai'ed CL(l( K DOM TS Pot:. Plain 12 .o Points: lingers A. Ii, C, II i VirVMIXS. O Keg. rt HI Hay Siiprily 6 Fkfrs.V " edtlj-' T' ill Ii Corns, which comprises 'be demounted First Cavalry Division and the 2ith Infantry Division, swept forward 20 miles north ol Tccloban. on the southern sector of the l.eyie Iroiil, MnJ. Oen. John It. Ilodt. 's ;'4th Corps, comprising the oli ran Seventh Infantry Division of Ann. Kiska and Kwapalein fame, .il lie ii.'th Infantry Division, con-il in re: forward in every sec-tr r ii. s ale self enemy rear guard oppu ltion and in some instances 1 KISi'V CCACKFI'.S 1,1). 200 l.a-oine Pkn. APRICOT HALVES "Tea Table" In Heavy Syrup 29 o. c.n 31 CM NEWPACK PARTY PI AS M" 20 can 1 O j j CHARMIN TOILET TISSUE pack of four 23c ! It Pure California Paramount Sveet J j Oran Jpffe "Not Bi?er" ' I 46 n sic Orsngo Spreaa 18 oz. can 25c 1 lb. jar 19e jj KSNGAN'S LSCN END 4 pssints lb. Ready-To -Eat $ rf&mt? g 53 fe&ci'slis-s g i V A, NAVY BL.ANS CHOICE MICHIGAN SPOTLIGHT H'r-DATED COFFEE W Has . vit.;ix fm:' iii l'i I.K ((, 4 I.enes i .'. ' 6 FIGHT MISERY KEMXTETl SWEET MILD YELLOW MIOHO hrre you feel It-rub IftC throat, ohest and U., buck wltli tlmo-tested W VapoRub FWKIOA'S Heavy Willi Sv cct Ripe Juice .5 'tbs-,3Sc :)!( Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH :ro. 1 S8 Pound Bag, S3.10 - U. S. fELKKY. Tender I.aiRe Jiieli. Well liieached Stalk i ClV I, I 1 1 '. I iic o. 1 1.5 (1 iihis.til WiiV I.) nviTtome . til-. ..u.i. i as ii:i:rii. (, r, IllKl.-tt 'Ml Ul'IMT pIltli'N loil I ili'tll ilrllUT Ril Ifi'l llnin riunftirtabio. No n.fv. piiNt v liistc ur filling. to tn'.ri :i.-h). 1tt'K not four. hit i,,i" nl.-ul tiro brt-itrti). " - " " " - n u -a & n d-jt Ry 1911 E" Ifi fM ' ,, Fancy AI'I'l-E.S, Xo. 1, Uis. nn . I U .1 1 . I ,.v'! i i i,ni,ij in any ilriig store. t 4. i-i & 1 . ii;.M ! f i., if. i.t ItiI Dereiotl 1.1! ACT casus ;f Ponnd i0 Is- Mnt.'ln I't.-lii" C "I For MenWomenOld at 40,50,69! WafiPep? VVpnt ta Feci Years YoMtirjer? kEJ i 5 points psr lb. i J i hi B b U S $mr Cared II 1 III 111 f"' I J' K ' SHAFT'S VELVEETA 2 lb. box 24 pis. I'hs i TiOUND ihitimi, ui (ill. ltiMriiui-. Lb. i IC i.i'. i.i. !f o t io.-. ...",1.. -v ' Fo f e Ec , n v.innv. t- '..'i rith.iuicytent' .'. t -at', ...1 - l;.-.,.!i ,.. V? -A :-'.," ' j. " $o::i meo. I.:iie wostj. A 'a H!!l.. .'fl.U T. - Ii. Saiy V,. Mtri real buy! . ' v. r -i. - !.. 1 f.. n..- . .. : 1 1 . -i ' 140 230 400 15s Oreamary 20 points ib. jj j g III I 8 MANY NEVER SOSPEST CAUSE CFOACKACHES Thi Old Treatment OHn Br ins Happy Relief ..'-.Mt'li.rV'': ' .TI'i i.iUtv.J i r. . : l. .- n .: r: ' -t'i - .1 -,-.; r-i- ..-. :inria!sv. '. irti r -i-r t r ..:;. (jr.cii tj penntu I ! & ii i. - .i . . l i. 1:1 v-L.r b! d it n.ay c;.m" naf !l tn'nje:i4s, rlimmati (.tnw, kft pnina, I' f pt-p end ecersy, gei uit up ii ilit, '-llin. ptifiQaw ur.iler tbr rfe. be.KCtea mini mttnv-m. l-mjumt or n'y fjiuj ith aiar:.oc and burning , .t 1 i ::.f?i:r wrjaf i v . A-. ' t-f C-I..'ri f'T T.' a R-JS.V' Bra"! c 14 vti A sr.'' c, - rr 1 !J wJ1 ' 1. ..a..

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