The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 19, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1944
Page 8
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Thursday, October 19, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTONI AN I'age Eight PUBLIC NOTICES Purdue to Offer Short Agriculture Training Course Leading Perrysville Church Croups Meet; Red Cross Sewers Organize tlvo Service system encouraging fanners to train for tho big Job of farming ahead. The four courses offered are In general, agriculture, animal husbandry, dairy production and dairy manufactures. Each course is In It BUSINESS SERVICES self, complete. No tuition Is charged to residents of Indiana. Detailed information rc-(r:ir,iinir nviipHKes. scholarships avail "The present emergency demands training and efficiency In agricul ture." V. C. Freeman, assoclutc dean of the school of agriculture at Pur due University, said In announcing four weeks wartime training courses in agriculture to bo held at Purdue next Jan. 2 to Feb. 23. In calling attention to these courses, which are open to Hoosicrs at least 16 years of ago and having a good common-school education. Freeman pointed out that training and efficiency are urgent necesslllis In time of war and in die solution of post-war problems. Agriculture is a basic Industry and no urmy or other group can succeed without an adequate and proper diet. -ast year, 85 per cent of the short- countc enrollment were young men holding special prrtulis from tlnir local boards to attend one of the courses during the Kluck winter! months when their absence would I not hanclicup Hie operation of farms. The importance of the courhes w:is recognized in n statement mule by ndiaua headquarters of Hie Selec-1 able, activities and applications may he obtained from M. J. Peterson, ,-nnnlv Mirrfrillllira! Aent or bV writ ing Dean Freeman at Purdue University. Long Lang-nag There are approximately 100,000 diiTerent character in the Chine language, not counting many mora which are strictly scientific or engineering symbols. B. I. PAVEY AIlSTRACTf NOTARY PUBLIC NEWPORT, INO. Itc. 734 Walnut St. Clinton, Ind. TeL 419-J - TEXACO I I.INTO.V, I.M. 9c FIJI. & SAT. 35c t Big Double Feature 2 BIG PICTURES FACTORY - 4 OIN'TIMHXED IllifiJ APEI i 6M Grade A Quality Camelback No Ration Certificate Needed POLAND'S SERVICE STATION THEY'RE HEADED FOR A DATE WITH A NOOSE! JP-sarWi NaaaaWJGMta FIRESTONE M.4IV THBPCTO'RES JJuy More f itc FINAL I TONIGHT J KWUItJUtinfet pXxgTifl?ttrITZ I ill-V"1 ' J "LADIES Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices riH Auw Inuartlntl A for Aftfih reading line (on column Una, like on of these). Next two den Insertion: the Hme le charge (jou cet tliree dan at double the cost of toe first oar). Next three days Insertion: the seme le charge (you set a whole Seek fire days) at three times the eoet of one Insertion). Each group of three dan thereafter, t' a line. Blackface (Uke this) 10c per line. All classified ada Including mem- . - nr 11 bifida must niDI Bug jiiyuviw v. - : be paid In advance except those by1 regular customer wnose account are paid 'monthly or those from organisations whose bills must be al lowed before being paid. In the utter ease the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible for It payment. FOB SALE FANCY SPANISH ONIONS. 