The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 25, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1944
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

) Wednesday, October 25, 1944 THE DAILY .CLINTONIAN . mil if ip 'Mf riMv ti!"r,'iMi"ir Page Eight i-toct official word from Gen. Mad Arthur's headnuartors revealed thafi COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREVER YOU ARE- eight towns in addition to Tacloban, ( iiMii.e- mid Palo, the major popula wis te renters on Leyle were liberated ry T hu the rnnlrilv-nioving American for 1 I: Doughboys Get Third Airdrome On Lcyte Isle (Continued liom page 1) ces and that the Islands of Suluan, 4 : 1 rf iiinni-Ml and Homonhon at the mouth BUSINESS SERVICES 51 If Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF ," w. 1 n m i Goodyear Car, Truck ana Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and DHinninff neatlv done and Guar .f anteed. 9th and Bogart Mobllgas or the Leyte. Gulf, rtero in American hands. Sleet Stubborn HenMnnce As in past Pacific Island "campaigns, Americans were encountering stubborn resistance from .lapaneiio units entrenched in natural fortresses, especially In the Cagnian Kill sector northwest of llulag but In other areas, the hard-pressed enemy Torres, racing overwhelming superiority on the land and In the air, confined their derensive errorts lo rear guard actions and night infiltration tactics. were maintaining their steady westward drive across the northern half of Leytc Island. Vice Admiral Thomas C. Kinkald sent scores of his carrier bombers and fighters on raids Station, Joe Glacoletto, unnion. 32tf 4 over the Jap lines. tiidv hii anniilv dumps and lines of communications throughout Mon DEAD ANltAL8 REMOVED, large or small, prompt serrtea. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Trre Haute or Dana 142K. We pay all phone charges. John Wacntel Co., Terre Haute. t!37 day and then struck out at enemy airdromes In the central Philippines islands adjacent to Leyte and northern Mindanao whi'-h flanks the in First day Insertion: e for each reading line (one column Une, like one of these). Next two days lrsertlon: the aama Se charge (you get Uiree days t Couble the coet of the first day). Next three days Insertion: th mm ge charge (you get a whole keek fire days) at three times the eost of one Insertion). Eadk group of three days thereafter, He a line. Blackface (like this) 10c per line. All classified ads Including mem-oriams and notices of all kinds must be paid In advance except those by regular customers whose accounts are paid monthly or those from organisations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In th latter ease the person asking the publication of the notice wUI be held responsible for Us payment. 6 I Clinton Teachers to Attend Annual State Association vasion island on the south. Hag 64 Planes Klnkald s airmen bagged 64 ene DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED FREE of charge hy Dwigglns and Hons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charge. Dana Feed Service, Dana, l'hone 60. tBxf I Teachers from Clinton llii!li and i J i ox Cl'AKAXTKKD 24-HIt. REi niGEK-atlon Service. Commercial and Domestic. V. L. Bonebrake. Phone 1H34-4 Clinton or 1C5-J-2, 8-1-45 Pit. V grade schools win aiienu mo uiui-ana Stale Teachers Association meeting at Indianapolis, Oct. 26 and 27. Karl C. Boyd, superintendent of Clinton City Schools announced today. James R. Young. INS Correspondent in Japan for 1 :i years, author of "Behind the Ilising Sun" and former prisoner of the Japanese, will be the guest speaker tor the association meeting. The program also Includes other guest speakers and discussion classes. Clinton City school students will he dismissed from classes Thursday and Friday due to the teachers association meeting. FOB SALE Vr REAL ESTATE. IF YOU WANT TO sell your property ill and around Clinton, list It with H. S. Call. 1 can sell it. 227 Blackman Street. Phone 326. l'J7 my planes, destroying or damaging them on the ground at airfields on Cebu, Bacolod, Aligan-te, Fabirca, Buluan and Del Monte. In addition they shot down ono dive bomber. Six Navy planes were lost on these strikes, but the crews of all planes were rescued except one pilot. New Landings Kr-nnrted New U. S. landings on SaniiT. which lies across the narrow San Ju-anico Strait northeast