The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 23, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1944
Page 5
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TaRr Fi ve THE DAILY CLINTON IAN Monday, Odor 23, 1.9 JL TOUGH ACTOR - - for the invasion f (lie Washington Indianapolis griddttfs h 'i!J come here lor Clinton O'SI tbOJne gn,uw Au lUiroe wcftlts an Nov. A large MOW (I is .VPOMsjl IVt itllliS game since itiie Cats r,e rolling np one f tih ibest neourd in wnawai years aud i e pointing lor a share in (he Wabash Valley championship. Summary: ClUlltUU (7,) lUl0llUU M) of eueiuy occupariJoa j and control : -it) Tliat (h laws Bow existing on (he statute Jookof the iCotumon-weaitb iof (lie Philippines and Ilhe ri'KUlation.6 prcuuwlgated ipuruat h' aje te lull tut and effect and legally binding upon pple im area of the Philippines Owe of enenry oocupadon and control an areas of (lie Philippines fre of eney .oocupation aasd coaitfloi and. I'ood 4aiaaiee Ijaws -"(SI That all (he laws, regulations and processes of any ot her government in (lie Phillipines (fan (hat ,of mbe miia ConjuaonweaHh are nulf a ud void and wltthout legal etfecl in areais ol (he Philippines free of en- ejny occupation aud control and I do hereljy announce by purpose progres-: sively to restore and extend to he people ol' (he Philippines die Kacred right of goverjien by constidution-; ai orocess in (he jegnlarly onsi(ut-i efl Common weath government asl jppiues, fj-ee nti4iy as (lie several occupied areas are liberated and (he military eonsti-II duiion will otherwise permit and I do Football Scores Manual it. Tech J. Cathedral fi.-Vrovt Kipple . W ahiJ)git.on JiV. Westlieid ). in. Howe f SlioaTtridge 17, Marion 18. Ol her .Scores : ibokonio il; Fraukilori it. 'incennes tl. Washington 7. Speedway It. iinech tlroie 7. Coliitnhus . Connej'sviHe j-'.ern 12. Loganspoint idi.. Huntington 87. O. Nolilesville il. lieu Wavis . llusinille IK. SheJhyviJle . (t'enual (Muncie,) 58. Moowingion OH. Michigan City II. Elikluirt 7. Anderson 12. New Castle it. A'abash HI. Alexandria . Richmond (t. Uliami Naia! Sclwd (Oxf ord. O.i 4 (tied. . Clinton 6 7. Princeton . 11 untiiigbiUrg 08. Ulckneii iti Central KiKi ansvfllej J, Centcri- ia (111.1 U. Ieyruour 85. Pranklin XI Cemral Catliolic (foil 2S, Central (Fori Wayne Wayne 1 18. IBluffton H. Wecatur (I. Warsaw J. Auburn . Manual (l-ouisviliel 82. New Al bany 7. Wallace iltlaryl lit. Horaie Wi.nii (Oaryi . Clark ( Hammond 1 18. Koowicl( (liast Chicago 1 (U. Hammond iti. WhitlJig 7- Kmcrson (CaJ-yi jo. i'titon llar-J bur ( Mich. 1 (i. 'Washin;?ton (ICast ChM'agol 1 Catholic Central (!lan.ii.iioid tVown Point 7, iLowejfl (i. (jersttueyer (Ti-rre Hauled ti. (a field (T-rre Hautei Urajiil 18.. Union ( Proclamation Kr-rIaMi!licH Pliilippinc Ittile (CcwOnu (!