50 LB. Bag, $1.75. Buy them before they go Into storage. Potatoes. Store them now for the winter. Mccracken's Market. tS4 ONE GOOD MILK COW, THEEE years old, one brood sow, will farrow soon, and seven shoals. Fred Blackburn. Phone 533-J. t!3x FIVE ROOM HOUSE IN CENTEN-ary. 2 wells and good cistern. Leo Oliver Riva. Inquire at Bert Tur-I chi's Store. Easy payments. t93j DRY CLEANING CAN'T REMOVE It. One spraying of Arab odorleBs mothproof protects up to 5 yrs. against moth damage. Lee Hain. ELECTRIC PUMP, GOOD AS NEW, $40. Also four-horse motor, $10. L. M. Mitchell, Newport, Indiana. t93x FOUR ROOM HOUSE, THREE lots. Garage, outbuildings. Choice corner location, reasonable. Ha talent, Lyford. t5x ONE SIMMONS ItOLLAWAY BED. practically new, $10.00. Inquire at 1406 South Fifth St. t95 KKIl't'liR HAND PICKED PEARS, $1.00 bushel. Oliver Kite, East of Geneva Tavern. t5x ONE CHEST OF DRAWERS. ONE vanity, one floor lamp. 806 Black-man Street. tH4x ONE COAT, HORSE HIDE, SHEEP skin lined. Size 40-42. Phone 277-W. 84x STUDIO COUCH. SPK1NO-CON-etructed. Pre-war. 4 0 6 South Seventh Street. t4x MORE PEONY CLUMPS. RED. pink and white. Hershey Omen House and Flower Store. t'JH "38" FORD COACH, RADIO AND heater, 759 North Eighth. Call between 12 and 2 p. m. t94x TWO WINTER SPORT COATS, like new. Size 14 - $5 and $8. 838 North Ninth Street. 193 NATURAL GAS COOK STOVE AND Warm Morning heater. 835 South Third. t93x FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO BRASH Block. Charlie R. Ferguson. Phone 13G-W. t 7-17-44 f BRICK, any kind job waat. Clinton Aano Wrecfclnc Part Co. Brule's, , OUntoa. MM 1940 CHEVROLET TRUCK. Pike Street. 1130 t95x LARGE CABINET RADIO, GOOD condition. 603 N. 3rd St. t95x 160 HENS AND PULLETS, 1508 South 9th St. t'JSx B FLAT TROMBONE. FRANK RAL-ston. Phone 612-M. t96x USED LUMBER, 16U2 SO. FIFTH , Street. , t93x GOOD EATING AND CANNING pears. 260 N. Ninth St. t94x LOST WALLET, IDENTIFICATION AND special Army papers, includes money. Reward. Mrs. Elise Beane. 962 South Seventh. t95x GOLD FLOWER PIN WITH RED sets. Saturday night. Reward. He-turn to Clintonian office. t94x FOUND LADIES COAT, INQUIRE AT 2.19 Vine Street. UOOx HELP WANTED ACCORDION TEACHER, ABLE TO leave immediately, male or fe- , male. High salary. Write Box i 442-D-I. t93x EXPERIENCED HELP FOR STORE work. Tombaugh. t93 , NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Notice is hereby given that tho undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of the Circuit Court of Vermillion County, State of Indiana, Administrator of the estate of Mo- ilssa A. Bogart, late of Vermillion County, deceased. ' Said estate is supposed to be solvent. ZONA B. SHAKF, Administrator. Oct. 16, 194 4. 1D19-2C; 11244. i.kcai. notnf. or riiniio hbabino Notice If hereby gives tlint Hie l.oeal aieoliullc Hovel-use ffoarri ur vermniioH I Mint?. Iiidiuua. Hill at 0 a. III. Outml War 'i'liiii. mi tlii? .'irl dar t Nureiiilier, 1044 nt tlie C'lerK a writ. Court JIuuae In the Citv lor tnwol of Ncn txjrt In said County, begin, liiveatlcatluii of tba iJ'ilKilll01ia ttl IU1' IOIIOUIUK llttllieU MT. mum, riiieatiii tlie lamie to the aell- wuila. lit I lie loi-atl'ins lierelliiiller set out. uf the Alcoliolk' Jlevi-riiKe Permits of tlie cIhkm'I hereinafter deaiifiialW slid will, nt ciiil liiiie and place, receive inforuia-tion concerning; tlie fitneas of said ap-plicanta, and Hie propriety of iKKiiiiilf tlie penult applied for to suck atiiilieanls at till. premitea limned: I liurltn r. irane, (UeKfaiirtmt), 17 8. Main Kt.. Clinton--Kccr Iteiallcr. iliililiM Hnff'i and Loiiia Tmkko. 4HHIO. Transfer i.eer. Wine Jtelailer'a permit fruit! Charles Colelliuu, 0.j S. 7tu St., Clinton. Kvnn 1. llador. MII. (Il'-xtaurailt . B. Main IM., Clinton Ihvr, Liquor, Wine ite-laller. I'al Kuillli. !KI. lt,nl:iuraill). 4UI H. Main St.. Clinton tteer. Liquor. WJue Ite- tallcr. V'lHor rionmi-hl and arlo Fenoirllo, Ki37. IKeetaiirant), ails H. Main Kt., Clin ton iri', LWiior, Wiue Iti-laili-r. Marcello Jtxndl and Ionato liaUftrtlll. mK, (llroi-ery). 