The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 16, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, October 16, 1944
Page 4
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Momlay, October 16, 1941. THE DAILY CLINVONISN ,Purp Four la . h i BUI WAJH "SOMETHING ON OUR CHEST" THE DAILY CLTNTONIAN 1UU -J rr TV L . V , fctoHUhrd as The Weekly CtiBtonlan ISM ' The Clinton PlalndealeT absorbed in 10S PnbUshed Dally Except Saturday and Sunday 1 eorgo L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher tared at the Postofflce at Clinton, Indiana mm fLMmA mum Matter ft By HARRISON CARROLL King Fonturpfi Syndicate Writer HOI.LYWOO D After losing only 40 pounds with all these diets and hospital routines, Laird Cregar has dropped :16 more without even t ktflUrui Republican Editorial AaaoclattoB At the Moviet U'ARASII I -.Mutiny, .Monday and Tuestlay The tin may have been taken out of Tin 1'an Alley by the war effort, but whatever it is that has been substituted clanks just as loudly. A survey of the movie capital is the sounding board for "The AHey's contribution to wartime inusK reveals that there's still i lot of tin in them that- Hollywood bills. Tunes, new and old, ire beinK written, revived and rewritten by the score. A current example is I'niversal's "Follow' the Hoys," in which 2G big name dramatic and musical stars are hrouKht together on the screen Sunday evening. .it-,- Phone 83 Phone 32 trying uunng Gabor to the Cedars of Lebanon for a check-up. She's been ill for two weeks. . . . The bus bringing Harry Jauies' band back from a one-nighter in San Diego gave out of gas miles from Hollywood and the whole outfit had to hitch-hike, Harry carrying his precious trumpet. Lucky he doesn't play u basa viol. . . . Arthur Murray observes: "When grandma was a girl, she didn't do the things the girls do today, but then the grandmas didn't do the things the grandmas do tho picture, "Hangover S q u a r c," and now is worried about Ketlh'S TOO thin. gWVBUCAH tDITORl. r t;k&m- mm ASSOCUTIOM When Gail Russell's brother, Pfc. George Russell, goes back to Alaska, he'll carry lots of gifts from Gail to the boys, but nothing G. I. Gail's sending flos&y sc -k i and tie With "Experiment Perilous" llnished, Hedy L a m a r r and John Lodcr will vacation at Big Bear Lake and Hedy's wardrobe will be 5? ?T 1 (, J Harrison Carroll COM MIUA Sunday ami Monday Wallace Beery and Marjorle Uain are teamed for the fifth time in MGM's "Rationing" the new film, at the Columbia Theatre. The comedy is based on the newspaper headlines of today with Beery cast as a butcher confronted with the trials and tribulations of point rationing. This feature opens at the Columbia Theatre Sunday. something for a Hollywood glamor queen mainly jeans and lumberjack shirts. Seeing as they are roughing it, Lotler will do the As Lt. Comdr. Bob Montgomery drove up to his home, he found his eight-year-old son. Bob, Jr., tossing folded newspapers at the front porch. "I'm practicing so I can have a paper route," explained the youngster. Understand Bob is due for a decoration from the Navy and that it will be presented to him here. ALLIKS MUST CONTROL Til K WORLD. It may be a native ignorance but we are often unable to fathom the mental processes of some of the mental giants of the preS-Cnt Cra , TT A case in point is the fear of Dr. Henry M. Wriston, president of Brown University, that "after fighting the Nazis to prevent German control of the world," the Allies "plan to control it". The learned gentleman seems to be against "control" of the world by anybody, apparently making little distinction, in this regard, to the type of controls that would be invoked by the Allies. Naturally, it is inevitable, if we have law and order, that there be controls. We am nnt wntrinF war aeainst controls but ' Lou Costello has signed Joan Fulton to a contract for his Biltmore Productions. Joan danced with Ray Bolger in "By Jupiter" and, oddly enough, she's another California girl who had to go to New York to attract Hollywood's attention. She once attended Beverly Hills High school and worked with Mickey Rooney and Olivia de Havilland in the Max Reinhardt production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Water Needed The extent of evaporation during hot weather calls for an extraordinary amount of water to balance the supply available for the plants. The amount, possible to apply by the ordinary garden hose is insufficient and is made less effective when sprayed through the air. It is ad-visable, then, that even with cold