The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 24, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1944
Page 5
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Page Fir" THK DAILY CLINTONIAN Tuesday, October 21, J 941. William 10. Biddle (102S Soulh liiih SI.) Vincemms. Ind. I Miss, was home recently on a three 'day pass to see his step-brut her. bin Indiana Soldier In Group Rescued After 2 Years in Jap Prison GEN. MACAKTHl'HS HEAD- Football Notes NEW YORK. N. Y.' (leorae Aluuger, L'nivcisity of l'enns.v Ivania's Jiead couch predicted today Unit liiti unbeaten eleven would be in for a tough time Saturday when they jueet the twice-beaten Navy Saturday at Franklin Field. "We don't have much chance on paper." Munger told (he Football Writers Association, "I'm just hoping that the Navy tumbles and stumbles around as it Iuih been doing." labor nor (lie answers to all the farm and business questions" but said lhal he was willing to udopt any legislation for the farmer anB labor that will advance humanity." HROVVNSTOVX Ind. Indiana is one of the lcAiing slates which has a comprehensive program of assistance lor returning war veterans. Gov. Henry K. Sejirieker. Demo-cralic Senatorial nominee, declared iu an address al iirownslowu lasl liiglil. Oilier speakers were Cornelius O'Brien. D'lnociaiic nominee for Senator, sliorl term, and George W. Elliott, the parly's candidate for Ninth District Congressman. Wild recns The person who knows the tasti-ness of wild greens, either cooked or raw, contemplates a mess of dandelions cooked with a piece of salt pork for real flavor, or a salad given zest by an attractive garnishing of water cress. Poison Ivy Poison ivy is commoi, but is especially abundant in dry, rocky soil, in thickets along the edges of fields, woods, roads and paths. The climbing form is common in low, rich woodlands. Fires Oaini Lives Of Tw o Indiana Childivu INDIANAPOLIS, lud. The danger to small children from fire was emphasized today by two Hoosier tragedies which claimed (he lives of a two-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy. Annelta Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leland Williams, of near Tunneltou. died yesterday in Riley Hospital. Indiauapolis, as a result of third-degree bums suffered Oct. ) at her home. Six -year -old Ronald Myers, son of Mr. and Mis. Fred Myers, of Fort Wayne, died yesterday from burns received Sept. 2 7 when his clothing became Ignited while lie was playing near a bonfire. Golden Spike Driving of the golden spike In Utah marked the completion of the first trans-continental railroad in 1869. Native Born North Carolina leads all states in percentage of native born population 99.6 per cent. ftiuuger was particularly pessimistic i,d is vMuwd to wear the Disiin-over losing both his first string aMlvi VlM u.ldge. guards. Jack boiift and Hay Stengel. I (, s A QUARTERS. Philippines. The names of S3 American oil leers anu men w ho were rescued several weeks ago after two and a hull year.-, as Japanese prisoners of war. were officially revealed at General Douglas MacArthur's headquarters today. Details of the rescue of the Americans were not given but it was previously announced that (hey had been hiding out with Filipino guerillas alter the prison ship on which they were being transported from Hie Philippines was sunk by an American submarine. Of the Americans on the ship, many were fired on by Japanese guards us the sought to escape. Some were picked up by enemy patrol boats and at least thirty were bruially executed. The list of