The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 18, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1944
Page 4
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Weilnesilay, Oelolier 18, 191 f. THE DAILY CLINONIAN Pago Tour On I i ill 1 is its THE DAILY CLMONIAN YKT OP AM mn TnFRMAN LINE Left Children, Sorry st s rr- til BafHliihril in Tlin H'n -T't CUatouinn 18M r J i .rrv'i t n . loift KVA' av?te.ti; '- Published Dally Except Saturday and Sunday 'Toon , , -i.i?v j-1 M.ieAi.-fc -vi r..r : eorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher )bi tared at the Postoffice at Clinton, Indiana By HARRISON CARROIL Hi-K l.'itfn- inli'.ll rlttT jt(jl-I-YW OD When plamnr-oils Lana Tin iur ilnns a neoi-fuckcr drem gela fimra on her Imcos and scrubs Hie lloor, for a couple of taxes." Over at rl-K-O they are shooting a scene for "China Shy" in a mountain hideout of a guerji'la chieftain. A Chinese guerrilla should live to hear such dialogue as goes on be hidUna Republican Editorial A octotloa Phone 89 Phone 32 I! 'a news. I hurry out to , - Ci - M tills week to catch; her In the a t. 11 o lit ti tmvn sT Mr tween scenes. Tall Tony Qiilnn. decked out with iuIjIk r Chinese eyelids, a thin mus-tuche and a lilue uniform that Is strict I v out of this world Is greet- fVW ftPVBUCAH 0tWm ,.iu,;illv. Land 'B r"l Thurston, who can't sfcm get away from tlnnt eyes or is playing a W AC recruit i n "W o m ens A i my." 1" this i pm tn ul:'r scene fhe Is scrubl'ieg a b'l i .T'l;s door ' under the eagle ' eye ef Director " 7:.s.rLi.LY, V.ra. Miay KW, of New York. arrrort "l a BrookH'ii, N. Y-, poiicc atnt.on urA told authorities the wanted back her two children she had left alone in a Brooklyn arnrtment several davs ao. M-s. rolJ-n told police that. "I ll work m;' unfiars off for Hum." (Inttrnationzl) I roni the nursing profession In tha movies. She was a Javanese nurse In "The .Sinry or Dr. Wassell." and she is a Chilli .se nurse in her current role. As she walks into the mountain hideout, Qiiinn fixes her with a gaze that contains more than a tribute to an Oriental Florence Nightingale, He slaps his hand meaningfully against his thigh. "That's cute," says Carol after the shot is over. "But what does It mean?" "I don't know," says Quinn. "But once I saw Douglas Fairbanks do it." Ruth Warrick, who plays an American woman doctor in the picture, smiles knowingly. "Okay," says Quinn. "So I added that little gesture. Do you blame me? Aren't you interested in your art?" "Yes, I am," says Ruth. "In MY art." LL'XKM 150 TIKI'S NKW OKDEK. The tiny Duchy of Luxembourg, under the guidance of a small group of Americans, is restoring her own laws after suffering political extinction under the Nazi invaders. ... - a ,1 rv in icu9 tt-.p Dtip.hv was oliic- Eddie Euzzell and U. White, a real WAC oliieer, who's been assigned to the picture to see that M-G-M lives up to n gulntions. ' Tins is a strange movie. Lana Tuni-.T, Loiaine Day, Susan Peters. . etc., are relegated to uniforms. Director Uiklir" Uuzzcll weais fancy cheeked sports eoa'.s and flannel , trousers. It's the Hist picture in which the director's wardrobe has cost more than the star's. . ' Okay." says Eddie. "Heckle me. , hut no i'aramount director is going ! to snoot us guvs at M-O-M. I'm go-ing to lop Mitc hell Leisen or else." j Buzzell couldn't be more parlicu-' lar about Lana's floor scrubbing if he were head janitor in the Empire State building;. '. "Bear down, Lana," he soys, "but ' Wll nug. ov, j-.-.