The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 25, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, October 25, 1944
Page 7
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-72 " Til E : D A I L T C L I N T 0 N I A.N Wednesday, October 25, If) 11. SrW ; : - Still shining . - By Jack Sords HIGH FLYER By Jack Sords Football Notes Classes Meet In Hillsdale Hallowe'en Party Is Enjoyed in 1TB Church; Local Guests are Noted CHICAGO, III. Clalide i Buddy) Voting, Illinois' fleet halflKick. retained his lead in ucorinp and ground gaining In (he Western Football Con- Terence although Illinois played out side the conference, against I'itls- Mrs. Rose .M.-iysc and Mrs. Maxim- uurgli, last Saturday, league stalls f tics showed today. Thomas entertained their Sunday f His records am five touchdowns Vnd 30 points for the scoring h-adcr- xchool classes with a Halloween parly In the baseinent of the I'. U. Church last Friday night. fabip and 285 yards earned for the (op spot In the ground covering de-t partment in three games. . Mr. and Mrs. Forest Lake of Haute spent Sunday with his Mrs. Alice Lake. Buddy has just been accepted for ate S&S3?'. vtsp' v m y; PASSED - I ': M I BOWLING RESULTS kfX ' Rev. and Mrs. Goss and children of Terre Haute spent Sunday with .Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Russell and daughter. Vera. The W. S. C. S. of the Hillsdale .Methodist Church will meet Wednes-i day. Oct. 25. at the home of Mrs. j Myra Blakestey for an all day meet-; military service, but It was believed he would finish out the football season as a civilian although he would not be able to defend his track titles next winter and spring. iohn Yungwinh of Northwestern, a freshman like Young, completed four of eight attempted passes in the game the Wildcats lost to Indiana and held bia lead In this department, having a mark of 21 completions for a total gain of 282 WISKHAKT LKAtU K KKXAI.L Boyd. l4. 235 : Rendaci. 1S5. 171. 15 514: White. 138. 158. 161 4 Hain. 145. 158. 165 468: Kirk- ing. . Charley Jackson has moved to the Paul Johnson property which he recently purchased. . . Mrs. Ren Church entertained her Bunco Club last Thursday night. Mrs. Frank Peanuan and children and Mrs. Mvlvln Sykes and children shopped in Terre Haute last Thurs yards. Bob Hoernschemeycr .of Indiana is second among the passers with 15 completions in 37 tries. Ed Cody of Purdue and Bob Wiese of Michigan are tied for second place in scoring honors, each baring 24 points. man. 171. 143. 135 448; handicap. 178. 178. 178 534. Totals. S81. 1043. S56 2S. GRAPETTE Sthron 114. 170, 158 442: carter. US. 109. 316: Bussing. 130. 154, 122 4t)6: Colombo. 127. 135. 152 414: Scott. 110. 147. 118 375; handicap. 204. 204. 204 612. Totals. 804. SIS. 842 2565. OftO day, j Mr. and Mrs Claud York of Dan-1 ville visited his parents. Mr. and j Mrs. B. H. McCarty. , Mrs. Virginia Harper and daugh-1 grahaaa, sMe -sriu. csffii& cap&zs BLOOMI.VGTO.W Ind. Joe Kempf, Indiana's regular tackle, was still on crutches today from the injury received in last Saturday's football game with Northwestern and it ter spent Tuesday evening with Mrs. Vera Bonebrake. t C 1 1 I I i I I f i t t i F D t a A J I ou ems ) VS J - ? I was thought unlikely he would be able to play against Iowa next Saturday in Bloomington. At Was e iA Charley Ponton of Chicago is visiting bis sister and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Earles. Mrs. Lillie James is spending a few weeks near Dana at the home of her granddaughter. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Russell. MORGAN GROCERY Swick. 1S. 175. 160 4S4; Cox. 118. 136. 160 414; Rhoads. 121. H4. 119 384: Garrigus. 17. 156. 125 398: Ross. 128. 115, 179 422; handicap. 22. 