water, if the amount that can be used is limited, it be allowed to run in shallow trenches or applied directly to the soil rather than sprayed. la Unincorporated City Kannapolis, N. C, is the largest unincorporated city in the United States. Lynn Merrick and Tom Brown (now a first lieutenant) won't make a romantic decision until his return from overseas. They were ready to elope before he left, but since then two long; years have passed. However, it's still a fair bet that they get married on Tom's first leave. They have corresponded continuously and Lynn spends much time with Tom's mother. I , A personal appearance tour with "Guest In the House" will take Marie McDonald away from Hollywood for a month, but she wants it understood in advance that the trip doesn't mean she and Vic Or-satti are separating. Far from it, she says. Things are picking up for Marie. She's just signed for a picture a year with Bill Goetz, in addition to her Hunt Stromberg; contract and, at last, she will get a chance at musicals. She sang with two bands, you know. Incidentally, everybody is getting r groat laugh out of Marie having an English housekeeper named Elsa Maxwell. Jt's her real tag, too. mm.. : iMt- against the German idea of force, superiority and rutheless aggression. When the war is over, the Allied Na-te control of the I Taking a Backward Glance Reds Join Tito V It wv- oorth There is no wav to avoid this. We court room much more elaborately than speaking halls usually are decorated, and they sang some songs to start off the meeting. W. C T. V. Keception Honor .Miss Tinling' An attendance of about forty-five is reported for the reception given by the W. C. T. i;. workers for the city teachers, at the home of Miss Sara Downing, front 7 to 9, Thursday evening. Miss Tin-ling, of London, who bad talked 0fl HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: So tragic about Jinx Falkenburg's father dying in Mexico City. The trip was a sort of second honeymoon for him and Mrs. Falkenburg. And he seemed in perfect health. Hollywood pals planning a big birthday tribute to Georges Jomier, the French instructor, who has worked for years with the movie stars. Last year, Andre Kostelanetz called Jomier long distance from New York and Lily Pons sang "Happy Birthday" over the phone. . . . Henry Fonda was so overcome by the smell of a woman's perfume when Frances Langford visited the Pacific that Frances Is sending' him a bottle for Christmas. . . . Lenore Sabine, head of the Paramount hair-dressing department under Wally West more, weds A. O. Blanchard, Navy C. P. O. Dorothy Lamour, Gail Russell and Diana Lynn will be attendants. . . , Paul Mantz gave Mexican pilots a fast course in movie stunt flying, . . . R-K-0 rushing plans to film "Mary at Leisure," the book written by Virginia Lederer. .. Add to youthful twosomes: , Universale Ann Blithe and R-K-O's Glenn HUNCARV L 14 r? RUSSIANS AND YUGOSLAV PATRIOTS UN11E HERE IN to quite a crowd of school chil DRIVE ON CAPITAI dren at the Methodist church in The guy who bought Tommy Dor-sey'a Bernardsvill-, N. J., show-place was named Hall. . . . Probably will take Edgar Bergen six months to finally work out the voice for his new character, Eftie. He was a year perfecting Mortimer Snerd, . . . Loretta Young's hus-foi-nd, Tom Lewis, a full colonel now. . . . When Mervyn LcRoy arrived in New York, he was met by press agents from M-G-M, where he still has "Thirty Seconds Over Tokio"; from R-K-6, where he will direct "The Rob:," and from Warners, through which he will rel ase his independent films. - . . Eva Pi0"1 Tf'fuNOVAC the afternoon, talked at the evening meeting, along the lines of f M XNEG07lNrt) Francis. Mrs. Harvey Staats who was in a critical condition yesterday at the Vermillion County hospital is reported very well today. O. W. Spencer, Clintonian foreman, reported to be slightly better this afternoon than he was this morning. Dr. O. H. McOuIre left yesterday for St. I.ouis. Mo, to attend the session of the Supreme Council of Job's Daughters held at the Hotel Statler. Dr. McOuire is Grand Secretary of Job Daughters. Mrs. James Blower of South Fourth street, entertained today with a luncheon lor Mrs. Leslie Runyan, Mrs. Corval Vaughn, Mrs. Thomas Griffith, and Miss Lena Gilfoy. scientific temperance. Her talks U&3SLAV PA- I I I . RIOTS ADVANCE I Ht Jj-.l.