The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 24, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1944
Page 2
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Tueviay, CMofcrr 21, 1911- it : 'Mll'f'W I'll JR DAihY CMNIOHMJ tage two dtreci ly J ,.,.,H ,, Hie population ONLY A SAMPLE QT- WHAT GTY C7- AACtttT-J GOT 'revolt against the regime of Geuera- lissimo Francisco Franco, the radio ; transmitter at Toulouse., France, us-.d by exiled Spanish Kepublicans, ; reported today. iperaie ' :iltecleil liv the abiliiv to o Spaniel coll JSear Full-Scale War jn Mounlains Farmer Tin n To JVew Judii-ti iaJ 51 ns in Indiana Crop l'.r.:::s a! lull eci'jioniirai pi'uduel ion. Sclu nek said, in addition to the fact that maximum output would insure national security by an adequate supply of rubber for botli military and cixilian use. ".Villions of bushels of wheat aud com. olf-crade fruits and vegetables (Cuutiuued from pane JJ INDIANAPOLIS. Inil. The need I 5 I mav be used successlully til the de- - veiowiiriit ol industi ial alcohol. andJ f f . ; a. f I ; 'i II f C- . t' L' f- I from Ihls the base material for syn-Itlieiic rubber. This new and needed j industry will mean millions in luldi-:ii.i!,l iio'ome to farmers and thous for farmers to direct attention to new industrial farm crops now tliut the peak demand for agricultural commodities probably has passed wae emphasized today by Hassil K. Bchenck, president of the Indiana Farm Bureau. JHe pointed out that continued and improved methods of developiiiK the cation's synthetic rubber supply must be pursued vigorously if the nation is to avoid future calamity such as occurred when Pearl Harbor was attacked. The economic welfare of 25 per that UiTUiauy iul hut rcad rt'd. Oovt'iiiiut'iil Suui'ccs Wori'it'O Kranto's polirc wadi-d into tin chctTiiiK crowds and broke up liu-denionst ration by force but it was no secret in .Madrid that government leaders were worried as the evidences ol Caialonian unrest daily heaved nearer tlie suiiuce. The .Spanish 41st division was sent into the province early in October. Later i lie Spanish sicond division in Morocco was ordered into Barcelona, along with desert -toughened members of the Spanish J-'oreigu Legion. St t it in Mountains If the Spanish civil war flares ands of new jobs lor workers when jobs may become Hcarce," he i iT '-'W.J "The supreme Junta of the Spanish National l"u ion i" Madrid As directing the battle against Franco-and beginning to issue communiques." said the broadcast reported by the FCC. (An Oslo radio broadcast reported by Hie London News Chronicle said that Spanish Kepublicans had captured lour frontier towns in the ft-renees after fierce fighting.) The transmitter of the Spanish government, taking cognizance of what it termed receut frontier "incidents provoked by Spanish KeUs." expressed concern that the French, had not curbed the activities of 'war criminals" operating against Spain from across I he frontier. The Toulouse announcer told Spanish listeners that "the lime lias come for the supreme attack" and urged residents of Catalonia to "help the forces of the glorious guerrilla fighters for the recouquest of Spain." "Kally Catalan forces, quickly; rally and fight," the Spaniards were urged- it 7f f't-f Recruiting for Air Corps -1 '( 'St?, ' t j- v- '. ' err rA-r ! Keserve to Halt Oct. 31 WASHINGTON. II. C The War i Department announced today that I the recruitment of 17-year-old boys for the air corps enlisted resene w ill (be suspended Oct. 31 since current procurement objectives have been I reached. if MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line 0 For Service Urop l" A Card L W. Waist Monument Co. 2114 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute, Indiana