The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 9, 1968 · Page 23
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 23

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1968
Page 23
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Page 23 article text (OCR)

'THATTHETROUBLt PUZZLE CORNER X l-BONEIDLE' i Your Birthday By STELLA Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, Nov.J, 1963 23 Tgoo&nShtS PITY.' A LITTLE MORE X YrTERr C EFFORT AHX I COULO X I A B&r7 it C IMt. fMWhhw-HJ Sprfkati CS I fj m-fs III w4 Qtif Mif, L TM jv I V iJ n ,f-i f : ii cr m ANDY CAPP ' - I 1 1 i DAILY CROSSWORD CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. 20) Know your own short comings but don't be so unwise as to play them up in the presence of others. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) 11. Past and present 15. Ne'er-dowel! 18. Snakelike fish 21. Wading I 1 i i m CASH RECEIPTS WERE WILL YOU MR. BRAWNSKI.' MV BUSINESS THAT TRUCK DOWN LOW AT MY PLANT JUST WHAT DOVOU MEAN, STEP OVER IS LOANING M0NEY-NOT THERE COST $4000 SINESSjj 1 LAST WEEK.' 1 HAD HERE, MR. HANDLING U5E0 CAR J YOU DIDN'T BRING ANY MONEY, NEW-THIS FALL A spiritual Sunday which ; should shed new light and . i I,. GENOA ? MK. BKAWNSKI T YOUK I JOV RUT-ASA ...AC A BSyEpKlT?X I'M turning OVER J MEET MY PAYROLL A m 1Q n...KK 4 INTEREST PAYMENT WAS DUE FAVOR TO YCU-I'LU 45. Mamer. for one 46. Pop or OpT DOWN 1. Single-masted vessel 2. Measure of prevention 3. Agreement 4. Postpones 5. Check or dance 6. Breakfast item 7. Woeful word 8. Irksome routes, sometimes 9. Winston, Anthony, etal. YESTERDAY - NQW YOU ill iiu in itv- -- V iii i it i i fii'iiH.iT.j i ArrppT tup Tt? ru IV THREE WEEKS OF tuccc uccic ir ALSO OWE AN V 1 4dOO PENALTYfJ ' p niKii ii ii li rii rii ii 1 1 ii J i irii lji v in i bird 22. American moth 23. Hurled 24. Extols 25. Common verb 27. Soak flax 30. Tin-Pan and Allen's 33. Slender candle 34. Breathe 35. Overhead item 37. Band of Kaffir warriors 38. Celebes ox 41. Indisposed 42. Vichy or Evian prumuie new closeness uii ine family scene. Welcome those near and dear to you. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 21) Serve yourself best by serving your community. Offer your talent where it is most needed in the service of others. ARIES (March 22-April 20) -Don't judge this day's results too hastily. What may seem to be confusing at first may be quite orderly at last. V ACROSS 1. Variety of bean . Apprehensive teiror 9. Great quantity 10. Fledgling of an aerie 12 Electrified particles 13 Bind 14. Sindbad's winged enemy 15 Smith of Rhodesia 14. Scion IT. Quick 19. You and me 20. If not 22. Anger - 23. Name of note in Addis Ababa 25. Overall total 29. Bcgley and others 29. Hard to find 31. Verb form 32. Billet-doux, for one 35. Clock reading 3. High in pitch 39. Adze 40. Fine fur 42. Washer setting 43. Spread 44. Annoying one SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9 Born today, you are inclined to bottle up your emotions and so protect yourself from periods of either depression or euphoria. You must take care, however, that in so girding yourself you do not also ultimately deny yourself the outlet necessary for feeling and, in so doing, prevent yourself