The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 24, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1944
Page 4
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TuesHay, JJctoEer y'- THE DSIXY CEINVONIX age Four I At tht Movies THE INDISPENSABLE MAN" THEDAILmmONIAN COMMIUA C - 4' my I Mlstnil M Tha Weekly OtatonUa 1M V Xfcg CMaUm PUlnieaUr twortod In 1 FnbUahed Daily Except Saturday Mni BtuUtJ WOLLYUJOO ""WW irobfan swimming aiar wLo PUlytd .. uiutUN CAKROU. fwrge L. Carey - - Editor and Pubusnw opposite Maia Montez 1 "GVpay ' ' TufKday and Wediiesdoy "Steel Against the Sky," an exciting drama about the men who risk their lives building our great suspension bridges, will open tonight at the Columbia Theatre. The picture stars Alexis Smith, ihe blonde bomb-shell of "Dive Bomber," I.loyd Nolan and Craig Sevens with Gene Lockharl and Edward Ellis in the supporting Bill fflnora Tim i.vwood More than two Wildcat "7 net now an mti t rifleman In the Marinet and wen . : Wddcat F Mku Repablluui Editorial Attorttrttti years titer the ran away rom 1- An lege to get mameo - Kf)iJm0s, meet Han DIMo. writing a metis, on w. - - Ri32 CB PhontM which the University ot waan- r.lmi i. th. hard . . " ,..T . tiAA r.n , at til htr promised to give r 7T . Mauatnim ' her tne aegrw t t she almost was car SLoien JIT.. ftlfUBUCAH 0II0KMt V ready to receive. V.'. .yv Law of The Tropics," starring: Constance Bennett and Jeffrey j L,ynn, is a thrilling tale of ro-; nance on a South American rub-1 ber plantation. This opens at the Columbia Theatre as the second i feature. j she's been toe.-ed recently. WABASH i The thesm wiu be on Charles Laug hton, whose wife Ella playt in the Universal movie, "Suspect." No mere court approval neces-sarv for Linda Sunday, Monday . k y MUM & 'i'h":-' ilorriwn .Carroll and Tuesday j Ginger KogerB and Ray Milland are teamed together in l'ara-mount's Technical romance "Lady in the Dark" for the first time j since their highly successful ro- j nance, "The Major and the Mi- nor." ! In the film version of Moss j Harts hit play Ginger has the! role Gertrude Lawrence createa on the stage that of Liza Elliott, repressed editor of a swan Darnell's contracts, etc. Linda was 21 on Oct. 16 and now will receive her full pay check and make her own decisions. Another item about the star. As soon as "Hangover Square" It finished, Ijnda goes to Canada to help with their sixth war loan drive. One of the running gags in Columbia's "Let's Go Steady" will be a parrot which imitates Frank Sinatra and causes June Preisser and Pat Parrish to swoon. Hope it does a better lob than all the human parrots who are trying to imitate Frankie on the radio. Thirty-one men who used to work with John M. Stahl and who now are overseas will receive Christmas presents from the producer-director thit year. Bewt uf all will be a strip of 16-piiUimeter film that goes to Master Sergeant Pat Murphy, former Hollywood prop man, and now with Gen. Btil-well ill China. Stahl spent one Sunday afternoon shooting pictures of Murphy's 18-month-old daughter whom the ex-prop man never hat seen. . . . Remember the black western outfit Brian Donlevy wore in "Br-bary Coast" back In 1833? He bought the clothes from Sam Gold-wyn as a souvenir and now he'll wear the same