-m ON CAPITAI I V J SL tK ,.,jYUGOSLAVIA DULG. TWKXTY VKAliS MH 'l')l.V l-:x-linntiitt's Lfnd Siippn't to Make Salurdliy J!ia ! Hi-ro Tile local KxchaiiKC club is add-inK its hit to the efforts to make Saturday's football game between Clinton and Georgetown a howling success. A committee, appointed by the club, is making the rounds of business houses, getting the business men to decorate their stores with the colors of the two teams. Hospital Makes (iood Average since Opening Almost every bed in the Vermillion county hospital is occupied at present, according to a report from Mrs. Hazel Presser. superintendent. Since the institution opened in July there has been an average of two patients admitted daily. Should all the rooms become filled. Mrs. Presser stated, the rooms used by the nurses will he -vacated for the patients. Twenty-seven patients were in the hospital yesterday. I'ci-mmls Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shovnly, of North Kleventh street, are the believe that, under their leadership, the world will be vastly different from similar control by the Axis powers. It is for this difference that we wage war. To defeat Germany and Japan and then permit the earth to drift lazily and carelessly into a situation inviting another combat for supremacy would be foolish. To use such controls are are necessary, in the opinion of the victorious powers, to prevent this is wisdom applied to global affairs. It goes without saying that our control will be different from German or Japanese control. The difference is best exemplified by a comparison of respective freedoms enjoyed by the people of the nations at war and by the populations of the nations they occupy. JET-PKOPKLLKD FIGHTERS. The Germans have introduced a new weapon into the air war, the ME-262 jet-propelled fighter. So far, according to news reports, it has mude inconclusive passes at tremendous speed at American bombers, but has had little success in are saitl to be generally appreciated over the United States, where she lias met educators. Personals ,:' Mrs. A.r M. Nichols transacted business at Newport, Wednesday. E. J. Johnston, an insurance company superintendent is here from Terre Haute, assisting with the work in this field for several days. ! Mr. and Mrs. Lon Coffee of Sycamore street, went to Danville, ill., Wednesday, to attend the wedding of their niece. Miss Rose-lynn Lehmeu, to Lou Shaffer. w2 1 vYf GREECE I STATUTE MJlfS II v f -1 tz3' XB! Borer Damage Corn borer damage in 1943 totaled $33,3i;0,000 in the belt extending from the Atlantic coast to eastern Iowa and Missouri, according to the department of agriculture. Estimated corn crop value in that area was $750,000,000. Store Wool Rugs If you .store; woul rugs, have them cleaned or clean them well yourself. Then scatter napthalene or paradk'hlorobcnzcne flukes liberally over the surface. Roll lare ruga up on long poles. Tie each bundle in several places and cover with stoul paper, sealing every crevice will, gummed tape. THIRTY YKAItS A(M) TODAY "Tariff, Taves, TeiTO Haute and T. Taggart" Republicans from Newport ond vicinity are highly pleased with the good campaigning they say R'J:s:AN TROOPS have linked up with units of the Yugoslav 14th Partisan Corps in a converging drive on Belgrade. Struggling against fierce Nasi resistance and the imminence of heavy autumn rains, the combined forces under Marshals Rodion Y. Mallnovsky and Tito are threatening the re-conquest of big G'r::.-n-worked copper and coal mines in a 40-milc area between Dcnji Milano-vac and Zajccar. (International) ! Roy Shattuck has been doing up I around the county seat. They re- port an excellent meVtiiiK Thttrs-i day night. The women up there took an interest, decorating the Low in Calorics Ice cream is relatively low In calories as compared with other popular desserts. It is a good source of several nutrients, particularly vitamin A, protein and calcium. The calcium in an average serving, one-sixth quart, of ice cream furnishes about 17 per cent of an adult's total daily need for calcium. parents of a baby boy born Mon Wash Farly Clothes and household linen wear longer when they're washed before the dirt is ground in by repeated use. It takes Irss soap and less labor to wash clothes that are only slightly soiled. day. The child has been named I Jungle Ore A former jungle area near the town of Nicaro, Cuba, is now producing 5,000 tons of nickel ore a day for the United Nations war effort. The ore, lying on the surface for a depth of from 12 to 50 feet, contains 45 per cent iron, some chromium and cobalt and from 1 to 3 per cent nickel. The deposit is being worked by the Nicaro Nickel company on behalf of the United States Metals Iteserve corporation. CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbcffcr o noltis was furious at Dan for the first time in her life and wanted no of the day and not allowed up until the following morning. Like all those who care for the explanation from him. She UKea Anne. Anne was wonderful to her. She told Russell if she saw Dan sick, 5he had a scon of being sick 186,000 Cubic Miles of Water It is estimated that evaporation raises some 166.000 cubi: miles of water from the surface of the earth annually, which is again shooting our planes out of the air. Some experts say that the Nazi fighters attain a speed of more than GOO miles an hour, but that this has disadvantages because it is impossible to score accurate hits at such a velocity. The United States has a new jet-propelled fighter, the P-fili-A. Roll Aiiacomet, but it has not been tried in combat. Early in June, newspaper men were given an opportunity to witness the plane in flight and it has been known for sometime that jct-propulgion engines were under construction in this country. The use of these engines will undoubtedly work many changes in fighter design and battle strategy. Combat in the stratosphere is foreseen by experts who also look' for scientific devices to greatly increase defense against aerial attack. she'd take great pleasure In wring ?ve Nazis Yerri SYNOPSIS A Ratline and popular resident of T;ilbot. sk-cpy little Chesapeake Bay village; is S1KS. KUNICE REYNOLDS, elderly and unal-le to walk, but the poss 'sKifl-of youiiK ideas. She lias been dominated by her ttiung-willed gland-daughter. LAUKA. who lives with her. Mrs. Reynolds hires ANNE WILSON, personable young N.-w Yorkei, to be her nurse. Longtime flanee of Laura is RLSSKLL SMITH, conservative youns attorney. The placidity of Russell s life is shattered by the arrival, afcer a Ions absence, of hia outspoken, liberal brother, DAN. . . . YESTERDAY: The pleasure of snilltiK when Dan purposely upsets the boat. Anne, furious, spurns his assistance and swims toward shore. heiself. Ami next (lay everyone had to speak to her on the street and tell her how sorry they were and how nothing belter was ever to be expected of Dan Smith. When she tried to explain it had only been an accident and quite unavoidable, people smiled knowingly and told her how nice she was to put it that way but they knew Dan Smith. Evervone said it. Everyone knew Dan Smith. Even old Mrs. Reynolds herself sighed and said everyone ing his neck for him. Russell had driven to Salisbury the day it happened and had spent the night 'here. He didn't hear about it until he got home the next evening after 8 busy day at his office : Weston. He found Mrs. Gander, his housekeeper, In charge and bubbling over with the news, which she gave in bluntest form. Dnn had taken Anne Wilson out in a oat and tried to drown her. Mrs. Gander had thoroughly enjoyed Russell's look of consternation. L lll4 Ml Z. '' -.1 Vi -3 -' -.4 45 1 o ' jj ' I i 7 yT I was right about Dan. It was maddening. She had want id something to happen to make people more fr'endly toward her because she liked the place so much; but now it had happened, DANDELION TIKES. CHAPTER SIXTEEN SOMEHOW tho boating incident made a difference in Anne's feel-i Talhit nnrl evervone in Who remembers the suggestion that she wanted to be let alone. There She had cooked dinner for mm, which was not part of her job, just to be present and tell him. She felt it squared her up a little with Dan, whom she hated because she felt he was doing her out of work. Russell had sensed her triumph and asked calmly, "Where's Dan?" dandelions be grown to produce rubber? it. She knew everyone in the place j was no need for people to stop her . .. talkine about her now, even if on Morris street a week or ten Cays Well, the B. F. Goodrich Company says that it is making tires from the Russian thev h?dn't been before. maae later and ask Iter if she had recovered. There had been nothing to re He's gone. He's afraid of you, I cover from except that her pride dandelion, koksaghyz, which appear to equal tree-rubber tires. The plants were '. . ... 