- ne II '. itadio ; ij ( ! Clinton Grid ! Sq uad Smears I Princeton 11 Wildcats Take Tigers T ! Time of 17 -Tally; Next Game Matches Cats Willi Indianapolis Team . Keeping (heir season's record (bright and untarnished the Clinton Wildcats Friday night ran roughshod ot er Arveuo Aiitoniui's Prince- (Lon Tigers (taking (he Timers ,ty (flic (Cleaners ito (he (tune oi a I7-AI score. Scoring ,ai .will, (he Cats ran up Vtt pom us an mu ,iair mini iiw ... . . . ,periuas, aauea nc jn une ,1.11110 sum- - jia and put ,Uie nightcap on Willi loe touchdown. Special iuedit.ioii is due itilie ou-.versioii ikieike. i'iw of vhicli .were luade rt.o iuak.e liie first .conversions scored itliis seafion for itue I'ats. baiu iC'urry'8 dueat,ed toe l.ossed rt lie yig- k,i,n '.ex it tie coail jiosts t or ne in 1 ifxtra. iPointa. ft was .a f,iej,d .day for .t.Ue wud-j cats, w ho used ' t 01 jve in tiieir book, mixing ground nd atuicks witii tiieir f oiasli-iog iru.iui.iiig filays. f Xu iieoiuenv fAWis Don fceinero M time way for 3ijtt-itoo, Bcori.ii It points wiiile Curry rail .wp AMie (touchdown and fhe five (Conversions for il fiojnts. tLosing fuo finie in foriny.Ijiies. fbe Caite t,penttd np a scorijtg driv'e nio-lUients ,l'ter Mie kirk-eH xM Won fteinero drivhig off Hackle for a (2-yard jaunt to tlie J-'rinceton goal. (Curry asuod in tlie conversion sut-Itine it lie score i Ju-FvtAAV hiO!iie.s Eusliing itlie Tivm .around lb-fiedd for itlie rest. ,oJ ctUe period . itne Cats scored iuu lt in Hie siau?.a. CUuian toaved pass to foster standing 10a Ue goal iiue. "Joker" .stepped ve,r itlie .end aone tto core CJiniou's second goal. Again Curry converted Hie ficore itt 34-0. StilJ .driving luii tl. liie Wildcats ujeared it.lirougli JJrinceton's weak .defense wall in (Lite second quarwr. iianging around in T.iger iteiTi.t.ory! .untii about (lie middle of tlie peod , when tliey got .down to (business w itli a long sustained .drive down deep into friuceton. The Cat idrov fit yards down to J-'rinceton's stripe fj-oui where or ! in ''7J bJ thur. Cenerai I . S. Army, a cow- IXWIANAPOUS. Ind. A curt mander-iuchi-f of the military lor- lor Ihe pre-Halloween st,uu( ol let-ces committed 10 the libejaticn ol j ting air out of automobile (ires hat Dewey Brings Campaign To Midwest Voters (Continued fjotn page I) jmpa'oie the dit 0.1 consumers in (he post war eta. He said what most pleased hitu a-hout (lie report was (he fliecotni-tion that "full pre'ductioaa and employment in husiness and industry iire the first fundamental ueeessiuy lor a prosperous agriculture." Kletueutt. Pnll Toigrtl" "Only if ail elements in our country pull together." he added. "ca we attain (lie (win goals of prosper ous laroniug and a good " our peopl . " (Gov. Dewey iwgaa his speaking inasion of (he Middle West lira of his campaign without cotwmeffldaag on Pres. KooseveM's foreign policy speech at New Vork CUr itoturday nighl. in which t!i President took pointed exception to (he governor' charge (hat the White House did not prepare the nation for 'ar. It is possible, however, (hat the governor may make answer Ira one of his speeches or press conference thiF week. 31 i:ieoaJ Vole Fifty-one eJciroal votes are at stake in (the thaee stales Governor lewey will visit on Ihe present lour. All (hree scales ent for President llooseveK in I'd IV. MitmesoU lJ t.