those rescued included: 1st. Lt. John P. Gillespie (337 W. Jackson) sigourney, Iowa; Sgl. James R. Greene. Altamont, 111.: Cpl. JC. A. Motsinger, Webb City. Mo.; Pfc. Roy J. Hughes 2USU Ar-maud PI.) St. Louis. Mo., and Pvt. iew Demands Tor Stallcr Probe Made in Congress WASHINGTON, D. ('.' Publication by the International Teamsters Union of affidavits charging that the two naval officers involved in the "Battle of the Slatler" were responsible for (he famous brawl led today lo new demands for full congressional and grand jury iuiestiga-licns. Rep, Mcli in J. Mans It I Minn., branded us "bold lies" charges (hat the Navy meu were intoxicated, used vl'e language and made unprovoked assnulls on officials of Ihe Teamsters Union shortly after their banquet al which President Roosevelt made his first political speech of Ihe campaign. Maas. ranking minority member of Ihe house naval affairs committee, in a statement issued from his St. Paul office, declared I hat if a federal grand jury does not investigate the affidavits "there will be a con gnssional investigation both of the affidavits and of those whose duty it is to call those affidavits to the attention of the grand jury." He said that the affidavits were "concocted in a desperate effort to disconnect President Roosevelt's supporters from any responsibility for such instances of gangsterism.'' Maas was recently advised by Secretary of the Navy Forrestal lhal the Navy had found no complaint of "misconduct" against Lieut. Ran dolph Dickins. Jr., and Lieut. Comdr. James H. Suddeth, the two olliccrs involved in the battle which broke out when they were questioned a- bout their voting intentions. m Willkie Set Task for COP, Letter Written To Hoosier Reveals SOUTH UliNIJ. 1 n d. Notre Dame's football squad was hard at -work today making ready for Sat urday's game at Champaign with the University of Illinois. All players were iu good shape alter last Saturday's game with Wisconsin except Joe Oasparella, second string quarterback, who suffered an injured shoulder. CHAMPAIGN. III. Aside from the problem of how lo beat Notre Dame, Champaign and the University of Illinois were slightly puzzled today on how they are to feed and otherwise care for the expected 70.-000 fans who will be in town to witness the Notre Daine-Illini battle Saturday. Officials said the attendance might break the record of 69,-509 who packed Memorial Stadium In 1929 for the game with Army. LAFAYETTE, Jnd. Coach Cecil Isbell of Purdue said today he would have a new tackle available for Sal- Its L rrst 1 forY? urday's game with Michigan at Annitliem at the proceedings, but it missed him at the station. SSt;t. Robert MarUello, Army Air Corp got a ten day furlough in England and visited several places. I'lc. Murl H. Carty. Jr., U. S. M. V. is still stationed on (luaui He took part in the invasion of the Island. U.S.A. MSgt. Noble H. Hughes. ZH. sou of Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Hughes, near Dana, has been cited lor his performance in the Fourth Troop Carrier Squadron. 12th Air Konce. while lie participated In operations in the China-Indiu-Huinia Theatre, Seaman 1c James (J. Huidinan returned to his base in Key Wesl. Fla. Oct. lit after spending an emer gency leave of 111 days with Ins wile. Ethel, who is iu I he Vermillion County hospital, and children of Eighth street. Nazi 'Baby Snipers', 8-14, Captured After Shooting at US CreW WITH THE V. S. FIRST ARMY IN GERMANY Four German "Baby Snipers" boys from X to 14 years of age who shot at an American artillery crew near the German town of Brand will be tried by a military court-martial. First Army headquarters announced today. For the first time an American military court will try children of grammar school age on a charge which carries the death penalty. Their parents may sland in tor the guilt or innocence of these lads that will be determined. The four are Hubert, only 10 years old but tousli ringiouaei group, and three oromers n'"j. 14. Halliard. 