outfit as Trampat In "The Virginian." HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: tiene Tierney'a daughter, Daria, wat a year old last Monday, The baby, who held such a slender link on life at first, now it perfectly healthy and normal. . . . Goodbya arc in order for Jeanette MacDonald'tnd Capt. Gene Raymond. They won't see each other again until the holidays. ... To celebrate their reconciliation, Cora Sue Collins and Ivan Stauffer, owner of the Clover club, spent an evening at the Trocadero. ky fashion magazine. Kay Millauu , is seen as her advertising mana- ger and thorn-in-her-slde. I Others in the cast are Warner Baxter, Jon Hall, Mlscha Auer, Mary Philips, Barry Sullivan and Phyllis Brooks. mm TEEN-AGE ENTHUSIASM. Solemn-faced students of humanity will attempt to appraise civilization in terms of the 25,000-teen-aged admirers of singer Frank Sinatra, who took over Times Square in New York recently when their idol appeared in a theater. Police estimate that 25,000 boys and girls were in the streets, in addition to some 5,000 inside the theater. More than 200 policemen were stationed in the area after several outbreaks of disorder. Police lines were broken and the theater lobby jammed by a mass of excited humanity. We have never met the singer and, consequently, have no idea of the personality that provokes such a demonstration. We suspect, however, that enthusiastic fans have thrilled to his tunes over the radio and from recorded discs and that Mr. Sinatra has enjoyed a tremendous build-up to personify youthful and romantic dreams. Anyway, there is nothing at all the matter with individuals who show some enthusiasm and zest for what they enjoy. In fact, the world might be a much better place for us all if we would not attempt to Pat O'Brien has arrived safely In the European theater. He did all hit Christmas shopping In August and wrapped and labeled all the packages before he left. He hopes to be home for the holidays but, in a war, who can tell ? Bapld Communication Wars have promoted rapid communication down through the ages. The ancient Greeks had signal systems for transmitting messages between cities, spelled out In lights. Messages have been exchanged between ships and shore for centuries by means of flags and lights. Betty Hutton was at Waikiki Beach on Oct. 6 and knocked the armed forces dead as expected. . . . Mnlha trinri. a rlpiin BWeen nf BrUCe I . 7' : . . . Men on tne Aircrait uarrier Ticonderoga will have Maureen O'Hara as their official pin-up girl. Cabot's civilian wardrobe while he lorraine Aimer auu asick B. Taking a Backward Glance ing at the huine of Miss Effle Gosnell, on South Main street, Friday, to make arrangements for Halloween. Mrs. Orahood and little grand was overseas. Ruined id suits, iour - top coats and assorted slacks and Crocket at the Hollywood Tropics. ' . . . Ella Loeran hat turned down snnrt coats. Value of the wardrobe l t,.i fi.A .nvHvna four Broadway offers to remain "'"""""J ""'- jf '-- was around $3,000. Bruce had to was around 3,uuu. isruce naa 10 . , . ..en., nvprapfm nnH pntertflfn the ROldiert. THIRTY YKAIM ouy an new ciuines w aaij. - n.n . .. . . trtftv n T fnny IvmmimFM Old tiddlers' -. . , u Kourke. ... wice oreaK xor , Nice break for week. The machine men, v.!.o