-.i) Illinois hy tit. HID and Wisconsin hy jv.'tM. liepuhlican) leaders have predicted tiliat (he Dewey-Bricker hicKel will ,,,ire Middle West, hut , admi Ihe batlie is close in including Minnesota, and Dcslrsy Kit Nits of but Bies on the legs and jav.s ol iiorset can be destroyed by bathing with warm water. WANTED RAILROAD WORKERS f ah Tip Si;K: IIWHMMIi.VTiTIVE li.tllJSOAD HCTUSKMEST i;oi:i Halloa lioaid Offu Clinton, Indiana -;er5' TiieMlay 0;l lo 1t:M A. M. IN. MR. DUNN t HUMPH By Jack Sords Pcgs0&-fACKi&. ale. a eoit&icMAiieies' Most" ply clerk iu the A. A. A. Couuuatid signal section. -Jeewee" JJiiysh'tt v as giitduau-U from Clinton High School iu 1SI93 lie was active in spur: while in school especially in basketball .and track a.cthith-s. Brother of Cayuga Man Is VVouii'Ji d in Action Thomas A. -An" Mrt'oy. brother of William McCoy. Cayuga, has ibeeu wounded in action and is 'now stationed in a hospital in fl'aris. France. acc.ordluK 10 a h-iter received h' the brother r'-c-'i.iily. The tetter stated that die was (feeling fair. j ITS MOOSE BAiS s tt5T, IkWHI '. H 5TCPe t( I AilMAILfOR FCfi YA '"2M - PAr X (Get In tti Bcrapf I . j ITSWOOSEEAVS NCTiK wkiy tfL . 1 o.i Cilmau howled wr Htm third 'il- .4 hy (he return of Vix K ulbitslti . cat goal. J sliould he dangerous, hut Ohio Slate Curry scored again with corner-'1 Hl)jmn M have too .much in reserve, iion. rolling the score tip to il-0. jfoiijue Wiaile Kext in line was .a iReiuero iiroili-ij p.urdue. which shares ihe confer-r. Inc. t with .yuantwibaok Maaf 1,4 wj,ih jhe Jiuckeyes. nppears parsing .1.0 ihallbuck Won. lou tuck- iU) ja (ur a -busy ai'ernoou viwu Clrey Urahaui Socondino Cliover (iiilnuui Poviliii Foster . M- 1R.eme.r0 lEnrietio X). iReiueriu Sniilih JvUSitli Ijewis . A.ilerell ie . lEulhr.e Shaifer EoKej Miskelll Ham Wade iKerguson .L.T. JL.iO. . C B.iU. . iK.r . . iQ a. LM. t . KM. Curry -- (Score, (by periods: Clinton li it 18 - ,. ., n Princeton V 'V V (V -V Kcorina touchdowns JJ. iKel.neno. 2; foster, ciluiau. Enrieuo. Cirey aud Curry. Points after ioucbdowns Curry. oiiiciuls (Referee. .rannan : niu- pire. Warrington: bead linesman, M Buckeyes Work Up Lather Over Big Nine Championship Ohio State Eleven In Good League Standing; Purdue Team Shares Lead CHICAGO, fli'i Western conference football itle hopes were ibloom-ing today ovr in Columbus. O. Oliio .State's football feaui, s resuM of its ;spectacular victory (Over rfJreuf Jja.kes (before nearly spocfators Salurday. Jias Moused (die xcii.emeut tot its lionwiitown fans to fever pitcii. Aud one juurdly can ibla,uie tlieni. Tlie nianner in wbicb flie Buckeyes dialled ver.vttiliig (lie Sailor tieven could iliirow t (Uem. plus iie brSU-iant fasbion in wiiicli tlie Ubioans burst fortli at lie finisli to acore Uiree touiidowns iind wind up Sr. to li. convinced us, as eli as tlie cus tomers, thai tills was one of the fjn- .oijege fooitbaH featus since j.iirl Haj'bo, Saturday the Huck.e.M's H another test when they niet Minnesod.a iilieir rthlrd con.f'rence game of lie season. Tlie (Gophers. .Bti'engtfcen hi nieets 3t'iU.igan ad Aim niiiw what should to one of the top games of (the day. TJw fioilemuikers defeated Iowa W do 7 .Saturday and reajifce rthey liave to .win ttiiis one to kwp uliheir title hopes alive. Michigan is in a similar position. Already beaten hy Indiana, another loss will he lata) to Wolverine hopes. This will he the last appearance of Hub Iv'nssba.Uimer ,atid Hob Wiese as Michigan players as both h.av,e orders to report for further Navy training elsewhere .early next week, low a M - ludiajui Jowa plays at Indiana in the other conference game of Satnrday's schedule. The JJoosiers stili are very much in the running as a result of llieir M-T wiu over Northwestern last