The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 13, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1944
Page 3
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Page Three THE DAILY CLIN IONIAN Friday, October 13, 191L Ces have occupied a twelfth Island Buffef Supper- Held Thursday Evening a. tanks and self-propelled guns were captured. In Metni'l Ktnfts (The Moscow communique did not announce further gains In the immediate area of Meniel Itself, but re in the southern l'aiaus. Kleiuenls of the Army's Linlity-Kiret Division went ashore on AriutaHkuku Wednesday and found the Inlet four mile northwest of I'eleliu unoccupied. (Jj Clinton Social Notes Giant Carrier Force Blows Hit Formosa Sink 16 Enemy Ship (Continued from page II Friday Happy Go Lucky Bunco Club, Mrs. Harold Boren, Soulh Fourth street. Half Century Club (iinlon City hVhool Official And Trailer Attend Hopper. Halloween I'ohirs I'snl In DeruratilMC Half-4"entury Rooms. Thirty-Five Members Attend Pocahontas Lodge Meeting Atifirniimatelr thirty-five mem reuorted hit were Kinansno. Okay Pate Way to Philfilne WASHINGTON. l. C. The dar-I n i l."0 carrier-plane assault ajeninitt the mistily Japan-e bastion of Korliioita paied the way today for 7:30 p. m. Orange Lodge, 7:J0 p. m. Election of officers. Saturday Delta Theta Tau Business meeting and Initiation of new pledges in ama. Tamshui. lleilo. IMgaryo. and bers of the Pocahontas Lodge al- Taichu. Itiiliiniines Area Hit ipndtol the regular bunco ana eu ports from Algiers indicated Russian forces already were fighting within the streets of the vital East Prussian port and the Germans admitted that a terrific tank battle is underway Just outside the cily. ) In northern TransyltanU. the Russians, nialnlained their olf'-naite unmindful of heavy rains that hampered passage through the rupged mountian roads. Nails, (earned with Hungarian forces, staged a particularly stubborn defense at (he loan temporarily paralyzing that bast; ap-uarelillv in uri-liarl ion for new Officials of the Clinton City chre party held at the hall Thursday (-Union Hotel at 7:45. Those not i:ai li-r. a I'm I Harbor disclosed lha( a large force nf evening. Schools, teachers, wives and husbands attended a buffet style supper American carrier-based planes Winners In the euchre games were Ur J..1in Dun, more and Barney planning to attend call Miss Taiml Latntl at Iv2-W. Tuesday held Thursday evening at the One- Half Century Club. Keveaz. high: Mrs. Agnes Bailey, and struck airfields and Installations on Luzon Mands in (he Philippine. Ori. 14 as a follow up lo Monday's raid ( Hie Kyukyu Islands which The clubrooms were decorated in Band Booster's Club. All people ura Anna Houston, second nign. the Halloween colors and the center Uaeaie Khoads. lone. interested please attend (his meet' inr. Methodist Church WSCS Meets At Church Parlor The WSCS of the Methodist Church met Thursday in the church parlor with thirty-five members attending. Mica Eva Btokeeberry presided at the meeting and Mrs. Hoy Ktaats gave the devotions. The lesson which wa about India was in charge of Mies Stokesherry. Letters from servicemen who are stationed in India were read at the meeting. During the business meeting It was annouoeed that Self Denial Week will start Oct. 25. An all day meeting will be held Oct. it at the church with a luncheon served at noon. Following the meeting, the com-Bniitiee In charge served refreshments In the church basement and each member was given a corsage of bittersweet. of Borgo which eventually was cap piece was in fold and black with stretch lo within 30 mile of the Those winning the bunco games u Minnie James, high: Mrs. tured after the Red force outflank uioie against llie enemy. l-tft ruct ion