The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 25, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1944
Page 6
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7 We3nes3ay, OcfoEer 5, 1944. THE DAILY CLINVONISN age Six At th Moot I THE PALM READER Behind ItaJcen THE DAILYJCLjJVTONIAN OU'MIHA TuetUy and Wednesday Steel Aralnst the Sky," an ex- IpHOLLYUJOO oltine ilrimi shout the men who The OUmum Plstniieal-r absorbed m .-was ? ritbM D-Ur afrespt Saturday Buaaay feorfe I Carey - - Editor sod Pnbllahw risk their Urea building our great . B uaatitOM raiBOti suspension bridges, will open tonight at the Columbia Theatre. cently separated from Ann Dvorak, is dating Mary Jane Hodges. . . . Out-of-court settlement has been .hi , RmnK -Bullets' Dur- I at Be ranmn sa iw"t SO SORRY J HON. JAP lag FMtam HrsJicsta Writer HOLLYWOOD After two yearn nail RiikkpII haa learned the iden r Mku BpabUcaa Editorial AaMriMka gons auit against Crooner Dick tity of one of the high school boys Phon S3 who mlcn-niKea a noe wun r-ai-mount Talent Phon32 Haymea. ... umucno w m leUer from his aon Arthur saying: "I can't tell you where I am. but I killed a snake in my tent last night." "Good, he vena," said Groucho. "He must be in the Bronx 'Zrft coul Km 1C- '2 klejohnand If The picture atari Alexis Smith, the blonde bomb-shell of "Dive Romber," Lloyd Nolan and Craig Stevens with Gene Lock hart and Kdward Ellis in the supporting roles. Ijiw of The Tropica," atarring Constance Bennett and Jeffrey Lynn, Is a thrilling tale of romance oa a South American rubber plantation. Thia opens at the Columbia Theatre aa the aecond feature. i a movia con gWUSUCMt 01TDUd Ka7 tract The boys were so loud in Assocuam their praise of If '1' I GaiL then a atu dent at Univer- aity High school. Bet you didn't know that Twentieth Century-Fox' new star, Vivian Blaine, once was a bathing beauty contest winner? As a school kid. she was "Miss Budd Lake of 1928." Cary Grant not only tore himself - 0 a mat Meiaiejonn I looked her up i . I and aubsequent- m x y signed her. In away from his second honeymoon Harrison Carroll tne anume, nobody Cfot the to visit Aian Carney and watiy U ABASH j Wedamday and Tfiuraday j Dances from jive to ainuous (Spanish art are featured in "Minstrel Man," starring Benny I Fields aad Gladys Cieorge. Hoy-' denisn Jady Clark leads the rug , cutters In an exciting ensemble ' and the Enestos. famous Latin-1 American danee team are shown. Brown at a San Francisco theater. but actually appeared with them In boys' names, but one of them haa just written Gail from the South Pacific recalling tht incident. He la Seaman 3c Charles Catea, and he wrote hut letter after Gail's picture. "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," was shown on the ship. their act for one performance. It was Cary who got Carney into the movies. Remembered his vaudeville act and recommended him for a part in "Mr. Lucky." CAUSE JAPANESE JITTERS. The heavy bombardment of Formosa by hundreds of carrier-based planes, following so closely after the similar bombardment of the Ryukyu Islands, between ami la nan pmnhasizes the stead- 1 7 The hussar role In "A Royal CUIUlumi j- ' 1 ily advancing tide of American naval pow- Scandal" must be on Bill Eythe'a mind. When he heard burglars trying to break into his new hilltop borne, he opened up a window and yelled: "Halt, w'o goes there?" The Intruders had broken Into a er. Thoco nnpratinns were undertaken in addition to important bombing attacks Insect Cmtrel First choice tor vegetable garden Insect control are the liquid rotenone and prreUirum sprays. These are effective against nearly all of the common pests, both chewing kinds such as the bean beetle and cabbage worms, and sucking kinds, tuch as aphids. They are safe to use on any