Saturday. The Hawkeyes share the cellar with the Wildcats with bJe (defeats each. Away from strict conference competition arc a couple of other attrac tive offerings. Chief of these is the aunearanc of the undefeated Notre 't tussle from Wisconsin Saturday. ' hut won. 2 to 13. to maintain their ch-an slate. IJiini Are sruliMi I Tlie lllini. iu spite of heir single (loss to 1'urdue and their tie with itjreat Jakes, are one of he sea-sou's sensations. No team in recent years has had (he spied which Coach Kay Eliot commands, and (here's never a dull moment when the Orange ond Ulue is in action. iiuddy young. Won Creenwood. J'aul fatu-rsou. and K4 Hry so ar' have scond 5 touchdowns in si.v games iilay lias heey out of actj-r; fur two weejis, hut should he rec j Saturday. V'l'jscoii. in. iil;ewi.-e one of 11''' i i' est uu:ig t--ms of iie curi ,1 - son. cotele's (ireat l-ai'.esc n '' .'i!-I urs reijoi'nd fr(jin tiie titi - . (' cl'-lleat. it promises to he a ,.iom eien-j Jy-mal''hd battle than orh'ii aily lig-! uc-d. with tlie chaii''' of the iiadg-iers now preii- good for victory. Nurllivveste;n is iuie ibis we-k. X' ' fu'ure tor the "'jid'-als doeMit look too bright, win. aoies coming up with Minnesola. t,-''-. Notre ; Wain-s and Illinois. Hut Coat-fa t-iuu ! Waldorf is Roping o puii a least ' one ot theM- -maybe aore- -out of 1 the hag. j ... . ' KHisors Kehearse Class j flay For Xoiellllier SlldtV y,,Ur Ag " a t r-1 aft cou;- e'JV. Play of N. Wis. i!J aunuai .jmor Class iu be iu iIj -iij!y Jan 51LirruiH M ''-i Jjr. wjr j.j:iJuu:,(,t 4 soday. enlota upon all loyal ciHwiis ol the pMiji,uijM and 10 oibey ail regula lions and o(her acts 01 (bear am constituted government whose seat is now firmly established on Philippine soil. "( Signed Douglas MacArthur. (General, Cnited (states Army, Com-mand-in-Chief." Quarterly Cross Income Tax Returns are Due IN'WIAKAPOUS. Ind. llowswr taxpayers wefle ceminded (oday (hat ''they must file (heir third u.uarter tiross Itwonie Tax re(,urus Hy .11 or ae .w;ujtwa no . fi,nt'.,,res( charges. i' (G(iltle,it K. Hewil. dJ'ecr of ( Cross Income Tax Division, poinlcd out ha( ail (axpayers hose Indiana) Cross Income Tax exceeds H lor the (iuajter. wiioca tax on inioiine receiied during July. August, and September, are reuijed hy law 10 file returns aud pay tax hy the quarter. ludianajiolis Police Slop Hatfoue'en Tire Stunls lneen put flnfo ojeration o? api jl Walter feU:kejt of the Indiana I Police. SI ate State police rounded np a gang ol 1 boys who let (he air out ol' (he tires j on eight and provided theni with a hand pump. Ily the lime the (ires were pumped up again ; tbe iwoys wi u t . 1! any timm vanuiuisnj. . ; FROM THE --ER- COME FOR OUR BIG GAME I VE gsggr ' ,rm-f, ) : " :cz' '-'-" .r ;,.v '''TyTI we DRiKiKED eE of Ioh , m GOomtt'A (UEtL, adjust my 17akf1 1 (4 lSS SW1 CARBURETOR.'.' fXL J it c 'if-J&4ii 1 icouujN'r- ...n -Jg. r I $ d tiiie pigssin .uuuej- tins " sideslipped through the frincetou line for SS yards and Hue fouith touchdown. Curry 'nded the half with (unother conversion setting np a 2t!