9) S. mil Ht., Clinton IJwr I't'ali'r. Wini'lu KoflM-n. liiwi'. UleKinnnnil, wi) 7111 L. Clilifcllll lvr iii'tailr. Frank I'laiiaKao, oll. t lU-Nlaiirauf ). :iVi N, Otb St.', Clliil'-D liner. Wine lle-tailer. M. I.. Kltziiinoiia. imw. niMurmit). Went aide of Muili tt., liuua-lii-er ilelail' Millard Trol'd-n. Wfi, OteaUlirJUl). Kt li-Tnii-i. But fti'tiitli'r. KAMI IKVIWIIMTIOM WI!,f, PIC OPKN TO TUB ITUI.If. AND IM.'HI.IC I'Ali'l II.II'A'J UK IK limil-KHTKII, AfiCHOI.I" HUVKUAOB. CUHMIH-tilCIX OF INIMAXA. Dy Ji'HN F. KOONAN, Bwriary. i Beiinahi) B rmrt.Fi. Kai-ise Adiuiniatrafor. Qatttfied Adt SeD Most Anvthisf In Memoriam In memory of our dear friend Nema Short, who passed away one year ago today. Oct. 20. Loving and kind In all your ways Upright and Just to the end of . your days Sincere and true in your heart and mind. A beautiful memory you left behind. You bad a nature one could not help loving A heart that was purer than gold. And those who knew you and loved you. Oh Nema, Your memory will never grow old. Badly nainsed by ' Mr. and Mrs. Pat Smith and Friends. COLUMBIA THURSDAY - Admission 9c and 20c THE PURPLE HEART With Dana Andrews Bit hard Conte Trudy Marshall "HOME MAID" Pete Smith Special LOANS... S50 S100 S200 S250 and S300 Yes, you can obtain a loan based on your earning ability and you pay Interest ONLY lor the time you have the loan. The Public Loan Company will sist you quickly and privately. If you are steadily employed In a factory, otfice, store or elsewhere. Come In and talk over your money problem with us. We will ar range your paymeuta to suit your income. Costs are reasonable. Internet rate of 8 per mouth on unpaid bal ance for amounts up to $150; amounts 1160 to 300, m per month on unpaid balance. A 100. 00 loan repaid In five monthly Installments of 10.92 each, costs S4.50 but if repaid In 10 days, cost only 60c. You may borrow to pay old bills, your Doe-tor or Dentist, taxes or insurance . . . or any worthy purpose. If a loan can help you. phone or come to the Public Loan Company. Find Here the Cash Loan You Need. 8 Pay 10 Pay IS Pay meats, meats. 6JM 6.02 tl.72 mo.osj SO 7.18 MtO 14J!B 200 1128.33 2SO .S3.17 HUH) (41.U4 2S.2 fJK.m H24.67 PUBLIC LOAN CO. 1 H Mala St. Pnoae 252 I ' I Mrs. Loren Lawson returned home Saturday from the St. Elizabeth Hospital. She had been a patient there the past two weeks. Mrs. Martha Keller of Montezuma is the guest of her daughters, Mrs. Jesse Lawson and Mrs. John Knox. The W. S. C. S. meeting was held Tuesday afternoon with 19 members and guests present. Mrs. T. B. Jensen presided. The opening prayer was given by Rev. J. W. Whitson. During the business hour, It wss decided to give gifts to the Lebanon children's home during their fall fes tival. The members also pledged $5 for the U. S. O. drive. About 20 soldiers from the U. B. Church who are now overseas will receive Christ mas boxes. Mrs. James Snoddy's group bad the program on India Mrs. T. B. Jensen led the devotions assisted by Nellie Ramsey, Merle Newklrd and Marie Rents. Mrs. Snoddy presented the lesson assisted by Mrs. Ramsey, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Morgan. Rev. Whitson gave a short talk and the dismissal prayer. Mrs Frank Jester's group will have the program next month. Mrs. Flo Hughes and sister, Miss Grace Moore have moved to their new home on North Jackson Street that thejr recently bought of Valen tine Llghtner. Mrs. Ruth Allen spent Monday in Covington visiting her mother, Mrs. Joe Lyons and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Huffman of Danville were Sunday guests of the latter's mother, Mrs. Emma Nale. Mrs. Zelma Seeley and daughter, Martha, of Clinton, were the week end guests cf Mr. '.d M a. Cuarlcr. Lusader. Mrs. Edwar Ge .rge spent I he weekend lfi T(irri Haute. Mrs. James ijnoddy and Mrs M. H. Anderson it'emled Hi'; annual convention of Religious