The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 20, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, October 20, 1944
Page 4
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THE- DAILY CLINV0NI5N FrMay, Octotier 26, 1014. Page Four CHAIR SPEECH BY CLARE ( WASH DAY ON THE SIEGFRIED LINE' i THE DAILmjVTONIAN ' atahUshed m Tin Weekly CMatoalu iN F Ihe CUaton Plaindealer absorbed In ltoa Published Sally Except Saturday and Buaday f At th MovitM 1 W A H ASH Friday and Saturday That populur western star, Dob Livingston, Is slurred 111 a new Herles of westerns titled "The Rider," for PHC. The first of the series. "Overland Stagecoach" comes to the Wahnsh Theatre tonight. Readily recommended to entertainment seekers is a lively mu eorce L. Carey - Editor and Publisher Mami at the Pmtofflce at Clinton, Indiana I m Second Olau Matter ! Mlana Republican Editorial Aaaoclatloa Phone 83 Phone 32 sical film, "South of Dixie." Mauri fntm which opens as the second feature Friday at the Wabash Thea .J? J, if I"? r ) v RifUBUCAH DIT0UH rW tre. Anne Qwynne, David Bruce, Jerome Cowan and Ella Mae Morno are the stars in the film. Hnnday, Monday and Tueoday Ginger Rogers and Ray Mllland are teamed together in Para-mount's Technical romance "Lady in the Dark" for the first .time since 'their highly successful ro WAINWRIGHT WAITS ON FORMOSA. mance, "The Major and the Minor." . In the film version of Moss j Hart's hit play Ginger has the j role Gertrude Lawrence created on the stage that of Liza El-liott, repressed editor of a swan-' ky fashion magazine. Ray Mllland 1 Gen. Douglas MacArthur stated early in 1942 as he left the Philippines under di is seen as her advertising niana ger and thorn-ln-her-slde. Others in the cast are Warner Baxter, Jon Hall, Mischa Auer, Mary Philips, Barry Sullivan and Phyllis Brooks. rect Presidential orders, "I will return . Fulfillment of that pledge has been accomplished. Start of the long awaited assault against the Philippine Islands brings back to us forcibly today the heartbreaking and heartrending battle which was fought for five long months, night and day, by Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright IV and his gallant American and Filipino soldiers. For five long months they were subjected without let-up to the ceaseless Japanese attack from the sea, from the air, and on the ground. "Skinny" Wainwright had gone through the ceremony of becoming a Crop Insurance . . Crop Insurance on wheat during the last five years, and on cotton during the last two, cost the federal government approximately 60 million dollars In losses in indemnities over premiums plus the. -expense of administration. HfHkrAzcX,- .,M.-...j "r""lirtiiill'lHiiMiiiiM Established Traditions Capt. John Paul Jones, whose remarkable accomplishments began at the age of 14 on merchant vessels and later, as a naval officer, established many of the traditions of our navy. CLARE BOOTHE LUCE, Republican congresswoman from Connecticut, takes to a chair to address the overflow crowd that gathered In the Syria Mosque at Pittsburgh, Pa., to hear her campaign for Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, GOP presidential nominee. Gov. Edward Martin of Pennsylvania is shown at the playwright's left (International) , i .1 i ' " ' ' "blood brother" to the Filipinoes. They died for him. They gave to him and our country their all. Today he is said to be a Japanese prisoner of war on the Island of Formosa. The Task Force assault which has just taken place against the Philip I I,,, iiwn niinicd Frances jiiiza-l both. Taking a Backward Glance Hard Alloy Tungsten is a constituent of an interesting alloy known as "stellite."' This alloy is very hard and Tire Failure Heat is the natural enemy-of rubber, which has resulted in ft 20 per cent increase in tire, failures in summer months in normal times. Thursday night, and, at the same time an antl-Ku Klux ; meeting THIRTY YKAItS AGO TODAY County Seat To Break Into 'oaJ Mine Territory Good Investment Two or three additional dollars invested In high-quality seed of an adapted hybrid corn usually return $5 to $20 in increased yields of grain and silage. will be held at the Capitol theater. The conflict in dates seems a mere matter of accident. The La- Newport