-u score. Re-turning after dhe liall Ihe t ats, bedeviled the hapless Tigers for the1 rest of (the third period, scoring a-gnin wlien (Oilman .tosseqi .a sr-ya.rd-long pass to Cirey on the goad fine. Curry's conversion attempt was low but the Cats stood at ) t Jn the fourth verse, the Cats sledgehammered their way down to the oue-yard line with McJ-eisli leading the way. Curry slammed over into paydiit for Otoe final touchdown. Clinton outdowned fbe Princeton sguad IV to I wliile breaking J'ven with the Tig"rs on four out oi tight completed passes. Coach 1), h- iWcf'ool nbaliU!Md freely in the last half, allowing many hench-waruiers (.0 get into action for ue first time. The Wildcats are idle thit, ot resets t'Asi' ieA.ti Harold Hayckil On KatkelbaJI Team in Pacific AAA COMMAND HKAWf"AKT-E&S. CKNTftAA. PACIFIC AtMCA (Welayedl Corporal idaroid liays-lett. son of Mr. and Mrs. I. c. foii-mer Clinton. Indiana residents, is a niennbi-r of (the iii A. A. A. Command lieady natters (basketball teatu. Jiaslett plays a forward position on (he team, lie is acthe in other military sports including suftbaJJ and swimming and is a .wualllie'il l.itd Cross jBivimming insij-.U'Ctor. At present -ihe is an .assistant sup DAN DUNN GOSH. DAN Lv-..,-. -assms Tneatre 1 1111 ' Starring PAPPYF f "Wink n end due to Teachers' Institute and ' jime teatu at liiinois fur the home-will spend their time polishing P I (Coming game, due to draw some 55.- idtm fjjectators. The Irish roceived the Pbillppiens so hereuy pro - claim and declare 'Sl.'ier. to I'. Iti. "rfil That (he government of ihe Commonweath of the Philippines is subpet to the supreme autboiity of the goiemmelJl of the Coiled Stales and sole and only government legal and valid jurisdiction rr the )eople iu areas of (he Phil - ITS eUlGE Ltrl GO II a 111 HUNT. MONUMENTS 0 A (Hf4c Uoe 0 For Serv Drop I A Car4 LW.WaU Monument Co. ZII4 Wauasb Ave. Terre Haute, Indiana Proves Vcnderful For Itching" Skin To soothe il.0hi.1g, fcttrmt ig skin, apply toedicated li'iurd Z M-O Wouixjt (omiula backed by S8 years conunu-ouaauccessj For ringworm symptoms, ecxema, att lete's foot or blemishea due to ejrieruaj cause, appiy Z1-M.O IroeJy Imuu the disnorriort rno-ni iisapper. Over 25,0'ktOU paciiar sold. One trial convinces. Wn!y Hot Also hue and fl.W. TggyjQ LADY NEARLY CHOKED WHILE LYING IN BED-DUE TO STOMACH CAS Our lad) said a fen days ago (hat the ied ui he afraid lo go lo led Mi uiidd. Ildie as swolh-tt silh stoui- ti Z- Ktf-m she eil o le,. and Ihe gas would rioe uu m l-r tlinat mer six- lay duua luut monld iw-ail.v like lier. Hie .ooJ'lu lie rial. Hail lo prop herself up m pillows, lie ceully Illis lady ul I MMW.IV ami huh says gas 1 gixie. stouaaill le'l Iiue. ImimcIs iy e regular aud sfiC f an go to Im'iI aal sln souudly. mif-HIIP oaialus i Ureal Herb; IliA'l cleau. Imiv.cIs, aas trom slotoaili. vl oil slu; lit w and Itidue". Misi-ra'tle i ! I j j . , . 1 aw j i i iri j BEEN WAITING I T IF THAT'S A FOR YOU I y ( CUIDC I'M A I IRWiN! LET'S UP AN' SEE HiM ! I tv, - V ( CAMPFIRf GIRL! JPEMO OUR VACATION V DAN DUKW ? J I - r-r-- fh'it IN THIS GOAT'S NfV-,- -Va.i .f 'nr'Mry BMiy oJ;--r. Ioroi y i;uty l'i Hi'da lam Sal- jicjjid lack i(.edei. i,n I('-!iih:(; t m ooti feel dilli-reut all ot. tut do'( !and I luyd i'osier. lih-ii tjuis no oa oaffi-eiMs: I pet IHB-HPI.P. Ho will he student direcior. Shir-Mhile' (Itetali; 'ltaliii lnua i,-y Coltrel, avsitant student dir.- .lor and iloh Osmou, vtae uianaei. Hoiv.

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