of 221 plant's in the Formosa aKsault indicated that the American pacific Fleet intended to m'iK' out Japaii'-He air power In the whole Philippine area In preparation for fien. Douglas MacArihur's anticipated invasion of the far cantero commonwealth. No assault intn the Philippine could be certain of success unless Formosa were knocked out at least temporarily as an afr base. The island is about 4'i'i mile northwest lighted gold candles. A delicious sup Clinton Township Home Econo mic Club. Mrs. Kenneth Foltz, 1:10 ed (he place. per of fried chicken, potatoes salad sliced tomatoes, bread and butter. o. m. Mrs. Earl ghew. assisting. apple and pumpkin pie and coffee BL Bern ice P. T. A. Tuesday. Oct. was served. 17. 7:14 P- m. at the high school. Jap hou,eland chain. Planes from the American carriers have now spread Ihefr operations our a l.ov-mlle area in a line from the northernmost of (he Ryukyus (o the Inland of Luzon, on which Manila is situated. No detail were given on the latest Luzon raid but in the Ryukyus. Those serving on the committee for the evening; were Miss Jeanne Allied Offensive Springs Tow ard Nazis at Bologna (Con timed mn paga II Mrs. Riley Adams Hostess For Missionary Meeting of the Philippine Inlands of Luzon (Akers. Mrs. Estelline Beatty. Bob-lert Burton. Miss Mary J. Burt. Mrs. which the carrier planes struck Oct. 10. Decree Brown. Mrs. Ada Cloyd. Muss Fourteen members of the Baptist Missionary Society met at the home Haiel Brlner. Miss Florence Auer. Miss Marlorie Caldwell. Miss Merle of Mr Riley Adams Thursday after American planes blasted Stt enemy xhips and destroyed 9 Jap aircraft. Jap Claim .X'aial afn The Tokyo raido. broadcasting a Japanese Imperial communique, claimed that Jap plane "cornered" Carlin. Miss Mabel Clearwater and noon with Mr. Anna Adam acting Christina Graham, second high; Mrs. Fred Oliver, bunco. Plans were made to go to the state convention which is held In Indianapolis October 1. 17 and 18 at the Claypool Hotel. One member. Mrs. Ann Mackie. who fell and broke her hip recently was reported to be confined to the county hospital. Craft Residence Scene Of Fairview Bunco Club Meet The Fairview Happy Hour Bunco Club was entertained at the borne of Mrs. Bussell Craft Thursday afternoon. Following the business meeting, bunco was played with prize going to Mrs. Vera Murray, high; Mary Turtoevilie, low; Mrs. Bern ice Kis-pert, bunco and Mrs. Lucille Craft, travel. Refreshments of eake. fruit salad Sugar Beets Sugar beets have been grown on about 4,000 Wisconsin farms for tha last several years. a assistant hostess. Earl C. Boyd. American Beauty Shop . Vera Mae Mack J prisoner while all the reet of the attacking force was slain. Weather Breaks for Alll'-s An Improvement in the weather permitted resumption of large-scale operations which yielded ground gains across the entire front eirepi Mr. Mable Morgan gave the events and Mrs. James Thom Relays, charades and contests were held with Judge Davisson. Rob 4SI2fLHaiw Phone son wa In charge of the devotional an American Task Force off For-1 mosa. sank a I'nited State carrier and datuaged another. The Japs also s ert Burton's relay team. I rasa Pesa-vento and Hazel Lauglilln winning. period. Specialized Hair fityliac Permaaw-BC Waves Open Evening J IS im Those attending were Mr. and claimed (hat they sank an American The report on the State Conven In the immediate Adriatic coastal ! tion was given by Mr. John Swiek- Mrs. E. C. Boyd. Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Bureau. Mr. and Mrs. Gail M. Hen- ROBERTA'S BEAUTY SHOP 1.17 North 7th SC PHONE IM-W PERMANENT! GIVEN AT NIGHT m 1 ard. Mr. B. W. SoUar wa the lead- vessel of "type unknown" and i severely damaged another anidenti-j ffl American ship. j Pacific Fleet Headquarter also er and the lemon, "Social Security oil. Merle M. Catlfn. Miss Catherine sector where a succession of rivers at short Interval gives the Germans excellent defensive positions which they have exploited to the utmost. Eigtath Army troops at (be eastern mmA f Ida fr, r4et,Mf Ifae titM - Enrlci. Mrs. Estelline C. Beatty, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Burton. Mrs. Ada T. Cloyd. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph reported that American ground Utr-p and World Peace" wa given by three members. Mr. Clifford Montgomery. Mr. Marsetla Sollar and Mr. Fera Hollar. and coffee were served. The nest hill south of the main Rfmini-ISo- 1 VWj'W'J'JVWV'W-dVJVJ'VVTrV U. Pant, Miss Eloise T. Clazner, Miss The nen meeting will be an Dorothy V. Hughes. Mr. and Mrs. meeting will he at the borne or Mrs. Heles Collet OB October 12. Max W. Johnson, Miss Hazel Laugh- logna road, occupied the viliage of J Momiano and pushed toward Mount V J A , J Dell Erta where fierce fighting i K CW TTWCLi NOTICE MOOSE! 4U MEMKEHS AftE vnum to jtrrexu FAMILY NIGHT WED., OCT. 18 Alt Muwc fluurwutmi lis. Miss Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. B. L,. MeCool. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Ve- Wetby. Robert L.. Rogers. Miss Sa-laroglio. Miss Mary Jane Burt, Miss For The New Arrivals nounced later. m Yanks Cross Railroad Tracks, Push on Into' Burning City of Aachen (Coattaaaa am mm It Clearwaters. Miss Dorothy Devonald. Notice! The CUnoBiaa Want Tsv Kern. Please Call Miss lf To Itepott Social Sews. I'hoae 82 or 38. i ' 3 j ; unit. Hth Advances la Central Area la the central mountain sector the Eighth Army advanced abreast of the Fifth Army sector. These forces captured Mount ti RuUato, overlooking the Borello Valley. Italian patriots were active on the Eighth Army sector and continued to bring In prisoners. Planes of the Mediterranean Air Force, taking part in about 2,2"' sorties, carried out widespread oper Mrs. Catherine Fougneis. Avo R. Hadley, Miss Gertrude Herron. Miss Elnora Marietta. Mrs. Dorothy Scnel-sky, Mr. and Mrs. Bay Shew, Mr. and Mrs. lis fiwlnney. Miss May-n m'Uliams, Miss Jean Akers, Miss Auer, Mrs. Brown. Miss Mar)orie Caldwell. Mrs. Martlia M. Costello. Miss Cynthia Giovantal. Mies Agnes MeGSnty, Miss Aliee O Herroa, Judge let' go with a blast of three or four pounds is the direction of the house from wuieti the enemy firing AT THE IP; comes. "Jk'ot aw Boasgli a We Hrt"l ations over Italy and into Austria and Mrs. Everett Davissoa, Miss According to Cap. Ozel! Ssaoot of BABY SHOP BABY GIRL'S BONNETS -BERETS In Pastel Shades Only BROALXXOTH OVERALLS i'tOSE TAN O BU-'B CANNON CRIB SHEETS - PILLOWS Oklahoma City, Ofcla., leader of the RELAX! AND LET I S WOBBY ! ! ! yes sink into that chair with a good book and don't worry about those troublesome little wrinkle that are .our Job you can he aire when you send first group of troops to cross the railroad track into Aachen at ;2S this morning, however, "it is not as rough as we figured." and Hungary. Adriatic shipping also was blasted. mm nmmvA at HtVOt KK tWAMi Miss Esther Gunnoe, daughter of Mrs. Anna Guanoe. 