-, ially made a part of Germany and turned over to German administrators. They took over all business, enforced the use of the At the Mooie ii.A(i: Tuesday ami Wcilneliiy "The (.irl Who Dan-d" leatur- ing l.orna Cray and I'eter Cool,- j sen opens tonight Willi chilis and j thrills at the I'alace Theatre tonight, "lieliealll Western Skies" with Bob Livingston and Smiley ' lliirnetle opens as the s eond fea Ovor at Paramount they are do-ing1 a scene for "Duffy's Tavern," where Victor Moore and Ed Gardner get tight and try to find out if don't nialte loo much with that brurii. We gotta hear the dia- j the I'Jfht really poes out when you ture. German language and abolisnea ine constitution. Before German occupation there were an estimated 41,000 workers, out of a population of about 300,000. Thirty thousand citizens were deported, some put into German labor battalions and others held as political prisoners. Others were liquidated. To increase production, especially of steel, the Nazis imported 6,000 Russian men and women, about 2,000 Poles and 1,000 Spaniards anxious to get out of a Franco concentration camp. The invaders abolished well-organized unions and either killed the leaders or sent them into concentration camps. f.'iuse me uuor ui an kiwiiiv itriug-erator. Moore crawls into the icebox specially built by the Paramount COI. I Mill Tuesday ail Vedm -day Busides rehearsals, they do four j takes on this scene. Hollywood's j favorite sweater fciri works like a horro , "Th l eal nr. Si'.tli in ih" series o films from HKO Had Curse of the Cat I'eople' ; property department) and Gardner I finepd lVi ilfuir fnr a minnt thpn Dutch housewife. ' The only difference is that, after t ng -t "What happened?" asks Gard- ner. and family. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. llyron Anderson and daughter. Maeel Marie, went to Newport, Sunday. Taking a Backward Glance "My ' "I don't know," says Victor. Simone Simon. Kent Smith, -lai Kandolph and lilll" Ann Carl, in a pulse-tingling story of a li tie gill's fancies and their unfot' seen consequences. ",I a m Session." Columbia newest musical jamboree wit Ann Miller. Jess Barker, Nc Wynn and six of the nation's t 2aeh scrubbing, a prop-man comes jp with a limn towel for her to .vine her hands on. I don't know whether anybody -Slue is having fun, but I am. "Did you ever have a scrubbing brush in your hand before?" I ak Lana. "Oh, sure," she says. "I used to earn my livin that way." "You're still earning a pretty 1 ill 1ST V YK.VItS ' NOT MEN BUT MACHINES. glasses fogged over." Moore is a wonderful screen drunk. He's as funny as a real drunk THINKS he is. Cardner, who's the top man in the radio program, "Duffy's Tavern." turns to me and says: "I might as well forget this ! Mitt TOIIA Y TWllXTY YIMIW ;) TII.V Campaign High w.tot .lust Ahead president Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, store to see, the newly fitted establishment. Saturday. More than seven hundred carnations were given as favors to the ladies, and yet they didn't hold out till the bands, swings onto the screen f rVvlnmViio TTnivprsil V. warns that VOca-! wrv Ina-miine Lwiure as tiie se Two of the principal meetings ihe Columbia Theatre ond feature tonight of the present campaign are to he tional training is quite distinct from eriu-! Those who heard itw. Krank onrl Rhnnl.