The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 25, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1944
Page 4
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I r ' " I THRDAIBY"1 PUM raur i itgg'tiility "; ; Eaa aualitfi-wiSh-chEirige little in - - Oat Blast-?' - f l . . . ji . .( iha noon hour. damage, It Wap ,rfpsrted (All were hit by bomb.. At least one was hit home preservaturf it tha eggs are pot 1UCK aimiei - "- .. The afternoon was spent In Quilting It has b,an shown cxWptticmally, ay T. JoraJW w4 AlM'Brown. In Scientia- Agricultuf:. that the Perry sville by a torpedo and' one-u wa ers was torpedoed.' of goSd quality, td Begin wnn anu il the Atoraga-'conditions ere good. HomJmakers can assure them Few Suspensions The Interdepartmental Committee on Employeo Investigations, created to facilitate Investigations into-subversive activities of government employees, reported to Attorney Gen-cral Biddle that out of 301 cases coming before it during the committee first full year of operation, only Ave were found to warrant dismissal. Other disciplinary action was taken in three additional cases. Right Tools , Use a screw driver to loosen end tighten screws, side-cutting pliers or old, dull shears to cut cord lengths and wires, and a pocket knife to cut away insulation. Use of makeshift tools, such as kitchen knives and paring knives and sharp scissors may result in injury to the person making the repairs, and damage to the equipment. and making Red Cros. "',,. the soldier boys. Next mee lng will be held with Mrs. Joe Mshback. amounv ui,ir. t . enced by tlie nutritional conditions selves of a supply or eggs ior JUa hnLinn iioca for six to eight The second enemy jorce ub ed In the Sulu Sea Bouthwest of Negro. Island. Thl. force Included two more battleships, one cruiser and I J Hlshland Mount District i"""-" H,HXou. educat.onwn, hold the a vi vinunrd Holden were of the oat plant irom im " pikelets are initiated until Just prior to the emergence of the pan-a .1...... JnHncnne on the weeks after storing. Don't plan to guests of the latter', sister, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Luke and family of Danville, 111., Sunday. four destroyers, our pianc. m titrated on the battleships and damaged both, with bombs. Tha other lighter enemy unit, were severely JCIC iVIiy ouvcoo ... normal nutritional conditions of tne plant during this period tends to in- .1 nt hlant. At thlS Mrs. John Jones and Mis. Grace strafed. irv.. ihirrt enemv force was report Moore celebrated their " c.Mr.inv in the home of Mrs ?Brd" h'chrch next S,,n- 1 Oct. 29. The renular church 'hool wl l convene t 10 . m. Wor-w!mle will be held at 11 a. m. DBYitb the pa.tor, Rev. Isaac Cox giv-the devotion, which will be In Caribrge of the Cesslo Church School. sh"' i basket dinner will be served I at wh,!hfnoon hour In the church base-nt AUernoon .ervlce. w.H beg n C 1:30 with the Benson Church creaac ic Stage of growth, the amount of blast has been experimentally increased by (1) reducing the water supply; ed In the earlier communique was Jones. Their respective families were discovered southeast of Formosa, i-- (2) withholding mineral uu""-"i .!c-:-ii.. ;n in leaves: nroachlng the Philippines area n guests. v.. MTininm wiltermood of New . ... i,.mo waters. The action use the stored eggs ior pom-niug frying because the egg white and yolk will eventually thin out with age and they will not be attractive in appearance. Economic Losses The direct economic losses resulting from 1943 traffic accidents are estimated at $1,200,000,000. This Includes wage losses, medical expenses, overhead costs of insurance and motor vehicle property damage. M Big Production Victory gardens produced nearly 40 per cent of all vegetables grown for fresh consumption last year. It has been estimated that about four billion jars of food were canned by BriiuL-ieuv hijhi'b ; 4) leaf injury caused by rust; ana (5) growing oat plants under pro All Members of the I ONE HALF CENTURY CLUB Are Requested To Come To The EAST ROOM Friday, Oct. 27th at 6 p. m. To Take Part In that followed is prooauiy nu way The communique reported the .. mlnnlnz This force was port and Mrs. No Hughes were Monday dinner guesU of Mr. ana Mrs. M. H. AnderBon. not In action until Tuesday anl is gressively cuminisning ob-whb" . . si Hog Cbol.t Un, .hnlfra nnlhrpnlm In thfi IT. & erTchurch oi Danville. ,11. wM . i afternoon. the only one of the enemy iuill T orenlRre of Nashville """ha main .peaner iu .." . tt B Church will include carriers. m '' i nbinv an extended visit