The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 17, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six 1 THE DAILY CLINTONI AN Tuesday, October 17, 1944- HER FAVORITE DOLL Card of Thanks I Red Airmen Hurl Attack at East Prussian Defenses however, made slower gains and required an extra 15 day feedlnK period to reach the 2u9 pound weight in comparison with those fed protein supplement with corn and minerals. A full report of this experiment may be obtained by writing to the animal husbandry department at Purdue, 3lr. Peterson concluded. BUSINESS SERVICES Rales for Classified Atfs zzi Paid Notices f i -'2 7279 rT filled out carefully and completely and returned in inon or by mail lo Ibe Clerk not more lhan 30 days nor less lhan two days before the election. The ballots will then be mailed by the County Board of Election Comissfoners to the voters at the address stated and requested in the application. A return envelope accompanies tbe ballots. After marking bis ballots and sealing them in the return envelope, the voter should, in the presence of a notary public, carefully fill out all the blanks on Ibe outside of the envelope sien in the notary's presence and have the notary fill out the acknowledgement. OCTOBER SPECIAL: S.S OIL permanent J 4.SW; Kbampoo and suliios in I ha capture of several Hair style f l.a. Arebe Hair- Flnt dr ltlloa: Ic for tint Patriate. Adansson's Ikau aaa ding Uae m eoiaaxa KMk Uk towns tT (be two Red column. driT-iS upon the port from Ibe vesl and soul b vest. toriiun. JSiSi Soulb MaiB. Phone S02. 1)4 COLUMBIA Next two days uraerfJoa: the asi The conn muni que. bowerer, did a chare (! ( Hue day at FODiD A LARGE STOCK OP sot become specific In relating far Goodyear Car. Track aad Tractor into the coat of the first day). Next tare daya I nitm: I ther anions alone; the northern lines. Tina aad Tab. Valeantring and Tuesday and Wednesday aaas t chars troa cat a whole except to announce bow SoTiet aircraft -tarried oat a "nested raid" Mar take this method of thaakinc; our neirhbota and frimds for their help dnrinc the period of illnese and death of oar aire and mother and during the recent da(h of oar aoa and broitber. We also wish to extend I banks to Rer. Liabere. Prist Ft-aeral Home and the (alllbeareri. Tbomas W.Fanlds. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rorse of Terre llaale and Mr. and Mrs- Harold Faulds of the I". S. Xarjr. Recapping aeatly doaa and Guaranteed, lib aad Bogart M obi Ins upon the East Prussian town of In- Station. Jo Giaroletto, Cliatoa. sterburg. rk (In Jam at tare ttasaa UM uat of ooa txaastloal. Ear rou of tana day tkara-aftar. a tta. Mntfcfar) tltta thai) lc per Baa. 22lf 1'nder the law, the ballots will be mailed out from Oct. 23. 1411 to Nov. 4. 1944, both dates included. Any voter who is qualified to vote by absentee ballot as set out above, and wbo may be present in his county and able lo eo to the clerk's office in peraon. not more than ten days and not less than one day be Large fires were started 2t Tsaulcr-burg in attacks aimed against Nazi war supplies. Direct bomb bits shat DEAD A M I MA L 3 REMOVED. lam or email, prompt aerrt Call Crawford i2l or Crawford kilt T.