The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 8, 1968 · Page 46
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 46

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1968
Page 46
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Post-limes Classified, Friday, Nov. 8, 1968 114 06 Help Wmted-M! 411 Situations W'td, Male j 5-13 Household Furnishings, 5-13 Household Furnishings 5-24 Pianos, Organs REPAIRS, Carpentry. masonry. DAVENPORT like new, blue floral i Br.,n.,er. . .... (PFpnFFn PlAMrt itin ne. LIPE of Virglim offer! dtoit Mid 4 05 Help Wanted-Fimal f 4-06 Help Wanted-Male opening. 61U-5631. i ZJZXZJif-taSS W P."L7 pleta It ,1 turn' fAN. TAKE UP PAYMENTS. ASK : ch,na. painting, raott. 683 3341 , k Prum,ii.. ?oe over paymentv Only VSU FORMR-l.EE. uriiTttEfie . j j , , t ' . DRIVER salesmen. Ambitious rABPPNTDv. Dm.i.rin. . .ni.i ,.m. i per month. Call credit dept. UJ. , RODERICK. PIANOS ORGANS .w"?"." T """I .... r,i,00,, Imnortant than CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION COPY & CANCELLATION DEADLINES FOR FOLLOWING DAY'S PUBLICATION ; 119 Datura 132 JJJ nifltil, will train. Apply In person, cleanup ond detail mtn. Apply In Howard Johnson. 2830 5. County uern on.,' see Mr. Garzo, 330 onions, a n o r s. windows, rennirt. xml U7- i t I- Moenence; salary and comoany beneilts. Call 5K-t6U, Crystal Rock tioor tiles, ui wu. CONGRESS AVE. THRIFT SHOP 17-PAIRS flbernln.1 itmnerv I ' , Datura St., WPB. water co. uitvcnt A .. - .. ui.hui I CARETAKER t Yr. PB Exoerl- We hove good clean, TVt and rodi. Chrome high chair, excellent Condi- commission In town rri' wrXno 1 i0YJ ANTeD SALESMAN to call on local Hotels "n . " .,'"n 9?.? IS."! Age. U 1411 W.PB. area. Wt and Clubs. Assure estaDhsntd ter- RENT AN ORGAN OR PIANO Only $2 a Week ence Post Times Box W J. i as. Complete line ot household tur-'tlon, St. 2-Occasionai tobies. 1-orm :..,,.1,. " , ,. inlshlngs. dinettes, bedroom suites, 1 chair, 1-oversturfed chjlr, jo. coll RESIDENTIAL Construction SuPer-: , Jd choirs, chests, desks, you 1 831-732. I ntendent. Hove experience In Draft. W. Conaress 47-'- a hwi weekT sol 11 DhT,. iii E'tning and Sundays caliiritory. Salary, cor provided. Reply lonigerarn hhi. post limes Box w-iu ASSISTANTS tor holr stylish) ng ana Estimating Wish to re- 28S; J TWIN BEDS WITH I FIRM MAT- locote in the West Paim Beoch -itresses ond ? nnit sppiwr.t MAN wanted for relay run tor cancellation DEADUNE YOUNG mon for general office, tyo- raim eeacn salon, ny mi. wholesole bread bakery. 5-Day i Ina reaulred. Prefer someone that area Contact: Jerry C. Moody, P. USED turn, tor every room. An-'no FOR ALL. COSTUME JEWEL- EXPERIENCED solod airl. good w py. rnnm nn, w n supervision cooooiiity. start 01 OfMCE -WEST PALM BEACH- FREE LESSONS ft EXCLUSIVE WURLITZER HOBBY COURSE All rental applies it you buy Your ot Any New Wunizef RODERICK PIANOS ORGANS ll alary, fringe benefits. Apply In Jl"V V :-T-.?m7'. per weeit. App,y in person, ,yuna, r. A.. i.n o ni.w.. vy1 Joy a RY f-OR X.V1AS GIF1S II EA. PAINTER wonts small obs. Plaster ,'L'L- - L W- .5H07n: VVORTH UP TO a XIMS J BEDROOM suite L . C H T S AND ORNAMENTS , West tltn street. Riviera Beach, person. Polm Beach Count", (flub. j"' W. Loktwood Rd.. WPB Spring Lock Scaffolding. norm tounry ko., raim Beocn. I LABORERS wonted. Contact Com- Foot ot Datura (1191 132-18 '4 Lin PARK- SALESMAN, mature, live Fort i . -11:00 AM -10:00 AM -10:00 AM -10:00 AM NUO A.M.-10:00 LM. 10:00 A.H.-10:00 I.M.- NEFD 2 girls, ages 1130 for pro- DraB Construction. Southwest 10th WANTED truck driver. Chauffeur's TV. RADIO AND RECORD PLAY- IOPEN IMON. AND FRI. TIL PM, Wool IM3 dark red $28. ER. PFRFECT VS. WATCHING r-,.r,-' .n ' Suction line work, will train Aooivi5' " m Deiray. Pierce. Will cover Vera to NPB. Ft. ! RUGS. Pierce 468-0371. , 13xl4.4" -LAXE WORTH- DELRAY- beige SoO 585-280S bunk beds with good mat- hal.di. riAAUS in person, 4IUU It. Utxie, W.P.B. Transfer and Storage. 1201 Frederick Street, WPB. ROUTE OPERATOR CARPENTER !" MILAM'S FURNITURE TOP Si'dRA'm I"? PJ"". "teklye Repairs. Alterations. Roolino Storm We hnv L ..II mm furnit.r. rr . ..7. ; ? -...?..".... No deposit Free delivery. GENERAL OFFICE J2 EA.. BOWLING BALL will employ " TJ," - T T Jewel Companies, Inc. LcGGETT MUSIC CO. Shutters, Painting. Phone 582-9459. ot lst St. t N. uixie, uoupie pea- DPFDir-FDATno t,n uauv ' : man 01 retail home shopping ser- Ph. 83 3 0144 dlna 128.00. 5-4lll. . nfucn irci ..o . . .-, 3" ciemans . No typing required. Must he neat In aooearance. Prefer unattarhwi. vice route operalor to serve our , n H NON-COMMERCIAL TRANSIENT RATES EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 1967 10' PER WORD -10 WO. MINIMUM In t h t wesi t . Good storting salary. Colt for ap-' tfblished customer MAN. vast experience In health studio business. I Rio, New York, San Fronc'scnt. Seeks 40Hr. week position. (No massaging). 582 2249. 1 HIDE-ABED couch and choir TLE AN0 S4VE A L0T- WlkE'S REPOSSESSED ilOO I tl493 AUCTION. 