aj;ain in Spain, there is litile doubt but that it will stem from the mountain fast nessee ol" t he independent Catalans but f lie Ca talon ians outbreaks have been duplicated in practically all parts of Spain. i Observers along the French frontier long familiar wilii Spanish politics today expressed the opinion that , thousands of Republicans are strain-j - -ft I Those already in the acer. will be I called to active duty for (raining as needed. If they wish, in addition.! they will be permitted to transfer at j I their own request to the enlisted re- j I serve ( unassiftned ) for call ot active I I duty with the ground or service for-j I ces. ! IHli IS AACHEN-FORST. a town on tlic outskirts of Aachen, key German city, after Allied air The department said that since I Cr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIK0PBA.CT0B X-Kay 235V4 BlackmM We've Slated You For The CROMPTON KILL HOMECOMING AND CHNIVAL ox Tuesday, Oct. 24 C'KO.MITOM HII.I. SCHOOIi a -. -.m r. m. I January. 1942. more than i.Zau.wuu ivmiiha bad volunteered for air com and artillery blasts had reduced tl.e site to rubble. When the Nazis refused an ummaium 10 Cne u,, Aachen, the Allies opened up on Uiat city. United States Signal Corps radiophoto. (Intc rMional) CKENNAULT AND HIS "PAL JOEY" bat crew training. Sixty per cen( of I his number passed (he mental examination, and of these 75 "per cent passed the physical and vcre accepted by the army air force. y2$v Good Morning Get in tlio Scrap! 27 Mjauin hold 100 pound of col- Holds fir sevortl d-r Dates Named for Five More Rationing Stamps i WASHINGTON-, V- C. The Office of Price Administration loday announced validation dates for fivi more blue stamps for jirocessed foods and four more red stamps for meats-fats. Each of the stumps will be worth (en points and will be j;ood indefinitely. Sunday Oct. 29. red stamps 1,5. ,M5. N5 and I'S will be good lor meals-fats. The stamps will iiave to last for a five week period, with the chockoo drn. tout hom WARM iwy ing at tne ieasn ana waning oniy jor leadership to start fighting again. Jl is the general impression that such a revolt will coincide if not precede an Allied victory against Germany. The Spanish situation also is complicated by Hie facl there are dangerous rifts iu the ranks of the Falange One Spanish Fascist pha-lanv), which is Franco's own party. One faction of the Falange is Jed by Kaui on Serrano Simer, Franco's fanaticiiJIy pro-Nazi brot her-in-law. The second group, seeing the rapid disintegration of the Axis powers before growing Allied onslaughts, lakes the realistic view Jhat Spain should come to terms with Allied nations. Franco himself is said to be favoring the hitter grortp and is mal'iiig anxious overtures to prove his government has nothing in common with Hitlerism. .Meanwhile the French provisional government of Gen. Charles d Gaulle is showing increased sympathy with the aspirations of Spanish exiles. NKW VOIiK. N. Y. - The north-enj Spanish province of Catalonia and other parts of Spain are in open Now Jtation Krex' Available On Xeriiij, As $MW As ljt.-5.00 Tel' MontJi TAXPAYERS ATTENTION Ik til ne.vt ones not expected to be validut-I ed until Dec. 3. I On Wednesday. Nov. 1. blue I stamps S.", T5. fa, V5 and V3 will Coal neater L become valid lor proeesseu ioous. These stamps will liae to last a uiotit li. A. J. DOUCHTY 11 ItM l I Hi; -jTQVKH HIM 2.U--.M hii ' I iinloil, lul. Classified Ads Sell Most AnytiuBg If; Ifrl ' y , i Jc' J : y 11 1 'i'iiJ ; : 1 if-"?; r L - " THK KAI.I. I.VSTAI.I.MKXT OF ll:i TAX IS XOW IH'K AMI J'AVAIIl.i; AT THK THKASI 'KKK'K OI'KKK IX XKW-POItT. AIWI OXK IXSTAI.I.MKXT Ol'' MOItlTOIilt .M TAXKS FOIt THOSE WHO TOOK ADVAXTAtiK OF THK MOItlTOi:-IIM OX UKI.IXOrK.XT