The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 19, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, October 19, 1944
Page 4
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'U . SHE DAILY CLlNTONIAN f age Four Thursday, October 19, 1944. 'Ship Armor . Sliip armor might be traced back a thousand years to -the round shields which the Vikings . strung along the gunwales for protection. Newport School Notes Perrysville Soldier Wounded in( Germany Word was received . recently by Mrs. William Morton of Perrysville that her husband. Private William R. Morton, was seriously wounded in Germany on Sept. 24. The injuries were caused by two iiuu, f.1 flhraraiol one iiiece going evMistfriM ehuirch Hcv. K4Jiiu,b, litskering. pastor of the Friend" Cnurch at Mooresville, lnd., was the main speaker at the Vennillion Quarterly meeting of the Friend s Church which was held in Newport last Saturday. Rev. Pickering chose as his topic the subject of challenging the church to break away from any man-made tradition that is hampering the spiritual progress of the church. Other visiting ministers at the meeting were. Rev. William Cleaver and J"s-se II. Johnson, both of Carmel. lnd., rhe latter coming as a representative of the Western Churchmen, a laymen organization. A basket dinner was served at the noon hour. At 1:30 the meeting convened again for a business session. The next quarterly meeting will be held, at Ridgelarm, III. sometime in Jantjary, Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless (lights Doctor. mr roar kxtom eociuio 15 cf tiny tutM or filler, wfci h help w pxmfy Uk blood xA ttfp jou tcitbr. u tijT CBt tired Wbi don't vurk ng.U to ti, ttuuiy pmiplc have to up nighu. Frequent or tr&st f pMufsj vTtJb extutftiac snd bunuac cft&eutnea bow tLcre im eonarlbjiaf wronc iih ytxtr kvinryw or blMrr. Don t mtptx Ittt rvmditx td ke nduiF, rmiiil livmm. KVs datr-rder ol kxiiy tuttrti'jm permita ptngwrn mtur to mum im your Mood, It ttMf siao csatte nacrrtac tmcbiatr, rimunMie BiiDB, lex pain. Ujm (A pep add txrwy. vjjinjr. ptlihatm OIMlcr U CjTW, DfaMlikClaal mud diiLii. Don't jut! AA your dracrtet for Does Fill, OK"J flwymfuUr by nuluun. for over 40 tr. Tbey ntfj buppy reUef mod will help tte 15 it. iIm of kidvry iu flob oat poiano-(Kija wau from 7atr bloori. Ct LHaUi a ttik I sit 61 Joe Marsh. engaged whiU other liupe concentrations of Adnvral William V. Hal-sey's fleet gathered east of I he Philippines, then plunged Into Leyte Gulf In full Frilling sveiislh. fnt I"hlliifiines In Two Seizure of the Leyte coastal areas would cut the Philippines in two and ghe the Tnited S'.ites airports almo'i n the dead eennr of the islands. Tokyo cave no ir.uicition as to whe-.Ser the l.'vte ti list wat part of a coordinated series of assaults designed to make good Gen. MaeArthurs solemn promise when he arrited in Australia from Bataan. "1 came through," he said, "and I shall return." Reconnaissance e;l In advance must have shown MacArthur and Halw-y aliat was to be expected in the nature of enemy opposition at fjeyte. If amphibious troops were landed on Suluan, the object obviously was to wipe out the enemy garrison there, whose guns can smeep the approaches to the gulf and would be a constant danger to American fleet units penetrating the harbor to pulverize Japanese coastal defenses. rndergrouwd 'ooperai ion What cooperation Gen. Mac Arthur can expect from Filipino patriot throughout the inlands, is of course, problematical. The Japanese on numerous occasions recently admitted having trouble with the underground force. The air attack on Manila and Clark Field was said to have been carried out by 27 American planes which went over In four waves. Targets included military objectives In the MaSnal area Itself as well as the big airport- - - Vla4iinKln Ml " L'p so a !te hour." Washington