The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 13, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1944
Page 2
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Par T II E DAILX CUNTONIAN Friday, Ortolcr 13. 131 1. - I T ' NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE Tin' )s.sililH uf lilt' cJecMwiK'fiH of tin' B)liiir vt. wakf uii'tnaln inany rU'Ctiou ills and for-a(. Tin- f-d. ral suldi'T oW law forliidu llic jjolliHK of nriev iuu. Service Votes May Swinjj U.S. November Klection (Coulioutd frum page 1) Meat (ian'cii Snil i,, wi-H-tiraiju-d and well supplied wiih organic matter . . - soil that holds moisture and is easy to work . . , and located where it receives plonty of sunshine. Or. (I CM! X-Ku;, (Continued noa pace It. hi:st 4 HIIIKTIAS' 4 IH1W H C4MHKT Till nd ItlaektllMU I. t' Ie4b4'r, MiniMf Sunday acthilies iwcin at 1:30 N. A. T. TC. liakery at Norman, OMa. - - U.8.A. T-S J. W. MaJone has been transferred from ratuu Craut, til. Ho Ft. Lewis. Wash. His address fs 3MI27K;. ". O. I'iSrd. M. T. B. U. WHY l$mT l HI 3M II J. Itlaii.niHJi Kliw( lit-. I tank K. h'imr, MiitMa-r ::: a. m. --- Jiihk Srhool. iohn OirnU, 8u1. JM:43 a. in. Mnrnint: Wnrnhijt Sermon Tln'tne "Th- !n,M of A r7 wilh tin1 aiible siudy hour. A rad STIC FINISH Birdsfoot Trefoil Birdsfoot troloJl does best on good soil, but -mil! grow and persist on rather wet situations and on shallow dro'jtliy soils. There is muck land that is costly to plow or that erodes when plowed. It is for these conditions that birdsfoot trefoil is now recommended. H'HIi liiuic llian -l,'V4afi inillioli in Mip arui' d si-ric. Hw o(al lli;il)l' vote j en Ijy jiiauy farlwrB, rlii,-1'l,v sr.. It is -inia- dial IS l S pfMM'Ml of Ihow in ihe army arp h-d-r 21 and una1 o whj,. 30 1 Si (wrcvul of llmw In Hip navy d .class ior eery are. Iel's m t he increase in allendiuice noiuj:. Our Koal lor Sunday is !-"2. !H. th' "hris1 in u In1 Iucikv." ' n. in. Vun I't.iph-'B uiwtintr Bible school attendance liwhil, at will do you Kood. 7 ii. m. lEwjiint: K'j- ici-'. Ker- iuoii Kubjort "-God's He-cord ol' Out The worship hour w ith Hie Lord' supper and sermon is 30; ii. This is a devotional, helpful hour. The CUAKD1NO sermon subject Sunday mom hi wiH JL!rSTm" ? be. "The Lordship of Christ." Come Account." 7 : 0M in. --- Monday ni 11 coitaee prayvr w?nic at -tlie boim of Mrs. Kachel Botarth 7 NbjeJi'i 7:00 p. ui. WediitRdity midweek liiayfr service. to church Sunday. This Church has donated very vvihiihu iwr istALin is joui r dufy . . . and ours. ISioth- i A ingwt are called on to do it more important than filling x pi,uiynm A I JJ " thannjE with your doctor the rtnpomibihty of jour wt-Jfarc. 1 1 Your dottof out drltgate part of Jn tt pfofcs!nai fnponsrbdiiy co M m rofifidenily becauK- (it knows rhe training requiicd to compound awd H me we are called c f.r we ar tibtrxng 1 Tour aottof can rofifidenily becai gracefully old clothes for shivering Europe. "J was naked and ye cloth ibpes pMCcnptKuis. And be kaows (hat the ilatcsf "irrtmk oK-di. ed me" has been responded to very M. T. S. - ASFT Ft. I'wis, Wash. lS.A. Itoherl itl. Uuuijurdner. 3c ba ueett trasl'n'ed irma Nomiaii. Okia. to the Naval Air Gunners School t Miaujl. Ha.. U.S.A. B'vt. William Saiiyuejietti of Camp M a .ey . Texas has j'j1 urued after spending the past few days with Lis wile aud son of Walnut stiHM. . L'.S.A. Mrs. Betty Gou of Nortli Ninth Street has received word that liej-husband. 