last year, as reported, were about jemi., io - .... .in. hia lter. Rev. MrB. J. C. Whit l5t1v a Church school class demon-.n.K!f.,: r.essle School will reward Navy Day Parade ' onvfourtn greater man m w. veir fiitrihiite this increase to son and daughter. Bow Fungus Lives ' a livea bv two meant: ei 11 the fact that tlwro vzo more hogs Mr. and Mrs. Byard Swisher and ther as parasite or as a sapro- famines. Hon,,,, cros. t0 the school having : tne flrsest per cent present of their CaCge attendance during the past GW months. Other schools In the ... to add some spec- on farms. Mrs. Elsie Gouty transacieu - pjy- - aaBaaaaaa,aaa,a,aaat,JaaaaB ness in Cayuga Thursday atternoou Mrs. William Congleton and Miss Vera Allen were shopping in i vllle, Friday. Monro, and family of Dan Swlcaumber to the program There Cif be other special music and Grlhort talks. Gr The Ever Ready Church School aid l;us held their regular meeting at Glw0e home of Mr. and Mrs. William i .. ..i. Twelve ville. 111., were guests of Mra. Flo Hughes and MIbs urace Moore Sunday afternoon. They Are Fighting Your Battles Here At Home Mrs. H. R. Gebblnk and Mrs. Ray-n.hhltilr anent Friday with Mrs, ne. SnlHiri were present. Mrs. R. Hlck-HodMtean, the class president, had charge Grf the business session, and also gave -devotions. Mrs. Ishmael Owens Rae ui enrolled as a new member. The OriTxt meeting will be held with Mr. Jackknd Mrs. Paul Cadman. Jesse Law.on and motner, Mrs. mar tha Keller. Joe Cole of Fort Wayne wa. call v,oi. nn nwnunt of the seriouB 111 ventc : Mm. Flo Hughs of Perrysville was .... f Vila fntViAr. Rolls Cole. Mr Pole has been sick for some time Grf Tuesday dinner guesi oi " Clanr... William Wiltermood of New-Darlqwrt. and entered the hospital on Sunday vr. anA Mra nnie Brooks of West Mildr' Thv . Anti-Kant Class held their vllle were Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kay ueDDina. Oriegular meeting in tne cnunu JirnJc Thursday evening. Thirty-five at- Pciended. The meeting was presided . v.. ninu nresident. Frank taP. t A new up to date drug Btore was nnonorf hare nn Oct. 20. H. L. Mon roe is the proprietor. The location is Noiester. Rev. J. C. Whitson had the Honotwotions. The date for the annual r.mb and chicken supper is Wednes- wh.ra thn cihann bovB naa meir 11- nance buBines. and the same place nrh.ra nnic atnres were iormeriy I . ," r operated. Mr. Monroe Is no stranger to the people, having been in bus ineaa here during the year, 1936 inn lnielv in the employe of the r - ' v y ; Mi Du Tout plant near Newport. viriliW. Nov. IB according to an an-vi. Biouncement made at the meeting. I,avldfcte in charge Is Mesdames friciaSva Hicks, Maud Jester, Bertha A ' n jnse, Lola Watkins, and Marie KiMnJenU. The class will also serve din- d" Nov. 2 at the H. C. Horneman KJle. Committee In charge of ser-, tag at the sale are Mesdames Ruth n lenper, Edna Mae Snoddy and Ber-M Jensen. The Rev. 1. C. Whitson n.!ve a abort talk on the "Crusade ' Phri.t" movement. Ice cream, Several women met with Mrs. M l Anriorann TneariaV to do Red Cross sewing, making kit bags. Sev eral also went to Cayuga to assist in WILLIAM E. JENNER HOMER E. CAPEHART the making of surgical dressings. RALPH F. GATES ! : I ITUies and coffee were served by Mr. (.'0llet"T . ,. .. vi- aA Mr. and nd. Mrs. Lewis Hunyan, and Appropriate closing aervioes for this week of prayer and self denial will be held by the WSCS at the lie L Mr. 'in: Virgil AdamB and Mary church on Tuesday afternoon. Every one is Invited to auena. ' Ahnnt were nresent at the other's Club meeting on Wednes- A ' . k.U l lh. o-ni H ii Ray Rabb was taken to the hoa- pital a few days ago and is In a very cbool building and presided over by critical conaition. FIGHTING AGAINST Communism, Browderism and Hillmanwm aeainit regimentation of labor, the farmer and business againt dictatorship and one-man government gain .ecret treaties-against .ucteen year, of one-man rule -r- against Roovelt and the New ,,. i . i ifi'J'J-' Deal., ; - :' FIGHTING FOR 4ra. Ruth Jenner, tne ciud preai a. -" ' Client. The main feature oi me men- . Mbg was discussion of the questions lerrillC96l r. f t i ' i - when the secretary. Mrs. i . . i A vhn thA BAf rp t n TV Mrs tftlta Cox opened the question box. Battle Raging Ml MAC " ' -h A 0 ! Kj jut, uu-oo - Vfil M. HlMllJtJMMla p lety met Thursday with Mrs. Hom- l A (Continued from page 1) cimii Fox. About 20 including four JJJueets were present and enjoyed the A Plenty of jobs and fair wages an oppor- the tenant farmer to Haunt ers while units of the third were