The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 13, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, October 13, 1944
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Friday, bcfafer IS, 1&& THE DAILY CEINVONISS age FonT" "ONE WORLD Behind His Seen THE DAILY CLT1NTONIAN 1U HOLLY&OO w i staaltsaiiii m Ttaa Weekly CTUatonlaa IMS V Iki OHaton Plaindealer absorbed" In lfKM " Published Pall Except Saturday .and Sunday feorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher Paten at the Postofflce at Clinton, Indiana mm Second Clase Matter 1 By HARRISON CARROLL Kinx Fcatnrei Syndicate Writer HOLLYWOOD Columbia wants Evelyn Keyes to wear paint Through his attorney, Bernard Silbert, Bruce Cabot will petition the court any minute to legalize his screen name. Brace's real tag is Etienne Pelissier de Bujac. ! aadWna Rpabllcan Editorial AaeortatUlsj Phone S3 Phone 32 ed and jeweled fingernails as the jinnee of the lamp in "A Thousand and One Nights" but she won't do it without Cecil " B. DeMille's permission, bix years ago, in to? tlPUBUCAH oimu Aeenrt ax mm signing Evelyn At th Movitt 1 WABASH FriiUty and Saturday Four stars of stage and screen are seen in featured roles in the latest Clarence E. Mulford Goodwill story to reach the screen. "The Kagle's Brood." which opens tonight at the Wabash Theatre. Featured are William Boyd, and JJmmy Ellison. From villian to victor ,is a span that J. Carroll Naish, who is currently co-starred with John Carra-dine in PRC's melodrama "Waterfront" opening at the Wabash Theatre tonight, would like to bridge. Sunday. Monday and Tuesday The tin may have been taken out of Tin Pan Alley by the war effort, but whatever it is that has been substituted clanks Just as loudly. A turvey of the movie capital as the sounding board for "The Alley's contribution to wartime music, reveals that there's still a lot of tin In them thar Hollywood hills. Tunes, new and old, are being written, revived and rewritten by the score. A current example is Universale "Follow the Boys," in which 26 big name dramatic and musical stars are brought together on the screen Sunday evening. to a contract, If. DeMille, who Audiences will get a laugh In "Here Come the Co-Eds" to. see Lou Costello, dressed in bloomers and wearing a wig, being taught by members of a, girls' basketball team to shoot a basket. In real life, Costello used to play on a professional basketball team in New Jersey. In those days, he weighed only 115 pounds. Fouls always were being called on larger opponents. This was part of the team's strategy. Costello was a champion foul shooter, seldom missing a basket hat a nVinhio iin the subject, ex acted a promise that she would never tint her nails. And she never has. JLl Harrison Carroll - The engagement ring that Mickey Rooney bought for his bride was a modest (for a movie star) $500 sparkler. Claudette Colbert feeling mighty good (and you can't blame her) about a letter from a young fan, Phyllis Cotter, of Marion, Ind. The girl says that Caudette's advice column in a fan magazine has been an important factor in reducing juvenile delinquency In Marion The kids got their parents to petition for recreaUonal facilities. The city board gave them an old storage building and they futed lt up themselves. Lt. John Shelton writes Kathryn "Grayson from a Pacific isle that they are getting 30 inches of rain a month and are bagging 75 Jap snipers a day. "Am having a wonderful time," he says, "wish I was there!" HOLLYWOOD HI-JINKS: The Associated Press' Jack O'Brien gave Peggy Ryan a big rush in New York. . . . Al Jolson end Harry Axt asked the HollywonO Victory Committee to book them for three weeks of hospital shows en route east Good for them! . . . HARD FIGHTING OX PELELIU. The American people will probably understand the importance of recent gains in the Central Pacific by realizing that Japanese naval authorities, several years ago, called the line of the Bonins, the Marianas and Palau their "southern defense line". Behind it, the Japanese were confident of their ability to control the Northern Pacific and to avoid economic blockade. This defense line was broken in July when the Marianas were attacked and, after fighting of the hardest kind, the Palau position has been nullified. The isolated Bonins are inadequate without the other island groups. We should not overlook the tough nature of the fighting on Peleliu, where the Marines found that the Japanese had constructed intricate tunnels, sometimes five levels deep. They ran through hills with openings on either side, with steel doors, and were cunningly