-rre Haota or Daaa 142. tered three separate enemy trains, and scores of rolling stock, laden with materiel, were consumed in flames. fore the election, may upon proper Wa par all pboaa charge. Joba Wacbtd Co Terra Kant. U37 In detailing events near Riga. Ibe An ciaantfled ada tadadiac auat-rtaaw aa4 aotJeea of all ktada ataat paid la adraae except tfcaaa br ncilw caatoawra whose account are paid asoatkly or those from ar-saizniloa whoa kUla mast b al-lowed before beia- paid, to the attar caa tba pessoa art tag tkf aablieattoa of tha nolle win ka heal navoaafbla lor II paywt, application, vote an alsentee ballot in person in the clerk's oihee. Voters may vote by absentee ballot in person in the clerk's office at New IfEAD AIM KIM REMOVED FREE communique supplement termed tbe drive as "offensive actions," that re of charge hf iMricxIaa aad aoaa, tdwaard aVnVna. Call Maaaooa as port bep inning Oct. 2$ and en 'I: DC i Admission 9c and 20c DOUBLE FEATURE JAM SESSION With Ann Miller Louis Armstrong Jan Garber PLUS CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE With Simone Simon Kent Smith Ann Carter tlwr die aad mow thargtm. Uaaa Xor. S. 1SII. bv Alice Brooks sulted in capture of three ammunition dumps and piles of other German fighting stock- "Oar units are penetrating be Feed Bcrrtoe, Dana, Fbaaw tm. tilt Dresse din a mow suit like her hind tbe German lines and are dar- proad owner. Ibis 15-inrh doll will FOB SALE IKKi EXPKIMK-Vrs f 'OMH ITFfi Ym ItKM-l IT iW FAIIMKIIH Several lots of 1 pound pigs wre fed exDerimentally on good ioKlr attacking Inem." areordins to be a favorite. Start ber now and the Moscow report, desrnbinc; the ' have her rearfr for ibe tilt season HMm IZK V 0 1' R M.M05t'D Bhh a braatMal orar pbuMimaa awanlias frnaa Faraw irmrtrf ffbopu tlM TWO LOTS IX FAIRVIEW. ONE smash against Ibe Latvian port cur. To make Ibis doll costs little; alfalfa pasture on the Purdue I'n- acre lot with good brick foar room boase. Other adjoining lot witb o nine ber means much to some B-29s Batter Formosa in 3rd Major Assault (CoattMM tim. mw 11 three room wooden bowse, He I iversity Swine farm this past sum-. mer to solve the problem of what 'age or weight of a hog may the About Cermans were "wiped out" in tbe day s figbting, it was rc-realed. The Russian fleet air ana also youngster, i-auern 727 has transfer pattern; directions for doll, clothes. Send FIKTFKX ( F.ST In coins Mr. M. H. NeaL ISS X. h St ETHVU WE OT IT! St'KE al S plr tifca The Cias Market. US Xonh Maia Street, Clinton, tf t2i moved into action in tbe north, sin St-1 for these patterns to Tbe Daily Clin- inc three enemr traasports and manr hih speed barees. COPPER CLAD COOK STOVE witb warming oven and reservoir, good a rear, reasonable, iftepben jfhalL i North FuMoa Street, rafrrsrw Park. t2s WE HAVE A NICE J5ELECTIOX OF dolors la water paint. It's good, too. Clintoa Louibr II Smpplr Co. TeL Zii. In Hue south, tbe Red forces jofn-wiih the Yucoslar armr of liber- THURSDAY XtiilipW and kar I hem fairly j! protein supplement in the ration be dist-ontinued with economy and efficiency when good pasture is provided, M. J. Peterson. Vermillion County Agricultural Agent, said today. Tbe results of these fading tests show that while the protein sup-pb-ment increased tbe feed cost of grain in all lots, it was used to tbe best advantage when fd until the belpless for Gen. Douelas MafAr-j ,( , -... .n,. r,T r Relerade. tonian. Household Arts Dept., SCI West Randolph Street. Chicago . III. Print plainly MMK, ADDISEMi and PATTER XI MBKIL Our new 22-page Needlework Book is yours for Fifteen Cents more ... 