make the biggest wages, can live on this amount of work, by economic management, but .the pick and day hands will fall short ev Peggy Ann Garner. Her lamer, L,t. o .x,v'm ,m k ....;nH son's ninth weddine anniveraarv. son, of Hillsdale, who spent Friday and Saturday with her sisters, Mrs. Charles. Patterson and Mrs. Jessie Dougiass, of South Third street, returned home this afternoon. riiMW Attract A good display of the prizes iffered for the old fiddlers' con- ... Walter Wanger't new ttar, ' CUU60 near ijos jvngeies uuilcuu u hi mc east. . . . Pfc Bobby Breen ( seems Yvonne De Carlo, is having .... . T.f Paul Vnnv . . ery pay and should work start suppress sincere ana narmieas - has been TWO 1 .... ...,,.L- ... uvnritpa Mrs. James Bennett and daugh- only yesterday ne was a cniiu nur - ---j - - - - has arrived overseas. ... And re- studios teaUng Bill MartnaU i prtt. it will be some time before they' ablo to catch up with the nc- : ' . ,V, ,, member Peter Coe, the czecnosio-1 ly m amier uub . cumulated bills occasioned by the ' u,-.. f lull. m,t four of the mines in the' - " I district are working today. 'h,,h I I 'crsonuls I Mrs. Thomas Carlin returned TWKNTY YF.AIW AGO TOOAV Clinton In to Have Central lluu l.liw tttfttion K'nveniher 1 Oov. John W. Bricker :ANOIDATES in candid are shown Cattle Increase The average annual increase for the last five years in numbers of beef cows and heifers over two years of age has been 734,000 head, of yearling heifers 330,000 head, of calves 586,000 head, and of steers 453.000 head. The January 1, 1044, inven-tory shows a 23.9 per cent .increase for beef cows and heifers over two years over the 1935-39 average, for yearling heifers 47.7 per cent increase, calves 28.7 per cent Increase and steers 38 per cent increase. to her home today on North Main, al'ler a visit with Mrs. Ad Jackson, west of the city. Hev. and Mrs. J. M. Cross ol Terre Haute, Mr. and Mrs. Craig and .Mrs. Goetz and daughter. Miss Klva, of Nineveah. are guests order not to appear foolish to those who jaUrac.lini, much attention in a may not be Wise. window at the Swinehart store J . I The ticket sale is going alone I well, too, with the Majestic band FACTS ABOUT JOBS. aIld ie k. of p.s active. Paul G. Hoffman, chairman of the j The prize list is said to be such Committee for Economic Development, I uZtZ calls attention to some facts in the discus-: Mg Dipg,ge n;in vU be weii sion about post-war employment that are:fined. The floor is said to be so imnnrtanr 'strengthened It would hold sev- impoiLd.HL. : ! pral tiroes the number that could Mr. Hoffman points out tnat tnere are i be crowded Into It, and the uro- only 3,500 businesses in this country BO'motf ot this contest hope to biff" that they employ more than 1,000 per-1 see its capacity tested. sons but that there are 2.000,000 employ- IJXX ers who employ a hundred persons or less j According to the reports of the and that these employers provide almost 'different mines, the pay of the i,iFV,Q -iKa .minera which begins today, will hail 01 me JODS. I be about the same as the last pay, Mr. Hoffman calls up another "serious as there has been no Increase of minnnrWstanriiriP'" reffardins' emDloVment I the work, and the average will Beginning November 1st, Clin-1 ueK.i...iiiK