816' SOUTHERN BLVD., SPINET Piono, Assume small - - W.PB. (RT. E0). Vi MILE WEST monthly payments. Coll credit man- 2 DANISH modern Lane and tables I OF THE TURNPIKE OVERPASS. , oger, 8J2 0537. TANK production welders. 844-1653 pamimem. tu-iu. Homo music. ru"' "UL" .... . . ... 912 N Lake Blvd , LP 5o' experience helpful but not ' ' : 'ieces$ary since wt from you on the BEAUTICIAN Senior or Junior. Full -out Te man we hire will nove Electronic Technician 4-12 Sit'S W'td, Male, F'male 842 47M atVr p m. ; TWO matching lounge choir,, slloi S1CKLKR MUSIC, INC. guaronteed salary plus profits. ... . , , . , . 1 or parr lime. ui-si2i iv?i ru in Turquu'SvT, rittneni con- . ei.,,j rt-.,. (mull utr epri irnLrg in I'anauior 119 CLEMATIS 833 3704 1 DUO'BED. sleeps . lovely Mohooo. 1 dition. $35 each. 844-17&9. RARE opportunity for right girl. J"' Mrrn 17 500 per vear. many c,rcuit and color TV. Above average Year round employment in book- im0Lt mu,h more pay Large company. Benefits ovail- keeplng and tax work In Deiroy. (' j' 0uaiW vou' must hove the de- able; arouD durance, retirement Background in diversified account- .lrm ' u.- ur, Aifi and savings program, employee dis . EXPERIENCED Couple seeking ny chests, desk that extends for din-!., , ,,.,-r-.,.. , ot. management position In Lake ing table, chairs. 833-1848 '' S27' Nl;, ;V.LD"2 Park area. 965 8305. .'ST HOUSE. 311 FERN STREET. - - - PADPCTC SATURDAY 10-5, SUNDAY 1-5. MANAGER, chef ond hostess. High.1 lyAHrCU ! ly auolided couple. Will monoaei, . ... . ., CORNFR Toble $10 00 Lomp Table QUALITY INSTRUMENTS YAMAHA SPINET USED WALNUT FINISH S650O0 YAMAHA ALLEN GULBRANSEN TIMES 1 4 7 10 30 COST $1.00 $3.00 $5.00 $7.00 20.00 COMMERCIAL TRANSIENT RATE EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 1967 FLAT 10' PER WORD kitche ond dining room In club oril-'"T" T" "presemnriw win sen s w step toble $6.00 585 2931. j r.tarnnt Phone 84e.? c a r p e t s direct from the mill at . . . ...-! T", ri.b.e0,;!i ."n'1' married, good work history and rtf! count. Please call 133-3221. fict manaqement. job starts De- m u.-k t k a a i . cember 1st to 15th. Write in own '""'" " "l3h J.'V;' $150 A WEEK kRew..ii.M .t. - n,.i . good Phwsicoi cciauion. we proviae L, m S' S with pay. established rus , O p e n I n g new office. Need soles w -''n and pay Its operating monoaer and soles men wholesole exoecled salary. Post T.mes Bo W- Mp,,M. A permanent job w th no , Corpet Enterprise. .44 5500. . izr . I wholesole prices locally. Cail Mt.'W irrraci AMrimom, 1! io. n'u.,-.,.",.::.,-. . , 3 RELIABLE retired eouple available I Bee at 844 5500. Osborne Drive. 585-2000, Will sell 2 r!i,,?mw,i,i,.P ,! J ? '..!.?"" Nov. 15. Caretaker, season; ytdrly. Uiirr - . ,seis. twin size. Innersonng mot- .condition. Sacrifice price. 832 mis. References. 132-1233. j CHES' Dresser 0 ch Tw In resse, and ng, $35 njr set. USED Upright plnno. Good c.ndl. -laoHS. Write Box W-245 Post-Times, j AUTO MECHANIC EXPERIENCED physicians office Physician, . r - . --.v. -"i""'F wUt,., -:non. pnont ves 382b. o.fice.Typma w,.h medl- STANT eoulpmen. mnna,, r tar rHAIRC. I Idnn rnnm irnhnkt i r" c 1' ' niqn roam cal terminology, 833 824. .n, cl.J i lion nher, swivel choir, oreen, $35. I USED PIANOS AND ORGANS iik new. Rubbtr, UQ each. 832- I Block swivel chair, $1!. I Spring- i Thot hove been Impeccably recondl. ilyoe foidina bed. slnaie, with new fined and reflnished In beautiful 14(6 BAR wnltress, Part lime. 9H5 9827 s u m f s to Personnel Depigment. I 5 dow 'wmk Aonl Ji irri Earl Pan'. rWlW. i?lB W P B' " P""" Bb i line "i "vice C ' WAITRESS, over 21. Pluos Drive MfM In wnrlr In fnlnru 4nt nr.utin. 1-CASTRO convertible, groy $50 2- """n mn,,ri'", 1 P"rtahle TV, Walnut. Golden Oak and Glistening Twin beds with motchinq 'spreads. I worl" p?r.',c,'- 1 0II vacuum i Mohopany. bolsters, curtains $45 1-Triple r pnnr- ' Oceon rod ond reel I Thomns Chordion. 1-owner dresser. $40. All like new. 848-3576. ;lik nPW' 1 ok lamp table, Baldwin 2monuol organ, 1-owner MECHANIC. farm eauipment. : ,,,,"-- J, " " : Inn, SlliO 5. Dixie, WPB. 585-3809. 5-04 Jewelry mi, jv, iu,e u. ,,,-.1.1 i. ii i i.'h'm(,. excenen, si ana LADIES yellow aold diamond rhis. ROCK maole dinette table. Formicn YOUNG hair stylist wanted In ',',, Hobe Sound 546-5683 after l"rZt.Zl ,.5h, t3 nUII' i brand new shop with young cllen- S 30om Experience preferred but not neres- tele 965-8608 ( - sary. Paid holidays and vacations 1 ' DRIVER Light deliveries and stock 900 Olo Dixie Hwy., Lake Park. i COMPETENT person to watch 3 work. Year round. 435 25th, WPB. ivDcoicurcr. ' ki,.V girls. Pick 1 child UP ot school 12 - - I EXPERIENCED Oil round baker, Livingston MlrrApiano. Golden oaK with benches BRUBAKER MUSIC CO i 517 Lake Ave. LW 587 497t ter ring. 10 diamonds, approximate- j hP- $35. 655-2875. I horats. ,200. 