The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 23, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, October 23, 1944
Page 4
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THE D AILT CIINVONIIN Page Four v THE DAILY ttlMtJMAN "FROST JS ON THE PUMPKIN!" 1MJ r Vi in I as n Weekly OUatoulM UN She Onatoa ndnekr absorbed In UKM Published Pall Except Saturday and Sunday OliYCOQ Lr. Ay MARR1SON CARROLt forge L. Carey - Editor and Publisher fklaiil at the Postoffk at Clinton, Indiana I as Second OU Matter asleep in tied with lighted cigaret and ihad a second degree burn o King features Adicate VW rtUv HOJXyWQOD. Cary Grant iliis foot ibefore iii wife wa able r ln4Una RepobUcan Editorial to put out ttie iire. t ' . Wnroer' wouldn'tt ven interrupt iiie second f At th Movi$ WABASH KmiOtt.v, Muiidtiy iClinger Kogers and Roy ftlilland are tcmned toKtlier jji iFara-mount's Technical (romance "JLady lu ithe JDark" ilor -the tf'irHt time ainoe t.heir highly aucoesHful romance, 'The Majur and rt.he Minor." in ithe -l'ilui vtirsion of Moss Hart's liit nluy .Ginger .has ithe role Aiertrude Jiiwrenoe .created on the Lage d.hat --of iLIza iEl-Uott. repressed editor ol' a swanky faeliion .magazine. iEuy MUland is seen as iher advertising jnana-j ge,r and thorn-in-her-side. Others In ,tlie ast are Warner Baxter, Jon Wall, MiHclia Auer.i Mary J-Mitlipa, Barry Sullivan and Phyllis JBrooks. iioneymoon with Barbara Hutton Jong enough to attend the iLos An phon 23 !p Phone 82 geles premiere Jean Sullivan is ltd tie X-reyed t0 se it he ibroke any tbonee lin a fall from a horse. . . . After three and a half years in the Navy, Bob Montgomery ot out hie .old ,oivU-ian suite and they fit exactly. Hie weight is the same as when he went in. : Musathntm 7" 3" ' Aisocuium ui "jlojne (but ithe I- o n e J y Heart." Be and ithe dime store fcedress thave ;been "out" to all but the closest friends in San Francisco. iR-K-(O and Warners are even worried about &he I possi-bility of s Oeorge Raft riuraing a three inoh cut on his foot .which the got, of all places, in ithe shower. Luak-ily, he'd finished the tough scenes in "Nob Hill." 4. A 3U Fir 7 Have to take issue with the Burma service paper which attacked the stars who have ntertained Jus seekuig a Jang postponement of hi jnext Harrison Carroll i it.wo pictures. And what about Barbara's reported remarks itliat nhe wants io JUve in Egypt After ithe war? Millions fur Defense The words "millions ior defense, but not one cent lor tribute,'' were eaid in e toast by Congressman Robert (Goodloe Harper of South Carolina, delivered at a dinner given by congress in Philadelphia in honor of John Marshall June At). ,171)8, on ihis safe return from 'J-'rance. Marshall, with C. C. pinckney and Elbridge Gerry, had gone to France to demand halt of the French attacks on U. S. shipping, rbut (had only met with demands for bribes. Harper's toast was a plea far armed defense to prevent the French from exacting fur;her (tribute from American jmerchant vessels. The ifeud between Erral Flynn there. You don't want to forget that the stars, with no toughening up training, jump from Beverly Hills to the Burma jungles in about live days. And ithe girls put on shows in the malaria infested country in iiighibeeled shoes and low-cut gowns. To make one appearance, Fa u let it e Ooddard flew through .the monsoon in whlob Major General Wyngate was killed. The main trouble is that such criticism may frighten other stars from going to this front where they are so bacily needed. and his former .pal, Johnny Meyer, is hotter than ever, since Meyer's fight at the Macambo with Errors PO H WANT FOREIGN TRADE? George S. Messersmith, American Ambassador to Mexico, urges vigorous action to reduce the network of trade barriers ,that clog and impeded the flow of international trade during the two decades between the World Wars. Mr. Messersmith warns that unless barriers are lowered against the goods that must be imported to balance our exports, this country will find its vast production backing up in surpluses, which juK-Vi jes ' w "" Kid ... r -""Hit v C-r'"' ' .fy. '-x't'. "''i--:-'Av't-a new crony, Jic Allord. 