The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 19, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, October 19, 1944
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLINVONiaN Tliursday, October IS, 1944. faffc Six Sues for Peace 'FRAIP NOT! - THE DAILY CLENTONIAN Behind to Icen 1 1U I M ma Weekly OMnUi 1M fiOLLYWOO (he Ottsrton PUinoeoJsr absorbed In IMS PnblUhsd Dally Except Saturday and Sunday Saorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher I at toe roetornre at uuntou, inauuia aa Second Chan MU-T still hysterical over his experience during the last hectic game of the world's series. Orsatti's hotel suite caught fire while he was listening to the game and, with big bets at utake, he had to grab buckets of ' kidlMJUl Republican Editorial AasoclatJea By HARRISON CARROLL Htm Featorei Syndicate Writer HOLLYWOOD. A ! n a 1 1 o n a 1 magazine will by-line a story on the war experiences of Bruce Cabot, which makes hint a rival author to his pal, phon 33 Phone 32 water to put out the fire, ..i . Gail Patrick's brother, Richard Fltzpat-rick, now a full-fledged lieutenant in the Naval Air Corps. Gail her Krrol Flynn. Most of the tale ittuBMAH Coirm is about Brace's friendship with ASSOCUTM an Arab chieftain, Homoudi, one of the wealthiest men self leaves her groom in Roanoke to go to Canada for the Hollywood Victory committee. . , . Blanche Turka has sent a copy of her autobiography to her old friend, George Bernard Shaw. . . . The Dennis Morgans' new estate in La Canada has 14 rooms, a guest house, a swimming pool and stables. With three kids, they say they can use it. in the Sahara. In farewell, the if fi , ! LJi, .J desert Rockefeller presented Bruce with an oil painting of himself. The star has so Harrison Carroll If iJ J 1 many other exciting stories that he may write a book on the finish of "Salty O'Rourke." Hot report from the east that Lt. John Howard will wed an Ithaca, N. Y., girl, whom he met while taking a Navy course at Cornell university. John says the rumor must refer to Jean Frank, that she is a swell girl and he saw her on hrs way west, but that they have'1 Red Skelton due here next week after his graduation as an artilleryman. He'll make only one public appearance during his furlough a chnar a tha Oonifin T nAcra a GOVERNMENT of Admiral Nicholas Horthy of Hungary has sued for peace while the pro-Germans In the Nazi satellite reportedly have taken over Budapest and urged the Hungarian Army and home front to fight on beside Germany. Horthy, according to broadcast, was seized by the Gestapo. ( International) not talked about marriage. SHALL WE BUY OFF COMMTNISM? A prominent labor lc-adui , who h;is just returned from Italy, advocates immediate and substantial help in the economic rehabilitation of Italy as the sole means of avoiding a "Communist upheaval" in that country. The statement comes from Luigi An-tonini. who savs that the situation in Italy home for under - privileged boys L Naval P"f Ada.m" which in sponsored by Red, Johnny! Promised to .hoot down a Jap Weissmuller, John Wavne, Frank " . Borzage and other celebs. In addi-jher thJ Photographic rrord He tion to Duttimr on his comedv rou- w Faye 8 Plcture- e Very tines for the kids. Red will present them with athletic equipment Thought of You," at Warners, and was supposed to have a date with her but she had to work every night he was In town. is marked by mass unemployment, hunger, despair, prostitution, delinquency and; painful disappointment over the failure of i . , , - . i 1 T 1 ; nannla flair ' The romance of Millionaire Tommy Warner, Jr., and Anne tne Allies lu neip uie imuau fcvj; ..r themselves. Union Monday evening for a visit Causey, and husband. J. C. C il lis made a business trip to Newport, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Touibaufch of Filth strof-t Sunday in Torre Haute. Mr. and M rn. John Shirkie drove uj from Torre Haute today for a visit with friends. I), fi. (lilihons of KairvM'W lirk moiond to Wwport today. Sterling was a four-alarm fire before Hollywood even suspected. They decided to get married after The gentleman characterizes the recent j appropriation of fifty million dollars for i Italian relief as "a drop in the bucket", j With industry at a standstill and agricul- j HOLLYWOOD HI-JINKS: Hear Lillian Hellman may give drama lectures at