-l altvava be subordinated Nathan, the former Itussian Jew, scene and try to get my laughs lend. There were sewral hundrcu I i ; (1,,. course of 1 lie day -rno'l li'. njr at it." I "Yeah," she replies. "H it weren't j later on." Army Telegraph Demonstration ol the teiegrnph': value for military purposes during the Civil war gave the signal corpi experience which resulted in thf builcing of an extensive army net held at the capitot t neuter, i ties-day night and Wednesday night of the coming week. For Tuesday evening, the democrats will have Dr. Carlo-ton B. McC ill loch here for a speech. It is reported there will be a hand M.on fill Hie and evening, who did not carry a-way the flowers. The pretty room, with its mahogany-finished eases and woodwork, the hiighily polished silver, brass, gold and glass articles, the articles, the flowers and the music, all made a very attractive difnlay and appeal. Personal Mrs. .1. I.. Hayek and children, Louise and Oliver, went to Villa ;rove for a few days' visit, work linking frm.'.icr posts OIU ailU ei,o,,n . ... - - - ,.,i,ice ; who is at present an active cims- to the methods and iaeals of liberal cduca- tiiii Ba. R was ..(Ui, a tr,,ar tion If not, he says, "Its products will not L,l(i , only entertaining hut in- be men, but machines". "ir ::,,;:'!.";0 s The veteran educator also takes oc-. t.,wlllKt hil(, ,,. t0 teii. casion to denounce so-called progressive ,.' h1() Uiem tin :30. but most education as "a most reactionary philoso-j everybody seemed to be i'inB phy" and admits difficulty in understand- W Z! ing how EUCh a "preposterous doctrine j t iaiiUy is an intensely interesting, pver received acceptance by intellectual ; as an unioue personal experience. . , and what he told was instructive. mindS. lHg pi, in(j information rewarding We are not expert enough upon eciuca- 1h(, cusloms j his native country, tional problems to exactly define the "pro- He wore some of the native shawl gressive method" but we understand thai ""e wrmt, he spoke. . ft ua hon nuit si vnp-iie in this nation . K''ssl'-'" ,s; Canning; Asparagus To can lor.?, pieces of asparagus, cut btalks the liht length to fit upr:;:ht in containers. Tie in bundles and p!;;ce upright in kettle with boil-ing water to cover lower part of s'.i ikn. O ver tightly and boil two minutes. Pack hot in containers, removing string as asparagus slips into container. Add one-half teaspoon suit to each pint Cover with boihng water. Process at 10 pounds pressure: No. 2 cans 30 minutes, ; i;.t jars and No. 3 cam 35 minutes, iiuui jars 4U minutes. house. It is believed probable the geiucrr.cnis. iu - democratic nominee is popular . until commercial companies sr-0; . enough with his constituency and ally extended About 1M that enough voters belonging to ' the corps was operat, u i other parties will want to hear j ."lies of telce-raph inc. Iilm to give assurance of a large I eo,T S also connec cd i' ' - ; Mr .,11.1 Mrs. Berkley Wrigm Asparagus Casserole To prepare four servings of or-paragus casserole use six hard-cooked egs, two cups of coihed asparagus, two cups medium wh:te sauce, seasoning and k Lit k red crumbs. Cut c;'gs in quarters te ".'l-wise. Place layer of crumb;- in lettered baking dish. Add alternate layers of cooked asparagus and Elices and top with white sauce. Season to taste, cover with cruets and fcai:e in a moderate oven decrees) 2r miir.i'.es. L;.ke in individual eai:;cj-(ilcs if des red. 1'irsl Commodore Com. John Barry, iirat commo-Hjrc of the co;Uir, ni;d navy, went in ; ea at the igc cf 11. He was one i the fi:.;t mereiiant marine of-:iccrs eonnripyinned by the eunli-uentjl coiu;re.