The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 17, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1944
Page 5
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THE J) A ? L T CLINTOXIAN Tuesday, October 17, 1911. WILDCAT FLANKMAN - By Jack Sards liouies (to .couie ito VVasjuugUMi ibe .practice falls tar short .of the theory. Throe jnatui'e investigators ,of the War Housing I'ommissiou inspect rooming bouses which have uiplled for .government girls to see Unit the Canadians -steady j'ogress nurUi of the Jopold iCii tt1. -orUig gains ,of ii.p to Mute yards iga-int somewhat decreased lO-ruum o:ltpos,i-tiou. Headquarters .co.nfiriuufll 1kat it he Amertean effort to take jK-irni iliHiaut., five miles southwest .of MeU. had been abandoned tempo t iu'ily .as rc- Villages North Of Aachen In 1st Array Hands i(Cout.iuui!l from jmse 1) oil l.lif irislll I'lliuk of it Lie Jil ilish Sucutitf Army iiiudw diinut wuimuul of Jicul. IJ.'li. .Sir Mil- .'hi'islollir iDi'iuusi'.v, ulilioutli fth' tuuilis June but'w iuotiv,e for several (lays. spokesmen siiid. Uermau Iroops are .couuter-itLLy-fk-j ing repeatedly .along tUe jieveland peainsula. uUlizing some tanks, but .the Canadians are intlieting casualties, they added. lieavj The hitter ehish bet ivnen tt'uilMl Sta tes .First Army Jorecs and ) lie ' Jao.v ut iujt .w uw vj- Wenuans occurred at Verlauteuneide. if :tliv .can ibe ,couv,iuc.el ithat tiMf about uvu and oue-hali miles east Koosevelt pylicies in tbe uiternatiou-of Aachen ,ou the .approaelies to the al field liav.e failed or t hut ov. main AaclieniC.oJogue JtiKhway. jWewey will iiandle ,t.litM ifield bettur. The battle was joined alter thej in his speech tomorrow uijrln t Oermans moved up considerable sup- the iew York illerald-Tribu.iie t or-plies and reinforcements in an ,el-juin. the .Republican .nomintte is .ex-fort to block the route to CoioKne ' peeled to r.-u.-w his call for non-pa r-it .11, n.M.teri that tlie Jsazis would l Usausliip in the ifortuat.ion ,o.f a m? J$T V V ft 'i kT m V TV, . I ToclMar JitMjiijrrcJ College Alliletio Urged by Coach C1J1CA(.;G. J 1 1 - 'Football coach ICdward "Slip" Madigun of the il'ui-wrsiiy of lowu had an ylterniUiv.e today for compulsory military training after the war. Ji was .compulsory athletics in the nation's colleges. Madigii" told the weekly .meeting of the Chicago (Jmu'ter Back -Club: "It seems that during and immediately after a war -there always is a clamor for compulsory military training. We who fought in the last war .remember the appeal for .eu:u-pulsory training at thai time. "J ask you what good would military training do now for u war lilt. He or 4fi years hence? ;1 sincerely believe that if we concentrate on a program .of uuiv.ersy.l atheltics and foot ha LI we will do more to keep the youth of American in :trini for any event unlit .v. "After World War J. iC-erniauy sent a .commission to the ;l'uited States to discover why we had such fine soldiers. The commission reported that ive at hlet Us was the reason, aud Germany immediately re-dii'eet,ed its program and the result was a boxing champion in Max Schmeling and a runner-up to the 1'nii.ed States in the 3 it JJ U Olympic games." Capital Housing Officials Kcho Teen-Age Concern (Continued xitm page li to them." they say. "Most of the private families who .could be relied upon to keep ap -eye on the girls prefer to have men take their rooms because they are afruid of trouble with girls especially if they are under 21." Many times the War Housing Administration receives complaints a-bout the conduct of girls who have been referred to their landlady by the agency. "We are not at liberty to make an investigation or take any action." a housing administrator said. "We simply tell the landlady to evict the girl or make a complaint to the police if the matter is serious. "She usually tells the girl to leave and the matter ends there. No one follows up the case. Housing officials are particularly concerned because teen-agers f r. - fluently share rooms with one or two other girls, nothing