The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 25, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1944
Page 2
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Wednesday, October 2 11 14. Page Two !!OE DAILY CIJMONIAN IT'; n '-: AWAY A?.'D VfCrJNA 15 THE TARGET 1 1 j ?. Real Estate Transfers Clinton Schools Annouiit e Honor Lists for 6 Weeks ' 1 , -i; New Probe Of Indianapolis WAC 3Iurtler is Opened (Continued frum iaKe 1 ) renewed several days before 2. he WAC was found slashed to desth in Room 721) at the Claypool Uotr-l.. His statement alleged that ho ha left the two women alone after a. wild party" and that lie became hub-picious of his wife when she returned the next morning wearing a blood-stained khaki whirl. The prisoners statement sets rorth that hid wife admitted to him several days later in Toledo. O. that she had killed Maoma with a broken bottle. (Goat toned rtai page I) gator. Virgil Quinn ; police Detec Lentcr Talbert et, ux to M. C. Wiggins, trustee to re-convey pt. lot 12 J. S. Gromiyke add. to Cayuga. 1 M. C. WinCim, trustee to re-con-ey to lister Talhert ot ux pt. lot 12 J. S. Grondvke add. to Cayuga. Chan. V. l'liillips et ux to Mauri-T. niythe lot 25 R H. Miller's 1st xdd. to St. Bern ire. f 1. Iioiei oeiinoys iihu n-pum u m a ' woman in black" in Cpl. room belore her deatla. to. Phyllis Hoth. jllnn K.vlejr. Hwie Mae Shanklin. I'liyllis Hates. Kuth Davidnon. Charles Srhelsky. Grade Four Mary Alice Klder. Carol J. Kendall. I'riscMla Itunyan. Shirley Straw. Joan Swinney. Lurry Wheaton. Grade Five James Boyd. Charles Copan. Dolores Davidson. Xoreen Howe. Monte Potter. Patsy Turner. Grade Six David Baldwin. Rob . i. . tive Albert Romerll and -Mis. Pel. I are to quc3lion the wife, .Mrs. Winona Luallen. who was arrested at her home in Knoxville and placed under $10,HM bond at the regttcat of local authorities. The sheriff said he seeks to return Mrs. Luallen to Indianapolis on "a charge of first-degree burglary, not murder. Sheriff ;ive Warning "I want to minimize the thing as much as possible because we realize that oftentimes such statements as this from convicted felons are not j ( has. V. Phillips et ux to Tlioni-las M Thornton lots 23 and 24 in D. ! P. Miller's 1st add. to St. Hern ice. j West Clinton Realty Co. to Wil- Adds Fertility Manure, well rotted imd rather! fine, adds fertility and improves the structure of the soil. It can be plowed or spaded under or used for a top dressing on the garden. Faulk et ux lot 1 D. AV. ert COBsett. Dorothy Hennis. Georgia liam ,11 Penlreath's 7th add. to Clinton. $1. Remler. Elizabeth Ann Shanklin. j Fa ye Foster to Perry J. Watson lE'i lot 6t Grondyke & McKee's 1st jadd. to Cayuea. 11. Cayuga Milling Co. to AJonzo C. worth the paper they are written ! South Honor Itoll Grade Three Sonda Sue Anderson. Honorable Mention AT FIRST on." He added that Mrs. Luallen was SIGN OF A charged in connection with 150 bur-j glaries committed over a Jong period of time, allegedly as the accom-1 Grade Two - Frances ten son, i Carolyn Cole. Luelta Luce. ' Grade Three Pegey Jo Austin. Joyce Goldner. Carol Jenkins. Joyce! Swickard. Helen Williams. 1 Layne et al lots 1 to 5 inclusive and pt. lots 6-7 and S original plat of Cayuga. 1. Dorothy Whit comb to Eugene A-Knauer et nx pt. tract B" Clinton. $1. Dora i nick Simitis et ux to Leonard Jackson Luallen lots 70!. 