The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 9, 1968 · Page 22
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 22

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1968
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

22 Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday. Nov. 9, 1968 ' 1 ' V wsu- AT LEAST I I n'I; I ii ( DAGwOOO HAS SAO ii THE LITTLE WOMAN SO HAS HEaB--)'1 HE HASNTSAIOJ a yft r i BAGWOOO MAS BEEN WATCHING FOOT ALL GAMES ON TELEVISION SINCE EAEU.Y A . THIS MORNING ) Answer to Previous Punic asp iPiQj ' is quAiM R I fMIQSH PEgSTE T 2 SeJL." JsD s!se t S'N'Q;RlTk4BiEN aI aHH aT Wo hp ii IE A O tfTiRUEP nSISITl SIeIaIRI INIERIOI ISTTlN IBLONDIE -gs 01-AZIN5- TRAIL SO FIND WAY WHAT D you do That for? SlAAAAE THE AX Kmc Fmhw Srwdiw . Inc. 196 WrM hfhta fwrvd II "Look on the bright side you not only own a half acre of good land, you own a half acre of good water: Travelogue ACROSS 1 Puerto S Brazilian state 9 de la Madeleine, Quebec 12 Japanese outcasts 13 Persia 14 Palm leaf 15 Holding in custody 17 Adult males 18 Continues tediously 19 Siberian 21 Italian city 23 Meadow 24 Roulette wager 27 Constellation 29 Termini 32 Dinner course 34 Cowboy's rope 36 Mock 37 Inside part of a shoe 38 Swedish weight 39 Religious order 41 Seine 42 Viper 44 Entire person 46 Photographic devices 49 Worn away 53 High card 54 Decides against 56 Through 57 Ancient Hindu instrument 58 Ailments 59 Bitter vetch 60 Paradise 61 Story DOWN 1 Make tidy (dial.) 2 Roman road 3 Downward (prefix) 10 3 4 5 6 12 13 15 Ft 24 25 26 27 32 33 36 38 40 42 44 46 47 48 53 54 56 57 59 60 ALL DAY ) V ..... ,N1 EXAMINE THAT SPOT IN THE CARIBBEAN SEA WHERE INTRO WAS VAPORIZED. 31 WHOEVER WAS HERE-LEFT , ALL THESE BOXES.' NEVER THERE -- PIP. HAVE WAIT. -SO DON'T AVioi Wto V 6 truA k v we CAM OUR v i y i A 5 (1 REDEYE DICK TRACY: I COULD CLIMB UP LIKE HE TO la. THE FL1NTSTON ES 1 .nail v STRANGE ENOUGH, THEY, TOO.TIE INTO THE MTBO ca;e XU THESE HAVE BEEN WORN? NEXT WEEK: THE SECRET THERE'S ONLY ONE THING TODO rTV ml 'iii i m (Newspaper nterprise Assn.) JACOBY ON RRIDGE West's Deception Is Boomerang HAVE N. LOWER AAY ,V.. V . 't 7LK UOST ANP TAKEnN COVER WHEN THE BOM BINS BEGAN AS SOON AS 11 WHAT THE SAM l HILL IS THIS ALL J ABOUT? AAAY TO THE REQUIREMENTS FOR l K..THEN FOR THE OUTSIDE OF HOROSCOPE November 9, 196 BySY'DNEY OMARR "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points thewav." ARIES (March 21-April 19): Basic routine could be upset. Be ready to apply aliernatlve methods. OUtmoded devices simply may not work today. Some relatives could be involved in a dispute. Be sympathetic but neutral. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Hold off on journeys, unless absolulely necessary. Important to keep promises to children. Freedom may be restricted. This is but temporary. Check tendency to act on Impulse. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Review the financial pattern. Future plans may necessitate a greater savings program. Avoid carelessness. Study the TAURUS message. Utilize lessons learned In the recent past. CANCER (June 21-July22): Neighbors could act In an erratic manner. Maintain a sense of humor. Don't force issues. You get what you want CARMICHAEL They'll Do It Every MIRROR' ALWAYS ASKEW CAMPY SOPA BOTTLES 'mmmrn OH, it TAKE'' SKILL BUT MAVlMG A fat HEAP HELPS ft 4 Siouan Indian 5 Brooch 6 Ascends 7 Rave 8 Falls, Venezuela 9 Associate 10 Nautical term 11 Cooking utensils 16 Emerged 30 County in