U. C. L. A. after she writes the picture for Hal Wallis. . . . Pat O'Brien getting up a group of Marquette alumni to attend Woody Herman's opening at the Palladium. Marquette alsoWoody's alma mater. . . . Jack Carson and Arthur Treacher to team on a camp show . . Did you know that the song, "Tico Tico," was a Latin American hit for seven years before Ralph S. Peer turned lt over to Ethel Smith and she made it a smash hit in this country? . . The ture and trade paralyzed, tne Italian, people, in the area occupied by the Allies, j an acquaintance of two weeks. Anne, a reddish blond from Rockford, 111., has appeared in only a few pictures, including "Bluebeard" and Charles Rogers' "Delightfully Dangerous." But she had a radio show of her own at the age of 12 and was an Olson and Johnson stage discovery. Worked with them in "Hellzapoppin' ". Up until her meeting with Tommf Warner, Jr., most of her dates went to fresh Food Several railroads running through the Rockies take advantage of the supplies of fresh mountain trout. A trans-coctinental railroad serving the Northwest purchases its food i : . Wakefield Gerrish, student at Indiana university, spent the week live almost entirely on money speni uy American and British soldiers. In effect, the labor leader, evidently of Italian descent if not Italian birth, would have the United Nations pour money into Taking a Backward Glance Jerry Cooper, the radio singer. end with his parents. Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Gerrish, of South Fifth street. j oU "long the line. Its trout comes j from Lake Michigan, its whitefish ! J from Lake Superior, its cheese from ! Wisconsin, its fowl from Illinois and Minnesota, its beef and lamb from : Mrs. Dell Truitt of Dana, spent the week end visiting with her Italy on a large scale in order to avoid a Ith-exti' years "Communist upheaval". This raises the ; ago today question whether it will be profitable for rru prd, the Allies to attempt to offset threats to nith ! street returned to his home ycs-Uerday after visiting over the hol-I idays with his grandparents. Ur. (and Mrs. W. H. Ristine of parade : fordsville. He saw the Wabash- rister, Mrs. Celesl Giovanini and family of North Seventh street. j Montana, its mammoth potatoes i from Idaho, and it6 seafood and fruit , Sonny Tufts asked for and got the promise of a two-week vacation from Paramount after the finish of "The Golden Years" so he could learn to ride for "The Virginian." Hope it isn't spilling the beans but Sonny has a pot-full of ribbons for riding in eastern horse shows. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Carberry, of Brazil, spent yesterday with ( from the state of Washington. j good-looking sergeant with Shirley Patterson at the Biltmore Bowl was Zasu Pitts' son, Don Gallery. . . . Helen Neilsen (Veronica Lake's pretty cousin) dancing with Glenn Vernon at the Trocadero. . , . Billy Gilbert's missus tossed him a party at Lyman's in honor of his 110th film role. . . . Jimmy Ellison signed to go to work with Skeets Gallagher in the Broadway opening of "Goodnight Ladies." . . . Marguerite Chapman will feature magic on her next camp tour. 8he's learning the tricks from Phillip Van Zandt, a co-worker in "Counter-Attack." He used to be an assist yesterday morning, and Hanover game, Saturday, additional converts re-i Mr. and Mrs. Herman Walls of Communism by tne use or casn. mnKiy, tt 8:30 ore a rp against it. iwith 55 . !! ? norted. the revival services yester- Indianapolis were guests of Mr. Mrs. f'arberry's parents, Mr. and ! Mrs. Dennis McGrath of North j Third street. Cuban Flag By a curious quirk of fate, the Cuban flag was born in a second-! floor room of a humble lodging ! house on New York's Warren street. Ramsay Ames In a spot. George Jessel gets kack here on the 22nd and Jackie Coogan on the 23rd, and she has promised lots of dates to each. . . . Pals of Frank Orsat-ti, one of Hollywood's top agents. UI COUree, a IS very amictUL w ref,atSei y ,he miniB. 