vegetables at any time and are particularly useful on broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and other leafy vegetables where arsenical might be risky. Botenone and pyrethrum are scarce and must be conserved by using other material where satisfactory. storeroom. Police believe they are Everything happens to Turban Bey. Several months ago, a picture caption In a fan magazine gave the Impression that Universala young Turkish star and Susanna Foster were married. Now fans are writing m to berate Turhan for going with L&na Turner when he already has such a charming bride. They aren't admitting anything now, but look for Deanna Durbin and War Correspondent Bob Landry to announce their engagement before Christmas. the same men who robbed the house two weeks ago, just before Bill moved In. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Sev eral hundred gallons of dye were dumped into the San Jcsujuin river to give it a muddy, flood-tide look for "Hold Autumn in Your Hand," i -VI-M 4v9A fa ,..-J.I.flLKsr3-i: upon the Philippine isianas ana lesser assaults upon other vital Japanese centers in the Netherlands East Indies. Together, they serve notice upon the Japanese that there is no telling where the next amphibious attack will occur. Certainly, the successful invasion of Formosa, close to the coast of China, would nark an enoch in Pacific warfare and open .he way for major and decisive blows ilong the Chinese coast. 'PUNK TIME" IN' YEN AN. and now farmers are demandins; .ft Htrf' that the film company clean up Beatrice, Neb., will have its favorite aon. LL Bob Taylor, home for Thanksgiving. It will be family reunion. Bob's mother will come from Hollywood, Bob from Chicago. Barbara Stanwyck also is expected. quiet pools where the dye remains. . Taking a Backward Glance Pressing Kayans Use lightweight cotton material for pressing rayoas and other materials which scorch easily. If the press doth is new material, wash it to remove sizing. Have the press cloth only slightly damp lor pressing. Spread it over clothing and press only until the press cktth Ss almost dry. Paper may be used for some materials. Put the paper over the fabric and then press over the paper. If the clothing is badly wrinkled, run a damp sponge or cloth over the paper. TWEXTV VEAR8 AGO TOlrAV Cletia R Brown will be in .charge i of the Sunday services it was announced. 1 IVtmjiulIk iUy IorBl ... Ruth Warrick sending 827 toys to soldiers overseas to distribute to children in liberated Europe. ... Monoeram will film a bank robbery for its John Diilin-ger picture outside a real Beverly Kills bank. ... Lionel Hampton about to record bis 234U disc for Decca. ... Luis Rasade, Hollywood correspondent, will turn actor for Lewis Milestone's "A Walk in the Sun." ... Marion Aye, former film star, and her husband, have written a mystery serial for the radio. ... Helene Neil Ben, Vera. ica Lake's cousin, lunching at Warners with Veronics's mother, airs. Keane, who fa advising her on a film career. ... Have yon noticed For Jrid (iamo Red and White, the colora of i Eugene Vaughn who is atlend- noon, about thirty to thirty-five strong and visited the foreign mission being maintained by Indiana Presbyterians the north end of this city. Rev. Chancellor, the Eockville Presbyterian minister, and Mr. Adams accompanied the women of the society. They con-ducied their regular devotion exercises at the mission, listened to a talk by Miss Brown, who is in charge of the work and expressed themselves as delighted with what they saw and the evidences of good done. H'afrt Ou44uum tf's.1 To -o To BelgiiUHi The "Congress" of the Presbyterian church, a young people's or- Americans who are inconvenienced by jvar time should consider themselves .ucky. They might be in Yenan, China, where there