582-9704. ! ulTEflAPLOYME NT forced this torn, i 5-16 TV-Hi-Fi-StereO CASH FOR DIAMONDS. OLD GOLD Hy to go bock north returned" ERRORS THE POST TIMES Will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MORE THAN ONE INCORRECT INSERTION. IF AN ERROR APPEARS IN YOUR AD, PHONE THE CORRECTION IN TO OUR OFFICE BEFORE 11:00 AM MONDAY THRU SATURDAY. OFFICE HOURS 8 to 5 WEEKDAYS 8 to 12 SATURDAY PHONES West Polm Beach Office 833-4031 lake Worth Office 585-2117 Lake Park Office 844-9707 Delray Office 276-6324 Boca Raton Office 395-4700 Stuart Office 287-2574 Belle Glade 996-6731 noon, babysit until 5.30pm. Coll at- RESPECTABLE position wnn man r '" w. 1 -a. onop, ter 7:30pm. 965-9515. aqement open Excellent opportunl- 2015 N. Dixie. Lake Worth. ty with above averaqe Income. Re PVBeml.u,e. . . j WOMEN for laundry work. We hire t'red men should also or,ply. Inter- EXPERIENCED Truss nailers ond the handicapped only. 8 to 4:30, 5 day Vi.wt 95 1744 lake Worth Rd ""n manufacturing roof week. 832-6487. Gulfsfreom Goodwill 1 nk wnrth or mil 582-5354 ' tusses 585 7550 Pope A.soclates. SHAMROCK JEWELERS Pour Rooms full of practically ncT Pi I pV" rn ai V nioi nvEce OLD ADAr.E STILL RINC. TRHF ' Clematis 832-0065 brand new quality furniture - wSitney T T t ft GET what YOU paV HMllTON-.lVcTrTTtch $40. .S'Vr'SrlXSrlS R C NORTHLAKE NORTH- Our nf '"'Kimball p., Sinoer Island Apartment,. 1165 Eost rVnverfible sola and chair a Mas e? W00D T V. 793 NOPTHLAKE bmlt by crnftsmen B,u,Heron Blvd.Apt. 8. , rS ana Ipa?."' UX. BLVD' . N0RTH BEACH TTluT SSnM" WE REPAIR ALL SPRING WOUND hnSnnin5'.D-m,'JeLP'C5,il.D 'l,1' GUARANTEED used TV's. Con-;their yerv lives depended on their ft ELECTRIC CLOCKS ft WATCHES I -or. ,' s2.81' 0 gress TV Sales ond Service. 967-! gi'o'i'y- They are honestly priced BLYTHE JEWELERS, 114 Clematis ! ?,?ti,rd0a "S.f.'r'J'ri17 na "'" Dept. 833 9737 Beach. console, excellent $75. 683 1977, iKimholl nnm. nf,,m.nt h,,iiH Industries. Steady employment. Excellent pay. : DRIVER & delivery mon. Apply Im- Group Insurance. Need Immediate RN S LPN S, NURSES Aides, kitch- , mediately. Northlake TV 793 North- ly. en help. Apply in person. Mo',on s lake Blvd. NPB 7,7.? '.1 . i 77 Nursing Home. 3185 S. Boulwell - YOUNG mon wanting to learn trode Road LW I NEED two men who need to as bread baker. Should hove desire make 51,000 per month. Coll Mr. ' " learn 8, wllllnqness to work. 5- LADY, experienced preferred, to Anderson 848-7991 i Dfv week, year round. Fringe bene- work in Nursery school mornings. - ; fits. Only permanent residents need Startlna salary si 3s hour. To begin : FORK-llft operator to assist In In apply Apply otter 9:30am. Smith's December 1st. 965-9634 ;& Out service marina. Age 25-45. Bnkery, 532 W. Lokewood Rd., Dexter Marino, 4210 N. Dixie, WPB Cashier wpb l.-nrsrss : r . . : - LANDSCAPE company needs free ROLLAWAY Bed. Simmons mot-! 23" EARLY American Maple Con tress. Excellent, $20. Orchid rugs. Hole. $?S- 68 3 3971. ma for 115 years. Pianos priced frpm $M5 up and oraans from 1.195 to $3100 Plover pianos and plover IX. 044-4VQ. I TWENTY Used TV'S. $5 Each, oroons olso ovnlloble. Give us a Some working. 965-5033. ; phone cnll or come In and see these L.,-, . , . ,-.-,., Instruments. Lnw bonk flnonc- 'TVs $20 ond $75. 3 696 Talluloh Ing available II desired jRoad Seminole Manor, 965-1736. I brubakfr MUSIC CO COINS & STAMPS BOUGHT ft SOLD US ft FOREIGN All types of supplies JACK S COINS ft STAMPS 2745 Broadway, RB 844-7710 V' Blocks No of Blue Heron 47 1 7 GEORGIA AVE USED FURNITURE LAKObR consumer finance compo-, RCTAII P pruners, landscape and maintenance - nv seeking experienced or lnexperl-1 IMZIML JnLCJ man. Nursery Salesman. 848-6691! puofon,ee00lr'n S 1' . Nave Immed.afe opening for 0 per-! between 8:30 ond 5 PM : 4 06 Help Wanted-Male 4-07 Help W'td, Male, F'male - 517 Lake Ave . LW 582 497f STERFO components Boaen rerelv. olory plus paid expenses ond other ! "I0"'?' "OH1""1" man between 21 ABC Employment Agcy, 965-7336 n. it k. r Gerrard turntable, speakers . . De II oea- t.. 070. S8S Whatever you want ; and 50 yeors ot oge. 5'-'i day work 1853 Palm A. Dr. Call for Appt (SERVICE station attendant. Tnnge Denettis. lom bw-uvt. ding, apartment furniture, solo : 585 '8' , U"ICe EqUlp't Sup. 5 07 Antiques week. Gcod salary plus incentives land all company benefits. Firestone South-: SHIPPING and stockroom work and Dixie, ! light truck delivery. Relerences re i quired. Write Post Times Box W813.- $ Draftsman $ Sales S Chefs $ end Golf Service, 5201 So. Shipg Recv $ College I Low Fee WPB. CASHIER peas, wicxer roiian. Panama beds, VICTOR HI-FI Blonde Cabinet, Good! sSii olfiXsk" w-ooZi 'L!EH!Jf?L ! urWghs "T.r-lTS I 10th and Congress. PORTER Part time Restaurant TRUCK DRIVERS newly upholstered furnltur,t alsoil'" PHILCO portable black and """' !"" 4- 1013 "some As Islll" We buy aood used white. Brand new, never used. 842- GOBS OF JOBS TRY A-ALL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 45V4 after 3pm. J",hNn ' hf"L " ,,;?innPP" i FULL TIME AND PART TIME 5013 Soulh Dixie. WPB. 5850033. joppnlnos , dov ,m mi niqht DOORMAN, relief. Must be experi- lhl11- Experience necessary. Must enced. 