arranged to provide enfilading fire. Apparently, Japanese defenses were stronger than on Guam and (XM"MBIA Sunday and Monday , Wallace Beery and Marjorie Main are teamed for the fifth time in MOM'S "Hationing" the new film at the Columbia Theatre. The comedy is based on the newspaper headlines of today with Beery cast as a butcher confronted with the trials and tribulations of point rationing. This feature opens at the Columbia Theatre Sunday. Jo Stafford's new contract with Capitol records makes her one of the country s highest paid femi nine recording artists. . . . The Army will fly Woody Herman's band from Michigan to Roswell, Paul Brook (formerly Paul Erinkman), who's almost a dead ringer for Errol Flynn, has secured flis release from Warners. He was signed when Errol has only one more picture to do. Now Errol has signed for three more. . . . The ailing Vivian Blaine under orders to go to bed for a week after the finish of "Nob Hill." . . . Elizabeth Fraser and Ray McDonald have set the day for Oct. 27. . . . Alan Curtis has been a lot sicker than known on the "Frisco Sal" set. He has been suffering from pneumonia. Crisis is past, though. . . . Renee DeMarco and Jody Hutchison are going in for spiritualistic table rapping and are practically scaring the wits out of themselves and their guests. . . . Susan Peters' brother. Bob Camahan, heads overseas after his furlough. He's been a Link trainer instructor and they are being replaced at his post by WACS. . . . Sydney Green-street's son, John, an Air Force sergeant, stationed in the India area, writes of visiting the Ceylon tea plantation that his actor-father once managed. . . . Four years ago, Lionel Hampton and a 15-piece band played the Orpheum here for J550 a week. On his coming engagement at the same theater and with the same number of musicians, Hampton will draw-over $9,000 a week, pl is a Hill-U1 lias lliii ! Willi Roy Rliatluck, the Brazil lawyer, who is running for con- Taking a Backward Glance Woman Candidate Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood. only woman candidate for Presidency of the United States, was nominated by the National Equal Rights party of the Pacific coast in 1884 and again in 1888. A teacher who became a lawyer, she was the first woman admitted to practice before the Supreme court of the United States. For half a century she was an articulate and persuasive supporter and advocate at women's rights and was one of the leaders in the long suffrage campaign. Saitian " " " ' gress n (hjs district, speaking "at mon.1 for the evf-ning was preach-jhis best," according to those who a i. ii. a Warriner. on the heard hira, the republican meet- 1 . . . . . , TWKNTV YK.1IIS tIMl TIIDAV Peleliu is now under American comroi, j ! N. M., and then to Santa Ana, to play for the GIs. . . . Pat Nerney tossing a party at the Trocadero for ex-fiancee, Ginny Simms. . . . Red-headed Janet Michaels, who used to go with George Brent, at the Mocambo with Attorney Max Gilford. . . . Mercedes Marlowe with Claude Thornhill at the Hollywood Tropics. . . Add twosomes: Edgar Bergen and Adelaide Nor-ris, Steve Crane and Sheila Ryan (they've made up their Uff), Barbara Salisbury with Steve Brody, Dorothy Day and Producer Bill Girard. . . . Two pictures were waiting for Harry Barris on his return (with Loyce Whiteman) from a hospital tour. It's about time Hollywood did something for this generous performer. ; . . Come the end of the war. Velez and Yo-landa will be ready with, a television course in dance instruction. Wlin O.uuu vl T " v. 1. Ii,7. for tonight as announced to-'Wednesday night, is reported as Only eleven prisoners were announced, t.- a. h. '""d jOB, of ,he best ye, held m the nhirh indicates that the battle was worse : .. ..,.,. .,.. : tu, u..h k, nn gnnm xt t Co;nan riimalcanal . r...,i,.- L.hL t .h woiiM nreach the ' the audience seemed lllclll j.aiix, L-a.iijaii x,i u jsnown ai nin i . . , closest attention The Navy has now cut a path through Center Thursday afternoon at 3 . sermon Xot only did Mr. Shattuck make , mandated islands Of Japan and while i '"". h. n0m"?V vMe an extended speech, but. finding Spares Labor Because only one man is needed to load hay with the buckrake. and two or three loads may be moved away at one time, one man alone can work efficiently. - inttpnn or r rinav hh un.