--s for defo!;:;e of the ( oU-nies. Cape Hatic-rus. 137 mi'e. away. or Cromptou Hill visited Mills in l Ilise of Jacksonville .M rfs. I jK stronger at other things than Sun- at making a speech hut he is cred- j .. iicii wiiti saving tilings worth i. iicto .v. 7 , ; isitiil Ity 'l llOuaIHl UilJ. j Miss Annis Caleliz. of Danville. I while, in a business-like way. vhited her father, lsreal Oalenz. I Monday Kvening and her uncle, Thomas Llewellyn , lied Cross Meet ' Held linjiorfaiit While it may contain some improveu it-1 More than ,Geod Sweetener Hony. because of its colloidal character, is an ideal sweetener for mayonnaire. thousand people Kessler Jewelry went into the S(ak Soil Instead of try in;; to v. :iter Die cn tire gurrion on the .s;irne day, or evening, coiifcnlrale on vie puilion. ar.d give it a thorouah sonicit;??. ui ieuM a font dov.n. Ne:l duy, try rnotlicr prt. Such suakii l.!:uuM last a week, and the wa;cr will not be coid very lonu. It is the hope of J. w. itoni) county president, and others t, In the Red Cross organ niques in imparting miormation iu students, there is grave danger that moral, social and spiritual values will be overlooked in the process of making education CR OSSWORD -. - - By Eugene Sbeffer ization continuing to function, for . Oak Species Nineteen ol the 20 species cf oak are found in North Carolina. HAVEN p I thank heaven, has still been left to t-o', v.-i'i- i-s Where did he go?" - county needs, that interested elt-i izens will attend the annual meet- Ing Monday night. It will be held in the Clinton chamber of com-I The lied Cross helps keep the jmcree rooms at 7:10 o'clock. , I county health work going. i( , helps keep a pari time secretary lie-,; mpn's claims and other cases (on the job looking alter ex-serv-. needing attention, and it helps ; hailed. K.ive D::n'."' sh FY NO PS IS nidi p(f,,i';'f -ii, lilt ,u Ci. u in hei abrupt Tiie lawyer controlled himself j naiid : Wd NfCK fiKV.V'IJ.'S. e!i : I? and S lid quietly, "Suppose l flon l "Why should 1 know?" "Can t you be frank?" i: Cambridge, Mass. Dr. Ernest A. Hooten, Harvard Anthropologist: "If women had run the affairs cf the world for the past few thousands of years, they could hardly make a worse mess of them than the men have." Omaha Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker: Warns against complacency in the war effort: "Our only hope of bringing the Axis powers to their knees is to keep up the pressure against them." Mo... Vr,.-lr Tirnprrl Havuch: "The dealing wiih local l i.'i ini.'il'ii t" v;ii mat-'iially .-autioLiS. ' d s y tier c; ' . -l. l : ic3"fs il hy litt : He w: ta! wit 1 1 L CM Jig iit of of with her. lire. -i-s in tr.e lanip. "Don't curt now. Vol. j-,-. hut Hi? ','I:A. v.ho Uvea he sir.vt Yuu'ic ni in i m i r i5 w r i6 r r p l A 12- '3 I m lMl. -Ml P 16 27 18 2? "2T I s r- ZtZZS!i 11 ' i ur.t. l.;nur .il i.a-.;ia is ii'.-- I ill-- IS S: mi ! fa - :i irmir Htp.'uce. ol his uLUpuheif, ub cr;:i brullicr. D N . . . "On iittme occasions, yes. "I see." The little woman drew n -rsclf up. "You're telling me to iv.ind my own business. Well, there is'.?; new in that. I've been to)d far more bluntly before." He couldn't help smiling a little. "I am not rude by intention, Miss Withers. I don't know where IJan has gone or if he has gone. He isn't at home, but that isn't proof of anything. 1" my case, I wouldn't send him away. I want htin here with me. If you can find out. where lie s gone I il appreciate your tell-in-r me. I find it hard to believe that he dumped Miss Witaoo into the water." The little woman sniffed. "Laura will tell yon. She saw it. Everyone in town saw hir' carry her up the street. He wouldn't let anyone else :rll f!l TP' YF cliriii-s. Mist l.sahW Jlonre of liruzil. lmi.. and .Mrs. Jcii- Douglas of 'ihe Clinton Hoi"l hit for Chicago v .