Isad not gone beyond announcement that air and naval attacks against Tokyo Announces US Bombardment Landings on Isle (Con tinned from page 1) Yet the broadcasts were circum-ftantial and contined no exagerated enemy claims. A blow at the Philippines seemed clearly to have been tn the making for the past ten days, during which Vice Admiral Marc A. llllacber's (ask forre iH pounded enemy communicaiiona and military targets on the island of Formosa to Ike north. These assaults probably slid are continuing. tturl lMry1 -lf - From what could be cleaned from Japanese versions. Mitsrher's forre Bade the series of Furxosin ttrikes to keep enemy air and natal power JlGlIT . nAIIAIIA UUUU.IS, ' snussssssssssssssnmn due to Colds mr cased, sticky phlegm loosened up, irritated upper breathing passages axe aooched and renewed, by rubbing Vicks VapoRub on throat, chest and bade at bedtime. Biased relief as VapoRub POtfTRATtS tn upper bronchial tubes with its special mriiirmal vapors, ' STtXOUTES chest and back surfaces like a warming poultice. - Often by morning most of the mis-err of the cold is gone! Remember CWfAmCBCffwT.wthi.spe- ' end double action. It's tune-tested. r-prowd . . . the best-known home VfCKS 1 me miseries of csnldfcn's colds. vo on ier ir tin accii w h f lit snip IT wl thel i das tha are I lies I lave the act sbrai I an: ras fJ ound , d t!it : the ld I iles ' her R ' kvem usl od F y raj P and tlad I Id ail 4 b aetit entirely through the young soldier's leg above the knee and tne oiner iuu-ging in his leg below the knee. According to the letter. Pvt. Morton underwent an operation soon after he was hurt. Entering the service in October of ISt 3, Pvt. Morton was sent across seas in Jul;'. 1I4. He Is an infantry - i ..i..h., fhe roecnanic aua i" i " u i . . - - service, had charge of the Marathon service station in Perrysiille. Need Phosphorus Whenever cattle begin to chew wood mangers, fence posts or stanchions it is a ten to one bet that they nsed phosphorus. Erom u4iere About the best-read books in our town are the works of Mark Twain-who wrote Tom Sawyer and Hvck Finn and all those other lovable, undying stories. And I think it's because he's the most American of all our writers. He understood his fellow men and loved them as ha loved afJ humanity. Ton may remember what he said of Tolerance and Freedom those principles bo basic to our way of life. Mark Twain believed in them, of course. He fought for them. But he cautioned: "Never A'o. 99 of a Series As American as r Huckleberry Finn i-tudents of the Newport High School and grade school received their report cards for the first siv weeks grading period of tbe year. Students whose names appeared on the honor roll for this period are: Senior Class. Virginia Athury, Lucille Holllngswonh and Hetty Keech: Juniors. Irelta ltennett. Harold Canaday. Iiretta Hucg and Donald Sager; Sophomores. Belly Adams. Beverly Arrannlth. Charlutie Arrasmith. Cloria Afhury. Im Clore." Ilarhara HoHlnsworth. Kenneth Wiggins. Evadna Rnee. Charles Stachokus and Donald Sullivan; Freshman. Johnny Murray, Jean La in berth. Jackie Burroughs. Lorraine Kelley. Delores Stevens, Rodger Keen, Marion Proffltt. Mary Katherine Jones and Byron Vincent. In the eighth grade, the honor students were Donaid McMasters, Barbara Remsburg. Charlotte Russell, Barbara Stewart and Bradley Wickens; seventh grade. Paula Dennis. Lois Burroughs, Mary Alice Fortner and Marjorie Kj'ger. Brother of New port Man Injured in Dutch Action Sergeant Henry A. Kenisburg. brother of Arthur Remsburg of New port, was seriously injured while fly ing over Holland, according to a letter received by his mother. Mrs. Emma Remsbnrg of Kentland, lnd., from tbe War DepanmenL In a letter received later from Sgt. Remsbnrg. he told his mother that be had been shot in the foot but was now