1fc. Andrew Gou of the Ninth Air Corps has arrived somewhere an Frauop. C.S.A- First IA. James F. Short, bob of Mrs. Mary Vandegrift of 355 South Sixth Street. Clinton, now serving oversea s wit h a D 2 1 h Air Force lJ-47 Thunder boll Fighter Group is authorised to wear the Presidential liiit Citation Ribben. -t 1A. Short's group was recently cit cint-s now avniiabJe iof rrcsaiption to cjvjlians arc to be had at the KexaJi Lru Store. generously by our people and we are day altemoon from 8:30 10 4:80 All ichilrlrcn are tnvin-d to atlHiid A nrdial wWcome awaits you ai Calvary ( liurch. all grateful. THK HKW UAITIKT l l H of' 'MTt 4 orwr u W uHmi mid l-'il'ilt Kay fnnt, Mijiistrt' Mrs. 'Vy MiMa, I'uuimI for LINOLEUM, WOOD and CEMENT FLOORS, FURNITURE, etc. A genuine plastic, cellophane like coating chat is easy to apply wiih brush or spray. Provides t brilliant self-leveling coat that dries in a few hours. Non-skid, long-wearing Unaffected by ;J-cohol, water or fruit acids Restores color and beauty to any surface. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE : 0 a. lu. Hibl- Bcliool. Il(:45 a. lu. Morning Woialiip. 4i p. lu. BitpliBt Youih Frflow- bl.ip. Juniors, Junior-Hl and k.fUior8. ed by the F resident iior "outstanding performance of duty in action against ihe .enemy in the Me.di.ter-: ("JilitMd 4'. J'HHlau, Miiiitt' Uitlfcli Schoaii M'. Ira (wiJi, ttrwwth ft : J?u a. in. - Morning Woi1iip. Sennon suhjHct: "Today's KlrHt 1k-suf ." 20:45 a. m. .('liureli Scliuol. ti: 00 p. ui. Methodist Youth J'YIlowsliip. Jack itHdr. president. 7:00 . in. iKveniug Kervioe. Sermon subject: "Which Way Is HiLThl?" 7:00 p. in. Monday: Scout meet-iii and gyui session. 7:00 :p. m. Wednt'sday. Midweek service. Studies jn Isaiali, tin tji-eat Propliet. 1 f'ircle is'o. 2 is having a rummugej sale October the 20th. Friday. 7 p ui. Kvening Worship. j ,p. m. Wednesday prayer ranean Theatre of Operations . Jae mooting. is a Squadron Operations Officer witb t he group iind lias been over (j p. m. Wednesday 'OrcneEWa 50 Par A, B, D, G CAPSULES 87C A pritctioe. seas u b imomiis. ; iliailieriUK clotlies for War Keliel. Del. 25, Forever, movie pic- -4J.S.A Sergeant Technician Bert K.. (Davis Sh : S2.59 Y us mio SUPPLY ' 'I'i.e Place to Bay" lure shown at liurch. of Clintoii. Jnd- a inieniber of the 0 9 Hevival Sunday Oct. 22. 2 P PLENAMINS, AU Vitamins Plus Iron and Liver 72 for VIMMS, SKH-ial $2.25 Value STAMS, at St. Bern ice. Medical il!iachuent ot the Ft. 'Riley1 Hospital was promoted recently from the rank of Corporal Technician. S1.69 0 mm m m V t'HitSK I" Sergeant iDavis was inducted into f.tlKVIIW i'AMHH ,-l'V, iMHAM the Army in August, a42 and re-j A. ;odwiiL, Mjniwter l,,iivim' r ,lf Lmt i 1 eeivd his basic training iit Ft. Kiley. Bl, B Complex with Iron VITEEXS. i s .hi. viteexs. An- a. in. Sunday School, iU.S.A. Kusign Thomas S. Weir has fin drew tSiinpson, Supt. ished his indoctrination a J'latts- ":U0 p. in. Worship. the bura. N. V. and has been assigned to Al:D-TO-GET" IV E -NOW HA E IX STOC K .taJem report for duty at San Francisco. Calif. His wile, the former Love 11 J (i: no a. in. Sunday School. JS. liandolpli, Supt. 1:00 a. in. Worship. Williams, accompanied him and they 'h v LES DISH PANS X will make their home in California. 4 Ensign -Weir is the son -of Mr. and 3U:(Mi a. ni. Sunday School. Mrs. James Weir. Super Pen y MILES ONE A DAY B Complex DEFEXDEK MI LTIPLE VITAMINS on 4 n Super Poteney wa9 MILES ONE A DAY QfJ Cr B Complex dtfivO DEFEXDEK MILTIPLE OQ gin VITAMINS WUUU l jew.!