not immediately Identified. The last time the enemy fleet appeared in any such comparable force was during the American invasion nl tha MflrlDim TalanriR In June and eamff own hi. own farm -for a fair price for the farmer for quick return of our fighting men for ever, lasting peace in the world - for clean government by law instead of presidential order-for destruc 1 f?ft- MB, AL I , tha Mlknrin'B flntltlfl was badlv whlD- JOHN W. BRICKER ped by the Yank. In what has come tion or we ? THOMAS E. DEWEY ottom! w SpoHi Sleep Tonlgtrt fVTou'lI like the way to be known as the Battle of the Philippine Bea. Three phases of today's engagements occurred in the Bulu and Hib-11 van sea. In Interior Philippine wa Clean House In'tVashington! Clean Rouse From Top To Iuropi IUI I IraatUat I I ters and southeast of Formosa. Indian. Rublican. have given you -! ir-tro-nol works light where trouble Is to open up nose-relieve aiuffy transient conges on. (Also grand for veuevliig snlffly, sneesy, tufty dlatres. of bead sold..) Follow SUnctkiaia in faMar. Eatitr- I (mitu I lutM I ! I Iteportat Incomplete KesultB of the naval actions, as announced by Admiral Nimiti, were compiled from incomplete reports from operations Monday and Tuesday and the Pacific fleet chief Indicated that further blows are In store for the long-bidden enemy fleet. Htfnpino- and eriniiltna- damaie''-to n3vTZ3-r:ri Seven million, and more in tax reduction-by carefulj m, M the ad. ntore than $40,000,0CK) against po.sSble postwar J - fa good ministrative office, of, state government ,n a h.ghly f" incotne tex government in Indiana through legislative -'Sjl, ed the on retailer. -pa.sed the merit law covering and the state .tate property tax -created bi-partf an board, for all .Utte jn j police byed the "JTF 0. nominTe for governor, and .plen-record can and will, be continued under Ra ph F. Gate., nommee g . . .. . ifj ... ..Mi.i..:.l.h,. and a full .tate ticket , at least .even or eight units of the Japanese fleet and more damage to smaller vessels was Inflicted by Am erican carrier plane, of Admiral William jr. Hnla.ev'1 Tlilrd Fleet in GEORGE K. LLOYD'S Shorthorn Dispersal . connectloB with a general sale 4 faurtn property six mllea aoutli-at of II in k vllle, or five nillea armthweitt of Itellniore, or 15 alien aortb vf Brazil, Ind. MONDAY, OCT. 30 3 12:81) P. M. A Head of Hhurtliorna ronniiiting "Sf t t-ow. with calve at foot; Mir opea heifer, and our herd Ire, C.'edartirook lllot, a nun of darbruok Vlftllanre. Cedar-raHMC Pilot aa the ti,p aelling hnrtho hull at the 14- liwlt- aia canaiaaics ior me tt.l" ' Republicannominees For g United State. Senator, 11 ' .dto ta . " ' FRANK E. GILKISON a triple naval engagement In and a-round the Philippine. Monday and Tuesday. NUrlned Hoiitii of Mindoro The first enemy force which was sighted south of Mindoro and later moved eastward to the Blbuyon Bea consisted of three or four ofiJapan's District HOMER E. CAPEHARTi -1 Jud, f Supreme Court Third DUtrict vaunted but long hidden capital r .' Treaurer of State . .... v ; Will T 1C HOWAKU a. "u"" r 1 United States Senator, ShortrJTeBm j ships. Ten cruiser, and about thirteen destroyers. laa. an.a .. ( Supreme Court, Fil OUVER STARR This huge group of enemy sea-power, one of the largest if not the Inroat .Tannnaaa fnrm tn ti iwihp It aa Htata Spring Hhortliom Kale, a If VILUI UCJ tj na Tl . ...r-f A rUMFPTlr.K M EMMERT .1' ri Governor JAMES Aa kUlag fur 780. Cattle are T. ti. 'ad Banna Tented. self In the war wa. attacked re 1 Judge of Appellate Court, First District RALPH F. GATE f Superintendent of Public Instruction GEORGE K. LLOYD Route 8, KOCKVILLE, IND. peatedly by our carrier aircraft. All KattlinhiiM Hit Not one of the battleships escaped ,1 CLEMtNl I. ) . . t a .11. 1. Cnurt. i Reporter of Supreme and Appellate -. ' -.-. Courts -AilXJx Judge or nn""'- ' N , A Second District -, ,. DAN C. FLANAGAN , Lieutenant Goverr ior RICHARD T. AfMES j Secretary of S.ate ' I ' RUE J. aLEXA NDER ')r'. 1, r VI FERN E- NORRIS j Eve'rVBocIv Vdvies atoutA'ntjr' l r w i w , v 1 J .sabds, Peg.WKa.'s jhe-secrdf? 1 wfi i Ut ntt The Vote. J Vote Republican "fii" - From flop To Bottom! A S -i 'l h I A NA REP (J B L I C A H S T AT E C E II T RAL C 0 M HITTEE ' 5W1 J " U - ,,..nawl Hotel Indianapolu, Ind. : i IS -, : MILLIONS AMU Miracle Whip doe. work wondm with sads! A unique combination of old-faahioned boiled dressing and fine mayonnaise. Miracle Whip it by far America's favorite salad dressing. - . aa a- "- - . A a- V. 0V

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