220. 220 "660. Totals. 863. S46. 963 2772. FRISTS Cloyd. 174. 212. 187 MADISON, Wis. Coach Harry Stuhldreher said today Earl "Jug Cirard. who has played GO minutes in every game this season, will cap 573; Berto. 150. 14, 171 467: J Light-Door Equipment " Light door equipment is now available for overhead doors. It is made onlv for doors that are one and Foe- v 7 r I - . 124 411 Turoci. tain Wisconsin's Badgers again the game in Madison Saturday a- Charles Earles of r. S. Army of ( Leo Short spent the week end in Garden City. Kansas spent last week Indianapolis. here with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. 1 jjr. aD0; yjrf preston Smith spent Harold Earles. '.Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nor- Mrs. Strander Short spent last man j parse County. Wednesday in Terre Haute. j jjr. and Mrs. Perl Jackson visited Mr. and Mrs. Homer Earies and Sundar with Mr. and Mrs. Howard three-eighths inches thick, weighing ter. 181. 128, 160 469: Lammy. 178. 209, 211 598; handicap. 147. 147. 147 441. Totals, 1006. 983. 1000 2989. gainst Great Lakes!. Girard plays the left halfback position and is one family spent Sunday in Indianapolis Former's near Cayuga. of the season's sensations. CHAMPAIGN, III. Coach Ray Eliot of Illinois had John Orr. Impounder. In at left end today al with their daughter Ruth, who has , strander Short, who has employ. SISfiO4 Af" rJcrfee- PAM& i pounos or it-b, ana 11111115 wjwr ir.gj that are no more than six to seven feet high and eight feet sride. This hardware operate the door easily and it is only necessary to turn the lateli handle, pull lighCy and let go and the door will rise to a full overhead position on its owa ' power. i ment in Cayuga, s.oent t!:e week end i;? ft STEVENSON Welker, 106. 145. 150 401; Rogers. 139. 125. 123 387: Foncannon. 148. 136. 160 444; Gilmour, 13J. SK, 144 378; Remler. 116. 158. 150 426; han Foe io seAsv?ls, LeAcwi&-f'-ie-t'ef s scoeges at home with his family though he originally was pieked for the other flank, were Lro Agasc now is assigned. Illinois lost an experi enced end. Sam Zatkoff. by navy dicap. 235. 235. 235 705. Totals. 877. 897. S2 2736. riant Trees S. MATERIAL Holhncsworth. Wisconsin youth planted nearly 124. 155. 170 449: FolU. H9.iOM mjnion tree3 prjng jn 152. 172 443: pittenger. 19. school forests, around farm hnmes ruling. Notre Dame wil! be the mi Milk Product The Bulgarian agricultural sociely has presented an exhibit of "mils'' products derived from soybeans. "Yogburt," "rice milk," cream and cheese were among the commodities prepared exclusively from the oilseed, stafes the Nazi press. Imported by Air Measured in terms of value, 6 per cent of all materials imported by the United States to 1943 came by air. ni's Saturday opponent and close to a sellout at Memorial Stadium is Lengthens Building Life "Paint when properly selected and applied lengthens the sarvice-; able life of buildings as much 40 per cent," says Circular X!9, "'Farm Building Repair," by J. C. 118. 120 407; Hlld. 189. 149. and near . grhools m a sUte. 149. 223 561; McCown. 104. 121. 144 employment there. Mrs. Nancy Billings and daughier Mary of Montezuma spent last Thursday with the former's daughter, Mrs. Maud Brown. Mrs. Fern Pearman and son of Newport spent last week with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Graham. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Aznew and son Don of Greencastle spent Sunday with the lalter's sifter. Mrs. Paul Mack and Mr. Mack. Mrs Delia Thomas of Hockville spent last week here with her son and family. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Herrick. Clarice Harer ol Fairvi"w spent Saturday with her sifter. Mis. Fred bonebrake. wide campaign against soil erosion. 