-iuusn i ,i i ouu u..n.. . . - ... f the crowd not in the mood to dis there Will be Strongly fortified positions in j annouced. They are brought here Fainiew Park, are announcing the land areas Of the Philippines, China i by Miss Isabefle Glover, county the birth of a baby son. John. Jr.. i , thaxr ,n nnf Pvnpptprl tn hp as ! health nurse and some other state I Sunday. October 12th. Mrs. Vrabu- and Japan, they are not expected to e i lth work. XnPre will ne no was formeriy Miss uitabeth dUIlCUlt as tnose encouniereu on x-eieuu. a(ln)j!,sion clarEe. and the meet-1 Young. Vivian Bosonetto. nine years perse, he called the candidates present to the front and had each of them say a few words. Knjoy Informal Social After I'rayer Meeting Presbyterians turned out in unusual numbers to the prayer meeting. Wednesday evening, and for the social occasion that followed. A Etudy of the Psalms waB Stop Bust If yellow streaks of rust aye just beginning to appear on a galvanized metal roof, it may be easily painted for rust control with a mixture of oil with Venetian red or metallic zinc. Boad Contact Low inflation causes excessive road contact and wear on tires. Sea Lions Hefty Sea lions reach a weight 1,200 to 1,800 pounds. ing is open to the public. THE ARGENTINE THREAT. jihm juivai This situation in Argentina, where of-; rrade To ite ficials observe the development of "Nazi- j H-w Sun,1"' ' . , I .ix more conversions were re- Fascist" influence and methods, is not con-! d at ne union revjval m(.tt. 'old. of 125 North Fourth street, jwas operated today at the hospi-: tal for tonsils. Lawrence Jackson left yester-j day for Indianapolis where he will very interesting, at the prayer service. I'. It. I". Of New Paint; o THIRD HAVEN o be employed ny me j-ietcner a-ines and Trust company. Jack Peyton accompanied him there. Dr. C. M. White and son. Mor-ey White, were in Indianapolis today on business. Ire.yterijm -urcli. Too The U. B. u. church on South Main, which had grown very din-uy. is now a snowy white from some new coats of paint put on ductive to the peace of the estern Hemi-, ing at the coiiEcum last night. sphere in the years to come. ! There was a lare aitendance at It is all right to say that what happens i rZ'X in Argentina is the business of the people j avenue churches of Terre Haute, of that country and the statement is true k-. Ford of the Maple Avenue with an important provision, that what the j -Jat." Argentinians decide and do shall not men-' lerestin? ..chaik ,aiK.- The s i- THIItTV VKAUS A( TOIHV by Elisha Adamson and others. Many of the business men of the SYNOPSIS A leading and popular resident of ;.ibt)t. tieepy little Chesapeake Bay i'ape. is I'S EL'NICE REYNOLDS, elderly ai'd unable to walk, but the possessor tf' vtunt; ideas. She lias been domi-t ated by ber strong-willed erand- ;:i-.ii.ter. .aura, who lives with ber. Mrs. !:nolds hires WE WILSON, personable young New Yorker, to be her nurse. Longtime fiance of Laura is city donated toward painting this church. CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer The Presbyterian church is a touctiing up with paint, on the exterior, where the structure is of wood. Also, the roof, which fPPELL SMITH, consenraflre young ace the peaceful existence of neighboring states. In the Far East and in Europe, we have discovered that "Nazi-Fascist" methods lead to warfare. It will be the same in South America where the nations that seek ' to perfect democracy will be compelled to accept militarism to avoid the danger of external aggression. had leaker, is being repaired. l'prMnal ' Mrs. Ida Young and children. a-tomev. ine piaciciiy i D life is shattered by the arrival, after a InnR abnce, oX bis outspoken. liD-eril brother, -AN. YESTERDAY: Mrs. Reynold watche fruin the etiore while Dan and Anne a-e out Failinp. Whfln Laura comes unexpectedly and nnda her grana-raother alone aha voices ber disapproval of Anne. Teturned to Osawatomie. Kansas, Wednesday, after spending the p:ist two weeks with her sister. Mrs. J. P. Doughty, on South 'A 2i JO 'Third street. j Mrs. William Watt, of Decatur, i III., has come to the home of her j daughter. Mrs. J. J. Higgins. who J has. for a few days, been feeling worse than for some time past. ' J!r. and Mrs. L. P. Paloman of I Princr tou, Ind.. who have been ! guests of Mr. and Mrs. John King j of North Third street, since Tues-I day. relumed to their borne this I day. r-ur A We think the history of the world , would have been considerably altered had the democratic nations acted vigorously when Japan invented the Mukden incident, ; when Italy went into Ethiopia, or when i Nazi Germany began the long series of ag-' gressive steps that led to the present inter- : national conflict. ! The history of South America will be ; radically affected by the reaction of demo- 1 cratic and peace-loving powers toward the i4 49 51 r j j evening. quiet today, but flattering. Tssl iBe about your last sail." ' ' 'X He reached out and covered her hand as it lay an the gunwale. Hit eyes twinkled as they looks straight-into hers. "She upset the boat I had to save her. There Wat a storrr coming up and the waves come up fast in Santa Monica. -I . did get her in, but I wasn't having any more of that job." "And you didn't marry her? How disappointing. Isn't it an obligation for a man to marry any girl whose life he saves? I'm sure that's the romantic version." T: "She had a husband." .'