are three kinds of time Shanghai, an hour faster than Chungking; re nan, twenty-minutes slower than Chungking; and Chunking. This seems to assure sufficient confusion, but the situation is worse because Jiere are no watches or clocks working in yenan. Consequently, no one knows what ime it is by any system and resort is had Police now are hot on the theory that a love-sick youth stole Ida Lu-pino's car. A young man showed up at Ida's home and left some of the keys that were in the car. Also a message that he wanted a date with Ida. . . . Fay Holden'a brother, Lt. Bin Holden (not the actor), after fighting in almost ail the important British campaigns, received a serious head Injury in France and may be out of the Army soon. ... No chance for another reconciliation of the Donald "Red" Harrys. Don waa at Woody Herman's Palladium opening with Ann Gillis, while Peggy Stewart, his ex-wife, waa dining at Lyman's with Jim Hill. M-G-M writer. ... The Woody Herman opening, incidentally, was a smash hit. Drew all the orchestra leaders and lots of celebs. ... Director Leslie Fen ton. re- MarBhall 111., hiab school and ing Indiana university, ai nioom-Gold and Black the colors of C. ' itxwa. lnd. i spending the week H S flapped and fluttered from end at home visiting with his uar-every barber pole, lamp post and , ents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. everv other available place in ; Vaughn of Nebeker street Main street as Coach "Spike" Kel-1 Arthur Cunningham who Las ley, undefeated grid eleven pre-i been in the Dawson fcpnngs. Ky pared for one of its hardest games hospital lor disabled sold.ers. u of the aeason. The Marshall suuad spending ten days wnh that gray streak developing in Ton Sarface Temperatures Eoad surfaces are usually JO to St degrees hotter than atmospheric temperatures tar melts at 180 deg. F.). Frictional heat also builds op in the eareass of the tire as it fleses when you drive. This Is one important reason for putting the right amount of air into your tires. Proper air pressure means more miles. Neal's hair? ... Charley Foy ana Mary Lewis, their quarrel made arr.veo biiuiljj aiiuw... ( up, dancing at the Clover club. Eightii ! ganization, has juBt sent 13a to South ... ml 1- l.uu liam fla- U11II iii;iiiu VI . Signs of the times: storey ana the Chicuita Herald, to ao on the JO "punk time". J ' - " He has Bot been home for "Punk Time" is so named because the , , . Q 'rive months. Christmas ship, which will be sent Sutherland will film a series at ear-toons with French backgrounds. -. Fred Frazier and James Balch. to the European countries, to help who are students at Indiana uni-the children enjoy some Christ- versity at Bloomincton, are spend- i mas cheer, in this year of war. lOUrs are marKea on a StlCK OI point, wnrai j tcrmined loday to kill Clinton's a lighted AS the stick burns down, the chances for the -Wabash Valley aours are measured off. i At Tim '4lieura CHI THE ARMY TIME. j To nd Hunday ing the week-end with their par-The elision young people nave C. M. Frazier ana Mr. ana such great ympatny lor tne sui- IttB. Mrs. J. F. Balch. VVUa Prsaip The wild form of the common garden parsnip is the cause of many cases of skin poisoning. The symptoms are similar in general appearance to those caused by poison ivy. The parsnip grows wild in waste places and old fields. i fering Melginas that they nave has'' return-' expressed a preference that the Mrs. Joe Vallosio Fire Signals -. Fires glowed to the fttberassss the fall of Troy, and more than years later hilltop fires across Kent reported to London the arrival the Spanish Armada. Little tn-ogreat occurred in the development. Of methods and instrumeel for the exchange of military information he-lore the middle of the ltb century. 