1 rcrlifm " no difference that everyone sympathized with her aid said Dan Smith had only taken her out in the little scrappy-cat so he could t"s ' - ,v i' was hurt and ner swimming nau. u .i h. failed her at the most inopportune "My brother has no reason to be 10-16. dnmn I er over and tbn play the time. Just when she had wanted . '" ""- .... : , , and still to I m e re he wouMn t try to IIOKI.ONTAI, .M,, 1. l;il,-e l...i,:.t "'' hero by rescuing ner. miss i prove eo ...u . Wiison. He probably,trl herself a committee of i herself, that she was quite able to I drown Mis niuun. ne (jruuou ,ve to Dan, more r, , "bin saved -er. 2 an astringent .". set of beils 4. sphere uf at tion 5. i orrcctable missing 7 to cut off I i latty i'i i ah M.U I K AI, 1. g.nt X heal 11. l.;e a v.i:: IX l.rv 3 1 i Nnnnse J.', heal it!. aitu u!ar "He saved her, all right. Mrs. Sanders told me. He carried hei home c"d it was more like hugging her than carrying. Mrs. Sanden saw it and tcld me." Russell frowned and went tc Dan's room. He didn't want Dan tc one to call on her and express the take care of herself under any and penercl Even Laura was j all circumstances, her strength had far more human than usual -When ; failed her. It was so humiliating to Dan appeared carrying the limp, j have capped the while affair by dripping figure in his arms and fainting like a schoolgirl or. worse with a strange look in his eyes : still, as if she had wanted Dan which was half fear and half ex- j Smith to save her and then carry uitation. ! her in his arn.s. r.... it.-.. .an. Tf mioht hava tviarttt her ffel fi Anf-wer to Satuidav's tuizi'.le. l1 I,ul,ai grown in Florida lrom seed tlown lrom Russia. While only small onrntities of dandelion-rubber are available, the company says Florida everglade land produces up to 200 pounds of rubber per acre. ' This starts an interesting speculation. While we debate the subsidization of synthetic rubber plants, in order to become free of foreign grown rubber supplies, the problem may be solved by dandelions, growing on American farms. Supreme Headquarters, AEF, France General Dwight D. Eisenhower: "In Germany there will bo no fraternization. be gon, though he feared it was I5UL 11 Was Llldl o,ii t. viii-ii , it (,..fu,,k ....... - - 11 .. !.,., , IA it ITlft imIWs iwTt iA ! I fa i- - if-ff'l -- 1 K S. a ceiling (airh.) 9 wed covering 10 ratify 11 hardy 17 poiket-case terminal 22. heinousness J. weaken 2A- Leer JG card game 27. oppost'! to phenomenal 28. ichne L1(. before moral u5. sistiT of one'? father or mother 40. tarsus 4!. n on h 4LV i-n hml 4'; pioxus M frustrate 4" Millie 4''.. iiiscei noJ 4a. vl Utat thing kled most in Anne's mind. If she ; littU better about the whole thing rue enougn. "a" , had stuck to her scorn and had I if Dan himself had come around in Hope Dan was settlmg dm All at swam ashore, she would have felt ; a contrite mood and she had been i one e , a sort of triumph. 3ut instead she : ab!e to put him in his place and let that Dan had come to fin a pbace m 'ad cone w-ak and Dan Lad had i him understand what he had done his life these past twj weeks to refcue her. She had even fainted. was of no importance. But Dan s7rhIllTd Sr?SlS SS. -nd therefore he had carried her to was the only one in Talbot whom , and hfr had had more color, more . hi. Kh. ht re. Ishe d.,ln-t see in tlie next few davs i meaning. He naa iikea uan s sturoy S T AifiiJ -RETAIL IF iR :T s.i it V2. snake ;;;. c ry louiily w4. slitti nt i:av-jny the purtf Z. :m ln.lia:i 41. smmII I n.l 41. pin t hn.s V IT. Willi AM B02r:.E, v-yc-ai-olU New Yorker of German-American parentage, was one of three Yanks v.ho carried the surrender temis to the Germans at Aach;n, be-sicsrcJ German city. The Germans mused to accept the ultimatum and the Allies bepan tiie all-out assault to wipe out the stronghold. Ecehme and the others were blindfolded by the Xazjs before they were taken to the command post. fXoternattonaJ independence in refusing to be outfitted with new clothes and il working at whatever little jobs h could pick up instead of expectini sometl ing to be found for him. lined consciousness .0 find Laura ! or. at least, it seemed that way :. itg over her anxiously. . vine. ! Old Mrs. Reynolds had given him I t;nr.e vou're all right. Er. Ban- ,a piece of her m:r.J in spite of her is on the way here." Sh had : liking for him because, alter all. cut wanted Laura or Dr. Banning she had seen him tip the boat over. i i.... 1. Ci.o rfi in't tjill nhnnf it. hilt A!l Kfr N;c:;Atia-cL!V jA Sfca3AjLl;oI,R;,? Russell had begun to make plans We go in as conquerers. Washington Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War: "Either surrender or destruction must be chosen by the Nazis." unable to voice anv protast even i it' seemed sh. didn't need to. Every- j on a new and chastened Dan. 4! K :.t vi It ' Ati rjLi' limp t( bulutioii: - mtiiul. s. I To Be Continued) t'hea she was kent in ted the rest one eat Ihe stoiv uaL So Mrs. Key-

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