v...... Stared Cottons ' To protect stored cottont, linens or other fabrics containing star,h or sizing from silver fish, put them in tight clean packages or boxes In dry, cool storerooms, wrapped woolens are, with all' Openings sealed. .y BiU Of Rights ' Thomas Jefferson said "A pill of Rights is what the people re on-titled to against every government en earth, general or particular, and what no government should refuse, or rest on inference." v ; above as both Keputllican anu ton is to have a central bus line j 0emocraUc nominees pound the waiting station. Cecil Campbell . ecterns m apeeches across the has secured the room at 320 j ,oun.;ry. At the top, Gov. Thomas of Itev. and Mrs. Price E. Cross at Clinton hotel, today. . South Main street, next to twaxj ffi pewcy 0f New York, our ..' i.,.ice" e cross i Fishman's Btore' and ls fnstalllngi presidential nominee, addresses ne'etlng at Central ' oat8' and otherwise fixing the Herald Tribune forum in New Rev. and Mi attended the lliei place up.-iui a waning oihi.u... YorK wivy uum"fa - nolicv. Sen. Harry S. Truman of Ml Campbell expects to put in line of candles, cigars, clgarets, I Missouri, President Roosevelt a K . ln hn,t,n na tin Christian church, Terre Haute, Friday evening. They report the meeting well attended. The Christian F.ndeavor entertainment committee held a n.eet- etc., and possibly sandwiches coffee and cold drinks. n; : iu;,no'' Ho Doiro that i run no more than two days liimee Club Cives I'll Idea Good Bet Soybeans raised for hay are the best bet for the dairyman who hasn't enough of Uie regular hay legumes - tti Keeps Well Honey keeps well in a warm, dry place where the temperature is 75 degrees or over. Easy Crep Oats for hay are easy to grow, the farmer usually has his own seed, they make good hay, no special curing difficulties are involved, and a seeding may be made with them. running maie, spoke at the BUtmore hotel in Los Angeles, Cal., while Gov. John W. Bricker of Ohio, Republican candidate for vice president, is pictured speaking In Santa Barbara, Cal. (International) ill MlUUaLiy Ul UUOlllCOO . in. oajo n.u.. j n ra innlinorl tr thinlf mQltllvi LUU LC 1 1 WG C ( l llUjliiiv.v. w ........ . . i nf mannfar'tiirinp' hut Bctuallv manufac turing provides only about twenty-five per cent of normal private employment. Consequently, if the nation is to provide the seven million to ten million new o THIRD .HAV-EW 6 CROSSWORD - - By Eugene Shcffer la l I4 Is WMyA v rlFl jj r xl 777 i i -w 3-J-J - W I ( Of Pultlng on Jlin-strcl Slmw Clinton Exchange Club has given up the idea of putting on another minstrel this year, but instead will present a first-class vaudeville performance to raise money for the poor kids Christmas fund. This entertainment will be at the Capitol on November 13th. both afternoon and evening. Dr. S. N. Sellers is in charge of this matter, and has succeeded in getting promises from several high class vaudeville acts from Indianapolis. Terre Haute and other cities to come to Clinton to help In the charitable enterprise. sq) 0)U MopuiM oodo oq) JO no inn "ll ntVB SltB BB UitO 'IB tSuiqi ur dn p3xnn sbai 3uuv og .,uo aii.ti Aiin 01 SmiurtA )q3iEJ)s psooi' oqs H3J IiassnH iq 3uiq)AJDA3 ponods pEq oq's )nq 3J jsqioui J3U ..'ojb noX BB t3uq) (panoriuao osj ox) joop UJOOJ SuiA am usdo 3unn uom pub iCuain'o osnoq m paajua 3U. su painonno HassilH 00 SuiXuid se.w oipej oiIX asia Xpoq -Xub psujoouoo JBllJ SumiXuB 3uop .OTBM 81J 3SnB03q 'Ol p3UBM OlM ti Moo pinoo 3UO.C.UB Pius sXbmib p,si 'ojojog 'UJnjsj St oouis 'iseoi jb 'jsqi ui paSuBqo psq uca 'Snuis jnoqe ajns bb ojom I ql I siq) 011 qot )JOS dn iAl8 O) qSnous iooj s.aqs osoddns ),uop J,,. A, IVi-sonals nO... 