The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 17, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, October 17, 1944
Page 4
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Tuesday, OotoWr it, 191. Pago Tour THE DAILY OJNTOMAN "GOOD NIGHT, SWEET PRiNCE!" hind Sie Seen rousted Jl THE DAILY CLINVONISN I5is At the Movie V., ' y -vr fcliiHi Ii 1 1) a The Weekly UUBtoulun MM XlM CUntOD PUind.-nlOT absorbed In 1W0 Published Ball Except Saturday nd Sunday OLLYKOOD J'm'.-ilii.v and Wmliifsdn.v -Tin' tiiii Wlio Diind" featuring Lornu Gray and I'i'tfr Cook-son opMis tonight Willi otiillB and 1 lil'ills at tin1 I'lilaw Thru! re to-nirlil. "lit-ni'iilli Wi'tiiiM'ii Skii'." wiih Hob Livingston mill Smiley Hlli'lielte oiiens us (lie ser.ond teorge L. Carey - Editor and Publisher (tared at the Poetoffice at Clinton, ludiiuta mm Krtuind 71aM Mjkttur r Indlkua Republkau EUltorinl AMOciaCoa By HARRISON CARROLL King Features h.vntlical- ciUtr HOUA-WOOD Univ(j-jal nearly lost its Salome yesterday. A dressing room electric heater set lire to Yvonne JDe Carlo's lioop-sKirti. As siio Phone S3 Phone 32 'i be Ai Luur Treacher's vote in an American election. He's just become a citizen. . . Col. Kobert Lee Scott, Lt. Col. Ed Rector and Lt. Col. Gil Bright, three of Ohennault's hot airmen, will fly in the scenes for "God Is ,My Co-Pi-lot," when Warners re-create the raid on Hong Kong. Scott, of course, is the author of the book. roM MIil Ml . (In. sdn 1 (ifsdiiy iliifd out onto t li e set U n-i u vv arec, t h e guvn burst into a tianieB. K i g h t peUiuua'Ls s;:.'ed W alter Waa- ACCS tATtM i 83 Sabu, now a none gunner in New Guinea, wrote r Hollywood pal gers nt-'vv slar Sixth in ili filjiiK 1 1 1 -nt of i u- ' Simone J: Ritit'Jolpii ;un in a pulhc-Liin siM-n con ' .1 a in Ann Iill-r. V ii n and six l r o m burned. being M oomuing mission: "x was tickled to death to go over Jap . 1 territory and blaat tlie hell out of those monkevs!" Hate to unset M-G-ivl's nerves, but Clark Gable id Victor 1' r 0 ll e K-K-0 finally, persuaded Ethel Barrymore in N'ew York to take a look ut her picture. "Mone but the Harrison Carroll bainis. swiiirs Ohio i tli- Coluintufi i tit ai r unit 1'caiUH' tunij-lii. their motorcycles to Palnidale to i Lonely Heart." When it was over. witness a lull climbing event. Ward ! she asked 'f the studio could get a iJond was there, too. but in a car : print of "Rasputin and the Emilia to tiic cast on lii.s 1. g. However. ; press," made in 1932. She had never lie w hs plent y intet eslcd when hi j acen the picture, saw one of the contestants rilling j 'hen Iuee Cabot enlisted in I Looks as if Molly Lamont, appearing in Universal "Suspect" may he the first Hollywood aetress lo win a post-war pilot's license. On completion of the film, she's going to Phoenix to amass flying hours. Her husband, Edward Bellande, is a test pilot who started flying in lS'lO and who has the amazing total of 21,000 hours. W A I! ASH Sunday, Monday "ml Tuesday The tin limy have been I a ken out of Tin i'liii Alley by the war effort, but whatever it is thai ha.-, been substituted clanks just as loudly. A survey of the nioi ie cuoilal as the sounding board for "The Alley's coat rihul ion lo wartime music, reveals that there's still a lot of lilt in them titer Hollywood hills. Tunes, new and old. are being written, reviw d and re.