The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 18, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1944
Page 2
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Wednesday, October 18, 19M. Tage Two ( IIIE D A I L Y CLINTONIAN t t o km.; 11 y.y.'Lv the tropical liurriehue touring over Cuba. WAfe?' WHAT WAR? THESE GVS LISTEN TO SERIES Hurricane Heads For Florida, Hits At Havana, Cuba MIAMI. Klit. The Cariblx-iiii Aachen is Cilv Of Desolation Afler Shelling (Continued P ni rage I) hurricane headed today for Florida j KIOY WEST. Fla. High winds swept over Key West today, uprooting trees and bowling over signs, as a tropical liurrieane moved slowly northward. Key West Avas without electric power. Fleet ricians announced they had pulled the main switch as a precautionary measure, after the winds had disrupted oeveial circuits. troop, I he American Legion Post, the Newport High School hand and the various women's organizations may be secured to take part in the parade. A committee composed of V. N. Asbury, John C. i'ickell, M. J. Peterson, all Lions Club members; Hoy Hush, chairman of (lie American Legion; Miss iieity Simpson, girl scout leader with Miss Knth Klinor Ilurge. assisting; and Miss Mickey Van Sickle, pulilicity chairman, has been appointed by Mr. Wiggins. The presidents of each local women's club will be asked to organize (heir individual groups, he said. "The higger the belter." Mr. Wig-t!inu emphasized us he explained that not only the local organizations are wanted to take part in the Navy Day celebration, but individuals as well, lie also added that due to the ins. Swiftly moving jeeps streak in ihe direction of Ihe Cathedral, their iiUM-hitie. guns "at n :idy" and the back Beat piled with ammunition and other supplies. Urst Aid Station A Red Cross flax on a first aid station hangs soppily in a drizzle which seeps through tin; broken building when1 front lino medical men set up shop. In one hotine a Iiiiko Sui flag is being used as a carpet. In the entrance of a corridor some playful Gig have been using a picture of Hitler and writing pens for a game of darts. I Several mortar teams are doing Green Vegetables Green vegetables supply vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. Their liberal use in the diet helps make tlie body resistant to bacterial infection, whets the appetite and helps to prevent tooth decay. Recent research has shown that deficiency of Vitamin A in the diet affects night vision and makes driving at night much more hazardous, loo. allri was eNjiecieil to sinne l no niaui-tu nil momentarily with furious (.-ales ranniliK from Oil lo 7.) niilrs all hour. The weal iter htireau ordered hur-rieane tiKnalH hoisleil frinil the lower Florida iicdIiihuIu. InrludiliK .Miami, north lo Vero Ih'arh and Dayto-na lieaeh on ( lu east coast and to Tauina on the west coast and to the Cedar Keys still larlher north. Warnings also were tfh'en j01-Okeechobee ixcloll In ciulral Florida. The storm, which was centered over t'uha at the time (he warnings were issued, was expected to be accompanied by exeessivly high tides when It hit the Florida Keys this vicory said: forenoon. The weather bureau ad-"Tlio winds will gradually increase during the day. attaining full hurricane force as far north as Tampa tliis afternoon or early tonight. Gales will prevail along the east coast as far north as Dayiona Beach this afternoon and tonight." scarcity of time, labor and materials "V l N Jilt- C t 1 "i V, ' J , " it was very doubtful as to whether Newport would have a float In the parade. The parade which is due In Clin-: ton at 7 p. m. will start at Perry s- 1 ville picking up the various other Gardeners Trick Mixing garden seeds with a small amount of talcum powder makes the seed easy to see and space on dark soil. parades in the county on its way down. Immediately following the pa ru ile. a Na vy Da y p rog ra m will be held in the Clinton High School gymnasium with a special speaker AT FIRST JIONOFA business in a garden patch, lobbing shells into enemy positions two blocks away. One big blockhouse erected to defend the town now is a hospital for Army and civilian wounded. Its 1". foot concrete walls are patterned with shallow pocks where shells struck and riehocheled harmlessly. City Silent, Ohostly The constant boom and heavy crash of guns is audible but even so the city seems silent and ghostly. Civilians keep out f sight and soldiers seldom are s.jh. NEW YORK. X. Y. Press wire- lpew roi7i mini irm imiu with Hnvanii V.'