TASKS. IF NOT PAID I(V THK FIKST MONIIAV IX XOVK.MHKH SI.TH TAXKS WII.I. ItKCO.MK lK-MXQl KXT AMI H I'KIt KXT l'KXAI.TV WIIJ. HE AllDKI) TO THE FAI.I INSTALLMENT. THE THEASl ItKR'S OFFICE WILL AI'I'liK T ATE KAItl.V I'AVMEXT OF TAXKS TO AVOID THE LAST MINI TK HI SH. MAIL WILL HE AXSWKKED AS SOOX AS I'OKSIHLE. I'KU-80XS I'AVIXt; TAXES BY MAIL WILL 1'I.EASK INCHItK liKTl'ltX I OSTA ''. ALSO STATE IX WHAT TOWNSHIP Ol! COItl0!t ATIOX THKIH ritOI'KltTY IS LOCATED. .. , DU!IN; THK LAST TWO WEEKS TKI.WIIONK .CASJ.S CAXXOT UK AXSWEIiED AS THE WI.MOWS 1VJI.I, JLV.T.'I-KX CAliK OF ITIi.ST. Mary Brittain Karl G. Dicken THKASI HEIi DKI'l TV TliEASIHi:i: COMMANDER OF THE fAMOLJ USAAF lyiH8 i'ers, Maj. Gen. Claire L Chennault, has a cor. itant companion in his dog, ' Joe, and shown above the famous rcr.oril takes time out to pui the canine through his paces in Uie Chir.a-Uurma-India theater. (International) ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE Composer Orchestra Vocalists ON RECORDINGS CHOPIN IhTIwJ'.""-.:. sibelius KookcycIi Charged. With Slashing War Kxj)cinlitirej (ConUnuea Uuv. 9s 1) equipment." KngeJ made public ih'-s.' heretofore secret diK'UJIHlits: I scn Milhaiy Iteporl 1. A conl'ideniial report irom ilie V. S. military attache in Merlin, dated Nov. 1. 1!::7. advising .Hie Yar lh'partmeijr thai Crrniany then- hud from J 7 1 lo -l'-' air Jiuadrous. about 'Jinn planes, au air I'ui'ci' of S'i.imiO to 1 M'i.iMtp .ijii'ij and aviation industry "iiwiaaiiip," 1n t'-'- The r. ifr( . tignod by -Major Truman Siiiilh, mapped 'ieitnan plajU foca-limnf aud detailed rstimales of ihejr putiiitial piodmti-jn' with this con elusion : "In November I'.f'.il ii appears that Hie devrlopmi-nt of (Jernian air power is a Kuropean phenomenon ol the first diplomatic importance. The ujnvaid moeiiM'nt is still gainiiii; moiiieiii um " Appi'ijti iHlioiin lieporl 2. A War Depart men t repor! ( u the House Appropriations fomiitii! t dated Fi-b. 17. 1'J showing thai from t '.'.' to I : 1 1 I'leurm 1oom-veh cut Army f.iml reijucut-- by h'.y.i million 27 ilioii.-und l.'jii dollars. $4.50 S. MM.ill $4.50 $7.50 .Sel MA l:( $2.50 .. .Se M.!l.-,$2.50 bach ; AKh ii S t it. r, Oi.-inKl Congress. Fngel said, appropriated 352 million 5 thousand 69S dollars more than the president asked. Kn'el. it was understood, obtained the :;i-page !:;" lierlin report from th War Department several yearn auo in his official capacity as a member of Hie War Department sub-(:oinu'iit"e of the House Appropriations Committee. He said he obtained a copy of the A rniy appropriations breakdown from the Douse Commit (ee safe wli.-re if v as locked up for 2l-j years "denpite desperate efforts by Itep-Clai-enre Cannon ( D ) Mo., chairman, to pirtii ic Kiwi challenged Cannon to make this official memorandum public shortly before Congress began its riect ion recess. Ioltei-s Dewey Charge His publication of the previously "restricted ' report on tinman air strength was frankly intended lo bolster Cov. Thomas K Dewey'n charge that the Koosevelt adminis-tialion failed lo prepare the nation for war. Fn'ef railed the milil. uy atlachr'n report "on' of the moM inuniiun and df tailed repons on the growth of tlcriiian air power aud tin rising jiniiae.' to America e.