recovering in an English hospital. Young Remsburg, who is a gunner on a bomber, has been in tbe service for three and a half years and was sent across seas in July of this year. inter Otis Social Newt Everyday mu William Dunkley Receives Scholarship to Purdue William J. Dunkley of Clinton, route three, was recently awarded a f ISO cash agriculture scholarship to the I'urdue 1'niversity at Lafayette from funds provided to that university by Sears, Roebuck and Company. Young Dunkley. who has been a 4-H-merober for nine years and junior leader in that organization for three, will lie able to attend the university for two terms under this agreement. Word of the scholarship was received by Mr. DunHey from V. C. Krefcjftan. associate dean of Ihirdae. DON'T SUFFER KheTs2tjc Pain Lcnger MUM "tor rm 4arf, rob rau at t lr rw. tvtafcc yea leufc atael Ui Sf on yww tame 0? UVX m imr fast. Tbr n-fe-f yam wmf W vrtrmpk that yoo will UmmI. UVX from tfc UMum of cur l-mrt. Art mum tm mrA wnvthtng rikf erf attnMT WHITE'S PHARMACY let tolerance become Indifference, never let freedom become license." From where I sit. that's timely wisdom for a troubled world whether it 2ppHes to international politics, or tnaman's right to enjoy a friendly glass of beer occasionally. For uderance respect for flu) other fellow's rights to important not just in the bis things. bnt in the little human everyday things, too. fWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ICE REFRIGERATION IS BEST BECAUSE: Copyright, 194. Brtwiaf IbJmMij ICC refrigeration fc am air eoodtiiooed refrigermior that presents the inter Itaige of food Tt'm don't nave to worry covered dishes srlien yon lee. Tow east put everything sist la the refrigerator and sure that It will remain sweat fresh ... retaining it's esra misnnn guardian i 4 F THG UJDQGS Come In. See the KWrigerwtor. Us frore That it Is Beatl ICE CO. Phone 75 the PbUippinesiWfnierapUTd. the Ry ukyu Islands ,areKpniiwlnf;t with 915 Japanese ijanes already listed as lost since the offensive began 10 days ago. American, bombers also ranged throughout the southwestern Pacific attacking shipping and other ' tar gets in the Dutch East Indies, while Allied ground troops recaptured the Important base at Tiddim In north west Burma. Confirmation of U. S. Landing in Philippines Lacking in Capital (Ceertteaea r-ns rwc 1) aneae bastion of Formosa which guards the northern approaches to the islands. Formosa is the key to the defense of not only the Philippines but also to the Japanese-held coast of China and to the enemy homeland itself. Tokyo Radio baa warned that Ame rican landings could be expected on Formosa in the not too distant fu ture. It was slightly less than three years ago when American and Fili pino forces fought valiantly nut hopelessly while the Japanese moved southward to engulf the Philippines and East Indies. During those trying days the Jap anese held complete sea and air su periority and it was comparatively simple for their modern army to move. Jam lwe Air ("ontrfd Now however, the Japanese have lost aerial control of the Far Eastern area and their fleet for many months has been In hiding from the nowerrul sea-going American task forces. Naval airmen alone In leas than the last five months destroyed more than ."' Japanese planes while 1 . S. warships and carrier-based planes sunk or damaged nearly enemy sbtjj. ' ; Summit Grove News and Notes Local People Visit In Plainfietd; Church H orber si SS Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Homer Smock and con. Donald Edward, spent tbe week end visiting Mr. Smock's daughter. Mrs. Preston Utile and family at Piaiufield. Mrs. Alice Morris visited' her con. Xelaon Morris and family at Monte zuma Monday. Mrs. Collet Harrison and daughter. Mary, and Mr. and Mrs. Emory Bonebrake attended the PTA meeting at