.R PIAY5 SECOND FIQiHE for a couple of hours on the Siegfried Line in Germany as Yanks o a broadcast of the world seivs game. One Yank keetis score on the pillbox in background. Tin. (a an official United States Signal Corps radiopholo. (International Soundphoto. use! ' were cut off completely today by Cold PrepaiafioDij3$j.diitit from the Navy Department as the guest of the evening. A dinner will be held in the Half Century Club roams at 6 p. m., nu hour before the parade. Donald Clark of Cayuga was appointed by T. L. McDonald of Clinton, county Navy Day chairman, to organize both the town of Cayuga and also Perrysville. County servicemen who are home on furlough are invited to attend both the parade and program. Have a Coca-Cola -The family welcomes you Newport to Take Part in County's Navy Day Parade NEWPOKT Tentative plans for Newport's participation in the Xay Day parade to be held in Clinton. Fuehrer Admits Allies Breach German Border (Continued from page 1) ! Real Estate Transfers talks on foreign policy had been heightened by the possibility that one or both of the candidates may take a stand on the question of whether, under the Dumbarton Oaks plan for world peace backed by force, diked States forces should h" allowed to go into action wilh- at specific permission from Coii-f.r- ss on each occasion the proposed I'nited Nations Council considers it necessa ry. JiaH ( alls for Views C. S. Senator Joseph Ball. Minnesota Republican, has asked the rival nominees to slate their views on t hat subject . Neil her has done so yet and both may decide that international negotiations on world Friday nigh I . Oct. 27, a re bei ng made this week, according to Attorney M. C. Wiggins. Navy Day Chairman for both .Newport and Dana. Members of the Newport Uons' Club will sponsor this town's part iu the parade and it is hoped by the chairman that i lie cooperation of the local boy scout troop, girl scout Jlary Seprodl et ai to Frank Mistier lot 93 Knowles Heights add. to Clinton. $1. Irena E. Armstrong et al to James O. Hanner. trustee to re-convey lots 7 and 8 Taylor's add. to Dana. $1. James O. Hanner. trustee to re-convey to Annie Williams et al lots 7 and 8 Taylor's add. to Dana. $1. Adelben P. Flymi et ux to Albert A. Jenkins et ux N4 lot 16 block 5 original plat of Dana. $1. Mosa Buffo et al to John Davito lots 202 to 210 inclusive. 214. 210. 259 to 264 inclusive Jacksonville. $1. Claude C. Loniax et ux to Robert peace plan have not yet reached the stage where the question must be determined one way or another. ioti1 'mvM M-- Mv9 Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Raj 235'! Blackmab charge that "Jewish international enemies" were dedicated to destitution of the Ueieh and the fieiman peoile. Against this menace, he said, every beardless youth in the land and every male adult up to Co must immediately place himself under orders of a military body nominate 1 to command the so-called "Volk-sturm" or Peoples' Army. Hitnmler Speaks At the same time Heinrieh Himui-ler. (.iestapo chieftain and now h -ad of internal (Jernian defense f'or-:e;. spoke to a Nazi meeting in Kast Prussia, making his own first nationwide broadcast since l!t;'.T. The (iestapo ehif. speak in tr in the presence of Field Marshal Wil-helm Keitel, Col. tlen. Heinz (iud-r-ian and other hinh military officials, called upon the German people to "arise the enemy stands at your borders." Hitler's proclamation- then as read out to - (lit1 authoring. It was ' his first admission, many weeks lit'1, Engineering Development Like other equipment for mechanized warfare, tanks could not have developed but for the earlier invention of gasoline and other internal combustion motors. Another necessary factor was the greater ground grip of track-IaN'mg treads, invented in the Unifed States and first used on farm tractors. This also made the use of larger field guns possible. J , MONUMENTS A Complete Line 0 For Service I)rop t's A Card E. W.Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Walmsli Ave. Terre HauU', IndUua . . .or greetng new and old friends Unexpected visitors can be expected in wartime. Sons bring borne their wives. Soldiers on furlough drop in without notice. New neighbors come to call. And you can play host on a moment's notice when you have Coca-Cola on hand in your refrigerator. Have a "Coke" says Welcome . . . makes new and old friends feci at home with you and yours. - ' POmeD UNDER AUTHOWIY )f IH COCA-COLA COMPANY IV TERRE HAUTE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Davidson et ux pt. 27-16-9. $1. I Fred Carlin et ux to Hugh F. Harbin lots 59-00 West Clinton Junction. $1. I William Roberts et ux to Clement Raysinger lot 85 Commercial Club add. to Clinton. $1. Honuie Dempster to John W. Reeder el ux pt. out lot 17 Clinton. II. John S. .Myers et uv to Kap4 J. Kii gura el ux pi. :t.'l-l 7-1 0. $1. o 4 It's natural for popular tmuiM Ho acquire friendly abbrcvia- y . M . (??tt4n Plat i Many foundries how utilize plastic pattern platHTToT mounting plates made of raw materials- These are used in the actual casting operation. l tiorn.. Thai'b why o heat , I GoL-a la called "Cc'.?-. I Mike Miller et ux lo Frank Rev-esy lots 7 and 8 Sliew's add. to Uni ySrg- Mia My best Friends were amazed v my I improved LOOKS Energy.. Pep! versal. Jl. I Jasper C. Coleman lo Russell 11. Wilson et al pt. lots 1-4 and 5 in lilock 24 original plat of Clinton. $1. Grnydon Kendall el ux to Henry Taparo el ux pt. lot I .M. M. Whit-comb's atid. lo Clinton. $1. Daisy Adams el al lo Roy Williams lot 10 D. H. Miller s 4th add. to St. Bernice. f. Orville L. Adams et ux to Gerald Robertson et ux lot 54 Zenor's add. to Newport. $1. Announcing the new management of the former ... COLEMAN AUTO CO. FORD GARAGE that Allied troops have "reached" the frontier of Nazi (iermany. I Set I "p in Districts j "I herewith order: "1 To set up in all gaus (dis-1 tricts) of the greater (ierman Ke:ch the Herman '-voikst urm'. com prising all able-bodied nun from the ;i"es of 1 li to (lt. ; "This voikst rum will defend ur! home soil with all weapons and all means insofar as they are suitable to that purpose. i "2 The gauleiters (district hvd-1 era) will be entrusled with the eg-1 tablishment and command of the (Ierman volkstrum. In this task they will be assisted by the most capable organizers and leaders of the welt-proven bodies of the party, of the 1 SA and SS and the NaiionaJ. Socialist Motorized Corps and the Hitler Youth. j f-'ollow Army ode "3 I herewith appoint the chief of staff of SA Srhepinneitn. inspector of rifle training, and corps leader of the National Socialized .Motorized Corps Kraus inspector of nrntor technical training. "4 All members of the (ierman volkstrum are during their service under the army code." , ,tm9 COURT NEWS Hearing was had hi Vermillion Now the WILSON JUSTICE - OSELLA Circuit Court oil the petition of John (Iambi!! of St. Bernice vs Kli'rieda flainbill to modify their divorce decree and the cause was taken under advisement. .Mr. Uamhill alleges the son has been with iiini this past summer and is now enrolled in the St. Bern ice schools. He also asks the conn to relieve him of furl her payments ti the mother Ur his support. His inoihcr lues in Detroit, and was p ven t lie custody of the children when the divorce was granted several years at;o. - 0 SALES AUT 335 South Third Street .... jow s Phone 427 Clinton, Ind. 17 Promote the flow of vital digestive juices in the stomach Drwrv to Sprak In .New York On Foreign Folicv tContln'jea rroin pace 1 (iov. Uewey called for a mm -pu 'tisiiii Pearl Truitt of Melt township was ; granted a divorce from .Mack Truitt . in Vermillion Circuit Court on . i: rounds of cruel and inliuman r.ienr. .Mrs. Truitt was awarded the custody of their sou. Kussell lti, :uid 2 Energize your body with RICH, RED BLOOD! PRESENT SERVICE