'Twas certainly a stormy jnight at Hollywood's famous late spot. Twen-(t i e t h Century -Fox's red-headed Cara Williams and Warner Starlet Pat .Clarke had a sizzling argu-. .rnent, and one of Hollywood's mosti jpicturesque tiireotorg bawled ibhe daylight out of his heart of many years alter whiuh the ,pair at out' the cst of the evening in atoney silence. To add to ..the excitement,. jDudie Mintex, wife of hew Minteov .unliiubered a bruyere pipe shaped ! like a wooden shoe and became the. Director .Jean Negvlesce, (wlKi hadn't heard trorn his aix sisters in Komania since the outbreak of war, read in a Russian oispatoh tttisi brother-in-law, RaUu tiiorman, has been reinstated ,as .chief of polio of Bucharest. Apostle jugs The White Apostle jugs, made by ithe Cauldron Place Works .(Kidg-way) England, were octagonal in shape, with one Apostle depicted on ach side. The remaining lour were represented on the handle, be will create unemployment and gradually force down lOie standard of Jiving. In view of the world situation, the Ambassador warns American business men that other nations will have to pay in goods for whatever products they buy in llow the lip, inside the lip and outside the lip of the jug. If Radio Singer Jerry Cooper i. carrying a torch for Starlet Anne Sterling, who just announced her engagement to Millionaire Tommy Motanito j jirat woman pipe ainoker. Groom at 97 rvarner, jr., ne Is doing a awell job of concealment. He's keen touring the late spots with a pretty Ward Sond, JBtUU on crutches, was a visitor on the "Golden Years" set while Sonny Tufts f no Fred Astaire) was doing a. 1910 waKz with Joan Caulfleld. After Taking a Backward dance j the United States. We believe that the diplomat has called attention to a fact of enormous consequence to the people of the United States. Certainly, the rest of the world is practically without gold and consequently unable to settle trade balances in the precious metal. If the people of other nations buy anything from the United States, they can only make payment in goods and services. This will be impossible unless the people of the United States develop an understanding of international trade, realizing the difference between a debtor and creditor ,tex, JAhuds and Mrs. C. H. Bork-ley of t'hicago visited friends in Indianapolis last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A- iC. Stacy of Jacksonville, 111., are visiting with K. A. Hob-son and family this week. uiuuue ana acung very gay. And did you know that Cooper was the estranged husband of Ann Marshall, formerly Joan Mitchell, who iM seen with Xavier Cugat t HOLLYWOOD HI-JINKS Bruce Cabot paying attention to Lorraine Miller. . . Since announcement ot their next picture as "Here Comes ithe Co-Eds," Bud Abbott and Lou Costello have been named as honorary mothers by twa college sororities. . . . Entile Cole the dance. Bond proffered his crutches to Tufts. '"Here, Sonny' ne said, "you need them more than I do." life War Correspondent Bob kandy saw relatives the first night' in Hollywood ibut dated Deanna JDurbin the second. . .Jvynne Pick-ford Ernest leaves this week either for Reno or I4U) Vegas to divoroe Bud Ernst. . . . Surrounded iby stags at a late spot, Sally Haynes Mrs. Ethel Bonwe.l! of Terre" TWKNT1' VKAiiS VaUo's HMb Is Itlxuoctud To 1' tUvil AUj-iicljoii Reports enianatinK from organization circles of the KupubUcan jiarly in Vcrinillion county sus- man sought for two more pictures. R-ora cue sjonins (Heartbroken Haute, .came to Clinton, yesterday. Mrs. Matthew Earr entertained with a dinner yesterday for Mrs. .Oliver Houton, Mrs. William