HiJlfjIale; Tuesday evening -Pians were -dueussed for tbe (ail festival to be held there Oct 24 un der the sponsorship of the Hillsdale PTA. Mfaas Margaret Hekeitt returned to Homer, HI. where sbe is teaching I this year after spending tbe week end with her wares ts, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heskett. " Mrs. Luella liar is spent several days this week visiting her sister, Muw Mary FUUnger of Dana. Sr. M. G. Viller and Mrs. Emory Bonebraksruf Summit throve and Mrs. James Dyer and Mrs. Hay Ham-sersley of route one, Clinton, attended the Vermillion County Bun-day Kruool convention held at -the Me1hwdi Ctiumeb in Dana Thntadar. Mr. and Mrs. M. Miles and Mrs. liemiee Miller of Dailey Chapel and Mr. Joe Heit of Washington. B. C. called on Mrs. Flora Hell Thursday afteraaou. I Turkey Benefita Farf-ors now m its iavor are fee four and five year programs tor farm arid factory improvement sraieb -estwaxd - iootong Taiiey arptedl an lr decade before tiie war. AgricuHural output was increased by introduction cf new crops, by improved metiwds and maciunei, and by new lezUM. au-nr. machmery. iealaer, eement. and otiier plants snult to rnajte use ef naoy of Tuj'itey's hoine-piwiijoed Taw materials. Gasd rear's Dtseawety Charles Goodyear's disoorery m 1W was thai by the aitrtion of aullur and feeal, rubber could become fiexible and durable. This is still tbe almost universal me'jiod of vui-rniri-nf Tv&neT, wTieiner natural or srntneuc Cuemist hare kmg studied the process and constant research by the rubber companies has led to vast improvements in quality, accomplished tfarougii the addition cf ether chpmirals along nolo sulfur. ramt wistiuse Tbe wartime norta of tin has been compensated tor in an important decree by coating metal plates with paint, varnish, enamel and laeguer products m place ef tm piate. to protect them agamst rust. In tne ease of containers, tne pur pose to neip proteci vxn tents from decay or contamination, wiucb could result from coitosks) yarmj through toe melaJL Beat-ealed Eggs A recent discovery at toe Tniver-sity of Missouri called "Tnermo-Stabllization" may mean freshex egg for the housewife. ggs are dipped in hot mineral oil. sealing sneil pores and jf'f bacteria. o treated, tney ha-ve been tested by the army under torrid desert condi-tumc, and were found good far poaching after 43 days of room temperature storage. jstf Orrulatioa of Ah- PrerenJa it Food Odors! CLUITOIJ Ill Mulberry I'M? urn m Mil tm lufertiuutm I poverful; All WtATntK J1f.45E. odors. about ante job be and IX tax? If im lot wfe fix; Co ( Ji J V s , GOODVEAQ CATTERIES you ceXwS I mm T at B ysn'M drrring less XI VIZ you aad more -power in Tw txxtuKT. Eebre wiBlc r Tit atari, atop m fearc FKii t cttwrr chaci-up. . . and ana our peppy, pcnrerfuL sturdr Ali-WEATHEB atrmrfhy. Ccrpneily graat lr &anjtoojoTigiDci- LIVELY UTILITY t Qv&df&a ting, long-Hie battery tlx amall cad medium ab a cars. , M IHSPICTIOsl STATIOH w bogart STATION I I sun i rr -a m 'l L'.li tefTOU fPe ,A '- 1 sf7 " 1 Vi WHEN CALLING - WAR-BUSY .;.EcoftMr CENTERS The TESliOiird Kan is working day and night in Telephone Central Offices to keep your telephone service working smoothly. It's amazing what he can do. If there should . be any trouble on the lines, special instruments help him locate it within a few yards even though it is miles away from the testing station. This saves hours of searching by .line crews. That's more important than ever these busy war days. you may hear the Long Distance operator say "Please limit your call to 5 minutes." Thai's lo lei you mow thai tiie 1ttm are crowaed. if M r. X a n 9 irigr b xttery tna .' a i yt;t MM ' WFHC5UU TIU Nirrni & OBILGAS .H INDIANA BELL TELEPHONE COM PAN T JOE CLCL.ntj ! InnnnwannnWssBssBsnBnnnnnnn 44 asW--'

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