12 and Victor, 8. All are in mililary custody, charged with firing at (he Yank artillerymen and resisting capture with a hail of fire from an American garand and a German rifle. The four are members of the Hitler youth movement and all are outstanding examples of "born and bred" Nazis - arrogant, tricky, sub-intelligent, and killers. Hubert, spokesman for I he band of young murderers, said: "We found American and German rifles lying together in a ditch. We were not shooting nt American soldiers just into Hie woods. They happened lo be there." An American M. I', guarding them grinned widely and corrected this story. "They were sniping dircclly into an artillery crew and came close lo get.illg them too," he said. "When a couple of our soldiers went up the hill lo capture or kill (he snipers, these kids kepi firing as I hey advanced. At the last minute they threw down the guns and ruu. "One soldier who spoke German called on them lo hull or he would shoot. They stopped." The Americans were amazed lo discover Ihe snipers were "lince-liigli" school children. They had believed them to be either German soldiers who had hlfillrulejll back thruugh the line's or Nazi party members. "It s going to be a long, long war if Hitler fixed up all his kids like these long and tough." the M. P. 'said, looking al the four boys with imy.Avd Crown. The nursery Nazis returned his look, a shifl inn fcluro of hule underlying their smirk. Enjoy Life f Locomotive Tab The first locoinolivc equipped with "a very crude cab" was the "Samuel D. Ingham," built for the Beaver Meadow railroad (now the I-elngli Valley) in Pennsylvania in 1835-30 by Eastwick and Harrison. Positive Relief for Stomach Sufferers mitVKY hTOMMH TABLETS- Is now available to you in Tablet Hum. For many years it was necessary lo have a JMX'ToK'S Prescription to get the HAKVKV S T O M A C U MiKATMKVr. IMX'TOICS KOKMI I.A is guaranteed to relieve I M'K" I'AIN and that acid, gassy, belchy. constipated, nervous and run-down coiidiiiofi. or your money hack. Each box of HAKVKV TAH-I.KTS contains a diet chart ihat points out the food that causes x-cessive gas, bloating, and stomach distress. Sold Exclusively By , Powell's Pharmacy 124 Soulli Main CUNTQN, INDIANA EOT I SHALL FlfD hel'JV ' ' AKiD MEANWHILE ?AD- I - VJ YOUR CONTRACT U J 3 o f Nicest ee & ABe,0vV ex e', J til' I 'Jit Sterl: beer9oim " 'eve l JT X I e.euu..-.. ' ' ft J" 9 itsalf s '"""ley, , es' w,A , fh I Speaking at a rally in Klkhart lasl ,, f i AV M A , " to,? . ' C?" (, r, "e II Jlf I iiiKhl. he proposed prompt leKishi- L I '"'you" fo"incn '"'t WLU ' I f live action to place employes of slale jj, la Srei,, ' " ' ytV Arw .., Y ' inslitulions on a "slrouK. impartial 4 ' 'WG tf ' lf's LjM'jB I merit basis." improve their wanes , ' , , , ' s' 'iv.c fffZltftS " I and workiiiR conditions and establish 1 f ' a ""tnu fif ' a sound retirenient system. g,f 5 ' I' ' i "S'"1"' 'C ' '. I ' I l.APOUTE. Jnd. Senator Sain- I ; Jl V '' fJhW 7 uel O. Jackson, Delnocrulic auberna- I f i Jt . " S f g?S2 CjF 3 loiial noininee. pledned himself last I' jKl 4 : A to f - S "SJSJ' I uitilit to approach the problems of ' f ' ' ' lcA'g - ' I labor and the fanner with a syiupa- g . ',' V- 'Cf c nrjr J J Ihelic heart and open mind and wilh ' I 7 ' f pHsiu. a I detenuinalion to do that which is f "' y .. J f, s 0f? v' "it 4r best for the welfare of all the people V r J? ,j , ' ""' ' of Indiana. l" ,, . ''( t "' , , He spoke before a 1-aJ'oile conn- f " J' ' ly rally, where he admitted lhal he A j,w . 