--- 11 rW.or:yJr 1 Ernest Myers. Supt. STOVE PIPES Special meetiuKS tliiouiili next -U.S.A. Fvt. Herman F. Mayes, son of Mr. if'IKCT lKf-:wTKKI." t'tMiM Tiiii'd nd MuHcry Kti. Kev. KWlcw IJndlieii'K, MijiiHM-Mrs. ',. HutrJiiiifetMi, iiduelt-of Muic Samuel Nisbet. one of our servicemen will sin; "O Holy Bread ol J1huvhi.' Sermon subject "The Important of Hands. " . Mrs. .Charlotte Uend's fcirls i-n-day Srhuol class will attend pIiuivIi in a body, to nmke -their i-'ilt to th" ehurrh r the pliuiue pieturinj; )e Vinci's Last Supper. h 1 1 J a m i :k t i ki ;si ,J'; a CHtlW'H Iti'V. 1irlei Jiiiidltei't, Minisiin Wis, "l-'lt rnre Aw; iu'Un- itt M ii sic M:;0 a. m.- Sunday School. (i . imi p. in. - luterniedi.ite and Senifir Tu.vis Sneieties. 7:K p. in- BveuinE Wnrship. Sermon subject. "FeyiHld The Master." week. Services beKin at j:50 p. lu. Are you a .community promoter? you are -invited to these services. ORE FRAMES albr-rette 3 .4 Si-" Le: and Mrs.. Austin F. Mayes of Hillsdale iias been transfe-rrnd to Ft. Knox, Ky. for his bai:ic training. U.fci.A. Pvt. Carl AV. Hanks, sou .of Mrs. Wiitinita L. Hanks of North Fight h Street, lias been t ranslerred to Camp Wollers, Texas for basic training. U.S.A. Cpl. Mario JJhI Sasso, sou tof Mr, 1-H'- t V bamboo 10 x VI V. l:n PLAQUES-Novell y ' i'.NKrW J'JCTl KE SETS BKIsROOM PKTl'KKS l and Mrs. Chris Dal Sasao, will return 1 Lb. J5r; 5 Lb. 59c -f vii, ,,!,. $3.00 ' i (i;; .. 10c and 15c ; Korth tth Wt. , Itei. diNHM llattWMm, art,tM 7:oM i. m. TliutsUay. prayer service. 7:;iti )t. ui. Suiulay. nreueliiiiK. JHblic invited to rU.tend. '-OHK1RT1AW OIIW OtHKTr ZiSB 1-2 Hlackmaa tit. (PyUiian Hall) :30 a. m. Suuday School. 1 1 a. m. rChurrth, TetlinonIJ nietiiiK8 verr 1st ad 8rd W dueaday of acb month. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES Saturday to I'lterry J'oinl. N. C. tien he'1s ttrflitpd wrtti t he r. K Marine Air -Corps, -following a ten day furlough at home. D.l Sasso. who was graduated from CtiiMon High School with the class of 3 i 4 12 . was employed in Detroit, Mich, he-fore he entered the armed force. ': i.5 ii KES 1 Oil THE HOME N5; CABINETS : fcm'.i'uivn J-f; m:v j TI-.'ST M i:t CHrW'H I ;..v. .liMtcjili l. HuiiierirklieliM', r'iii- i lo:l'ii a. in. Sunday Hriioni. ! 11 a. m. AlorniiiK Worship. 7:'.i0 p. lit. Kveniiit; service. ' 7::io p. m. Wednesday pr;-ye meet iuK. Let's remember i he ennlest. Mr. and Mrs. Dul Sasso also have another sou. Tony, who is Mtutioned A ' .o; ciAK III t'.eC- at Great Lakes Naval Training Ceu-ter Willi the V. S. "Navy. NEWS OF NEWPORT MEN IN SERVICE Apprentice Seaman Kusst-il Jit-grum, on of Mr, and Mrs. Koy in-gratfi left Friday evening for Great MIT. ... ruplHe y-'.'AKE tools ,Ch'' 39c Lakes, 111., where he will start his r tt boot training in t he naval training station there. His new address is: Mussel! Ingram. A. S.. Co. lr38. I". S. N. T. C. Great Lakes. 111. ::.v:m.e kcgs !i!Te In The Home" !!1 WALLPAPEK HZDVCED PRICES If You Can't Sleep Due To RHEUMATIC PAINS clip this sd and take it to your druinci-rt and mak for the Kunin1 Willianw KUX Compound. Rux oftfi acU quickly to ae muucular pain and relieve feverish newt of rheumatic, neuritic and neuralffk pain, a liquid medication taken INTbKNALLY. rt may help to soothe and relieve muscular Kains in the arnw, leKfl. shoulder, back, ands m you Ket that much needed reat and comfort. Try HVX UtniKht. Kenulta will speak for rtiemaelves. Over million bol-tkt sold proves it's Rood. Contaim no opi-ls