. "Oh." He laughed as the wind spilled suddenly out of the sail. The next moment lt swept across the boat and would have swept the girl overboard if she hadn't been quick. The boat swung on a new track and they could ree the small figure in the wheel chair and someone beside it Anne decided something must be the matter and they must go in at once. He steered toward the spot obediently, but with m grin. "Tired of being out with me already?" "We've been out long time. You don't realize. See the sun." . "I can't see anything but 701, And it doesn't seem a long time to me. I'd like to turn about and salt the other way and keep on sailing," "You'd soon get hungry and come ashore. All romantic Ideas end in gettirj hungry." That sounds cynical, but I daft believe you really are. Suppose I told you I was a little bit crazy about you?" "Only a Uttle bit?" she mocked. "You have to be a lot more determined than that" "I know. You dont think I ever take anything very seriously." "Do you?" She chuckled. 1 think you just feel obliged to savj things when you're out in a boat with a girl." "Maybe. But of course, you? never b?en out in a boat with a guy before." . - That's right" She stretched bet arms wide in a playful gesture. "See how brave I am." 1 Quick as a flash he tipped the boat over. One second she waa laughing, and the next she was In the water rnd the scrappy-cat was on its side. As she came up the ii i brought her out to tell her. He sat with half closed eyes watching her. She said she knew nothing about boats, large or small, but she had show, no fear and quickly learned to do as he told her. At once she had learned to let her slim, lithe body be as a part of the boat itself and move with it. She laughed when, at his shout, she flattened herself to let the sail swing across as the boat tacked. Then the wind caught the sail in iU new position and the little boat leaped forward again. Her wavy hair was caressed by the soft breeze. He remembered the last time he'd been out in a boat with a girl. That had been in Santa Monica. "Tie girl had upset the boat and he'd had to get her in, with an oncoming storm blackening the sky and rolling up the waves in the swift, ruthless way of the Pacific. Anne leaned back instinctively to balance against a puff of wind. She felt strangely excited by this little adventure, with Mrs. Reynolds and her wheel chair in sight on the edg of ths Public Lot. She tossed her head and laughed at Dan, who had grown strangely silent- "Did I do something wrong?" she inquired. "No. It's funny, but you always do things right And you aren't a bit afraid that I can see." "Why should I be afraid? Aren't you here? And I do swim. Lots of people must be watching us and would dash to our rescue." He grinned. "Well, I agree about us being watched, anyway. Tou can't breathe in a place like this without somebody knowing ail about it." "Tou looked as if your thoughts were far away from here. I was watching you. I bet you were thinking about the last girl you took out sailing. Am I right?" His laugh was short "If you're going to start reading my mind I'd better be afraid." "Then it is true. Where was it? Tell me about it What was she like?" "Tou wouldn't be interested." "What gives you that idea? I'm interested in everything and everybody." "Even me?" She laughed. "Why not? You've wandered around and seen things. You think about them, too. I can see the far-away look come into your eyes, and then you forget anyone is within a thousand miles WM Candidate F. D. R. development of Nazi-Fascism in Argen ii,yi r tina. If that country becomes militaristic, j out for aggrandizement at the expense of its neighbors, there will be war and every i rr i ft j 11 'W- WAi- ,S:ri body realizes that the militaristic aggres- j sor always has an initial advantage over peaceful powers not adequately prepared CHAPTER FUTEEr LAURA DREW herself up. "I nave far too much sense of duty to leave you unprotected,' she told her grandmother. "Good grief! Do you think anyone wants to