722 Bogart street, ha bees pledged to the Independent Women's organization at the college this fall. . Threw Tsar Scraa Into the Fight! your garments to tue aaoue Cleaners that they will be ret urned to you la tip-top .condition. Rosemary Hayes. Miss June wens, Loren T. Beed, Miss Mary E. fiat-teriee. Miss Hazel Briner. Mrs. Sina Hesler. Mrs. Mabel Lucas and Miss Irma Pesavento. One guest. Pvt. Samuel Slesbit, a former teacher to the eity aebools.! was among the guest present Former Clinton Girl Takes Part In Music Recital Mrs. Mary Allee Houston Kohler and husband,, Prof. Jean Ktsnter, took part in the first In a series of Sunday afternoon musicals presented at the Mansfield Btate College in Pennsylvania, Sunday, Ort. . Mr, HAVE Vol lI (CLEtSIKti IMiE THE ME1 WAV "There"e been only a few casualties," be continued. "The trouble Is, though, we're having to through every damned building where snipers ate hiding out." As the captain talked. I watched a badly wounded Gl being carried out. -Uudge Maiiper Bullet We had to step Into a doorway SHOES RAYON PANTIES BIBS MODEL CLEANER Phone IX 0T2i KuurJu Main INFANTS CREEPERS Whit With ISlue Trim HARNESS Self Guardian With "KIDDO SETS' PLATE CI'P BOWL Height ly Colored NEW BABY BLANKETS to avoid snipers' shots which were ricocheting down the street and being overwhelmed by the cascading sound of several waebiuee-cuss. Including one on a tank near the cen Simple Test Aids Thousands Who Are Hard of Hearing TtoiuM v te wr hearing txwiy -tiiuU(uMi wlni iiuv- Wcj -mL-mrt.r dAexieuod aiuir a tittT aicar wril 3HSUMI. If yutt are tfuUHKed W ritmnng, iiuxiur iitl -BuiM Lmt t auufttetwd ur wjulitud mruM turtuaeti try the Jvtrtsne iivmr Mliud VeMt- i'w niuR iier iietter nixei ikig liim ituplc tt .ur yuu get pour nwuty iutuk tt WML Ask daaWlftt Olef ins: teU lxWft tutu at CLINTON STORE ter of the square. In the middle of the street a group f about 2 Germans had been standing with hands high la the air. JSow tiey are being shepherded into THE BABY SHOP" cover to avoid their being bit by fffffSMfff. their own gun. About 4 iMfOtn They were the second lot captur ed this auornlng, the total being a- and Mrs. Koliler. pianist and violinist, respectively, were" publicly Introduced as two new members f tne Music Education Department Mrs. Koiiler is the daughter f Mr. and Mrs. O. F- Houstos of S24 Walnut treet. She attended the Clinton adiools and Is well iknown around Clinton. Since ber jnarriage four years ago. she has tauglit two years at Franklin College and two at Shorter College at Rowe, Ca. Both are graduates of DePauw University and of the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester in Rochester., K. T. They have spent the past two eummers In Ithaca, $J. T- where Mr. Koiiler studied with Egon Petri, world famous pianist and teacher at Cornell University. KKGAiGEMEKT AKKOfWKB Mr. and Mrs. James Trouper of this eity have received word of the engagement of tlieir granddaughter, Miuu viMinnr Trosuer. of Goshen. Guaranteed One Year Stoneswear COTTON SLIPS bout . This lot seemed well fed and husky, unlike the riff-raff troops seen on other sectors of the front. The captain said. "They're the first bunch of top-flight troops. Some are real cocky they think they're going to win the war. Evidently good troops are left in the city." Smashed houses still are smoking and burning and the town is crater-ed with bomb hits, some so old that they are being covered over by grass 69 Built-Up Shoulders Sizes 34 to 52 FOR ALL THE FAMILY Massive Russian Forces Crash Across Border Continued from page 1 ) ind. to Richard Smith at Milford, Ind. The wedding date lias not been set. m m Mrs. Agnes Mackie. 3 (HI North Water Street, is confined to the Vermillion County Hospital auffering from a hip fracture. tin Fine quality, snowy white broadcloth alipa with hemstitched top, deep hem1 Comfortable built-up shoulder style ideal under housed rees or uniform. Tailor rA, temitrett atiuf faiuy-freeS CYNTHIA SHOES FOt WP4iH vian capital of Higa. They routed at least two German infantry regiments and marched steadily toward Mrs. Mackie was injured evening when she fell at her .49 -the city. home. Fasent leather brightness, suede ritiuiess. alligator prud snap, crushed leather cotuiort, smooth leatuer auiajlueMi CUOSPJTAl