has an excellent chance now to break Into the Vermillion county coal field Origin of Zero Y The word zero comes from ft .Sanskrit term meaning "void.", r Sweetens Beverages Honey sweetens hot and cold bev erages. Check Pressure Check tire pressure every week, including spare. pines, Formosa, and tne islands to tne north has lasted for nine or ten days. What has "Skinny" Wainwright been thinking during that time ? There are several towns and villages in the state of New Mexico in which there are now no young men. Why? Because a National Guard Anti-Aircraft Regiment from that state was mobilized before the war started and sent immediately to the Phil- the field of active operations. An TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY County Red Yoss Holdfl Meeting, Plans Roll Call Attendance at the annual county meeting of the Red Cross, at Clinton chamber of commerce, last night, was one of the best held in recent years. Several came from Newport and some of "the faithful" among local citizens were present. J. W. Robb was re-elected president, Mrs. Viola Dewey named drew Gilmour, of Clinton, whose j toilette men are bringing J. A. I Lechler, state secretary, for a 'speech at 7 p. m. He will go to Cayuga, Friday night, to speak in ' the Princess theater, j Personals I drilling outfit has been at work about a mile and a half north and o THIPLD HAVEN o I Mr. and Mrs. Earl Potter of Clinton, spent Sunday evening a little west of Newport, and who is interested in a company being formed to engage in mining, if a ' with Mr. and Mrs. John P. Reed Und family of Crown Hill 7. mine is actually opened, Is author CHAPTER TWENTY , . , . T ., . I for secretary again and J. W. Within a certain area of New MeXICO ,' siattery continued as treasurer. ity for the statement as to prob She laughed. "Such a question from a man like you. Maybe I've Harold Harrison has returned ANNE LAUGHED as Dan held her hand in the lobby of the Wash decided to wander off into the sun practically every young man belonged to i He BOURht to be relieved but was ! to Butler college, at Indianapolis set Haven't I as much right to do VIS' abilities. He1er-OKiium Marriage Down at Torre Haute Raymon W, Heber, the 19-year- ington hotel. It waa her strange, or joined that regiment. It went away, but ; m Ior ",s wor ,ana ; ""Br w"e'uu " J . , . I ed to again perform this public itlng with his parents, Mr. it as you? and "You've let Laura drive you tne yuung men ui uiak icguiiciiL uavc , aervlee . Mrs . W . C .Wait, of New- silvery laugh which nac disturbed 0an from the fin, time he'd seen her. He let her fingers slip from Mrs. lirisco Harrison of South Main street. away'. "Oh, no. In fact, Laura has been his clasp and sat down facing her. Mr. and Mrs. Wandus McKee, old eon of Mr. and Mrs. John Heber, living west of the city, took as his bride, Miss Ortha Osmon, Wednesday evening, at Terre quite decent And Mrs. Reynolds is a grand old lady. I've just decided I'm not interested in Talbot any port, who urged she be relieved of the vice presidency, after several years service, was succeeded by MrB. W. B. Coney, of Newport. Iafolktte Slat Sec. , To Be Here ' She seemed different here than she had In Talbot She seemed to fit these surroundings and be harder and more assured. Her eyes were Dan's arm. "I know Dan Wouldn't let me out of his sight even for a moment And naturally I have no secrets from him.' ' -V "Anne, this is important '--fx'' "Of course it is. Everything. i Important How is Mrs. Raynor? I hope your wedding trip wasn't too exhausting. Where can we lunch so you can tell us all about it t Dan will b3 so Interested. Have you slipped away so soon?' The doctor frowned and gava A quick glance around. "I can't lunch. I have a very important consultation, then I'm rushing back to New York. I want to take you back with me. It's a long story, Anne, and on the train ..." "I hate long stories." Her eye were so bright they glittered. "If Mrs. Malinda McKee and daughter, Burdell spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sowers and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Haute, Justice of the Peace Mar tin O Beal performing the cere more. I'm going somewhere else. It's in my blood. Did anyone drive mocking. mony. The bridale couple