2 Days I night, Palm Beach be over 25 years of age and hove COLLECTION fine oil pointings Includes pair museum pieces. 3 panel screen by Early American and European artists. 832 6052. ANTIQUE Grandfather cloclir Westminister and Whitllnqham chimes. S1200. Call Delray 278 2711 or furniture. C. E. MACDONALD ft SON S32-5700 OPEN SUNDAY Mature woman with restaurant ex-'YOUNG mon wanted as helper on perience. Full time employment. ' lawn maintenance route. 683 2661. Year round position. 6-Doy week, . --. ... ..i- 4PM thru 1AM. Fully (Mid earntw. I USED CAR LOT PORTER MUST ny health and life Insurance Apply iB.E. E,p" NE! Si-.JLe , c,r In Person. CARS. CHANGE BATrERIFS ETC n III n i SEE PETE EGGLETON, KAR Kanch Mouse Kest. Iking 910 s. dixie, west palm BEACH. PORTABLES. ". $25. 17". $28 and $25. Good condition. 965-8168. $100 dn. ft toke over payments or $21.01 on an S-C-M- printing colcul tor. 8.T3-5692. 5-27 Store Fixtures-Equlp't Call Manager, Open 9 t t Palm Beach Moll 1 GOOD used TV. 965 2618. DRAGLINE aoerolor. experience ;-.-.rr .rj-irr:.:; "... r."",..0y ' HOUSEHOLD furnishings Including refrigerator, bedroom set, kitchen set. living room choirs and sofa bed. Many other Items. Must sell Good condition. Reasonable. 1704 Dallndn Lane, 965 4963. !rwrrr!.'TELEPHONE,,.'; iui; r-eaerai Highway, Lake park, Fia. 21" RCA toble model. Good condition. $55. 832 2089 after 5pm. BUS boy wanted, must have finished school. Experienced or will 5-12 Household Appliances Glade. 832 4388. W.P B. i Material Co. 1025 26th St. WPB Sofieners 10 pet. commission. S1'bcI-.: - I3J-932J. ELEC. COMPLETE grocery and meat market. Walk-In rooler. meotcose, produce cose, 2 froten lood. dalr case, scoles, shelves. Must vacnla WAREHOUSE MAN FOR 21" RCA color console. Good condl lion. S150. 8372089 after 5am. WOMAN wonted for cleaning box-1 train. Jupiter area. Call 746-4501. ery. The Coke Shop, 2015 N. Dixie, . - L VV POOL BOY. Start Immediately. Full WAIN I tNANLE DEPARTMENT . .... I Nnu On MnL, Afl.r ll . i me mnnssnnnr irn. if fa in TRICAL DISTRIBUTOR. MUST BE HIOH SCHOOL GRADUATE AND BONDABLE EXCELLENT COM PANY BENEFITS. APPLY IN K E N M O R E automatic washer. Guaronteed, $40. 663-0954. ADMIRAL 2-Door Freezer. $50 683 3010 YOUNG woman, personable, well Ocean. Palm Beach. See Wonoa- CLEARANCE SALE Bedding, Oinettes, Cnesti at cosf Loco1 monulacturer needs a willing. LARGE Company needs experi 0 ;.u ibt. healthy, on around man. encld BOOKKEEPER ACCOUNI Cnoulleur's license required. Phone ant. Must nave past backgroun, 842 3701. Extension 236. and experience on Accounts Re- er. SERVICE calls $4 95. Color $6 95 TV 1 Delray 276 7663 " "" Rentals. Broadway TV 1229 N. Dlx-: -- - - ' le, Lake Worth, 585-8290. IT STANDS, counters, display Itemi, gift paper, moneaulns ft etc USED TV'S FROM $24.95 UP , i.ah.l Fi-nJ fh PERSON AT G.E. SUPPLY COM PANY, 2510 FLORIDA AVENUE IN FRONT end mechanic nnd hrnA ; ceivJbie. General Ledgers. Accoums KENMORE washer, good condition. $45. 582-7957. w.f.a. ! mon. Salary plus commission. Coll . , ', ''"w , 5,1 "3"' Accrual Basis. Excellent WESTLEDGE FURNITURE vo5NIo?2Vs.OITE2.2T467Le" I W3-vv-,I,hAvpB . working bjj-1781 tor appointment. WELL established local wholesale! CUSTODIANS. Salary $1.90 an hour. Hours 10:30PM to 7AM. Permanent employment. Fringe benefits. 965-8000. EXPERT experienced paint and body man, 1225 Okeechobee Road. 833-5626. winiory i ran, mile soum of south-ern Blvd. AUTOMAIIC washer $. 30" Stove 540. Kerosene heoler $20. 965 1337. groomea, 10 learn 10 sen ni-siyie women's shces in our new Worth Ave. salon. Excellent guarantee, plus commission. Pompano. 94 2 2526. SALESGIRL. Apply mornings only. Romero's Pastry Shop, 440 Royal Polm Way, PB. W A N T El), port time-pleasant work, short hours. Mir-t like to meet people. $25-550 per veek. Apply Friday ll-2pm. Call 965-2902, Mr. Williams. Z: JmT"h m7Kh Provlnc"ll15-3 Cameras i Supplies conditions. Fringe benefits. Please state education and experience In letter to Box W-189 Polm Beach Post-Times, 2751 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach. Florida. company needs delivery and wore-1 a R T representative; Gentleman housemen. Musi be handahle and who has some knowledge of paint-hove valid drivers license. Apply In Inqs to represent artist, on commls-person. Ask lor Mr. Morris at 524 sion, basis. 832-9J04. U rilRir la.t CnrrXar fr..,, n.... RUf! 12xtS'A fnnt. nlmn.t n.u, rnn. condition, $150. 683-7740 ' l dition, $30, pair of lamps, and mis- : PORTABLE TV, 15x12 picture. $95. KODAK 3mm Retina III C AreeC Phone 848 399. celloneous. 833-5922. Datura &f. w.p.o. RFCONDIT IfltJFn r.frln.rntnr. sories. Lost written Guaran teed Private $145. 