INCLUDES ' All Lines of Garage Work and Repairs " Complete Line of Genuine Ford Auto Parts Clinton's Finest Used Car Values ' General Repairing and Service M v Truitt ordered to pay $20 on tli 1st mid l-'ith ol eiicli month lor ii siijouiii e was also ordered lo p.t . ? t on iilimony. Tin- couple w as married Nov. lit, l'.t and sepiiratefl Ji ty 2i;. I!MI. .ipproueh in ihe ' jtih or- InnldiflL: ;i Winid pelief nrtitlll.iitinll. a Ljh'M v-hieii he reiteiiiied in several $nu- S llelit f-iie- ehe-;. hi he. Si. Luiii Uik Mottday n 1 1; hi . liotte er. he lasl.ed ill fur III' t usf tune iii ('resident iloose-eliV hnndhiiK ol' inieniiitioiial n-la-titms. a.-sertini: thai our repre.-etn a-iu. ii in many furej.mi ceuturies ha-; he. n "lireuiihi io ilie hriiiK el' t ('Union haf- been I tt ill i 1 1 is ( I ;i 1 1 l ol the e- nun her. Meh:-ha A. Hu-i i, ahtl luih mveti 1 Mt ell.! 1( untied o! lie . de.'eji lillllli . Improper diet, overwork, undue worries, colds, the Jiu or oilier illness often impairs the stomach's digestive functions and reiiuces the red-blood strength. A pprsou who Is opr:itlnt: on only a 70 to Y'"i healthy bidod vo.uine or etuninrh dhii'stn e cnjiui-ity (if ui;ly b J to 6i'i normal l briT4-ly lianrlh appi'tl. Al uch initio Nuiurc ii-n-- t le lp to reeture it tiiiutm-c niift Itiin tiult piujj-?rly. t'ii(imtid Itied p:;u- a i.ix ii the BVtti'iti ... nifUflii it'iit biooil ftlri'iiglii U uVtiiim ill ts KH"i lu-ii'll. If you lire nilij-'i't t) jwnr d:pist!oii or upt.'t drlii-icnt rii-. ). o ul it-, the ciiu-c ol yeur t:.K.u:e. s-t v i.:'- purir rompHciit itili or Itn-ul it . f-: ion. b.-6 Tonic i..v ho Ju.-t li.t von iii't'.i! fSS TulilC lb r: ptv la. V lU -i n-'.1 1' to rr. n,Mfr tn flow o( VITA!. UK-l'-STIVE Jt'lCF!) in Ihr (.toiimrh t'.u lo bu. t-UP 1M.OOP bTlitNviTl! Winn tii-Ii.-K Tlunf two nmHirittnt ru s in.ti; tou lorttjev tin food youdoi-.i1 u inwke u-.e ol It us Na' ure muntt- ! 1 1. us ou nmy r-t tww vitality . , - ; . . . Ucumr ttimiiuted . . . more attrut-iuc! Build Sturdy Health and Help America Win Thnu'suids ai'd Lhoufliul- of have liMltied IO IMP li. nrli' SSS 1 onir.: lro'K-lit to h'-m and t-'-tentmr rts . li i-lio thHt It K-'ts r.Ull.s tual-a win iiijinvtaVSSS Tonic bu:U1s srordy BODY WORK LUBRICATION PAINT WASHING SIMONIZINC ' I'.ottt Co l)eve lilld l'l'e.sident i:..o-e..! will diM'UKM loielll poliey ' i liis wi'i-li, i he former ttm irhi and j t!ie hitter mi Saturday nit-'ht. j I rl'MiDS IO the KepuhliCiUI ! iu)ieiie-' are rountint; heavily on ihe I ?peeeh ilu-ir eandidate will make 1 Friilay niuhr in riMshurnh and those ; he will deli'.el" lalef in New Yoi'li ' slate. firil'fiili 1 unr ral Sr i'rs Set For Thursday Afternoon Kumral n-r ir-en i'.r Kliner I. Orif-' t:h. -".7. en ill. tn ejtijdoe in lite I ' S xti eminent nt t'ainp A ' I'-rh ty. ind.. w ill he held at ;. .n ThurMl;i. al the Uelhlehem t r.ite.l Uierhnn Chtireh t I'niver-i-.;l. K"v. Kdw.nd K. ItusheM, pastor o! The Kahili Chnsiiun Chtireh ol Indianapolis w ill oifieiaie and hur- cu VorK. I'eniisvh itnta IWf-ive Rose lawn Memorial ;i. l will When They're Again on the Market We Will Handle FORD MERCURY TRUCKS and TRACTORS CLINTON'S MOST COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE - inak ma tttM UK" youwu ! Those persons helieve the emn-' paiyn is hoiiinir down "to a I'Ottit j where the 7 electoral i !t-s repre-! rented hy New York and I'ennsyl-: vania will determine ihe outeonie. , They alo are coiiviiic.'d ihat. i.a of t tlie present, neither e;ndida'e has a dt ui; t orofc 1 1 i 1 u nd 20 oz. sues a j Park. j Mr. i;riffith died suddenly of i heart attack .Monday in a hotel . Oohimhus. Ohio. The body was returned to the Frist Funeral Home Wednesday aeciaea aaiamaw m enner state, morning and v. as taken to the home Gov- also ,ia!J J,,ok'n "np of thp brother. Kd Griffith. I'niver- ' in 'f nnsyh ania Oet. . at I'hila- 1MB W ediu-sda1-- ee"ii K Qeipnia ana aif-irs iook up on his i-oniin- s; t-ech n 1 rr.-hiirjii helps LuiiJ STURDY HEALTH j Classified Ads SeU Most Anythbj campaign. Interest in the iltlT I l.i.l lii

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