is known of the age or character of the other girls who may have a powerful in-1 fluence over an immature personal- j ily. xUthougb theoretically girls are t lodged under the supervision ,of the! government When they I j I . iae incii- I suit .of liejce resistance by a com pany .01 luermain itatieis. uwhb vi Auieriean tanks was itck,nvwlodt;t!d. Dewey Lashes Al Foreign Policy, Keadies Campaign Continued from page 1) Wis 'broadside against it. he iFnesi- ; dent' .foreign policies oleasea Ke- i KruUlU) Of .independent .voters are world organ Ualion lor peace and his attack upou the manner m which iL'nited .States agencies are functioning in many foreign .countries. jUewcji b lidge Missouri iKepuhlican leaders itold Gov. JJewey -that their state, .carried by ;lJ:reside,nt Itooseyelt in .each of the last three elections, is liable to tip either way November I. They reported that 'the illOJ 'nominee tuns i slight, almost minuie .edge, at .the moment. .Gov. JJewey leli St. Mollis last is due in Albany ,at :U . ffl. liWTl. He will go Kew 4'ork City tomorrow to open his drive for i New -jocks uuniu .wm u. i'Hvo days later, he will deliver a la-. bo.r speech in J-'ituburgh. I'S iOW . Phone 8 OLutou health ,and ,fire laws are .observed. Ito detenu Uu that Uie bouse bus uev er beeu raided by it be police and to see that a woman resident manager is oil the premises. They insist tbut the front and bed room doors have locks and that ithe rooming house have a license ,or temporary license to operate. A check of rooming bouses select ed at random discloses that there was no deadline for bomneouung in any inspected. Most -of the managers could not recall offhand for which government agencies the girls W0,rk-ed although they added 'that, they had the information -written down soinew here, 1 High Tribute Paid To Willkie in Last Rites in Rushville Continued fcom page J) were brought the 'la-mile distance to Kushville in automobiles. Home jroui iMuty The young naval lieutenant, who was on .couvoy duty, had been brought over the sea to New $'ork in a plane, Nearly 6.000 persons, from near and far and including many notables gathered in this .littie city, the adopt ed home of he presidential nominee. to pay him the last tribute. Included were Governor and Mrs. Henry K. Schricker; Ralph F. (Gates. Kepubli - dent Herman B. Wells, and Presi-dent-Kmeritus William Aowe Bryan, representing Indiana I'niversity. Jn the V'yatt Memorial Mortuary. where services were to be neui. ueie many beautitul floral jueces. memo- ing final tributes irom Governor auu Mrs. Thomas E. JJewey of New york. . and Mme. .Chiang-Kai-Shek. j Mr. Willkie died ill New York early in the morning of Oct. S. .Funeral services were held in New York on Oct. J II and the body, iu a sealed bronze .casket was brought to Kltsh-ville on the following day. Since that lime the body lias lain in state ill I lie Iusliville mortuary. Thous-; ands of persons from over the ua-; lion have visited the funeral home ' Hince to pay tribute to the great G- I O. P. leader. Mrs. Willkie declined with heart- felt thanks a proposal of Governor Schricker to have the body lie in state either in the State House or t he Indiana Woit War Memorial in Indianapolis. . tm . Thro r,ur ScraD Into tb FtKht! ! f ' I i 1 ! 1 attempt a major effort to chuck the American .offensive. J'VIIoms SMtUiig Move The Nazi ,countcr-thrust ailie after the Americans .commanded by Weut. .Gen. .Courtney H. Hodges bad closed the last escape gap out of A&KhvB by ,coiupltin .8 iring .of .en- circlement at Wurseleu. The .Germans attacked violently , ,noWh ,,,t ,1ri iH,st vester- iity 8n(1 lhe batl(. rat,,!