Education at Dana on TNi.wiay Rev. J. C. Whitson and family. Mr. ind Mrs. Frit:i t Jester and Mrs. . L. Smitj ! in Crawfordsvllle Thursday attending a ministers and laymen's r.ji.'eieure in ti" Interest of the "Cutade for .brlt" movement. Mrs. Howirii Holdea word Sunday that her biotiier, r;ene Trosper, A. M. 2-e. had been transferred from Whidbey Island, Wash, to Banana, Fla. Mrs. Erwfn Jones is spending a few days with relatives In St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Holden had as Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. John County Farmers are Warned To Vaccinate Hogs Soon No Vermillion county farmer can afford to risk his entire investment in Iiukb by takinr a chance on her cholera wiping oat his berd, M. I. Petersen, eounty agricultural agent, told farmers Monday. It Is Juirt as Important that the fall pig crop be vaccinated against this number one threat to the nation's pork production as it was in the spring. The so-far successful fight against an epidemic of the disease, now long past due in Indiana, ha been the result of the cooperation of Hoosier farmers in having their pigs vaccinated. ' It Is known that there Is plenty of serum and virus available as long as an epidemic does not occur, and it was suggested that farmers make arrangements ahead of time to have their herds vaccinated. When the pigs are sis to twelve weeks of age is the best time to vac cinate, says Mr. Peterson. 1 pigs are vaccinated at an earlier age, the immunity produced Is not always lasting and such pigs should be re-vaccinated at about three months of age. Tlie entire herd should be vaccinated. Althongh the fattening hogs, brood sows and boars may be vaccinated at any time, this costs more, since larger doses of anti-serum must be used. Only healthy pigs should be vaccinated with virus. If given to hogs sick with any other disease, the reaction of the virus, plus the disease already present often results in death. Proteins Necessary in Diet Of Hogs, Purdue Man Warns A greater use of pastures, especially legumes, is one way of helping to meet the necessity of reducing protein in hog rations. Young pigs tip to three and a baif months of age or 75 pounds in weight, should not he deprived of a liberal supply of good protein feed whirh they need for effieent growth. C. M. Vestal, hog specialist at Purdue, warned midwestern farmers today. Any limiting of the protein feed that may be necessary because of a short supply, or desirable from the standpoint of economy, may best he applied to the feeding of older grow ing and fattening bogs on pasture. Hogs to be fed successfully cither way should have an adequate supply of good protein or other essential feeds until they weigh at 'least 76 pounds before starting on the limited protein ration. This type of feeding can only be done successfully on good pasture, preferably alfalfa. The economy of feeding without a protein supplement on pasture is partly dependent on seasonal hog price trends, whether stabilised prices, or prices which follow the usual season trends, prevail, Mr. Vestal, warned. Kills Larvae During a hard winter millions of parasite eggs and larvae are killed but during a mild winter they live through the season and are a constant tiireat . to livestock and poultry the following spring. S er 4. 