-written by the score. A current example is rniu-rsal's "Foilow the Boys," in which liti biguianio dramatic and musical stars are brought together on the screen BOOK NOTES. Literary scouts lcport important developments in the book publishing field, following the acquisition of the reprint firm of Grossett and Dunlap for the Book-of-the-Month Club, Random House and Harper and Brothers. Another merger in the publishing field, according to rumor, involves Simon and Schuster, with certain interests of Marshall Field, Chicago and New York newspaper publisher. The book publishers have been responsible for the popular Pocket books, which are twenty-five cents reprints. We have no inside information, but the probability is that the post-war era will record considerable improvement in the publishing of books. Certainly, there is the air force two years ego, his Filipino liouseijuy and his bic-ier ring, Fritz, also went into the service. iow Bruce is out of tile Army ami fhmi(ing a picture Canity O'P.ourkc' I. The houseboy has received a discharge and only tlie cog remains in tlie war. "He turned out to be a better soldier than either one of us," sav.s Bruce. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Deal's on the tire for Angela Stewart, ex-wile of Columbia Producer Eob Sherwood, end Ned Griffith to co-produce a picture based on Friml's -pere'.ta, "The Swan Song." It would tw a sort of musical version of "Mayerling." They'd like Nelson Kddy to play Rudolph. Attorney Big reunion between Bob Hope, Barney Uean and ht. J. F. Ferguson, wiio piloted the plane in which the .star and his tioupe made a forced landing olf tlie AusLiaKan coast. Ferguson brought back apio tne of Hone. Frances Lant fui d. Sunday evening. Gut In tlie Scrap! Dean and the rest trying to pu.-:h HoK?r Marchctti is readying the LI1L- 1,'Ittiit: IJIl il. fcriliU lull . J!IU tJl-i ' '"J'-' " -.ii ate mv-uunoiu UlllI Hide WiibiiHli VuMoy m Ht- Held in Slaying lA. Kaiph Green have resumed. the All. is really one for Die book. lt. Iuium out that Pilot Ferguson Ju-es wiih- Taking a Backward Glance I iii two blocks of Hope in Nuitii . . . Something is going to have to be dune about Cara Williams' car. It broke down in front of Schwabs and John Garfield. Gene Kelly and Dane Clark had to come out and give tlie machine a push. . . . The Rutgers Alumni association has voted 0?,zie Netaon one of the school's five U-tinie great athletes, tie was a four-letter man. . . room for it and little excuse for the failure of book publishers to take advantage of modern methods in presenting and publishing the contents of books. PERMISSION TO INVADE. It is worth noting that the Red Army of Soviet Russia, before mossing the borders of Yugoslavia, asked and received permission from Marshal Tito and accepted conditions laid down by the Yugoslavian military leader. Incidentally, Premier Stalin's an el'il. of the two organizations, and the work of niTuniiiiip and advertising will lie I'oinmem'i d at once. '1 lit: iai'no liatl our tlie Dios ain'uiio has been secured and the intention is to arrange for seat- THIKTV VK.tltS ,Vt.O T(l.' Sihuo I'ei-siiniuon; Iluii Many 1'uiki'is? Some friends of Charles Stewart, who returned a few days alio Dosi Arnnz and JV7;riannc O'Brien have discovered ear!) other. . . . V.'asn't. Judy Garland t.'ken ill at the "VVingcd Violoiy" opening? . . . These rumors about Dick Haymcs going Hollywood and wearing- dark plasms for the 1 John Cairol! Ironi Foley, Ala., and vicinity, j in ir two thousand people. Tlie sili- and Margie Stewart show of it aren't lair. He's been a I Charley having a Jon,? session Willi tlie oui- (and Jack Fuy's. Jane Ball Diamond again. . . . l.orl for the floors has been tnor-ounhly reinioici'd, and it is assured the building is perfectly sale. I'ersoiiais have been exliibitillK pelsiniinons about the rifilit size for a fool ball, lliouiih not of the ri(;hl consistency. 