or habit forming iruir. Take only a directed, leeoomicai. Kecomraended and koki b WHITE'S PHARMACY Get In Oe Scrao! Place Your Order Now for ' BRAVE MEN" Ernie Pyle's Eagerly Awaited Book of Stories Including the Invasion $3.00 M STORi "Doctrine of Atonement" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in all huruhes of Christ, Scientist, -on Kunday, October 10. The Golden Text is: "God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, who died lor us, thai, whether we wake or sleep, we ;hould live together with him" (I Thessalonians 0:9, 30). Among the citations which comprise the Lesson -Sermon is the following from the Bible: "And it -was at Jerusalem the least of the dedication, and it was winter. And Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon's porch. Then came the Jews round about him, and said unto him, How long dost thou make us to doubt ? If thou be the Christ, tell us plainly. Jesus answered them, I told you, and ye believed not: the works that I do in my Father's name, they bear witness of me. I and my Father are one" (John 10:2-25, SO). The Lesson-Sermon also includes the following pawsages from the Christian Science textbook. "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." by Mary Baker Eddy: "Jesus of Nazareth taught and demon-r.t rated man's oneness with the Father, and for this we owe him endless homage. His mission was both individual and collective. He did life's work aright not only in justice to himself, hut in mercy to mortals, to show them how to do theirs, but not to do it for them nor to relieve them of a single responsibil-. ity" (p. Id). MONUMENTS A Complete Jjine For Seriicc Drop V s A Card L W. Walsh Monument Co. 114 W abash Ave. Terrt Haute, Indiaiu si TA HAVE YOU VISITED THE NEW ARROW AUTO STORE GOLDFISH DEAL 2 Lively Goldfish 1 Gothic Globe 1 Bsx of Fish Food with seaweed and C -. ( - l-' t . ' 1 f ; --fcig P ft. County 4-H Workers To Get Merit Certificates A ctTiificaii' of rcoKiiiiioii f" l-ll h.-rvi..- on Hit' home froul will I... iiward.-d this winter I" eei cltll f '1 rainbow chips rainbow chips in.-uiliei- in Indiana who has eomplet- j (I eilh.-r a regular iiojet-t or one in . th.- latin and home victory club. Harry V. Ainswortu. slate 4-H club leader at I'tlldile l uiveraity. lias an-miuiieed that awartis will he made at ( aehie .-ni.-nt (iroKramt;. or at other j 7 itrat Tires and Parts For All Cars 15 Plate Heavy Duty 18 Mo. Batteries $4.95 e. Plenty Flashlight Batteries 10c ALL SIZES RELINERS $1.95 Bike Tires And Parts Tools Miscellaneous Household Hardware PAUL HUNGERFORD 202 S. MAIN CLIP SKERRILL iueal tr county meeting- Thre I'urdue men will siKn the e.-rlifiel.'S uliieh are printed in color and attractively decorated with Hi. I nit.-d States and 4-H eluti flans They will also be signed hy the loca .-..iiniy .-iensioii aKents. home dein-olislratiun ati.-ms and 4-11 club lead ers. They are suitable for framing. M. .f rei.-rsoi:. c.niniy nent. said. l-'our-H club ineiubers are playinc a larse part in helpinjr lo f iK lit th-war en tie- iarni tront by the definite com i lhiitioiis they are makiux through activ.- participation in 4-H club work. AiuotiK the war services they hae pertorlued are conlribu- ! liens to the production and conser-au..p of lou.l. enerjty. time and j liealtii. the collection of salvage uia- f str.-ei C'lintoii, Indiuua I sub' of war bonds and tHfial and (In I statupsj. wnMHHHjMHaBnHaMMsasasi

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