1 jWaMoite '' ' ' did not know "all the problems of 1 ' "t.1JJw.i'-j , 6TILL -rm lT-s ) I 7f?fVIELU5 LIKE ITHE ADMIRAL SAVS IT'S FlCdWTeR. Ml ,TV JUW6LE dUICE7K TJUN6LB JUICER Pi-AMg FUEL, BUT I'M 5URB IT'S foHERE IS THE 'SPIWACM CAM . " 'rTl Tyr! - J BE6PARDOM! V .JUK16LE dUICB J POPEVE 1 IT MUST BE REUIRWED IT C TASTED LIKE .5" . , ' , AM A mri AL THERE'S A TeaJ f ttffTt DEPOSITrT! OSCAR- cSvTT K'f (mot A Y7uJlMP'yO' i Theatre W MdS&k J popeye v.. yfi . Ks n h ( cSr Arbor in the person of Pete Uarbo lak of Cicero, ill., a 6 foot 2 'i inch 200 - pounder. Barbolak. a Navy- trainee, will become week-end. eligible this i NEWS OF MEN IN THEjjERVICE (Continued from pago 1) Dorn, Miss, after spending a 14 da furlough with his relatives and friends here. He has a brother with the Fifth Air Force somewhere in the South Seas. U.S.A. SSgt. Doiu Varda, son of Air. and Mrs. James Varda of route three, has returned lo Camp Van Dora. Miss., after spending a five day furlough with relatives and friends. He lias a brother. Sgt. Renal o Varda who is serving with the U. S. Army somewhere in Italy. -U.S.A Coast Guardsman James E. Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lewis of Universal is now on duty with the thousands of other Coast Guardsmen serving in the Southwest Pacific. Lewis, who attended Clinton High School, enlisted in the Coasl Guard in May, 1912. at Detroit, Alich. He received liis "boot" training at (he Manhattan Reach Training Station, Brooklyn, N. V. and later served under the Captain of the Port of Es-canaba, Mich and aboard a lia-l'not patrol craft before being transferred to New Guinea. U.S.A. l'fc. Charles A. Markello. U. S. M. C. has returned to his camp at Cher-1 ry Point, N. C. after spending a 1; day furlough wiih his parents, Mr and Mrs. Joe MarUello of West Fair-view. MarUello is a Radar Tech. I'M. Jackie L. Catty of Camp Crowder. LUCKY STRIKE lai 8. M.U.N ST. IT? of at i Kims is mimwT ' "OEtoo.H F"IS'"iE cSSZZn tliTsi"Niiffl KjSrawi wmSmZiK Brisk exercises and a spirit friendly goodfellowship will clear up a lot of petty annoyances. You'll find that a session the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley is JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED. BOWLING ALLEY CWXTON nio.M. . . tZes BvJT THESE! IERE'S SOME MOReJJ MERCYS I BUT THIS IS VJE AjE mm, rVptFUIi I ARE ONLV FROM FROM THE OTHER UH0J ON I ONLY HAD T 1Mb lO HrrKU-i I TILLIE jMDvsTEHi- gTag jmc- yTTy toiler mfwh M'fepfcM I I --r- Zn-.'ty I I Mil, 11 Wi 1 until . i - n iF" VCJ HX. E DECE.VED ME ! YC'J l :i- 1 I ThIKK CF "beUNDA'S lHL.KeDFEEliNGS! MElf J Nnf'Kl AOJANCE IOuS OWN GBEEQV AlMsA I f I M tup UEMCv'J M.S3 BUM'S 0 1a.ASTED CAiVEEB:! T.E DfEP SJAHS IN HER fl .;1f d HA)E SENT AwAY WlTa 10UR LIES A I I A MBlSBRKKEOPRiSiTEiiiTE, I HtAKT-laE HtAilT OF A &.L WH0S6 SWtI M -'ll NCftj: ACTBE9S ANDlAOY.TOOVJOUNDEOi f"T l hEATU!! It wAS A KNAViiv4 WCkM f.GF.MLE ITURC. WAS ThE CIHAH ON ItlE WlK TO CRY OUT-TOO HURT TO CARE HAIK- liMUi frrfSn rrntWJ-AJ' "4 u CLEAN COTTON DAILY CLENTONiAN (i -r T ' r-frUH-u i,-y ry v iuuy Mfsam crmL $ Can a m.0 ftreftk' Witt WMw! ,

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