(i throughout tl,j Bturiioon and on through the ,, . Uimriers of ,Geu. JJwight JJ. ,Kisen- howor said it was believed -that the Americans have the situation well in hand despite the fury with which llle ,.llenly struck west of the American battle area zed by the coucbing staff this week in an effort to got the Boilermaker running attack back into ground gaining stride for the Iowa encounter, the twenty-third in a series in which Purdue has won It games while losing nine and lying one. In all probability, the forward wall will likewise remain unchanged. Frank Bauuian, who has been serving as acting captain and is generally recognised as the outstanding wingman in the middle west, is expected to remain a permanent fixture at right end. with Jack .Morton, another rugged performer, at left end. Pal O'Brien, Kenneth Uleasner. and Tom Hughes, all steady performers, will probably continue to carry the main burden at the tackles, and Joe Winkler remains a standout at center. The main question mark revolves about the guard assignments, where Jim McMillen. Morris Kaastad, hd Chrobot, and Waller Lenczyk have all seen considerable action. Food Consumption Our civilian population consumed 5 to 7 per cent more lood in BM3 than the average in the prewar per riod .1935-39. AUTO CLASS Let us replace your broken glass before cold weather Hoosier Back Benched With Leg Injury Cuunady Lost to 1. l For Northwestern Game; Big Nine Teams Drill For Saturday Matches BLOOAI1NUTOX. lud. John 11-innluy, vtHenui quarter back uf Hi' Judiumi foot bull tt'am. was umtbW-to engage in practice today luteauw of a nevere leg injury sutfert'tl in tin same with Nebraska laal Saturday ind may Ue aide-limn! at Indiana's same with North western in Evans-ton. Freshman Bill AruiHt rong filling in at ,the signal catling post. eo BttUgvrs 8( oic on Irish MADISON, Wis. Coach Harry Stuhldrelmr of Wibconsin said today he really expected his team to score on Notre Dame, one of the moat powerful . outfits in the country, in their game next Saturday at Madison. He even hinted h1 would not be surprised if the Badgers pull-.ed out a victory. He said: "We are in a lot better shape than we were lor Ohio State. AH our ailing athletes are getting back in shape and should be ready for the J Huh." JKwue JjonI to Buckeyes COU'MBl'S. O. Tom Keane. Ohio State's freshman quarter back, was reported today unlikely to start in the game with Great Lakes Saturday because of a knee injury, but the rest of the squad was ready. The Buckeyes are unbeaten this season, as are the Sailors, although the latter were tied by Illinois, &6 to lllini Drill on J'asKcs CHAMPAKiN. 111. Drills in tor-ward passing marked the work of the I'niversity of Illinois football practice today in preparation for the game Saturday with Pittsburg. George Bujan, regular center, returned to the squad, strengthening the team. , , . r NOTKK DA.ME. Ind. - Notre Dame's football squad was sent into scrimmage against Wisconsin plays today aftor a holiday yesterday tor all players who took part in last Saturday's li 4-0 victory over Dartmouth. Flag Display ' The flag should be displayed only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flagstaffs in the open, according to an act of congress of December 22, 1922. It may be displayed at night upon special occasions when it is desired to produce a patriotic effect but it should not be hung outdoors in inclement weather when likely to be damaged or discolored. WHY BE FAT Get slimmer without exetcise You may lose pounds and have a more sleiKltr, Kracflul liure. No exercising. No laxatives. Nodrufis. With litis AVUS plan vou don't cut out any meals, starches, potatoes, nn'atsor buller. you simply cut tiiem down. It 3 easier when vou enjoy delicious (vila-m 1 n for 1 1 i led ) A Y DS before raeala. Absolutely harmless. In clinic I ttili condurtfd by medical rfocton, ijioi"- tlun 100 pt'iiuni lukt 14 10 15 lbs. average in a few week willi AVUS Vitamin Caudjr JleJ,uciiitf 1' Try a iarne size box of A Y DS 30-day supply only $2, 25. Money back if you don't get reulu, Phong UIWJS I'HAli.MACV 2 1 .South .Main .St. A Clinton Man Felt Like Swollen Ballon; Full of Stomach Gas Itcccntly, a Clinton man at'd that lie unci! to fed like a mvoIIcii balloon (titer every meal, lie would bloat full of gas anil hpit up aciilu-uib li(iiitlH for liourrt niter eating. Whs terribly const if alel. This man In one of tin liunilmls in this vicinity who now praise KKU-HKM. lie ataU's lie was Hinazed at lite results when he look this iijcdii inc. Sow he rats what be wants without ejus or bloating, and bowels are regular fur tin first time in years. He feels like n new man. ISItlMIKIJ contaiiLS li! Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stonuich, a-t on .siuugisli liver ami Kiibies. MiMiahle fn-ople soon feel different all over. So don't Ho 011 MilfcriiiK:! (.( Kltlt-HlJJ! While's (Itexall) I'baiuiary Itru hi ore. 4 ' SEE ERNIE'S South Main i . w 11 1 . . I 1 f Lrrrtll VME'RE UUCKY iTl ISOODNES! fV OH, VJELL,ll1 j THANK .OOODNESS TLUE 5 - VSEJL I DIDN'T HAPPEW RAININ6! BRRR.1 CAW'T HURT TAKEM HER HEAW CQAT, Til LIE B,S5f rTALL" 'StilunovjI ture so she'll nce mo warm A&m&i ;hr$$ TWWWI ik w MMigffi fw'-, ftp se:tiei. if A MAs-ri AC PASS KSCEiViaIS- Purdue to Fight For Big Nine League Leadership Boilermakers to Meet Inter-Conference Teams "Tn Next Four Saturdays I.AFAVKTTK. Iuri. Purdue's hard h it 1 111 k foot bull squad, t'eatur-iiiK u halanciMl hihmmI baekl'ield, will dmote itself esclusively to defense of the Western Conference co-chani-pioiiHhip for the next four weeks, uc-KinniiiK b ' Huwkeye Home-coinluK engaMcuieiil ut lowu V.ily on Saturday. Three J'iigue .Meets KollowiuK the till with Slip .Madi-Kuu's lowaiis. the Hoileriuakers, who have been decidedly impressive in their first four starts .despite losses in hard fought Raines to Great Lukes and lowu I're-Klight, will tackle Michigan. Wisconsin, and Northwestern in order in an effort to remain in the thick oi the current title fight. The rapid-fire schedule of four conference engagements will then be broken momentarily by an outstanding intersection clash with Navy at Baltimore before the Boilermakers wind up their season against Indiana here in the traditional Old Oaken Bufket battle. Coach Cecil Ishell is hopeful that the Boilermakers may display the sharpness and ulertness that netted a oa-lH victory over lllionis as they plunge into the midst of the Big Nine race against Iowa. In the Sea-hawk engagement here last Saturday, where the first pass intercep tion charged against Purdue all season resulted in a touchdown ttiat represented the margin of difference, the Boilermakers obviously lacked the all-out drive and blocking sharpness of early tills, although they did pick up 21 yards from scrimmage as compared with 2 2 H yards for the matured Pre-Flighters. Boilermakers in Good Shape j Despite the terrific tussle between the two hard-charging forward walls in the Scahawk engagement, the Boilermakers a p p a r on I 1 y cane through the fray in comparatively good physical condition, and few. if any, changes are anticipated in the lineup. Coach Cecil Isboll intends to stand pat on his balanced barkfield that has Boris "Babe" Uimaucheff. racehorse right halfback, and 1M ' Cody, a fi successor for Tony But-kovich at fullback, tied tor scoring honors, and Chalmers "Bump" Klli-olt. who caught Budwdy Voting from behind several times in the Illinois confereiici' inaugural, a definite threat at hallbaek. The speed t r?-: will continue to he directed by Sell ult;'.. quarterback whose generalship and passing has b-i of thr pieasanl surprise (i 1 leiniaker campaign to dat . ImprowiiH'Hl o bluck; ctilarly douutieid. is he; e; 1 .'I'usi- It KEEPS YOU IN TRIM rJ hair - Utj:&S Md Mdmd fcl h tjj Ivhiu OUV OP Tl 1) 1 H l5AKJQRVOM lOUY POHC KlDOD HTROKl ELQP.'J Theatre HjB (MA THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD: THAT'S RtGMT OlMP-VOU f """"l 1 fTWO-THkEE-O r H If SEVSM I t il TELL VCU 1 1 KtAMTIHE AT THEPlAM7 THE HANDS OF THl sj EITHER START TALKING BY L-H FWR-F.Wi Wtt W0ULBNT EIGHT- rUTIUVeU-- CLOCK. TICK SLOtV CM- HAM THE TIME I COUNT TO TEN I SIX- CAM SHOOT NINE STOP COUNTING- ff WMU T PEGGY?--ONE-- I , S,-r - "1 ElKiaME-.AVrVW rirVM LJ!-, ' .,- fti- -.X) fcl "HwrtS MOM-MO , fr ) Sr-- JLSSS I f K W THOU STAUtSff J Secret I fes Mk J K ' A ) VM 'X m'Ti ' o HELPS YOU RELAX LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY

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