Houton, Mrs. Finley Carmichael, Mrs. -George .Wilkie, Mrs. Robert Kussell nd Mrs. Robert .Grlej- at her home South Thud street. over the loss of her niinlaiurs nation and showing a willingness to per- jrxiit trade to develop along a two-way be at the Capitol 1 heater tonight to hear Senator James 4S. Watson. said: "Why this is more men than I've been married to." 4nly one more, dear," replied Don Coper. . . Isn't Pat Everett, who's getting all that publicity in New York, none other than Hollywood's Pat Stacey? , . . The Army has award-: d Deal Arnaz the Good Conduct medal, even If MicUle Ball didn't. dachshund, which disappeared is North Hollywood. . . . Add twq, somes: Pegy iQ'NeM and Jack Diamond. . . . Ann Miller with Ted Howard at the Clover CHuh. '. , Steve Crane with Lorraine Breeei,. er at the Troc. . . . R-tt-O hat street. He attracted a crowd to the Jria-non, at Xerre Haute, last night FOREST FIKES COSTLY. which filled all the 3,000 seats picked up its option Am Mrnji nig "Fire Still JS the NO. J problem Of the and left some standing, accord Canoe Pirector Seymour Felix fell j Belmont. 80 J), in. at the lugli school athletic field, Marshall. Illinois, high school will send its team of giants against the wearers of the Old Hold and 31uc,k. JjaBt year .Clinton had hen undefeated up to the Marshall game. When ,the Old Oold and 31ac,k team invaded Marshall 8 year ago. the boys were .thinking of winning from Robinson - and had dreams of a Wabash Valley championship. They considered the Marshall game a "set up." This year things are different. The boys, remembering what had happened last year t Marshall, know that one of the toughest games of the season, and .perhaps f.he hardest one. will be fought out next Saturday. They are not dreaming this year of ohampion-sliips and they are not .thinking of defeating Kobinson next Saturday; but instead they are going into this game with the determination to wipe out the defeat and disgrace suffered Jast year. .Personals Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Ho.tsou and sons. Jiarl and K. J. and daugh- forestry industry," declares G. H. Collings- to ,the Terre Haute .morning , ' -. .. j: ! J : baper reojort. . r- r-e-f American Oweferien The permanent military jsejfie-ieries in France, Belgium and JUtf-land were acquired .under &&f-ments with foreign govecumttts .whereby the Waited States ' Was granted perpetual burial rifhta therein free of ost or at a stipulated price, and ho addilSoBal amount is required to he paid' Jit any time. Cemeteries are maintained by the ill. 6. government io a condition similar to the oational cemeteries in this country. developed Semaphore France .'veloped the use oS the mechanical1 semaphore in Napoleon's tin. The semaphore arms were mounted on belfries, tall (buildings, and other elevations la sight of each other. Paris was .connected with Lille by an .experimental line which first proved its value with reports of battle. In two years the system .covered France. When Napo-leun moved on Russia, jl .200 stations kept him in touch with Paris. WOOQ, WAO iames mvemuaixsiu auu n-uc n Jg un(lel.lit000 tlic Jocill Be. carelestBness of smokers and campers for uubiicuu organ izatioi) is operating nearly two out of every three forest fires a too smaij a budget to ,be able . TT j r,, to employ any bands for speak- in the United States. lUK6 mi the UIllv muam ilttrac. Mr. Collingswood calls attention to the tion, tonight, will be a Quartet anHUaJ destruction Of thirty million tO from Carbon, which will be pro- forty million acres of timber lands by fire. ; This is an enormous loss which can be ma-; Bome other Kepubiicans. terially reduced by organized efforts to aiu- j-4 iUan h. s. hii fight forest fires and timely campaigns to i'" oism, t,iu w & , 4. u .Ke.Uy X"'Je to strengthen lAlw )OHi HENRY fiTUi, -who penned his way to fame with "The Face on the EUVTOorn jr-joor," Is