1 and Mrs E. G. Hutchinson Satur-Stand the Situation in Italy, but, in View Of ; ten and workers as making one j day evening and Sunday. Mussolini's leadership, the Italian people of the most successful days this Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Pentreath oan harrllv ovrwrt to avoid severe eCOnom- ' J". of Blackman street spent Sunday can Hardly expect to avoia severe etunum , Headed by the stars and strlpe, in Bioomington. Ind., visiting with ic consequences. If, as a result Of tniS mis- and a ban4 cotapogei ot instru-, their daughter. Miss Derexa. who fortune, the Italian people decide tO adopt mentallsts from the church parti-; is attending Indiana University, a fVimrminiKtiC Teeime the tendency Will ' elP'tng. crowd of almost 1,200 1 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Madden a WmDIUmsnc regime, ine nueucj m Katberwi M Kifth and and daughter. Miss Helen, and not be averted by pouring money into tftat BIackman gtreets. and marched Ben Mauck spent Sunday with ant to the magician, Thurston. There exiled Cuban patriots gathered to plan the unceasing attack on Spanish domination, and there a Cuban Betsy Ross sewed together the strips of red. white and blue silk and ribbon which marked the birth of another Amp'sn pstinn 51 yeprs bef'-re 1! v .'..i.-'-.-.ti1 i.r e tf tt.nt r:itioj, v:i rj. :''.,-! I ,;:;.' 'C'.i. S3, Prcs Tr v ai a Refr:r(h it t - ?. pre -f: forward to nrvrlo new n i-ur .: t:.r the pret-i.: .sing of weod. u pi:: e i lumber encinceiii: v.-hirh has rr:ue THIRTV YEARS A0 TOIMV Kdfson !ay Honors iireateMt Of inventors i Those whose memories go back to October 21, 1879. may have a keen appreciation of the fact that on that day Thomas A. Edison first broughi forth an incandescent electric lamp. All over the country, tomorrow is Edison day a day "red lettered" in honor of the great American inventor, who brought forth perhaps his greatest invention. Of y Leaders' Adjourn To Roll Political lAig The coming of Congressman down to the Coliseum. The morn- ' Mr. and Mrs. Madden's daughter, ing service was attended by about Miss Helen, and Ben Mauek spent 1.5000 people, it was reported to- Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Mad-day. Rev. St. John Halstead den s daughter. Mrs. W. C. Hob-preached the morning sermon, on 'erts of Clinton. j the subject "An Old-Fashioned i Mrs. Wood Mct'embs of Terre Home." Haute, spent Saturday vinitiiig Perwiula with Charles Meyer and family in Warren Pieree of South Main Clinton. j At the Movie j ; Thursday Trudy Marshall and Dana An-diews are featured in Darryl F. j'ian-.ick s production of "The Pur- pie Heart," the astouding story of j eight dauntless flyers who tie the Jap empire into knots, opening at country. The more we pour, the more we will have to pour and the longer the "Communist, upheaval" iea will be used to rx-act greater donations. President Roosevelt has eallfd attention to the "substantial aid" which the Allies have already given to Italy. Since the invasion of Sicily, to the end of this year, Blooming Dates Nethcrland settlers at Castle Hayne, N. C. accidentally discovered a method of controlling the blooming of the flowers which they raise commercially. Several years ago bulbs were put into cold storage, but the temperature accidentally was reduced lower than usual, and the chilled bulbs bloomed earlier that year. Blooming dates now are controlled by artificial temperature in bulb storage. iblr ui tar-t:;f t-op- Ralph Moss caused a "spraB" of j ics. eiai:t v the city administration, and there' aloi g (ho he reports some 2.300,000 long tons of sup- i rrTT,n n" T- r, ,t plies, about half being food, will have bwni CROSSWORD - - - By hllgeiie bbejjer shipped to the people of our former enemy ; '.he Columbia Theatre. Also featured in the 20 ih Century-Fox hit are Richard Conte, Farley ;:a?iger. Kevin O'Shea, Donald Birry and Sam Levene. was no regular council meetlne Monday nipht. Th dobs of the town ir host democrat,, and country. In addition, the Army has repaired roads, bridges and railroads, water anJ power systems and motor trr report. prfHillCl '(in pj:i: '. ."nr pr.'jrels of v. a il ; ri::I K Jul- lt 'u i. N C . is - :o t.i. -.anciy ul piiii in the L'nitfc Siate-s Iceland Epidemic In Iceland, whooping cough spreads as an epidemic all over the country, usually at intervals of about seven years, to die out completely when it has attacked practically all persons who either had not been born or had escaped exposure m former epidemics. This takes from six to twelve months, and then the disease is not seen for years in the whole country. iiurf til frufM drui C r -a wouldn't Btd'-.l it to preside i vpr a tame cot'nc j meeting. whMi ti heat of r?!;ical campaign r nt its h"fcht a a conffresFmfin rnnruntr vose in the vicinity. Persona l The press club of C H. S. was given a t heat re ia rt y , Monday evening, by Mr. Hornumj. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Canine of niackman street went to West (ft duces Wear liiiie pounds undennfl: lifi per r-tni Old Beauty Idea Cosmetics in crude lorm known as early as SOCK) B. C. tire m tire TWO OUT OF 100 TRAINEES DIE. It may have escaped observation, in connection with recent figures about the Army Air Force, that more aircraft have been lost in this country in almost three ! o THIRD HAVEN o TJew Top Ace years of war than in combat overseas. According to the report. 14.600 planes fcrnkp tn L A before and some-1 face. When he lay awake all n! got 12. VW, li 1 iirii ii-it LLIl WJM i ii i inn JO II P, 31 J t LT II I "1 mr i 1 irl I i 1 i thing alwavs turned up. Anyway, all he could remember was that it was great to feel ne could buy he'd held her In -his arms. AnO out . - L if u IV,. ...a. hm'A ' CM hpr there in the water he'd Liiisea her. a ticket straignt 'jiruutii, kvkh u "If ' ' he wasn't going to. It made him feel Independent. CHAPTER NINETEEN DAN HESITATED outilde of the Washington hotel. Today he had made up his mind that he must write Russell and at least let him know he hadn't fallen cC the edge of the earth. For two weeks he had worked for a man over in Virginia, helping him straighten out a house ne'd bought and pet it ready for his wife and family. He'd met the man, n rather the man had -licked him ip while he was hiking along the r.,ad from Annapolis. The stranger :d been delighted to get someone ho would help him because he It made him feel certain that he had done the right thing in running away from Talbot. He could have laughed at all the gossip, it had been amusing the first -lay, and he could have faced Russell, only kus-sell hadn't come home that night. s J He was sort of glad now. He would have told Russell, "Sure I umped her into the wster. I knev I was getting crazy about her and she va from Massachusetts and was 0-l t somg to have to get used to using I was sort of laughing me elong. so I dumped her and put an end to all colored help. have been lost in combat and 17.500 have I been lost at home. In addition. 9.900 have j been lost overseas outside of combat. At home, 6.500 of the 17.500 planes lost were ! worn out or abandoned because no longer ; fit to fly. j Overseas casualties include 72.000! dead, missing, captured and wounded in J combat missions and 5.300 non-battle can- j ualties. At home, an additional 11.O00! members of the Air Forre h?"e ben VillJ i in 5.600 fatal flying accidents since Pearl Harbor. L The War Department empha sizes the ; magnitude nf the tuiring program nni' other act'vit;es in tH rour.try, saying ' that 4.342 hours vere flovr "for each airplane lost or worn out". For each vrrk ' it declares, there has X'ei the e j':ivalnt of forty global trips. Admittedly, the "dansrero'is buine.-.!' 1 of preparing young rren to fly -ery hot ' combat planes" involves risks b'lt the 1 fatality rate is down to 20 in 1 ,000. This ' means that of every 100 trainees, only two are killed and 95 complete their training "without so much as a sprained ankle or a : HORIZONTAL 1. sw-lic-d ' v :M I .- .. .1 Dan grinned as he stood outside he hotel and watched the people oing by in that endlefs stream It was the memory of that kisa that had driven him out on he road again. He was glad Russell hadn't come home. He might have blurted out what he felt, and then everything would have been a mess. This ' way was better. t least It would be better as soon as he'd written a letter to Russell thanking him for what he'd done and telling- him he was wandering west and would drop a card once f" a while to (ay he was still alive and kicking. After today an occasional card would be enough, but today a tetter was required. The thought seemed to push him into the ornate lobby, fits neat clothes and the feel of money la hut pockets gave him a quiet assurance Instead of the swaggering boldness which went with corduroys and a flannel shirt and no cash. A bellboy pointed the way to the writing room, which was on a balcony overlooking the lobby. He glanced up, and then stood rigid. A girl was up there looking dowa at him, a girl with her hand resting on the