130 illustrations of designs for embroidery, home decoration, toys, knitting, crochet, quilts. tbor's anticipated liberation drite. I -rbe Rassiaa rommaaMine ssmi!) FAXCT SPANISH ONIONS. S LB. Gaaraateed 24-Hr, BerrleralJoa nen. 11 11 Arnold, commanaer at ; stated that tbe battle had begun and Bag. I1-7S. Bur tbt brfwme iitoy Serrlce. Comaaerrtal aad DomeslJe. tbe Nth Air Forre and tbe Amur Air Forces, paid tribate to Xary fliers fa iato storaze. l'otuitioes. Wwr p. u Boaebrake, Fhoae lJ4- CUa- Me tbem now for tfoe winter. lS-J-2, that 1.50 prisoners were taken on the outskirts of the Yugoslavian capital. Bulgarian troops, also hammering tis I for tbeir assaults on Formosa by reporting that bis Super-Fortresses Craefcea'a Mariket. OXE WOOD MILK COW. THIS EE JOI M K HI:lTM Lll'AWlV tlab aad arintt a Keefuke IHa-saad riac at Fararo's Jesrelrr met virtually no opposition in Ibe first two raids oa tbe island. I at the enemy in Yugoslavia, participated in tbe general drive and, a- Absentee Ballot Inslruetioiifs Are Given bv Cbrk .tin as Major Target Admission 9c and 20c THE PURPLE HEART With Dana Andrews Richard Conte Trudy Marshall "HOME MAID" Pete Smith Special rears old. one brwod w. will farrow sworn, and sewa stioats. Fred Btutkbiura. Phone iXt-J. . iX long with Russian ana TUgosiav un- Most of the blows have been aim- ... heloed drive into tbe town and BEXXsjT TRAXifFER LOCAL AXD hogs weighed 125 pounds and tbn discontinued. In this case, a comparative satisfactory rate of gain resulted wish only a mod-rate increase in feed co?t. Feeding the protein supplement until the hogs weighed lfl to 175 pounds was less profitable because of the marked increase in the fetf-d cost of gains. A full feed of com and minerals without a protein supplement on j alfalfa pasture produced the lowest; feed rH(,uirenients and cost of gain in a the experiment. Hogs fed this ration,' lone distance moi'inz. 4" Sooth Foiurth Street. Phone 4S4. t5f rive room HOi'.-K ix cextex- arr. 2 wells and eafilera. Leo OSirer Riva. Inuaiuiire at Bert Twr-rbi's Store. Ey iaruens. tVi ed at the Jap supply and air base at I nUKZf center at Xis. They captured Okarana and the surrounding area. tuw f Lesco, sc and a number That section has been described by jof ol bt.r inhabited localities, tbe War Department as tbe most ira-j rnher north, tbe Soviet divisions poiuujt target south of Japan fff-jMBiW on iio Xortb Transylvania er. I in collaboration with Romanian for- Ttoe tremendous successes accom-),,,, M(,re thaill XH inhabited places XEWPORT Instructions on casting absentee ballots In tbe coming election were given this week by Vermillion Circuit Clerk Carl R. Biggs. MALE HELP WAXTED BOYS TO CARRT PAPER ROUTES. 1 years or over. Aptly. Bill Mr. Biggs explained that a quali- Vltr CLEAXJX CAXT REMOVE it. One sprariW "t Arab odorless aootbproof protects tap to 5 rrs. amidst ttoth AjiiMixe. Lee llain. Blackburn, Clintoelaa. vi j ""J-a'--u - ' - tea into tne Allies nanas. uciuaing ried and duly registered voter may airmen against tbe formidable Jap-lrjorsa where an Important railway-rote by absentee ballot if be expects WANTED TO BUY to be absent from bis county for anese bastioa of Formosa left no i station was taken, doubt that the base could not be I , na any one of tbe following reasons: 1, WJXCHEffTEH SHOTCl'X. MOIVEL $7. 