of Leyte, were reported In a dispatch to the Melbourne (Australia) Herald and rebelled no confirmation at Gen. Douglas MacArthur's headquarters. , Meanwhile, on Leyte Island, American ground forces, spurred hy the hcartfelr welcome of liberated . Filipinos, attempted to come lo grips with dispersed Japanese forces. The MODERNIZE V O V U DIAMOND with a beautiful new plantlnum mounting from Faraco's Jewelry Shop. tlOO ETHYL. WE GOT IT! SURE also 6 ply tires The Gas Mar ' . j ,,. a, for the war is over for them. The scene ClasiTed Ads Sell Most Anything SltS'Sil tmbW. of AR.ed Fifth Army, fter-tf. ket. 115 North Main btreet, i nn- t60f SIX ROOM MODERN HOUSE, brick vaneer, all hardwood finish. Close In. Will give possession in a short time after sale. SIX ROOM MODERN HOUSE, slate roof, newly decorated, city gas, curb and Butter. Vacant. FIVE ROOM BRICK HOUSE WITH furnace. On North 8th Street. FOUR ROOM HOUSE WITH Fl'It-nace. closed In back porch. Corner lot. on South 5th Street. FOUR ROOM HOUSE WITH FULL basement, on South Kth Street. FOUR ROOM HOUSE ON VINE Street. Nice house and a good location. SIX ROOM HOUSE AT 1130 PIKE Street. Will sell cheap. A TWO HOUSE AND A THREE room house in Universal. O. F. HOUSTON t99 ton. PUBLIC NOTICE BRONZE SCREEN WIRE - 16 Mesh 20 In.. 26 in.. 30 in.. 34 in. Clinton Lumber Supply Co. Tel. 322. BROADWAY NIGHTS By AXEL STORM Z Ulrtrltailcd ' Rln . j. NOTICE TO IIIDIILIiH Kotice is hereby given that the Board of County Commissioners of Vermillion County. Stale of Indiana, will on the fitll day of November. 1944. at the offirc of the Audilor of Guaranteed 24-Hr., Refrigeration Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Bonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 165-J-2, Montezuma. at Henrv Miller's Tirton Theatre, has little more to offer. It is better staged, better written said County, in the Court House in JOI.V Ol it CHRISTMAS I.AYAW AV FACTORY- 0!VTIlOI.LED RECAPPING and better actea, dui nernwu Shumlin has produced and staged many a better play. Based on the book by Carl Randau and Leane the town of Newport. Indiana, receive sealed tmls. for coal to be furnished said County sufficient for (tub and selert a keeake diamond ring at Fararo's Jewelrj-w.,.n. IHX 7. 4XKJ-I6 heating the Court House, Jail and Zugsmith, It s me story 01 a ooy GENTLEMAN'S WRIST WATCH with chain lenrlh band, good condition. 810. Battery set radio. $12. 540 South Fourth. Phone 671-J. t99 who disappears at 1 aim BELIEVE IT OR NOT, WE HAVE Poor Asylum during the year ending ' . . , i 4 .... "i line I,ilr will lie rerfiv- Aiiuinii 1945. Kids will be reniv Ond A Quality Camelbsrk Mo Ration Certificate Needed i ihrad veara later TO UUiuc u" J -- straighten things out. How and some gooo waieruieiuus. Mivmvn-en Market. If td up to the hour of 2 o'clock p. m. c All ,.n', shall hf ISENN'k'T TRANSFER IX)CAL AND ,',,. , ,h , BCreencd over why It s done wouian i oe w teU. Throughout the play the (.i i Af tun laH Is in aucstion. NEW YORK. If you can conceive of making merry with a couple of ancient undertakers In the theatre, "Meet a Body," which opened the other night at the Forrest Is your cup o' tea. Al Sheen and the capable Whitford Kane are the merry morticians, and the evening produces nearly as many corpses as a busy undertaking establishment Is likely to process In a month, but the end effect Is one which tends to lull the goose-pimple mechanism to sound slumber and produce a healthy yawn where the shiver should be. The author. Miss Jane Hlnton, has dug deeply into every chill-provoking theatrical device and succeeded in turning out what might some day become a B picture. On the stage the general effect is one of amateurishness and theatrical Ineptitude. The dialog is reminiscent of the better 10-20-30 days of a generation 1 ika dramatic devices 0 POLAND'S SERVICE STATION FIRESTONE TEXACO ISO N. MUX CLINTON. 1M. long distance moving. 46' South , Rial(er approved by tills Board of Koiinh Street. Phone 454. tS5f ' ,..,,;,, i hid and run- Commissioners. Each bid and con and the spotty solution of tho ! detailed de- ";lract shall contain resulting mystery maun ..