The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 20, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1944
Page 2
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Friday, October 2C, 1011. Pnge Two THE DAILY CLINTON1AN Classified Ads Sell Most Anything AT FIRST JION OF A ',Milld disriipl production less than ;'l ii-m i'.i catlie and wi lit at every hour. Labor leaders, aceording to Collins, will aueuii to roach an agreement with management, provided a Miiliflen number of the local unions In the larger plants agree, for plan!, lo be closed from noon to :!::;u or I p. ni. on election day. He 1941 and came overseas with it i" August. 194 a. He has served in North Ireland. England. Algeria, Tunisia. Sicily. Corsica, and Italy and Is authorized to wear the European-African - Middle-East theatre ribbon with battle campaign stars lor Algeria-Tunisia. Sicilv, and Italy, the American Defense ribbon, the (lood Conduct ribbon, and the gold-bordered blue ribbon indicative of the Distinguished V nit Citation presented bis group last August. Till.' 1,'lltST 11I'TIS'P CALVARY HAPTIST (TH'IM'H 237 lllttckman Street Dr. Prank 8. Keener, .Minister HalMIolidayTo Vote Sought For Stale War Workers INDIANAPOLIS, lud. 1'Iiimn I'm-nbtiiinlng u half holiday la (milium war plants Nov. 7 in makv d'ltiiln that workerH have au oHii'luniiy In (to to tlio iioIIh In vole will ! In Hinted in lucliuiiiiiioliH early week by HoohWt labor h-adors. Karl W. Collins, chairman of Ihr Labor Dhlsion of I lie l)iiuo'iiilti' State Commltti'o. tmld that the int'i't-ln! would bo called by leaders of I in-AFL, the CIO. and the Hallway '( III Itt'H III' UNTOX ('inner or Walnut anil l lllli liay OhmI, .Minister Cold PieparifeBSlL&JU)!tl , John 9:30 a. ni. Iliblo School evplaliii'd iluil Ibis usually is the voting (ieol'ge t'benllllll, .Minister of .Music iIiiIIikI pan of tile day for and war workers mid mil clog the Mrs. Ted Morgan.. I'ianist woiild at opening I hen ari they Sgt. Frank Householder Veteran Flight Chief, Awarded Bronze Star (Continued Hop. wg II Householder, "wlih ranipleie disregard lor Ills own personal safety, diligently remained at bis duty in the open In Hie face of the enemy's fire until all mailable aircraft were in the air lo couibal the enemy planes, enabling bis pllols to destroy two of the enemy aircraft and damage a third." The son of Mr. and .Mrs. itoberl R. Householder, 71'0 N. 9th St., Clinton, hid., TSgt. Householder graduated from Clinton High school In 1 !):H and was employed as a carpenter by Smith & Yet tor Construction ,Co. nl Palm Beach, Kin., prior to entering the service May 23. 1939. He joined IiIh present group Dec. 30, or closing lime at poh; I llMI' U p. til ( ii in. Mrs. John Suicknril, 4'IiiiitIi School Siiiei'inteiident II: '10 a. in. Church School opened with orchestra music. 10: 45 a. in Morning Worship. Sermon subject, "Now We Are Am- "Labor leaders who have til" schidulii Willi me have thai they are willing to work We've Slated You For, The CROMPTON HILL HOMECOMING AND CARNIVAL ox Tuesday, Oct. 24 ( ItO.MPTON HILH HCHIKIL :!M) P. M. Camel), Supt. 10:45 u. m. Morning Worship. Sermon theme "Eternal Light in Shadows of Darkness." 6 p. in. Young Peoples Service. 7 p. in. Evening Service. Subject "The Price of a Soul." 7:30 p. m. Monday, Cottage Prayer Meeting. 