-r to rutin from au American miliary attache ' This itiieiiu-ence report ." h :ii(l. ' gave ij. tailed inlorniatnm li: ! iae warnings lo this country, bui not one word of lis roiitejits a .'i.r revcalid to the Congnss. . . "While I'restdeiit JiooM-veli had insist en i va i nings ol grace poi-nt ialfies ol Cerman was strength, he was hold iti,' down the r-i u-tii for nAlUll I!,' L Ion I'liilliarinollic GERSHWIN (1'oi.v anil Be. Klc. - TAuminiiPiu simpi..;!., xo. i Hofo keep a house from catchincj cold! $5.50 IbllKIIVUVOIW lii K Minor t'.y 3Iiiiiit'fitjs S iiifih'Mi,v Orriilra (fmttMWM SHAKESPEARE llaliliel. l our lAeerpK, . Willi Maurice Etans (PA ff Sel MKHI if&niU Kini: Hi.hanl II. CR LA Four Scenes Sel vnittilt! (JrUlj(J make your coal pile last V)'i longer and save Ilia I much on your fuel hill. tuch tilings as weatheitri)ping, cleaning the heating system, closing off unused rooms, firing carefully, and drawing your shades at night can help to keep your family snug and warm. One of the biggest jobs of the C & O Unes is hauling coal from the mines along its routes, so we're in a position to understand the problem, and to kuov-' how essential coal is these days. A CLINTON LADY SPIT UP ACID LIQUIDS FOR f mm u i i it: HOURS AFTER EATING funds, and now hlaue s ( oiigi-e lor Hie ijijure to provide euipim til for the Army. 4 Clhttmi !an Klrcled To ;v ONH WAY lo kct') a house from geL-tintr culJ i.s by wt-atiici'itri))iiiu; all doora anJ yiuduwa. ClosiiiK up tlio tiiH-ks tliat U i cold in and ln ut out. Tlieic is going to be some bhurlage of toal delivered to homes tliis winter. Not because less coal is being mincij. It is estimated that 29 millions more tons of bituminous coal will be mined this year than last with fewer men. Quite a tribute to mine owners and miners alike! There are adequate rail facilities for hauling the coal to your city. But certain grades of coal are going to be greatly in demand for war production. And your coal dealer is handicapped by a shortage of manpower, trucks and tires. So be patient with him. Utile, common -sense precautions can msm THE BIZET Carmen Suile hy lomlnii A rhilliul inoilic Sel M I 1 1 tt.:UiV The Chocolate Soldier Jlise Sleiell. mill K Vf- Xelsiill Kiblv .-Sel KATK SMITH - VHA Set C50 S-i..riO Operetta Potpourri Set MCI 00 !iii.")0 Marek Weiier Fresenfs "IN t)IJ) VIEXXA" Set CHI $.'.511 Comity Church Council Pfunittekl For hours after every meal, p Clinton lady used to spit up ft : Mrong, aiMuloii linubl mixed with ' pieces ttf halt-rligoted fiMd. She j says it was awful. Al limes she ' would nearly strangle. She bad j tttoiilaelt bloat. ilHiiy heailai ties and : W4 Clinton, was elected Kiii'-st Di- ni l kircm P jffirer. at the Venuil-Coiincil whi'h met at eiliicational lion Count Die Met !:oli. i con-taut irreiiiilar howel aiiion. T- Church at Dana. 1 2. it was announced Tluimlay. th t. pLAys400or Vithout CHANGE frp ol Pi.trool llki SU SMOOtH (or lo"oer fc.ttw plo, rrt9 ;lt te i orteTODATI in.lay. Dili r fM'l'icials eh ! Mrs. Ktliel ,l.-nl;s. pr I Mamie Wright, v je.- pr i.-d include: sideiit; Mrs. sideiit: K. K day, this lady eat her meals and enjoys them. Arid she says I be rhan-ze is due lo taking i;i;H-III.I.I. Her t'Md aui-ees with her. .No ens, bloat or spn ling up after I'litiug. Kite is al-.ii free of lieada-ln-s now. find IiiimcN ni.1 i-cunl.-ir. thanks to Chesapeake & Ohio Lines CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO RAILW AY NICKEL PLATE ROAD PERE MARQUETTE RAILWAT v. aTgiTE?! : IL-.ndolpli. iil he president; idtilfU e. .-errelury- Miss Dor All Prices Fxclusixe of Fedenil Tax this Ileinai kable ew Compound. h Walters, ehil-s. IvJ'ia Mae i ildivn s divts-Ke. young s Manila haw-peoplr s div js- Mo. b'oy i i.-ioi! : M ssisuTl c CiitheiiiK v :-ion: Mi ant voung KHI! HI I I conlaiiis 12 (.n ut Herbs; they rleaiiM l-owels, char gnu from stoma, b, a t on shigt-h liver ami kidneys. .Mi-ei;ible M-ople Save Coal and Serve America pyiiitfswiK .ple toon feel dilief'Hf all titer. So d"ii'l s- ion; Mrs. I'.-ni Uion. ucai imial iliii.-iull unil .Mrs. Ma lid 1'ralln-r. -- .i i ii wm L .it i.i t I 1 1". J-hariiiiii Drug (jo on Miilt'i'in. While's (ItcMill) SI ore. ;fvwr- ' - ' '

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