7'liese are very solid, yeilov., attractive looliinK specinieiiB of fruit, and. eliiniinttinK exaiiera- Lionel Hampton and hi orchestra lakmrr souie.ern CaliUirnia by Htoriu. Ineyve broken all reconis at the 1 nanon here, including New I'lfS V.Vf VVPPK Miss Oladys Criffe; of Terre aunt. Mrs. days, no Untile lion -- these Alabama persiin- ; Haute is visum',' tier mons are as lariie as average six-j John l.ioyd, for a IVm ed orances, not merely the small- iiert, Uritfili of nouncement of the move into Yugoslavia j pointed up the distinction between Soviet I operations over the borders of friendly countries and the mighty smashes into , Rumania, Bulgaria and German-occupied i Poland. I In asking formal permission to sendj i list and tlie glares lave j t.on lcnacs. , . . M.trjorie Uevr.oid, , ! and her;:nd are looi-cmp: lor a j house to buy. When tin1 war is oei : , tney want to raise a family. - - . ! .flioln I'ioteetittii Ki:2s. iii'hi;lsic:-ini; or any woim e-r pari-v.oul iirtieiE mu;l t.-e eid !-oin n?o:hs and cnri-t ueetn.. jujt as wool cluthjiig or luis. In voi. iv.v:v.i and ;imv cottons cuntaicu S siurcii or Ki;;mi! ini'.st uc fetuiidcd a;:aiii3l silver Uh. For siyud s;ov;.f4e Wash Quickly n,fi silk fabrics will wash I .-iiJiliil tin- m'-( inn ujis a ccoii one, wit h ;i rcpff';jlitiUivi' utU'lifl-;uicc f'L'Ohi oci''tlu' ;i I !'. From Clinton w-nt K. O. Iluleh-in son, rcsicl ut ; W. K. Lfwis. h. (). Harlan. 1. C. AMrich. Max Rosenblatt, F. I-. KwinWiart. Leo Kei-bal niiin . J. Ciirhon, Dave Llewellyn, Pele lJhilliiis and Ralph Lnnis. The last three admit trd they battled tires and jusi about Mot tbeie in time to nunc back. lay Tuniorrow A lien A'oi'(;ttuuii I-'jws H. K. Ik lore New w il lileHehers Pr. paialioiis lor the Ihk C. IT. S. day. witli Kx-Coach K. .luf-t;an, (it oi'Melown and the new Kiamlrtaiid seats as feature,, have been completed. Tlie iJierciiautK have beun to decorate, the F.wliaiw club Ijook-ters liave been KOlliiiff tickets the fans are interested and the students and faculty have thmr hearts set on making "Morgan day" one. memoiablc in local hifch sc'.iuol annuls. iVi-sonuls J. W. Pierce returned yesterday afternoon from attending u meet- ng of the Inland aily Hress asso-eiaiion o( ' li ca'o. Mrs. "'ere". vho acjoin:.H:iied him. rentajee-i for a few days' visit with her sitter. Mrs. A. Kane. Mins Klizabeth iproiils is spending the week-end in Cayuga visiting with her grandmother, Mrs. a. L. KoHars. Mrs. Charles Servies and Mrs. August Norkus, of South Main est oraliKes, but pood sized ones. , caini up tins moi iuun mi a nan One wag who looked at one. silR- :with his (atllcr, Aliinford (inff-Besled tliat it would be interest-i in. ing lo know bow many puckers j Clay Nichols returned Friday was in one of them, if the i..'ii eiit- eienini; from lioopeslon. III., Alti-age of packers is as good, per bile. :ca. lnd and oilier places, where :m lliese ffoosier persiin mons can Jie has spent the week. a'- n. ore (n icklv heavier material:,:, and il is wise tu wash rayon caiKKiv. It ijecunies ioft when wet, :ih t v. allied M lung and too hard h;e labnc is likely lo disintegrate in spots. Wiiler for washing rayon !n;u!cl nut be more than 125 degrees l-ahienhcit and lor silk should be about KJ e.egrei s b ahrenheit. vou use a is rteoninientied tl of South produce, along just before the i .Miss Doris .Martin r.:e ck'c t o hi wi. Bt 1 first heavy frost. Slain stre iempe; aunx as gone to Mecca v isit with her par-Mrs. J. D. .Martin. d.iyf anil for a lev ents, -Mr. Ho! V Old 'i'iiuo l iilillei s The Knights or Pylliias and the Majestic band have arranged rooms vou u.'O ail tlie t lou hot i:or too cold, isn t the b st place faiiiics. hcitlier is a ment. 1 i i- TV. I0XTV Y KAILS :VH) TOKAY Ail ( lull Session APPcAfltNG the U. &. com- m as.ujigion, D. C, I'fe. Karl MeFariand. 