12 garage, one box of sbelic-laelgiided, H'tAH', TS2 So. Jb St. tlx used for defensive purposes In tbei event of an American liberation 1 ACCORDIOX WAXTED FOR daMghtier. Give cash pride. WrSte t his or ber gainful employment or 1 business; 2. bis or service in the armed forces of tbe Inild (states; Box 4 H-U t. I93x FEMALE HELP WAXTED drive into tbe Philippines, hier to lanrr Defe Formosa has been considered the key to Japan's inner defense structure guarding Ibe approaches to the PBiialappin and the coast of China Bitter German Resistance Slows 5th Army March (CoatlBie3 1MB nvagn 1) . attendance at arnool. college, university or otber institution of learning; 4. serv ice on a precinct election board in a precinct other than his own; and S, federal or state ELECTRIC ITMP. GOOD AS XEW. Also four-horse tuotor. 1. L. X. Mitehell, Xewport, Indiana. tss FOLK ROOM HOfSE, THREE BOOKKEEPER Owe, 21 X. FOR 2. RITH Main. TeL 22S-B. ftStf ?.r.0ftt r Arrest y - vriioi jj BECAPPLG LJL ) (it WAITRESS, VICTORY DIXER. tlx and the Japs are warning that the Americans are trying to clear a path for landings in the common wealth. eoraer loeatios. reasonable. Han-I ieht, Lrford. tSxj raids while warships smashed two 7.C0 PAD) NOTICES JM-I V ives and dependents of voters i in classes two and five as listed a- 1 hove, if residing temporarily with j suc h absent voter, may vole by ab- ! sentee ballot if the aiynlieaifnn . ' The fact that Ximltz risked major ememy convoys in tne Adriatic units of bis Pacific Fleet to paralyze XATCRAL CAS COOK STOVE AXDj a Orada A Quality Camelbaek a Ho Satimi Certificate Heeded XOTM'E! Ail wwlT of Irswkers Loral Ko. rp I p Air KUm Hteppiug up its aerial offensive in Jap air power oa Formosa indicated i Warm Moruitxg heatier. 37 Sonjth tHlti are reqaewied to attend Use reg- joain- strongly that be was paving the way , iu ,,. mlaimam . j S'"' '7 'b! tor MacArtbur s anticipated assault rri,...u- t,i im ,h- . ' rn c,?rk of the circuit court fur- r to recapture tbe Philippines. alar aseetiag. Ot. IH. tmpuruum iHtMnc. Umer Xolaa. Aeiwtarr- ti POLAND'S SERVICE STATION FIRESTONE TEXACO 120 Jf. MAIN LI VTOJf. LVD. . . . , " inisned blank applications noon winter the ar force Ushed out at whKb . ; strategy oil refinenes atrcraft fao- rou.f .1 "Vr '"e clerk , office or tL MORE 1'EOX Y CU M PS. RED. pink awd a-hite. Hersbey Gr-ec House and Flower Store. tVtf TWO WIXTER SPORT O0AT. like new. Size 1 4 - f S and . S Xorth Xinth Street. t2 OTI K! Jerusalem Lodge No. F. Ms . . : . " . . ' leierk will mail one to air roiec n oslovakia aad Yugoslavia. request. The clerk will also furnixb A- M. stated meeting. Tuesday. October 17. at 7: p. m. John Griffith. W.M. Charles Brown. iSec. tl wee rfiilippiae llrive It mast be remembered that Ni-nuitz recently espSaiaed his amphibious forces were capturiag islands in the Palaa group to provide covering bases for MaeArthur's long-promised drive to liberate the Phii-Ippines. VUiW Armr and Navy airmen dealt pulverizing blows against Formosa, pilots from MaeArthur's headquarters struck again witb devastating results against enemy bases in the Balik 1'apan area of Borneo. Offensive sweeps in Yugoslavia climaxed a night attack against rail-war yards at Zagreb, the Croatian capital. Allied bombers also attacked enemy shipping in tbe Adriatic Results were undisclosed. In these sorties. 