from responding to others. The interplay of responses is what gives human relationships their spark of life; without it you can have neither friends nor loves. Once you do allow your feelings to lead you on occasion, you should find your horizons opening up greatly. You have plenty of talent, enough determination and intellect to employ your talent successfully, and enough drive to get where you want in your career but without the open doors to friendship that emotional rapport with others can offer you. Basically an intellectual, you consider every subject and every phase of every subject from a basis of reason. You are bound to meet with failure, however, in your personal life if you maintain the mental approach. Those who would be near and dear to you will cease to try to reach you if they feel no responsiveness on your part. To find what is in store for you tomorrow, select your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday star be your daily 5&levi THIS Hfl? BEST N0T BE A EflLOUs1 fctfW BUT IF CAPT. KflTC ISN'T ABOAR7 " -fK?A- WHIM' ANCiELIQUE. . .OR YOU MfiYJ Y '$ HER SHIP AS SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE...1 B?OTEflS Y) ljAONE'S DISPLEASURE WILL FAU W. 2 i Zh b I la V. m 1 , IO II miz. li ?H 25 21 7a 77 10 wWZi 3i yy'Wyy1''1 33 3H 3& HO Ml ,, 42 m H3 W, M I 1 1 1H rfe TAURUS (April 21-May 21) -Stress vour own usefulness rather than your feelings of having been used. These are days when you can advance. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) -A harmonious day for Gemini. Take advantage of it to set your inner house in order. Spiritual gains to be made. CANCER (June 22-July 23) -Mutual enterprise brings mutual benefit. Let this be a day that advances the entire family rather than just yourself. LEO (July 24-Aue. 23) - T Thj? nh riar You'd better Poo! Gideon can wait here, Judy! what our cagey old L to that shack.1 Ma father e. un-trn.1 A l-. li 11-9 you li ruin . Carry . .-r- -v , , I I "I ' .7 1 I v -J I i ini zVirtOtl. ' on Ayrr f Have jf J Hoi since ELEKj DAILY CRVPTOQUOTE Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXR Is LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A Is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos-trophies, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation ORL IZOTDOTN OLAGLZIALSO TD I VTDLIDL ORIO IKKBTNOD IAI- OLHZD. NRLDOLZOUS yesterday' Cryptoquoto: THE TERRIBLE THING ABOUT THE QUEST FOR TRUTH IS THAT YOU FIND IT. GOUR-MONT (C 1968. King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Guide the young but only if you recognize the full degree of your responsibility in so doing. Take the long view. VIRGO (Aug. 24-Sept. 23) -A day of rest is in store for the Virgo who has accomplished what is required of him this weekend. LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 23) -If the spirit is willing, the flesh soon will be. Pay close attention to the morning's sermon and behave accordingly. guide. Sunday, November 10 SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -Don't take everything you see or hear today as seriously as it would appear to be. A grain of salt puts things aright. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 22) Things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. Remember this and you'll not be confused by similarities. ANN THIN MDU 5W. r NiCHTS.' V AUCM V iCNPLY YThAT VOICE.S "1 I NOTHING- NltMT5.' TOCeP $eUT . TCOJLTKT I 50 FAR., h. TO THE YOf1""-! 1 JOHNNV:..A PEAUT- Vy HDNCH WA3 RIGMT.' MARK ISAPEAUTy- IA1?.' I'VE SOT A POXFUL IN Mv -"Hfy SEEM TO PE SCANNING CMLV THE HEN S BE5...WHICH FTJKSE K!Mrx.y HAve youR uopepwatsz eagle WHAT S WHV K50KE MY fim ITS LEAVE OWE LIGUTmhD THAT s IF WUSHGDojlFIMDyou UTTBR THANK YOU, V v--l'CvV PUT 1 AM AMU6EP Bi THE? BUT Mil CR&tftWTf Of VPUH J ASK0U6 i25j4VT KCTTENWE5S. THEfJEfoPS MOftg CARKIER'NOW.KW 1 1UTIL PnH&Z IS ?Ef5Ir3PCD. 1 SHALL llr- 1 umtil power is residcsp, i shall. rvn ABLB V HAVE MY 0U00iy POLleP WITHOUT orLLNCT "SX 0g fi&LB t HAVE MY BUBBU Aw'J ivf- pouReD without 6?im& s4uZXtr lilnm&SBiiT JOHNNY HAZARD! SR0KEM LIKE AN HONFRT I T-TMFCF CTTI2EH !f WELL NOW, I JUST MIGHT u f y LOOK, MISSY GRIMSBY-ME HUSH, I AN'6AMDY'a BE GLAD T' ANNIE!! I WORK OFF ANY MONEY fV. I - OWKI' T YDU FDR THE Jf ROBIN M ALONE IHI r MIA, lc THERE MIGHT JUST BE -, BE A VMY Of LOJQATINr, RIIT SIHCE WHEM DO Y00 flIM'T MO CALL T1 BHD UP THE CHILE, MISSY GRIMS8Y! YOUR DEBT, EM, MR.SdRK?? I PtRSCNAl, TAKE THE LIBERTY WITH PROPERTY MOT BELOflGinG SHE W9 iRAvELIM AS uije1"" 1 wisiii' PERSONAL GUEST it!! O'MINE, YE MGHT SAY! TO YDU, MR. SARK!!? I i ORPHAN ANNIEfRll J-i- BORN LOSER i . i- . you ain't sonnapass f wen, If YOU ( PON'TPO I By SominjS UP AMP VOTinS 1 on -rng fcutr& wmM; 'WP1 PUNNV HOW MANY PINT J 1" 1 I'll W mlM'j N( vSR!!!!rf ANP 5IXT" FIRST" 1v T H MJy Wand -x man, r hope the steel V you ' right, mvA so-o, listened, ' PEANUT TEETH IN THAT PI5FO&ALL ) EAT THE FPIEND f J SHALL WE PEG IN ? ) WHAT'VE" THE TWINS GOT BUTTEO ) APE REALLY NITTY LABEL, r- , - tL XLliMipiiL IfigL 7 o.T-Tur, Yoo-Rg X7lHAT'S No 5ood,V" EH1? ENLARGE (EITHER THAT, Oft NEEDS TH7 I -JL1ST MAKING EXCUSES, V PROFESSOR.--X OORtoORS, yoUR MAM MOLLINS A W BUSINESS I MULLlNS-TEayOLlRSELF; KNOW WHAT A L PROFESSOR I WILL HAVE TO5IVE UP I l-ZI k.WT L!KE V FIBBER I Pbh.J if MOON MLXLIN ' TOO WON'T BELIEVE TJiS, BUT ITS COMIN& UP TOO i I "S 16 IT , t A I'LL A STILL j I SEE J DOWN ; UfU ? yf A I BEETLE BAILEY c 1 r 1 GENUINE GURKHA I I SOT BLACK-EVEB PEAS, KNIVES. V I'LL WfSH UP vV (U( PER VE V SHUX--I AIN'T HONGRV, ) IV AUNT L0WEEZV Al TARNIP GREENS, HOT WHAT &OOOIES HAVE V0U CORN BREAD, PEACH to declare this time. JUGHAID-- XI WASH UP A FER SUPPER 6ANTY COBBLER AN r q. f " . J mi IF THAT MNDie coves I 'r ill UJ m 1 loose. y mck mi be BARNEY GOOGLE ON TH CHOPm r BLOCK I SMILINMACK WE'LL WAirAr 1 THE FEW BOB y I'M IN WO Y PONT WB 5HO0K OHr VULTURES jwr THIS REM0TS WN PUT HINA WHERE THIS'lL COST WIILJ MCW fOR A AWTAGONIZB HOWO THEY TRACf t!5, PENNY, flWP REMINP YOU TO I LKTUKBi HIM. 6IB-.ANP TILL TM- HUNTER VACATE UNCLE rr e thru oui? pisguies?! rr i haven't t WON'T PUN I , TUC cnaAieATi TAKP 9HARP- OFFICER'. PELAY l EVEN ( AA.V VMAV, VOUl? POS jtl f AUWAY5 J 6UT WE'LL UJ5C TURN? 5L0fEf?i Jb rtrt MOKE LOCATINo , PREPS C0TTASE , LAPl Vf 1- JftiJ-k TWT COIMfat: TOMOfWOWij 'EM WOW! I'LL SW0N 5 WALL MCKR0AP5! TTGER 11-3 CAPTAIN EASY. x , . i u. m w 1 5. V 1 igaggg&o

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