71" and r f "It 712 Jacksonville 1st add. $1. Grade Four John D. La son. Grade Five Patty Lawson. Jor-etta Wasson. Grade Six Martha Gross. Ronald Xewsom. Glendale Honor Roll Grade Six Robert Louis Almost. Honorable Mention Grade Two M y Ann Kazake-vich. George Allen Mattsey, Donna 1 pltce of her husband. A criminal i court capias has been issued against her. j ! The woman is expected to "put up quite a fight" to avoid extradition. Sheriff Petit said. Mrs. Petit and investigator Quinn have been instructed to remain in Knoxville "until we get her back." j "If she is the woman in black. ; we'll go into that when we get her. back here." the Sheriff said. J llnMight to Indianapolis j , The husband, an escapee from a ; Tennessee prison road gang accord-J ing to police records, made his state-j I COURT NEWS Mildred T. Hand of Clinton was BEIOW THE FORMATION of the 15-24 Liberators ol the 10th Air Force are installations in the Vienna, area, attacked by the heavy bombers as they winged across Austria. Air Force photo. (International) j granted a divorce from Earl T. Rao Ruatto. MAIL CALL ON PELELIU ISLAND Hand in Vermillion Circuit Court on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. The couple was married Grade Three Crescent. a Carver. Jackie .Dennis, Sammy Depetro. Mar Yanks Seize Hills Over Bologna In Two-Week Battle Cold PieparafloMfZatltl i WJttUif fMlHIHtlim' VIS NO Da you have poor iigestien? O DByMfMlfieadacIiy after eatin?n Difou get soar it ipset easily? Do yoo feel tired listless? o you feel headachy and upset due to poorly digested food? To feel cheerful and happy again your food must be digested properly. Each day. Nature must produce about two pints of a vital digestive juke to h?p digest vour food. If Nature fails, your food may remain undigested-leaving you headachy and irritable. . Therefore, you must increase the flarw of this digestive juire. Carter's Little Liver Pills increase this flow quickly often in as little as 30 minutes. An4 yau're on the road to feeling better. Don't depend on artificial aids to counteract indigestion when Carter's Little Liver Pills aid digestion after Mature "a own order. Take Carter's Little -Liver Pills as directed. Get them at a BY drugstore. Only 10 and 2o. A- , , Aug. 2. 1940 and separated March 15. 141. Leo Sanuuenetti of Cliulon township was granted a divorce from Hazel Kanqiienettf in Vermillion (Continued from pass 1) Circuit Court on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. San- . 1 : V ; 1 , . J ? iiieni in luuiaiiajmus uiit-i iif ntu been brought here on an order of Judge William l. Bain of criminal court. Sherwood Blue. Marion County prosecutor, pointed out that neither the statement of a husband nor his testimony in court can he used against a wife. Ote Wild Parfy Luallen. in his statement, said that he and his wife had known Miss Ridings for three years before she joined the Women's Army Corps and that the acquaintance had been garet Firestone. Marguerite Pesa-Tento,L Jeau Ann Rodich. Grade Four Eleanor Linlmrg. Clara Ann Ondo. Edith Mae Ralston. Darlene Vitaniemi. Fifth Grade Joyce Marietta. Mildred Rodich. Grade Six John Archie Ruatto. Junior High ScIhmiI Hnor Roll Period ending October 13. lH. 7th Oracle Honor Roll None. Honorable Mention Betty Armstrong. Harold Berry. ' Virginia Bonucchi. John Bnyd. Fran- ! Itie Bregar. Winifred raft. Madalyn j Davidson. BaHiaranrll East m ood. Patricia Guinn. Barbara Hatley. Sylvia ! Ann Jones. Katliryn Kerclieval, John j j j quenetti was awarded the custody of their son, Jerry, aged 1ft and Mr. Saniuenetti ordered to pay a reasonable amount for his support. The couple was married Mar. 24. 