683-1975. GENERAL REPAIR MAN Maintenance mon with ability to CARRIERS WANTED. City of West Palm Beach. Mornings. Call Mr. Wll- OUTSIDE TV service man. Apply immediately Narlh Lokt TV, 793 N. Lake Blvd.. NPB. W E N EE O l" M EN WHO A R E LAWN mower service and small engine mechanic. Call 585 2551 for appointment. Tomasello, Inc. moke minor repairs to appliances, cox 833 4011. and ranges. Delivered and guaran-'P"ENCH Provincial bedroom and teed j dining r oom furniture. Frultwood TrD'S APPI TAMPF5 lond white. Drastically reduced. ... .. iaiNt.r.ft westiak. Furniture, 1211 Lake Ave., 916 N. Dixie, LW 582 0557 LW. JU2 6955. doors, screening, water faucets, fix- ZENITH stereo, 3 speakers, 4 speed changer, diamond needle, Walnut cabinet. $75. 844 5708. USED TVsi Zenith GE. repaired, new amplifier ond speaker. 842-4395. 5-35 Sporting Goods OPFICE HELP. WE ARE ACCEPT Year round lures, eic. 4(J hour week, aood work- uuri-c. u i v e -1 n V A Dn . hnut. nn, I K, to n. m .1 ING APPLICATIONS FOR THE,WIL1-NG T WORK for obove nv- Ing conditions, steady employment ! Polm Beach. Cooking, maintenance .'u " ""r.J' FOLLOWING POSITIONS. AC- ra9 earnings m ueertieia, wpb ' Aae 35.55. t2sQ month. Refr.w. hnll. ca,. Hnn 12-GAUGE double Greener erase, SAS "H""?. ,vuum' COLOR : RCAYl" tingle maple bed, C onio It, Very! bJt lock. Like new. $90. 842 5641. COUNTING CLERK. KNOWLEDGE ? dviera Beach. If you fit this Lantana. 582-851; . r 1 m 1 p3 Ltl av parl-lime outside work Exp- OF BOOKKEEPING REQUIRED, category ond live near any of these,- J o r!? jfjj LonL b etw"n ? rented Reterens 848 (S222 ORDER AND BILLING CLERK areas, ca.l Travelers Auto Associa-1 CANVAS AWNING INSTALLER a m- and 4 P m- weekdays. 746.,r,erce9 Re erences JWei rugs. 588-2486. I good picture. 967-1145 LARGE selection of used refrigerators, marked down 20 pet. for cash. Dixit Trading, 2212 N. Dixie, LW. 4ir dIlUXE Magic- Chef gas range. Clean, $35. 582-1937 mi.t re caaaii iAD (ai 1 t u in tion AS3 from fiAA13. Mondnv-; Exoerienced or we will teach If vou 561, 2-Plece champagne Sectional Nylon i-Asi , expenencea oarrenaer. Kitchen assistant. Experienced 1967 MODEL 23" black and white. Early American console. 582-1845. KEY ADDING MACHINE SALARY Ffidov and 0k- for appointment . are willing to learn. Paid holidays: NEW Scuba tank, Volt, double bns regulator, back pack. $110. 965 6551. 5-38 Good Things To Eat material, tangerine leatherette swivel Rocker. 848-1345. Evenings, i ManaRpmrnt and vacation. Salary open. 832-0005. FOR ABOVE POSITIONS COM- !wi,h Hardee, French waiters. Chez Joey, 36 S. LARGER consumer finance comoa- E. 3rd Street. Boca. 395-7635. FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE fo A Free Theatre Poss For You John Lem, WPB HIDEABED couch and 2 chairs. Coll 833-5291 ny seeking experienred or inexper 5-23 Musical Instruments cover Palm Beach County for large K0!l pr0pie in ,h5ir industry, we RETIRED couple who would like fo; EXPtRlYJcE W37' fiouRT weT iLANlTiW ch-iiTif-partT Top P AID I N S U R A N f F A N D MANY MV00' "J'da OTHER FRINGE BENEFITS. PRE- EXPERIENCED auto body worker FER APPLICANT FROM NDRTI-I. with own ton I. Cnnlnrt Mr guarantee more than your present supplement their income, stay with GE REFRIGERATOR. Medium 1930 s DINETTE set and buffet $0 sue, top freeter. 582 0891 or 1601 Refrigerator J35. 585-1811. 2 ELECTRIC guitars, 2 amplifiers, END. APPLY ARNOLD BAKERS i Schwartz at Dahlgard Rambler, LW, him Ave. aouin, lw. . .. . , ,. r.rrH- U.unx.y V.ntcill 1 1 IU HUlUt I U II ly pic cost concrete products. Must be experienced In catling on building trades and architects. Excellent op-portunlty for right man. Salory plus commission. 842-1541. Call for DFLICIOUS Chicken snhd nir Imge pieres $1.45 per pound enrli order freshly mode. Anderson Cook, ing Servile, 3215 S. Dixie. TE 3 0884. 5-46 Soil, Fertilizer salary pigs paid expenses ond other ' " we " frinqe benefits. Coll 582-4491 quently. Must be In good health and -- - . -. - .-' :good nutured, tike children and man . . .must bt sale driver. 967 0148. Short Order Cooks x pay technician n - BtAunt-UL ysection walnut ' "" GF single door 13 cu. ft. Looks & breaklront. Must be seen. 832 88 '6. enp tma a,m .nv nri ,in,m.i runs naort $10 5flr.-41Hft OF BLUE HERON BLVD. AT 2300 OLD DIXIE HIGHWAY IN RIVIERA BEACH. 841 6847. FURNITURE REFINISHER lu-iium uraoer es Free Fst diplo- new paint 450, I mates In home lahrlr selertinn srr. nini eI.ii.-," REFRIGERATOR, n X r.iv In Imnlnnv ,itln, E I, ni nlrI PlUS COUrV refrigerator, new condition SI25. 965 I vice, inslallntion. Gunderson's Hmillnn 967 1736 company , v' , v . MUSICIANS, 3-4 piere rork groups. Auditions nightly, Kandy Bar Night Club WPB. 7J90 4 06 Help Wanted-Male iv. uixie, lvv. am oioi Complelely experienced only. $2 50 Apply in rjnvrlopinq Mm. Rrquires chaulleurs nenllh and life Insurance, person morninas. CLEAN fill, slock piled. Easy oc. cessfblllty 200.000 cu. yards. Hobt Graves Assoc., Lid. Hobe Sound 546. 