'JOJ30n8 SBM 3IUl O.OJIIB J jl3Bq 3uuioo j.usb tqs 3UXBS J3))31 8 ,33 P,I Xsp AlOAS P31JJ0A1 PUB itBMB SBM oqt t!0q Jessie Wood of S3SSll UllA. 33EJ aaq Jamoqa fu SU1JB Biq U J3q qa)BD O) p3)UB. 3q uaq )U3ujoui auo )Bqj usaq psq Bjaqx ),usba aqs 3ui an puy Uiq )UB)JOdul niiB t8M 9U.S UMOqS 3ABq pinOM )EUJ, O) p3)UBA pBq 3q Jl J3))sq 1PJ OABq pinoM 3H 'Jaq lJnq o) jubav ),upip oq pus -)Jnq oq pinoA aqs 'auiqiiCuB XBS J.UPIP BJI1B1 J U3A3 UBljUIlS )liq JOSJBI SBA UO)S3AA P8 sja -qi!M SS1W PB1I lOlli S)3JD3g OU puq U01S-3AA PUB )oqEX 'itHBJOSS )l op o) J) 3q pinoa us3 mis -ino auuv U1B) UJ.I osnnasq )USiuo) IlOlt 33S 1.UOM I, 'BJ11BT O) iCbS H3M XJ3A ),upno3 oh Jjo t)q8iu jaq iflh street are the 3UIOB3UOI SBM I -pB Oqt 'J3q tll i.renin nf a girl born to J OSTlBOSq 101 B.3UUV V't" "tin Mr m i i i i i jobs that must be made available above tne number existing in 1940, it will necessary to have thorough and progressive planning in commerce, the service industries and in agriculture where three-fourths of the jobs must be found. Washington Sen. Edwin C. Johnson (D), Colo., of the Senate Military Affairs Committee: "A year's compulsory military training for every boy would contribute somewhat to the nation's physical fitness . . . but to conclude that it would provide an adequate defense is shutting our eyes to the realities of modern war." Washington President Roosevelt announces re-invasion of the Philippines: "We shall free the enslaved peoples. We shall restore stolen lands and looted wealth to their rightful owners. We shall strangle the black dragon of Japanese militarism forever." Ulq OpBUJ II -UAWp ytfltl.u s-jpBqs am qSnoqi 'dn pajqSii s ujooj 8u;a! am B3B ptioa aq asnoq Sq pjBMoj joujod qi paujnj sq sv -aiqissod SB Jiasujiq pus ViqUJ, UiOJJ AeMB jb; sb SuiqiifuB '3uiqi -auios jo Jiuiqj oj q no; OH isaft aqi inoqn sjuojs ui(q au .,t. n itSnm U1U1 aBUl niUOM PUU -)no ojoui ' sbm tpiouAoa '"W n,4i,r unan aAHll nmOM J3U10U1 tr77Atn Y777Tib I IS' I I I VA' I I .' III nIur.- " I 1 r, jsq pus Xsnq OS SBM oqt asnsooq auioq aq iq3ui ubq paaj puo autoq JlOBq bbm IJJ 3qt pBia w q lm uonsonb siq o) jombub U 'plot tqs ouuv o) sv PIP J3A3U aqs Inq ')33( -qns oq) 3uU3do Xq ooutqo V uiq ,nn9 nni' ailB II OS J3U PIOl OABq jo ouo uo uiiq q)! saiAoui uqi uj uo)B3M o) 03 o) J3q J(sb SB qanuj os . t.n.n, an btim aianojl .(tuo OU.T. day. It is their first child. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Campbell oud Miss Maynie Campbell have return, d h -nun from Connersville, Ind.. where they attended the funeral of a relation. Mrs. William Maloney. St. Ber-niee, entertained at dinner Tuesday fir Mrs. Emmons, Mrs. George Lunwall and Mrs. Grover Pale. ? . m , Smoke Sifnals S.noke signals were used by .. .... .BLir.c mnmries before the PinoM oh 'Xbmb trea Puos 01 Uiiq B1UUI p3UBJ) PBq A3qx n"l4t . , a m .111 ninn.i 1 "11 ui tnt p0) OABq pinoq 4 4HI 45 ip46 49 I : is , 1 tttiv, in inn 'UO.SB330 UO 'Oldood IIIS BBM OH "a "M 0 ouuv jnoqs jiibi i.upip u d)jq HP S13fMV 'IIB J3V iOlQIS -sod Jl J3q aioq uiq in puo mm M.11 ana tnnon 'uuiuj J3U uo 3uiq) IO-2v I 10 .ina .mil aim ajns SB At 3U DUB Jd 03 0 poppap aH tin P" 1IJH "14 10; ppsd uassna '3U11BHJJI sb.w jaq u.ojp j.upip q iv3ivj 'uiq ouiuiq j.uop 1 -.sinou -.Caa ;o asjnu jeq u pajsj -J3)U ti um an., 'pouuj3 puu JJ) -unoo aqi 5BUb3b pub ubuj v tj oq oq oui noA iUBrJ Mil dn daai ubo oqjvt., paq3nui oh ,,'qjnui u ouioo ,usop OH I usa t SJsqM,. :pus aqs 'soDBd 3u -jaqiBS )oqiX 3J 1 J 'uo saM SB 'U3U1 (1S0UI 'odood jo lIIJ bbai aaos aiu, Bpos fc'in iiubjii oq bb uiq ;b pauieaq uosuqoi; 'bjw sb.w oq vaui( 3H uaa PUB vmvri pus auuv jaAo poippnui sbav aq )nq 'sjauBui maai uo jsaio os bbm puiui sH -MB) S SUM aq Jaq 3uH31 Xq 'upllsq American were found i: g such niessLtes. African natives 8. sea brii:.J 10. total pjlr.u 12. lamprey Pino oq oq )snj mbuh h J-q llllivt HM.1 EnolJ3B B OAEU PUB 3UUV qil auoiB aq O) ps)UBA oq 03J q3u )B XiBp3ds "oasid lisuis o qons bbm qoiqM 'loqioj, u o) p3J3puBM aqs ojaq pojop -uom 3H ouuv jo 8uHuiq sbm oq 3snB33q )U31S sq Pino oq 'po3b3us bbm oq uioqM 0) 'BJnBa mi Sun -)IS '3UIMIBM jno ubm ouuv tuioq sbm Binsa usqM -sinBa ion put XpB( p0 aq) K)M BBM ouuv uaqM ojoui Jiasuiiq psXofua oq oum pip oq ;nq 'suuv ess o )U3 oq 3p -MOUH3B ),UprnOM OH ! 0J.JIIB1 pinoo oq pus ouioq be ouuv ueqj, Xsnq jo ajsqi i.usb vmtrt usq -a sniniiXaU IJ1 OOt HORIZONTAL 1. melody part e anret 11. bird related to the crow 18. peaceful 14. jumbled type 15. gratifies 17. international Uiiq OpUUl )I U33q pq WKOP "41 punos Moq pajapuo auo os ')uiod m at.VM sXBMIC B1U3UIU103 OUT. (R) of Connecticut after 22-day trip to England and France advises the United beat out signals on drums ana nolle logs. Among man's earliest mrthuds of sipnaling were wigwagging and hehogroi hing. The latter t;,siem nukes use ol reflected flashes of sunlight. VERTICAL 1. struggles 2. gets up 3. symbol for nickel 4 f ummit 5 uu...-mouiiiCL. jug 6. card v.Hil three spots 7. thing, in law 8. indefinite articij 42 above 43. one in training 45. note in tha scale 43. ransom 48. connecting body of water 50. porticos (Gr. arch.', 51. stage whisper JBU13J SuSnulB '.Cjp 3UI0S 3HBUJ o) usq) pub mou j(3SJ3q 3u(snoj .,,. tit nt mT.1JOIU103 D3ZOO language ApB Pio aq) anq S)33fqns isuosuod IIB-vi jBqj paiusm oq 3Jns ),usb. oq 18. B-: jhaped -ul AuBnba puv bjoa0J pun KquiM )noqa psiflB) ifaq) bb ) )3J sq inq cnu 11 imiM isnf 3JUS l.U&BAV 3H puB 'uiaq; U33.w)3q un u(ptiiu qaiqM hem oq) o M3Jq isqious nnn ni naiiiaaa -it -ni naiirBM 3U II O) Suiol p3U3j3Jd oh 'osia Jasnq s oqs jsuuunt jo 3uUioa oq) qil pun '33uo peq oqt tB uiiq po Answer to yesterday's puzzle. ujn)3J J3q oouis ouuv "I o3uBqo iimB n natonojl OBIB BBA OH joq pug 03 oj uonsaa3ns s.Bjnsa is paXouUB SB.W 3H 'OP l.upno 3BJ)1B J33U0 OU oqs argil o B9,moAa Stnmiaj OU1 S33UB)SUin3J3 fishermen 13. river in Eohemia 16. exclamation of regret 19. wise 21. satisfied 23. canvas shelter 25. filsk 27. literary collection 28. ocean 30. purifies. 