11 Hawn and family and Mrs. Llllie Hawn, all of Lodi, and Mrs. Mary Holden Wlllard Holden and daughter Carolyn, of Sllverwood. Mrs. Ferris Allen left Monday for Oceanside, Calif., for an Indefinite stay with her husband who is stationed there. Women Interested In doing Red Cross sewing are invited to meet with Mrs. M. M. Anderson Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 24, to help make kit bags. Those already having bags to make, please return the finished ones to Mrs. Anderson, on or before Fri day, Oct. 27. to be ready for delivery early Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Rolls Cole have returned from several days visiting with their son, Roy Cole and family, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Chrlstcnburry and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cole and son. Harold Jester and family of Champaign, Hi., and Wayne Jester and wife of Crawfordsvllle were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jester. The V. B. Aid Society held their regular meeting with Mrs. William i Drake with Miss Dorothy Caywood. I presiding. Ten members mere present. During the business hour, ten dollars was pledged to the U. S. II Refreshments were served by the! hostess. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Glen Morgan. Onille Allen, Yoeman third class, spent the. weekend with bis parents, 1 Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Allen and sis-' ter. Vera. He is now stationed at ' Great Lakes, 111., but expects to be sent out shortly. Mrs. Grace Cad man left Thursday. to spend an Indefinite time with her j husband. Pvt. Dale Cadman at Camp Hood, Tex. I Mrs. H. R. Gebblnk, Mrs. Rayburn . Gebbink. Mrs. John Goff, Mrs. Audry Hay and Mrs. Herschell attended a meeting of the II. N. A. at Gessie Wednesday night and enjoyed the initiation work that admitted two new members to their camp. A Hallo ween party was held after the meeting. Rev. J. ". Whitson and family were In Hlllsboro Monday at tlie group meeting in the interest of the Crusade for Christ" work. Rev. W. N. Whear had charge of the meeting at which several interesting talks were given. A pot luck dinner was served at the noon hour. Another group meeting will be held at the Methodist Church In Perrysville on Monday. Nov. 13, with a pot luck dinner also. BATION CALENDAR Processed Foods Blue stamps A8 through Z8 and A-S through R6 in Book 4 good for 10 point indefinitely. Meats, f liecee and Dairy Product All red stamps A8 through ZH and A-S through K-6 in book 4 valid indefinitely for rationed meats, cheese and dairy products. Stamps worth 10 points each. Sugar I Bumps 30, 31, 22 and 33 in book 4 good for i pounds until further no tice. Application for additional canning sugar must be sent to board accompanied by one sciare stamp 37 for each applicant. Stamp 40 in book 4 good for S pounds of canning sugar. Shoes No. 1. "airilane" stamp and No. i "airplane" cfainp in Book 3 good for 1 pair each until further notice. Always present Book 3 when making purchase as 'tamps are invalid if removed from the book. GasoUne Stamp A-13 good for four gallons through Dec. 21. B-4 and C-4 good for 6 gallons until further notice. T I Fourth Qtr. ) good for 5 gallons through Dec. 31. E. El and EZ good for 1 gallon. K. Rl and K2 good for 5 gallons. A. B. C, D and T coupons are not valid until they have been endorsed in ink, pencil, stamped or printed with the automobile registration number and state. Motorists should write 1H44 numbers on book and coupons. Periodic passenger car tire inspections are no longer required. Commercial vehicle inspection due every 6 months or every E.000 miles. B cardholders eligible for Grade 1 tires providing they can show absolute need to carry on essential activities. All A holders may obtain certificates for Grade 3 tires, but only after they have found tires which may be pur chased. Fuel Oil Period 4 and S coupons valid; through Aug. 31, 1945 and have the I following values: 1 unit 10 gallons, j units gallons; 25 units. 