The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 780
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 780

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 780
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0 B B I E S H Bridge Quiz by Steve Becker BEGINNER'S CORNER South dealer N-S vulnerable Chess moves Zsuzsa Polgar Sosonko 5 4 , ' v. ". 1) d4 Nf6 2) c4 e6 3) Nf3 d5 4) Nc3 Bb4 5) Bg5 h6 6) Bxf6 Qxf6 7) a3 Bxc3ch 8) bxc3 c5 9) e3 0-0 10) cxd5 exd5 11) Be2 Be6 12) Ne5 Nd7 13) f4 Nxe5 14) dxe5 Qg6 15) g4 f5 16) Rgl fxg4 17) Bxg4 R(a)d8 18) Qbl Bf5! 19) Qdl h5 20) h3 hxg4 21) hxg4 Be4 22) Qb3 Bc2 Chess by Shelby Lyman In a world that places extraordinary emphasis on being No. 1, we tend not to be fully appreciative of those who trail somewhat behind. At 21, Judit Polgar is currently tied for the fifteenth spot on the World Chess Federation (FIDE) list of rated players. The planet's best known chess prodigy, she is somewhat taken for granted. For a couple of years she has been at a plateau not moving significantly up or down and not a serious short-term prospect for the world title. Recently, we were reminded of just how strong the youngest and most talented of the three Polgar sisters really is. In a "blitz" (fast chess) tournament held at older sister Zsuz-sa's chess center in New York, Judit mopped up the opposition with eight wins and a single draw in nine games to finish a full two points ahead of the field. Among the also-rans were Joel Benjamin, the current U.S. titleholder who is famous as "the man behind Deep Blue," and Boris Gulko, who has held the titles of both Soviet and U.S. Champion. The youngest Polgar sister may not be world champion but she is clearly better than any active U.S. player no mean feat considering that the United States is arguably the second or third strongest chess-playing country in the world. Currently, negotiations for a non-title match with FIDE You are South and the bidding has gone: East South West North 1 Pass 2 Dble Pass ? What would you bid now with each of the following four hands? 1. Q9842 r AQ5 8753 6 2. K86 T J7 QJ92 Q843 3. J874 AQ53 5 K962 4. 10 T J652 9743 AQ95 1) Three spades. Partner's double is for takeout and, if you were to respond with only two spades, he might think you had a hand that looked something like: 4 Q742 T 875 8753 62 The best way to represent your actual values is by jumping to three spades, thus indicating . the game-going potential of your hand. North is not required to bid over three spades, but if he passes you are unlikely to miss a game. 2) Two notrump. It is far better to respond two notrump than three clubs, a bid you could make with no high-card values at all! Two notrump is a forward-going bid that indicates moderate values (at least one diamond stopper and about seven to ten points). Partner may or may not carry on, depending on the size and shape of his hand. 3) Three diamonds. It's hard to imagine any hand North could have where you wouldn't have a good chance for game. However, it's not feasible to make a jump response in one of your suits because you might choose the wrong one and thus wind up in the wrong contract. The best way of locating the proper trump suit is by a cuebid that forces your partner to select the suit. You plan to raise North to game in whatever suit he names in response to your cue-bid. 4) Two hearts. Here you're not quite strong enough for a jump response, so the problem is whether to bid two hearts or three clubs. Neither response indicates any highard strength, but since a two heart bid is far more likely to stimulate a further bid from North than a three club bid, the heart response should be preferred. If North raises two hearts to three, you should gladly bid four, as you have substantially greater values than your partner has a right to expect. NORTH A743 vK 1062 OQ7 1087 WEST K85 S79754 OJ865 K6 EAST 106 PJ8 010943 AQ943 SOUTH QJ92 S7AQ3 OAK2 J52 South West North INT Pass 2 2 Pass 3 4 All Pass East Dbl Pass Opening lead K Sheinwold's Bridge by Frank Stewart Constructive criticism is like spinach: We may not like it ourselves but are sure it'd be wholesome for others. East doubled North's Stay-man