5700. rnse. Mu',1 he able to opernie gas j driven genenior, Gnnd advance 1-CABINET Installer, 1-micn lame-nator, 1018 6th Avenue North or phone 585 0149, Ranch House Rest. 1732 N. Dixie, Lakt Worth, Flo. 1 ta S3 an hour to start. Confidential. SHORT order cookTstart '"$85 "week ' '"'ween 7AM-9AM. 842-4768 riRoncho, N. Military Trail. B"2 BREAD SALESMAN JANITOR ond fruck helper. We hire Excellent opportunity tor a depend- ment possibilities. $160 hi-weckly to start Vith periodic increases. Many frinqe benefits. Must pass written exam. Call Mrs. Holmes, 832 2441, RESPONSIBLE caretaker lor CREW foreman required for Chrysanthemum form near Delray. Will CARRIER Upright trmer, 3 yeors BROADWAY FURNITURE 848 4801 RAMI) TisTXTRTTMFNT! old, white. $150. 683 1084. Buys ond sells best used furniture i-IN-M KUiVltiN 15 l.""cu7Ft. W.stlnahouse Refngera- j """" Broadway. R-B. VIOLINS tor. Single Door $30. 36ln. Electric LET The Solvation Army pick up Rent-To Own. choose from South Stove $25. 585-6971 after 6:00. , your salvage. Tax deducMble. 832 28iS Florida's largest slock of new ond .nn.n ... ud Band Instruments. CARRIER Refrigerator Freeier. 350 WE BUY AND 5FI.L USED FUR LCGGETT MUSIC COMPANY lb. capacity. 5275. 848 9203. NITURE, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, S22 Clematis St Ph. 833-0314 oiiddv i nuti ci.a ii,. . . ETC- MIKE S AUCTION. 683)131 t, PUPPY LOVE? Find the pet to win . , FENDER Double Bassman, 4- her heart In todayi Classified HOLLYWOOD bed, pedlc maltresi. guitars, Ludwlg mart ond ilond. Adtl $25. 967-2284. ' 582-4830. Use Post-Times Classified Ads When Shopping iny we WS i ' S round bos,,. TfT Tnd aeT 1 r" A" will industries. j Doy work week, Wednesdays onl .,0. m inbor For n ona'ntmMl ran "a"y hondy- iUt mon,h 10 '"""" I Oor'""1' ADd'iNG 2 Wholesole bread routes. ! Sundays off. Paid vacation, hospital-, D.rav ,78 0509. co"jmenl Social Seriirity. Counle iroyiNEED EXCELLENT TYPIST who Experience preferred. 5 Day tmk. IM"1",, Bleu, unl- -.. . ?r V Hjmpion. can tyne at least 55 words per ,orrr" AA soulh nl oood pay while In troinina Base' ' 'urnlshed, yearly bonus. Fori2 MASKERS and Sanders. Hiahest r,n, .m1. Howard minute Must be able to work day Plus commission after trainim. I ,n,r,w f" r. Dinnen ot Royal commission In lown. Good working 'Johnson. Apply from 10:3012PM, or n ght shift. Excellent compoey conditions. Moving to new shoo In r Fringe benefits. Aqes 21-43. Apply I su Puri,a" Rct,(i' WPB, a few weeks. 501 S. Dixie. 832-6736. Otter ? innm mith' (n: joj J... benefits. Aoply In person, Personnel Depairrent, Palm Beach Post-Times 9-11 and 2 4, Monday through Friday W. Lokewood Rd., WPB. MAN wanted for cleaning in bakery, Tine Cake Shop, 2015' N. Dixie, LW LABORERS 844-1653 AUTO mechanic 844-1653 EXPERIENCED figure clerk. Gen SANTA CLAUS READY tO GO TO WORK? Need two shnrp Santa Clausen. 1 Full time, 1 Part time. Wilt arranqe hours. Best working conditions. Call 483-9186 for appointment. era! olflcp vork related to computerized blllinq system. Applit.ant 4 SERVICE station attendants. Ag-resslve, mechanically Inclired. Good pay. 41 hour week. 9! OS". RESIDENT SUPERINTENDENT must operate 10-key adding ma rhirif. imnn tnnrri vttom tnr nccrl INTERESTED IN NIGHT EMPLOYMENT? Then see our ArJ for MAILERS under Classification 4-07. Palm Beach Post Times it you like rtPtail figure work, vou SHOE repair mnn, experienced. 5! divs a week, excellent pay. Danny's For condominium apartment, in 1 Palm Beach. Permanrnt mv.ition. bnoe Repair, 4203 Lake Ave, W.P. EXPERIKNCKI) TRUCK DRIVERS : chat It nnna nb. We will train. Typing rxpc' lenre desirable. Apply in 'person. Personnel Department, U(,r " . -v "EXPERIENCED drivers tor Mobile Exprrien-e required nd resume TR'JCK drivers $1.35 an hour to hnm riJiuiiru i.n nn a Prist Times Rnx W fl2ft Full & Part Tim Palm Reach Post-Times. 9-11 and fte mir Art wnHer rinci.i.rAtiM jim start. AdpIv Floral Acres, West At- i-,t o-.. !-.-.! Aaf -- . .' " l" " A.,t, A.,- r-ln., 17 HOt I. c. ' T.yc 'If u,CniWr. .n,inmnl inUemnH l.e Ik AAAflflru thrAiinh CrlHn 1-aim Ueacll FOSl-TimCS ; """I""-'"""'; ' , Z wpb""' 5Um La,d,rdoie and WPRor.a " ' "7 . i EXPERIENCED dothinq salesman " ' ,ro"- wt Send Rsume to Hohnrt Brothers MAvE oprmnqs for motor paper CARPENTERS, carpenters htlptrs only, Looking for the right man to MAiwiFNANrF Mnn umntert m,ii r0 . po Rrw KSOf). Vim Runrh. rou,e in Lnk Worth and Lantana area. 585 5581. needed. 395 6300. Boca Raton train o my assistant monnqer ,xcerienced. Apolv R eh Ice 3e. man. Schwooilt Clothes, Polm Lre0m - YOUNG man ' work outside. Large KITDIEN "elp to work mld-shim, Builder Plumber Carpet Cleaner Carpenter Seath Vljl . See Mr. Koslow. No MAINTE NANCE mon wonted, mint morlno. Year round. Exnenenre i1""". ".'"H". a.n. ra m w phone calls. be experienced, sriber, with refer, preterred. 84B6Z89. jpm.. 6 days. Good storting salary, exrellent company benefits. Annly - - cnrne Hariri mnlia tn Dm) Tim.. mnnfinnr. Wnf hnnnx Daclinrnnr I m I 4-07 Help W'td, Male, F'male Il.W. Plain. Florida State Turnpike! lor coll 9i 100. USED car salesman. Apply Chevy qox -814 Shopning Center, 2100 S. Dixie. See -'- - Bob Llchty. JANITOR experienced only. Long vncr,1.1e. . hours, good pay. Reliable and bon- i ui ? salesman for dab(e a mU5t. call 84M35I. plumbing supplies. Also driver nnd IMMEDIATE FLORAL DKSIGNKR Mu',t bp well experienced, sober, re DISTRICT DEN MOTHER SOYNTON flFLRAY ARI A Part-Time Position working with cnrrier hvs f ' oftT.