2i.-yeai-oid Marine veteran ot UuauaK::tna, pleaded not guilty to tnt mutual of preity Dorothy M me i-cv-rum, lli - year -t;u governinvnc worker. A sis-man coroner's jury held MeFariand "iov:,c" un-the girl, whose body va.; U on a golf course urir tfu Potomac river. (international) with Peters 4i Hull of. Cayuga for; the giving of an "Old Fiddlers' Contest ' in this city, for the ben-i members who ( attle l;c(Iueliou Dana? ti.o r.iouih year of 1934 nuiubeis of beef cattle aruftied sub- slantiaiiy. from januury 1, 1934, te January 1. H3a. tliere was a reduction of'T.OuO bead in females ner tv.D ytais of aye. 2!J4,OO0 head in yearling heifers. 1,240,000 head in calves iMid 74(i.OO0 head in steers. Clinton ad club armed forces into Yugoslavia the Russians agreed to Marshal Tito's conditions, that Lugoslavs retain civil administration and that the Russians withdraw as soon as the campaign ends. OPPORTUNITY IN INDIA. It is quite common for the protagonists of home rule for India to demand that the white races drop their so-called intolerance and meet the Indian nationalists on a basis of equality. This" is rather interesting in view of the failure of Messrs. Gandhi, representing the Hindus, and Jinnah, representing the Moslems, to reach an agreement on the prob-continues to capitalize on the plea for tol-lem of the Indian minorities. Surely, if the Gandhi groupin India era nee and equality, it has an opportunity, as the majority population of India, to set CROSSWORD, - - - By Eugene SUffcr adch will ( htci; ev;.; lie Mii'f;:cf of ti:e ;oil . for the plant- i h I si str-ei, spent y.-sierday m lii'i'e Haute. ! to i assnmu: lompielc j I plnnn'ng c ' charge of LJic rou.e nil making a t :i:...:. 6iic Jell "I 1 I Vat Holder i Few several thiekntsrs of a thin.' h'i.ii'LU ti;f.-i;it r to make very ue-s him into the position of defending a;n.C', The leal side of his mind oil u f-aw through Laura's shrewd-;:es -and wilii appreciation, too. lie had oi siuc-v.ti himself, and his nidv comment hud been that Mrs. to to 1 i t liKC iny cooking hoi; la! p ; ijhv- nad i-'aor ; ".So you do , any moi e." I "I iicvlt !id re or Mr can be bound it. ply overcast . M ' . , r tap er,;--. ov; piece, are oes. Candcr. 1 only 1 H yiw'. .s teemed satiIied with tin e,rar...;L'. a:.u ,' w Voiitg.rl. liv.s with her. Mrs. i.-i'II til! f- v siiori poii.-h;;. irv well uolii ha.-; r.jl b. i piiwi in pi iiiMiiiiwn mum ii in iwmiimi immi mi ! i iii ii mma uktj it b:j'"nrT- rp 1 1 T " ,o j 1 ri 1 -J 1 3 2 33 34 yV, Si " '' -rrr- Try i i 1 ('. " "rrr " 46 'j-t-7 1 I -to '77Xi'r ! .3 -ry-r: , r' You'll have to uo lutd r." "I wonut-r ycu uiun't die of Pan's cookiiig." tjied tiie woman, "it's a In. I.? - of I-av,i ::' 'ku. h.mitj!. i.f II'..- 'aucr ! v'"om-C1' nc didn't poison you. L;"ok i A. i iry ii ... , of iiiii ouUpuktin, j He had said "New York girl" de-I liberaleiy. He had quietly put Laura ir the position of being a I ; . i a 1 1 -1 o w n girl who resen ted a i i iy irl. .Since then Laura had had ! lesa to say lo him and. equally, he '. lo her. Jn a way tiiey seemed to j iiave become ai rangers, drifting i iuriher apait. To himself he hud tiaivd confess that he thought of Anne far oftener than Laura, and lib- - ! r-il broilier. AN. now lie to tirown tnai pooi iiri, and her a stranger, too. and aob'-'dy knowiit' who tiie ready i or v, lu re ?),e conies iroin. I aiways said he'd brii fr sorrow to you like he did lo your poor mother. Oh, mils in AnnA .KSTKRDAY: hr at tel. .'