-t rd.iy where 1 liey will - syend a U w das viitint. : liobert IJhucc. who in :itt"nd-in;r I'urdu university at Lalay- rue, 1 ;id. h spending t he wet'k-i :;d in f'i'vttm with iiin giandpar- t-.)L-i. lr. and Airs. J. 1.. Horn, y ,f -t-ect. Mr. i,i'i Mr:-. Johnson, of i e mt) vfti snwi, and Mr. and I .' 1 .'k. !.. M. Silverman and m'ph- ! ew i-nri Joiin lli.'m-r droc to : ( lii. ill tm: -"!- 111., lodav where 'iiey at' -prl'-d ti ' I ilinois- Miehiua:. IMI-..I- and vi:-hed wltli Albert :,; on a"d Nfjrinan Siix'rnian. n ui" att.'ndnur l! univor- DAY: Hieut .'!'. - ill" ):,n "n f run er mu.-t'liave told you v-iiat tne '--l:-:e Iov.t.' ta".t:ag nloat." Yull 1-r.ow e-ury'.iiir.g. uon'l you. ! M:s '"i'.oers "" ( uiie thrust t'-.e sarcasm sUi. "1 i try to know all I can. I'm intc-rcst-'ej in j eojiie. I always v;U be. Life wouieht oe v.orlli anytiii"::. wise. I don't consider eatinjt and jclfOinif w.uili for mo. Ano I have tr.o s'vii,r,al!iy lor people who are so ?Hf-s"tUr:rii that they're not inter-j e.-i fi m oticrs." "An original point of view. Miss YYit:! i s.'' "Us net. It's nn rely human. If you v ereiit' ip.tere-.sted in a f;irl like peace can be just about what America j makes it, for we are first among the na- j tions of the world." j ' New York Admiral Chester W. Ni-j mitz: "Freedom and justice cannot prevail j without authority, and when civilization; ia menaced by international gangsters; Aiiiie. CHAPTER EIGHTEEN DAN WAS hesitating about j what to do as he stood in front cf Mrs. Reynolds' house, when some-j me touched his arm and i li;ht . nice behind him said, "Can't you j u - your mind whieli of them -. ,He best'" He turned to sec. Withers Inokn up at h:m. i . ,, Mifs Withers." He rpol-.e as , iw-niion ot lier nair.e meant ! 1 An.-.e Vi:!on alter a long oose ui lloltloMAL C. U 7 .f- ititif.j: it i ie r i- ti: 1 M. slight t..-j'l--l'H'.5 55. f :n iU- i hort 1 KIR AL af .ut do it. though he should have been worn out from the long swim. It happened way out toward the lighthouse." He asked what he had been wanting to know: "Does Arme I mean Miss Wilson say Dan tipped her over deliberatelv?" .tiu.c to Salvaire Old Blanket blanket is U n'd for re?jlar ?h u end then salv?' od 1 I If, I use. in U.O utes of ltw. "1 a fo;irne ttivc uf 10 you. 1 tr.oui.t i u ti si "That s just it. She doesn't ay t'-ms ar.d n:: !;f o:Tie;h;:iS e;;.'l.ii h. !-). laij:e er. uh can be n;d all around, and made imo ) lirat. anything at all. Everyone else has talked their heads off and pushed over her and sympathized with her. and all she savs is that tt was an I tain Markets. Len narrow str.;-s f.'l vn t there is but one authority superior military power." WITH U. S. SEVENTH ARMY IN FRANCE Cen. George C. Marsha!!. U. S. Army Chief of S' ;.:'': "I hope to see the finish of things on ti.i:; front at the earliest . possible moment." Washington Pjvk!H r.t R'xi-evek on the death of Wend.! L. Willi-it: "In tin.,; hour of grave cris's, the n-ttion low a , great citizen through his u:.i"iely pass-1 inS" . j Tacoma, Wash. 5ov. John W. I.rick-' er. Republican Vice iUei'tia! nomine:, "The New Deal cannot be trusted to pro- j vide productive peaeetine jobs in the. bugaif , ,ed. "I'm honored. ' lie so uui.icill? Do you 'in onig to rusii aroui.J and ibooy yuu v.ere out here : in at Anne WiLson?" .1 into step be.siae her. "Are i, sure I wasn't peeping at be tivcd ti r:; h',,,-:i d. If the blanket mficly m- faded, but wi'ho1.' torn (ire;..