-ir, o.-ir wcirenousenvin. K & K, 412 Florida WANitu. ourtner, epei lenrel. Ave. 65S 3136 Oood pay for rtrght mon. Soutimmp. liable, Good nov, commensurote with ability. Call Mr. Costln, Delrav Poinciana Aoplicant must live In above area. rnn lyiorner, lit KOyai Way, PB. Apply in pernn Personnel Department, Po'm Beach Post-Times, li ond 7 4, Monday through 2 im FULL or port time drivers, must be ove 2V frrmer drivers accepted No phone calls. Yellow Cab Co., 511 24th Street. WPB. GOODYEAR Service Stnre has Immediate opening for tire servir. man. Must be EXPERIENCED, willing to vork hard. Excellent so'-ory and company benefits. Apply 421 N. Dixie, W.P B. M AH EEKBT GENERAL CONSTRUCTION HANDYMAN NON-UNION, FULL TIME WORK Hi 2416 AIR POLLUTION CONTROL MAILFRS For n'aht sh'ft. Good dov wth liberal company hne(its. Ap- j piirant must have military obNqn 1 A AO e , . , 80YS WANTED SPECIALIST Apo'v in person - oair nciu Tidiura Ages 1J-I4-I5 WPB oreo. (We train! n.rmm ,, ';,L,' 1 , lion completed Evening, and Sunday!. Call Mr. S"ys ' 5 ,enc"'J, Personnel Deni Stockman Jr. 165-1311. !?S75e gLKiu,S?2?,ro,VM'I Post-Time,. bi-weekly. Periodic increases. Good Deportment, Pa'm Beach I and 2 4, Monday through Friday. A Taxi 73 advancement possibilities. Mmv DRIVER wonled. S. Dixie, LW. fringe benellls. Call Mrs. Holmrs. FPT 1 TTMF 8J2-.44I. Palm Bearb County He.iltli 1 U1' 1J1"E- EMPLOYMENT FOR MANAGER TRAINEE Foit growing drug chain hat immodiato opening! for tht right person willing to work hard for rapid advancement. Retail tolling rtrionc dotirabl ut not ntcettary. Good Starting talary and ail company btnofitt Apply to Roy Donald ECKERD DRUGS 3343 CONGRESS IVE. VILLAGE OF HIM SPRINGS quel flpportunity tmployir EXPERIENCED Salesman for Na t i o n a I Home Study Schools. Will consider experienre In other dirert soles fields Coll Miami 7rfl 0VDI frem 9:30 A.M. to 5 P.M Nlqhts 661 1235. $i:0 A WEEK. 0 p e n I n g new office. Ned soles mmaqer ond soles men Wholesale fr-rr.-M Ft'trrpnse. 8-1-1-5500 Landscaper urpt. An Equal Opportunity Em OPKNIA'US I"0V""'' i FOR COLLECTOR salesman, "slnbllshed , .c-crt'Tirrs inMiTPC opplmnce ond lumllure route. Good CLASSIr ItD ADTAKLRS y.ntT'-c5& f": WE WILL TRAIN YOU! NURSES Mt - Lftt - PMCTISIU UKS - G0MPUII0MS : mrure wt n. Dixie WPB TO FIND THE SERVICE PEOPLE YOU NEED TURH TO THE CLASSIFIED SECTION FXPERIFMCED snlei people with barkqround In upholstery, carpet or FULL-TIME Man wan ed for mix-ng pflope ,hot havf succjfui bnck. t enn no (nnd nii nmnt Ann j .... . Eipeneneed quilihed nurt-ing cere rendered by our employee! in your hnme. nursing bom! or hospital. Hour! to suit your needs. All employee! ere bonded ind iniured lor your prntertmn ;"" Co. " e, SrSSSXX. MusV . J 'JlJan, 1612 to spell and have a pleasant phone g Otxte LW I I FURNITURE I Sales Decorator with company benefits. 5ALESI.ADIFS FOR DPF5S SHOP A iply in person to Personnel Dept IN BEAUTIFUL PALM BEACH Fill L TIME YEAR EXCELLENT OPPORTU a .. Mni.i.. !,- Pnlm Beach Post-Times 9- AM or MALI ,Are you making the money you are 7,pW lorVn in icnpahle of rarnlnn' We have the - - . ,.,.'."D, showroom advertising & the stock C'POjL'vtioN DISTRICT MANAGER NITY TOP SALARY. Mister 'G' Lndiesweor M 03.15 to aenver. me season is lust start- WEST AREA WEST PALM BEACH inq. join a progressive Lomnanv. Thi inh . wnrkinn with nnH ninr.. luciiDAMrtr cAi ccuam See Mr. Miller at Modernaqe at the vising carrier bays. Applicant must we have an opening for two men Palm Beach Mall or call 683-5630 WANTED Electrician be hiqh school grnduate, aggressive Who need to earn SRDO per monh, ond alert. Must be neat In appear. Trnlning Srhonl starts Nov. llth, anre nnd have dependable automo- 1963 nil Bi8 V91. bile. Good salary, auto allowance. - - retirement plan, group insurance, SALESMAN to sell office machines paid vacations, and many ether tn WPB area. Sales experience ev romoanv benefits. Permanent posl- 5ential. Minimum oq 25 Must be STOCK MEN FULL TIME PART TIME $2 PER HOUR tlons with excellent onoortunitles tor o vnrter. salary plus commls-advnnrement. Apply in person Per- Slon. 1331701. Part time Sports Department aitignmtnf available; all inside work; perfect for retired er semi-retired newsman who ton type ond ii available about 23-30 houn ever five-day week. Write giving full detaili to: Box W-243 PALM BEACH POST TIMES Brls PostTimes, 9.11 and' 24, Monday ' .L"f.lER Cosmetics, lubstdiary ! through Friday. . teed. m6m, 9A5-1339. JUNO-Juoi'er Area. Supplement Plus Comnnrw Runtfllt nrmnnnt i-. d. MATURE womnn, eirnpriprtrprl VMrround ooslHon. n0M .s mi or 44-9707 wiling drsses and sporlsweor, for I i rltK'C DVDAMC - permanent lull tine ob Salary rjnl JnUrt JsJIN 0 DIKVJINO PART-TIME Insfrtmo secllons Intn commission. Frinqi blnrlits. m e.i r.... c. .1.. bi nrwsm"rrs. Inlrrrstinri work. Cod 5916 Palm Rcn''i Aloll. i, .i. ni.1. u . " Pnv- Mu,) b ob' 18 ""It CEMETERY Sales w... nn(1 n,qn(, Apniy in person. Person. rim.0nV ' n.n'o RETAIL Soles Trainee. I . n Poim FP"lencrd Cemetorlan only. Vir. Experience "iaL,m'- F"'m , ""t 0" ""rl"'' 3 POPulHion J'""' ' " ond 2 ' W01"10' white and c 0 I 0 r e d TURF- nui iiei.eury, Lompany Denenrs, , ,.,u,jjir jpjnn . any benefits. . selling Linasiiiy ufnatr v.e. otirqy eeacn. " ..... ei. n'ver canvassed S yenr When problems, large or small, arise in your home, call on one of the skilled specialists listed in "Business Services" Classifications 23 thru 65. You'll find the dependable firm to repair broken TVs, appliances, windows, septic tanks, plumbing fixtures or roofs; to paint, paper, decorate, plaster or tile your home; to build a room, garage or driveway; to drill a well; to make draperies or slipcovers. Don't put off that job another day. Turn to the Classified Section NOW and find the expert you need. PALM BEACH POST TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS 833-4031 2751 South Dixie West Palm Beach . RETIRED couple or person on So- insured plan, no Interest. TOP can UJAMTCn MHu rial S e c II T I t v tn nsslsl owner nf mission no rharae barks. Positively Plasterer CAREER OPPORTUNITY MERIT EXAMINATION TO BE HELD FOR vice mernonie Preferrnblv Cush-' QUSI boust In exchange for anort. ; NO comoetitlon please do not on-man Vehicle experience. Must have rnent ond utilities. Call 132 mi. 4- 'w'r unl" ",l;ing o cnmmiif to own nana tools, salary com,nenstj- : rrrvi , n.,,,. k-.v,,. ooj-,io. rale with experience. Cushmon Dis-itributor Sales of Florida. 833 6604. PllARA C S.I I .4-A OF WD :4j0 Sj,uatior)s W.Wj Fem.e 5 neerjed to fill vacancies dut to l promotions. Excellent working con-I ditions. Salory plus commission. Ap- i PEGISTERFO Nurse . Experienced ply In person only. No phone cam Desires weekend position. Fr. Sat. please. W train you- 10 to 12 noon. Sun. 11PM to 7 AM U2-731J ltoM. 1156 S. Military Trail. pRACTICAI m,,tMrnltol FULL time Bench mon for e'ec-tronic repair. 9-5PM. 9-IPM on Saturday 8JJ36 S E CU R I T YGuords for duty af RCA. Send resume ond recent photo. C O Glohe Security, 3900 Monit Rd., Palm Beach Gardens. DRIVEWAY 5alesmonwanted with experience Lake Worth Ploza Ttxa-co. Florida Stall Turnpike, PERSONNEL clirk, high school . 585 88? graduate. Good typist. Must like d-,HniisF rieoninn " r,ruZ,t w. foil work S fill.. Annlv R.lti.rir. H. 0 U 5 6 . """'"vl problem!? W PROBATION-PAROLE OFFICERS Thsi Ftorldo frobalion and aret Commuer it irhadulmg tocaf met ,10, nahswi. imt, and pot ta b omeunccd. t t.'oblnh i.0.t.i ty t0r n, po,H tiort t Probation and arl 0ief I, MINIMUM QUALIf ICATlONSt lah. tori DtrM tram rw Acrdld Ca'ltfla r Ueivtritty with matw courM work w hhoviotal Scwtcai. Mvit b tn c(lri haaifti with na lfnitg ohyntol tiondieapi and a randtnt at fiar-do far two Ttori tmmidratly pner t t namt. eaden data. Rigid background tn vnhgodofa ot made aa aB applicant!, m-elud-ng KMsittc ability, todrhp peftnttol and marat charoefw. COMPENSATION! Thti ii an entranta poitan in tha profntlonal ftld at Probatwn and erola Suptrviiion end invii(otion frtrvittt. Salary 14.92 per ytor wifK pramotion opparlvniliti to. $9,840. FBlNGE lENfFITS. StoW rtl.ramsnt, l.b.r-al votodon, and ncfc Itoi pol'cn, group heip.tal. lurgicol, mo,or and lift iniuranct plam avoilablt. Appl.col.on blank may bt tblamad at Suits 407 Pan Amtr. Bldg. 307 N. Dixit West Palm Beach, Florida or Phont S32-3191 Room 404 Palm Btach County Court Houso Woit Palm Boach, Ft a. 832-1671 txt. 296 r fcy malt tram tKa frarfdej Preba.tM and atala CammHnian laam 335, Oayla I. Carllan luildmf , Talfahama, Rarida, JU.mnrlol Uo.r.itol Bovnlnn , , ., ., .,., ,, i eic. reasonable. 848 671. Eve. 842 50 IMMEDIATE opening rttall tales trainee. Experience not mcessary. Company benelits, Llndsley Lumber Co. 2745 Laki Worth Rd. LW. dov'TnSS nNnhtEh?it.0PS.tmnn,,r,, 'EXPERIENCED Maid available with excellent comoany benetlls. STwi?0 " Tu"dov$ mi Erldayl. Repairman mcnt, Polm Beach Post-Times, 5AIAD ond p a 1 1 r v, 48 hours a II and 2 4, Monday through Frl- werk, year round. Loki Worth W7. day. . 1635. VENI ,NG ROUTE SERVICE MAN. RELIABLE AND HONFST. GOOD REFERENCES. PERMANENT EM-PI nvuFHr uitu ni rt cctab. LISHEO FIRM. APPLY AM 'ELEVEN needs grocery clerks. ONLY. 670 CLEMATIS ST WPB 1 0vtr ' day week Approximately ! 4-11 Situations V td. Mal ELI WITT TOBACCO DIVISION.11 " ri nvancemem nc VENDING DEPT. ; cording to ability Group Insurance.' . . crrnu union, prom snaring . uu.",r-c. wun loonon, prs. Polm; leave paid vocation. Apply 2298 S. ;'essionai B'e eauipment. Seeks night dsk clerk, hotel I Beach. S81-I44I 'Military Trail, WPB lassignmtnt. MJ 23?

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