kidnap me ? If so, tell em there's life in the old girl yet I've never been kidnaped and 1 have a hunch it might be fun." "Mother, I'm taking you back to the house." "No, you're not I know that trick. Tou want to spoil Anne's afternoon and have her come rushing in when she doesn't see me here. I'-n staving right here." "Mother. I shall speak to Russell and as': him what to do legally to bring you to your senses." The old eyes blazed. "You'd do better to try to get him to marry you before you turn into a mean old maid. Now will you let me alone?" The girl gasped. "This is too much!" -you said that before. Look. They're coming in now. They saw you here and they think something is wrong." "How can ou iet that conniving girl turn you against me? How CAN you? It's incredible." "I haven't changed my will. If that's what you're worrying about. But I will if you keep on pestering me I like Anne Wilson. She suits me. That is all." It was true that Anne had sacn someone standing by the whlel chair and told Dan that she thought it best to head in. He sprawled in the stern, handling the ! 1 1 ' " , A t ' - - J &c island 59 corded fabric 6 fattier I I v " w ' V 1 7 consumed I Cr 7 .u ' - I e.most lengthy f Vj t I iff - f r 8. dt?-Iared for warfare. Taking advantage of the experience re-"cently acquired, there is urgent need for the republics of the Western Hemisphere to be firm toward Ar?ntina. If the government of that country persists in its unfriendly attitude it should be resolutely penlized. The time is now. not when the lid is blown off by belligerent action, in-tiated at the decision of the aggressor. U roup 47. lailn enber T:j. ventilate M. n'pioa hes 4i. name T,7. had existed Ob. hirh wind storms VERTICAL 1. the heart 2 f.-mimne name 3. sell in smaU quantities 4. iastens hermetically 5. eagle to yesterday's puzzle. I HORIZONTAL 1. v.. hide 4 calyx j if f ii-'K! Yl lync pot m U muse oi lyric i. uel ry 34 p:e::.: thrice lb HexiUe palrr. ft em IT, to involve 19 Fuflered 1 obtained 22 accessory Feeo covering.? 4 munt of Himalayas 2 vex li. Japanese sashes 30. j-ack'iaw 1 tun pod 2. wise scholars U vmtxl for ZC, insect ; apportion ii. .;asjres 4 ; rea y CO1 1 'N&ii D'A 10. silkworm 31 sesame 16. jneces of baked clay 38 high hill 20. arpue 22. taistry 23. blithe 5. cUmbing" plant 26. more normal 27. twine 29. above 33 entertaining 34. parlor 37 draws to a point 40 primers 42. spread for drying 43 wrong 46 unit of land measure 47. crow s call 48 narrow inlet 4'j be vera ee 51 twilight 52 knock 55 diminutive U-r Alfred saw Dan laughing as he held onto Washington General H. H. Arnold. Commanding General of the Army Air Forces outlines his personal post-war plans: "When I get through with this job I am going to get a place in the country and if any airplane ever flies overhead I am going to shoot it down." Washington President Roosevelt in a Columbus Day address: "It is our objec sail and tiller, while Anne sat on the wide gunwale. He felt very i MAKING his second campaign speech, President Roosevelt is shown before the microphones in the White House in Washington. President Roosevelt, charging political propagandists are dragging the "red herrtT of Communism across the trail of the campaign, aimed his remarks at more than 125.000 Democratic party workers in the U. & (Intertatioual) M ETiEtDfaTjRiO.DE 'Nj happy, as he always did when he was in a boat and there was enough breeze to carry him along. But today he knew it was something more than that. Today he had realized fully that it was being out on the upsided boat with one hand and held out the other band toward her. "Catch my hand! You're all right I see you can swim." Her good humor was gone And she was furvHis. "I can swim well enough to get back alone. Good-by." And she struck out for U shore, which seemed farther away now. JTe Be CtmUnv- I ' ' - i m, of you. Just now you were probably thinking of a girl out in California somewhere." "You must be a mind reader." "It isn't necessary for that I just thought of the place farthest away from here and still in America. I suppo. she wab very lovely." "You're very lovely." Thank you. You're not only UiLiE'n7C-:Rr?ki the water with this girl that count- ed. He'd tried to laugh off the idea j of "falling" for a nurse, but he knew h-'d have to tell ber. He'd I tive to establish the solid foundations of. the peace organization without further de- j lay and without waiting for the end of hostilities." i Cols Tire Life A tire five pounds uuderinflated cuts ure Uie 32 per cent 44 f --T-iike

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