honeymooning at the age of 97 with .the former. We. Elizabeth Pfliderer if ter an .elopement in fUkton, Md. Both Titus and his wife, who is 43 years Ins Junior, gave their borne addresses as Jv'ew York City to the officiating rrunister. It's Titus' third marriage. (International) JHJK'I'V i KAltS AGO TOUAV l- .vlia Help 'or 4'lwk biNteiad Of 'M H'ri-a-sLMtv The meeting of the city council. ,adjournd from Monday night, was reconvened at the city hall, Thursday night, and the session laatdd until after JO o'clock. Though there was a record-breaking u.uanUty jammed Into ithe pace of time, fliere was mighty little done. The arguing was with Councilman Pevonald on one side against the democratic members .of the council, and at .Uuyre it looked like it was .going ,to get interesting. City Treasurer Artliur Roberts took ,Uie liberty to deny he had ever asked for a man to "post his books." No (fluuHiC To Kiek On M'asons On One J-l.veating ft has beeu very conclusively showu that all people can be pleased when all seasons can be' brourlit on in the siitue city at On Saturday, October 20. at 2: o Tt4IHD HAVEN o CROSSWORD - r By Eugene Slxffsr CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE RUStf-ELL was drinking malted milk n his orhce when the door suddenly opened and Pan walked in. Russell had the container up to persuaue siuyjtei s auu ta.iiijjci s n.v uc iuoi c careful. Io many sections of the country, forests are deliberately burned out and there are still some people who believrfthat occasional fires improve forest land. This notion has been exploded by scientific experiments which reveal very clearly the enormous damage done to growing timber. There are many acres of land in the United States that are unfit for the production of crops but admirably suited to the production of a long-term crop, the growth of timber. An increasing number of farmers are beginning to realize this possibility and many of them are carefully fostering the growth of trees. his mouili and. for a second, held that most undignified position container and drained it before burying it xn his wastebasket. "Now that's done. Tell me more about what you've been doing. It seems an age since you went away. And you must never pulj that stunt af.ain." Dan grinned. "You mean about ducking Miss Wilson?" "You know what I mean. I'll have to keep you locked up when I'm not around to watch you. That did hurt, you know." "I'm sorry. I didst think you cared. I thought you'd he glad to be Then he set it down and. jumping to his feet, threw both arms about Pan and hugged him. "You young rascal, where did you come from? Why didn't you write me ? Sit down and tell me all about yourself." Pan had never been greeted so rid of me." "What an idea. Eut that's past.' before. Russell took him by bom lIIElfcllfcllE " TT Uf - mm: LI " w-zzm i::ii:i"i I 5 yyy -s6 om 44 J 4& f W--- L 50 52. S3 '" shoulders and stood looking at him. Dan hud never seen him so excited The telephone rang sharply. He made a gesture of impatience and picked it up. Laura's voice rolled before. "Well. I am glad you're back, ! cue and the auie time. At any j rate, a large number of Clinton I people were delighted. Thursduy j evening, with their trip through1 jthe seasons, "a clever doings" i staged by the ladies furnishing ; society of the Methodist church. Guides piloted the visitors from1 . place to .place where the seasons j were eii.scoMced. and It was a continual j'or id of iuterest and en-' UTiaiump:it. ! J'et-iio4UlJ ; Mr. a-d Mrs. T. P- Blackman' of Vermillion, 111., drove over this ui ten. on for a several days' visit itlt her sister. Mrs. Roy Smith. , ot Seventh street. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Paniels are parents of a daughter, born tins ' "iv uir.g. iVrss Arminta Currie of South . lilh street is visiting her sister.: smootiuy over uie wire: "Hello, RusselL I thought I said RusselL "I'va been worried breath and mine. You're my Brother. Since you've been away this time, I've liad time to think. Oaly last night 1 talked to Anne about you." Dan grinned. "Were you really? Did ie agree I as a louse?" Russell was serious. "You've got Anne wrong, Dan. She isn't Chat kind of a -rl. She holds no animosity toward you for what ahe insists w as an accident. When you get to know her better, you'll understand. She is a strange girl to us, partly because I feel she has some secret." Dan .winked. "I'm sure eh has. No girl can be that pretty and not have secrets. I suppose aha fai4 you all about her vacation." "Don't he supercilious, Pan. Anyway, I want to talk about you. I was very lax last time you were here. Now I must do better. What about a Job?" Dan stopped grinning and nodded. "Can you help me And something?" Russell's eyes flashed- "You bet I can. You're going to have a good job and stay put for while, if I have to manufacture one. What do you want to be doctor, lawyer, I dian chief?" "How about hegganuan and thief? They're in the rhynie. too." "Not for you. And I wast jroM home a lot with me." "To make mull gan stew ?" "Exactly." Russell jumped p. "We'll have some tonight. I'll tat you home and " "Are you busy?" "Never busy for you, boy." Dan raised his eyes. "I wont Mr-get that. Rus. Maybe I ess OS should tell you a lady just came ibout you" into my library and said she's sure "About me T Can't I take care of ttyself ?" she saw Dan getting oft a oue. He chortled. 'Tell her she a right. Dan is here with me right now." Russell laughed. Then let's say f was worried about myself. I need "Russell, I hope you're going to vou around to take care ot me. be sensible and not let him upset vour routine again. It will 'je much Lord, hov I've missed you. The JSAIVK PROFITS INCREASE. Leo T. Crowley, chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, reports that the net profits of banks have risen to record levels. He says that in 1JK3 the net profits of national banks amounted to 8.9 per cent of total capital accounts and that for the first six months of 1944, net profits were at a rate of ten per cent per annum. . This is interesting information in view of the fact that banks in 1931, 1932, 1933 and 1934 actually lost money, to the amount of 1.5 per cent, 5 per cent. 9.9 per cent, and 5.52 per cent, respectively. better if you spend ithe money to send rum west The lawyer frowned and held the receiver against his chert to muffle it. "Naturally, I in delighted to see Mrr. John Speirs. at Brazil, ,a few 10-23 him, Just as you say. He is staying with me, of courae. There was a faint sound. Russell d.'s. Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Kell. of North Fourth street, have as their ' euestp, her brother. Charles W. S'one. of Shelbyville. 111., and liiss Kstella Cregory, also of the. hung up and Dan laughed. VERTICAL 1. arch of the sky 2. ovate 3. dry 4. journey 5. lengthen 6. lamprey y. low 48. flood 60. a close relative 61. youth 52. Emerald Isle 63. network 64. a lixivium 65. cozy abode s:ilile place. Tney motored o er. Wednesday. "So she hung up on you,' aaid Dan. "Laura always was like that." Russell cleared his throat. "It wasn't Laura. She'' "Don't lie. It isn't polite to listen, but people tike me have 00 man - Only in one year, since 1921, the year 1936, have national bank profits, based on total capital, equalled 10 per cent. In the period from 1921 to 1929. inclusive, bank profits based on total capital, did not ex something for you some day." ners and people hke Laura nave Answer to Saturday's puzzle. very dear voices, -i naz is an ioea. How about (taking me to the price of a ticket to L. A ?" house was a grave." "Haunted by Mrs. Gander." "No. not even that I got rid of her. She talked too much, and said well, she bothered me, and ahe couldn't cook, anyway. I needed you to broil steaks and make