Wm's Fine Selection COWNS j Rayon satin. cot- j ton crepe and ray- Jty 3 ! on knit gowns. Pink and Blue. ! Sizes up to 40. JJlaslic Bank Rayou PANTIES Fine quality, rayon knit panties )9C with lirm elastic back. Sims up to XM 50. The Moscow eommunigue. describing this phase of tiie eastern font, stated tiiat Ked forces "are approaching Riga step by step -in tiie thrust against Kiga. Rd troops "astounded'' the Nasi defenders, according to Moscow reports, by the audacity of the attack and forced the Germans "to retreat in such haste that tliey did not even have time to Plow up crossings over tiie river Rauje that already had been mined." 4-Core Rayon Knit Slips eiae Kail SitaUon 35 won't ride-up! 1 Fine quality, straight cut slips -Tearoae. Sizes up to 50. Tle Ked army rapidly crossed the left bank of the river, forged farther ahead and gained positions that included the strategic railway sta to 1.S Fas fJsesr teuff 'emd tumble dayiS CHILDREN'S OXFORDS for SCHOOL Linings SaniUzedor their foot a SAVE ON HOUSEWARES beaMi! Saddle, cooocasua. plain Kichard le Canada', "2. South Ninth street ; Andrew V- Wilson, 14H1 North Beventh street and Frank Kasakevich. 14U5 North Eighth street, were admitted to tiie county hospital Thursday as medical cases Kobert Reynolds, Old South Eleventh street, was admitted to the county hospital Friday as a medical case. Harry Welach, Montezuma; William Earl Liunstrum. South Sixth street; Mrs. Mabel Fiscus and baby. South Main street and Mrs. Hazel Grimm and baby. Georgetown. 111. were dismissed from the county hospital Thursday. Christopher Wright. Jr South Beventh street, is recovering nicely at the I'niou Hospital in Terre Haute, after undergoing a major operation Tuesday morning. Mrs. Kollie Wiltermood. OSS Elm street, who fell on her way to the installation services at tiie Presbyterian church, was reported to have sustained a fractured shoulder. She mud lip-tut oxlorda. HVrWt-' '' lU. -s- fl 1 12 J IKON CHICKEN FEYEBS DUTCH OVEN, Pyrex Lid SLEEVE IRONING BOAED $2.45 . 2i8 59c 25c,60c FINE PACING KNIVES tion at Langeciems. ! Russian torees alas advanced on the important Latvian port of Li-beau and continued to decimate tiie reported 15.ti Nazis cut off by the Red spearhead which already ha reached the Baltic coast north of Memel. In the area of Skici, north of Memel. where the Red troops had reached the Baltic, tiie Russian were expanding their positions, ipaei Mi fusslicsns-iis They repulsed Is German counter -attack in another sector, a performance the Moscow report dencrth-ed as follows: "Having exhausted the enemy antl bied him white, our troops threw the Germans hack and captured more than fifty Inhabited localities." Heavy losses were sustained the German, the Russians reported. j ...... c i officers and No. 6 and N. 8 IKON SKILLETS L05, L20 "FIRST LADY" NO-KL'B W AX Qt- S9c DECOE ATI VE COOKIE 4AKS SL BRIGHT TEAPOTS L19 Tetrmcrmff Def-mxe preeemU for fall Mn'f i Yoaao. Mra't DRESS SHOES Plain toe lieatnees, wing efied 7Q perforations, luxurious grain L sealher, ever-popular moccaun. T anear for drru md for 9'emrS JIM PENNEY SHOES FOR ROYS Active bors weed sturdy choec. 0 O J ewan in a dress sitoe! They're A deal fat school and jdayAuo! m 'aW.aS.Pat.Oi. I was admitted to the county hospital I Wednesday following iter fall. .55 Men's Plaid Flannel Shirts Excellent quality, warm flannel shirts in bold bright plaids. Plenty long for good tucit-jn - - . roomy sleeves . . . wide shoulders! Size Medium and tiALl AMZEK FAIL 1 Cswtrsl Parasites I Hold down parasite in sheep by i Ik contamasg one part of pnecav j thiaane well mated with tune pari latawX , , BVIIW mi . bhs srens -Wiped oat-" Filtv-lour 1

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