were Calvin Sanders and family of you away 'Yes accompanied by the groom's fa "It's a vacation. Mrs. Reynolds thought I needed one at the end of ther, John Heber. They returned "Really? I'm surprised. Is it a here immediately after the cere secret or just something l could un my first month. I thought tnts would be a change. I got here yes Kingman, Ind. A baby daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Adrian McClelland at the home of Its grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Short of Fairview Park, last evening. It Although it is by coincidence,: rather than due to either collu-1 sion or rivalry, the fact has been revealed that there will be a big meeting for the Lafollette party,: at Dreamland hall, Ninth street, i derstand?" mony, and will be at home to their many friends west of the "That's right." His hand covered terday." "And you're not going back?1 hers as it lay on the writing desk. "I came away because I waa afraid. She was surprised and, with a quick motion of her hand, nushed the blotter over the letter she'd started to write. Her whole manner Afraid of you. "Me?" you're too busy to lunch, Dan and I must be running along. Good-by." city. Personals Marie Rhyan of Danville, III. has been visiting Elizabeth Atkinson, of South Seventh street. Misses Isabell Lynch, Nelle Taylor and Anna Morris drove to Montezuma, Wednesday evening. "That's right. You don't under He caught her arm, "I can t let CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer had changed. stand. I dumped you into the river you go like this." because I was crazy about you. I Calling Dr. Raynor. calling ur. "Whatever gave you that Idea ?" "Nobody ever goes back. You can't until you're old. It's like Dwight Raynor, Dr. Dwight Ray had to do It or to tell you. I had never come back. The sacred obligation of the United States is to avenge and liberate the fighting men who gave their all in the terrific battles of Bataan and Corregidor. The Japanese attack of 1941 on the Island of Luzon drove simultaneously from the north and the south against Manila. "Skinny" Wainwright and his men fought back stubbornly inch by inch. They slept in the snake - infested jungles. They had no aerial protection or reconnaissance. For 24 hours a day, every day for five months, they had to meet that endless vicious Nipponese assault. They saw their comrades blown to bits and dismembered. Wainwright knew there was no hope of rescue. He and his gallant men fought to give us precious minutes in which to prepare. And at the frightful sacrifice of pain, blood and death they gained for us those minutes. Our warriors who accomplished that superhuman battle must be liberated and avenged. It must never be forgotten that perhaps at this moment a tall, gaunt, haggard Lieutenant General of the United States Army stands a prisoner on the Island of Formosa. - nor." to run away or else tell you. I knew that" It was Anne who caugh the couldn t even "write you or I d tell you." page boy as he passeo. "This is Dr. Raynor," she said. Then she added. She smiled more confidently. "Of course you would say that (Sfou're a wanderer. It's in your blood, just She moistened her hps. "You re telling me now." I see you've lost none of your He suddenly drew back and sat popularity." The tall, dignified man spoke very straight "Yes. I can tell you now. It can't mean anything now. You're going to leave Talbot and I'll never see you again." sharply. "It's the hospital railing, he said. "I'm here only for a few hours and " Gather Floss Experimentation has proven milkweed floss to be the most satisfactory substitute for kapok, a material formerly imported for life preservers from Java, but now unavailable as a result of Japanese occupation of that island. Last year 1 50.000 pounds of floss was collected largely by school children in Michigan, each of whom tried to collect two bugs of pods each enough for or.e "Mae West" life jacket which mi-lit save the life of a fighting merican. "Dan and I are only here for -A "How funny you should say few hours, too, Dwight We're getting married in Alexandria, and it'a very quick there. Dan is so impa that." She picked up her letter and, tearing it slowly across, dropped the pieces into the basket near her. "I'll