mulligan atew. Wasn't that what you called it the night Anne ate with .us? Anne's been away and come back, you know. But I guess you wouldn't know. She was in Washington almost a week. She got back yesterday, looking radiant." Dan sat down nd crossed bis legs. "So she went away. What for?" "It was Mrs. Reynolds' i"ea. She thought Anne was tired and needed a change. It worked out wonderfully. You look fine, too. And good clothes." Pan chuckled. "They were given to me. I w orked a couple of weeks for a man in Virginia. This last week I've been playing." "Not getting into any trouble, I hope. Nothing to need a lawyer about ?" "No. No lawyer. But finish what you were drinking when I butted in." I Russell flushed. "It'a malted milk, lin crazy about it, but don't you ever tell anybody or Z d lost my reputation." lie caught y? the "You ve done u. xou'v come back. Now things arc going to fcs right." During the next few days. Russet! had no reason to change that 8. amendment S. adjustable 10. vain 11. child's puppet 16. flower plot 20. unusual 22. African antelope ' gi small report 25. solemn wonder 26. guiltless 28. height 29. pinch 30. ship-channel 82. walk 35 conceive 36 keeper St. vehicle used for trucking 40. at s great distance; abroad 41 hint 42. cultivate 44. darnel Russell clapped him on the hack. I'M atake you to nothing that HOKIZONTAI. J. price $. even, contracted t foray 12. across 13. sheltered side 14. root of taro 16. conic section (georn.) 17. autumn 18. cricket team 19. drive 21. rim 23. aptitude 24. vessel 27. disturbing SI. acknowledge 32. insipid 33. by way of cried 37. poem 38. prima donna 40. receive 43. deposit from grape-juice 47. parisitic conviction. He made up his mind to takes you out of my sight. Doesn't Army Kuraes On April . 1817. there were 403 nurses in the army. Within 18 months after that date, the army curse corps had increased to a strength of 21.41,0, the greater number of whom were reserve nurses called to active service through the American Red Cross. More than 10.000 of these army nurses served overseas m World War I They served nobly in England. France, Itly. Belgium and Siberia and Willi tne army of occupation in keep his eyes open fur a good lob it mean a thing to you that I want for Pan. As it was summer there you around ?" was no hurry, and be wanted to Dan was toucnea. u means a clA!"ns 1 c T5X a va1t iMo r Je Ir.i TIE rJfy E Ep 'si e vF W aTV t sTniTr AmljRis 'bIaId'eDBA I TpDjOT aTlMsicob NiRpfp j tcAJo N'ErtEpllT R g'stsNlETsnRjAll Ms CT A fnTRAPsCl fsTTiE la' TnA I s Is: ep; t lTloPpsjprA!R let fa J. A FTctiTlAlxiElelisTo make sure the job was good enough to hold Pan with him. Meanwhile lot, Rus. But Laura's right She's the kind of girj who usually is. My being around isn't going to help you." Pan was busy in Talbot, with oda ceed 8.2 per cent and were as low as 6.5 ; per cent in 1921. I ! Washington Col. Warren J. Clear, ' who served on Gen. MacArthur's staff at j Bataan and Corregidor: "The Philippines represent for America a monument to the dignity and self-resrect of rran." . " " j Columbia, S. C. James F. Byrnes, di- j rector of War Mobilization: "German re-1 eistance .on the European front is stiffen- i jng rather than lessening." j "A lot you or ane Know anow it." jobs or else around the house. Gossip flared up, then died, when tie and Anne appeared at Johnson's store and ate ice cream together. Russell had met them there and joined them. It put the gosaipen "Have you and Laura had a quarrel T I dos t want to start one." 45. a root used as tonic 46 fcsaure (0-2i fligb Peaks Forty-three mountain peaks in North Carolina reach an elevation of over 6.000 feet; 82 others exceed 5,000 Itet. . is. their place. "If Laura wishes to quarrel ttuut tin of solutloa: U oUnuux. Pist by 16ia$ Fosiurij Syadicate, Inc. about you, Dan, she's wasting peri

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