2!0 co lons. All changemaking coupons and reserve coupons are now good. Fuel ; oil rations for 1S44-46 heating sea- son now being issued. Period 1 good immediately. Stove All new heating, cooking and combination beating and cooking stoves, designed for domestie use, for installation on or above tbe floor and for the use of eoal, wood, oil, kerosene, gasoline and gas. are rationed. Certificates must be obtained from local Board. Earlham College Opens Four-Game Football Bun RICHMOND. Ind. Earlham will open its four-Ram? football schedule Saturday at Richmond aeainut Central Normal and will meet the oth o p ponen ts on su ccesfi i ve Ba t u r-dayfl. Games will be played at Franklin. Oct. 28 and at Ball Suite Nov. with FFatknr retumitie on Nov. for pie tfomtmjnfi tilt. nn-rniiHII SPECIAL: $5.50 OIL Permanents $1.50; Shampoo and Hair style J1.00. Arches Hair- iinin Facials. Adamson's Beau torium, 355 South Main, l'hone 502. 194 FOUND ' A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. th and Bogart Mobllgas Station, Jo Giacoletto, Clinton. 32tf DEAD A N I MA L 8 REMOVED, large or small, prompt aervtee. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63108 Tjrre Haute or Dana 14 2-We pay all phone charge. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. tli7 DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED FREE of charge by Itwlggtns and Hons, licensed dealer. Call ns as soon as Miey die and reverse rhareea. Dana Feed Service, Dana, Phone 50. t5lf MODERNIZE V O 17 R DIAMOND wllli a beautiful new fiUntinuin mounting from Faraco'e Jewelry Shop. tlOO ETHYL. WE GOT IT! SURE also 5 ply tires The Gas Market, 115 North Main Street, Clinton. t60f BRONZE SCREEN , WIRE 1 Mesh 20 In.. 26 in.. 30 In.. 34 In. Clinton Lumber & Supply Co. Tel. 322. Guaranteed 24-Hr., Refrigeration Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Bonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clin ton or 166-J-2, Montetuma. JOIN OIR CHRISTMAS LAYAWAY Club and select a Keepsake Diamond ring at Faraco's Jewelry Shop. . tlOO BELIEVE IT OH NOT, WE HAVE some good watermelons. McCrack-en Market. tf BENNfc'T TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 406 South Fourth Street. Phone 454. tfS5f FOB RENT TWO LARGE ROOMS. SEMI-MOD-ern. Lights and water, furnace. Mrs. Matilda Conner. 747 South Seventh. t94x HALE HELP WANTED BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly, Bill Blackburn, Clintonlan. WANTED TO BUY ACCORDION WANTED FOR daughter. Give cash price. Write I Box 442-D-I. t93x FEMALE HELP WANTED HOUSEKEEPER Owens, 219 N. FOR Main, 2. RUTH Tel. 233-R. 85tf PAID NOTICES NOTICE! All inenilieru of truckers Local No. 73 are requested to atlejid tlie regular meet inc. 18. Important business. liliniT Nolan, Keuretarr. t93 NOTICE! Republican Meeting at Newport. u.riiiKrlitv Oct. 18. Anvone inter ested In going call 19 after 12 p. m. tsi;;x NOTICE! Chicken supper and fall festival, Oct. 20, Jacksonville PTA at the school. t93 NOTICE! Hake Kale at Osinon Furniture Store. Saturday, Oct. 21, r'airview P. T. A. t8 NOTICE! Rummage Kale. Circle 2. WSOS. Friday, Oct. 20, 219 Main St. t93x FOB SALE OB BENT FIVE ROOM SK MI-MODERN home. Cook Btove, white kerosene stove with built Hi oven and car trailer for sale. 1219 So. 8th St. t95 With The OoaapltnaeBM Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for EARL MOLLEE Route One Just Come la And Ask For Them! Walcb This Space Every Day v JOUR NAME MAT BE NEXT You Hiru. Phone 62 INDIANA OF WASHINGTON- PALACE Bess. TONIGHT c COMLDY NEWS CARTOON STARTING 11P.M. SATURDAY You Too Can Laugb Your Head Off 'sjsj?r. " L 1TJ r- r I It Life Of The Party COLD FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES LOANS TO $300 HET" al. IS as li l l Mi U1JI.IM HtXTT&ea MARjonT''ssMatS All Atailable fur SECURITY LOAN COMPANY t .r Y ou Too Can Be The 225 Black man St. CLINTON, rti'i-f

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