19 German air to each political organization blank applications. The blanks are of two forms, one printed on pink paper, being the form used by applicants in classes two or five as listed above, and tbe other form, printed on white paper and to be used by all others. How- LARGE SIZE HEATROLA AXD OIL beater, lilt Koutb Seventh Ji1 reet or phone 7-W. tsis HOhME AXD rTbBER TIRED wagon, Si Xortb Sixth Street. Xtmt'K! Clinton Cocuuiandery will hold stated conclave. Oct. 1. 7; 3! p. mi. 9c FINAL TIE. 40c Popeye Color Cartoon "We're On Our Way To Rio LATEST NEWS Don't Miss It! craft were destroyed. Ten of thef lever, wives and dependents of vot Important business. B. F. Harrison. Rec. ' 11 MAAF heavy bombers and sU other FIFTH VE1M COAL. ALSO BRA-zll Block. Charlie B. Fergason. Fhoae 1S-W. t 7-J7-M f Allied planes are missing. Battle Off Dalmstaaa loiaad ers within classes two and five will use the form printed on pink paper. The application blank should be THEPfCTURES j mK: Tbe Navy, meanwhile, disclosed a Republican Meeting at Newport- tUiy Murt lond i WednHiay. Oct. 1. Anyone inter "fierce and spirited" battle lasting five hours when British light coastal TODAY'S PATTERN r':v CHARLES K. FELDMAN present. ested in going call 19 after 12 p. m tSs forces and tbe two enemr convoys The Story of the Stor Who Centenary News Events Indianapolis Guests On Visit Here; Mystery Pals Have Social Meet joined action off Vir Isalnd. north of Dalmatian Island, on tbe nigbt of xtrrifE: Chicken supper and fa31 festival t'SED LCMBLR. SO. FIFTH Btreet. tS M A A Z I X E SVBSCK1PTIONK. White's Pbamuacy. tls Oct. 2. Jactsonvjlie IT A at tbe school. tS Oct 11-12. Three enemy lighters were sunk, two others beached and torpedoed, a sivtfa destroyed by gunfire and a setentb possibly sunk. tU3 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Harris of In BOITH 1 5-1 1 BABY Bl'GGV. Eighth treC uii:: Bake Kale at Ownoa rsnHorc Wore. MUards. XI. Fainsew F. T. A. OBJ dianapolis spent tbe weekend witb Mrs. Harris' mother, Mrs. William Miethe and Mrs. Raymond Mietbe GOOD EATING AXD CANNING pear, tit K. Ninth F' tls and son, Oerald Eugene. Examinations Set ForAAF,A.S.T.P. Training Monday SMITH E! Rummage ifale. Circle 2. WSCS. Friday. Oct, 2. 2W Main M. tSl LOST Ki , A BSSlnei Mr. arid Mrs, Armond Stella and son of Daarifte. III. visited Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Turchi recently. Miss Virginia Rose tiillio of Ohio visited her parents. Mr. and Mrs Jasper Ciliio. Examinations for both tbe Air t v "s -: WALLET. IDENTIFICATION AXD special Army papers, includes money. Reward. Mrs, Elise Beane, 4S2 &outb eeventb, tf'jt. Combat Crew Training Program and ; e- a . i . 1 Army Specialized Training Pro Sii Flectricity Caadartors The six best conductors of electricity are pure silver, pure copper, pure gold, pure zinc, Siredish iron axtd tin. gram will be held Monday. October Mr. and Mrs Homer Hullings- 2Srd at 7:0 p. m. at Laboratory' wortb are tbe parents of a daughter gehool. Terre Haute. tATLRUAlf AFTERNOON IN OR near Murpbys, stuaJl brown purse. Size of eoie purse. Call 72-J. t2 born Oct. 11. This is tbe first child and has been named Judith Faye. Fete Dinelli of Higbwood. III. vis The examination will be regular mental aptitude tesVi for entrance into the Army Air Corps or for the Military Scholarship in a college or ited Mr. and Mrs. Natale Muzzarelii 9c ronvD JpALACra TAVITP Wmm 2 RIG FEATURES and family. Mr. and Mrs. Mas Holbert visited 35c university designated by tbe War Department. The tests will be conduct M V.aj au LA IS! Lit COAT. Vine Street. INUl'IRE AT 2J (1W"1 relatives in llocfcville. ed by WO Oriel Strong. CAP Squa dron S2-l. Mrs. Albana Oasper has returned to Cbieago. 