!M UllflSf' '5 I hoi. rrtiinn itfr ; ni.'iit away Ii the world an example by displaying; a will-1 ingness and an ability to reach an agree- j ment with the minority group in India. I FIX PRICES, NOT WAGES. j The American Federation of Labor and the Congress cf Industrial Organization! have managed to agree that postwar prices i on civilian goods should be set at the 1911 i or the 1912 level. j The labor leaders believe that improved : production practices have lowered manu-' facturing costs and that i (.'conversion pric-1 ing should protect the standard of living in this country. ; They do not advocate the fixing of wages at the same lev'I. evidently on the j theory that workers should share in the! general prosperity of industry. j -U what here l v.ould she say if she were j not merely as the Ne-w York girl. ov:T other. He had talked about her CHAPTER SEVENTFKN S'OW DAN was gone. The room rromcil to proclaim the fact in ome secret way. There was no imtc or anytliiug tangible. Dun had britucht nothing, so there had been "She'd probably Fay, Mvp. Can-) with Dan. He had sensed that Dan dor, that you'd u better off if you 1 was a little interested in her de-stopped drinking. Also if you,-pite Dan's laughing assertion that spread any tales about my brother j lie wasn't interested in any girls you will be discharged and. a a except rich ones whom lie could lawyer, I'll make things verv un-! marry for money. And now it j r 4 Kus.sell's i ni,..; usai ,t for vou. Undeistand ?' scented Dan hud tried to drown nothing ' o take away St i- et were heavv as he went down i Her eyes bulged and she drew , Anne. That was an exaggeration, ii-niiuint 41 i ' e u pivn: apait i!tir.i Mrs. Candor was wailing ; iier(Jn up. "I shall leave at once.'' i of course, but he undoubtedly had with supper and more conversation. "Mease do, and dun't ask to j rescued her after the boat tipped His lirst impulse was to avoid both ( COI11L. back." over. Mrs. Cand . r hadn't the mind ind k around to see Anne and ask j n( shimmed the door as he went j to make up a Tiling like that, her what had really happened. Dutj0uti and then despised himself for And it was aifhcult to think of he knew that would only set Mrs. i (joins: it. There was no reason to Dan tipping over accidentally. Dan IIOlilONTAL 1 rt-ntt-rs o piovi 1c i-siilti'S it n ini; 1. lisht . .cpr.'S-j,-)!!-? j : p. i ited horse I UT1CAL .pah. 11 kiltng to i.m the ayable Ue.-l i nil-jy laubr.) 1 1 1 quarrel with Mis. Gander, tfne was 1 had been able to handle a boat merely a foohsh old who1. since boyhood. Now he wanted drank aiid whom lie had kept on Dan, wanted to talk to him, want-because of laa mother. She wasn't led to find out what had really hap-even a good house cleaner. She pened. He had an idea Anne would .v.lle '. .mde-ring ni- asuic.5 of hi'.th hot tun is ,t feet ii aat VJ phy.-i.-i: l j bbr. ) .rU. win'iji eitil-r Giet i:in 'P"f i. -!l:ttive buoy diun't deserve the respect he was not tell him. And he elt it was lra- liaiKier ? tongue lo wa.uyms iuiu-er 'So lie sat down to the meal winch represented Mi3. Gander's cookine at its worst. Her tongue wagged continually, there .'as no stopjtin her once she ;'.ud stalled, but that wasn't wlmt !ej)ressed him. He felt 'ie wouldn't iave minded her if Dan had only iieen sitting across the t.ible from i iit!. D;in had changed his hie. He :.!(! come to look forward to Dan s portent that he should understand. mite willing to accord the doer of In iani:s v. lumpers It was this thought which made him walk past the Reynolds house without going in. From the side- any job well done. Her meal had been very bad, and naturally she had only fixed it so she "onld gloat over what she ins-ted Dan had' ttj vsl'Ti: av's puzzle. k he cuuld look into the familiar 32 louc door-kucpt is 14. within western slate 17 iiiteniaff aul Iani;u:iu 15. iiioutli put 20. glides tillDUL'll 21. hpht pulse 22 Ti-.