-nine only intermittently inter MAI.E HELP WANTE1I :,..,: , .,. .,h , i. ...ed esting. BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. J ' j , There's a lot of fancy acting Dy Frances Carson as the mother, Richard Hylton as the son, and Ralph Forbes as a fantastically J.? ?har" ;,:iAP '' or seam the coal is to be obtained. Blackburn, Clintonian. . -rI-hed in .ruck ENGLISH SETTER PUPS. LINE bred champ sport peerless. Greatest producer of champion livinz or dead. $15. Brookbaaks Station. Lyford. i'Jf FIVE ROOM MODERN HOUSE, with out buildings on a lot and a half. Earl Woolf, St. Bernice. Ind. ti DRY CLEANING CAN'T REMOVE It. One spraying of Arab odorless mothproof protects up to 5 yrs. against moth damage. Lee Hain. FOUR ROOM HOUSE. THREE lots. Gsrage. outbuildings. Choice corner location, reasonable. Hab-lcht, Lyford. t5x lots on scales designated by this PAID NOTICES loquacious nninK, dui Graeza as the father, Thomas HHrAj4 nnlic ChiCI 9c WED. & TIIUK. 35c Color Cartoon "Abou Ben Boogie" March of Time ' Back Door To Tokio" Matinee Thur. wiaimei " . . i and Will Hare as the boys pal NOTICE! Furnishing Society Presbyterian Church. Rummage sale. Room net to bank. Friday. Oct. 27. 198 make up for It in a measure. Despite its weaknesses The Visitor" gives you your money'l H PCrifRES , worth. Well report next wee on i Iliiy Mor Howl Remember Mama," John Van NOTICE! Come to our Carnival and have fun. Tuesday, October 24. Hillsdale. PTA. t7x ( IVL'TDI'friftV K" WW . I U". I Druten's adaptation 01 nauuyn Forbes' engaging story. "Mamajs .......rnVttSW Bank Account, wmen u""-just too late to make our dead BABIES PLAY PEN, BABY BUG-gy, auto seat, two fur coats, size 16 and 18. 1517 South Third Street. t97s 36 DODGE FORDOK SEDAN. Clean. Wilson. Justice, and Osella. 335 South 3rd. t98 , , With Toe CowipUKHwua Ot . THE DAILY CLINTONIAN. There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for R. B. ALLEY South Fifth St Just Come la And Ask For Them t Watch This Space Every Day VOI R NAME MAT BE NEXT line. From what we've nearu 01 back much farther. The acting is about on a par with the rest of the play's qualities. We oubt' that the Forrest will hold "Meet a Body" long. Here's the reason: A publisher walks in with S10,-000, offering himself as candidate ior a coffin, making the acceptance of the job subject to a number of odd provisos. In due time the publisher Is knocked off and so, too, are three of the four who, justifiably, want to kill hun. Probably the reason more murder aren't committed in real life Is that the whole business Is too much trouble. In "Meet a Body" killing becomes a bore. "The Visitor," which opened I $ it, it's a smash hit, ana oy coincidence, it s next door to "The Voice of the Turtle," which, we hear, Is doing pretty well. "Mama's" cast includes mauy ri.Eti,na rknir Homolka. Joan LARGE CIRCULATING HEATER Albert Nolte, 106 North Twelfth. t985 GIRLS-WOMEN Be A Practical Nurse Big Demand - High Wages High school not necessary. Easy to learn in spare time. Ages 18 to 60. War demands have caused big shortage. Prepare now for this interesting, profitable and patriotic work. Write for FREE information. Wayne School of Practical Nursing. Box 552-W co Clintonian. t97x Tetzel, Richard Bishop, Adrienne Gessner, Frances Heflin and Ellen W I BOYS' REVERSIBLE TOP COAT. Mahar. i rom nere n b- I ., size 15; one dresw-r in good shape 645 North Street. t97i mi wtmM PrnHnetii CnuntlCSS m mm v F.Z WASHER WITH SPINNER Board of Commissioners and must be delivered in the bins of the above mentioned instructions subject to k .M.mril and demand of the drier. Will be demonstrated at Osmon Brothers. t97x INSTRUCTION I iMOeV I i ri I " I I I ft 1 custodian thereof. Ilidders arc asked Uo hid on all izs of coal such as -Miy ill I " i j -sMH. 9 COLUMBIA . USED ARMY SHOES. 30t NORTH Ninth Street, Bellos Shoe Shop. t97jL What comes out of an oil weUt j Oil is the obvious answer, but ths cumber and variety of marketable products ate practically endless.. One company which operates foul refineries gets approximately '450, different products out of crude oil. Among them are 26 types of gaso-1 line, 30 different solvents, five grades of diesel oil, 15 grades cd fuel oil. 15 types of oxidized asphalts, 15 industrial oils, 40 types of MECHANICALLY MINDED MEN look into Refrigeration and Air Conditioning as a profitable future career. Write Utilities Inst. 442-1 co paper. t97z .uino Kck snd cial suitable to oe iuwd in or through Stokers. Tuesday and Wednesday WANTED TO BENT MORE PEONY CLUMPS. RED. pink and white. Herebey Grren House and Flower Store. 