111. after spending a few-weeks with ber parents. Mr. and Mrs. Enlistment into tbe Air Combat 9244 jtif -. a-aaaans Crew Program is open to those young men 17 to 1 years of age. sTkth TW CsBAana Ot THE DAILY CUNTOXIAS, There Are Tw Free Ticket To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for GEORGE B, FALLS 850 Elm St Jast Coroe lm And Ask For Them! Watch This Spare Every Day TOCB SAME MAI BE XEX.T In order to participate In tbe AKTBP Robert ZaekettL Mike Vosden of tbe I", g. Marines visited Mr. and Mrs. Steve I'rhin and daughter. Mrs. Esther Benetti has returned the youth must graduate from High HEXJ HALTED ACCOHDiON TtACHfcR. ABLE TO leave itumediatejy, suale or fe-suaJe. High salary. Write Bun 442-D-L tic EXPERIENCED HELP FOR ifTOliE work. Tombaugli. IV. WANTED TO KENT Reboot before March 1. 1945 and not ever popular jumper. Pattern be more than 17 year and months J to ber home after spending a few of age at the time he is accepted months in Chicago with relatives. Misses Albina and Virginia Zam- for tbe program. 9244. built-up-top version is universally becoming. Make one witb long sleeves, ore with short. The only requirement are that the berletti of Terre Haute visited their Mrs. Louis Zanj-' PK"cant bring with him to the es-I animation, applications for entrance Pattern 9244 comes in sizes 12. parents. Mr. and berleni. SECOND FEATURE 14. 1. 1. 20; 3". S2. 24. 3. 2. ROOM APARTMENT. I'Nf'I'R-Bisbed. Room 41, Clinton Hotel. tSJl I Mr. and Mrs. Dan Latinovirh have',"WT tBl 'he Air Corps or the Ar-reeeired word from tbeir son. N'ick. n,'r Specialized Training Reserve 42. 44. ?ize 1. jumper. i yds. ii- .; blouse. 1 ydf. 2--in. Send TWENTi" t'E.VTi in coins for this pattern to The Daily Clin- that he is stationed in South Caro-! Program, or both if he is qualified, lina. j filled out in duplicate and properly Tbe Mystery Pal Club held its ' signed by both parents, birth eerti-reguiar meeting at the home of Mrs. j 'icate aad three letters of recom tonian. Pattern Dept.. 155 N. Jeffer- : St.. Chicago HI. Print plain- : KEEP THE BILLS t-WDER CONTROL! CLEAN UP WITH A LOAN UP TO $300. mendation from responsible people. ly SIZE. NAME. AIHIKESS. STYLE Simon Turciii recently. Bunco was played at two tables. Refreshments NIMBEK. FIFTEEN CENT? more brings you tbe Marian Martin Fall and Tbe application blanks may be had by writing to tbe AAF Examining Board. 41 Federal Building. Indianapolis, or to tbe Civil Air Patrol Kquadron S2K-1. 7'b Chestnuts Street. Terre Haute. Indiana I Phone 'of ice cream and cake were served. ITbe Best meeting will be held Oct. ! 23 with Mrs. Vercolio as hostess. I Mrs. William Mietbe and Mrs SECURITY LOAN CO. Retxtk Srii Winter Palters Book full of smart. easy-to-make styles. A free bed- Fuoae 62 229 Marknaaa St, Raymond Miene and son. Gerald I jacket pattern is printed right in the fUOTtrt. Il. Eueene trailed Vt Viola EIUt of ll or by personal inquiry at the book. j ' i. i .' oK' ' 1 tiie Rayae apsrt meat f ' latter address.- (

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