railing. It was Anne. His mind wanted to turn and rua, but his feet were rooted to the marble floor. He saw the bellboy glance up and make up his mind "5 5;i-:3ll rug jy. ri:trr!riutie J"i' Ln:u i 41-M-Tk 4'S. lb -'nomian city 45. masruline name which marks downtown Washing- -I j.rson mall is!a:iJ ion. Hugh Whalen had been a good man to work for and had not only i Awr&r 12 of lyjic T.". li ;v. !l CO!!) 5j i-'-r PiCL-'h iil K AL 1 norrsn moif-tuie I A r. .) -" axon money Z. os 4. l'-iTiinme nair;e 5 jf iform :iirhway 7 io,atee mr i:.Jr that." He had waited up for Russell that night, planning Just how he was going to say it and how much he'd laugh when Rua looked serious and upset, as fa was bound to be-But he hadnt slept well, and the next day Mrs Gander had been an-noving. Yet. it was something else that had driven him away. He'd found himself wanting to go see how Anne was. That was non 13 ' reaifi- for .. cereal 4 within liZ mountain nymph sense. Of course sne au Aiis ver to ye-rtcrUay's puzzle. right They'd had Dr. Banning, but that was Laura Reynolds' doing, of course. Girls like Laura had doctors for a toenail ache. And . trying 1' ni-d 10. Great Lake JT. the tun Xb cntiruous pctorer 20- river in Oenr.avy 21. Peer Gynt's mother 3. grow old 24. i iHu-n.c-asure 2j rust an 2'J f-.: -.ou f-ies 3 imioIi nEUt ilIeIbs 7M3"lolNiT am a ojo lUTipgsiAli IlIsHdiaIl it was another one of the hundreds paid him, but given him a couple of suits and shirts and shoes as well. He had wanted Dan to stay until Mrs. Whalen and the children came, when he was sure -hey could arrange a job for him. but Dan had been quite sure Mrs. Whalen wouldn't approve ct him at all 01 of her husband's having picked him ip -Jong the highway. To Mrs. -Vhalen. men who wandered along I-.e highways were dangerous. He ad seen her picture and heard ; "ugh talk about her for two weeks, so he was sure how she would re-- .-t to him. Anyway, he'd worked hard for . - straht weeks, and that was h 'ow he really had to lPi -;'ep1l before wandering 2:- ". west probably "h v. neen a great ielp. Dan ' -! a decent wtfit now a -lathes out enough m - -k" 1 most anywhere hr ' " Tea. he could even buy she didn't like him either. She had snapped at him as be carried Anne into the house. "Now I hope you're satisfied with what you've done!" of appointments that were made V tiU itH-Et J he i to the shei. t'iel side 22 I'.f-ich (.'iiitorr 24- (.jrriznTrs ' 27. n-coi us 2 check 29. catch sight ot 31 rip 33 waterway 36 prepared for publication 3S repast 41 town in Ital; 42 fltur de lys 43 tropical rKi-nt 44 Ireland 46 single unit 46 make an e-.:i:i.'ig 49 room m a 11 .'.!. '. rail- -v. ay ,ctDr I 12 hv.'.iU:eUtal IvJ ' bump on the head . jE'N( i ir-DTlEiraZ'o!nie for that popular bote! lobby every day. Dan drew a deep breath and J feet carried him across the And he'd come right back with. "Sure I am. 't was lots of fun." Still he hadn't run away from lobby and up the heavily carpeted stairs to where the irl sat. She AC'EiTiE.&l Laura. He even thought c i Mrs held out her hand as he came up. Revn Tids wouldn't be too hard on him. because she d always been I and ner voice was cooi ana quiet, ready to tsl.e his part quicker than "What a surprise to see yvj here, anyone in town. But seeing Anne Dan." she said. "I thought you'd be ZOL HUBERT ZEMKE, 30. of Missoula. M'Tiit-, is the leading ace now active in the European theater, since Capt. Henry W. Browr of Arlington, W. Va., was reported missing in action Oct. 3. Commander of m fighting group Zemke has a total of 28 planes with 1H in the air and 84 01 til mrmsad. . . 41 mmr mto Washinrtm Prpi IrrA V. .osrvelt , aaks for larger cortriutior.p tr roT.rriijn-; ity war fvnds: "Thrivrh a jjlft U. this urfte--! aryai. y-r r-.rp -ih,- io y.u-hi ' the hanrf of fr'fr; 3s',i" mlWloi of jK-oje; at home and arcunJ the v. 01 1J to per- i form millions of acts of kindness." would be different. If she ordered liar away - m never to speak to her again. He took her hand and held it, !-3t wouldn't be so had. But sup- j looking down at her. "Why are you rns she smiled at him Instead? i here?" he asked. A.trce liar ( Miti.a X K,,a4t straight out to Los Angeles Hed 2? iru.t of the JTo Cc Continued 1 Kji, I-.ti Iani there broke, but bed beeojTnat was tbc danger he couldn't j

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