4mBleae Plant Fas The use of complete plant food increases the humus convent a', the soil, since it encourages the growth at both the top and the root system of plants. A certain percentage of the root system decays each year. This decomposed vegetable matter becomes a part of the soil. Experiments hax-e shown that a considerable percentage of humus is added to the soil in this way. The American people are usually O'VI - ; v" .,,,,. bm ed to her home In Unlreraal after money from Clinton go to the Bel Dptimistic or, on tne otner nana, xoo j-m- . wn hoidiIlB wwlie, at the coi-'vw.ting tor some n t.m, .. Sian cu.iren iseum for the past three weeks, mother and sister in ,i r i..a- simistic. TriSci cmnlioa fn thp nrettent war situa- will be held tomorrow, it was an-;". ff" . . ,nn.H todav. Tonieht. a special! tion. There is no adequate basis lor tne . BC,,'pduiHd t0 ,art a, 7 iTHIKTV Vl:l PerwMialH Mrs. Bloomer Clark of Terre Haute was called up her Sunday In- the serious illneBS of her (Uiurhter. Mrs. Lorin Griffin, west of the city. Mrs. Griffin has been Buffering with a gathering back . , - i . V,-t MAt TOIIAV n'plurk and finish by :''. with oclocs ana nnisn o aeugb boas. To keep from wasting suap. use il in pi portion to the amount .of watei and the grea-i'iess of the 11 rnpif. die cinun "fir! n little rrtorf CUireni aepreBBton III injc rrAn-jn . r. u-...n ,,f Hit. rn.,1 ljM4;ville M iwMinnarl' once the army began ro line m Europe. - - VMt in charee. Services will be held U'rkerK 'iit 'linton . Field Drainage II a field has a wet spot, drainage ditch can usually be plowed out and graded in the time it takes for toe fieid to dr?" out counted on the motion to be perpetual. Fruit Caps Fruit cups are improved by adding honey. Fruit and honey are natural sweets, bence merge deb ciously. Tile Kofkville missionary sori-y came to Clinton, Kriday al'ter- tomorrow at 11:45 a. m and ti j. m. Kev. A. S. Warriner and Rev. CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Shoffar o THIRD HAVEN o of her eyes, and will be taken to one of the Terre Haute hospitals, this ufternoou. Mrs. Clark also visited her sou. Kusaell aud wile, i Mr. and .Mr. Henry Kpears and 'daughter. .Martha. Mr. and Mrs. Sparks. Air. and Mrs. Loren Tiiylur and daui; of the Hazel LilulT neiahborhood. spent tiuiuiay vt Mh Air. and Airs. Cecil Bliew. west til the city. Mrs. Anna 1-lownie. Mr. and Mrs. H. Huberts and two sons. Miss N.lle Khakley. of Terre Haute, spent Sunday with friends at Lylord. C orue Kamm and Miss Stella Griti'ia. a.r Parke county, spent SU!H'.;;y in Terre Haute, where tt.ey Ultel.ded Hie sllOWS. CHAPTER rWENTs -ifaiii-E J THE iJkUiJh died n, usseU : tiiroai aa ne ttooo m aving ; room tut oome Uan u " suu were stan dins eritB t -rf uw , other, rhej' tfcd neen to speaa, xhel. ne irid etj rufc tri:-.r anc went u:,.;tiiirt 'Li out a v.-ctl ri- .'11 st.faKV a:.J oe.. H -erva liar, ner aiBsint, An, It .-ir.c credible. It dont maa ,jje While tteo ttf-'-r, onc.etii.i; tier. Anne was ne nac oeer here, r t,i in nui dwh house tn Lan s -n 1 jra te q -.te r-.ctrt. ou Bee leti. yi. ,tiJ ,ii tt in .rri,;. We'H i:u aw., to tut su.;.yarr and see J:;t r.en yscn: they 3iit ciusned.' The oe wily look ner nanc and ;Ktu o it "Voo am. a ,s nake she iee) oi:tel n-r you re around. 4 hot 1 dicn t sfuii your evening sn any wb " -jt course out Not -eat -uietie unci vou I soon Oe aalee. siing if you need me. ' rhe twe girls went ut. Laura switcnina ofi the iigh. and closing oantang. .'