1934 and separated Apr. 2!. 1!44. 2E7 C Mildred I'lunkett of Chilton was capturing the important height of Monte Hpaduro and overcoming virtually all enemy resistance on the east bank of the Savio river. Germans launched a counter-drive to regain Spaduro, but the British force held intact. Near the mouth of the Saiio river, the KiKhth Army smashed into the village of Savio. Supported by tanks, the Eiphth scored new- pains in the Cesano area. Advancing astride the vital Rimini-ffulopna road, the Tommies moved toward Hevanu river. Indian troops, according to the communique, made further pio;ress south of Cesena and Polish troops chalked up new ains in the Biden-te valley. The Indians and Poles are granted a divorce from Dee Plunk-ett in Vermillion Circuit Court on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. She was awarded the custody !of their three children. Helen !. 'Thelma 8 and George 5. and Mr. I'lunkett was ordered to pay ISO on the li it and 25th of each month i for their maintenance. The couple I was married July 22. 1933 and sepia rated Apr. 25. 1944. CLINTON AUTO CO. STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS EXPERT I.I BRICATIO.H Chevrolet Slcs it Scrrire DON'S Standard Service Standard Products Of All Kinds Atlas Tires and Accessories THIRD and EMI 8T8. Road 163 Kttinoja, Charles Massa, Judy Richardson. Louie Sasp-o. Eleanor Straw. Norma Jean Sweaiey. th (ftade Honor Roll Bobby Potter, John Maikello. Hoamhle Mention Dick Carlson. Beverly Crowdr. Forest Dauglierty. Wake Gerrish. Collett Hi!!. Rodney Kerner. Rosalie Lark. Mary Margaret Lawson. Mary Paine. Kay Pittenger, Gene Vincent, Betty Penman. 4 - 1 i"" J fichtiiiK as part of the llritish Eighth. j ItO.MK. Italy. While additional lrooif were unloaded at the port of Piraeus. British forces smashed northward today in the r;re-k liber j James Burton of Clinton was 1 granted a divorce from Martha Jean j Burton in Vermillion Circuit Court on grounds of cruel and inhuman i treatment. The couple was married 1 Sept. 25. 19 43 and separated Jan. t. 144. Truck Sales A norma, two-year total of truck sales is 1 .000.000. I' Vi 1 ; .A,-.,t ation campaign to free the city of Dhomokos. So niil-'s north of Lamia. - Forward patrols entered Dliomu-kos. They w re quickly followed by Tlie 115.000 damage case of Jack Adams vs Charles Bauerniiester Company of Terre Haute has been vt- nued to the Vermillion Circuit jihe main bydy ot Biitish troops in Court from Vigo County. Damages P WflR-rJIHTiii AHEAD... GARS DETOE1E ! Hf Yen Can't Sleep Doe To RHEUMATIC PAINS H Om md bk it to rvr 4rarr f at mIe for lite fBi'i Williwm KIX Omim Kn ft mrVf vr-UF Mwrvtar pio and r-lew frwfcf of rlarvraa C nrarntc nt-wralrK jmjw. A 9mm4 iHfAoUi tk INTERN ALL T. it mmw a-! to nootbe and rrlr aaefrrvlar Mm mm the inw, fcbtmidrr. ksrk. hanoi ft prt that tr,arfc awfc-i atj contort. Ttt Rl'K tmirtit Rnilu wall wwak fr Atmrlva. w a wUUoa fcrt- hasty pur.UH oi nie wunurawing .