3: handicap. 201. 201. 201 603. Totals. 6, 896, 1030 2832. Mild Digitalis ' ''e? published by the Cnrversity . ., 5...: : ! of Missouri agricultural experiment v b v S s c s t t t t L I Don't Beat Bags Don't beat your rugs. It's hard on them and doesn't do nearly as thorough a cleaning job as your vacuum cleaner or the dry suds method. Viscmereal Brazil Brazil was discovered by Pedro Alvares Cabral. ilie Portuguese explorer, in 1500. . MODEL CLEANEKW Purcell. LAFAYETTE. , lad. Purdue s drills centered on a fassins attack today in preparation for the game with Michigan Saturday at Ann Arbor. Heretofore, the Boilermakers have emphasized Die running attack, with the aerial came receiving secondary consideration. tteiore me war u j . : ob u i , , - - - ported almost exclusively from Cen- flon ,uheran ft r ... , ,!i fort on the farm front. It is fur- When surphes 121. 111. 197 459: Mott. 14a. 126. 177 448: Fenoglio. 175. 123. tral Europe. 135 433: Gilloy. 125. 125. 125 tiler stated that "an investment in paint brmgs an annual return of aoout 'tVt per cent tiirough saving in buildings alone." 375; Evitl. 130. 165. 128 423: were cut off, domestic needs depended on wud dicitalis which has been harvestvd for a number of yeari on the Pacific coail. Nova Scotia Apple a Cash Crop Apple growing is the most prosperous form of farming in Kova Har-Cut Last Life Samson was strong enough to siay a Lin with his hands, b)'t Ije lost his We because of hair-cut. handicap. 227. 227. 227 681. To tals. 923. 907, SK9 2K19. t Scotia. PEPSI COLA Hays. 173. ,164. 14;,01; Cheek. 126. 141. J 44 411: Hageinan. 145. 145. 1454.15; Maloney, 17. 182. H 5V9; Ghi-dotti. 132. 208. 175 5!5: handicap. 162. 162, 162 480. Totals, 925. 1002. i-lV 2851. -., . s i.iMMjgittM j- ! 5-TAMD BV TO ) rPLEA TgV TO V ' I. Thimble SSjJS&S- feS) Theatre AVr ;.T a.-L -- ; -V ciSi, V ? POPEYE Wij '- .--:-:,:r-C$r-.:.' WEST POINT. N. Y. The Army went through a heavy workout it-Aar under the critical eye of Lieut -Col. Earl lilaik. who regards the game Saturday with Duke as "critical." Blaik has been disappointed in the calibre of the opposition Army has encountered so far this season and fears Duke w-liich he describes as "the first real test" will find the Cadets unprepared. NEW YOKK. N. T. Waller Kon-dratovich. rookie fullback seemed beaded for a first ttm berth today as Coach Lou Little prepared for the Colgate game at Baker Field. Saturday. Little had only 23 men out lor practice because oS leaves under the Navy V-12 training plan. He made up for the lack of material but working all those on hand an extra hour and giving tiiem some new plays with Kondratovich carrying the ball. B-29s Strike At Kyushu Islands In Jap Homeland 4ConUnueo tm. itr 1 1 "Kyusuhu is one of the uiam groups of Japanese islands. FurtlK-r details will he announced in a com munique as soon as additional in- j formation is available." i iKyusliu lies south of the main Japanese island of Honshu where the enemy capital of Tokyo is located. It was the fourth time that the B-29's have unloaded their tons of I RATS' 1 ! ME IS GOIMG TO SUIDE US "V j lAS WE WERE ORDERED Y'o'JITE SO! r 2 i XVFS ISW1N UAWKHje ; 1 KNOWED AS I PROMISED YOU, OH A TO START m MOOSE BAV, BUT VOUVE AH URGENT MESSAGE CAME LASTNrSHT- iv ill m'pIrtm-' he WA5N f roVBiG GAME WERE I TA IT THE FIRST GOT A FAR WE NEED VOUR HELP DESPERATELVWO'! DAN ( WlTO-i" ; TO UNCOVER THE "STATIONS ON J STATION IS MERE ? BIGGER JOE s-TOTHACIt WrVlr-lfrWWWS NEW YOKK. N. V. Jim Donovan, regular right end of the New York University football team returned to the squad today, bolstering N. Y. r s chances against City College Saturday. N. Y. C hasn't won a game or scored a touchdown so faith is season. destruction on the important Japan- ese island, and the first time the big bombers have been in operation since i 1 WORKING FOR T .. ii0W . I THE UNDERGROUND RAILWAY-BY , 1 ) THAN YOU 1 I V J 7 K-t WHICH ESCAPED NAZIS ARE J 1 (SIGNED UP I 7 " nilVWlT dC 1 CROSSING THE U-S. 