. now thev ' sin iacn other For a second ae aidn :4 seen- oonacious ot entry, noisy! n nao osen. men dre Campaigns are not clways in movement. There rnrst bo phusl-h. Tfie fundamental truth is tiift tht- power- thai produced the auto'jn ' vie Lory in Frants-will be sufficient to rraifi a similar triumph on the borders or Gt-nnany. Let's give the jrenc-ru! and the doughboys a little time! AHEAD OF SCHiJM l i .. General Oeo"ge C. Manshaii, U. S. Army Chief of Staff, s;.y that tht- war in the Pacific is complicated by the fact that "we are ahead of schedule" and that tliiB increases the difficulties of delivering adequate supplies. What some civilians jiensiritently overlook is that sn Army oi- la Xavy no stronger than its nujiply line. Neither t-bii deliver effective blows aamrt the eneinv until adequate punjilies ate available. It takes planning and time to develop supply routes and bases. L'nii; th"y are available, the fight'ttr iucm e;u iuit movt forward. Arise really wan concemec anoui Un Jtevnoids. so not r isoe al speei. U Utt House, ine 'ur. '. trut any diafrnosi oj Laun t snt' sht Knew tha' even uioigesuoM u.i. 1,1 complications eould be danserouf tx - woman tst Mrs. Reynolds Tier) Mindanao vears HThj she reach eo the nouse hMt fnurMl Leura otorkmc the dour ot the old lady's room is yy i mzzzzEwLZZiw p mr 1 "T TTi Y j l I MA i Fnrg i !-i.:-! i i Frl i i i i ' i nac nuicltly sntn startleo eyes ,ian turned end eloiarn) lauehed -You oalt scared ae to death. Rue Come on n. We re dancine -So i aee." sjtne touched the radio to shut n ott. The silence was -xfift and enveloping She touched r hand to ner Bali ana snanaged steady voice -Hov. is Mrs Reynolds ?- Russell s voice was isnt "She lent well. Laura says it s ,us indigestion." -I'll ec at once " Anm aas instantlv, a'niost eagerly protfsB.onal Dan turned to her prnning -Dont you want tc shov Ruf hov. vou ve taupht me to dance' She shook her head. "Mrs Rey- iKTifia need' me." . chf dar- 1 the j-sro rhen -he went jr Ott lrv I :ng room Anne saud. -Good oifre" ' and. g"tuiuj no answer, wert SLoV I ly up to her room Without swltr"h. I ing on aer light ear sat SB T OsrW" nees It was warm but sitting fcy i the south window there was a soft oreee rich with the aragrsuioe- flf i flowers ei.a growuig things. I i moon gave j cool silver glow end i she leld her hands m the tight Tot , night was very still, sa rt so nfsssi . was here, sti'l as if the mv ares ) breatnieasly waiting Oowa ax the I end of Lovers lane, where she faasl walked with Dan a few gnaaa( 'they had heard the whippoorwilli across the tsroat atretob a the Lauras eve were anrry -Su Russri did find sou Of course he knew where you vere. 1 rlon't neec you." 'Better let me see vour mother Laura.'' Anne v as quite composeo now. 1 told you 1 am caring tor Mother ' Laura samned he; oot -Have you called Dr BannmR' -No 1 don't need to. And I don't need any advice Tom you.'' -Then ' shall call him " -Hov. dare you do what I tell you Schenet'ta Presiderr CI: science of tti pose cm' Icr a l. v, Y. Getieiai Kiectrtc :'tl.' V.. V.iii-ou: "Tiie con-L"i.l!ea S Uiles fioes not re-cU:-.H Leil on capitui hill in l! L, ;u the teejung of the - I' StateH every latit river Lan had held her m ins . and tiis voice had been a Mrs Reynolds "wee cot m from ihe room "la that vou Tine? 15U Viiw jrw ."fc... r in., " ! -To b nurse that doesn't mat-; -Dont you see tt wasn't "hart tr citizens o man of t V gameT- tie Bad said. 1. was teas. r- 1 1 iT-s-ftV-. ! Hj :" ".---.?! i -i3 sirrtUED after his arrival in De- PICTURED alter his arrival in We cant laugh love away Come m I want to tal-: tr you ' Fo- a moment Anne thought Laura seas eoing to dmart her back physically She eras ready for it- But Laura stepped aside Ann. M1' n tO the BCd SJld a, dog narked eamewnere far VI ir.KAL - j.. - j ( t"jfl 3 uo-mesticated 4. law 5. annexes . negative f Ke- rn 80. Isu-ws 53 twilight 54 fished for lampreys S city m Brazil &7. sailor away. e pulled her chair so? as the window and aat with tsar bands) folded quietly in her "ap. Had tt nil smiled aa she deftly snade her pa been a game or was it. iw : w stili