give myself a little more time to think before I decide. Anyway, it's time for lunch. Let's have a as your brother says. But you might have let him know that you were all right at least This is a perfect opportunity to write him." "That's why I came In here." "Then you're not staying at this hotel?" His grin flashed across his face for a moment "Do I look like the kind of a guy who goes swell ? I've been working over on the Virginia side." He waved his hand. "I finished today. Two weeks is enough. "I know. And now you're headed west, I suppose. You were telling me about the girl in Santa Monica." "Don't you ever forget things?" "Yes." She turned her head away for a moment "I'm like you tient. And I know how busy you are, or you could be toest man. I know you'd love to." A bellboy hurried up. ' lew errant is ib n ia a EEIZlMZZZm iZ 2i 24 2S 2b 27 "l-lml i" " n 41 42. 11 i Trl" r wr n good lunch and laugh at all the fools in the world. If you haven't money, I have. And this is my vacation. I've earned it for Dr. Raynor." As the tall man took the message, Anne laughed again and drew Dan away. They walked through the great open Ea! ed French Toast Eked trench toast is a good hint: 'fern or supper dish. Use six .i.cus c.i'teicd toast, four es, two She pot up and he rose with her. I don't get it What do you loors and out into the street where NOT MEN BUT MACHIN ES. menn? Dan had stood hesitating only a Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, president She slipped an arm through his and laughed. "I mean I'm .'lungry ! cjr, inlt. prilled bacon slices , and currant jelly. Arrange toast I on grt:ised heatproof platter. Beat in that I believe in forgetting and we shoud have lunch togetiieP. very few minutes heiore. Dan glanced back, but the man was not following. They wulked along a block and Anne seemed to slump. All at once she seemed tired and there was no mocking laughter in I want you to tell me all the amus things. But I do want to thank you for saving my life. I'm not as I egptf. add milk and salt and beat thoroughly. Pour over toast and fc :i in a moderately hot ovea (375 , d. rees until egg is set like cus- of Columbia University, warns that vocational training is quite distinct from education and should always be subordinated to the methods and ideals of liberal education. If not, he says, "Its products will not be men, but machines". good a swimmer as I thought was." "Then you aren't mad at me? her eyes. Her voice was husky. "Why should I be? Accidents rd. T p wiih bacon strips and j tarnish uith jelly, and serve from will happen. You should have ig ing stories you can think of. I want to laugh. Go ahead and make love to me. Tell me how beautiful I am and how crazy you are about me." Her voice had raised a little, and several people turned to look at them. Dan was conscious of no embarrassment, only a strange fire which leaped in his veins at her touch. They went downstairs together and across the lobby. A tall, The veteran educator also takes occa nored town gossip. It was silly of you to run away. That made it "That's over," she exclaimed "Thanks for not letting me down. Let's go somewhere." He helped her into a waiting tax and gave orders. Then he sat beside her. She patted his arm. I was sure you'd be a sport while 1 was going through my act." Dan smiled. "You used to knr him, didn't you?" he asked. look as if you did It on purpose. "I did." She shrugged. "It would be like VERTICAL 1. feline 2. salutation 3. raved 4. stalks 5. weary 6. mystic ejaculation 7 bom bye ;U moths , 47. cubic metric units 50. declare 53, high hill 54. extra 56. narrow inlet 57. affirmative 58 levies 59. male offspring you to say that Russell plained " "To heck with Russell." handsome man who had been registering crossed their path and She picked up her pen. "In any Tungsten Slel The chief characteristics of tungsten steel are that it possesses a tensile strength and elastic limit, which become higher in proportion as the percentage of tungsten increases. Their elongation, reduction of area and resistance to .shock diminish proportionately, while the hardness increases somewhat rapidly with the percentage of tungsten. sion to denounce so-called progressive education as "a most reactionary philosophy" and admits