Alabama 31 Let it stand 33 Wash lightly 35 Horn 40 Hebrew ascetic 43 Verify 45 Apple, for instance 46 Breton Island, Nova Scotia 20 Equals 47 Maple genus 22 Woody plants 48 Greedy 24 Couches 50 Spanish pot 25 The dill 26 Ribbonlike flags 28 Girl's name 51 Vend 52 Essential being 55 Operated 17 8 9 10 II 14 17 20 28 29 30 31 34 35 37 49 50 151 52 55 58 61 three hearts on dummy's good clubs, lost the diamond finesse and claimed the rest of the tricks and his contract. "Well," said East to West, "you certainly played brilliantly but with conspicuous lack of success." (Newspaper enterprise Assn.) Q The bidding has been: West North East South 1 Pass 1A Pass 3 V Pass 3 A Pass ? You, South, hold: AAK7 8 VKQ94 A AKQ107 What do you do now? A Bid four no-trump. You are prepared to take full control based on how many aces your partner holds. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner opens one club. You nold: AQ 108 5 4 A10 453 7 654 What do you respond9 Answer Monday Hatlo's GAS TANK A "fl . old iightt nwi '4 A ACTUALLY IT IS THEY NEVER PUSH THE SSATj AND I DESERVE FLOAT THERE." HIM.? I'M THE RICHEST KID IM THE WORLD DO SOMETHING FOR TODAY if flexible. Check messages, calls. Key is a courteous replv. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Fine for attending theater, dining out. Keep eye on budget, but don't skimp on quality. Overcome temptation to grab check. Be aware of details. Don't overlook essential points. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): The day features surprises. Advice from friends should be placed under scrutiny. Not wise to accept anything at face value. Be analytical. Take all the time you need. Refuse to be rushed. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Steer clear of argument with one in authority. Key Is to be diplomatic. Family member aids cause. Show appreciation. You can have fun tonight if excess Is avoided. Act accordingly. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): You may be looking too far afield. What Is close needs immediate attention. You could be depending upon wrong individual. Be sure message is not garbled. Take time to be thorough. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Obtain hint from LIBRA message. Not wise to break rules. Stick to proven course. Otherwise, you could Invite trouble from authorities. Best to permit others to take Initiative today. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Be sure you have really completed the assignment. Leaving a Job half-done today could prove costly. Accent on contractual obligations. Avoid apparent short cuts. Adhere to rules. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): You may not find It easy to get across your point of view. Know this and relax. A new contact will provide fresh Incentive. Older associates tend to be set In their ways. Don't fret. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Hunches pay off. Follow through on Inner feelings. You are sensitive to trends; you get the feel of the public pulse. Harness knowledge; file facts. Compliment received at a social event tonight. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY, you are attracted to medicine; you are drawn to the healing arts. You are intense, can be aggressive when challenged. You have completed a power period; success Is due to follow. GENERAL TENDENCIES: The status quo Is shaken; power play could occur and the established could suffer a fall. Time 9k PIP YOU LET THE KIPS PRIVE THE CAR? -1 UH-YES, PEAR, BUT jaw Has MJtr im Bill Thomas, 65UlKTONiiT.1FlMaAV,OHO n-9 TROUBLE IS, WE'RE QUESTION THE ONLY ONES who know rrs AUTHENTIC i ') ZZf BATTERY RUN DOWN? 12 A MZ 1 i V AUTHENTIC I r ET OFF IN ALL YOUR GOLF I THIS PARTY. TALK A PEOPLE J 111, By Oswald and James Jacoby NORTH 9 AQ53 V Void Q7652 QJ1094 WEST EAST (D) A2 AJ108 VK854 VAJ 10973 K 1093 44 A 6 5 3 AK87 SOUTH A AK9764 VQ62 A J8 2 Neither vulnerable West North East South 2 V 2 A 2 NT. 3 A Pass 4 A 4 N.T. Pass 5 A 5 A Pass Pass Dble Pass Puss Pass Opening lead A A East's two heart call was one of those weak two bids that are almost standard equipment for our modern ex- perts. The bid shows a good six-card suit but not enough high card strength to open with a bid of one. South's two spade bid was a normal and very sound over-call. West's two no-trump call was a forcing bid. He was trying to discourage further spade bids by North and South but he did not succeed. North raised to three spades anyway and South continued to four. West continued to four no-trump as a further effort to confuse matters. He succeeded admirably in his purpose, but unfortunately it turned out that his partner was confused, not North and South. East decided that his partner was bidding an unusual type of no-trump to ask for any sort of , minor suit holding so East tried five clubs. South went ! on to five spades and West passed this around to his , partner who doubled. 1 If West had just opened a heart against the spade contract, he would have been very happy with the result. South would surely have gone down and probably at least two tricks, but West had fallen for his own deception. He led the ace of clubs and continued. Dummy's 10 knocked out East's king. South ruffed, drew trumps, discarded his 'SA SHAME ...WE OFFER WELL, ACTUAL COVERAGE OF AN HISTORIC EVENT AND THE T V PEOPLE THEY WONT TOUCH IT.' J PRETTY COMPARED PEOPLE L'lLABNER HI AND LOIS STEVE CAN YOXf), f NOW, DON'T A CORNER WITH I BUDDIES AT V TO ill NOW WE RE COMNA 'AOO TO YOUR CAIl... Hill STAKTepVvoU HAVE A PASS THZOUfiM I'M FIXIN 5 TO IP OE OF THE FRONT REBEL TEOOPS OR AIRPORT THE ROA? BLC;:-AN0 LITTLE TOWN 010 ME IS ROIN' PEAPHEA? L-U(5(3A6E SPACE... 'VOU -Bftf .. C0ULP.. OUT OUR WAY r t -' rr.-r. v THAT'S THE LAST TIME I'LL trrr mrr i;i-rn 1 1H AT 0 THE 'REE50M EXPRESS.' -AIN'T THAT POETICAL ? TOO NEVER HAP A MOTHER' HE'D SE SO PROUP.M By Neg Cochran T ninu'T I UTOCB THAT'5 WHY I IN THE KEEP-OUR BLOUV ntwaj rucjJuiM. J - MONEY 40LPIEE5 STOPS YOU TELL THEM YOU HAP LEFT THE JAIL ThANK4,Pc)P TAKE CARE ALLTHEH0OPLE5 FATHER A ARE HARO TO ( EVEN I HAVE 1 F0R6ET, BUT (I TROUBLE WlTU TUC I iONE 1 F1R6T RUM OF like to THE YEAR lf-y OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople EVER I KNEW I'D 6ET CHEWED ATBOCIOUS 1 OUT FOR SOMETMIN' C .TV.i.TCr ..,' SEE VOU PICK UP A DWECFTHETIP 5U6(5ESTED WE EAT AT THEY TELL M6 THERE1 6 HERE'5 fl OANORUFPONIHe BI6' A LITTLE 1 MOUNTAlN1 WANTT0 !4CME- . I LEFT AND SMITCHINO LEFTOVERS SEPARATE TABLE5--TO yOU'r?e THE FRCM AWOTHERTABLE TO PUT DOfirtlE BAA' IWAT'LL MOTHtK ABOUT THIS HlTTAESKlRON :THlN6t3 THE tumblers rpmfmrekj ME PY.'VREMEMBER.'. $HOWUPT0SLOVVM 7 POWM. ...BUT THEY'VE NO DREARY, YEH.. I CAN UNtJER RIGHT TO STAND THEM NOT THE TO WHAT NO MOOD AUTHENTICITY OF THE STUFF PHONr - UP FOR MUSIC OR BUYING ON THOSE GROUNDS TOPAY,' NUTHINi WE'RE SHOOTING!, ft? 0 u I9 VJ' ,.:l'l Illl-S 71 LI.EY OOI THE LOUS VOYASE HOME irZ- JZM newer'1 a S Ci MAKEi TWO

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