wasn't sure Sitting on the fcei- m Mu iMCal InhtMr aaalTlSr Answer to yesterday's puzzle. Dwight Baynor walk aa so tail, so T-TIe,,! pis tient more conaoriaate- -I'm BOTry you're not teeing sn fit. Mrs Reynolds. I wouldn't nave gone out bad I known." "Nonsense! Why ebouldnt eou go out and enjoy yourself, tt you're .m. ml l-aiirs nn aie fjomethrng IrUUkcP ter " Then m walk along with you She patted Ins arm. "You slay here I'n runnins;.' Both men stood atari np after swr. Then Dan ismghed and flung nimaeif into a chair -She's sure a 'unny girl But sweet as they come ivhat brought you home ac aoonT ; didnt expect yea for song tune " Russell stood very straight Ten sure you didnl " Tjsflj laughed. "Dont sound mo .rfroic. let's have beer and 111 tell vou something. -I don't ears to bear anythirur ; m very Hied and I must get ap .arly.- -And you're triad at me. too" 1 have no reason to be Have vmie T U vou wish. But tTV to nanus ome. no sun nuwu. sxarsething bad snanped isssrae tsar brain- Or was tt her ssrartt Bhe still wasn't sure. But something . than toaeaelf fatri WISale bar HwiU7.0?.7Ai, : si,. ru 4 wail-.-.n,;-siicis 5 timid topaz hum. ming bird 13. dried brick 14. pastry IS exact 1". plaits 15. appearing eaten sway 81. free 22. tree exudation 84 closest 24 insects 28. go away SO. Greek letter 31. neuter pronoun 32. landed properties 84. printer a measure 35 rigid 38 minus 3S narrative 41 hermit 43. dettrsujies !' w.u -. I I" S-.'.Ttl1d li. aiinie.the 13. pet up 16. ventita.t 20. sheathe 22. elevate 23. go in - 2a. coneumes husk 27. harmonize 29. let it Bumd 33. footwear 34. task ST. bank official 40. chanpes 42. spnr.p month 43. muf ician batons 4. Urai claim A', favorite 4,2. en.TS ft, ocean Bl.Bov&l Irish Aoauemy iao 52 vwrtexy of bean C5 ivmboi for and 1 feel lots tetter. Get that book QH I Q,L ' 8t I iK.cNil jC pi BclLlE!A:S;E'f Ea,Q EisTpft'LlLiEiVlJCiVg. I I !N N'SEjC'EIN'TET. I lo a W T'f iE Is - :N'T'E t , catch Den by the arm and intro Baltimore Senator Jotw-ph H. Ball. (K) of Minnesota u:Keb an international peace agency pledge to rse furLe asains1 aggressors: "Without power te uet. it wil! oe simply a debating w iety and tuturt as-; pressors will saer a ii as Ilitier, sneered at the League of T"ai"-!s." Chicago Le Marshall. Director of, Jie Office of Distribution. War Food . d-ninistration : "No terrnorary hnt ir the urn can keep asricuJtune healthv if the, -est of the nation is teak." New York Dr. C. .T. Harrbro. Pre-i-ient of the Norwegian Parliament: "Nations must know that if they commit cer-, tain crimes they will be punished." duce rum as the man en was. mar. and read to me a few minutes, n you win." Laura advanced firmly. "Toil need rest and quiet." Til get it. my dear daughter. If vou let me aiose. Anne is going to read-La lire snatched up the took. 1 ... au. ,t- t T'v riven vou a seda- IU H I mJt M1 M. M rvrng. She bad to let nr. nayncsr know he srasnt the only ana who sould marrv. She bad to make him see she waaot tearing her assart out for him- She wanted to make it clear be bad snamed for money but she was marrying for love. No one could even glance at Oaa atad think he represented menr. (Ta Be Cssdaaoed ' nmreiKf this town si fuU tt gos-i x' All towns are. Sou must con- l tive and I'm going to turn the light Detroit, Mich, is the Rev. Clifford J. who recently escapeo trom Mindanau Island, m the Philippics, alier 30 months as a fugitive aa the and jungles. He says he saw terror asset sufierin lhal miU startle tne srorid. (Internotiorai; t stas tA'tssan. S.O,A;SfcLTJ5A:S:i ,P.Ej -1 I cnllMl rhe OUT- a m. artm Sia4 hSFS taUVlnE tbs 1 teat mumrn fliMSald I ekT" old sady'a pulse, stood up quietly. Far . mosuenl fiisssell was about Dm. If t. rg futura ; fidiit. lac

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