31. floor covering 32. Persian fairy 33. phlegmatic 34. expends lavishly 35. street-car 37. growine out 39. god of war (Gr myth. 40. bristle 41. beverage 44. bitter vetch dUtdJ. U4 D - : ' pojjsjojd oq 'q3nou Xi33uBJ)S j aq-) j3pun irs )B auuv 03 o) suiod o) uiiq jo 3uojm BB. 11 pus uor) -Binun 03B 04 luo ,n nnai liasonu J3UU1P J31JV -iOOO Fall Crops Both in midsummer, when the fall crops are getting a start, and in the cool weather of the autumn, growth will be slower. So do not wait too long to get them started. Maturity dates given in seed catalogues are intended for fast spring growth; and in calculating fall growth should be lengthened appreciably. M Less Liquor U. S. liquor consumption in 1943 was down over 20 per cent 1105,924,. 132 gallons compared with 1942's 133,700,978 gallons). -E3U30 UB pBq oq )I3J M l"""'!4 .n 'iilinajnl DBU 10QIB.T. PUB dn UB313 O) 'UBUJO pOJO00 PIO ui ouo ou ajns 3)inb sb. 3H ism States to be realistic about lend-lease: ur course they are not going to pay us back. How could they? Their world trade is practically gone. It's all going to be a matter of bookkeeping anyway." I With the Western Pacific Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey: "I used to think they (The Jap Fleet) would risk a showdown sometime or another. Now I'm not sn sure. We may have to go in and dig them out." Washington Julius A. Krug, chairman of the War Production Board : "If we can just keep the heat on war production for the next three or four months, V-E Day will come. If we can't V-E Day might be shoved off for an indefinite period of months." worm 2C. narrow rot.d Sl.vh:i 12. placa 24. auditory organ 15. love in-ordindtely 28. point cd wapuns 25. normal 2. taverns CO. copper coin fl. genus of whales 32. sites 34. cooking utenr Us 35. golf mound 06. fcraftrd SS. worthless bit nil ;dv e in pro pel a.c1g ST! pjjSIt art a D003 B '3133BW 0 uu "I- "' B psq oq uaujyi -ou JspusQ tJK ou bb oisqi -uiiq JOJ 3ui)r oq PinoM jouuip pub ubq aJaqM noq )Bqj )nq 'U U33q PBq ouuy Jl Jsb oj psjuE.w H 'disgo3 pa)3nb puq tam 3uu3A0 sq) 3iaq) UBa puB uuv aujpug psXofus psq 3H sjaq) sb.w suuv Jl 03g o) osnaxs OB SB BOOS B OABq O) OJO)S S.UOS -uqof o) uAop pauojjs nsssna ,,'Jduuip )B paun) q 3snB3 -aq uoijsaaipui 3))n )nq 3uq)ou S,5I -JsqiOUl UI JO 3JB3 3MB) UEJ I jaq pasu ),uop 1 )nq 'o) ) noA' J pB3qB Of "psddBUS BinB puE 8UUV JOJ Jtoot pinoqs aq J! P3HSB 3H J3q)oui jsq jo 3JB3 3iB) pmoa oqs ot isB uiiq U3S BJnsq puB t3M 3U1133J ),USBM BpiOuXSH "lV -uaqm iqSra ouo ) 1PJ 3H '.auuv jnOCjB J31U3J O) pU13ilS 3umJ3Aa XBS O) )UE J.upip q pun Jiio-l oj ps3e3u iu.i U3))o3joj OABq noA 'iBS o) p3DJOj sq pinoM 3H '1 -)B3U0q ) J3AV6UB ).upno3 3q M3UM aq osneDoq uoi)sanb )Bq) p3iSB sq Ol )UB. t.upip OH "BJnBl )OU PUB ui p3iS3J3)U sb.w aq buuv ),usb. ilB3J ) Jl uiq ISB put auin OUIOS Xnuniq )no oiuoo )q3uj aqt pibjjb SBM OH WlBi U B.3S13 OUO OU pP aq SB puiui piouXoh JW po)aads -oj ou -ssoujusn lUBjauu '"'"" -IBJ, O) H3fq 3AJp 3l)Ul-u4 qi psXotuo oq uootuaJjB ob oq ui uiq) Suiuui ponunuoo -Pub dn 0U1S3 S3SB3 -Xipni jissuiiq pojo -pisuoo sq puo loqiBX 1 PUJt)JI P8U ouuv PUB UBQ )Bq) ou itnq 47. accomplish do3H o p3trai)UDD "JiaSSaH . 39. tspestry Cigarette Production North Carolina manufacture more cigarettes than all the othei states put together (55 per cent of America's nroductionj. iiSfnMi.-m Aver soistiM: " tioote. 49. three-toed OAAi-iXMaAU uixdvun j v.ei:.t

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