difficulty in understanding how such a "preposterous doctrine" ever received acceptance by intellectual minds. We are not expert enough upon educational problems to exactly define the "progressive method" but we understand that it has had quite a vogue in this nation. stopped in amazement "Anne!' The girl held out her hand. "Dr. Raynor! What a surprise." HORIZONTAL 1. vehicle 4 spartan 9. rigid 12. topaz humming bud 13. Dutch island 14 silkworm la. soft 17. tigorous 19 domesticated 21. prefix: wrong 22. encourages 24. click-bet ties 28. commanded 29. lure 30. speck case, I think you should write him, 8 burn to ashes 9. blinded 10 waiuk-r II. cravat 16. specified times 18. deep tub 20. most beloved 22 lessen 2 i- Uige bundles 25. waterfalls Scot. 26. French sculptor 27. agitates 29. bard porous structure 33 test of skill 34. harvests 37. fall flowers He may mean nothing to you. but you do mean a great deal to him. I He caught her hand and held it firmly. "Anne, where have you been? I looked everywhere for know. "He's a smooth talker, anyway. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. "I think he's much more than you. that' ELUDERURlESENT She laughed. "Are you here look Dan thrust back his dark hair "I dare say. Anyway, he married a nice rich girl. Now, where are wo going? I'm hungry." "Alexandria," "Why?" She looked at him wltK genuine astonishment "We're getting married there." She drew a long breath. "You're joking." "But I'm not Tm quite serlou. I never let a lady down. Ancl I I am crazy about you. Have joo forgotten?" She looked at hira steadily. Too don't realize what you're doing." "Don't I? Besides, I won't e chained. Nothing can do that." She laughed suddenly. "Aid I an on my vacation." As she spoke, the tears welled ing for me? But we mustn't talk riddles in front of Dan. Dr. Ray with a nervous hand. "Then why nor. this is Dan Smith. writer xou can tell him you saw me and I won't have to waste any The older man shook hands with While it may contain some improved techniques in imparting information to students, there is grave danger that moral social nd spiritual values will be overlooked in the process of making education efficient. paper and ink. Prepare Heating Plant The first step in getting the heating plant ready for the next heating season is a thorough cleaning. Not only should the boiler flues be cleaned and all soot and fly ash removed, but the interior of the boiler, too. should be cleaned by the use of a good boiler cleaning compound. A clean boiler beats faster; Anne made up her mind. "I can't out taking his eyes off the girl. Dan had never seen her look so radiant as she did now. Her eyes were dancing with excitement 31. diminutive for Alfred 32. scoffer 35. prefix, twice r6. beverage US. possessive f-ionoun 39 Muhamme- ian prince 41. ancient a. sec tic peoples 4T rhowers G N u pDNlYlEnA L E E EjgjS EfrJElsKjfL" I Fid ;E"EJPRiO'TE ST h 1 e n MJuoI o n(g ft j N E e upas ogTisHslo N ft ep TTn E3ca P HE T stioai'tsUtqa1d!s "Isn't this all such fun? Doctor, you're just in time to ke us to lunch. And we want a good lunch. 10. htrfirders 42. auditory organ 43. devastates 46. uncommon 47 pig-pen 48. lieual dipt 49. nunerai spiing 51. city in Brazi1 .2. light brown 05. e.iged-tool uses less fuel. leu turn." "Afraid of Laura? "I'm afraid of no one. I can't tell hira because I'm not going back." She moved the blotter from her letter. "I was just writing Mrs. Reynolds when ? looked up and saw vou down, there. "Where are you going?" He leaned forward and his voice shook 1 iltU too, the grandest one that can be found." up in her eyes. He put his arms about her and kissed her quickly. I'm sure Mr. Smith will excuse "ou musm t cry. only fools cry Johannesburg Field Marshal Jan Christiaan Smuts: "The German people are desperate and are led by desperadoes who expect no mercy and to whom none jriU be shown." to zi Arrge time f olution: t8 miaulr. about losing things. We'll have fun lots if fun." Foonded Red Crest The American Red Cross was fourded in 1881 with Clara Barton a the first yretideot us for a moment I have something important to say to you, Anne." 44 make an eiigjng 45. snare (To Be Continaed) She laughed again and dung toj

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