7 p. m. Wednesday. Midweek prayer service. Children's Hour Friday afternoon from 3:30 to 4:30. All children are invited. A cordial welcome awaits you at Calvary Church. Come bring a I rind . Brotherhood In Indiana. He pointed out that employers are required by slate law to Klve employe! as many as four hours if necessary for voting and said that lie thought a half-holiday schedule Siege Towers Ancient Roman siege lowers also bad battering rams installed in the lower part. These towers were made of wood, mounted on wheels, and often plated with iron. With infantrymen on platforms at different levels, the tower was pushed against the wall. Soldiers swarmed out over a drawbridge onto the barrier after missiles from higher floors had knocked out the defenders. on Hindu? before election on evlra bassadors For Christ." hours Ihe day following In order not 2:no p. in. Evangelist Rally to slow war production." Collins at the St. Bernlce llapilst Church. s'd. The orchestra from Ihe Clinton Kirst Collins Is treasurer of Kvansrlllo Haptist church will be playing at Local No. 2i2, llrntherhood or Hall- ,lilt s,.rvico. The public is invited, road Trainmen. At his suggestion, I ,iiKn manirolisiic services all the V rest of this week and next. Vanderburgh county labor leaders met Wednesday to discuss a program for Hint vicinity. Simple Test Aids Thousands Who Are Hard of Hearing Thanks to an easy no-risk hearing tent, mtny thousands who havr been temporarily deafened now say I hey hear well again. If you are bothered by ringing, buzzing head noiit due to hardened or copulate! wjx (cerumen), try the Ourine Home Method teat. You must hear better after making thin tmplt teat or you set your money hack at Mtf Aalt about Ourioe Ear Drop today at DON'T BE DISAPPOINTED 0:00 p. ni. Haptist Youth Fellowship. There is a meeting for all ages of young people. 7:00 p. in. levelling Worship. Sermon subject. "Praying to a Hig (!od." 7:00 p. in. Wednesday. The moling picture. "Live Korevor" will be given at the church, Ihe public is invited. Thanks for all the clothes that were brought for the people in lib- I'OtST PltHSHVTKRlAN CHUM it Third and Mulberry Roy liailes l.illbeig, Minister Mrs. K. O. Hutchinson, oivanist Sermon subject, "The Politeness of Ood." Miss Florence Auer. solist. Every mission minded lady in Clinton is invited lo sharo the Pres-byterial Ui-county meeting on Thurs- Divided World In 1493, Pope Alexander VI delivered his famous bill dividing the New World between Spain and Portugal. n Cattle Dip The rotenone-sulphur cattle dip is effective for cattle lice control. PKEPARE YOUR CAR NOW FOR THOSE WINTER MORNINGS JUST AHEAD crated lands, please do not bring day, Oct. 26 at 10 a. m. to J:J0 p. more, lor they Have been snipped m. jiiiss rorwiue, ihiiuii.iij iu nu-out. Inn, will be the speaker at the meet ing to be held at Hill Crest. TIIK MUST METHODIST t'lll'IW'H 4'litTonl 4'. Jordan, Minister ANTI-FRIEZE ZERONE Gallon $140 THERMO ROYAL Gallon $1.40 John V. Kecder, tluirch Hcliool Hllierinteinlent Mrs. J. Y. Keeder, Organist Mrs. Ira Clilircli, Organist HOLINESS MISSION :tSH North Kigllth St. Bisliop Kev. Jasjier 'al(einon 7:30 p. in. : Sunday night service. ' , ', 7:30 p. m. 'Thursday, midweek service. Special speakers will have charge of services until a new pastor is in AUTO GLASS Let us replace your broken glass before cold weather SEE US NOW WINTER MOTOR OIL charge. Public invited to come. SHKI'AKDSVILLE NEW TESTAMENT i'Hl'IM H 10:00 a. m. Sunday School. 11:00 a. m. Morning Worship 7:30 p. m. Evening Service. S4.95 j The Best Battery Buy In Town ! ! ! I HEAVY DUTY J 8 MONTH Ex. 9:30 a. m. Morning Worship. Sermon subject: "If God's Kingdom Comes." 10:4!i a. in. Church School. You are cordially Invited to all these well manned classes arranged for every age. 6:00 p. in. Methodist Youth Fellowship. Wm. James,. Lcudnr. 7:00 p. m. Evening Servteo. Sermon subject: beginning a series of Bernions entitled: "Dilemmas Jesus Faced." 