-;. accident and she is glad Dan U". ! thu ru::.-h' brought her in. A. she wants now is to be let alone, probably. My own opinion is that she enjoyed it. She's like you. She hasn't been quite hu Laura well, I wouldn't be ij.unsied in you. I like people that are human. That's why I al-! v.-avs liked Dan. He always kept I d: nw.-iFimir what he was ' to do n,.-a. lie was stimulal ir.p. He i - ive vou sonu '.hi:;g to think ' about."' "And talk about?" ! 'Yes. and talk about." Her eyes: twinkled. "You ea't hurt n.. feel- j incs. Russell Smith, even if you i are so clever a lawyer. When it j conies to that kind ot thine, any j woman can beat any lawyer, or; even the chief justice of the su- j prenie court of the United Elates ! That's a mouthful, isn't it? No v I ! want to ask you a serious ouestion. j That's w hy I was coming to see vou. Where is Dan?" I "Why shouldn't he be home?" "Oh, vou lawyers. Can t you be ! human? Can you say you weren't I mad at him for dumping Ar.e into; ;l. river, even if he did ;n;ll her j out ? Can't you say you plid him j to run away aain and not cut in on you when you're making ur your ni:n-1 '' "Miss Withers!" "That's niv name. And I m not ' Mind. Russe'i Smith. Dr,n left heron ate kf er:.oon truia w inch., i u (juu -e . L,aur;i V. ' you t - n.alx a unering f"r it 1mm thc ia :i it have bi euine Iiki worn for re,J-h.r use .m the bed. Anr-hnr the euei by cnsK-r:s.ys rows of stitch.3 ..r by lying loops of eei'.rfint yarn thro.iyh ad the iarri! ,,f tloth. j ,, i mil', a.f.i, i man up to now. She's acted as if she always had something at the v mre. No reason at all for ;.(-) st Laura. You're er.- to her. Or aren't you'r Thefe : ine never can be sure of, (j-ase davs back of her mir.d. Thoughts belong up front where you don't brood over them but spit them out. Now if Dan had only come to ner today and let her smack him once, tiien " r ! A i -ei: A : u ; ' existed 7. .jiininut ive lor Nam:y 'y. t iver in .swiiz.-rland r;2. viper lahored nnpi'i.s i iri f 'i ir.a: kct pla.-.s :M evn h'd ;,7. .'i')n;ift.-T 4'. malt drink 4'.',. .-auey 44 fxpennr-nt -. 47. JapTH C COi.l 41 expire 11 0.;-n'S hr-ther uZ. i ivlix; of "L-n't that rather an extreme 1" !.. ..V Si I idea?" cut in Russell. "o. It s lust common sense Aided by I-'r,t Some veLVTrei: fi'ven a su-l.erior liiivi:r by light frost: euliines. i:ale. a'.d endive anions them. hr.ii sets srrouts. the favorite Cntitli vegclabie. is exclusively a fall crop in this country, and will thaw o-Jl alter a bard freeze and remain edible. Lule cabbage usually docs better than early; kohlraoi and tur-nips have a much longer harvest thiURa that." He .! atir-oyed. but he kept In slow step hisi'le her. He wanted to say on-. tlitnf;. but wasn't certain -just w to say. Miss Withers was ; a strange person, thotif-h he re- ' mcmbered his mother had; ' said no cue sl.cild get the notion- that M:ss VVitluis was merely a cheap gossip, the was-sometli'r: m eh n.ore than t-iat. j He Khfw it now as they -.valKed iio: ti.iiM. At On she ; S ! lO'N Ej. c i" people don't have that mint: Ici.i nejiiniam United States." New Orleans E. Ura-?aHnu. Chancel-"lor to former King Carol of Romania: "King Carol has instructed me c pay that he does not wish ever to see America again." Kevins: delivered this dictum, . she toss' i her head and walked atf.l (lu lie CouLinurdJ of Miltition: S7 nimute. . i'iluit3 cridi..i'.i-. lu. Average lin i .a, hy K.i 3' ! :n. C.-.l it!-)

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