bid of two clubs to guide West's opening lead, and the defense began with three high clubs. West threw a low diamond, and East got out with a diamond. South then led the jack of trumps: five, three, six. He guessed well to lead the queen next, pinning East's ten, and claimed his game. West was ready with the spinach. "You goofed," he told East. "Lead another club at Trick Four. If he ruffs low or discards, I ruff with the eight, forcing out the ace, and my king scores. If instead he ruffs with an honor or with the nine, I discard and get a trump trick." Few players like constructive criticism. (Most of lis can barely cope with constructive praise.) Bridge is an ego trip, and critic cism spoils the journey. Moreover, before you give partner a can of spinach, be.sure your analysis is unbiased by the result. Did East goof? A good defender imagines a hand for declarer that will let the defense prevail. East "gave" South K-Q-x-x in spades and A-x-x in hearts. Then South loses a heart unless East leads a fourth club, conceding a ruff-sluff. The winning def nse required West to hold K-8-x or Q 8-x of trumps; East's defro deeded West to hold Q-ji--xW hearts. East's defensei.was ffcasnn-able; it iusf didn't happen td work. West's cntiCistti was jso much spinach. abede fgh WHITE MATES IN 3 SOLVE-IT after 19. Qd1 Zsuzsa Polgar lJt " - & abedef gh Sosonko BLACK TO PLAY champion Anatoly Karpov are under way. If they play as expected later this year, the experience win or lose could raise Judit's playing level a notch and launch her into the very top echelon of world-class grandmasters. Because of her youth and talent, anything is possible for Judit. In the years ahead, we can expect to see some wonderful battles between the youngest ) - The Smalls stamp. in the Conference Center of the Airport Holiday Inn, 1301 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach. Known as the Southeast Florida Stamp Exhibition, you can get more information by contacting Harry Johnson Sr., Box 16843, West Palm Beach, Fla. 33416. More for April . . . After the 32 -cent I lenry Luce stamp on Friday (New York, N.Y. -)lfl99). Aprif postal items include: This year's entry into the annual holiday celebration se White resigns Solution to BEGINNER'S CORNER: 1) Ba6 Ka8. 2) Bb7ch Kb8. 3) Nd7 mate. Polgar and Karpov and other top players such as Garry Kasparov, Viswanathan Anand, Vladimir Kramnik and Vassily Ivanchuk probably the only ones at this time with a significant edge over her. In the accompanying box is a 1986 win at the age of 17 ly Zsuzsa Polgar the current world women's champion over the strong Dutch grandmaster Gennadi Sosonko. ries will appear April 16. A 32-cent stamp, it calls attention to Mexico's Cinco de Mayo, which dates back to Mexico's victory over French invade ; at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. F irst day will be in San Antonio, Texas 78284. The Tweety and Sylvester stamp will appear April 27. A 32ent stamp in the Looney Toons series, this stamp will , make its first appearance in New York, N.Y. 10199. The series was started with 1997's Bugs Bunny issue. JUMBLE ANSWER GOVERN TAUGHT EIGHTY VOLUME LOCATE ZENITH Makes sense only for a photographer: A NEGATIVE THOUGHT JUMBLE FOR KIDS MEN HANG ACID 1.ADY Why the lettuce won the race: HE WAS A HEAD Stamps by Fred Lee In 1999, all British lighthouses will become automated. Now, Royal Mail has picked the move as the time to release a set of special stamps depicting five of these lighthouses. The March 24 release of the five stamps also marks the 300th year of lighting the first Eddystone lighthouse in Plymouth, depicted in its original state on the 63 pence stamp. AH stamps in the set were illustrated by John Boon. Other stamps in the set are a 20 pence showing the beacon at St. John's Point in Northern Ireland: the 26-pence first class stamp illustrating The Smalls lighthouse in Pembrokeshire, Wales; the Isle of Wight's Needles structure on the 37 pence stamp; and the 43-pence "Stamp that features the Bell Rock in, Dundee, Scotland. ; Stamporee . . . Later this week (Friday through next Sunday), Stamporee '98 will be held

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