7:00 p. m. Monday. Scout Meet-ting and gym session. ; 7:00 p. ni. Wednesday. Midweek service. S ml Irs In the great Prophecy of Isaiah. 7:30 p. m. Choir rehearsal. The women of the church conduot a series of services next ThuriJav. 7:30 p. m. Wednesday Prayer Clinton Phone 8 South Main Meeting. November 12, 1944 is Honiecom lug Day. 3 RELINERS $1.95 SEAT COVERS TIRES AND HARDWARE PLENTY OF FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES 10c ARROW AUTO STORE 1111,1, fUKST l'UKSHYTKUIA.V Kev. 1iarle J.inberg', Minister .Miss Florence Aue;-, director of music Sermon subject. " 5 F's." , All Hlllcrest ladies are urged To DEDICATED to your better health! CELEBRATED with store-wide values! of Ihe Week of I'rayer beginning at attend the Bl-county Presbyterial at our church. The noon meal is a covered dish afraid. ' Main and Mulberry 11:00 o'clock. A Sacrificial l.iineb-enn will be hud at noon. A communion Service will conclude the afternoon services. The women of the Paul Hungerfoid community are Invited to these Labor Backing Goal of Dewey IHttshiirghTalk MUST 4-HIMHTIAK t'HI'lU'H- CiMiicr 7lh mill lllHckninn b m'loistw, factor (Continued from page 1) ; Beautify Your Home Surroundings With EVERGKEEMS If men will not know willingly the God of love, they will know unwillingly the (lod of wrath. You will be interested in our Sunday morning Worship and Ihe message. 9:30 a. in. Bible study hour There is a class and competent his campaign September 7 with a talk in Philadelphia. In addition, the GOP nominee made a special trip to Pittsbnrgb two montliB ago for conferences with re- teacher for every age. Morning Worship j preseniatives or ousinesH, pontics, a- 10:45 a. ni Set Them Out Now Wh3e the Weather Is Ideal mwmtg Hcxaii mmmg Cherrosote V"1 mmf MrxKSM wm A ,lPilBa"t ,ilsl" 1 ' An efficient an- l aration for stub- I 1 I acid and lain- I I horn coughs. I ooi'fC rTI with the laird's Supper and sermon. The subject for the morning message will be, "The World's Infallible Guide." Come to church, Sunday. I'AIKVIKW IMKI-SH !. S. odvin, Ministr Fairrlew lust i i An- 9:45 a. m. Sunday School gricunurc ana moor, particularly nomine workers. President Roosevelt, who carried Pennsylvania by 281.000 votes four years ago, will speak in Philadelphia on Oct. 27, one week after the Dewey speech at Pittsburgh. The Hoosevelt margin four years ago consisted exactly of the majorities he rolled up in Philadelphia and in Pittsburgh-Allegheny county. He carried the former by 177,000 and Ihe latter by 104,000. Republican leaders expect a larger vole in the rest of Pennsylvania than tliey obtained in 1940 and they hope io reduce the Roosevelt majorities in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Gov. Dewey, before leaving Albany lust night, issued a stern warning to GLOBE ARBOR ViTAE 18 to 30 in. Diameter - 2 ft. High BAKER ARBOR VITAE 3 to 4 ft. High IRISH JUNIPER drew Simpson, supt. 7:30 p. ni. - "Worship. Sermon: The TralHc Jam. Center 10:00 a. in. Sunday School Ernest Myers, supt. 11:00 . ni. Worship Salem 10:00 a. in. Sunday School. E. K. Randolph. Supl. Note: If you bae no regular home, we invite you to visit us. (Jo to church somewhere. o Nazi leaders that they will face severe punishment if they attempt to carry out their threat of murdering Poles. Jews and otherB in concentration camps in countries still occupied by the Germans. 1 '.'.ntnl to bum'" nul"' 2.59 y--uowu k mm CHRISTL4X SCIENCR WK'IKTV S3a 1-2 lilacknian St. (Pythian Hall) i KMC l TAIH ' ', - i.L'l !( I'r l'.KTfcM "' 3 to 4 ft. High PHITZER JUNIPER Flat Type - 2 to 3 ft. in Diameter GREEK JUNIPER (111 .,,,,. iron. ' '' Vlumins A a"d L. 1:30 a. n. Sunday School. 