-a-zis. Ct-rman troops. m-anhile. evacuated the city of Volos. f;re-k guerilla troops inflicted heaiy casualties upon the enmy even as the Nazi columns pulled out of the town. are asked for injuries sustained : when Mr. Adams was struck by a truck owned by that company whiK he was riding a bicycle in Tern Haute, on June 2. 194. or tatn lmuT afran. I " vnur Circuit Clerk Carl R. Bicgs has issued the followine marriage licenses Sidney M . Silverman. 35 of Oimon and Evelyn Dudiey. ?9 oi Iic-r : Vincent Verhonik. CO o' Vsiiv.Tsai and Christine Lescate, 4 s aamnjHHt lam! an1 mMmmwvmm WHITE'S PHARMACY GRAND NEWS FOR WOMEN! Mom and Pop and the Car.., r.; 'i I -Bs?aij ! tit Vafs&Siem wit mm The X ANXIOUS ttAIHEKNECKS pa'Jwr arcnl.d Ihf first shipattnl of maO to reach the First Divion fciroaac Erra on IVk i:u in the top phcrto, ctile at the Maniacs are pr! lirr a big h'Jink of morale-fcaild-inir as thy real of r'&s frwti ihcir lved ones. Mail has a priority rauiyr with food and aTrmuniticfi and is forwarded to the tattle front tbcnlv aiUT ical lar.i-.4ii. Marine Corps rijclos. ( International) JAMES B. HUESTON DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE For COMMISSIONER Third District, Vermillion County PRE-WAR mOBH fte or fii percfiit. bo iIh number 1II pf-als. ot i (n:3.!ion Is 'ad I'd ila j .jic. CZ V'li.. . r-' 5 ra . r.3-r a h-t dT-ai. of a-1 th- Sao- .-jvvni. or 3. L :2v se lo stand j T-rT'xan-:-! c? tl' Eurojan war i : v.r, n-.-r.-irJ HVfl on pork - rirciis'f r.i i 10 ifee roajiiaiuje'" j -. ' A mi.:- PTKtt ffmnJf m George., .we ooIiVm tK Standard Oil Mm. rre tK c a winter cKange- ovrr. too TAXPAYERS - j -1 : SXl.-.TJ-h J3, V-f 7.1- 1 lrW SBiOEHJjS. j . . and at PRE-WAR PRICES! ATTENTION pult.. Srhricker Spar in Indiana i Political Duels M-i la!i!:!ilT rhmiut! for I'M., h S -l ' f ri.i.:. alii 3 ;i 'ii -k4 - - i.--.-.- 4 ll.:-a:-os i-rc& y-i.r T-x'' ": .. Li :g I- : - j-.?- . -v i -- m Sticky tJuHge k fofminje in many cars today, and may, at any time, eit oil-linev and screens, and k-ad to burned -oat hrannjcs- The oklrr the car, the peater the danger epe-rvlH- i:h winirroiming up. Guard -gainst 4ih -ar-rmter car irouble. Nor, of ail timer, use top-quality motor oL Lse instant-jkm-ics, fuli-bod ed, s!udeeres2tinr. tov-iiHcarbon oiL L'ae Standard's famous Iso-Vis 10 VV, the ftiil-protectin;. taffteat-ssartmf. easiest -oa-tbe-battery 10 W motor ofl. Get lao-n 10 W today. And rh3e yoo're doinc U, make sure your car has all-over gToiectrm- Arrange fr a compete aervice paHtaee that cvvpt? the vital spot fet a War-Winter 10 Stab Ti nc-L p at your Standard Chi Dealer's. i N: i . til A EEi-r-J IMF t-'ll-l. lIII.Mr tf lM T l Mill i: ip pit trui t thi n:t -t i;n: 4tr i . I T im: lIl l Mt r -- m;iti;h M ff TH-K H- Tim f INTK.E - TH. M'HII'P-II M tw lEIJv,K IAT T IK T PIH f!V INK HIV l" rtEMBF!: Mm TlXKS Rrtll II- UVV EVT ln llli TT PI AI TV WILL RE I T'i THE FU. ITLI.IET. THE PRKW !. !; Hint MM I. M11.IHUI LUI 1 rIET " TM- Tti ts!l THE I -T MIM I K 1:1 H. hil iu. E -n:n w in,n::n i-ii:- pilN. I1MS r. MH IIJ Pl.FlM: ihik i;-n k rna: !.- -ht: i hhit t -hip : 4:oi: tv th m k n:ii.rv i. ! ti n. Wl.'lf. THE I T OH k TTLEITHOE IJ. .T S5E El:F! THE Kill Btr TK- IV I.E IIM. Manr Brittain Karl G. Dicken - 2 14 -. ij 9i!; or. l aft p-m r 1 bo r mm Jm, C rai let w 9 wbmt . TODAY SEE YOUR STANDARD OIL DEALER for letter Car Ctn A. J. DOUGHTY .V fl-:-r t -tar rzmt 1 1 Kmi:f. T"l 0 i:i. i-tix 1 iu

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