-nnvsonian hcluiiic 21 f.ulf mound 2-. .solitaiy 2d. en I in 2.S. podly persons JU. coil.-ctlon of em lou.i ht-raiy 5..1 ans done. He only made a fool of him- hiving nom and see the old lady in "WORST WAR (11 H. A! S." "Some of the v.-oist war criminals are Bulgarians," declares ''rime Minister Winston Churchill, in asserting that "in the present war we cannot forget, many acts of cruelty and wickeJnef,;! lor wbieh they have been responsible, both ;.o Greece and Yugoslavia." While Bulgarians want to b" treated as co-belligerents, the B-iti;-h l..-ader says that 'they must work their pa-sago for a a long time and in no uncertain fashion" before being accorded a special i-'tritus, "in view of the injuries our allies in Greece and Yugoslavia sustained at their hands". St. Louis Gov. Thomas E. Dewev, Re : eacr talk and spontaneous j self by discussing such a thing with her chair. Anne was sitting beside Her. All at once he realized j her at all. He had handled tlie j her, evidently reading aloud. Laura been Ion-. beluie Dan came whole thing badly. Now there wasi3t on the jther side at a table was going to be I knowm; no ijac;;. and now h lo'uiv ftgain. He table a; icr having of ta;.:ue. :ot up from the made a pretense 61 CL l A P SPA A'AL AR!0FPutT Jin E p t A! il N i T fig A i Tli A Sitia lIlTe rpJi. L I I A N.F ?U Tif. I qin lie would . Lot vva: !-.-.: a:i tr 2o.liad existt d j rC 1 ii I'JAliJ '.' - ""A"'- 27. tuiiiiiiiii ive i a j 1 1 i , - till.' as the lw.-al of lur Nancy I ,,,, : .,n a n vo o .i. must mar 29. nver in ! t I, , Hill ( 1 1 KwilZeilunU jv., N- Y i. h.x::i e ao- 'Xl" 1 j reared in New iorK eouit to :U' !n!p'.U , I" r 111 s 0)J ,ee .(itvekuuike-t 1 atiacK Uia. a.x. .-n. lla-t"i : wa.i c:.t r.... a iiuiu "if. e .1'.' d j San Flic. (.-'ah. I. i.w.v.r- ins re- :J7. pio;.',"ix tu.ji boinbay. J"; a. wiare 4o ur.i)' ..i .;:k j h hit n i m i " i s'tlt' V ( j to n' !':.Muili lir'nai:!.::)! 4 1,. si , o; :i i4;e-vi a I -Old S;:. , . ,i ij j c;iav. p,y iveiv.i Mnitn, 7 1 T ji' 3 now 21 and manv.-u, with being J ' hi-ut'-.-r ' t"e L.'her of her live-yar-oM "Y on eion't !iiie your dinner queried Mrs. Gn fixed for you ?' wliat kind of gossip t with some papers spread out be-r. a.l, j fore her. She was going over ac- i true about Dan? He eounts. but when she raised her - (.i .(.:: had broken up ; head he got the diitiret impresson ':- " i-.. i ha;! t . siie wti.- wjnimg tn She had l ". n.'r . aijed his oi;e u!tde he was out i" ';' lis v ' av aj'd h. it ivinl with Miss ': " ' 1-'( J . .'" ' ;' u.q-u-i! to see him. i. ' v : . - : l(; ( p.-rted him to : iia, ,iv . , r ai.d tu her little library. ;it h.r n; .I.--. '. ..d en too busy to do so. He ,f.'.iy or o. ; j:.,i now that he had made sure it ha.; la'ii s i. iie was to" buy to do so. i'jz hum cer. "No. dor t. Yiiii needn't b jih to hx fljiv re. Well to ha eh t our old :irra: ment alid 1 u nav i caniier m town." Kra. fraiider fiuslied. Plie haJ taJien a htWe drink while Russell bird be present i u-ed ra.imtaiii ,ni; to h , Anne was : sion, at a publican nominee fcr President: "The Nov Deal has been taken over by the combina j tion of corrupt city communists and fellow i travelers." I i : i in ( null t, : J". male Awrjto time f tointii, iL it? K.l. i (..Uiv w;is upstairs ajid the had Lccn ishe were Uwi.ueiaUiy Uyi.. Lo put 1

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