11a. m. Churdi. TentlmonlJ nieetlngg every lt tnd 3rd V Inenday of each month. nmuuium duly 'J '"' Kvlmnely Light U. S. Casualties In Philippines (Continued from pace 1) i .. i i S8C oi lion- ....mmulll i ,..,re tun nut""---- 79c xr..v.Ti.ivw 18 to 24 in. High 1 1 it For "ThiMe iu vireniejy HkIK Iohshs Ml.en tlieie i . utiinMe M1 I! ,.ve i ap-'ib ' '"' ' ,l.'ll ielK l ilnini" S1.89 SATURDAY ONLY SPECIAL POLYCAPS VitansforChiMre 1 T i..,isViA-lil'K j In the npcratiiins. thus tar." the j I'M'Mili'iii (iiKitcd Ceii. MiirArtlmr as I l-l'OI l itltf. I'nldt iii Hinjs.Mlt aid then was 1 1 1 1 1' in.n t' Unit lie could add to the ' M''ti. i:tl mtilhliietitni T'-lt all jt 'he jcitiinirv tliat American foreea have nov nuni'd lo th' I l( i 1 i piiis un- .r it-n. MacArthur. It has Im-wi h Ioiik time, he said, limit h" was particularly happy that 'not mil) Ct-n. MacArthiM's statt-ment I Uofek) ch i The fW J f i .J to these I,,',! K-'it keyed to a-f Vilaniiiip and SI. 69 y CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES "Probation after Death" I 0i ubjeLt of the Lesson-Sermon lit all rhurches of Chiinl, Sfieiilmt, n Sunday, October '22. 'ihe CoKten Text in: "Th hour is coming1, and now in, when lha dead shall hear the voice of the Son ut Cud: and they that liettr ahall live" (John 6:20). Amonjf the citations which comprise the Lesaun-Sei mon is the following from the Bible: "He nhall pray unto God, and he will be i i-vourable unto him: and he chall nee his lace with joy: for he will render unto man his righteousness, lie lookeih upon men, un l if any say, I h-ve jvnned, and perverted that which was right, and it prohied me not; He wilt deliver his soul from going into the pit, and his life shall see the light. Lo, all these things v.oiketh God oftentimes with man, To bring back his soul from the pit, to be enlightened with the light of helming" ( Job 33:26-0). The Lesson-Sermon also includes :he following1 passages from the Thrist ian Science test bock. "Science a. d H-alth with Key t the;Scrip-t j res" by Mary Baker Eddy: "Every day makes its demands upon ns for richer proofs raiher than professions of Christian power. These proof consist solely m the destruction of sin, sickness, and death by the power of Spirit, as Jesus destroyed them. This is an clement of r'rngre5S.ndt)t' fe"es is th lawnf ".nd. tvhnsr hiw'demands of only what we caa rtaocly. (p. Roots Wrapped in Burlap With Large Ball of Original Soil. Roots Have Never Been Disturbed wln-n he lift fon'eL'idor that hf would n turn to the lMiilinpines. had ntiiif true, hut that MacArtJiur's dr.-aui itself lias now hecoiu a reality. TlM-re lo Stay tien. MacArthur. h concluded, has cone back to the Philippines, and t he America n forces are there to stay. Mr. Roosevelt disclosed that the plans for invading the Philippines nad been one of the chief subjects of discussion when he conferred with Cen. MacArthur and Admiral Chester W. Niniiiz at Pearl Harbor in DEMCMBE THE DRII STORE FOR BEST VALUES ALWAYS Place Your Order Now for "BRAVE MEN" Ernie Pylc s Eagerly Awaited Bock of Stories Including the Invasion $3.00 y luJ0LryjuL6) I 211 South Main Street Clinton, Indiana I I - - I i ! I J .,, M W.IH.M II.HW VHJg.'i f 'mm n lli.n.i li .mil mm mi'W u rzmmmmmmmmmnmmmwmmmm h J ,, m,,i, ---- --. k-.. - t. nmm July. Several plans had lten drawn up by the Pacific Commanders before his arrival, he said, and were actively tone over when he arrived. Soon afier he returned to Washington the present plan of invasion was given the green lii;ht and put into active operation.

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