'K ! J TX V they blasted Formosa in coordination with carrier-based planes in priani-tion for the Philippines invasiou. The iast time Kyushu was struck by the isuper-Fort reHses was Aug-20-21 when they blasted the island in a coordinated daylight-niglit SOUTH BEND. Ind. Notre Dame s varsity is sharpening a passing attack to be used when the Irish meet Illinois this Saturday, in yesterday's lengthy scrimmage. Coarli Ed McKeever experimented with a special offensive designed to slop Buddy Young. Kay Patterson and other speedsters in the lllini Discovered Vsueaaizaliaa In 1839 Charles Goodyear discovered the process known as vulcanization by tvhich raw rubber is converted into products with usefu' properties. By this process, raw rubber which becomes soft and stir .y jn summer and stiff and inela.-.ut in wmter is converted to B mnvnal which is insensitive to the usuui range of temperatures. rarest fires Of the 1.620 forest fires classified by the state department of forestry m Massachusetts. 290 were caused by careless smokers. 642 by careless burning of debris, 18 by children, 181 by railroads. 214 incendiary and tiie remainder miscellaneous. LADY'S STOMACH WAS LIKE A CAS FACTORY; I I t KG ItU A f EvU VEtCSjl AMD i r vwvje. SO-eN ) IS-i DO TtW TH1MK rSz. -rr, T It? VJE'lLHAVEVOUr? (7fi BUi" t m-llS SHTTO CAUSE AUUTWiS TlLLih AUD OW-Y WSr merviaI PICTURE IM BOARDS L ffirTplI g. S- S ? P J 1 CCESPOMCCMCE VWETKl . a the Local Papers . TH i kk. ,,k i MAGAZAMES KeoSH' MjM - T , " - V rjHEE'S a PaPer -iDVu MUCH F-AM VI AIL -U'UErr I , - VTtT 6EtJs4. yC" r"fS U SOAgC? uiv -g v? J mail sEiass- g&2y) tPl(- Vj I'm'.-&i keeps up jSsi f, irrST4! fWa toiler ag- j 5v M$Mw Towel Bavin; Tne more loops per square inch of drying surface, the more absorbent the towel For maximum absorb-ency the towel ehacid be made of soft, evenly spun colic"! -with a minimum of twist in tl j.rn. Wf.:j towels are more absorbent, pastels, next: de r wnes. least. MEALS TURNED TO CASJ Plywood Toting A new process of manufacturing ' PITC WettOT0 UMCD UJ JTWUWU W lULIi Ilia J LTC UBCU for piping m irTiaiion yBtem. and lor pipelines where acid resistance and lack of electrolytic action is important, has been announced. I " "'-) i I J-. vrr.r, 1 ' r taif - XI- ' 7 -r... 1 m it "f w-fi' wl I TEu. Te . 1 1 'ra.3o.HKaJ ) tej. -hgm I ShojiU " J j "E Taw Mel? V x t&z WAis-S A " hair, r feiiSr '. t One lady uid rreewtfy liat her atMnaeh atM-d l be like "gmti Utry '." That 4s. lje be ate a tml It nmr-d tun riglit ijrto sas. he was aImm , 4luate4, had awful tocaarli gm uuaa, daily hemdarbe d cosiwt trrecular Ixmel actioa. KHr. tHKieirer, th ldv tmy saie as FltEE of CTOMACH .S awl e mm rhe riianse ue t takinr EKB-HEU. Her stil aerre srrth her. ! cm at 4loat after eatins-Heaojaches mmd rott ijitim are sroste. -h! wluit relief:- states tlii lady: "Why don't other e and coo-atifMrtMO mifferers gt Erl-Help7" EKIt-HEIJ rontaiiw 12 4reat Herbs: they deaase SMwrels. clear tw from Muntack, art a lugeili liter mmd kidjeM. Mieral'le -i-soon feel differeM all over, tmi duu't so a soffertDc: EKB-HFXP. White- (IVi i.U fliaruiw-y IHllg Examine Ckithmff 1V"nen clothing is to be stored for a season, every earmert should be carefully examined for spots and should be tnurougnly tifaned. Marry stains can be raduy removed 'hen fresh, but afir a time tney may iiecome set. CAuef Traduet Tobacco is tne chief item of goods iniii't-j t- iL.e Uiiiied hte.

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