19 if FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO BRA-zll Block. Charlie R. Ferguson. Phone 136-W. t 7-17-44 f A - : si ROOM FURNISHED OR UNFUR-. nirhed. close in. Tel. 330 after 6 p. in. t97 highway aspnait, nu grease. home and automotive specialties, and 135 different lubricating oils. Ifoi.d in the mul of fZ.i'M'i.ou lo the approval of Ihe Hoard m-lst accompany each hid. The Hoard reserves the right to reject any bid. or any part of any bid. Given by the ordT of the Board of CommiBSionera thie the 2nd day of October. 1144. IIIA J. CHI RCH, Auditor Vermillion Couuly, Indiana. 1024: 112-14. BUCK, any klsKl yym ! , v HF1 w.vTrn Aists WrecHns farta no. amirs. Get In the Scrap! I S. CUatoa. aw VICTORY CAFE. t97 WAITRESS. Phone 7 s 5. J. C. DA-544. t99x MAYTAG IRONER. MRS vis, St. Bernice. Phone PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES IN YOUR OLD KIT BAG s: SOUTH t99l CITY GAS STOVE, Fourth Street. AND SMILE SMILE &MiiaB, AnaKUft Indiana War Fund Drive To End October 31st All organizations and individuals contributing to the Indiana War I1IUTII CLHTIFK ATK Kolice is hereby riven that Frances Marie Ualston has filed a petition in the Vermillion Circuit Court or Vermillion Coumy. Indiana lo have tlie lime and place of her birth determined. Said p til ion is s-1 for bearing November K. 1H44. CA1EL K. BK;:.S. Clerk DOUBLE FiCATURE Admission 9c and 20c STEEL AGAINST THE SXY With Lloyd Nolan Alexis Smith PLIS LAW OF THE TROPICS With Constance Bennett Jeffrey Lynn Mona Maris Ii34 t99l S4" TERRAPLANE. CHEAI Wabash. Fund Drive now in progress are urg -..'-' fit-, ,. ' jr of the Verinilliiin Circuit Court. A C COMBINE, 2 SO. THIRD jed to turn in their money as soon Street. ti I as possible to either Mrs. Everett " j Helms or John Gilmour. treasurer. LARGE HEATER IN VERY COOJ) A ,,,,, al(t of oetot-r marks the end condition. Phone 1114-1. l97xjof tlie arivv. there is Just a week MAGAZINE sVn.iCRIlTION5. remaining lo get the money turned W hite s 1'harma.r A 25 contribution from Valer- 'w-'pi TO BUY jiiie's Market was addI lo the Clin- i ton Township fund today. Banana Country Bananas are little Jamaica's bisf V 1 . rV-Val 1 i MJlvYW. yJJJ If j I f Rnvn AtiVC : I I . jt. - i fr ELECTRIC WASHER. MI ST I'E IN good condition. Write Mrs. Cana-day. 34 Sycamore. li 5 THURSDAY LOST Red Cross Groups To Take Part in Navy Day Parade Members of all Red Cross groups particiating in the Navy Day Parade Friday evening are to meet in the American Legion Home on Third Street at 7 p. m.. It was announced today. a WARNER BROS. HIT VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS ring with stone. Saturday nirht. Return to Tommy James, Cory Corner, N. 7th St. Reward. I'J'Jt wk Many Meenedi Hie Ordilra Directed by LEWIS SEILEK 1 Ohprt ta. run n M '"' ' h"1 rKtan : crop. This Caribbean inland is one , of the most important banana pro- ducing countries. In the late ISSO's, Jamaica's yield reached well above 25 million sums a year, averaging about pounds to the stem. This I was before the blight, carried into ! the island by a freak hurricane, re-' duced the crop. The United States, i normally the biggest banana im-' porter, takes oily a small portion of ! Jamaica's crop. The bulk goes to j Great Britain ar.d Car.ada. ( T-i Nary Has Foot Traoble I Even the navy has its foot trou-! ble. The United States Kaval Re-. serve corps has decided that among ' the specialists eligible for appointment are chiropodists, or podiatrists. Action of tie navy in p-. pointing chiropodists follows the report of the Council of the American Medical Association that "chiropody is a department of the healing ! service and it has its basis in ci-ertific and demonstrated knowledge and satiies a gap that general meA-i icine has to tM." RE-; t99 '. MANS BLACK ONYX KING turn to 34 4 Vine Street. Throw Your Scra Into the Fight! PALACE 2. 9c -35c TONiTE COLD FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES Admission 9c and 20c DUKE OF WEST POINT With Tom Brown Louis Ilayward Jean Fontaine Richard Carlson "Groovie Movie Pete Smith Special f.i sera t lull. LOANS TO $300 '-"sin- Alt Available for You Ik're. 2 BIG FEATURES ROY ROGERS In Man From Music Mountain COMING THUK. - FKL - SAT. JOE E. BROWN A In N - POLO JOE o SECURITY LOAN COMPANY Phone (2 22S Blackman St. - CLINTON, INDIANA

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